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Song of Solomon 5:14a - Jesus Holds The Sun and The Moon (Our Future)

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 21, 2022 8:53 am

Song of Solomon 5:14a - Jesus Holds The Sun and The Moon (Our Future)

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 21, 2022 8:53 am

Song of Song 5:14a His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl.

What's a beryl? What are these rings? What does this have to do with faith or the sun and the moon and seasons? Listen to find out.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon. What a light we get to share today around him. He finds in the beautiful gems today in the non-verse of the 14 verse of the chapter of chapter 5 and so this is just well I don't know how to say the same English and and will go there semi-different interpretations of this word is can do the first part of verse 14, because there's two things that we got a cover in depth here. So since were describing to me.

You know these attributes of Jesus like you're getting a really good look at Jesus as is described.

Nowhere else in the Scriptures, and so you know is the Holy Spirit and Solomon described all this was so many different meanings. It's just absolutely spectacular. So chapter 4 I mean, excuse me. Verse 14. His hands are as gold rings set with barrel and is a way that that reads it in English.

And so you got this idea of Jesus hands and there are so many different interpretations of this and and they're all beautiful and I think in their own way there all in a neat and accurate. I love what Diane Cuneo said in her book on the song of Solomon that this could be described as is the nail marks in Jesus's hands that were be circular and the idea of a barrel from her standpoint could be read, and that's the neat thing about that stone a barrel that you can interpret the colors about a lot of different ways. The Jews, I believe that that stone is blue like the Tarshish idea of light blue of the of the priest garments really cool idea. I have been agreed that it probably is light blue, but that's just my interpretation. But Rashi said that the idea of these rings is that that God is rolling much good to the world that Jesus is is certainly doing that and I like the idea of rings and that whole idea of Guildhall in the stone was rolled away and you know he rolled away our reproach and so that's a beautiful idea of that and then Matthew Henry he's said that these were rings like you would wear a wedding ring which would make sense elicits a song of Solomon and is all about a marriage and that in this case, his rings were Providence and grace and Anna course you know I see all that is well and I think you know that's absolutely beautiful. Well, as I dug into this got to tell you I went deep because as I was telling you the way I've I've been trying to interpret these is to get an idea of what is the letter that is describing the verse, which in this case is been none, then you might remember the first verse in the new infection is by word is a lamp unto our feet and then the letter none has to do with faith and our souls and very much a lamp to to an extent and end that shows up in a lot of different ways. In this verse. In my opinion, and then I told you that that I really felt like these 10 descriptions of Christ would line up like the Holy Spirit just gave me the idea that when they would line up with the 10 utterances in Genesis and we studied it that way and it really helps me interpret things were when you look at the utterance that would be the fifth utterance is let there be the moon and the sun and the seasons which which lines up in so many different ways with what what is being shown here, and it set in this blue setting, right, which is where you would find the sentence in this light blue and that makes sense to me. It also makes sense to me that the rings have to do with seasons and cycles and clearly you know is that so I started to think through how does this come together that Jesus's hands. You know have the moon and the stars and that kind of thing and I thought wow Revelation talks about the stars being in Jesus hands as well and it actually speaks of it in Ecclesiastes 2, and so as I began to just really think think think and process actually because the letter none has everything to do with faith that is felt like Mama Holy Spirit to show me what all this how this all comes together well your outcomes together for me is that yes Jesus as the sun and the moon in the stands and the seasons because he holds her future right that has everything to do with time and when you think about this. Left hand is under head in his right hand embraces us another Psalm.

I quote every day is the 16th Psalm, and that he says you know he holds when he sees thou art my personal Lord and you hold are lots. You know, again being the idea of your future. Well, you know, he holds his future in our hands.

I mean, therein lies the overall concept which fits well with Matthew Henry's ring of providence and fits well with what Rashi was talking about. He rolls good things towards us, but it means little bit more than that to me and as we think about him having the sun and the moon in his hands in the and that kind of thing is that he literally has got the future all, right where in and in his word will be the last word and he really does hold our future in so many different ways and with that comes faith right Dawn is coming in the morning.

September brings fall other words, the seasons are things that are faithful that had to do that letter none, and you can count on them and end, and I think this is increasingly beautiful as I really thought through. Like wow Jesus does hold all these things which all have to do with a wry discount on the fact that I'm in a veritably II count on the fact that my heart is going to pump even though I don't make it pump you know I count on. All these things that essentially God set up that are completely faithful right and so what what it what I think he is trying to tell me it really is.

I can totally trust my future. The things that I'm concerned about. I should be resting because who also future heels and it is literally the sun and the moon and the stars. And as we see this is what was described in that utterance in Genesis sought to describe and read this passage in Genesis convince Ruth when you think about the faithful than of this of this, which by the way this happened to be the none. Verse is also the 14 verse in Genesis.

I'm just saying you know I don't make this stuff up if you look at the 14 verse it's the none. Verse of Genesis 1 and says and God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be signs and for seasons and for days and for years like, wow. As I think about Jesus, as all those in his hands. I I believe that's absolutely the case, and I believe that it was set in the Tarshish stone, which we also look at Tarshish from a standpoint of that was a city that was on the sea and when you think of that color blue and you might know that the Tarshish stone is also the stone that is in Ezekiel's dream of the wheels that that I have all the eyes are also in that light blue color in my opinion I once drew a picture of that with the eyes and serve you think about a peacock's tail right it's that color blue that Tarshish blue with eyes covered all over it and when you make to be cocktails. You get the whole wheel and I don't think that's any accident. If you wonder why a peacock has detail. He does I think it's a picture of Ezekiel's wheels about that for years.

I drew a picture like that, maybe 15 years ago. I don't along time ago but I've always thought that ensued when you get this picture of that blue that's in a peacock's tail, okay, and that in that sky in Jesus's handset with these rings like this to me is just has everything to do with the sun will come up tomorrow. No bet your bottom dollar they say no, Jesus is going to come through.

Just like it came through for me.

Actually, in this verse right because I gotta tell you about an hour and 1/2 in the my study. I was totally lost and I was like I just can't put together. How does the none fit together with the stop stars and the moon and how does this fit that together with his hands and revelation of what Rashi saying and what Matthew Henry and then all of a sudden it just all came in the clarity. Why because he's faithful the Holy Spirit as faithfully as you sit there and study these things and look at him. He wants you to see it. He wants you to see the beauty of the peacock's tail EEE. In fact, I don't know if you've ever heard this is one of the things that drove Darwin crazy of Reno after he came with his evolution idea he just could not understand how this peacock's tail would evolve. It made no sense to him. I can understand that. I'm glad it drove him crazy. It drives me to worship to think wow that is so cool because if you look at a peacock's tail that color blue cover denies and you think about the idea of the Tarshish and the idea of of the eyes of Ezekiel's wheels out. I mean, you know, you think that isn't like this to unbelievable picture of faith.

I think it is. Thank you for listening

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