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Christmas Wonder Trivia

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 21, 2013 2:27 pm

Christmas Wonder Trivia

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 87884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore how about some trivial pursuits. Christian Kardon style. That's what were talking about today on the Christian Car Guy you know ancestry or pedigree or his story it tells us much when it comes to buying a car or selling a car and for that matter.

It tells us much when we start thirsting for that special Christmas feeling that you can get pedigree has a lot to do that. With that in trivia has something to be playing that day on the Christian Car Guy shows so we've got some questions here were to try to stop you. And if you can call in an answer. We've got a wonderful 2014 calendar provided by race, body shop, a good friend, Jerry, with raised body shop are Christian by sharp guys here with us today freely give you a choice of either the our NASCAR calendar or a wonderful Christian message faith passages calendar that I I've cut to those in my office.

I've used them for your signal out all you have to do is answer some of these dumpers that were gonna throw out there like why did GM General Motors start using vinyl tops in the late 1960s. What was the idea what was what was the reasoning behind using those vinyl tops.

If you have the answer that you can win a calendar you call us 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. If you digitally gifted or how about wide.

How did Lee Iacocca change the automotive world forever by putting what kind of body on a cake. He put a different kind of body on a K car change the automotive world. What was that body 866-34-TRUTH talk about that a lot over the last 10 years Robbie so somebody should be able to get that one unit is not really a change. The change history 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and here so that I don't have to share my shame by my having. I just got myself. If you call and stop us because one of the other things I want you to do. Maybe you've got that neat car trivia question you like to stump people with like you know what was the original reason they called the Ford Mustang, a Mustang or something that you think is cool. You can call and try to stop the Christian Car Guy and his able-bodied assisted the Jerry from raised by Christian body shop guy. During this gonna be fun.

Absolutely we need and you know what Moses answers. We talked about so you wouldn't see if the real listeners are not been paying attention. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What could you stump us with intercourse. There's a bit of a method to my madness there some real nuggets that you can glean from understanding the pedigree or some of this trivia. Understanding the pedigree of a used car who was the original owner. What were some of the patterns that you can see in the way they kept the carless thing for him to talk about that you may be fascinated. If you go to Christian Car to see the bloodline of the Jeep grand Cherokee. Do you know it started out as a Rambler American wagon and if you go to Christian Car you can get an idea of what that bloodline look like so when we talk about all those things today in the Christian Car Guy show and gleaning some stuff.

The course program. Throw in some Christmas trivia for you and were to be looking forward to that and of course we started our new segment on track with Andy and he's going to be. He's got a wonderful interview coming up for it at the bottom of the hour with Blake Cook the NASCAR driver you're gonna want to hear what Blake is doing out there this year as they get ready for this new NASCAR season and we got wonderful and if you would like coming up at 10 at at the bottom of the hour, then of course you know we've always got our appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crap for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, and I am thirsty for some real Christmas wonder this year. Are you just when you I just wonder this year. Well, I got a little Christmas trivia for people who was the one grandfather of Jesus. As you know Joseph's father wouldn't necessarily been his. He would've been like his stepgrandfather but Jesus had one grandfather, do you know what his name was working to talk about him today as part of our Christmas trivia and we can look forward to that today on the Christian Car Guy shown us our appraisal by the real black book. And of course this is a live shows. We need to call you can answer either of these questions are call in with your stump or why did GM start using vinyl tops in the late 60s or how did Lee Iacocca change the automotive world forever by putting a body of what I K car 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and as always, as I mentioned, you can find out all the stuff it Christian Car there is the very graphic description of what happened in the grand Cherokee. I think you'd be surprised to see the bloodline of the joint grand Cherokee. We may talk about that a bit during the storm that show and then wonderful Jerry W, X, IR local TV station did a miracles among a special this week on Yours truly the Christian Car Guy and the they did such an amazing job that I put a link there in a while. The other TV stations out there put down Duck Dynasty or whatever our local station here allowed me to say Jesus showed the Bible on TV the genocide answer yeah yeah and they allowed us to glorify our Savior and so I've got a link. Christian Car you can see that it on Internet link and also what they say. It airs Christmas Day 12 o'clock some of the 30 minutes of those type of stories yeah yeah on Xanax I channel 12 here. If you're in Winston-Salem area or in Greensboro even excellent in those areas eat tuning and Exide 12 o'clock on Sunday did not be shown a full half hour of these miracles among us, and they are some powerful stories. Of course there Christian Car Guy.

You can link and watch immediately or go on track with Andy, you got Karen Mulder's wisdom of the wounded all those tips for holidays and those those things in the Jesus labor love free car repair labor for single moms widows and podcast appreciation so great news Jerry.

We already have a red letter for us all. He got dog is in Iowa with Doug, you got you got the answer you're going to calendar were very excited who was what it Lee Iacocca put on what on the K car in order to change the automotive world. While well there you go in and in no doubt that is one of the things that that that could be said in arm of the state you're a winner because highlight Jerry there you go. Unibody is a unibody huge difference made it huge impact in the automotive industry for safety for gas mileage for construction of the vehicle. Many just change the you write your winter very good dog if you got any stump or stress.

Now you know it's only fair play. That if you think you know some it probably wouldn't be that hard to stump us, but you can be easy on it since it's obvious you know some about cars. I don't 1993 and 88 1993 I don't take any time 1993, part have had a lower speed idle and not close. I I changed the distributor on adequate run and I changed the distributor and now I have an issue where when it comes off of fast idle to operating temperature idle slow speed. It'll barely not running fast enough. Anyway, that's my question. I'm a vegan work at hand to show her name on looking for an answer to that is yes internal electronics of the vehicle system electrical problem with electronics was not reading. When the temperature comes up and it switches over it's not getting the good impulse and not getting a good rating. The yeah you know Dennis sorta replaced electronics replace the old manual throttle chokes in the carburetors and stuff.

And those are always just that a major problem, but if that's probably your problem and so yeah, it still it's good start and it still ran into Rich and and there is some type of a sensor or something that is not can be an easy one to fix. No doubt, but maybe somebody who has a 93 Ford fiesta out there is listening is been down this road that may can help today Doug will will ask them to call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number. Maybe you can help out Doug you know exactly what he is situation may be.

You've been down that road. You know, it's amazing to me how many times Jerry will have a situation like that and somebody will call in and now have the answer throughout another trivia quiz since and somebody got the unibody, but I was thing about some message. Another answer always is multiple and highly if you have another answer about what Lee Iacocca put on the cake. I would love to hear that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 he did a lot with a cake or chassis if you think about it that that change things but also what vehicle out there.

Did Ricardo mana bomb made famous by mentioning rich Corinthian leather. Not that one 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Ricardo Monson on rich Corinthian leather 866-34-TRUTH were playing card Trivial Pursuit and were going to be on track with any got so much stuff and what was Jesus grandfathers name Satan so much, we are playing in Trivial Pursuit today on the Christian Car Guy show.

Thank you much for listening.

Today we are out there to try to stump and be stump questions were thrown out there and again we had a wonderful 2014 Chalmers Will Send Your Way.

If you can call in and answer one of these questions, or stump us.

Either way, were were wide open for whatever you may have a questions that were asking our why was the vinyl top added by General Motors in the in the early 60s late 50s. What was what was the reasoning behind that and the other one still being what why was the what did Lee Iacocca add to the K car platform that change the automotive world.

We had won a great answer that which was unibody. That was huge, but then the last question we just asked was about rich Corinthian leather which vehicle did Ricardo Balaban just taught all the way through. If you remember fancy island you can still sensing a rich Corinthian and it sold a lot of these, cars, 866-348-7884 and we are there is a method torment is will be talking at a minimum first got Andy is in new Canton, Virginia he knows about this vinyl top thing Andy are on the Christian Car Guy show the morning morning why I think it would. I think it was awkward because it's about the customer that Greg reported convertible and they quit the vinyl top on it in a major automobile looked like he had a convertible. It was fancy, no doubt, and in and had that extra bit of bling to it that people jumped on but I'm a share with you Andy on this particular sent because my father worked for Buick and I know what the real reason underneath it was in the in the say underneath it would be a play on words because the stamps were so old and General Motors plants that there are a lot of flaws in the roofs and by taking the vinyl top on it. It covered the you can't put paint over a flock can you Jerry, but you can put mine a big thick vinyl top over it and you can't tell that the stamps are wearing out, and I was going to go with that answer, but I remember in my daily work in autobody elders years were Chevrolet Chrysler dealer told me about that that I also remembered the salesman at the on the floor.

Should you like it has a convertible top line with the vinyl top. The driving down when you add it back.

You see it grabbing baggage they locate that a convertible is that as I have a ballot not on the sales floor. They look like a lot of this beautiful stuff about the mountains I brought how many times you tell them about all the flows in the vinyl top and those lines I could cover a lot of stuff could major you eat you you you uncovered and I haven't even you know in the repair industry in the used car market would be put back vehicles with top damage they would always put a bottle top on it and it was a lot of damage or rest. They put that padded top so you had that Langdale left the top and it's amazing what they could get done. So yeah that answer for you on the unibody outlook that you might not know. You might object Internet Iacocca. He came up with the idea of the Ford Mustang Ford really didn't want used at ease and wind initiated back at square Ford Mustang got your start your exactly right that is such a huge thing and is a great deal of wisdom that can be gleaned from what he did because truly American manufacturers had really struggled to struggle to build a small car that would sell or for that matter be a decent clock unit. You remember the Corvair and we had we had all these issues, but when I went to check one more thing here okay I got it pretty aggressively ironic.

I read an article some years ago and in 1955 Chrysler teammate with a car that could compete with clawback and Thunderbird would call of the falcon see if anybody remembers what that car look like because it had a unique realignment that an automobile at that day and write today. I used I just tell me about you Jerry is unique SLI and what what what was it any it was that Grail that looks like big BMW use while that yeah you know I have seen that I've seen the intact.

I used a friend of mine salesman gave me that now that you mentioned that I had that I have that model car in my basement right now and I can I forget the name of it that that's helpful to bless you and he appreciates called, insomuch that they thank you all right you have a blessed day and have a Merry Christmas to you too all right. Well we got to Alan is in Indiana. It looks like Floyd's nominee in Allen. You're on the Christian Car Guy show what if you got for us car with Lee Iacocca world. I think he put the minivan body on that line and the Chrysler minivan I believe was like the original one that was in.

That's another one of his absolutely brilliant things that he did.

Alan your exactly right.

That was when I was originally thinking that that it was the minivan.

You know you took that body that the K car was on and you put on the minivan and the next thing you know, Chrysler went into in a whole new era of of sales and that minivan did more for saving Chrysler than I think anybody would ever know. But there's another thing, since I have you on the phone. I will mention if you go to Christian Car and you look at the ancestry of the Jeep grand Cherokee.

Very few people realize that actually what happened was there used to be this car company called Rambler and George Romney, which was, you know, the presidential candidates son the original George Romney. He was the president general of American motors and it used to be called Rambler well in the late 60s he changed it to American motors at the same time, he changed the name of the Rambler American wagon to the hornet and it was later became a sport about wagon and then a few years after Romney left. They said no.

We need to call this thing in Eagle and not many of you may remember what an Eagle station wagon looks like well if you go to Christian you'll see how this happened from a Rambler American wagon to a hornet wagon 200 sport about wagon to the Eagle wagon on Iacocca bought were not met. Renault was building jeeps and eagles in France, are there I was a French company that owned it and Chrysler bought it in 1987. Iacocca walks in and sees here they have on the drawing boards. The brand-new 1991 Eagle station wagon and he says that thing will never sell as a Eagle station, but it would sell exegete any rebadged.

It from a Eagle station wagon to the Jeep grand Cherokee and it came out in 1993 and what no AMC dealer could sell an Eagle station. They can sell them but not in any volume, but what they could. You could not keep a grand Cherokee in 1993 grand Cherokee because it was just rebadged Jeep and had a Jeep grill on a unit in a way you go, and the other thing that if you think about it for good.

All Iacocca was that an Eagle station wagon sold for the neighborhood of $14-$15,000 a Jeep grand Cherokee in 1993. I know because I was on 23,000 and so a lot of automotive history happened just by re-badging and rethinking like you talk about with the Mustang in the and in all these things so Iacocca was in fact a major factor in the automotive scene, but there is Lee still will get to what were all talking about here and will be talking about Christmas.

We got coming up and you can be on track with us in the next segment. Thank you for calling in Allen.

I appreciate it so much, back, and we got Anita in Greenville and she apparently has answer to Radio show Christmas edition Cargile show and were hoping to get way more these counters is you can call in and try to stop us with your card trivia question, and we put a couple of them out there for people to call in wind like what vehicle did Ricardo Mata Mann make famous because of its rich Corinthian leather. If you know the answer to that.

Or maybe you know what's another when we have an answer to Jerry, the one about. We got the K car. We got the vinyl top swinging towards more questions out there, but we got Anita is in Greenville, South Carolina Anita what what car did Ricardo Mata Mann make famous Chrysler may be at 300 or maybe a New Yorker, but I can't wear wet model when it arrived it was a Chrysler right and organizing at a counter in the neat thing was to listen to and say it because he ESA it like because it was the Chrysler Córdoba with rich Corinthian leather in your card though I yeah have fun is that I know. By the way, you know, my father told Rambler wine 1950 round that era really thought it would be with the big car back then and the thing is you know he thought was the best kind of like upside down bathtub. I had one of those 19 that was my very first car 1959 Rambler American that look like an upside down bathtub which is at the grand Cherokee came from that very line. It's it's it's an interesting thing.

Are you listen I am 660 down there in Greenville like you're still a lot you don't think I'd get a PT cruiser that Diana Kathy from the from the K car right now actually ahead of it that that was a PT body, but it came out of that line, it deftly was a Chrysler, though I know but I thought maybe it was on a K car. Kathy is beyond the on and what was it was on that but it was it was a kind its own unique plan that's very cool Anita God bless you right now you're very cool and I blank at night get your calendar to all, we gotta tell you why you're in good shape. Thank you need an update back.

Thanks. Hi.

We gotta get on track with Andy. He is checking in with Blake Cook. Let's hear from Andy. He's on track today where NASCAR segment. Okay guys, welcome back to the second segment of on track with Andy today. I have my good friend Blake Cook on the phone and like to say hello to everybody and let's start out with you. Give this a look at your background and how you got to where you're at, what you're actually doing right now. Yeah, we all think you have me on year on your show irate the nationwide. In 2009 yeah good old times since 2011. Three years consecutively and just kinda at the other extent that the fourth-year still really excited and blessed should update the pilot support for another year you like what he thought to be one of 40 guys a blessing shall just ended the season off with my career best rate I can't finish 11 to get off the look of 40 and back the check.

It now. Actually, I think you just said a highlight of your jump ahead of the a little bit how I want to talk about your but I happen to be there is and is in the Homestead, just south of Miami a few weeks ago.

The season and an interesting deal. You have them you had an organization called compassion International is a partner for that race and an affectionate part of what our show is about Lake is talking about different ministry aspects and organizations that get involved with NASCAR and some of the reasons for that and then really you know how you help represent famine and and what it is that I attraction and a way to engage the translational. Let's just talk a little bit about how to how did you end up with that and what was the role and what you do to help bring some awareness and visibility compassion stench February and now he lives compassion racing in April and just await you can promote compassion in the cause NASCAR community and a great way and I believe in big time, and there is millions of children out there living in poverty that can easily be held by simple sponsorship by a person of $30 a month and down after an event like Homestead unit is over hundred thousand people there that we can speak get in 100,000 people. It's on television in front of millions people and we also did a couple church parents to elect to a church all potential church replied he only did upside everything daily at the show car out front and got over 250 children sponsored at that at that church alone and outline around it and the total number got the whole race began in the church is there anyone that you share with that number and I know that you shall only did our children to teach them to think about and number nothing telling a big number that you line of 250 kids and save that divides the Change has been the one option I think strength that will well and I and I think it's important for you know everybody knows NASCAR is a pretty big sportswriter has a lot of visibility has a lot of fan base, but I think part again part of were were trying to bring understanding to his simply because you're a Christian in this court and you have a big platform to help promote the gospel to help these different ministry ventures and I think it's because of that visibility that gives you opportunity to speak to corral right and I know that something like like share with us a little that I know the truth that involve the schools you been involved with churches, but say why that is right. Like why would a church want to have you come visit their own to know, just in a guided 59 – Calexico – yeah that's a good question Annie. I really don't you know the answer. I get a chance title of being a NASCAR driver. You know it's not that many of them. Like I said in only the treatment nationwide. Thank you.

I total of 50 got on the world and election of Arnet anyone at Oshkosh and I got behind the desk, you know, other than the fact that I don't well that ruined it.

And that's part of your humility showing through their brochure know you. You are a role model for a lot of guys in the I think Blake you know there's like seeing you involving in fact I mentioned earlier, to rob the I kind of look that she is one of the pioneers that has really brought you know large focuses of ministries to the racetrack. There end audio in addition to compassion what is available in acute representative. The last couple years yeah I mean all mean part of the test going on track to get churches that truly glean the Army's almanac got happy after carpet and can use it to glorify and shall not have clicked on. And we lost a particular spot that they stated like you want to end up alike hire our patient been in him: down finally had my character met the Lord and let you fill in and create ministries, then something I don't believe it. It worked out great value backfired out anything let God and now is that I'm ministry in her orientation get you to think about on a daily basis. This unique billboard campaign in a unique NASCAR campaign work is billboard that Tyler had not have a saying from God, my way or the highway – God on linolenic laser database just Masonic veteran, mixed up is really cool to.

Then I had a spec television network which is a television ministry and output them two years there would actually treat the 9 to 11 and now off the I am checking in on to remind parents operate one full seat in the Cayman theory, and I do make a mental or campaign began behind you and explain more in a creek Christian minimize is an online online video store that prevents family and when efficient film but I think it's really going up right now Jake is the whole Duck Dynasty guy and I am second video any Iranians, Darren@think implement the concept that you really got really really hot topic of conversation right now. You know you so click question one of the one of the things you know our organization energized ministry is promoting next year will be traveling with a lot of you guys with our pray for your pastor to work and encouraging really a nation of Christians to be more actively engaged in care and support of pastors and one of the things that I see is is you are a couple of your bodies that the other racecar drivers that are really no absolutely committed to encouraging each other to hold each other accountable and I know you have a group of four or five guys like that. But what is that like to be able to meet with them in a week to week around the country and just support each other and hurt each other to be able to keep using that platform as her as a witness for Christ and can you talk about it. Yeah name is Kaylee Lee. In the guys and explain declarative motivation in the electric auxiliary QB ChildLine into Chinatown, but we need to command you people don't imagine and it came drivers and about competing at the cherry being in a medical moderate they pray and began praying facially talking about the struggle of the military and how we can how we can help Alec break break I sent you an article that actually goes on really don't know and understand it but we do get general contractors or pilots just speak at church event insurance to learn anything and bouncing copy showing that we really just live life together and about five or six of us that are really close but that's longer than that and I will say that laminate is granola and on Sunday 15 driver stood really about pain is really encouraging want to stay in the sport and discuss them years Yarmouth all. You get very tolerated but in the online and found out that they not get married. We can and trended changes may not end and really guide her for all your listening out there. If this is a hard thing to explain really how awesome it is and what God is doing through these guys are not the racetrack and the influence they have on their peers on the track.

It is definitely Blake you know I I I stood back and watch that and it's definitely not an unnoticed dynamic without any I for one really appreciate and love of the of the minutes that you got going and and was allowed to be in change so I think I like to see Mr. root quickly.

How how can our listeners cannot keep up with you and I know that you're active in the social media world is the way they can, all you acute public cabinet as we work towards February and crank up again. Yeah, I think it is the best way and it's nice to be big in the faith of Nashville custom LL that that I'm on twitter message.

I'm now in my better handle it. Blake Gracie acute KSP like a great thing and only on Daniel. She was going on the next completely up-to-date on land sounds good I will I will let you get back your activities there and that will probably check everything in it in a few weeks or a month or two behind her on track activities going on.

I found it inkblot have me on Indy right. Have a great afternoon and not for anybody else that wants to keep up with our ministry leaders wait for us is actually Facebook definitive and will be back at you next week with more on track activities back to Robert on track with Andy.

It's so cool it really really is Jerry to hear that these NASCAR drivers are meeting around the Bible and praying. It just blows me away you think about only but but Blake is talking about. You noticed God's given him a platform and that is an opportunity to go in and share share the gospel of Jesus Christ in an area that none of me. You may not be able to do, but you know that the the beautiful part of it is God has given us all a platform and it may be Houston radio shows and and and the work you do up into with with the radio station.

It may be me in the body shop or at church. It can be, you know that that is that you know your people and groceries at that that at the store bagging groceries, whatever it may be best you platform and certain people are interested in what you're interested in and so you have a light to shine in that area where you're working in, and it's amazing to me. The people that love cars, and of love the show. Over the years.

Jerry and and it's been able to provide some light into that well we we are planning a little bit of Trivial Pursuit. We wanted to get a little bit of what why were doing that is to get something is really important when you go to buy a car to understand what's behind that car and when you look at at at the previous owner of a car you can you political look at that used car, take a look around as the yard well-kept as the people look like they're on top of things.

Because guess what, if the all that's well-kept their cars well-kept if they look like that like everything's in line and you see the service records and all this. This is telling you volumes of of what you may be experiencing an enemy which is part of what the Bible tells us when you look at it if somebody's life is look around you know and then we talked about this in the past is if you look at a used car. I mean, they should allow you to take it vehicle and take it to a body shop, take it to to a new mechanical shop somebody you trust. Look the vehicle over to make sure there isn't those hidden problems and I can also just tell you about a vehicle on 900 and final time there be anything you could be the monster lurking you never know, and that there II get those emails daily. Nowadays, at about people looking at cars and I always always always go that could be the best $60 you ever spent is to go have it checked out. But there's a lot you can learn from the previous owner limits of the car, those kind of things. When we come back we are going to find out who Jesus's grandfather was were going to talk a little bit about that in this whole first. You know, as we thirst about cars and they talk about first about NASCAR about thirsting for little Christmas and wonder.

I've been doing that this week in order to assure that when we come back a little Christmas one love to go. When we you know we do it in Pam my family does that wife and daughter and in our Sunday school class about the from church and that we just go and she's not the 23rd causes right up on Christmas and we spent an evening to go Christmas. Carolyn and pay the truth. That's probably the highlight of Christmas for me.

That mean because this is just really touchy look back over the years and this time you will look back and I got a the book catalog everything who's going to say SF and those that have passed stone in the the legacy they left and just been able to go that last Christmas and just share a moment with them at Christmas wondering is certainly our prayer.

Here the Christian card, I show that you would find that this year that you would thirst for you, you'd see it as I've mentioned, I was spending time in a Christmas story and I've got as a grandfather now to a little girl. I couldn't help but think about Mary's father how how he must've felt. I went hey I bet I know.

I bet I could find his name in the liturgy of Golightly chapter 3, and sure enough, there is it's easily expelled HEL. I met Ely was Mary's mother, and he was dealing with Mary's father that you know because we have that lineage and I want to read this part of the Christmas story for you as imagining yourself is Mary's father. Imagine yourself is Eli Ely. When this happened in the six month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel Nazareth to Nazareth town of Galilee diversion pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendent of David.

The virgin's name was Mary and the angel at her and said greetings.

You are highly favored. The Lord is with you, Mary was greatly troubled with metric you would be to as words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. But the angel said to her, don't be afraid, Mary, you found favor with God, you will conceive and give birth to a son in your to call in Jesus. He will be great and will be called the son of the most high Lord God will give him the throne of David and he will reign over Jacob's descendents forever.

His kingdom will never end and Mary asked how will this be, since I'm a virgin and the angel answered the Holy Spirit will come on you in the power of the most high will overshadow you. So the holy one point to be born will be called the son of God, even Elizabeth your relative's can have a child in her old age and they said she was unable to conceive but is she is in her six month for no word of the God of God will ever fail. He was reassuring Mary that this was gonna happen and I just want it. I sit there I can sit there and wonder about this.

The Holy Spirit conceived Jesus the Christmas story happened before the person, the manager is when the Holy Spirit created shalom in Mary's womb, and that that in this perfect completeness of this limited been prepared for all time and think of Ely.

What kind of man must have been that the Lord selected him to train Mary, who had the bear this phenomenal sent is just that there's all kinds of wonder in that in that the just blows me away. Jerry and I and I think about the Holy Spirit to that the Holy Spirit was there conceived Jesus and then listen Dori showed up again. He showed up when she went to visit her relative Elizabeth you you'll see that Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit, says the baby looped leaped in my will. She gets filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is there. Jesus's baptism and goes on in that same Holy Spirit. Think about it. Here with us right now instructing us the one that bit, but made that happen in the womb.

It's also much Christmas wonder it's more than I can even bring it begin understand related the body of the get around the Christmas tree talk about Santa Claus, opening gifts, let's take a moment just to give praise and worship the true gift of Jesus Christ and I am the Savior. He was coming in the way he came. It was so phenomenal what we want to thank you all for listen to the Christian card guys show this week. We certainly want to thank Jerry our Christian body shop guy and most leave the labor love folks out there free car repair labor for single moms with a Christian card. look at that miracle click click on my picture and see with our TV station didn't miracles among us. And remember, even though it's Christmas you to slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and how about spending the time sometime just wondering description. Thankfulness

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