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NRB Chronicals - Frank Shelton - Urgency

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 4, 2022 8:00 am

NRB Chronicals - Frank Shelton - Urgency

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 4, 2022 8:00 am

Regardless, if helping the homeless or counseling Heads of State; Frank Shelton GLOBAL exists to shine a Light and help humanity reach their God given potential. We at FSG are all about TEAM and together we accomplish much more than alone. Our mission is to minister to the poor but also the powerful and anyone in between because everyone needs occasional assistance, direction and encouragement. Our primary sole purpose is seeing souls saved and we assist in various projects and different venues to accomplish Kingdom growth.


Dramatic pause or dramatic pause say something without saying anything at all dramatic pause is a go to for podcast news presidents and radio voiceovers. It makes you look really smart.

Even if you're not free to deserve a go to like that like hey do choose life.

Comfy good to go to. I'm so excited to talk I had a chance to listen to him in Decatur when he was obligated to go back to man up and I would find a man out for the kid to hear more about Frank Shelton how close this. You might've heard a story on the show so I hope that you go to that podcast of the broadcast from someone Frank Shelton wasn't sure what Michaela because you travel right all over the place yesterday or I do it. It's great to be with you and I love cars as well.

Christ cards and candy bars of my friends candy bars, but a way Frank is an amazing man of God who travels all over the globe, but also a prolific book. Yes sir. I used to be a speechwriter for member of Congress and they said well how do you do that mindset. I close my eyes. Say a prayer and the pretend like one day I'd have to give the speech and I started writing a speech is the one time he threw the speech at me and hit me in the chest. I said well I guess you don't like that because now it's great but I got four votes on the floor. Congress I supposed to give the Chief of Staff said no you wrote a go.

Give it, and next thing I know that started open up dorsally speak it ribbon-cutting's hospital groundbreaking graduations for public schools even started, wrote a speech for the Nobel Peace Prize were separately just never that yes been while yeah but I'm really excited to be with you today a master you have this like it more than amazing story more than amazing story got a list of indicators part that's what. Thank you for yes. It is urgency like wow it is urgent heaven or hell yes or and there's nothing more that no you know I really believe robbing that we been so busy playing checkers. The real battles at the chest tape checkers is temporal chest is eternal chest, talking about, you know, is it war Eagle roll Tide, you know. Was it for first Chevy you know the eternal is the Lord versus Satan you're going to heaven or hell and you know a lot of people make a vacation once a summer if you're blessed or go to the lake or go to the ocean, go to the mountains, but a lot of people haven't thought about their eternal vacation there's people who die never left the well well they put it on the back burner and I'm just sharing this of love. The subtitle as you mentioned is called heaven or hell, and there was a publicist I was viewing.

Ironically, and they were like wow that's a little bold. Can we take that out. I said no that's what it's all about, and the cover has an hourglass and the sands of time has about split because it looks like the meat which which exactly that and I tell people around me for not bottom of the night. I think we realize were probably the top of the night, but there's no extra innings and I like what one preacher said hell was too long to be wrong so I think the pandemic was a space of grace to get our house in order and that when it came out it was the number one new release on all of Amazon for Christianity in evangelism and that some wild stories that I was the one that had the honor to connect Roger Stone with Franklin Graham, the Mattie made a public commitment to Christ.

One time I met an airport messy and African-American come to me, God said, give your seat did know she was found out it was Alice Marie Johnson, Kim Kardashian went to the Oval Office. Donald Trump got out of prison so I've met two people who now got to pardon so I got one from the Lord in 1979. So if you need a part number three for three estimate is one of my most popular posts I remain on my website the Christian Car Guy show is vacation ready. Five. Must I need to rethink that maybe the 6138 is I love what you said like we think all about our vacation that were to go on but man we got up we got all awesome vacation. Yeah always been sustained more than that. Yes streets of go gates of pearl and here's something to think about of God made all this in six days and took a break. If Jesus is been gone for 2000 years, and he was a carpenter.

One, there's no crooked walls and have no end to if you think the Biltmore house the nationals big way till you say you know your house, and glory, and the you know he said I go to prepare a place for you in my father's house are many mansions. If it wasn't true.

I would've told you said there were, I may be you may be also in you. So again, I just think you know God died for us. We should look for him and you know this whole thing. I know that's a controversial subject. On the back saying we will go deep in math but this whole narrative of trust the science I felt like the Lord was way because fans maybe should trust the Savior, and that so yes I will get God's good, but I went to Rachel writing the book, wrote 235 pages in five weeks you get ready to go to editing and all hell came against me in three weeks. My car died on top of 200 foot bridge separating two states. I tied up the Saturday before Fourth of July traffic. They were pleased but next Saturday I preach for the first pastor in America who was arrested for having church of the pandemic. He was arrested on preaching in his pulpit July 4 and I come home and Microsoft edge deleted the 235 page book, the only father be deleted out of my computer was the book it was gone a week before. Get ready to go to editing the print I had to rewrite it all over again with no notes. I had to start from scratch. So one Saturday.

My car died the next Saturday. The book is dead or stolen.

In the third Saturday coming out of my house. I felt like my best friend died of barefoot got sidewalk also stated and have to redo it and that I got bit by a 4 foot snake coming out of my house in three Saturdays a dead car a dead booking now looking is it a dead snake right dead officer's voice is not afraid to come out of my house for two weeks the countersink was now you gotta so was a Maryland racer snake, but at 7 AM with sleep in your eyes. Everything looks venomous but I didn't get them, but the funny thing is fast-forward seven months later when we finally went to print the day going to print. I see the snake again out by my house and it was pregnant with lunch and what is that I'll just leave it and I said no I'm taking this guy out and I killed them so I got bit the week after my book was stolen. But I took out the minute with one of the release on Amazon, so all glory to God when I went through a little help to give the reader a little bit have so the question always loved asking authors to the things I love, ask what is God asked to write a book you feel that calling is to help you write the speech that were just in all said teachers shock.

She was something you did not see coming out of left field at all like what Evan and like man you want me to okay and what was that this will great.

So first of all, I could totally see God payment for multiple race but will give you two quick points number one when the bottom fell out. Ego means edging God out and I'm on a missions trip yes, but an ego trip and if I was pride for the flasher ego. No one would've went what I went through for round two.

So it was truly God to keep pressing on into a disappointment was a divine appointment and I did more research and when you talk about Dr. Felty and the vaccine and all that when the been in the first edition so what ever the devil meant for evil, or there's a silver word out.

Nobody see yeah it's definitely true yet I have this presence overtop of mechanical is just all is what I thought all play. Yeah, I says, by security detail is here, praise the Lord God.

God was that by the way I love Nikita Piper for the connection and I want to encourage everyone to listen to podcast but no weight God's hand was in it and what was 235 pages were stolen, about 260 pages. I don't like to read much. You know I'm joyriding but it's 500 pages, but it is wild.

I have a candidate for governor in the Northwest voting my book in her speeches. I just had a two hour private lunch with the Secret Service agent and I'm expecting some pushback. He said Frank. He said other than the Bible.

This is the most amazing thing I've read and I'm on the presidential beat that. I agree with what you wrote. So there's that we have connection with that you have Washington's my backyard. I my family are five generation Washingtonians and where five generation DC police.

My ancestor handcarried Abraham Lincoln of Houston Street. The night he died. My dad was the assistant chief of the entire US Capitol police a lot of 3000. My dad was the number two he protected eight presidents my ancestor. My mom's side had planted the world famous cherry blossom 1912 that a million people come every created. It was a gift from Okinawa.

I'm so were not out to hurt anyone.

I personally working for white houses to different parties. I want to more than one party at my funeral. But having said that, you know, it was a just God told me to write the book all my friends said Frank while you did 20 years on the hill you got an award of the United Nations. He worked in a couple White House difference with Hollywood. I think you can help us. Please puzzle together well rep at the time prophecy plus your evangelist room staff of Billy Graham write a book. So I felt not only called of God, but had friends and said please and towards the end of the book.

I said two things at one time I wanted to take a bullet for the president. It's been in the family. Billy Graham said you're not ready to live until you're ready to die, but I wrote at one time I thought I would take a bullet for the president but by writing this book, I felt like God said maybe I was to protect society as a whole to read what's going on is a 2030 planet amended by the UN. It's a fact. Bill Gates owns more farmland than anybody in America today. You know it's it's an interesting time that we live in, and I just believe in and ego. Now's the time to sort not be sour and we can't be a peacock instruct arrogantly but we can't be an ostrich sticker had the same but his eyes still on the sparrow, so wherever you're at the leadership spectrum among birds. I just believe God before you can be against them, and I'll just share this. I've been in a room with trump in a room with Biden, but a lot of people are looking for the return to trump. We better listen to the sound of the trumpet player again. Checkers is politics chess is the Bible, slick with the bottom. So for those people who really just have a question and there might.

I don't know about this guy and they pick up your book.

What in that book are you just man I can hardly wait to get law I present was I was booked in 10 countries or 12 months in 2020 is get ready to fly to Pakistan for each 400,000 Muslims and you say why in the world would you go because I knew time was running out into regardless of the fake news.

God loves Muslims, but it was my job to tell him God loves Muslims and they need God. And it's not Allah or Confucius or Mohammed or Buddha. It's Christ and in house too long to be wrong so I was booked in 10 countries 12 months.

But when the pandemic kit bottom fell out. That's when the Lord told me you're in the Army, but I need your the Air Force and your love is through talk radio said take the airwaves back to do as many radio shows, vision shows podcast and let my people know.

So while we were on house arrest.

I was speaking out and so one chapters called pandemic or plan debit towards the end. One chapters called Stan Jesus, and having done all stamp the last chapter he said occupied till I come.

But what I really want them to realize at the end is God loves you.

He has a plan for you.

It is not a good way to have an easy all the way to heaven and at the end. I tell him how God changed my life and forgot I worked in for white houses. It's one thing to be at the White House. You gotta make sure your reservations in his house and you know God loves you and it tells you how you can know Christ as your Savior and going to the beach is one thing but less than heaven is everything. So I want you to find heaven wow but I love you man. I'm honored to be with your loved your listeners that go to Frank SH ELT ON backup go to Amazon-urgency Frank Shelton and I would encourage you to buy to book your spell like me yeah urgency is not spelled you like what is that word always urgency you you are GEN see why urgency because I really believe ministry, minus urgency equals catastrophe Galois late in the game but I read the book and Jesus went Frank Shelton. Absolutely amazing. God bless love. I love you and I let my thanks to you and your list here.

How fun

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