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Song of Solomon 5:2 - Sleeping Beauty

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 31, 2022 10:02 am

Song of Solomon 5:2 - Sleeping Beauty

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 31, 2022 10:02 am

Song of Songs 5:2 I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night.

The stuff of many a fairy tale because it is all our stories as this turn in the relationship leads us on an amazing adventure in the recovery of the brides heart - buckle up its a wild ride.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so today we get to dive into the verse that put me on the mom and months and months of study in the song of Solomon back the first time I went to the book. I don't even know right where it might've been six months based on where this verse takes you, which is a completely different turn in the book so far as as I'm sure you will see and let's just read in English and maybe I'll get more into that so chapter 5 verse two says I sleep my heart wake is the voice of my beloved that not saying open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled for my head is filled with due in my locks with the drops of the night sleeping beauty right is this death of many a fairytale as we listen, you can't help but think, wow, true love's first kiss would awaken many a sleepy bribe and that's what were looking for but unfortunately this is going to take a different turn. But I do you know it before you get there. Just think about how many times throughout fairytales that this is you know whether a sleeping beauty or snow white or some other fairytale you may be unfamiliar with like Shrek where you know there there asleep but something needs to make them come awake or there's something that they're waiting on truelove's first kiss and and so the kiss is already happening here and unfortunately we still have sleeping beauty, our sleeping beauty as the case may be an wow what a turn.

This story takes right here as it is taken in all our lives.

In my opinion, so you know, I can tell you that immediately when I read this the very first time I could see that I couldn't help but think of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and he was sweating great drops of blood. And somehow or another I knew in my spirit that that that clearly was like something that Solomon was seeing a prophecy of what would happen that night in the garden of Gethsemane and how the disciples were asleep but their hearts were awake and in the course they should have been like we should've been so many times in prayer with the father is Jesus that instructed him. You know, could you not watch with me for one hour on clearly you know he said all those things and I was just fascinating to me that he describes his love you no more here. As far as EE gives her all these different titles right.

He says open to be my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled in other words, he gives it a fourfold its explanation of who we are and how important we are to him and how important we were to him that night that we could just watch within for one hour and as we get into this.

I finally threw all those years, months or however long I rent. I wish I'd written it down exactly where it started and when it ended that I finally had a resolution to where all this was going in my mind and I think it's really fun. The journey that this begins today, but I thought I think that it starts here in the garden of Gethsemane, and it certainly started it. It clearly is taking as to what was probably the greatest spiritual battle in all of history as the night you know where we all know that that he's he sweat great drops of blood in prayer that night before his crucifixion and and so it also obviously you know applied to Solomon's life from my perspective in so many ways. He knew that much of his days there. He was sleeping but his heart was awake and you know Jesus clearly wanted to have fellowship with Solomon when he was doing things that essentially looked like he was asleep and so you know, maybe you've got this in your own life in some different way. But it was cool is that you know you have all these beautiful things are mentioned throughout the Bible is just amazing to me that you got the hair drenched with the dew of the night.

You you've got this idea of him knocking at the door which we see again in the book of Revelation and you know open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled we have all those things we've already talked about and the idea of head is that idea of the H in the Hebrew alphabet, and you can't help but note that this verse is kind of the head or the beginning of a new direction for the couple as he is going to go away for a period of time and it was clearly the head or the very beginning the night of of his betrayal and the beginning of the process that would be good Friday and so it's interesting to me that he started out here with that idea of these are the headwaters of what would transpire in their relationship there with the disciples as well write that they had been in fellowship all his time and everything changes right here that night and you know how that works out in your life it's that you know you can think about it for me.

You know is I've been praying actually trying to think what, when, in my life that I know he was knocking and I did not answer him, and it was a life or death kind of thing and I can't help but think I've told the story in the hundred 19 Psalm but I'll tell it again briefly in that I think it's only important because it's a night or time where everything just changes right that something you weren't aware of all the sudden becomes highlighted and so Wyatt you ran the dealership in Montrose and for some period of time, maybe three years of my best salesman. There was named Johnny Hendrix he was a wonderful man and that I never could seem to previous years I knew him ever get them to talk about his relationship with God. Even though I invited in the many Bible studies. He always would politely you know decline in the NE actually even paid gave me a bunch of money for the first Christian business men's meeting there in Marksville.

Prior to the incident that I'm in the describes are really did not know where he stood. I knew a lot of his friends were very devout Christians, but a new Johnny didn't go to church and I knew he wouldn't come to Bible study and it was really hard to get them to talk about him at stuff and so the day came, we are in the middle of building our new building and I was very predisposed with all sorts of things I thought were important which they are know now were meaningless but at the time that they were important and he came in he knocked on another like this picture.

He knocked on my door and and and he is in command and he said Rob you need to talk to you and any and he went on to explain that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and honestly at that point my life I was very familiar with my own cancer story and familiar. The fact that I've been healed but I had no idea how severe pancreatic cancer is now difficult.

That diagnosis was and honestly didn't take it the way I should've that day.

And so, my immediate response was all well below Johnny. I'll pray you know you're going to be fine and I was cured from cancer and I'm sure you're gonna be fine rather than getting in the conversation. I'm sure that Johnny wanted to have that day and I could tell when I kinda brushed them off that day in my office. You know I slept but my heart was awake right as he walked out the door. I felt like man that might've been an opportunity, but I didn't think much more about it.

Honestly, unfortunately, about 10 days later I got a call from his wife that he was in a coma that he was in the hospital and they didn't think he was going to last another hour to and so I rushed down to the hospital when I got there in the room you know there were his brothers and sisters and all his friends and you know they told me that the doctor said that you know it didn't look like he was going to make it and know that only one person could go in there with Geraldine, his wife and she asked her to be me because she knew I would pray she said which you know is I was going to do that. I was kind of ashamed because I died. I didn't. I didn't really know where Johnny stood. So I asked them before we went in the room.

I said the all know is Johnny a Christian deed does he know Jesus and even his best friend Bruce Rawlins that I really don't know. I don't think so.

In Geraldine since I really don't know. And so then I was in no spot, because here, Johnny may be left facing the last few hours of his life and look like he was facing last hours of his life and all my goodness he did know Jesus and I worked with them all these years and I know anything about it so at this point in time. You know that knocked on my heart definitely came through so actually left the hospital after I went and prayed with them and went out and prayed myself. I went out my car at a place where I would normally pray and on my way to praying, praying, praying, as I doubt if you'll just give Johnny more time, I promise promise promise you I will either introduce him to you or you know help them to get to know you better. Now note the time I was this desperate. I didn't think that while you're making a deal daughter was what I was doing well when I got back to base. You know he did manage to hang on for a few more hours than they start talking about pulled the plug. I kept saying no.

I feel like God is going to do and I really did. I had faith that God was going to something I said don't pull the plug and and this went on for actually four days that they were arguing.

The family should we pull the plug. What should go on and then all of a sudden on the fourth day. Johnny just sat up in the bed like he had never been an economy to set up and and when he did he was wide awake and totally himself, you know, we had is Davie County ball And There Was John and I Went into His Room and I Remember Thinking Oh My Goodness, What You Hear.

You Know, Obviously God Didn't Something Miraculous Here and and so Actually Went Right Back out and Prayed Again and Then We Drove to the Same Place Because I Had to Admit Lord This Is Hard Because You Did Your Part. Now I Need to Do My Part, but I Need Wisdom.

I Mean, Tell Me How Do I How Do I Do This. How Do I Tell Jesus about Me Not Ideal Johnny about You and the Lord Just Put in the Minority Drills Will Simply Said, You Know Robbie Johnny Is a Car Salesman and Being a Car Salesman I Have Some Understanding That a Car to a Car Salesman Is Been People Backed out on Them so Many Times It's Really Important Car Salesman That a Deal Is a Deal Right and a Deal Is a Deal and so I Thought 000. I Did Make a Deal.

So I Back in Johnny's Room and You When Everybody Cleared out It Was Just Me and Johnny. I Look to Johnny Message Johnny I Need to Tell You I Made a Deal with God and He Was like Well Robbie What Kind of Deal Did You Make with God. And I Said Well I Made Him a Deal That If He Would Give You More Time That I Would Either Introduce You to Him or Help You to Get to Know Him Better and Johnny Said Well You Better Get to It in Any Said It in with the Adjusted Davie County Attitude That You Know It Wasn't like He Was Laughing Is like You Better Get to It That Sally Still Didn't Tell Me Whether He Knew Them or Whether I Was. No Bribes Is like Okay What Were to Get to the Start of the Gospel John and Actually after Noon to Three Weeks in the Gospel.

Johnny Got Out Of the Hospital I Was Going to His House and and One Day We Were Doing.

You Know That but I Am Statements You Know I Am the Bread of Life I'm Living Water. When We Got to I Am the Resurrection of the Raising of Lazarus That That Particular Day I Left It in There When I Came Back the Next Day the Street Was Lined with Cars and I Thought Oh No You Know Johnny's Hand Is You Know When You See A Lot Of Cars in the Street It's It's Often Means a Funeral or Some and Bet on It. It Was Not at All. It Was Actually a Pastor. I Knew Very Well Was There That Actually Worked for Me One Time and A Lot Of Johnny's Friends in the Soon As I Walked in That Pastor Said Robbie Coming Johnny Tell Robbie What Happened and He Went on to Share the Story That after I Left, of Sharing Lazarus That His Sister Came in and She Put in the CD by the Gators Called Four Days Late, but Right on Time and Is the Heard That Song. He Realized That Was Him That That He Was Four Days in the in the Coma. But Right on Time. You Know, There He Was with an Opportunity to Meet Jesus.

And so He Had Asked the Pastor Come over Asked Jesus in His Heart, and They Were All Celebrating What Johnny Had Been Quickened and It Was Amazing Thing Is, Johnny Was Now Her Brother in Christ. In the Last Few Weeks of His Life Which He Only Lived Probably Two or Three Weeks after That He Truly Was a Brother Completely Different. I Have Article He Wrote in the Paper That's in My Hands in My Office That I Often Look at and Think What a Change. There Was an Johnny Because You Know Johnny Was Always Kind of Person You Could Talk to. But He Never Went Deeper Well. The Johnny after His Conversion. All He Wanted Was Deep and It Was a Miraculous Thing That We Got to See Because It First. I Slept but My Heart Was Awake and Then God Made a Way Where There Seem to Be No Way

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