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Running With Horses - Shirley Weaver Interview

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 25, 2022 8:00 am

Running With Horses - Shirley Weaver Interview

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 25, 2022 8:00 am

A  special interview with a Truth Network Podcast Partner Shirley Weaver .

Discussions supernatural prayer stories that inspire her podcast and her ministry




Oh how fun today on my podcast. I have a sort of a special edition for you guys we been doing the NRB Chronicles will get a chance to interview a lot of meat people just being in radio I get to meet some really really neat people and so is a Christian card you know when you meet somebody who's podcast in their book that the road is called running with horses.

You may think that I'm thinking most things we might even think that I'm thinking horsepower, but that's actually thinking I'm thinking about a certain prophet that ran with horses because that's what Shirley talk about so welcome Shirley Weaver to our podcast running with horses host and and really really cool because God is shown you some supernatural things that make your fast runner and so you you want to talk about those all Robbie Ali. He quickly talked about what like I not only I can relate to the church really around the world right now. I think many were coming out. Thank God at home to make really really hard and give the current of God. How are interlock something that we need to talk about and magnify as we worship him because it's very real and needed the whole world right talk about some supernatural not just natural, but you can actually run with horses and by my bad.

I mean, you cannot run them as the prophet did then ask to be taken something supernatural so you know, you know, I know this amazing story about this nurse and talk about supernatural mean there was stuff in that that you guys really ram a person to story. Sorry.

We have all four year hated, really.

I'm mailing you think the daily devotions that come from my book running with horses and because the fat outreach plea driver and one of the scrapper in the state of Michigan had been following our daily sometime. I had never met her, and we speak of call Saturday at noon at my dad and I got a call from an unrecognizable number of the Lord give me to.

After that, and when I did the voice on the other hand, was beautiful lady.

His new life through the daily comments that are online and she just had. I am in a desperate play. I am so ill and I've done everything that the doctor had prescribed IML life are in a registered nurse. The other credentials as well that the thing of it, but you medicine and she had done everything that Madison had to offer and so she explained to me that she had nowhere else to really and she felt the prompting of the Lord to reach out to us and I answer the phone that day and Robbie. You know what happened. I love this because the way that God moved on her heart, which is the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he moved on her to connect with with me and at the same time docket. He confirmed to me to not only call that in that instant. There was a download of state.

There's no other way to describe it that that deposit into me. This is not of the although I know the principal because I know love the word of God, and know what he said about power and so that was that was the confirmation from to pray and it was a simple prayer is not it wasn't outlandish at all. It was just simple and I release of our faith together. If any of you shall agree attaching the word sad so we prayed and agreed and we were praying Robbie symptom began to disappear by the end of the call that was so accelerated that she would stay shameless declaring she was beside herself with what God was doing in her body are call ended, and as the day wore on, she and her husband. I love this really documented and it was a total complete defined healing of her body. When medical science had not been able to do that.

It was the hand of God on her. It was the release of her day at Harbor conference and got her bowl confidence in God that she was not taking no for an act she believed God, she trusted him we pray believing together he met that need on the spot that full. Interestingly, my life, if you even know this, but also sure that I had a will is called killer cell lymphoma. In fact, the stories written up in a book on miracles of was quite popular.

It's of my website about read and write the book I did write this part of the story, because I would anyway I had a lymphoma and it was non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that was just these liquid tumors on my skin and mother all over me and my sister were to be University of Michigan hospital at the time she looked at the pathology report and she was like Robbie.

There's only two people have this kind lymphoma in neither of them lived for more than two months is called killer cell lymphoma United we really got some bills going on but I continued to work because I didn't feel all the better to just have the tumors they scheduled me for chemotherapy, and I was obviously a car dealer in Winston-Salem and one day as I was at work but I was back in my office conserves look like a freak will always tumors and so I didn't want to load people see me and so was back there in my finance manager came back there and so there's a man out here is actually my pastor says he was driving by and the Lord put it on his heart, but somebody here need to be healed and so he wants to come pray over you at this point in time this year that I was to come to Christ, maybe three years before this incident, and I knew nothing about laying on hands will anointing with oil praying and I honestly unlike the lady but you're talking about.

I didn't have a lot of faith in me. I actually thought the guy was a bit much but it other than the minute he was in his you know as well.

If the Lord told you to pray over me in all good, good. So we he anoints me of all, he prays, and obviously he prayed a supernatural prayer but I can honestly say that it wasn't my faith other than I could honestly say that man I really felt something happen with this membrane and and so it was his.

It was his supernatural but nonetheless that was on a Friday afternoon and I was covered in tumors on Monday morning as I went to Baptist Hospital to get my cable chemotherapy treatment.

I did not have a single not one tumor on me anywhere, and is documented as well. Not one in them actually to the pathology report on that base of the cancer turn on itself and it ate itself right and so that was in the year 1996 over we are in a nearly 30 years later and I'm still here to prove that that obviously you know medical science could not even come close to tell them what happened here but God sent pastor little to come say that per the time Shirley and so I couldn't agree with you more because obviously I lived it. That supernatural things do happen because sometimes if one person is free but obviously if you and the person praying is going to help a lot.

But that's the idea running with horses it's right supernatural. Actually, I really like when we need to fly. Basically our little pop-up For our book) outreach into our communities locally and beyond that people pick up the book and read cover, and they frequently dictate to me these are obviously maybe not church people are. I don't know question is are you that got God supernatural power is available today, and I say are you saying it is not as bad a night out. I will find that the comments we receive about the podcast thing. Robbie, you know, when you know the word of God and you know stories like that, like Jeremiah, God's word about power and really just the culmination. This is an important birth to me. Ephesians 320 actually to and 21 now to carefully table 2. Far more abundantly.

John all that are being according to the power that works within two beaver glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever answer to the question is, yeah to all for ever. John elders says. Along those lines when it comes to you know the Bible is not a book of exceptions like what he talked to nobody below to talk to Moses or know that that kind of prayer happen for King David. But no, but it's actually a book of exceptions is not mounted book of exhibit X exceptions, but a book of examples like yours. The way that you can write this, just like Paul did, just like Peter did all those guys right it's it's exactly and and so the beautiful thing about running with horses is obviously your your tapping into the Scriptures that will help people pray the supernatural prayers. But there's more to the supernatural prayers of real quick is when we got a minute or two left tele-some of the other things that that your podcast spend some time on. Well, like all available to the born-again believer that included and we we really have full confidence in God. To believe that way that it felt like Robbie and tested rare for God to intervene in our live like you.

My body heal supernaturally more than what God delivered a family member from very destructive are threatening and show you can't display me. I am content that God not only died wants to intervene in our live and Becky done that more than we will just that kind of a mindset that needs to be tweaked and we receive on iPod from her podcast, primarily through email connections from those Testimonies not only likely having Robbie off because they want to know more efficient if they haven't been taught. They didn't hundred and that they could believe God's way of leathery deliverance in the body also delivered the emotional healing and my forgetting, because these are principles that Jesus taught his power is available to help us all walk to think that man that way we can live like needs to be doing that very thing that beginning which is been through horrendous game, but it would feature the easy chair podcast is running with horses. It's also her book, Shirley Weaver, you can find it. Amazon and her website which would sexually website reword a clear topic.or topic like the horn a clear topic.Lord thank you Shirley God bless thank you Poppy God

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