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My Father's Favorite Vehicle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 18, 2016 11:33 am

My Father's Favorite Vehicle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Is Mr. quick to clock in road Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card will be Christian Car Guy radio show negotiation Bible style Association. I Father's Day today on the Christian Car Guy show so we are all about Malachi 4, five, turning the hearts of the children to their fathers. With this question for you today.

What was your father's favorite vehicle gas bags have favorites Chevy, Ford, maybe even Subaru, but even deeper than that.

There was a particular car you know what I'm talking about and even my seven-year-old granddaughter would quickly tell you that her pop is favorite vehicle is old red infection made me a collage that I posted classic collage of old red. I posted a Christian Car and my father's favor in case you wonder what that looked like that Lila made for me.

So as you turn your heart towards your father today turn. Thinking back, what was your father's favorite 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if you call the day we have an amazing certificate. We are going to share with you so where can I create for you a custom Father's Day favorite certificate will have a picture of your father's favorite car that we've sort of made arrangements to make for you to send it out your way. You call us with your father's favorite 866-348-7884. My father's was a 38 Nash by the way that I got there the Christian card at a copy of that certificate.

What it looks like and of course you know will make one up for you, but here we have a special guest force today.

The Christian Car Guy show. The host of keeping your drive alive. He's going to help us out with this Father's Day favorite subject. He also does victory weekend. Jesus Steve Wingfield with the Steve Wingfield evangelistic Association. Steve, how about your dad and I does great those red interior and white, the red interior.

You don't see that anymore, but that was a really cool set up.

I can picture a lot 61 Apollo got all our auction all about a year ago Barry and Alec drilling is so awesome and also today we have Bob. Of course the Christian junkyard guy and Bob what was your father's favorite 87 Jeep Comanche is a deeply And that he and always worked out of the car, but always wanted to chat but he was so family-oriented you know he put our needs and fretting he is and I got to the point where he could do the check thing in that it does a was so proud of that check in the I can still remember all his works that they didn't know everything. In that great memories there so as you're sitting there thinking about your father's favorite.

We would love to hear the story you call us 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have lines open course we would love to get you this keepsake certificate for Father's Day that will send your way with your dad's favorite car and you can see that example again it Christian Car so yes we can all learn from your questions or comments and you can ask if anything today would love to help you. We again Steve is involved with NASCAR and a lot of things like that in course Bob with his Christian junkyard experience that very few people have. I would love to your question that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Emma Brad just want to take a moment right now with Father's Day, RAM is the time my own Father's Day. I'm headed out of town with the mission trip. The first year eight home and face the realities of my son's death and his birthdays this Thursday and I'd kinda been asking for prayer and having a God really lift me up this week and give me strength and you know remind me to celebrate Rob's birthday and not mourn it and everything in the yesterday and the day before me. People I don't even know have walked in the junkyard and say there's people praying for you that you don't even know and I just had so many people just come by our collar or something in this expressive fact that they were praying for me and to have just asked out loud in church Wednesday night for a little extra strength and a little extra prayer and to get confirmation like that from folks is just been one of the most awesome experiences of my life and end the story along to Jesus later.

Love, which is our car repair for single moms widows on the power prayer like that bombing and I know a lot of contractor praying for Bob and this is a tough week for a lot of folks Father's Day stuff on all sorts of different levels but along those lines, you know, Malachi 45 is the last word in the Old Testament. As you may know in our prayers about the real black book today your search for the Bible for hidden treasure crap for discernment. It says, behold, here's the last words. The Old Testament says behold I'll send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to their children in the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. When I was reading that I was actually getting ready to speak at peace church in Durham.

Tomorrow I get to do the Father's Day message. I'm really excited about that. The question struck me since this passage is clearly speaking at least in part about John the Baptist. How did John the Baptist leave the hearts of the fathers to their children in the hearts of the children to their fathers, and always need a brood of vipers guy that works for you to talk about that coming up the last segment on the Christian Car Guy show today in our appraisal by the real black book again. When I mentioned the Jesus labor love and I got a cool story about that we can share our website. Christian Car where you can find out about victory weekends and keeping your drive alive and all Steve Wingfield. We have all that stuff posted there as long as as well as a certificate but we got Barbara is in Greenville, North Carolina.

She wants to share her father's favorite barber you're on. Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning what was your father's favorite country, nuclear Carolina he Mark Carr. Did you see was a 1955 billing year was born Bob now that was an absolute classic Emin anybody knows knows that if the 55 Chevrolet Bel Air man. I mean I wonder was his favorite. Bob was a spectacular call my whole life I was his name.

Chad Stanford we honor you today.

Wow, what a wonderful car of 55 Chevrolet thank you for: ensuring that Barbara lets thank you so much. It's amazing to me how many people love the love the 57 but the PDC is the, the neglected child.

Not many of those have been restored and everything in it is pretty amazing how it went from five is really one have each sevens one-handed that is Eve I can think about your dad's car that was good at the the 16th did you sleep. I want is my grandfather had a 61 like that and we used to go to the lake. In it, but Steve your ministry that keep your drive alive.

I'm, I'm curious.

When we come back from the break.

Actually, because I know were coming right up on that we really get into.

You know how God put that ministry in your heart. It's a feature that you might hear on the Truth Network around the radio station that you listen to hear locally, but now as we get ready to celebrate Father's Day. What a great opportunity you have today certainly honor your father with what I know as a father, that you know your cars kinda near and dear to your heart. So what what was your father's favorite 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we want to get a certificate out your way like Barbara just got on a that I can find pictures of 55 billing so we got some of the more Christian Car Guy show coming your way. What was your daddy's favorite maybe got taken away from you.


We would love to hear your story or tribute to your dad and we want to send out a certificate along those lines of what was your father's favorite car 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have state Steve Wingfield today joining us with keep your drive alive and victory week in the Steve Wingfield evangelistic Association, a good friend, Bob Young, Christian junkyard guy here to help us out, but that's not the same.

If you don't call and shared the story of your dad's car. As you know I got mine the 38 mastery when I get to in a minute but the Stephen we left we were talking about you. Keep your drive alive ministry. I mimed. I'm curious. It's sort of a radio feature.

We have it here on the Truth Network, 1/62 and how did God put that on your heart felt like it or not. 30 minute are our broadcast freaking and mild heart get on as many stations as possible. Number secularization and be able to grant people with one minute about today and that critically bird clouds pastoring out of Virginia doctoral at a one minute phone call God's minute and so I thought if I ever not do something like that. I'd like to do it and it I did the devotional winning the race every day so it came out of that been doing the broadcast for a number of years and you switch the name after I did the devotional so that all got started and excited to be on the Truth Network in the all the guys doing it story combined with what we're doing for weekend. We provide a family-friendly entertainment for race fans whenever the right not going out and have a great time to think got the right thing. You had a big event just last weekend at the race to yet we were at Michigan American big race in Michigan at elderly court date, and and validate you validate your weekend Bristol dad Mark Bill in Richmond to about home tracks that I now will be Watkins granted the repeat Michigan and Dover. Also, Homestead, that we had over 5000 that Michigan event on Saturday night. Hundreds of decision on it I think about 100 veterans that could be developed or got wonderful thing moving back to our show today on your father's favorite. I had a chance to share my story yet because it is kind of unique thing my father was the Rambler dealer/AMC Jeep dealer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In the later years of when I was growing up and I was a teenager.

You can imagine the varying you know at this point in time excited about cars and what was going on. The cars and he traded for a 1938 Nash that was in a barn that had been sitting in the Mexico since actually the 40s so it it hadn't come out of the barn since the 1940s and it was sort of rust colored the first time I thought, and they put air in the tires. Somehow or another they got the thing to the shop and it was a sixfold system that that direct that drove the sold Nash. It was in-line six cylinder for those of the Seabees things that have had what they called twin ignition so it had well spark plugs on the six-cylinder engine in the distributor cap on that thing was monumental mean it was huge Bob. It was the stitches to see this thing and it still had the gasket was in the tank from the 40s. Now you may have heard some me tell you about gaskets old will let me just share with you that they didn't know how to get in. They couldn't jump off a sixfold system because the battery was dead after obviously after all these years and this old service manager was so pumped up about this. 38. Nash, we toted down the street on a rope and dropped out the clutch and crank that would gas that was, however, I will Bob, I'd say they gas must been a little different. Back there very aptly minute, but what I know is oh my word that thing cranked up.

We were going down the road and now you have this point in time or were wore out and all the stuff that my father, he restored that thing. I mean till it was in a re-chrome the bumpers and just heat. Everything was tight about that cart had the old type of vinyl top that was in the middle of those old note 30 model cars and so that that vinyl kinda pulled back to make like an old-fashioned sunroof is kind of interesting looking in that car and Haley T, I and that car had overdrive while but you had to step off the clutch in a certain way to get the overdrive to kick you it was really a strange thing you know the pain worse this last year that would essentially be the one that would overdrive the engine and there was just a unique unique way that it did all that and on the coolest things about it that I wish that they'd figured out in the later years because it was a straight drive. Obviously was the starter engaged in a certain way. When you push the clutch all the way to the floor so you would never start the car without the clutch and that's awesome that many times we did it with in the race car.

One time I thought I had it neutral in Dayton and hit start button and that only startles people when a car lunges forward towards something about that kindness makes people at my right.

I wish he did. I wish he did. We had it all those years that we were in Albuquerque and I I do not know what eventually ended up happening to the 38 Nash, but I have a picture of their Christian card I got, my certificate and, by all means I want to make one of those for you if you call us with your father's favorite car 866-348-7884 got lines open.

I'm sure you've got a story for Mike. My first car and I could play where Outlook or car and we felt it.

19 PR three and I merely thought that I could get Boulevard and targeted the music on this and we got them moved to the brakes are working to hear about the 52 we want to miss that Bob got a story to these trumpet the bit to tell you that we made your story 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH.

We would love to hear your story on your father's favorite today on the? Average I was in a way turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to the fathers today on the Christian guys show Father's Day leave today and so were wondering about your father's favorite. We would love to hear your story got a lot of blind up it looks like 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth and you call and we have got a special certificate for you that I have a picture of your father's favorite car on it as well as you know, sort of a keepsake you're from the Christian card I share.

We would love to include you.

We got lots of calls coming in, but we were talking to Steve a minute about his 52 Steve share quickly with us about that 52. TR three. The Army in Iraq and played like that.

But he loved much about their pocket hear the word ring. A number of years later when I felt at that college learning and I needed my to go to college so I'm trying PR three and I fell on the other day fully restored or they felt about what well we sit in the is in Winston-Salem. She had observed father's favorite Sandy run Christian card I show the morning light.

Just like Cliff. Without one before I tell you my story has an arrangement with Winston-Salem rescue Mission will donate your car to vary the value of your car to the rescue mission in which they felt so at something great. I wanted to tell you about my dad's job to BMW 1969, he already DW provides advice when he was in the market for a car, and my mother flipped out and she made him take it back so the kids work all crazy about it. Then he went out today and came back with the BMW silver 2002 and we all love that cargo it was known on Long Island pretty much unknown and I wish I one epic great stories I have about it is that the race they ran GTO down a lot of community drive and I was I was right up with them and we were looking over at my clock just pulled how I could be possibly keeping up with little. I will talk with a question on everyone's minds. Did you have fun fun fun till the daddy took the Beemer away after I got it wet when I got out of college and for a few years had an accident and not my brother, who fixed it up and drove it out Colorado Madison proceeded to call them about memory so as well.

Very very know they would go but that tooth out. See if you gets confusing because it was a 69 model did you say it was the 2002 BMW that was the model number on the BMW 1969 was for cool cars.

God bless you soon appreciate you going into the and we got you is in rock Hill South Carolina as you. You're on the Christian card I show the morning. I am wonderful. I'm excited to hear your story will. It was one of when I remember him enjoying a lot of the kid with the board galaxy 500 or more. Yet you get to Florida in 139 white top and you just didn't seem like all know I'm making but you seem like you pleaded, there was a sound when you step down on that he that no other car about 390 Ford had it that with this deep like man. We are fixing to go for what can a person of analog counselor got are you seem like when you open the hood on that old car anything that that blue 390, and that the distilled offenders look good.

You know just when you get the DG helping with this carbon buildup cleared out a little time to clean the golf that you wrote my car inside the whiteboard and yelled out on a lot of life and the I enjoyed killing neighbor my GPU to keep, but what I don't forget like they would like you altogether Michael Carr regarding thank you.

Today I'm going to show you think you do. That is awesome and I'm glad for got a word in today to when they mention the GTA that is think about how many of those got wrapped around a tree because those things were so all that they were a lot of met their demise early. We have we have.

Why but but that he wrapped his great and getting all the way we have.

Karen is an easily South Carolina Karen you're on the Christian card.

I share the morning good morning. I never, radio this morning and I needed to show a story you please line it that we out and four years ago that after we made a quick stop at work particular well that we thought about our children from the house middle and day out. We don't okay, and I allow our complete turnaround in children children that they down and you refill her and now there making a Christian she wanted picture at the car we thought the family was rather what was stored in the blank at Walmart after he came back quickly, and Apple Inc. for 67 years there not a joy going select tank will return after 67 years. As I miss the boat.

I can't help but note that I'm thinking you must be God's favor easily.

He's bringing you back your car and he's brought you back your father's Bible one and to know that God still looking out in and keeping those keepsakes like he keeps those two years in the bottle.

I want our church generally managed the large I'm doing something that I should not quit like a writer, Tom Collins cuts off that we got a taste of what stories of how amazing we need to hear yours. We got somebody lined up. We may not cover his mother, but we would love 866-34-TRUTH 87884 good father and we love them all, father, favorite stories of your favorite cars today on the Christian card as people share their call and ended 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Thomas about her father's favorite vehicles and of course we got this wonderful Father's Day favorite certificate ring to send out their way. But speaking a good, good, father's, I did want to share this one story today about the Christian card on ministry called the Jesus labor love. If your first time listener, you may not know it's for single moms widows families in crisis. We have repair network across the country that helps families out that are in crisis with their cars and it's my joy obvious leads to to take part in this, but one of the things that I've learned is that you and I like to handle the incoming request myself if I can if I have time and often I do and so I'll talk to that of the person in need whether there you know, whatever their crisis may be and what God is put on my heart. Over the last couple years is to always pray with the matter what the situation is in the many many times. It looks hopeless. Honestly, as I'm listening to read and knowing what our resources are and what we may be able to do to help them that a lot of these cars is just kind of a scary situation but I got a call this week.from this lady and she was tell me all her card Artie been repaired.

It was at the shop and she needed a large amount of it was a large amount of money and I'm listening and I'm thinking oh my work what was going on. I got no answer. As is often the case.

Rob is pretty empty.

When it comes to that, but it in and I'm thinking wow I guess I can get on the air and asked for donations. Whatever which our listeners always very generously go to Christian card a lot, if the donate button and make it happen but out.

This one sounded really really tough so I just when she got done telling me I disabilities pray and so that I could tell this really made her feel good that we were praying and since then she was praying along with me. Actually, as we are praying us Lord, thank you for having me in public that she would have the courage to reach out for help. And thank you that we get a chance to help whatever that looks like maybe just in prayer.

I don't know, so I'm getting ready to to figure out how to help her in making all the calls, whatever and we hang up and I called the repair shop about two hours later to find out exactly how much the bill is that how we can help in the mantises on her bills been paid and Mike went and she picked up her car about an hour certificate.

I said I told him I wasn't chosen because now it's she's gone. She picked Michael okay so it yesterday morning Bob, this lady called and she shower blessings on me like you have no idea what that prayer did for me. Robbie, you have no idea what that meant my life and how I knew that God was getting into that prayer and and it wasn't 30 minutes after that prayer for crisis control ministry called me and gave me a check for the whole amount was, that I'm guessing crisis control ministry is not a Christian organization.

I don't know but it's fascinating to me that this lady how awesome is it that she totally gave credit to God for what happened right sheet. It wasn't crisis control ministry.

She knew who would come through for her and it was a good good father and I feel more than honored that we got a chance to pray with this lady and and to get this this kind of fruit we're involved with crisis control in Davidson County. To some extent and there's all some awesome people working there. I don't know where this lady was was located at the receive. It's amazing sometimes we pray with people we have no surprise for them. I'm blown away.

Good step in the throne room and make the request. No more water joy. However, like Jesus.this will encourage them to say I want to know him. Anybody could do our audit family and I got all you hear his voice speaking out the door by what you know how cool that we have jobs in Greenville, South Carolina, and John's got a story for us. John you're on the Christian card I show good morning good morning when my father was a mechanic back and back in the day and it was time for my first car and he decided that he and my mom. I so he goes in each test drives all these cars comes up to my work one day and he goes outside to take this in for a test drive. It was at night 64 1/2 work, but no that you and you just keep telling me what a great cart while he love the bottom. He is going on and on.

Well, I get steering wheel.

We start down the road.

You taught me how to drive a straight ship car, but it was on the column condition was on the floor. Well I took off and you know 16-year-old boy. Sometimes herein down. This 2 Lane Rd. big city in the and he were to accurately work all man turned his car and went back to work on this with great cart.

This is wonderful.

This is a beautiful car, you should but you you never owned his car and I want the car you want if you can quite mechanically wonderful and he goes, you'll kill yourself if I was driving like I lost my might well moped about that for two weeks even though he thought it bought me a card calling partly was a 68 q. week special that would limit us like little yellow but it was a lemon yellow with black interior cake. I went for the sports car shot. I was sick over why did I cry but it was that which I think it was one of his favorite cars cookie just he really enjoyed it. I think you bought it for me if I had, thank your father often and regularly tells my parents could tell by the way I read a bicycle that they never would let me have a mini bike or motorcycle or anything and still to this day I've never owned one to ride out you know traded first. But you know there's a wonderful biblical matter how many things is it that our heavenly father knows it probably wouldn't be good if Robbie had their enemies with no I mean there's a real biblical lesson. What you got there John because I know that there's all kinds of stuff Robbie would kill himself with this what we know what his tendencies are and we we can see what's going on but you know you did have a great father, John, God bless you and thank you for sharing that story. How fun is that father by.

They are bars and brought about the thank you for her list of the Christian card I show today. I did get a chance to talk about John the Baptist, but that whole stories at our website. Bob, you got some for just thanks again for all the prayers and please everybody keep lifting me at this weekend lower to get us through a Ashley, got your ministry as well reach out there touching people to know Christ, right Steve. There are already about that is so wonderful. Find out more about it all the Christian car Now remember slowdown.

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