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Hooked On Milk And Honey

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 8, 2022 12:14 pm

Hooked On Milk And Honey

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 8, 2022 12:14 pm

On this episode of Christian Car Guy, Robby discuss the harmful habits and mistakes that Christians can get hooked on.


Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network.

This is good Truth Network but he can't car the radio show and hook honey and milk from an emphasis on the word hooked there.

Scott morning so you know you are hooked young also on fishing, not just me, because my dad is my favorite male memories.

When I was a kid with my dad taking me trout fishing in Colorado and your dad definitely was along those same lines run absolutely and but you know when did you get hooked is the question and I don't know if you noticed it, but often you're hooked by how you taste and so the beginning that you heard Barbra Streisand talk about the taste of honey might remember that song from the 60s.

In fact, you might remember the Tijuana brass taste of honey but anyway and then you heard that the music went taste. The Lord sees good and then geocaches are Jill's cashbox with fishing in our soul. So as you might guess today is brought you by some Hebrew letters got a shot that so interestingly it's brought to the by the Hebrew letters that make up the word taste which also, not coincidentally the most part make up the word hook.

In fact, it's very interesting that the root of the word hook is taste it know that now it's a hat which has to do with your union and it's a hat and 1/2 and 1/2 has to do with desire and so you think about what drives you taste you desire that staker you desire that you know honey and milk is her timeout and with that you're easily hooked. And that's the way you look at this right you have the right bait you gotta know what I have a taste for you going to know what the by non-it's a very similar things so very cool and Isaiah 715. You might remember in Isaiah 7 is where and us a child is born under us and son is given right and right after that, the very next verse, which is 715 it says that cream and honey shall he eat that he may know to refuse refuse evil and choose the good. In other words, you gotta develop a taste for the right stuff and apparently milk and honey are along those lines so you never thought about the reason that you consider milk to be a comfort food. I can guarantee my wife does in every one of my children make and we can drink milk like nobody ever saw, but never thought about it was the first thing you ever developed a taste for absolute and it's not a coincidence at all to guess what the first letter is in the word milk.

It's a hat.

It's the same concept of union because gotta have in order to have milk you got have a marriage right. You gotta have union you got to know you have a baby or there's no need for milk so milk has to do and since my dad did take me fishing you will probably not be shocked if since you know you 15 Colorado, his favorite bait and all the world up until just a couple years before he died. We took him out there and he would always use salmon if you know because the salmonella consent contains inside of it. The milk that the little baby fish. Eight. The second they were alive right what were they living on inside the egg, milk, milk of the seminary right and salmon eggs are filled with that milk and so their great bait because it's the first thing a fish ever tasted. So unfortunately, Satan is aware of this connection between taste and hook and I'm in a guest if you like me, you've been hooked on a lot of things you shouldn't benefit that develops taste for things you should know developed a taste for but that was what got in the mind and evenly talked about a virtual would be with child, she would be he would be first getting the taste of cream and honey and so interesting last week just beautifully beautifully. I had my first vacation is and I went steelhead fishing in Ohio up on Lake Erie in a place I think it's called tell me I can't pronounce it. It's French Cal meat or something like that and all my goodness I got some fish my life, but nothing like this but the first they wouldn't catch anything. Scott. We walked all over the river.

We work work work work for trying to figure out how to catch fish shut out the second day I finally caught a fish actually on the rooster tail little rooster I was and that fish had a bunch eggs in it and I knew that fish love fish, eggs, and some of those fish eggs and put them in some mash with my friend Terry who helped guide us. We went to another place and then all of a sudden it was on like donkey Kong.

But arguing we caught steelhead like there was, and everybody was like what are you fishing with while proficient with that but I confessed on the last day was their that my real desire would be to experience reeling in one of these giant steelhead on my fly rod with God being present in my mind at the top. In other words, I would often ask God were to cast and we'd be in communion, but the second of fish would hit all that was on my mind was kitchenette fish because it was so exciting and I was on a casino. So I shared my struggle with my friends are both wonderful Christian men Jim and Terry as his. We ate lunch the last day we were to go out fishing one more time, I was can use my fly rod and so it wasn't long after we got to the river that afternoon that I hooked the monster I gave man. It was like a River runs through it comes to life consist fish goes running out a scream and let the realists scream in the line off and my friend was with me since Robbie didn't say Robbie. He just started praying he said, Lord, thank you for this in as soon as he did it.

I slipped my mind in order. Oh yeah, the whole reason I'm here is to catch one of these monsters on my fly line with God, present, and so he and I fought that steelhead for the better part of 20 minutes on that fly lightweight contest. By the way, and it was quite the adventure as he you can't when you got that kind aligning that kind of fish you can't talk too hard.

It's no and so it was it was a battle in*they took like 5 feet near.

So here's all this excitement I got to do it in the presence of the father because my friend reminded me I and I'm I'm I'm hooked. I'm telling you I'm really really hooked and so today it is my hope this is Jesus labor love week as we know, because my friend Scott is here with us had volunteer for the Jesus labor, love, and were hoping that some of those been helped by the Jesus labor.

Love will call in his I'm I'm hooked on that deal to write like living the opportunity to pray with folks is just like my friend prayed with me before we in a while. This is going on will often we just needed a little help write somebody pray with how did that work out for you in your life. We would love you to call when you got hooked 866-348-7884 maybe got hooked on the word. Or maybe got hooked on some mission got hooked and Jesus helped you get off the hook.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. We would love to hear your stories so you know I'm doing this podcast on the song of Solomon's a lot of what's so cool about this trip as I had just been studying. Song of Solomon 516 which says his mouth is most sweet and that says he's altogether lovely when it says his mouth is most sweet. You could easily translate that in Hebrew is taste is so sweet right considering the milk and honey you get the idea work some translation say butter and honey it's okay milk, cream, butter, it's all pretty much the same stuff. It's all the stuff that we were born to eat right.

If you think about it the first thing you ever tasted. And so I know you're thinking wow, what's your story. And of course the whole idea.

Fishing was something that I got hooked on when I was young because my father did it. And if you listen to that song that that we play Baron into the bumper and played against him throughout the that listen to what he says it was passed on this idea of fishing because guess what, if we can figure out how to have the right to eat. I weaken fishermen right away a lot of that going on, and so used.

A tumor gets over slowly like your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will be right back Christian fish guy you're listening to the Truth Network and

He will hook John honey and milk today on the Christian car guys show in the question really is, you know, how are you hooked. Maybe how you got off the hook. Or maybe got hooked on milk and honey the right stuff right from the beginning hour that worked. We would love your story or maybe got hooked on fishing.

You know during the break.

Scott's father was quite the Fishman Pike outdoorsman and entertainer unbelievable outdoor pain and so he had a lot of those stories and so it was fascinating to me as he told the story of how his father taught him to approach a pond during the break I can relate my story.

Maybe you have a story. Maybe your father, your grandfather took you fishing and some of those are your fondest that you developed a taste for that, however, that worked.

We'd love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH hereinabove pass on, a little wisdom that was given to us. In my case by my great grandfather gave my father that gave me your case. Your father gave to you. So what was that wisdom well, my dad told me that if you were the first to get to the stream in the morning or if you are walking up on a farm pond or any impoundment of water that other people haven't painted in got to first that you could actually get in that extra two or three maybe four cast. If you approach that waterway very very quietly and not just quietly but every little step because he said that the fish could feel your vibration.

They could see your shadow.

They knew that you were there long before you were and he was right. A lot of times I'd approach a place really quietly all by myself if I was the first one to get there could actually those first two or three cast were that of magic and that's it LOL yeah okay so my father told me that summer his mother's.

My father was in a long time ago that his favorite memory of was his grandfather would take him fishing in Colorado because my dad was born in Denver and his grandfather. He said that that the mountains were so steep and they ran like a model T for the that didn't have the power in first gear to go up the mountain some dirt roads and that they have to use reversed is this a car shows.

We are totally bitter that Garside is always picture this model to my grandfather, my father backing up these mountains it because the lake that way they could go up.

You know before they and meets the always got in there before dark and he taught my father that when you approached the trout stream that you are to go in on your hands and your belly. I like an army soldier you know so you just know you go in there on your on your elbows and in your stomach because what you said the fish can hear your footsteps and they also see your silhouette see I describe my dad, my grandfather, my great-grandfather and my father approaching this Colorado trout stream on their bellies, right in the middle of you died so you know what is what is what is at bring up in your spirit that reminds you of a precious thing because you know those are those are things we developed a taste for early and and we were meant to and and and the idea of fishing has certain spiritual ramifications right. You might remember Elia that Peter was a fisherman, absolutely. And so were many of the disciples. Do you think that's an accident. Oh no.

Do you think the peters father taught him how to fish. Peter's father's father taught him how to fish and there's something in that that Fishman understand a few things like you just don't come up you know that the person that you're trying to help find out about Jesus and overwhelm him write it.

You know they they see you coming. They hear you, and they they suspect that you know somebody's trying to do some that ain't right, they don't trust you know and so all these all these things are are part of the deal. If you're going to develop the right taste unit wanted you to find out what thereby non-right and maybe in your story of we would love to hear 8663 foray 7884 slid Christian's got a comment on the topic Christian, you're on Christian car guy good morning Kirsten I love your name. I did dad so what if you got for us are happy or horny file. I have to go out and grab life by the pool. We have to find out what our part. But that part really go out here and do it. We have fire the community and to give back to being light in the dark so so so true Christian that that you can see you now. It is as it turned out on my fishing trip to make an example which document I defended never really 64 and the first couple days he was there.

There was no focus. He didn't even have an idea what he was doing and he he didn't know go at it like I'm expecting a catch of fish like I need to you. You can be. You can tell in somebody's fishing there no longer just one line in the water and hope and something to happen.

Now you look in their eyes you can see it in the spirit that they had this anticipation that some things that happen here. That's gonna be big and that's exactly what goes on right when you're serving like God I got it. I know I need to feel your presence and I need to be in this with my whole heart right about absolutely beautiful. Now when Molly to get out.

You know, we never really had it figured out. No, we can't thank you and give back a shot. Take the granite way better plan with an angry man so true Christian is beautiful absolutely bless you, thank you for: we really appreciated have a one and blessed. Likewise, I we got clay is in. I believe Durham probably get clay when we come back from break, but we need your call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH for Jesus labor the next segment and we need you that the best for the show 866-34-TRUTH 8788.

You're listening to the Truth Network and, but he will, honey and milk are what were getting hooked on today on the Christian Car Guy, so we hope hooked on milk and honey, if you got a story along those lines. We would love to hear yours, 866-348-7884's number.

Call in and share your story really got hooked or maybe got unhooked as the case may be in re-hooked is no doubt in my life. I was hooked on the car business and got unhooked me from that and honey up to the Bible and in many other wonderful things but bringing take place: the second but, but Scott told me some. I had not connected the Christian caller. We just had. She is number one on the list were looking for somebody to donate a car absolutely yeah she's been waiting for. I think over a year now.

She's worked her way up. She's next in line.

She's got several children and she really needs it to get back forth to work and it's wonderful.

So you know if you know somebody in the North Carolina South Carolina area army.

We might even go to Virginia to get pick up the car. It you know, we certainly would wherever you are. If you have a car that that that you know you would like to donate to the Christian car tire the Jesus labor love everyone and put it that the actual 501(c)(3) is a Jesus labor, love, and it's all there Christian Car and a course you know we can always use volunteers donations. Whatever the Lord puts on your heart. If you know one of the neat things is to be part of watching somebody get a car or be part of watching know God do something that that that really hook somebody yeah and it's a beautiful thing. So getting back to her friend Calais is a comment on the topic later on the Christian heart hello hello good morning. Both of you brother acted like a character much about you know I member I been patient, or some people take speech and but I miss you when I was younger. Good gravity know you have to both of you could get what you're aiming to do you know court would take a lot of patient that the main thing that I drink a lot of milk not do, do it and you are taking and clover honey.

But one thing I would like to share it got Jack green Outlook took place about 34 1/2 hours ago Mulcahy. Both took a festive God-given blessing that could play Thursday night I was there able to help others to cover other godly men that came for the data to hear Patrick, my gosh, oh my gosh and one of the think one of the things that you really have to take in consideration when you're going fishing workstation or crabbed or certain things that you were having to get there and wonder what's going to happen on our gift of actually believing that if you don't have the right bait. One of the things that really stuck out to me after David Jeremiah talk about and talk about the God that will 111 David walked across the barren land and they. And you know they did 40 miles a day and all I could do was think about running the race with endurance and that's what it takes when you're doing something like patient or crabbed or anything that you're trying Lord ordered kind of took you to do all the code when you can do that when you're running that race with endurance and you can get that stamina going and you know that when you get to the end. You know that you have persevered because that's what you been called to do and brother Robbie. It was just know you will build your bill about your Mac, Thursday, and I'm grateful to the Lord that I got to be able to be effective for concurrent because there was a lot to be done and I got called the altar counselor there was only three people that came today only called their called the Lord there servant but tell you brother.

I am looking forward to the next column and please know that anything that I can do to help out in any way our capacity. I am willing to do it.

I know I thank you and I'm so glad you did that in you know those three you know that's a phenomenal thing is those three could leave in on the next one could be the Billy Graham or whatever so you you guys were fishing on Thursday to call you grandpa well you will do the eight hour journey and adventure but it will work because you get to talk to people and you get to hear things are normally you know that the Bible bookmark that they had and all that other stuff and I'm really really bringing portrait radio because the highlight highlight of that creek and what it what you do what brothers do with the other pastors on the radio station.

Do I only discussed stamina and endurance that we have the drive to be able to do stuff like this because there are the other stuff that's going on. I won't talk about that, but I'm just going to come into drive mode to be able to do that and I was also able to help anybody out is thank you claim God bless you have a great day bye-bye God bless you and sky calculator. So yes, it is the Jesus labor love and were definitely hooked on this ministry and so for those of you may not be familiar with it. The Jesus labor. Love this car repair originally car repair labor for single moms witness and families in crisis.

And we've been doing that since I think about 2013. So for a lot of years and it's a 501(c)(3).

So it's totally tax-deductible, but more than that it's a way right to to serve and to help people that that are struggling with other things, whatever they may be you. We've helped veterans. We help single moms. Obviously the widows and sometimes it's something simple as praying with them but again one of my favorite Jesus labor love stories at one time there was this widow and she had lost her husband and she had been driving around it for two years with no air conditioning and she heard on this radio station that that she was listing to the Christian car guy Sean found out that that somebody would look at her car for free and so she took it actually to generate a raise body shop to prayer conditioning and she didn't know it was a body shop. They don't necessarily work on air-conditioners, but she still should shut up and Jerry being the servant he was.

He went out there. He said I don't know if I could help her because I don't do air-conditioning but I went out there anyway. And I said love the show me one student said he sat down in the seat and she showed them know that there wasn't coming out cold and he said really you see the snowflake on the right here in of this little snowflake if you push that button nightmare that turns on the compressor and lo and behold she had air conditioning. My goodness, I've never forgotten that story and it is the heart of like oh my goodness when I went in first or doing the show.

Almost all my emails and calls that I would get would be from single moms and widows because they didn't have somebody to show them and so we just simply take a few moments to try to help. Even though we may not be able to help them get there we can always know somebody can pray right, absolutely. And what what I've never forgotten that story and it's so simple you know it to be the middleman.

Sometimes what God wants to impart some wisdom right in and so the idea of wisdom here is those who know me well know that I just dearly, dearly love the idea of what's taught in Isaiah 11 which you know it says that Jesus is going to have the sevenfold anointing there that the branch is good to have these anointing's and those are the seven spirits of God by the weights which are mentioned in an in revelations three.

A Forex easement where it says the spirit of the Lord will wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear the Lord in the lightness or Lord. Laughter. God hooked me on this fishing experience and I've been doing that from anybody listening on hundred 19 Psalm I will talk about that. The seventh anointing should be on the seven verses in the eighth would be the miracle verse and all those letters in the hundred 19 Psalm so they all had wisdom, understanding, counsel, etc. wisdom is Hochman. While I did never see it until I was like oh my goodness, you know what that with the root word of the word wisdom is taste. Talk right-center letters I had and a cut in a huff. I had not heard of and then a man which is what if you tasted amendment is water living water. Specifically, Jesus it's the Messiah that's right Mem that M sounded here in Mem. That's Messiah.

All right. And then age that the hay at the end of it would be expressed and so guess what wisdom is when you taste God. That's wisdom okay you got all taste like okay it might be good to use something that the fish would taste you know but understanding Bina comes as a result of wisdom. Wisdom comes before understanding.

Once you have understanding you can apply it, and when you apply that wisdom and understanding. You got counsel right once you apply that counsel. Now you've got might like we were on the River everybody saying why you catch a fish waiting to catch a fish because we've applied our wisdom and understanding his counsel now have my we had knowledge also tell you they will look at tomorrow you're listening to the Truth Network and and John honey and Christian car guy/misguided day.

We would love to hear your story well and more significant in your dad took you for whatever it is that it's on your heart.

We would love to hear specially how God worked to Matt 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Well, as I was telling you that God give me this insight that I've studied this idea of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might knowledge for your Lord in the lightness or Lord for years. So as I was thinking about this fishing experience that like if we got wisdom of how to use a salmon on how to use those fish eggs.

Then we we applied a true understanding which the counselor must how to do it right and then we had might wait we you know it we accomplished what we would not were catching fish and as a result we had the knowledge how to teach somebody else how to do it and so we got our friend did never really been fishing much in his life. Next thing he was becoming a fisherman.

Okay the next one is fear the Lord. In other words, realize where is all the stuff coming from it. It comes from and it's controlled by right. The Lord is it's it's your and it's a critical aspect of the process but my favorite is the seventh anointing, which is a delight. In other words, once you realize that God is got all this together and even when the fish aren't biting are even when that person isn't turning like you're hoping you still can know that God is his timing is perfect and it's going to be awesome. I mean just sit back because he is good and it's it's it's going to turn out unbelievably amazing. And don't miss that. And so along those lines, you know, you know, I've been studying.

Song of Solomon chapter 5 and then chapter them in the beginning of chapter 6 now on my podcast I do every day and I have for years considered chapter 5 to be the story of Peter and I had never seen it before. Until this week. That chapter 6 is a continuation of that story on in the book of acts, so as you may know in the chapter 5 it says that you know that I slept but my heart was awake while you might remember that Jesus took his disciples in the garden preform right and what they do. They slept right sure did they wander much fish night and there were sleep okay when he was in his summa's toughest moments there in the garden of Gethsemane and then it says you know that my beloved came, he asked me to get up but I didn't get my feet dirty so I did get up and so in the story. Song of Solomon, she says you know the watchman they go about the city they found me they beat me they bruise me they think watchmen on the walls. It took away my cloak while for years I I am literally two or three years. I wondered about that verse until until one day it hit me that all when you get your mask taken off when you get your veil, you know, Peter was posing that night that he was gonna be the disciple don't worry about me I'm your guy. I diming guy an x-ray by me.

That was his ass. That was his failure to seek, but those people would ask him to write you with Jesus at night. She was with watchmen on the wall but they do. They ripped off his mass. They beat him in a bruised but it was the best thing that ever happened to Peter because what was standing between him and being the disciple that Jesus had in mind for him was his veil was his mass was his pride okay this was that they beat him they bruised and they took away his cloak. Once that happened in the song of Solomon. The next verse. As you know I charge you daughters of Jerusalem you know tell my love that I'm sick. It would love you know that in there like Last Supper that was your love better than any other levity goes on to give them 10 examples of why he's better than anything you've ever seen your life right and it starts out with his head. It goes down to you know he's altogether. Levity goes down to that sweet right you and then after he goes through that. See what I never saw before. It was he was giving them a taste, the daughters of Jerusalem. He was giving them a taste then go to the first verse in the six chapter and what happens there like where is your beloved that we might go see Kim with you. You see is the fruit of day. Once they got a taste of who Jesus was. They too wanted to join Peter and the unlevered Matthew Henry said about it he says you know you know this is spiritual because who else would want other people going after their lover, but what he says you know what it is. This is the fruit of Peter's fishing right because if you think about it and asked happens is he gives a sermon right and 3000 people come to Christ will look at the beginning of that sermon. If you'd like in your gonna note what is a quote he quotes the 16th song and was the 16th song to it talks about Jesus, and his presence is fullness of joy in his countenance. What's the last part of the of the fifth chapter, the song of Solomon talks about Jesus countenance here in the first chapter in the first verse and six chapter talking and about Jesus's countenance.

In other words, he figured out what you know this. This idea of what they had a taste for the elective God hooked them. Ultimately it was God's deal but but Peter because he lost his veil and all that went see it looked horrible for Peter right looked horrible and may be looking horrible in your life but God is sometimes ripping off our mask east each show you yet you know you're not quite the fisherman you thought you were right or not quite the car guys about your work but you know that it's okay because you are exactly who I made you to be and I will give you wisdom and it is a Christian it said when she called in and are part for me. What can you do. Scott nothing, and what is that first letter in the word milk and in the word you know that that that that has to do with taste. It's a hat. It has to do with the union and see about the milk that that the stuff that's in those salmon eggs at my dad loved to fish with right that only came through reunion and and that's why on a cot that says you know it was all about. I wanted to feel united with the father just as I used to feel united with my real father. You know, and I know you like that to write.

Did you love those days, there is a leader is every sufficient with your best right and so you know how cool is it when you think about Peter and I got a chance to get some fish even caught one with a drachma coin in its mouth and own Gartner, and energy now but can you imagine what he felt like on the day of Pentecost when he saw the net that they cast that day and oh my goodness, you know and and and yet we look at those words and you wonder. Wow, you must at some kind of fantastic bait to draw those fish that day and yes he did and where to get that wisdom and understanding, and counsel and might and knowledge and fear the Lord in the light, Mr. Lord, he got it because he can't because he got his veil torn off. If you ever thought about that but just if you read through the fifth chapter, the song of Solomon go the sixth see what I'm talking about. She goes from the lonely shepherdess who was asking to follow the tracks of the sheep see she started off just as I how can I find you, and she turns out there the beginning of six chapter is the one is leaving all the others to ask where is this guy how can I find you know in that that that's what extent we get a chance to do that. Scott and and whatever way he gives you which in your case you get a chance to pray not only were the Jesus label of the people you work with the hospital absolutely. What a blessing.

And so is is there a labor love. Well I guess I wrenched my mouth again, but it's okay. It's what got put on my heart to share today.

I'm so glad I got to do it.

I had so much fun if you did not asserted all week long with my friends up in Ohio. I'm so grateful for them so grateful for you listing ensuring the show with me today again.

All this information, including these labor love Christian car remember down know when you're fishing or whatever you do, and slow down and slept everywhere he went and get it all done in 33 years while fish got caught me. Thankfully, this is the Truth Network

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