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Christian Car Guy Theater 32

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 16, 2017 10:30 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 32

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 16, 2017 10:30 am

The evil Noire and his corrupt comrade, Lou, (who now call themselves Eldon and Otto) are out in the parking lot chortling over the fact that they have deceived the town folks at the church potluck … all the good folks of the town think that they are going to benefit from the “Fine Fit Auto Parts Plant” that Noire is promising to build with the money the town folks will invest, little realizing that Noire is actually going to rob them.

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#Today's episode jailhouse just is so date. Even the Warren Conrad Lou now called himself out of the parking lot chortling to seek the counsel of the good folks in town think they can benefit from the filing for the auto part wires promising to build with the money that the town folks will invest in realizing that noirs actually going to rob is like taking candy from a baby Lou wait for this for decades now. Bob is finally going to get what he's got coming late. Good we still have Warren lose snicker over their victory next to Jimmy's Jeep. Not only did the car parts under the hood here them, but also Nettie Nahum's wife overhears the Warren Lewis.

She takes out the garbage and she runs back inside the church to tell the other is far and they called each other and oh no, not the sheriff use just Bob and Pastor Jack rush over the computer and Pastor Jack's office to check the sheriff online FBI face recognition site using the fine fit auto parts plant poster which shows a picture of Eldon no one I knew that guy looked the biggest, never use this meeting on the Warren Lou had seen Nettie run back inside the church and overheard what she told the others, the jigsaw is Jeep rule general everyone here Jeep start up including the under the hook to hang the Jeep car parts, taking my Jeep.

Let's go Eustace go to Sheriff to share you great okay guys let's go. Be careful, I'm right behind sheriff. I think this plan is my sons that have shared this can tell and so my pastor prayers.

All right, let's rule no probably took the mountain pass because that's the fastest feature. The right grandma Lord, please help save you get this evil man.

Yes, Jesus made Warren lose speed towards the mountain gang plot so the rest of us.

Once we the two cars chasing the Warren Lou are quickly catching up ON the action their best worth will be on freezing me because the Warren Lou hits the soft top door for Lou over there is no way to survive is to find guys Jeep and secure to those trees over there we can get some good old worn jump to attention when you will share praise we work folks out your way beyond the present. Dear Lord, we need you so much. My periodic screen phone field also what is going on when I was a kid I used to have the house in the class and subject I you going to be all I you going to be all I and all I think a lot of that is all right. Remember how he things she used to warn you about this line dividing between you wake up call is meanwhile Jeep cured with the sheriff Eustace Bob Knight, Nettie and Elvira since the prayer urgency in a joint spirit guide our light will you will you we are all lost for the next episode jailhouse justice will the new RB rescued from hell radiator 123 escape you one eternal fire prepared and he will go will go into a title right he's all right you don't want nor he No way the

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