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Song of Solomon 5:7 Stripping Off Your Mask

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 8, 2022 1:49 pm

Song of Solomon 5:7 Stripping Off Your Mask

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 8, 2022 1:49 pm

Song of Songs 5:7 The watchmen that went about the city found me, they smote me, they wounded me; the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me.

The answer to the brides prayer in chapter four -"Blow North Wind" and here we learn why that prayer was critical to their marriage...Listen to find out why


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so this is the first intrigued me most of all, in the song of Solomon years and years and years and I couldn't be like. I've been looking forward to share this verse for so long with the all and so for those of you who followed me, and in all the way through the hundred 19 Psalm. A lot of times were talking about these statutes write that as we and and I would recommend that you go back if you didn't listen to all the verses in the hundred 19 Psalm that kinda leads up to how we got here today, but nonetheless this is still be really exciting for you.

I think to see this, but it really makes the idea of our statutes that we been in search of the statutes being the one thing that the psalmist David spoke of so many times you know that in all that my ways would be directed to keep thy statutes and I will my lips will utter praise and I can keep thy statutes of this this particular verse, which happens to be the seventh or the Zion verse I which is just spectacular in in that it leads to so many dots that are connected throughout the Scriptures.

In my mind and so I'll read it and then I'll I'll tell you the story of how I think this this unlocked this understanding for me so that this verse in English reads the watchmen that went about the city they found me they smote me they wanted me keepers of the walls took away my veil from me or took away my veil for me.

However, this a bit better that verse just had me perplexed for years.

Like why in the world is this in here and why would this matter. But let me just say from the onset that you remember the prayer that she had right this second. The last verse in the fourth chapter where she said blow on your garden. Come on north wind blow right. She's asking that life would come out in here. Life comes at her and and it does and it blows on her garden and so if you'll just this Grammy license for a minute and does walk with me on where I see this and and how this was originally outlined for me was that this whole journey in the garden had to do with regard to Gethsemane and had to do with the night that Jesus would be betrayed and specifically very much so when it comes to Peter that you might remember that he had made a big deal at the Last Supper say and I'm your guy. I can do this for it when you need somebody to come through for Jesus on the guys and you may remember that they washed her Jesus washed everybody's feet only got to Peter you know there was some shenanigans over that and so that that verse where it says I slept but my heart was awake and the idea of the hair that was dripping wet with the drops of the night couldn't help it put that connection to me that this was Jesus in the garden that night and Peter and his friends were asleep right and they weren't so quick to respond to Jesus as the case may be, and then comes this scene where afterwards they arrest Jesus and now Peter is following Jesus. He goes to the city and you might remember the watchmen found right and they accused him of being with Jesus right they beat him with a bruised and then they took away his veil right his mask that he thought I'm the guy for you know the words of Peter himself thought that he had what it took. When it came to help her.

Jesus but unfortunately no license enforcement of the most fortunate things in all the Scriptures is Peter found out where he really was. Without Jesus, absolutely nowhere, and he saw his need for Jesus and he felt the need for cover right because, as we get our masks ripped off of us. Then all the sudden the north wind has blown and all we all we have is Jesus to cover us right at the point in time when he's all you God. I mean when he's all you need is with you so you got are that goes on when you get the picture that this idea of the watchmen that went about the city they found me they smote me they wounded me the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me and I think that you know Solomon. This is prophetic of what would happen for Peter in the church and so many different ways, but it is also very much the story of my life right is the north wind is blown when I got cancer. I found out how badly I needed Jesus when I had the brain abscess I found about how bad I need to Jesus. When I lost the dealership and all my money and went broken all those different places when all those things were stripped from me that I thought were my identity that I thought was what made me even my health right when I write what I found out was the cover that I needed was Jesus right and so it's important it really is that God loves us so much that he is willing for our veils to be literally stripped from us and quite often you'll find that happens from people that are the watchmen the to the people that are actually church people or that the people that are feel like they're protecting other people will accuse you of doing stuff that you didn't do when you look at this throughout the Bible. You see time and time and time again. It happened right there it happen for Abraham when you know he thought his delusions life and in the book on his wife and sister and the same thing for Isaac and then of course you know poor Jacob and his mother. You know they made up a whole story that in the end there got they got there masks ripped off and I you know Jacob even got his mask ripped off his. He wrestled with God to find out that wow you know Esau would come to medium and certainly you know Jacob went through it with Leah when she dressed up to be like Rachel that night and in one of my favorite stories and ensure want to years is when Joseph ran from Potiphar's wife what happened. She ripped off his clothes and even though it was totally out wrong that he went to jail for all those years. But when he went to jail. Joseph had all his other identity stripped away so that all he had was Jesus right and when you all that stripped away the snow. Jesus is what you really need and when you think about anybody in oh throughout the Scriptures. Why did all this stuff happen.

The Paul why did all the things happen to all these Bible characters because as it says in James consider it pure joy when you face various temptations of many kinds write the reason I felt your joy is because we find out what's really important in our life we find out where where cover really comes from and how we get down to actually having an intimate relationship with Jesus, we have to strip off all of the veils and you notice a meeting how well I will going to the next verse till next. But the yacht you know what will you get the miracle verse, which is the eighth verse you'll see. You know this is a continuation of this thought that here we are in Zion and the letter Zion you know when you think about it has to do with remembering Jesus right and when you think about poor Peter that night as his cloak is getting ripped off from him as he denies Jesus three times what happened to Kok Road three times in the back Kok Road. What happened was the letter Zion. For those of us who studied in the hundred 19 Psalm right you know I remember the judgments of old and comforted myself. Another was designed has everything to do with remembering God and what a picture that is that moment when the Kok Road three times of the letter Zion if you understand that that is a perfect picture of where God has us when we get stripped all the sudden we remember where our cover really is and that is literally the statutes okay it it literally is that hat in that cove that what we need is to be united with God as close as we possibly can. And that is what covers us his blood. What happened at the cross that he would take our sin for a site that's the cover that we need and those things that we been learning about that that we in our lives for other plate praise when we understand that the cover that we need for our sin is not our elaborate poses are our masks the covers that we need for our sin are right Jesus himself right to God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son mean here it is in this particular verse it brings so much of the Bible together for me because here the north wind has blown as she has prayed for almost at the end of the last chapter and now life comes upon in the guards. They beat her. They bruised her.

They took away her mask.

Why is that in this book because it's in everybody's story that is in Christ I know is that you know it clearly is in my life. I wonder as you prayed about this and hope you do you know when to Jesus strip off your veil right when were you beaten and bruised and why would why with the beloved. Why would Jesus allow this to happen. Why would King Solomon allow his bride to be accosted in his own city. Think about it because he loved her so much he loved her so much she needed to know who she really was. In order for her to have the relationship with the King that it was meant.

Thank you so much for I was just dying to share this earth.

I love this thought in the way this all comes together. The whole Bible to come together right here for me in so many different ways. Thanks for this

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