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Insuring Young Drivers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 11, 2017 1:30 pm

Insuring Young Drivers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The Christian Car Guy
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The Christian Car Guy
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Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 1866 34 truth. That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore will good morning this is your host Bill Mixon homicide kit Robbie on first Saturdays of the month. He was nice enough to allow me to step in for this week. We want to thank all of you to Indian got a special show today with three lovely ladies and willing to talk about insurance because two of the Sue with Forsyth insurance services, and we've got two young drivers with we thought it might be interesting to discuss young drivers and auto insurance. We've got p.m. and Adria and live very p.m. How are you this morning doing great deal.

Thanks to Kim's been in the insurance business number of years. We won't say how many but she has been my right hand for a while and is absolutely wonderful running insurance agency as she now helps Forsyth insurance services and her daughters here.

Adria, how are you this morning. Wonderful. I understand you gotta drivers license and how long ago in June and I remember we sat down and talked a little bit about the ins and outs of the young driver. I remember when I got my drivers license. The scariest thing in the world was my mother sitting in the car seat next to me with her feet under her hands out like talent.

She looked like an eagle ready to pay out as the scariest thing was when that arm came out to protect me from stop the wet area good morning. We sure do appreciate you joining us it's just a pleasure for you to have you here with this now understand you haven't started driving but you've taken the classes took it last year. What you remember what was get anything you remember from your client. I remember my everyday may arise with our remember a little bit about my classes. I remember the driving with my mother a lot not do anything if they hadn't back when I was in school, but the high school students drove the school buses so not long after I got my drivers license. I took last, school bus driver that was memorable. Kim what do you usually tell young driver when you sit down with the young driver and their parents.

While the scary statistic is that one in 516-year-old drivers will get in an accident. That's the scariest statistic there is and usually once the people get over the shock of how much the rates go up early at a young driver.

We sit down and talk about about safety, about putting some space between you and the car in front of you, particularly and just general safety rules.

No texting and driving. Obviously just being aware of what's going on a tree if he had any friends that have had accidents you know about your my daughter dear attacked her in her car.

I remember that was scary for her. It was scary for me there a lot downtown Winston-Salem. It amazes me how many gears I've seen in the city limits of Winston-Salem and that I have very nearly missed quite a few accidents with years. One thing I always tell clients is if you hit an animal. Don't wash it off until you've reported the claim because you got to prove that what you hit was an animal because if you hit something other than an animal. If you have collision is covered under collision correct, but you'd much rather it be covered under comprehensive coverage which has a much lower deductible and it doesn't make your insurance go up.

The other thing I like to make sure that young drivers know it's far better is bad as you going to feel is far better to hold under the steering wheel and go straight your foot on the brakes than it is to try and swerve and miss that animal you swerve and miss that animal and you damage your car. That's a collision climb. A lot of people don't have collision coverage and those that do have collision coverage don't like their insurance going up so my point is is that not good to try and swerve to miss an animal and roll your car or let you hit that shoulder you're very likely to roll the car Kim what you talk about what makes insurance more expensive. What detail young drivers and people moved our state about their insurance going up for young drivers. I it's basically the inexperience you're going to have to essentially, you know, pay the cost for the first three years.

Once you have that experience behind you and you have the tickets and accidents, your rates will go down considerably. Once you hit that three year mark so even though you're looking at you know a high cost in the beginning there is a ray of hope. If you if you just mind the rules to which you need to do on your rates will go down so after that three year mark and you can show some experience behind you that's wonderful and it some people don't know that a few companies a select few companies have something called accident forgiveness accident violation for and I know I was so grateful my son and my daughter and my wife and I all four of us could have made our insurance go up a whole lot just from something small, can you tell people a little bit about how much their insurance can go up without accident forgiveness if you got a small ticket or not. Just just minor ticket which is one insurance point, and a lot of people need to realize that insurance points and the DMV points two different things. So even though you get a ticket or you don't get a ticket in accident you would still get insurance points and one point could put your rates. About 30% so it's quite significant and the cost for the endorsement for accident and minor fraction forgiveness is quite reasonable in the scheme of things, because those points will be on your license insurance I should say your points will be on your insurance for three years so it's it's worth it to buy that endorsement. Did they talk to you about insurance costs at all when you were in your driver's ed class did you your mother tell you anything about the cost, insurance, and when should be able to do edit it. She had you on the insurance if you finish the to the got your license you get one thing a lot of a lot of young drivers and some parents think that I can put that young driver on and if they have a problem. I'm just going to call up until my insurance take her off. I don't want to run there anymore. What happens when they call and say that Kim I'm very sorry but we cannot do it in a cucumber by proof of other insurance or proof that they do know that they do not live in your household will part of that is that if you turn your license in its voluntary and they can go back a day later, they can get it back again. That's true. So if you don't have proof that you've been added, so your stepfather's policy or another policy. You can't just make him disappear off the insurance. It doesn't make the cost go Dale.

There's a charge just for the fact that you got a young driver or driver in the household. It really doesn't matter how old they are, is how many years driving experience they hip could have a lot of folks live here from other countries there in the exact same situation unless they moved here from Canada. It doesn't help that they had 14 years driving experience in Korea we we have a lot of grad students, insured and date they render that a lot and I feel very bad for them because they do have three years experience, but they don't have experience that they can prove here in the United States. We can't verify their information so unfortunately they go back and start as an inexperienced driver even though they had experience in another country because we can't verify okay. Well, we've got a caller on hold and unfortunately it looks like she's got a question I'm not Robbie lobby machine but willing to talk to GM get back and see what her question is. Maybe somebody in the audience. We appreciate unity and hopefully listen listen. We are so glad you back molar genie and failing to see if I know how to push a button genie are you there Jeannie, can you hear us.

Let's maybe when she found that Robbie wasn't here Jeannie are you there hello good eye for second try I got the right button. Thank you so much for calling opponent good morning you had a question seven And I put the car in park when a two-story came back out car would drive and the reason I noticed it was because when I put the key jump forward so you one of those really smart people to put your parking brake kind when you got out of the car. Yeah with that.

There's a good lesson for all the young drivers that they are a wonderful example of why you should always use it. Parking brake so your your question is what why would it go from park to drive and because when I put the key you can take the key.

I'll drive Wilshire.

There, there are lots of cases across the country about cars that do things that they're not supposed to and Robbie is just one of the smartest people I know and would probably have a good answer for you. All I can tell you is, it would be covered by insurance. Have you googled it to see if anything comes up there with nothing. There was nothing I haven't uncle who used to be in charge of answering all those tough questions. Many many many years ago I would think that if you went online and you got hold of the manufacturer. The they have a special phone number for you to call and ask questions like that and they probably would be very happy to know had that problem. You might start by calling the dealership or a dealership in the area and tell them you'd like to talk to the head of the automotive department and discuss it with them and see what they say they never enough to recall or and you need to get that looked into before you drive that car around because parking breaks cannot stop the car. Sometimes you don't want to do once you know there's a problem like that then you open yourself up to a lot of litigation.

Your your whole lot more likely to be sued for more money if you knew there was a problem and you didn't get it fixed so I would highly recommend the first thing you do Monday morning is to call the local dealership and talk to the they headed the automotive department take some notes and not asked them who you should contact that the manufacturer that you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for calling and we would like to let everybody know that we would love to have calls much rather have the month insurance because we've got some people that are knowledgeable in that topic. Call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 accidents are accidents because you did not intend for the problem to happen. Insurance was created to take care of accidents out. We don't mind calls. When people call in and say I have an accident. That's the reason that we exist it's good to discuss an accident with your agent before you call and you report the claim to the company Because A Lot Of Times the Way You Phrase Something Can Have a Big Difference on Whether It's Going to Be Covered and How It's Going to Be Covered. Kim If Somebody Calls You up and Says I Have an Accident. What You Can Ask Will First of All I Ask If They Were at Fault. That's That's the First Question His A Lot Of Times I Have People Call in with. They've Been Hit by Someone and They Want to Filing on Their Insurance What I Always Suggest Is You File on the Other Person's Insurance If They Are Clearly at Fault for One You Avoid Deductible Which Is Huge Because If You Put the Deductible out Then You Have To Try to Wait for Us What They Call Subrogation with the Insurance Company Goes after the Party That Was at Fault on so Typically If Someone Hits You, My First Suggestion Would Be to File It under Their Claim. Of Course, My First Question Is Always, Was Anyone Hurt That That's Always My First Question Is, Everything Can Be Replaced except for a Loved One, so You Know Always I've Had a Couple Phone Calls in My Own Family Where There's Been Some Accidents. First Question Is Anybody Hurt Now. All Right.

Well, We Can Move on from There.

Everything Else Is Is Can Be Worked out. It's Important That If Somebody Is Injured in an Accident. There's a Police Report, Particularly Other Than the Driver in the If I Have an Accident, I Bumped My Head. I May Not Want to Call the Police but If I Have an Accident and Somebody Else's Injured but I Definitely Want the Police Involved and I Want a Police Statement Statement Given to the Police. Oh, Absolutely.

If I Have an Accident and Somebody Else Is Involved in It. If the Damage Is over $500 Than Were Supposed to Call and Talk to the Police Department Get the Vehicle in a Safe Spot.

First, Don't Leave It Sitting in the Middle the Highway If It Can Be Moved Out Of the Way, You Could Be Responsible for Other Accidents That Happen If Somebody Else Is Responsible and Damages My Car in Almost All Cases Are My Want the Police to Show up. It's Amazing How Many Times I've Had Someone Call up and Say Somebody Ran into My Car and They Told Me That It Was Their Fault and You Know the Next Day They Forgot Everything They Said No Nap so This Is Now My Fault. The Other Thing I Suggest Is Always Get Pictures Especially Now Where We Have Our Cell Phones on Us. It's Really Take Those Pictures Take the Pictures of Your Damage to Any Other Persons Damages Boxes That Can Tell the Whole Story.

Sean Is on Hold with Insurance?

We Look Forward to Talking to Him Right after.

Thank You for List and All I Gotta Tell You Some Bad Things Can Happen with the Vehicle. There Heavy and They Do Lots of Damage That Can Be Very, Very, Very Costly. We Have John on the Line.

John, Can You. Here's John Are You There Well. John Will Call Back yet. I've Had Some John Are You There with Head a Number of People over My Career That If Fit in Some Really Bad Accidents and I Remember a Story about a Gentleman That Was Driving down Hawthorne Road and a Child Stepped out from behind a Parked Car. He Had No Idea What He Hit until He Got out and He Looked Which Wouldn't You Know, That's Awful. And Then He Got into Court in the Middle the Trial, the Insurance Company Wrote a Check and Handed the Check to the Judge and Said Thank You Very Much and Walked Out Of the Courtroom and Should Where You Go and He Says Once We Pay the, the Maximum Amount on Your Auto Policy.

We Don't Have To Provide Attorneys Anymore so He Had to Go and Find an Attorney with Bill Big Law Firm and They Said Would Love to Represent You, but You Know Your Insurance Companies Already Written a Check and It's Good to Be Really Hard to Defend You and If You Lose You Not to Be Able to Pay Us so You Gonna Need to Pay Us before Will Come into the Courtroom and Represent You Will If You Go When You Try and Get Alone.

One of the Questions on All Line Applications Is Are You in the Middle of Litigation so We Had to Get All His Family and Friends and Scrape Together the Money and the End of the Trial the Judge This You $200,000 More Than the Amount Insurance You Have.

Well, He Could See the Pay That the Judge's I Will. It's Perfectly All Right Understand, but I'm in a Lock You up for Contempt of Court until You Sign These Papers Sis Will Go to Garnish Half of Your Paycheck and Half of Your Spouse's Paycheck until All This Monies Paid He Says Will How Can You Do That He Says Simple. Here's the Piece of Paper You Owe the Money and Is Immaterial Whether You Had Enough Insurance or Not That Keira It's Good to Have It Agent That You Can Sit across the Table from and Look in Kim's Eyes and Say Kim How Much Insurance You Think I Should Purchase.

It's Good to Have an Agent That You Can Pick up the Phone Right When the Accident Happens and Say Help. Tell Me What We Should Do to Make Sure This Goes Properly. It's Good to Have an Agent to Sit across the Table from and to Say Help Me Decide Which Coverages Make Sense for Me in My Young Driver Is Wonderful to Have Somebody across the Table to Sit down and Talk to Your Young Adult and Explained to Them That Is Really Expensive. They Had Them under the Auto Insurance and Even More Expensive If They Get a Minor Ticket or a Minor Accident. One Thing I Tell Young Drivers and I Look at Their Mama Their Daddy When I Say This Unit Did Been Driving around for 18 Years Watching You Dr. this thing all the mistakes you may. They know that you occasionally cruised through a stop sign that you might know a little bit faster when you see that yellow light Stata slowdown. They know that sometimes you pass a car when you not supposed to, and they have been absorbing all this information like you know I did notice you drive 10 miles an hour faster than the speed limit and no matter what they hear in this driver. It classes they're gonna reflect the drivers that drive with and we need to remember specially those on a Christian radio network, listening to Christian shows we need to demonstrate when we drive those characteristics that we would do if Jesus was sit in our backseat because Jesus is sit in our backs and are young adults are riding in the car watching the way we conduct ourselves and Robbie loves explain how much waste is involved speeding and driving faster than were supposed to. I'd like to explain that just driving a few miles an hour too fast in the wrong place can cost you a small fortune in some states like North Carolina you can just be going a few miles an hour over the speed limit and it's considered a reckless driving charge or so if you're driving 72 miles an hour no matter what the driving speed is posted and you get pulled over is like two major insurance but how much could that make your insurance go up. Kim, about 40%. Bill with less 40% on just the minor speeding tickets 30 on the minor. So if you had four points for reckless driving is what about W.A. and Charles getting three years and once again, something a few companies have called accident forgiveness, which means that if my wife's driving to church and is driving 40 in a 35 on a road. He gets pulled over gets that ticket if I've got accident forgiveness. My insurance doesn't go up 35%.

That's true, or if my sons driving down Silas Creek Parkway and somebody slams on their back and he bumps into the rear end of that crazy driver.

I gotta say he's demonstrating what his father did is a job not to upset with you, but by having that accident forgiveness in there with the young driver. It would've saved us 50% Apple or anyone in the things I tell my my both my kids actually is.

Always try to anticipate what the other people are doing, but I guess it was Tuesday morning I was driving down for 21 right there where it turns into business 40 and 40 and right in the fast lane. Some lady decided to slam on her brakes because she would take Jonestown exit from the fast lane so that's nothing he can anticipate by you definitely want to leave that space between you and the car in front of you that that will avoid many many many accidents and you know you just have to constantly think what that other persons can might possibly do.

I suppose my sons father was driving home from college and there was this Trans Am and we were coming down on this bridge and I was the fourth Kara, Bob, sorry my sons father was 1/4 hardline and that Trans Am hit its brakes and slid sideways into this little road right off the end of that bridge and one car stopped and the second car hit it in the third car stopped that car hit an octet I had the car in front of the and we were all sure that trim CM was at fault that guess who's insurance ended up eaten the whole thing in most states. In most states you have it absolute responsibility to have enough space between you and the car in front of you avoid any possibility even an elephant falling out of the sky. Absolutely you've got to have that distant then my sons father.

On another occasion was parking his car and he was well within those little spaces you're supposed to be and he opened his car door and a card that door off.

Oh my word. I mean it was part of my white here came from that experience. Any time you open a car door there's a flat law in North Carolina. You can't open that door unless you absolutely sure it's not going to cause a problem. So even though the driver that took that car door off and I were both sure he was at fault. Guess who's insurance was responsible. My point is that some of us those of us with a little bit of white here at some of those that may have white here soon some of us who die there way here realize that there are certain areas with her problems.

I know what I'm driving down Silas Creek Parkway that I never ever drive in the right-hand lane when I going to Robin Hood Rd. I have seen more accidents that one spot that all the other places in Winston-Salem. I know there certain parts of the roads were ominous. The extra special careful if there's been a little bit of rain because I know if I put my foot on the break in certain places, ominous skid, but young drivers don't have that program in yet Adria can you remember a spot where you sing accidents in town before merging light, turning my sister's brother had an accident one time he was driving right behind my sister going up to Washington DC and eight lanes turned into one line because of construction.

I get her. I mean, her brother.

Her we've got to be careful what we've got to remind those parents.

Young drivers have and they're going to have a problem with the three years driving. What we hope you'll tune in were so glad you stay with this right and didn't call God show I want to thank my three cohost this morning. My guess would be in this just wonderful to be here and talk a little bit about site insurance services. We had were agencies that have many years experience came together and formed a new business with offices in Winston-Salem and Kernersville, and my right hand. Kim came along to help make sure that we do a good job in our personal lines and we would like to let you know that work for site insurance and are Facebook pages for site foot. We were talking with a couple young drivers and their mother about one of their mothers and we were talking about the things that we share with young drivers when they come in our office and the type things that we share with the parents at one thing I like to make sure the parents realizes the world's changed a lot since we started driving the roads are more narrow the cars are a little bit wider.

In some cases, but most importantly the cars are almost made the destructible mail. I have seen little bitty accidents that 30 years ago nobody would've had any problem with today. The way they make vehicles injured just drops out of I have seen cases where a couple airbags deployed just from a little bitty bump in a parking space and the airbags themselves totaled the car yes some of the a little rear renderer with one of those fancy cars with the backup cameras with just astronomically increase the cost of those little bitty bump ups on the rear area and I'm a wonder whether those backup cameras if calls the number of accidents because you get so focused on your rear area and back in that you forget that front end can bump into something will actually bill I was relying on a camera one day and back into a dream that was in the middle of the driveway. I don't know why someone would plant a tree in the middle of the driveway, but they didn't was relying purely on a camera and there was treatment blind spots. I didn't turn around and look and A taillight so we gotta be careful. We got understand there's a reason that we have the insurance.

The young drivers need to understand driving 5 miles an hour faster. You might get to where you're going. Five minutes earlier. But what difference does it. You are an easy spot driving down the road of police officers are going to pull you over for good reason. In bed reason, but if they pull you over. I'm to say to you, and he had a friend this Binstock Adria, have you talked to any of your friends that it got the ticket will I bet some of them have and they hadn't told you we've got Lou on the line and Lou lessee would lose got to say to us. If I can push the right button Lou, are you there is this Lou Lou.

I'm having a hard time with her buttons here. Lou can you hear us. Wonderful. Did you have something you'd like to contribute. Yes I would like. I really like the program. They are very beautiful, caring, doing the free gift sharing.

I wish everybody a green for a high point in here. The program is so much good advice welcome implement Doppler with thank you so much for colony and that was wonderful. We got a couple minutes left. Anybody else would like to call you, 86634878841 of the things I'd like to do today. In some thank all our veterans for their service and is Veterans Day in. I I was an Army wife, myself and my husband was deployed. I know how difficult that is a sacrifice on the entire family but I especially just think those that are willing to sacrifice for our freedoms here, and as the Bible says John 1513. There's no greater love than he that will lay down his life for friend. Thank you. Question. Does anybody know why we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11.

Any of you history buffs something very very important happened on November 11 was the end of World War I for a long time. They celebrated the veterans of World War I and then they changed it to represent a time when we thank all our veterans the ones that didn't survive and the ones did survive and we do appreciate everybody that served we pray regularly for all those that are serving now and we are very grateful that people are willing to put on the uniform and protect our nation absolutely. I hope everybody will remember the today's the day to keep all our troops wherever they are in their prayers. Yes, would you use young young ladies remember anything from you drivers. It's cooler is there anything humorous you can think of the audience might like to know about driving. Thank you. Sorry. So the moral of the story is be careful what you run over.

I remember taking my son to driver's ed about the time the class would be over this young lady would come running out of the building. Hop in a car drive off at about the fourth time that happened.

I said son, there's this young lady that keeps running out out of the building. Real fast right before you get out you know who she is. Yeah, she was what it stood for. You got understand if you get a ticket for driving without a license. It really messes up your insurance for a long time if you had a license, you lose your license and you get caught driving without a license that really can mess up your insurance for a while talk about how long something stays in your driving record him for for insurance purposes you're looking at three years. We go back three years where we will charge points.

The one thing that I cannot stress enough to young people absolutely do not drink and drive, it will ruin your life coming just the hint of alcohol. Just a hint of alcohol on you just you never now buzz driving is also drunk driving. I cannot just tell you enough just don't do it because later on in life, you may want to get a job where you have to try for that job and they won't hire you if you got a DUI on your record, no matter how far back it is because you are now liability that company so just please if you are drinking and driving.

Call your parents just yet. You be grounded. But it's worth in the long run than in an just don't drink at all. If you can, but especially if you have that drink a sip of the drink half a drink.

Do not get in the car, recommend.

It's really good wherever you are to have an insurance agent sit down in front you can answer questions when the time comes. There's a great benefit to have somebody that you can call at 10 o'clock at night and you can ask him a question.

You got just a second was your something like right point there lots that we hope you have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful holiday and you keep all our troops and veterans in your prayers today. Thank you for tuning

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