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Children's Education: Should Parents Be Involved?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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December 10, 2021 7:27 pm

Children's Education: Should Parents Be Involved?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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December 10, 2021 7:27 pm

Donica Hudson is a mother and activist who believes that parents should attend school board meetings and be allowed to speak up. She shares her story this week. Donica is the author of “Pray America Great”. Her foray into activism came when she and her husband filed a lawsuit against the federal government for not protecting their children in bathrooms, lockers and showers. Now, she continues to speak up about masks in the classroom and vaccine mandates in schools.


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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris what the Christian perspective will be looking God worldview in modern culture. I'm Chris use and today's guest is someone that I love that is making such an impact in the culture for Jesus Christ. I don't know must been for five years ago I met Donica Hudson at a meeting of a group called the Council for National policy.

She really impressed me. She and the time was living in Charlotte North Carolina and just really seem to be on the ball with issues that were going on not just in North Carolina but across the nation and really concerned with things that were affecting the next generation of of people coming along in our country assist that time of gotten to know her a lot better.

Donica and her Hudson, Donica Hudson and her husband pastor a church in beech Mountain, North Carolina.

So you maybe you're one of the church youth groups when you're going up a lot of church youth groups go to beech Mountain to do it to go a snow skiing is probably I don't know. Might be one of the tallest mountains on the East Coast for snow skiing and Donica and her husband live in that area and they started a church there.

She is a woman who loves the Lord.

She's written a book called pray America great and you can learn more about She is a woman who knows the power of prayer, and she is making a difference on the front lines in our culture for Jesus Christ, Donica Hudson, thank you so much for joining us on the Christian perspective.

It is a pleasure to be here with you in the lovely introduction it is an honor to know you and be able to speak that you each daredevil platform.recently I like what you're doing and I thank you for your podcast. I knew you are helping many people and empowering them for today culture will appreciate that most people like you that we want to have all the show because really the mission of the show is to educate Christians to be able to engage in the public arena and impact the culture for Jesus and and you're doing that and so you are an example of what parents can do and and I were to get into your story and all the things you been doing, but I know North Carolina you been on the battleground for so many things that have then in back to the whole state.

I mean the whole nation. Years ago, about five years ago or so. I know that there was a move to have a transgender bathrooms and in public schools and and in public buildings across North Carolina and I know that I got a lot of people involved don't know if that's where your story began. But tell us what got you involved in the culture arena and and what made it mother motivated you to do what you do today to speak around the country and to challenge other people to get involved well batted exactly what happened and you named it when I know in Charlotte North Carolina. We had to implement BAP reveal and my daughter actually encountered a man in the women's restroom in the Charlotte area and at that point I said, Baird had not and that my husband and I did the federal government for not protecting our children in bathroom block rain showers may not ridiculous when title IX provided in public accommodation for people who identified as transgender so you all that lawsuit, Donica. Yet we did we.

We work with Alliant defending freedom as you were getting at work right you you you were Ground Zero right all began to shut up now. This is exciting and I think I will get them on wanted to protect Mac and you know if you are not waking you can contact me or email me and I can connect you. In fact, when you are not want that number 18 ready.

I mom brought Carolina on it. We actually had a representative from Lot 3 and Mary we gave we went, the parent by for the protection of our children and you know I am not. I don't like to have to fight. I really don't. I prefer to work with people to work with the board but it embodied then endanger our children and that's where were at particular culture coming. If you look at Loudoun County.

They did not give me what we were coming wherever I had the opportunity. I did multiple media interviewed on radio, TV in the public square. Legislature. Wherever the door with open to protect our children enter and join the group with parent and it worked. We were able to overturn it now Loudoun County that were skiing today had not been able to do that and the horrific implication now that as a bully, a boy who is directed to a girl wearing a skirt actually thought the girl then battened two different inexcusable. Well now and we really do need to stand up and push back the parent object. The normal parent who got about you can do it we can help each other. They can contact you as well Chris so Donica will so what happened was just so people may not know the history and I probably don't have this exactly right so you lived in Charlotte. This was really the first case I think nationally were this it happened and was the local. Was it the county commissioners or city, town Council or something that said that they were going to open up bathrooms to transgender's are was a school board what what exactly happened there yeah go on what happened why the town Council had voted allowing within the bathroom.

Bill had been approved by the Charlotte counseling with going up back and it would open ring block rain showers. My church within the city limit our backlinks would've been open. We would been forced to provide. I think that Mary did edit in church because all because were in the city limit and you know we already had title IX that what happened and we started having a lot of big bullying.

PayPal pulled out 400 employees in the city.

You know the NBA all quality. It started getting pressure from outside interest you back at the entrance to the bathroom wall when the fact that it is with the Loudoun County are correct. I will not already provided for people he wanted to identify another stack so you know I did not wait a people have to take back our country and stand up for what's right in our children to have my child salary and lock arrays with biological male ridiculous so so your lawsuit. Nothing had happened. You were being proactive. Then, in saying that we don't want this to happen didn't go to Supreme Court work. What what well we going with Alliant and Eric and other were often named in the locket. The heritage foundation actually came out to get a story. Not now and wait back if you know on the Batmobile way it would overturn and push back. And I really think that with all of that our governor lost the election. At the time Gov. Cory which is this is bad because I eat it up for what was right but you and I am forever grateful for that. But yeah, that's what happened. We still have that precedent built something that is being placed by it is really a globalized market communist agenda and that you know it's not in a letter that we have to be aware.

We have to be thoroughly inspected parent and on know what to do right by America great RDF and I thought you know this started a long time ago and I'm going to make sure that other parents are empowered to fight back what I've been through, you know my file can be someone else's floor.

Then we can all win that battle will more quickly. You know when you saw that was really prophetic because what we were all saying it was you Mitch.

We both are around the country speaking in and over and over, get upset, I know you said and others that what worried us about this bathroom. Bill some pervert was going to go and rape a girl the bathroom and they kept saying it won't happen. It won't happen and now and Loudoun counties probably happen more times and we know but now we know for a fact that it happened and and not only did it happen once, but evidently this perpetrator is done it more than at least twice that you know and maybe more than once it it's nonsense to send you. We can claim what we won't boy and girl's body or whatever that mail has hormones in it and demonic influence. There's not going to be a good outcome. And that's now happen in a poor innocent girl has been raped in her life really ruined in many ways because of your responsible school board members, and legislators who allow this travesty to happen in our nation. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about that. That's true in it that it did not need to happen, you know, and I hate the way back that blotted on hand to put that you allow the wall in know we parent have got to be aware and quit tracting the government.

I am not going to coparent with the government. We parent.

It is our right and our responsibility and under to govern what our kids are taught and to stop this ridiculous programming and indoctrination that the communist to be implemented on the deck of the now script back in 1953 before our Congress's. You mentioned that anyone else in your great America great.

You talk about what's happening in school so tell us a little bit about what happened in 1963 got us to this point.

Well, we had a concerned representative from Florida Hon. a.s. Herlong and he read the current communist goal for our Congress in 1953 I company comprehensively not in the appended end date of my book and there in it. Taken from the neck economy and it practically on scout I'm get a redo acuity goal your hair girl okay number 17 of the neck economy goal read before Congress get control of the pool using a transmission belt for socialism, and current communist propaganda in the curriculum. Yet control teachers Association put the party line that Communist Party line intact, but well guess what they've gotten control the national school Board Association and the department abducted and I called a parent recently domestic. Now I am part of mom from Erica and Kimberly Lecter are founder Jeff did a apparat competent prime in front of the national cohort at that occasion and she had a mom from Loudoun County had mom from all across America, speaking on think we are not going to stand for that and number 18 Marie deck gang gang can talk. The goal is to get our can't hear you know and to infiltrate our culture and move it into communism.

Number 18 gain control of all newspapers. Number 19 you do that riot but a minute public protest against program. The organization which are under communist attack.

In other words, the right number 25 break down cultural standard of morality by promoting pornography and finicky in book magazine, motion pictures, radio and TV. I can't help but think of the presentation that you did at the Carolinas. Mom arrived on it when you were being did the FDL social emotional learning in the comprehensive sex education. The pornographic book that are in our children's library in the public going are being taught number 20 homosexuality, technology, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy. That was very, that is amazing when we look at what their agenda was 60 years ago I done yet and they've done it they say well if that was the communist agenda. Back then, Donna, could you think were headed towards a one world educational system I do I do and I'll tell you why. Number 11 of the continent PROMOTE the UN United naked at the only hope for mankind. Last time you and I checked Jesus Christ and then it said it charter is rewritten. Demand that it be set up at a one world government and independent armed port.

Now this is blatant and outdated and you are not Christian know that the goal of the antichrist or the Bible it but one world government, though, need to be aware that what we're dealing with on the local level with the comprehensive sex ed in the pornographic book ERT we could market ideology height marked with a pagan statement is a spiritual battle. We are fighting the mind in the future of our children at the antichrist is pushing through the communist big move in our school to set up a one world government.

America had been the last nation on earth and between the globalist agenda of a one world government, and not only now not limited to one world government through organizations like the UN and the world economic forum there permit the great week that up into one world religion and it ain't Christianity. By the way, and you know we have to be aware that this will also be done by one world education system they are infiltrating all countries that they can, especially America, because where the big stronghold that need to be taken down, that the world move into one won't yet they're doing it to the teachers. He is the school Board Association, and yes they can brainwash our children that that's why it was bad.

His cove is been great things come from this. His parents have gotten a wake-up call because I've seen the curriculum that the kids are learning in school so Donica these items that you just listed is the communist agenda. Are they in your book.

Yet they are there in my book and what number 41 is something we parent really need to listen to that need to write children away from the negative influence of Aaron attribute prejudice that mental block the retarding of children implement the parent. Now you are a parent and your child ever tell you and I encourage all. Taught your children every day go did that volunteer I'm very involved with not children school it any teacher anybody ever tell your children do, don't tell your parents. It is directly spinning out a debt and do not ever allow that to happen to me.

We wish to be involved in. You know Andy here where I live, not near you crept in a great County. I love the teachers I have. I have a good relationship with them.

The principal at goal is a godly man on the gentleman who teaches that effect education is the godly man.and I know that. Talk to but it is embedded FDL social immersive emotional learning and whoever said that was okay. My child to become social emotional learning that's just as I slipped away the flat end at the arche critical race theory, and Mark ideologies in the cognitive sex ed that you warn people about trips and we parent have to stand up and realize the agenda's folks. It's happening all across the country just mentioned this in some cases I know of numerous cases around the country were teachers have instruct their students not to tell her parents what their learning that is wrong. So before we jump back in this question I want to just tell you the things that Donica's teaching about can be found in her book. It's called prey. America great again pray America great and you confided major booksellers but you can also get it at Donica's website, which is Donica DO in ICA That's Donica

You need to give her book is called pray America great.

Would Donica so we were learning today that were were headed to a one world educational system, teachers are telling students not to tell their parents about the things are learning about the pornography that is being released in schools held up children at five years older being that there there is a brainwashing going on Donica in our school system right now to try to encourage kids to become transgender a five-year-old kid doesn't even know what that means but they're bringing right drag queens into schools across the country for drag queens Goshen social hour in the book reading to teach kids. There is a war going on for the hearts and souls of our children folks, it is real is a spiritual battle Donica were in trouble. How do we win this battle when we got pray and often fight you know parent need to run for what they need to be involved with their children need to read their book. Will talk to their teachers and principal and typically with with school board. Parents are concerned about the type of infiltration.

It is embedded in most of the curriculum.

Can file a covert public records request to see how much money is being given to the national school Board Association, the state affiliate superintendents Association. We wanted be funded and back in the classroom. Parents to not be having about tapering and all that kind of stuff when that money is going to arche had been indoctrinated through the national school Board Association. The affiliate and that he had taken of the superintendent we wait parent need to take back control gear and you can tell that the party communist agenda to hijack and take over our country.

You can go to monster asked for the template file and on on if you want to get your dippy County them.

It'll actually be the printout of what where the money go about the budget and everything.

You'll have more power to fight you had your fight for your and you get the national school work. I think it is also a bully in the local school board like we parents are against our local school boards. I like the look board. I want to work with them but I don't want been bullied and manipulated to indoctrinate my children because they received a big chunk of money to do that. That's why we file we can help. You can call it that monster America is on the website monster meant that we can walk you through and how to file know you just had Julie Jackson on credit and he does the cottage meeting and that is great preparation. If you want to peek at a board meeting that really good way to be involved recently at our school board meeting group about parents went and actually read out of out of the book that I wrote here on about the map mandate we were able to overturn that and now my kid doesn't have gotten cooler and map every day when it doesn't even work well, you know, dear, think that we can do. We sometimes it feels like were powerless Chris but actually we're not and you're getting on your podcast and learning how you can become a quit. Here is looking to be able to push back and overturn a lot of the thing on the local level.

So I'm really grateful that you're doing then that the final way that I would stay to fight back is to pray, it probably the most important and that's why I wrote this book on constitutional prayer and I don't even have a prayer in here to dispel gender confusion and for healing from abortion in a while. I am into covenantal theology. Donica, I just want to thank you for what you're doing across the nation, parent, you've been challenged today. You can get involved in your schools. It's easy you just go down intelligent tell the principal that you want to volunteer in school and they really have to let you win and you can attend school board meetings, the Republic and I want to challenge you to encourage or school board members their people to live in your community to tell them to stop funding the national school Board Association, and that would be a good start.

Just a few voices can make a difference. Donica and her community is got them to stop wearing masks. The next thing they're going to do is to try to force churches to be vaccinated is time for us to stand up and put an end to this nonsense in America today. Donica, I want to thank you so much. We've got have you given your great guest folks you need to buy her book is called pray America great.

Pray America great and you can get That's Donica A Donica while ago you said were the greatest things we need to do were the greatest thing to do is pray. Can you close us out in prayer today absolutely right before Thanksgiving recombinant with the Mayflower compact that book that that is one of the players in my book and got in our witness just as the pilgrims covenanted on November 11, 1620 on the Mayflower. The form civil body politic for better ordering and preservation which served as a bait that the United States Constitution. The Constitution of all 50 state. We agree with the pilgrims original intent, athletic, loyal subject of our sovereign Lord and by the grace of God the glory of God in the defense and advancement of our Christian faith solemnly and mutually agree with the pilgrims carbon covenant netted the Mayflower compact the knitting act out one for another project that the quality and the common good, we recognize that the Mayflower compact in the Pilgrim Pilgrim code of law, America's first modern Constitution were civil covenant that rented upon the consent of the governed, thereby limiting government and granting freedom to the people. We thank you that he thanked Bill Christian Pilgrim pioneered a foundation for our U.S. Constitution and federal government where we people are free to worship you in spirit and truth without fear of tyranny. We put our faith in agreement with tears to preserve our freedom, both governmentally and spiritually.

We call upon the church repent of allowing government to fulfill our biblical duty that is taking care of the poor, the widows and the orphan and Lord, I would add this prayer in power all parent listening right now, that we would all that take back our children education and not coparent with the government any longer. We thank you that just at the tribe that Israel shared a covenant that made him a nation that is America. We thank you that the word federal and our federal government need covenant derived from the Latin word bota and that without covenant theology there be no federalism and no Constitution as we know it today. Lord blessed podcast. I pray for everyone listening baby empowered and that you would leave God direct and protect them and their children in the name of our recorded that your Christ has been honored to have you today and I wanted to be on your grant. Thank you for my close thank you for joining me today. I'm Chris Hughes and this is the Christian perspective please subscribe a lot of podcasts share with your friends on social media Jalisco change the culture for Jesus Christian perspective.

Chris you more about impacting the culture for Jesus Christian perspective US this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about. This is the Truth Network

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