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Song of Solomon 6:5b - Jesus Likes Your Hair/Why?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 14, 2022 9:37 am

Song of Solomon 6:5b - Jesus Likes Your Hair/Why?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 14, 2022 9:37 am

Song of Songs 6:5b thy hair is as a flock of goats that appear from Gilead.


Appearing on Mount Gilead and goats, what are the mystic qualities of hair and why does Jesus speak into this for us? Listen to find out.

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Digging deeper today in the verse of the hay verse of the sixth chapter of the song of Solomon and again we talked about that a hay has to do with expression and I don't know if you've ever thought about how much somebody's eyes and how much their hair expresses them, and again since today were to be talking about here, you know, desisted an interesting discussion to think about how all the mystical qualities of hair.

You know the whole idea of Samson's strength being connected to his hair, and how the Jews treat hair you know is a lot of different ways from your beard to the top of their heads. All these things are extremely important of them and discuss a little bit of that but also you know just you. If you get a you know you express yourself through your hair, but you're also connecting through your identity to your hair. In other words, it's interesting even in the animal kingdom you can identify things based on their hair like it's pretty easy to see a skunk or you know, we identified groups of people like you.

Remember the Jackson five with their frozen and and so it's very much connected to our identities and I'll bet you anything you know before you go out in the morning you look in the mirror and one of the most things you look at in any picture or anything, it's your hair because it's an expression to an extent of your identity. And so here Jesus is clearly praising her identity in both her eyes and her expression in her eyes that overwhelmed him, and now with her hair and again I think this is.

Personally, I think that we are looking at since this is an six chapter he's building on something. It's a ladder that's one of our visits. The latter, this building on something and he's building on the idea actually to go. The end just to to review firm as you go to the very end of the it's is talking about how terrible it is with armies and some were still in this idea of strength and unity just ferociousness I guess is the best way to put it.

And when you think about hair and ferociousness who can't help but think of the hair of a lion right is just part of the deal. And so what he says again. He seems to quote what he said back in the fourth chapter when he talked about her hair appearing as a flock of goats on Mount Gilead.

But here he doesn't say behind my locks other words, the veil isn't fair which is really significant in that in Jewish culture. Women are to cover their hair and I don't know if you've ever thought much about that or what you know the mystic reasons are for that. But the Jews will explain and I think is very true that your hair receives light and specifically divine light from their perspective and and so it it can review it can receive good divine light divine divine light and bad. The evocative time light and unfortunately one of the places it really picks it up is in vanity and and so with our hair we can become very vain another words of summing shaved all your hair off today or you know you understand that if you got cancer. It's very humbling.

Okay, it just is.

And so it's very much connected, the bad, and so the idea of the covering of their heads is is an opportunity to write, lose some of the puff toughness of our hair so to speak it here.

Interestingly, as you might remember that it would appear that her veil is not over here and I wonder if there's some different veils involved because it laid later were to see her veil is over cheeks but it's not over here in this particular description, he doesn't just leave it out by accident. I don't think he just says your hit her plate by Harrah's is a flock of goats that appear on Mount Gilead. And so we talked about that goats are very stately date the baby lead out the fact that he's a goat.

Sometimes the lead sheep and the idea of a flock is a whole group of things and so she's obviously got a lot here and is very stately.

And as we talked about before the ball.

Gilead is Jesus, and so no doubt that that show strength, but in further study of this idea of hair this morning of appearing on Gilead. There's in both those letters in Hebrew have a very significant set of letters which is a gimbal and alarm it and when you put a gimbal in a llama together.

It's the idea of Guildhall or the ideal of rolling which is it's a really significantly huge bid in the biblical concept that you'll find throughout like the stone was rolled away as God would say to the Jews in Guildhall which you hear that GL sound of Guildhall.

It has to do with rolling and this is our role away your reproach will be rolled away the stone, and this is a phenomenal power in the universe is that of rolling anything about the earth rotates around the sun.

Etc. etc. all these things rotated as a matter gravity and has to do with letter sonic in the in the complete, you know, the outer force that's behind that and so when you see these two round circles within appear on Gilead you're getting this idea of wavy okay you to star in fact that word appear could be translated into some people translated caper and I didn't even know what the word caper really meant other than I remember in on the FBI days and people do a caper but that what they're talking about. There is children's play as children play it sometimes referred to as a caper, especially if they're twirling circles in our little girl will twirl her dress and that this is the idea of of that gimbal llama. This idea of swirling so her hair is literally dancing down Mount Gilead right, which is also the point of strength so that that the idea of you might remember when she described Jesus that his hair was bushy will. Here were getting back to this idea of wavy strength right because as you know, Sampson would receive much strength through his hair and in alignment of just one record as and when I get to heaven. I'm guessing that that Sampson had long wavy hair as a sign of his strength because as you receive light from God. Right. And if that's partly what hair does and and there's no doubt science will tell you that Harris party. Your nervous system may discover that there is nerves in it and extends your feeling you know that you think about a cats whiskers in all different ways that hair does things.

One of the things it does it helps you feel things will move things it helps you feel is the sun and light, but it in spiritual sense. It helps you receive in on the mystical sense hair has to do with receiving light which is giving power which is the idea of this Addie right this attic in in Hebrew culture is the righteous one.

And so an example of his Addie Wood was clearly be Sampson. He was one, but a better example.

In my opinion would be David. Okay.

King David was his Addie is phenomenal warrior phenomenal strength, but his real strength when you think about it. It was all the light that he brought to the kingdom.

In other words, all the Psalms that he wrote all this understanding of God and and as he brought light, you know, he would eat. He wrote all these different things down and he really when you think about it, put all the things in place that they would have the temple right in and so so many ways. When you think of David strength.

He brought light to his people, which is what is attic does and is very much connected mystically to your hair.

I know that that may be far-fetched to you but you know it's just stuff to ponder.

Like you, no doubt when they cut Sampson's hair all the sudden he was no nowhere near as strong and how exactly did that work you know nobody really knows that what we do know is that I know that if you know I would to give a talk today.

I would not be shaving off all my hair before Owen talked it made me uncomfortable. It would it would take my confidence away. It would do a lot of things okay and you know clearly there's there's the pride of the line. Another words or something that to all this, which are most distantly. I don't completely understand but what I do know it is that you know when when my hair looks good in my opinion I feel better about myself.

So essentially what's happening here is Jesus is telling us were having a good hair day or moreover that our hair is bringing light and and we are a force to be reckoned with in Ike I love this whole idea and you know is we have an opportunity to share Jesus. Obviously you know it has a lot to do with how we can be identified and end with the strength of of beauty that that God gives us with her hair. Thanks for listening

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