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Song of Solomon 5:9 - Why Do You Want Jesus So Badly?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 12, 2022 11:17 am

Song of Solomon 5:9 - Why Do You Want Jesus So Badly?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 12, 2022 11:17 am

Song of Song 5:9 What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?

What does it take to have a life that asks this question, listen as we dig into that.


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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so well I know it's going to be a good first visit first chapter of the song of Solomon in the ninth letter in the Hebrew letter alphabet. As you may know is that Tet which is good letter that starts the unmade all his things in the beginning of Genesis and then he said it was good.

And that's the word tile so wonderful in this in this verse is good like that.

And so I love what, what, where this goes and what would you learn about today I go ahead and read it in English and I should catch us up a little bit. As you might recall that the bride had not gotten up and then she got up and then the watchmen founder. They Dieterle Brewster. They took away her veil and then she charged the chart daughters of Jerusalem. If you find my beloved tell him that I'm sick with love and then we get today's verse which is the response of the daughters of Jerusalem, which is what is the high beloved more than another beloved O thou fairest among women, what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou discharges so wouldn't it be wonderful. I mean, would it be good to make the point.

If our lives and the questions that we asked our friends would lead people to the question is, what's so good about Jesus.

What sorts why are you so you know engaged in Jesus. What it what is your life about that that you seem so desperate to find them. You know in and in and therein lies the beauty of the question and so it actually from my standpoint this is a really beautiful beautifully simple understanding that this verse has is that here we have the daughters of Jerusalem, which you can ask help but ask the question.

Who are these and I I love that idea myself of looking at the work Jerusalem and realize that these people are the daughters of those who have brought peace right there, the peace that shooters IP shooters, but sugar is Drew is an idea of the fear of and in error.

Shooters of peace and so is their daughters and so you know I our faith doesn't necessarily go to the next generations. But all our children are in the line of that and so here's these people that clearly don't understand why she is so in love with Jesus so you can see that their faith it hasn't been transfer and so you can have it even think that wow this could even be the Jews is, as Paul would say that our faith would make them jealous, but it may be people that you know are our sitting on the sidelines. The post-Christian generation and they have yet to see you know what is it that so spectacular about Jesus and so wouldn't it be wonderful.

I mean, wouldn't it be wonderful if people saw that in our lives, and said what is it that you charges so why, why are you so intent you know that we find Jesus because that's essentially what she's done is that you know she's charging them to find them and tell him that she is sick with love and and so you know I thought about you know what other things are really, I feel like lead to a lot of my ministry is for years and years and years as I read the Bible like I did this morning I I found something that really excited me like I did this morning about this idea of the goodness of having a life that was so hungry for Jesus, the people would see this and wonder what is it that so what's the big deal here and so as I read those and I end up with the needy out loud like I really wonder what this passage means of the Bible and so I often will go to my friends or whatever and share a passage that I have studied or thought or even now as I do this podcast the same thing and hopefully you know that that people see what is it what is it about that that that has him so perplexed that they themselves would would find it necessary to go and answer that question for themselves by looking at the Bible. I mean, that's my hope and my prayer. But even this morning.

You know I is I really thought about my own situation about being needy out loud and you may have heard me talk about that. If your regular list of the Christian card ratio. I love that concept of the blind beggar you know that that that asked Jesus no to come here it in and because he was needy out loud you know Jesus showed up and in that is helpful to be needy out loud and specially needy out loud with those people around us because how we can get people to pray for us unless we ask him and how are we going to get Jesus to come and do stuff in less it's clear that that's what our that's what we need and that's what we want and so in an effort to be needy out loud this morning. I will tell you that last night as I laid my head on the pillow. My heart was yearning for our understanding of how my certain very very close to loved ones of them. My wife, but other people in my family that are very very close to me as terribly worried about some of you know, quite honestly, aren't even talking to me right now and I don't know why. And so my heart was broken about that and as I thought about it and thought about it I realized that my heart was actually broken with God because for some extent. You know, I'm trusting him to make those relationships work and so I thought Leno would be good if I were needy out loud this morning and say you know those and I don't want to mention names my family because I know some folks listen obviously know me well, but Emma and I don't want them to ask these people in my family. And why is it you not talk to but I got you know honestly I'm just I am perplexed because I don't know.

And obviously I try to go to them and obviously am asking you know what's going on, but no communication coming back whatsoever and some of the needy out loud and say wow you know I'm I if you if you see Jesus this morning for me you know I am asking you know to to help me with this I do realize, and I thought about this that that the God is good and right. We know seven times a day. We praise and because of his righteous judgments and this is something that he's doing in my life and these people in my life that that he is after something this good.

Hopefully why would say hopefully that will bring us all back into a better relationship with them right.

You might remember in the text section of the hundred 19 Psalm is that it was good that I was afflicted right that I might learn my stats with I'm afflicted and so it's good that I've afflicted the Lord help me learn the statute and I pray that that you all might be needy out loud with somebody today that in your being needy out loud there like why why it seems easy so upset about something that has to do with God because it really see that it is God that I that I need these answers from essentially to make sure that I'm in a right relationship and when you think about when you say in the Lord's prayer every morning you know your kingdom come. You know, your will be done that idea of Will has vary a whole lot to do with things being right and so I can I am very anxious I have.

I'm anxious to be a right right relationship with God in a right relationship of those people are close to me and so Lord help us with and ask this in Jesus name. And thank you for praying for

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