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Refiners Fire

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 24, 2022 1:39 pm

Refiners Fire

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 24, 2022 1:39 pm

In this episode of Christian Car Guy, Robby talks about the fire inside all Christians, and how we can obtain it.


Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for Trojan Truth Network podcast of starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network guard radio show today on the Christian Car Guy show today on the Christian Car Guy show the refiners fire and so in our intro, you might've recognized Arthur Brown's fire from 1968 and then baby your firework from Katy Perry and the more I thought about that song. The more right.

I think she has it that that we have that fire that is being refined and initiating us in so many different ways that are going to talk about today in the Christian Car Guy show as well as even a little bit about fuel refining and octane what kind of gas you need to put your car the kind of thing. But also we want to mention that. How fun is this. We finally have gotten to the next episode in the Christian Car Guy live theater and will be in the last segment and we can finally find out what happens to faithful in his trial with Judge Haygood and all these jurors you to get to hear and not what I would point out that one of those jurors have to be my granddaughter now actually three of them.

There are three different voices that are my granddaughter Lila and a lot of other very talented actor. Jurors and actresses are in that show coming up the last segment but today show is always is brought to you by Hebrew letter and today's Hebrew letter is the letter Sharon and oh what a neat neat neat thing I learned about that letter this week. You might've heard it. It's the S sound in the word Yeshua, which is Jesus right. It's also a dish. The S sound of the word shalom and so many other things that have to do with like the end of the word holy which is Cadet Ocean Hebrew. There's that address and it's in the judgment and so were going to find out more about that as you know we've been studying the song of Solomon in our daily podcast, and so this week I came across this particular segment it's in the fifth chapter, we have just an unbelievable picture of Jesus right that here working to get 10 attributes that the bride that would be us describes her most well beloved with these 10 attributes. One of the attributes she describes as his belly is is bright as ivory units overlaid with sapphire well ivory in Hebrew right could be translated to. It really could a menu that they use the word ivory because that seem to make sense, but the idea of truth is actually when you look at the word that is translated ivory there used or Solomon or the Holy Spirit through Solomon used the letter. The word shin which means the letter Shannon other words, every letter has a name in the name of the chin is a shin and a nun and so that is the exact word that Solomon used to describe Jesus's belly and if you think about a family. What it does is it you know since essentially it refines food okay at this does it takes your food and it turns it into usable energy for your body and then that's what a belly does and so when you think about Jesus's word right because Jesus is the word and the word of Jesus, undoubtedly his word refines, since only different ways and the idea of the truth you see is UT teeth oxidize food in other words, when you chew it up your crushing it up so that your body can use it but also the word oxidize is also that letter shin because it looks like a fire if you're looking to shin it looks like it has three flames coming up from it at the top of each of those flames is a unit which has to do with the spark of God and and so a fire is the word oxidation right so it when you when you fuel is ignited in your car is actually oxidizing and because it's bit it's in a being combined with oxygen and then it's actually usable and so as we see this in the idea of being refined and God is really really cool thing that when you see God in it when you can see the spark that Katie.

Talk about in the fireworks right when you see each one of those sparks with vendors seeing God and if you can see him in the story of spectacular. So I wanted to share a little story. What can happen on my summer vacation, I missed you guys on here last week because I was at the car show in Douglasville and Douglas Ville, Georgia right outside of Atlanta, which was spectacular. They had more cars than they've ever had be twice as many as they've ever had and people all over the place and I got to share a little five-minute message there that was to be a gospel presentation or share with people how they could get to know Jesus well.

Interestingly, the week before. Actually, that Sunday before I did the car show. I did a cowboy church here in Winston-Salem at the Joel Coliseum out front with that with Richard Childress but interestingly God gave me what to say at cowboy church about a week maybe 10 days before I gave and so I had plenty of time to study what he had in mind and I was all excited, and that went in a really I was really really fun, but when it came to this five-minute message and those who speak no it's harder to put together a five-minute message than it is to put together a 30 minute message. Actually, and I've been praying, praying, praying, God get because this is so important to me considers all these people, the car show and anybody that does no Jesus I would just love love love them to do it. You gotta give me something, you gotta give me something and I prayed all week and I heard cricket seminar. I wasn't getting anything about what I was supposed to speak about so I drove to Atlanta on Friday before the Saturday of the show actually went up on the Appalachian trail got to a real quiet beautiful place and began to pray, asking God to tell me Sharon share with me what we talk about tomorrow is wonderful, beautiful, however, I heard nothing and so that night it was getting big crunch time. I still didn't know what I was doing this five minutes that I had to share the gospel and I was little anxious honestly and I is I I went to bed early and I just took out my Bible and I was just looking at several things and asking God show me in the Holy Spirit, show me what am I supposed to talk about tomorrow. Still nothing. So that night I still can't believe this happened but it did. I have this horrible dream is just a horrible dream, II can't believe I still dreamed that kind of thing. But, as Spurgeon puts it, sometimes in all those murky waters that are down in us get stirred up again were overwhelmed by her own depravity and so here I have this horrible dream and I was wanting things in this dream I knew I was just horrible and I woke up just totally ashamed of myself and and asked Jesus like you know I gotta speak here in a couple of a few like that made this is what I needed right now this tell you what are you doing and he comes beautifully as he does and he eat the essentially puts his arm around me and says Robbie. Robbie, we got to get closer. Your problem is you know which is not close enough and so you know actually spent the next unit 30 minutes working on in essentially repenting, getting back in Jesus's arms, becoming one with him all that again so this is about two in the morning and I finally got back together with him and then I went back to sleep and I had the exact same grace with only this time, you know, I but I was I was, not overcome with the evil I overcame evil with good things to Jesus. I was like I was very connected to him and I didn't have that problem this time and I saw what he was talking about. And so when I woke up it a Saturday morning and began to pray as I always do. I I'd love to start out my prayer time with the Lord's prayer, and you know the Lord's prayer. The first words are our father.

Well, you realize Jesus and I were like arm in arm at this point in time and so when I said our father. It was like I had my arm around in the mile and night and I said it in a way that I'd never stated before. Honestly, I was like oh our father and I bet about you lately. Jesus was teaching his disciples to pray right using guys, this is our father and I always knew that we were praying in the plural for all believers, but I never thought about playing it printed in the plural because Jesus is our father to an and his eyes got this revelation and I was just so excited about man, our father, which by the way, I prayed that way all week. Our father, I just love it and so will get to the rest of what I shared as God gave me that immediately after our father, and you can see how he was refining the right.

He took something that was yucky and animated beautiful which is what a refiner is 100 stories when we come back 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH refiner's fire you're listening to the Truth Network and and he said to me in years prior to today on the Christian guy in the wow I may not allow this is happened to you, but finding God in the difficult places. No, it's one thing to find God and something beautiful in like manner will God really did this for me, but what about when the other stuff comes of the judgments right where he's refining us well that's that's really really cool thing to find the gods parked in the difficult situation. So there I wasn't at this horrible dream.

And then God came alongside of me, like, really. He hadn't in a long long time and we were despair and I was praying our father of my arm around Jesus, our father art in heaven, and that it was legal. Robbie, I want you to share the story of the dream, am I glad like with all these people in this car show.

You want me to do that is exactly right because were we are weak he is strong right it's his strength. He's the hero of the story and so you know I can. I knew that. Okay you want me to share this side. I did and then then then I got to share the story of stuff talked about on the air before the Eagle you know and how when you're like when you can look at Jesus. You can get close to Jesus like he did for me that morning right then all the all the evil stuff has to fall away like the woman caught in adultery know where your accusers they can hang out when you're up there with Jesus and you're looking straight at him and I pointed out that when you have Jesus's blood to cover your eyes. You can look straight at the sun and I do mean SON and so now I read.

I had such a beautiful time at the car show and so many amazing folks showed up and and and I mean it's just one of the neatest things to go to those car shows and working to get some to talk about refining a light step in, first off, we have my friend Sarah Linda in Port Orchard, Washington. She's got a poem for us morning Sarah Linda you're on the Christian Car Guy show where we are here and you know where learning going there later and and here you are talking about refiner's fire and aunt currently going through at everywhere in the world right now we are getting ready Lord preparing for the awaiting plea know what right will undergo working on your writing and and preparing the Lord preparing for that purpose again and again this morning connected to an and chapter mean. That to LOL anyway preparing for the sites and for the purpose of making herself ready and you know they get to do that.

It still open grade will be like in order to see that spot there.

We need to clean up.

And if you don't mind I'll get this into the story you are bringing able to call you and I know I did want to be able to see more and more and help and nine story Dragon preparing yourself when it's all living is and then when you think about that whole you know, in the fifth chapter she goes about describing Jesus as John then you know when he saw in Revelation and you know what a task to try to describe the undescribable, and I I'd love when she gets down to this belly of ivory and and and this idea that you know he is a refiner and and yet know right before that it talked about his lips were lilies, which means praise and so we always tells you how wonderful you are the only sprays that mean that's that is what he does.

But, as is his lips dripping with sweet murder. If you ever thought about that but it doesn't warning that description and and sweet murder.

Murder is a bitter, you know, is the idea bitter biblically, like Mary's in a bitterness that sheep by the same token it's bitter that makes it sweet right I mean his his bitter death is what made for the happiest ending of all time and so murder is a drip idea that they take off the trees. It's a sap and it looks like a drip and that's why it's spelled like that in Hebrew that would make that sound more, but the neat thing about drips is that there two years and I study tears this week as I was thinking about this murder and there's a hormone in tears called oxytocin and they call it the cuddle hormone because of what it does is it stimulates attachment behavior. In other words, when you see somebody cry you want to give him a hug about that oxytocin is it not only stimulates it for the person that secreting the tears, but it stimulates it for those that's why once one person prides everybody just jumped into the fray.

You know, because God set us up to the poor supposed to attach to people when they're sad right and were not in this alone and so how can. How cool is that.

That is, his word is his lips are lilies of praise that dripped with sweet murder and when you think about all that that implies this is like oh my goodness, I mean that wonderful well you have a beautiful morning there in Washington as it went pretty all and delete cooler now.

It's been an ugly day. This is lovely here and we have a wedding.

One of my producers became the program director here, Rachel is getting today and I could go to Venice in proximity for that and I'm looking forward to your call 866348788450 Linda we will talk soon. I hope God bless and you're listening to the Truth Network and baby from the Faulkner's fire today.

Oh our way ever of firework. I'm just that the idea of fire is in shalom.

It just isn't the first letter of shalom. In other words, if we got to see God in order to have any peace on this a.m. and that's a big part of being refined is being able to see God in any given situation, and so what's your refiner's fire story. I would love to hear it 866-348-7884's number to call in and share. I love your calls. I love them and I would love to hear your story of how God refined you 866-34-TRUTH 87884. If you're feeling the Holy Spirit nudging you know there's a lot of people could be blessed with your testimony. It really is an amazing thing where artists our hearts save those things so as promised, I wanted to mention gas refining is and a lot of people are confused over the idea of octane like I need hi test gas in order to get you no more power in my car and so there's a big misunderstanding like the higher the octane rating of gasoline. You know what you would call hi test or premium fuel that's more expensive that is actually what it does is it increases the flashpoint of the fuel. In other words, the lower the octane rating, the easier the gas explodes in the problem is that in the gasoline engines with the compression that they have. If the gasoline's flashpoint. In other words, it explodes too easy that if the octane is too low that when before the piston can get all the way up the fuel will explode, which calls a knocker ping you here little pain sometimes and now cars of got computers to retard that Pinkerton happened used to be an older card you hear it all the time when you had your cheap gas which is low octane gas, you would hear this ping because there was, not enough octane needs to put lead in the fuel to lower the flashpoint outdated use of the chemicals but the idea of octane is it's going to reduce the flashpoint appointment which will explode so that that the piston can get all the way to top dead center before you know the spark plug ignites.

It is otherwise, if it ignites on itself is because the cylinders too hot then that's hard on the crankshaft you lose power, you lose gas mileage etc. etc. that's why in certain cars, especially more expensive cars tend to have higher octane needs because they have more compression at the engine is more compression you have to run premium gas, and in a race cars even use the stuff above that in order to not have the lowest possible flashpoint makes usually the highest possible possible flashpoint for the for the fuel to be efficient and so I say all that to say, you know, sometimes it's worth trying some midgrade or premium fuel in your card and checking it gives you might get better gas mileage. Based on the age of your carcasses. Your car gets older it builds up carbon in the in the cylinders and and you might just check to see if premium gas makes it run better. Gives you more power or will in fact gets better gas mileage. Always tough to check and see if it's worth the extra money for you know when you do the math and all that which that's a bit of a challenge but nonetheless there's a little bit of a story on octane and II love the idea of of of lowering our flashpoint. It's something that we could do in our refining spots. That's all we got Clay's in Durham, North Carolina Clay, you are on the Christian Car Guy ship the morning I am doing wonderful how are you I am the one where you are. This doesn't sound like Clay, this sounds like curry out. I went astray, not Clay.

Okay, we had the name wrong that's all right.

I time I had a midnight up, how you try doing what you are. You gotta get what you about once a month I get this bill allows quality and where you'd like the you not like you top this morning.

United Oregon you not been in church services and pastored at one more about a week ago a pastor and his wife were going up that altar humbled by your snotty dust buildup. Buyer acknowledges the market will start going around with the power the Holy Spirit movement and course ended up that one down on the floor, but I won't. I don't understand matters by what was that many years got a lift and an overdose of the will of the Holy Spirit of God and it's it's really anything you know I googled this morning as I want to come up with a picture that was representative of you know the refiner's fire and you know if you if you type in lien fire. You'd be shocked at how many thousands of pictures depict a lien on fire. I mean it's ugly and sick you get the idea. There's a lot of firepower understand and you know your testimony this morning. You know what I like to challenge all your listeners for tomorrow church family suffered altar.more what you what you know I like especially the fathers. Get your whole family up that altered your story in Jesus name.

I don't care what church you go to what denomination your you provided in Jesus night and Nina were in the water and later died for their trials and Robbie got Byron guy was your study of all. I did get all the gory lots of them around their and all starting a lot of stuff in the Scriptures this morning you're going through Daniel second Samuel.

A lot of find but you know when we get a hold of God.

You know that it will run into her like a drunkard is what the Bible say you know God's anger will come out here will acts against our enemy buildup and still fight and asked for the church not just be business as usual it's time for the church but like it up about and get into that car and run my dog and siding night.we need to do is right now we make.we've ever needed a but the church is laying down for some reason announcement that the church really be picking up in our gear and taking the spine seriously and lighten it up not currently here's what I'm pretty sure Troy that the church the real church. You know the ones that that that are to have that fire. Okay, I mean his church. Believe me, it's on fire. It is, and I see it all the time. I really really do. I understand there's a lot of folks out there that don't get it yet but hopefully he's can I help reveal that far to them. You know it's cool about Samson.

Is it you know he didn't display all those acts and strength until it said the Holy Spirit came upon them in power see our yelp.

You could have the MRI and I love your story of the time that you got that sin trying and you and you in and God gave him that smell through your whole house I'll get all over. Every once in a while so often I still get some lightly.

Robbie is like when I come on the full course meal of different lines or I can explain it, not on the topic in the Scriptures and spoke only by docket by does marriage supper, lambs, I would like for you to try an experiment from the casino here lately. There these things are called bearded beggar tics there. These yellow flowers. They're all over the place, because I know you live in Winston-Salem on the side of the road everywhere. You see, hundreds of them blossoming let you go up in the air in one of those big bush bunches of bearded beggar tics and just take a big smell because I buy been doing lots lately and every time I get in those there's a smell of those that's absolutely spectacular and I am 100. Yet the I think you got my number, text me I would love for you to tell me is that the smell because it is heavenly. I mean it's really amazing and you know that all of the ways that God's refining me as I been going on these walks and I went on a walk this week. Start out by asking God to show me some cool. Is it true story and and near the end of the walk. I came around the corner and there as I cross this bridge was a flower just in the river.

I have this app called picture this, which I have a link to my website for that if somebody wants it, where you could just take a picture of the flower that analyzes it and tells you what kind of flower. This remembered asking to show me some cool. So this things. Analyzing this flower and it comes back and it says that is a rose of Sharon for the know me, they would know that Robbie's favorite book in the Bible is let the song of Solomon and the second chapter right first verse on the rise, resolution man gave me a rose of Sharon right there I got a picture of it. By the way my website started to scan overwhelming and I was like man standing on the bridge crying because I was like just can't believe you overwhelming this one because I had I not seen that kind of flower honestly or did we do not of had no idea what it was. But when it came back and told me that I was just beside myself so see undershirt trim afraid we got Christian card I theater, nothing to find out what happened to faithful so thank you all so much for sharing today. Thank you Trey for your call and yes my darling Christian card I theater come upstate you're listening to the Truth Network and archive. Today's progress episode 31. Jim events on his dream that Plymouth fury faithful and been on trial for his life. With so many witnesses against him in the town of Vanity Fair within the Javelin judge Haygood called to the jury pool all the time were standing by to hear and observe and accuse sedans of the jury you seen it and I made most of the head where the gentle sedan witnessed against him. Also had his reply lies now enjoy engines to hang us saying I think I misplaced instruct you about our long acts made in the days paid out a great second offense. The case does the event and contrary religion should multiply and grow too strong in that males will say made in the days of the greatest another sentence not bow down and worship his golden image by having seven act made in the days of dolomite.

Darius to call upon God but him to be cast in the substance of these laws Raven has broken only, which is not to be tolerated but also indeed must block the intolerable acts of the naughty parallel case law was made upon a possible supposition in order to prevent crime, but here we have a crime that has been committed for the second and you see he disagrees with our religion and for this reason he has confessed he is to die. Then the jury went out to deliberate about the fate of poor, faithful jury members whose names were viewing lineman nova no good Malibu malice Lamborghini love last lady Lincoln live really heady Honda hi mind class indemnity and Cadillac. They returned almost immediately Mr. Foreman q. week blind man. Let's take a seat. Clearly this is no good mathematical all he says me for I think the yes looking on dry ground. Last let's say you I should. I so swear lady Lincoln live news. Let's say you describe all late evening football I really heady day you the spirit say you Honda hi mind you always wear a car at my own. You let me know. All oh cruelty you, Mdm.

According came for.

Faith is last days claim.

Heavenly 100 my there carrying faithful up through the clouds and other Plymouth lose why push our luck and so free and as he left town Valley professional and faithless ones with all the delights of crying out and dislikes, they will be crying out from seeing faithful saying and let you know the names of five for though they'd kill you for the next exciting adventure in the Plymouth progress. Now here's any dipstick and Randy radiator to review today's episode of who wonder why people hate Christine seemingly cooler because listening to their father. That devil, the father of love, and they believe know why there hope you will be. I should know is not against flesh and blood, but spiritual voices of darkness lie. I hope it's in the church and the truth brings light to the darkness. God opened their eyes can see the light and turn to Jesus so we paint by light that.I like reading and you and I so how fun all the wonderful actors in Christian card I theater you can always find and the casting page, I would point out that three of the voices of the jurors happened to be my granddaughter, Lila, expounding her acting skills and selling all the talented actors are just amazing. Jesse Corti is as valiant if you could see the refiners fire is happening there for him as he's gone through this experience, but no doubt he saw God and everybody got to see God is faithful got to really see God's will, we as we think about all the ways that we can see God this week. So remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, so we can go slow enough to see God in hip and got everywhere you got it all done in 33 year and a and and this is the Truth Network

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