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Song of Solomon 6:1 - Fishing With Peter

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 7, 2022 8:42 am

Song of Solomon 6:1 - Fishing With Peter

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 7, 2022 8:42 am

Song of Songs 6:1 Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women? whither is thy beloved turned aside? that we may seek him with thee.

Back from my fishing trip - I can't help but see the fruit of Chapter 5 here in the first verse of chapter 6 - Peter has hooked a whooper...

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon. Oh it's so fun to be back from vacation and you might guess, I have a new favorite verse. That's we head into the first verse of the six chapters very much a review of everything that happened in the fifth chapter but also kind of a review of how I spent my summer vacation in so many different ways have got it just grew out of just blown my mind this morning with all that he has shown me about this verse about many things and so will dig into that. I think you're going to just be death by clipper seatbelts for what arrived. This is so the first verse in the sixth chapter appears to me to be the fruit of the fifth chapter and so when we read this. This is the daughters of Jerusalem, responding now to all that she is just now described her beloved and see what happens. As they say whether is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women where there is thy beloved turned aside that we may seek him with the and so this is an amazing thing that's happened.

Now, you had one believer that wanted to follow the tracks of the sheep back in the first chapter and she's gone on her faith journey. Then all of a sudden wow she ends up leaving all these others with her testimony to the point where they want to see Kim as well and I love Matthew Henry says about it is kind of interesting.

He says that this shows that it's a spiritual thing that is who want a bunch of other people going after beloved so you know that's that's kind of a cool thing in Rashi's explanation of this in another words the ancient Hebrew scholar is that this is the nations that are in our chasing after God because they see them what's happening with the Jews and hopefully you know this is not a bad thing which he perceives it to be.

But this is a good thing that we actually want to seek by beloved. In other words he was saying that those who are trying to sabotage the wall building in the time of Nehemiah and all are that are the nations there and it was sabotage. It was a lie, they didn't really want to see Kim but in my heart I really think this is clearly the way that it works and I can show you that from maybe I can show you, but I hope you look you'll hear and see what I think God has taught me and this is we talked about a number of times. Years ago the Lord showed me how the fifth chapter is very much the the journey of Peter and in other words, he was in the garden of Gethsemane that night his head. You know Jesus called out, you know, stay awake with me in his head was dripping with dry great drops of blood, which is very much for this idea of you know my head is filled with the drops of the night and then you know he put his hand through locking the door and and she goes out following him right and so as Peter that night followed, you know, to try to go find Jesus as he'd been arrested and he saw his own failures. Watchmen on the wall called him on who he was and he denied Jesus three times getting his veil removed.

They beat him they bruised and they took away his veil well that was best thing in my opinion ever happened to Peter and it may be the know I shouldn't say maybe it is the best thing that ever happens to me all the time when the watchmen catch me in my toes and they beat me and they bruised me and they take away my veil because onset veil is off then I can truly seek after Jesus with all my heart, which is what Peter ended up doing you know on the tomb and all that that happened, which was beautiful and then you know the next thing that she does in the in the in the fifth chapters.

We talked about many times as she goes on to describe how beautiful Jesus is. Well you follow Peter story obviously is restored in the Gospel of John and Ina did Peter do you love me Peter do you love me well and then in FIG follow it into the book of acts. What happens is the Holy Spirit comes right and and the next thing you know he is preaching. How Jesus out beautiful is Jesus's face. If you look carefully into the sermon that Jesus that Peter preached in acts chapter 2 that led to 3000 people saying what actually the song of Solomon chapter 6 says there were 3000 people who said where is your beloved gone, that we might know seek after him with you. I mean, it's absolutely a beautiful thing that as a result of what was said and again if you do if you look for me is just more than spectacular to look in acts chapter 2 you'll see G Peter quotes the 16th Psalm you know when it says it will make shown known to us. His countenance will be fullness of joy when that countenance again is it is what we talked about you know in the coming through in the sum of the final verses of the fifth chapter and then what happens. 3000 people. After Peter gives his explanation of how beautiful Jesus is to them 3000 people fall in love with Jesus and then they seek after him just like we see here in the first verse of the sixth chapter where is thy beloved gone out of fairest among women and weather as I beloved turned aside that word gone there in Hebrew is really really really spectacular because that would be much better translated in my opinion, whether as I beloved walked because that word walked is what God did in the cooler day and garden. Another words of Jesus, Adam and Eve got to walk with God and then later eating walked with God that very word which has to do with and this is where God just took me on this unbelievable journey.

This idea of asking where where do we walk where we walk with God. The same question that she asked where to let you know how do I find you and you know follow the tracks of the sheep. It's the same idea of walking what that word walk or where is translated gone. Here is how Locke which is a hat which is again the letter that we keep saying is an expression of that the idea of excuse me it's not a hat. It's a hey I'm sorry I got my mixed up a hey it means you know God's expression, and so an expression of allotment which is his heart, so your expression of your heart is where you walk by the way, and that in the last letter is this of which is the idea of your crown or your strongest desire so you're gonna walk where it is that you want to go with just you just do. And so, if you will go walk. If you go after Jesus at your walking with Jesus is exactly what happens. And so as we talked about here are a few verses ago we talked about my hundred 19 saw many many times. Is this idea of the statutes is what were really searching for and I think I found my connection now to statutes and the seven anointing's in Isaiah chapter 11 that all kinds of come together in this verse with his hat because we talked about that a hat now not a hey but I have the other eight sound means reunion and a hood of his that idea of desire is the word taste and when we talked about Jesus's mouth at the end of the fifth chapter that was taste. We talked about. Also that when you put a hey on the end of that on the end of that hat and that hoof and then you get a hey than that is hooked that is everything to do with my summer vacation because I went fishing for I went fishing for some beautiful unbelievable steelhead trout and I was. I looked on fishing for steelhead, I can tell you that in semi-different ways, but one of the things that happened is is that you know obviously your your fishing for these fish based on what they taste so the first day we fished, we didn't we didn't catch anything. We worked and worked one up in Allie's hours and a lot of work run around in the river with these heavy waiters on and all this stuff and and not even get a bite that was significant, whatever eventually we caught a fish and once we caught that fish. I guess the Lord gave me some wisdom that that I had seen them use these these eggs acts and together with man it was guiding us who would show me how they could take the row out of these fish which is what he had done before. In other words, take the fish eggs of the fish I caught and put them in these little sort of web things that that you could then make for bait and then oh my goodness, what happened when we use those for bait. Those fish have a taste for fish eggs understand especially fresh eggs that came out of the fresh fish and when we put those on all the sudden we started catching these fish like crazy, but here's where God comes into this.

It was my biggest desire on this trip that I walked in fact I was studying this whole idea of walking with God and I wanted to walk with him through the fishing experience but these fish were so huge and so exciting to catch every time I would hook one I would totally forget about God and first of course. I thanked him after I brought it in but I wanted the experience of actually reeling in the fish while I was with God, and I wanted to get one on my fly rod. It was really important to me and so that the last day that we were there we took our guide friend Terry with this that we took him to lunch at a barbecue place and there I confessed my struggle that I really wanted to walk with God.

And this, not that I really wanted him I wanted to experience catching one of these fish with him in the moment. All that's all going on. I explained that and and both my friends Jim and Terry that were with me listened and and it wasn't long that afternoon that we've actually made it more these eggs acts and this was the last day that were gonna be there on that day I wanted to try to catch one of these monsters which are about 7 pounds but 25 inch trout on my fly rod on the very light fly rod that I used that I've used for years and years. That is not what it adventure it would be to try my best to Lamb of these fish can they take out tons a lot I mean these are hard fighting fish and you can't pull to tide you break the line so it wasn't long as as I went in the river with my fly rod that I hooked one of these monsters and here's the beauty of this verse for me like wow when I hooked this monster. My friend Terry who was aware of my struggle starts praying. He's like thank you Lord what an amazing idea Robbie got this vision as he prayed. Obviously, you know, that we may seek him with you. In other words, once I'd shared my struggle. My friend then helped me to go into the moment and and wrestle with this fish like like I was doing it with God will then explain this.

For those who never watched a River runs through it. You note in that movie when the.

The brother catches a steelhead this very fish and it takes him clear down this river. He goes down the waterfall. All this, but this fish takes all this line of Israel.

While this fish did exactly I mean it. It it ran way down the river and when it did it my my real just son because all you do is let go and let the fish go insert disappointment like way down the river and then I was arson back in and I was just mammy and God were having a blast of this vision. It took probably the better part of 20 minutes to get that fish to the shore but I experienced the whole battle and oh by the way, these fish jump and sometimes 56 feet out of the water.

This particular one only jumped about 3 feet on the water, but oh the fight that was in this fish and all my goodness as I brought this fish in their II was just like in the moment of here. I can actually say that I did. I came when I'm I got what I came for, you know to actually experience catching one of these fish on a fly rod, but to do that with God saying you know you are a fine fisherman and then okay, here's the here's the and I know I'm wrong on this will neither be worth it okay for those people who know me well and no I I'd love love love Isaiah 11 which gives us this idea of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might knowledge here, Lord, in the light of your Lord. These are the seven anointing's that the Holy Spirit that that God, the Jesus would get as you would see you know of this branch is going to receive these wisdom and power in understanding the wisdom and understanding counsel and might, etc. so this morning as I was thinking about that in God just put this in the hooked me okay just did is it okay what is think about wisdom a minute, which is Hochman and I went oh my goodness Hochman. We just hear that sound here that age and then the hoof you hear that the hot you know that idea of Hochman is, by the way, very close to statute, but we'll get into that in a minute.

But this idea of Hochman is wisdom OC the idea of wisdom is you you you get a little taste of God right because of your union and in the here's your desire that all the sudden you get a flash of insight you can't do anything with it yet, but you get this insight we actually that's what hooks you is the letterhead in the hope it's just like that is very much connected.

When you put them you hear that hock it's the same thing. It's mouth take the beginning about that same thing. His mouth is altogether sweet. I had in a hoof okay and then a man which is Jesus or water, take your pick, and then expressed and so it's like when you taste the living water. That's wisdom. This, like when you have that flash of insight.

We are tasting the living water wisdom is that whole idea and where does it happen in your mouth and so taste and see that the Lord is good. Your hooked okay but when you're hooked. Somebody's going to be some really and I thought about that is the Holy Spirit reeling in my reeling is God reeling and I think it's all of us together were reeling were united as it is a union with our mouth and were reeling into. Try to get understanding that we have this wisdom we need. Understanding which is being is the word in Hebrew okay which begins with a bet and and and the idea of of of being is this this idea of faith. Coming home okay. And when when that when you real that, okay, let's just take the idea of these fish eggs, okay that was the wisdom that we put the eggs in the bag. Once we put them in the river that that that was showing some understanding. Okay will what we did that understanding then that was counsel okay because counsel is kind of like bringing light, it's, it's that the primary letter in the word counsel is Zadeh and that is Atticus Ingeborg not take this understanding now and use it which is counsel okay and so I thought all of a sudden I realize that this holy thing is like catching a fish so you start out with your mouth you get them hooked to begin the real Divina and then when you go to the Council right and do that counsel right what was happening.

We were hooking fish which showed the might well always. People come down the river like wire you intentionally finished they didn't have the little sacks they didn't use their eggs room if they got another fish. They didn't know they didn't have the wisdom and the understanding and the counselor now.

We had the might well with that. After that comes knowledge right so we clearly had the knowledge of how to do this again and again and again and we got more fish, which happens why is the next the next one of those anointing's is fear the Lord understand that God is in charge of this deal and he knows how it works and so he's the one who can show you how to catch the fish more than that is gonna catch these can teach you or allow you to be fisherman enough to take a flight fly rod and catch a steelhead trout which are just unbelievable fish to catch, just unbelievable and you can live a River runs through it. If you watch that scene, you'll know what I'm talking about and you can live that week based on the wisdom he gave me the understanding the counselor might knowledge and fear the Lord okay and the last one. As you may know, is a delight in the fear the Lord and if you know delighted that other words, now you got your fish.

It's on the stringer okay just the light on on how God did that right and you got the whole experience in your memory as I do right it's landed the whole thing has landed wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear the Lord in the light mature Lord right as a result of other people that have come into my life right because I love the end of this verse. It's such a significant thing about this new favorite verse in the Bible is right where is your beloved, that we may seek and that word seek right is at that and a cliff and as she ends so that this idea is so connected to statutes right which is our whole quest that we been on the mind and spend any time on that today.

Maybe for another episode, but all my goodness, what what amazing time I had as you can tell, but also what an amazing thing that we get to walk with God if if we could just do it in our all these moments. I mean, but what I saw is it takes it takes all of us doing that we need somebody else to like Terry did for me and Terry so many times during the trip.

He would stop and pray what a man of God, he would stop and pray and he was such an example of to me in a walking with God, which is is the deal man. If we to the wisdom of that is beyond move that the understanding of resist understanding is that again he's got his health and if we can land that fish elevated thankfulness

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