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Song of Solomon 6:3 - We are His This Time Before He is Ours

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 11, 2022 8:54 am

Song of Solomon 6:3 - We are His This Time Before He is Ours

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 11, 2022 8:54 am

Song of Songs 6:3 I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.

Clearly the relationship has moved from the second chapter's same words in a different order - PLUS a double rejoice, listen for more.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon.

Let me just say how fun and how amazing it is. I think actually applying the verse we talk about today just as we start off because this is so much fun and I know that Jesus is in the midst of this, so I am so grateful that you share these with me because I can tell you enjoy doing them so very very much and I know Jesus enjoys is doing them together. So today we are in the third verse of the sixth chapter which would be to give all verse, which have to do with the rich man running after the poor man and of course you know this is Jesus running after us in any way giving back what was stolen and records what was stolen is our union with him and so here we have it back in so many of her ways. So the third verse interestingly she quote something that she said to an extent.

In the second chapter, but she reverses it.

So when the first in the second chapter she said, my beloved is mine, and I am his defeat of the among the milli-lilies, but here she changes it and she changes it and puts the mean second instead of first sees this, I am my beloved and my beloved is mine, he feet among the lilies.

And so if you think about it you know with that idea of lilies being very much the idea praise or worship that you know we just saw worship in the last verse we see it again here and so you know.

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. And so you can see that for me. I see clearly between the two verses we talked about yesterday and today so you know the really neat thing.

If you look at this in Hebrew is it in and thought like the 16th Psalm or there's a place in the in the hundred 19 Psalm art.talks about our David talks about the Lord being his portion and this is the same kind idea and not in this sense it is. We are his portion that we really literally it says I am his. In other words, we are the say that that's really an amazing thing.

The way it looks in Hebrew is the union that's partly are provided here is that you know we become one. Here is as we are his portion. He is our portion, but that you know the way. Matthew Henry puts it I love it on the quoted exactly because I think it's more than eloquent way he said this, he is referring to the way that it was reversed to where Jesus comes first. In this particular way but she says I am my beloved in his mind so he says if our hearts can but witness for us that we are his and there is no room left to question his being ours or the government never breaks on his side.

How powerful is that mean is significantly huge that you know OPR is I mean and and as we talked about before that that that when the pot in the fire in Abraham's covenant came forth it were Abraham didn't do his part of the covenant just God did his part of the government and so much so, in all our relationship with Jesus and how beautiful is this that she says this at this point in time in response to the daughters of Jerusalem were now also seeking after Jesus, but again after she realizes where he has been all along, which is in her heart, she now comes back to the fact that that's exactly what's going on and all we have to do is be aware that we are his. And then you know she make sentences again of the fact that he pastors or he feeds among the lilies. Lord, there is the exact same word is Shepherd so you know he is shepherding us among the lilies.

But it also is the idea that you know the Lord is our shepherd from the 23rd Psalm in every which way I can possibly think of it that that's exactly what he's doing is he is shepherding us in a peacemaking is laid down in green pastures he is leaving is beside still waters his guidance in righteousness.

All those things on the same package, but then he says excuse me then she says among the lilies, which once again, that idea of lilies is rejoicing and fruitful and so as you think about that.

You know when once what was the you know Jesus, I can assure you was at the highest point of your life. All the greatest moments where you were in complete joy.

However, that looked. I can assure you, like I was think about this morning, like the day that I married Tammy and how amazing that was in all the way that we rejoiced that that the Jesus was right there shepherding us as we are rejoicing, especially where rejoicing in his presence in church and that kind of thing, but also you know it when my son was born and Mike both my daughters like what an amazing and amazing thing that happened you know with a corporal and at their graduations and and different events is that their weddings like oh my goodness when my granddaughter was born.

You know that Jesus is right there in your Gladys moments he that's the heat he is shepherding us towards that because in his presence is fullness of joy and to be in fullness of joy you know is is the whole deal and and so I am beloved. I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.

He especially loves to pastor's in those points of joy and so again you know it is it's a struggle for a lot of this is in for me at times to think of God really for me in this. Those things are going on in my life that I really feel like are set against me with the but the issue is his faith.

Do I believe this I mean do what does my heart totally grasp this that I don't have to go looking about the city and and if I can get to the point where I can just completely stripped down and let him be my cover right and and completely be you know my joy at that point in time on the lily and and and and is he is pollinating, then obviously we bear fruit because everybody out there watching want to live like that. I mean they want to see joy they want to see happiness they want to see all this you know what I just think about you want to guess. I'm sure that God gave me is my laugh and you know there's one thing that people say to me constantly about my on-air presence is robbing. We love to hear you laugh.

It makes us laugh and and so what a gift that is because I know that that was a gift from him, but it also is a point of joy right so if you're thinking about, you know, while I mean he he he pastors. He feeds among the lilies. He you know when were out there laughing and laughing and and laughing and having joy about the right things right then. Then, you know. Think about it. There he is in our midst and can't you just wait, I mean catcher hardly wait to hear his laugh.

I mean for real.

Like what we really really get to hear his laugh. Can you imagine what that is going to be like in your imagine what it would be to see his smile and to hear his laugh.

I'm so looking forward to that on think this can be the best laugh ever solicited

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