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Song of Solomon 5:13B - Jesus Loves To Plant Seeds of Praise For The Happy Ending

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 20, 2022 9:01 am

Song of Solomon 5:13B - Jesus Loves To Plant Seeds of Praise For The Happy Ending

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 20, 2022 9:01 am

Song of Solomon 5:13B his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh.

Of grass and seeds and oxytocin - Listen to find the happy ending of the Rose Of Sharon.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon. How fun we get to take another deep dive since were in the water today. In the memo verse the letter Mem in Hebrew, meaning water in so many ways and also meeting Tori and certainly Messiah and Moses all these different things have to do with lettermen ma'am and so as we take this dive into the second part of the 13th verse knows we talked about last week we talked about a minute last week. Yesterday in our episode.

We talked about his smile because his cheeks are as towers of perfumers right when you see that smile. Wow. I mean, there's so much grace is going on there. It's unbelievable.

And the idea of we rest when were on dry ground and when Jesus is smiling at us. There is no doubt that that brings arrest unlike any other. Because of essentially his amazing grace.

Well, today we get the second part which his lips like lilies dropping sweet smelling murder and so here we have these lips and the course if you look at that. The next utterance which would be you know that. Let there be grass with seed with its own seed and and the whole idea of you know when God created essentially be the herbs, which obviously the lily would be one of those but the cool thing is really really cool is how much seed is used throughout the Bible to indicate things and the idea of lips actually comes from the idea of the bank of a river, and so there we can see the men at work right because his water is lips out. Certainly flowing the water of life in so many different ways that has to do with his word and certainly seeds and so that is very cool that word that is translated dropping and sweet smelling murder that dropping word is actually the word to preach or to plant similar word.

I know you not shocked to know that when preachers preach their planning seeds and so much as that connected in so many different ways with what Jesus is lips to, but we shouldn't forget the idea of lilies here because his is lips like lilies dropping seeds will lilies has to do with praise and course you can tell throughout this whole book that what Jesus is doing for his bride as he's praising or he's praising every attribute of her he's praising her love. He's praising her heart. He's praising her eyes or her hair. You name it. He's eased all about dropping the seeds of praise. Why, because we all desperately need. We desperately need here of validation from the Savior will things that make us because we were being constantly attacked by the enemy is tearing us down, and so we desperately desperately need these words of praise and boy I really took another deep dive into the word murder because the last you nothing it says here is is is these dropping seeds are like sweet smelling murder and so you know, we know that murder is used as a spice and we know that murder starts with a Mem, which is important for this verse.

In summary different ways because it is the Messiah and we know that is one of the spices that was used. Obviously, in Jesus's burial and is one of those that the wise men brought and is very much connected to that the spices that were used in the tabernacle, but I felt like there was more.

Is there always is. And so you know, the idea of murder are from a Hebrew standpoint is you got this water that's dripping it's the beginning of a flow of water is a drip right and so as I began to think about these draftsmen, and certainly from a merchant in a linear harvesting member.

It's a tree that's dripping right and to an extent it steers and so I decided to take another look as I've always thought of tears is living water as I knew that there were endorphins which are the feel-good kind of hormones but the one I discovered this morning that really makes all kinds and since I'd never considered when it comes to tears is oxytocin. Now oxytocin is an interesting hormone in that of some people would call it the love hormone and it has to do with that. In fact, some people call it the cuddle drug that it stimulates attachment behavior will think about tears right that that that when we see that Leno from EIF if the end of any good movie. I'm going to be crime right because I long to be attached to two to what it is that I'm you know that's why in a brief brings tears because it's an attachment thing and that oxygen apparently oxytocin does a great job in my case of wanting to to make me connect and so I love that attachment is a huge part of the Christian journey right it's it it has all this to do with the idea of our statutes right that we want to be united in Christ and so think about how much tears are living water are connected to being attached to Jesus. And here we have this idea of these drips of murder, which is this you know, sort of bitter sweet that comes at the end of a really good story out there was a lot of tragic things that happened in that story, but at the end it all came together, and is had such a beautiful ending and I think that that that is the smell of murder coming off of those stories that don't ever think about trying again in the same way after I thought about how you know the idea of that is that Jesus wants to cuddle. He just does. And so our amazing is that when you think about that that the end of the story in so many different ways. Is this murder that that comes from the seeds that he's been talking about these lilies that are praising right that they come from that that the seeds of faith lead us to believe that the end of the story is gonna be unbelievable, and so pinhole.

If you think about how does this all work out. I just want to share my little MM story. Yesterday I went for a walk and and as I went for that walk in, actually after right after I done my podcast yesterday went for a walk and as I took off down the path of the dutiful gardens that I walk in, but Tabitha that they go by little stream I was bring God show me something really cool.

I just want to see something really cool and I heard him say will listen right in and you know sometimes I'm smelling the ceiling and smell sometime than looking with my eyes. What he told me this time was to listen and so I'm listing all through this and I'm seeing a lot of cool things and I actually went my flowers and I smelled those and there it is wonderful and I heard and saw some amazing birds and and so on chirping and I you know I saw some tracks of animals and all sorts of things that I saw that were cool that that made me enjoy the path but I didn't see the thing that I knew he was can have for me is just you know because I was listening intensely. What was I going to hear what was this that I was going to hear well right is right at the end of the story right as I'm about to finish my walk I been gone about an hour ago get back to the station and as I turned to go up the hill. I hear the stream I and the water is just you know that bubbling sound is there is little waterfalls right there by the bridge where I was headed.

And I realize, wow, those are those little waterfalls and I thought about as I listened all the many times that I trout finished in rivers all over New Mexico and Colorado and I just love to. I have always loved to throw a fly right above little waterfall and watch the fly come down the waterfall and often where that water mixes at the bottom of the waterfall will be a trout and you can actually a lot of Clearwater see your beautiful brown Trout just go for the fly and it's it it's a wonderful experience and so as I was considering Madden praising God. You know how awesome is that I hear what you talk about that is cool I can hear what and I could hear his heart of of what was going on with that water.

So as I start to cross the little bridge. That's right there. I looked down in there in the middle of the brook is stuck in believe is true. But it is was the most beautiful pink flower. I think I've ever seen in my life. It was by itself. There was no tree or bush or anything that was lowered around is a big huge flower. It was sitting right in on a rock in the middle of the river like you know who knows how the world out there other than God, I mean there was this flower in the stem of the flower was down in the water, so it was just blossomed beautifully right and so I have this picture this app I don't know if you reviewed one where you take a picture of a plan see what it was just like what kind of flowers and it's absolutely gorgeous. So I take my picture this app at this is the goal is unbelievable and I you know it takes the picture and then it it shows these little lines like analyzing what this thing is and when it comes back.

You know what it was the Rose of Sharon like really like as soon as it said Rose of Sharon. You know those of us who love the song of Solomon would know what the Rose of Sharon like oh my goodness, my heart just laughed just left because of the praise that Jesus was giving me because the Rose of Sharon speaks of this true faith of this beauty of of faith that is right considers his attic in the word Rose and Sharon has to do with faith.

And so this right is faith like man Jesus is given me this unbelievable praise right there in the river and you can't help but see you know the streams and come down from Lebanon.

There's so much in the song of Solomon as to do it. Rivers has to do with water has to do with the letter Mem and now we have the the Rose of Sharon right there and and and then I got to do this first this morning as I am thought through this in O'Connell drug that that's in our tears attachment not neonatal II think about all the things that have to do with morning. How wonderful is it that those tears make us want to hug one another and and share the grief I mean. And therein lies a big big big big part of huge part of what all those seeds are doing is they're planting seeds of faith that we can grow together to be the bride of Christ. How beautiful is that. And I am thankful I am really really thankful that you share these with me. I can't tell you what a delight it is to share it

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