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Is it Possible to Incorporate a Biblical Worldview in your Daily Life?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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February 14, 2022 5:00 am

Is it Possible to Incorporate a Biblical Worldview in your Daily Life?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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February 14, 2022 5:00 am

 Small business owner, wife and mother, Sharayah Colter talks about the need to have a Biblical Worldview and impacting the culture for Jesus. Sharayah’s company, Colter & CO. has opened a new advocacy arm to address abortion, religious liberty and theological education.

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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and clinical issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation Christian perspective God's word will Christian worldview in modern culture walking the show today. I'm excited about our guest. She is somebody who I have admired from a distance from quite a while. She is a journalist. I believe in her heart. She is a wife.

She is a mother of two beautiful children. She's an author and she is for those you that know me, I'm a fat boy who likes to eat.

You know I've written three cookbooks and she is also written some cookbooks, but she really has a heart of what's going on our culture today and how we can influence the culture and impact the culture for Jesus and her company is doing a lot really Teresa world for Jesus or company is called culture and company. They do web design.

They do book publishing and now they are engaging in the public arena and I'm so excited to have as my guest today sharia culture Soraya.

Welcome to the Christian perspective. Thank you.

I thank you very much regarding your excited to have you here and I had the privilege of being a guest in your home a few months ago when I remember back at Christmas my sons like you. Whatever we have.

We have to have a Apple pilot, Mr. Ralph, etc. else that night. Your wonderful hostess and integrating I don't know if if you consider yourself a shepherd. You're certainly wonderful cooking the food we had with you some of the best of ever had, so I know you can never go wrong Apple pie. Well, will you have mastered is a difficult difficult thing to do was write tell us before we get into some questions, tell us a little bit about your background and in who you are and what your passions are well I you you children and that is my primary full-time job raising them in and delighted then that is my top priority. Looking after them and raising them and that and all of my other time.

I do have company called culture and company in really blocking and grown a lot and I'm really amazing to watch what you like working here almost a decade really proud of that and I did the next time. Being a journalist and I continue to do a lot of writing. Now that I wrote wire magazine, local newspapers published pretty widely and really enjoyed art of writing actually investigated well. I really enjoy just aspect of telling stories, taking for the truth. I love interviewing people and different to the undecided interview but I really enjoy getting in people's story and so I did. I love this aspect of journalism that allows media all the time. Learner always learning something new, meeting people and hearing just amazing stories that are under the cover that you not get to talk with people you might not ever even know anything anywhere this for sure that something of our since we started doing the shows are so many interesting people out there and everybody has a story we all have one really that's what being a witness for Jesus is all about. It's not telling somebody somebody else's story, but I encourage people when I go and speak and tell people how I believe one of the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus. And when we do we pray you, hopefully before we go witness is somebody. We pray that God will send the person needs to hear the story that were going to tell to us that day and it's not your what I'm witnessing. Troy is not for me to tell your story or somebody else's story, but God wants me to share my story with that person and we all have a story, God uses that a mighty way while I'm fascinated I'm a rabbit trail here and now. That happens sometimes when you start interviewing people but you talked about being a journalist and I want to learn more about your college background in an think you were in Texas and now you you live in Tennessee. Learn more about that a few minutes, but you mentioned being a journalist and a large part of our listening audience are you are younger folks. Folks maybe later in high school or college are just entering their career and you and you and I both know there is such a need to have more Christians entering the world of journalism today. I think it's so important and there are so few Christians really out there in that world. How did you get involved in journalism.

First, somebody was listening to Christian and they want to learn how to take a biblical worldview into their career field.

Can you gotta share a pathway did you falter what you would recommend other people that want to be Christian serving in the journalistic field and I mean I think there really no better place for many Christian Harrington in a field that requires you to be telling the truth in every aspect of your job. Now that thing that going out to the wayside when I need to lean often in when I researched something and think they like the fact you not the partners narrative pointing to the first people and Christian journalist about. We do a journalist you need Christian journalist we need a resurgent truth telling. When I was in college I remember some of my professors telling me that journalism is really just writing the first version of history, and I really careened onto that true and if we are telling him our version, current events, which become history. Later, then what will future generations have to look back on that really faulty foundation from which to view the world in present and future, and so I think it's really a problem if we have articles that are filled with untrue things. It's really important cofounding in really revived the truth and revived hearing about that you Christians I think would be fantastic to have more Christians led into the world of journalism. Their lack of opportunities, and even more every day in the culture and because of that the growth of online media. You're no longer even limited to going out and getting a job at standard newspaper or news station. I mean, there are lots of opportunities now for people who have a passion for writing. L4. I willing to develop that skill you are interested in telling stories and interviewing people and really learning about how to shape culture. Their writing is an important important role so I would encourage even an inkling toward that to get involved with it and I had the opportunity to work with secular needed and Christian use and other important and that definitely vacuum and definitely room for people to get involved in that.

I would highly, highly recommend did you study journalism or is a particular degree may be English or something that you think there's a person well to the career field. English would be helpful. I studied then I print broadcaster so I typically went learning the craft of jalapeno allies.

It can vary from an English degree which certainly is helpful now also that I did really benefit from focus study and what it is to craft the news and what is newsworthy when a timely and that is a certain way of writing is that is different than writing an essay, and helpful. It was helpful. I went will at Texarkana College-honestly, I probably learned most from that associate degree level will not even dead but when I went on to the University of Texas at Arlington helpful and probably most helpful of all was that while I was at the college.

I got an internship at the local newspaper the Texarkana Gazette that was supposed to be a short-term thing that thankfully in turn that into actual job for me and took me on an actual general assignment reporter and later police recorder is an investigative stuff there as well. That was really helpful to me because real-world experience is incredibly valuable. So I learned a lot from my editors fair and just REMIC. Going out doing the work and and having to write on deadline and and seven very beneficial and, in addition to that, and I also served that you newspaper that my colleges and also serve as editor there order that you have a chance then to be leading a team of writers doing writing and doing photography doing the dying itself. All of those things I think work in concert to prepare me for a real strong role in the journalism community and self. I'm really thankful because I had a very strong background in it that really did prepare me for everything I wanted to got you guys really prepared for USA to do those things which are doing now and using you your one of the few journalists who are, paving the way for Christians and talking about important biblical worldview issues like we talk about all the show while go when you were talking about the importance of writers and journalists. You said one day people will what will the future generations have to look back on us and that you said that's what journalism support our route that no because it's really profound. We live in a culture nail where his brother drops the other so much fake news and I actually thought about. I'm sure you probably have two your hundred years from now 200 years from now when people look back at the garbage that is being printed and produced in many cases, are they going to have a clear picture of history and that's what we need more people like you who will get out and write the truth which is something that seems to evade our culture today. I think truth is so important, or are using a resurgence of people who want to talk about truth and the truth in journalism today you certain networks and certain publications are arising probably out of this documentary that are catering. I think people realize that the general public had a type for the truth to some extent people are satisfied by having their ears tickled in hearing what they want to hear point people go truth I don't really want your opinion. I certainly don't want a lie told me that you did.

I just might. The fact is that out of that I think you are answering that desire with patient network publication that cater to that and now they make that their hallmark of thing we are going to tell the truth know your network really think that being named in that. Also that I think people really see that is in need and thankfully there people tapping at the facility, so I hope that it continues to grow and know. Hopefully one day people will look back and we will have been able to put an asterisk by some of the things that have been put out in the public record correct and I mean it important because even as recently as we Looked at oral argument that the court you can see even opinions that were really recently that there's an opinion that affect our life and that now will affect life going forward in our country that are predicated on what has been recorded in the making constitutional decision that are really built upon a shaky ground happened recently in our own country, hyperbole, or that proportion is vitally important.

That's a good opportunity there for Schreyer for us to take a quick break we come back want to delve into that truth was going on. Talk about learning more about our sponsors. This show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you out locking the thick season since the Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio host and founder of American foundation to create life-changing it's one of the world all naming travel destinations from all over the world's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic, the richest night like the Wailing Wall don't deliver Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's own hands and placed our Savior's birth. Jewish porches, see firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I like their American and get ready for an unforgettable trip memories that will last a lifetime time creating and sharing is going in the third century, Emperor Claudius, the golf not only committed the Roman gods to be worshiped temporarily for bad marriage because he believes single men make better soldiers. Valentine who was a bishop in Italy risk. The Emperor's wrath by refusing to worship idols, and for secretly marrying young couples. St. Valentine was dragged before the prefect of Rome condemned him to death with clubs and have his head cut off. On February 14 269 A.D. while awaiting execution said he prayed for the sailors daughter miraculously wrote her a note inside transcript: the one word perspective I guess today is with culturing company based out of Tennessee. Your wonderful person company. They do web design.

They do journalism consulting for businesses.

Social media work.

They have just entered the realm of engaging in the public arena. The Reno public policy are guess rare culture is a journalist and before the break we were talk about the importance of truth in journalism, social, ready to get back in that you were talking about Supreme Court rulings and media reporting's or are you seeing a trend towards more truth in media and and maybe I don't know if you're comfortable maybe share with us some new sources that you trust for good news is that tricky question.

And I would more opposition we start and I will listen to it, knowing that I may hear things that are faulty.

Honestly when I write really get most minute firsthand account at like press conferences, watching life hearing, reading in court. The fission and eternal site.

I tend toward those things in my kind of goal and that is I'll be the one willing to delve in and listen to an hour-long conference or read an opinion like that and you know try to digest it a tad and then send it on to other folks are following me that they can get a pretty mean clean version of the news and the truth as well that I have such a wide range of place I get my news from talk radio and podcasts from print journalism from online news sources and I think a lot of people just trust your one new source in the front of the two most popular for lift might be CNN and for the right Fox News but is it's good to have a broad spectrum of at least things that you scan so for our listeners are trying to learn more of me.

I would encourage you.I have a list of what I call daily reads there about 10 different. You probably do this to their about 10 different news sources that all peaked out throughout the day just to try to get a feel because it is also funny to me. Like all of sometimes when something hot is happening in the political arena and Fox News is one thing that I'll turn over to MSNBC which is the year the far extreme of the other side.

Yet it is funny will complete same story told from a completely different perspective. And if that's all you wash if you only watch Fox news or get one perspective is really what CNN or MSNBC. So I think it's good for us as Christians to to really pay attention to what's going on and I like what you said you talk about watching hearings or or or reading a Supreme Court rulings.

I know not everybody has time to do that but there were something like C-SPAN. It was helpful because you actually get to see the hearings that are going on at it again. I know not everyone has a chance to do that so but anyways is good for us to be educated.

It amazes me the number of people that don't know what's going all the world are have a clue what's going on. I think I don't think I know that we as a Christians have responsibility were created in God's image and God put us over the creation of this world and he wants us to be aware of what's going on.

The public arena and around us. So Schreyer and there's more things a lot to learn about you and covered a minute but I wanted sure that we have time to really delve into something mix hiding that your company is doing. You reach recently launched a new advocacy arm of culturing company and that really grabbed my attention when I heard about that because there are many Christian owners business owners list of the show and throughout our nation around the world today and they they don't think that they can bring the Christianity of their business or the business can be involved, but I think we have responsibility so tell us what you have done and why you decided to do this. I agree with you only can incorporate current culture and public-policy politics and strong convictions and beliefs into what were doing on. As Christians we cannot sideline. We are called to be in the fight contending for the faith. We are called to defend our faith. We are called to actively try to bring more people into knowledge of our Savior and really I like it the duty I don't even think it's actually why do you think that if I can interrupt your career because I know a lot of Christians out there little preacher say we should be above we just like they throw Romans 13 around. I believe in an incorrect manner. Talk about how we shouldn't be in gaze you think we should agree with you. So what why do you think that we should my training you to seminary with counseling. They reminded me that every issue is a call and original issue is all speaking to every issue of life and it isn't anything we need every issue in the debacle issue. Then we as Christians need to see what God has to say about every part of our life. So in my opinion, there is really no issue teacher cannot touch on everything had went down every part of Ireland and even more than others. Someone might want to call political they are called to our Christian faith portion for some people would like to say now that the political issue and I would say no think life might meeting God image which he said that we should treasure.

He treasures that place you natural Christian and she felt we cannot just back away and let everyone else talk about that. Beside Christians because we do then what are we going to be left with that only what people who are against God have to say about it and what kind of culture and what country cannot create certainly not anything Christian. Once I think it's very very important that we look to the Bible in its wisdom in every part of our life because not every part of life loser some issue or something that happened in our nation over the last year so that led you to begin this effort overall into the conglomeration of things, neither things we care about and honestly there thinking that my husband got and I are already involved that we just had a fire to be able to open at bring more people in and help other people get inspired and get involved critically important that people realize what's going on in our country and our world and find a way they can get involved. Sometimes it can be an meeting process and people may just look at it know from the outside. Thinking this is something I don't understand something, I only had minimal interest in that. I really believe that a quote you know you will be made to care. Eventually you will be made to care and so today you may say I'm too busy I get my kick the soccer have to get my oil changed I have to get my graphic by the force you have to all the we need people to realize that if we do not get involved today. Then later, when it really, really cranking out late, I missed the boat.

I didn't get involved when I still had kind of thing. Make it different and I really wish I would have to because now I need to care because when they win day and I say that you really know when someone starts to come for something that you care about your house, your job, your children, your schools education in your community you start to go.

Actually, I think I do have a little bit of time to read about you and reallocate this thing that now I see is actually very important because the theater threatening my finances and I think or my future.

My teacher and I think people need to realize that that's going to happen in already happening in go ahead and jump on the train now get involved and take initiative to find how you can use the field and email. You arty have plug-in and really take ownership of fostering a country that does reflect our values and provide right place for our kids to grow up and practice one day take over from that we don't just give them remnant of something that just one last great didn't so much so I want to honor the US taking good care of it and I think it is time for us to get get involved in that.

For those of you who may not know Schreyer's husband Scott culture is the executive director of the conservative bed and I know that you and Scott both have a passion for encouraging pastors to preach the whole world word of God to preach of on the inerrancy of Scripture and a lot of preachers that I talked to Troy around the country or what are you doing this work for you getting involved. You need to focus on evangelism. Well, I do focus on is is not one or the other. Schreyer yet. We can be involved in the public arena and focus on evangelism was going to happen is if we don't engage the public arena. If we don't fight, fight and defend the right to tell others about Jesus working to lose that right is that a while ago. There's going to come a time when it might be too late to change things. It is not too late right now but if we just look around what's up in our culture right now pastors are being I know you're from Texas.

I'm not sure what your your firm originally but in Houston just a few years ago there was a mayor of Houston. She was a lesbian. She didn't like what some preachers were preaching and she demanded the pastors submit Scripps manuscripts of their sermons in the coming Sunday. She was to determine whether or not they should be allowed to talk, talk about the topics are talking about a we live in a country today were homosexuality and transgender and and yo are you really bore or your really girl same-sex marriage.

All these things are issues that the culture does not want us to talk about and we don't take a stand now into many Christians and pastors have been too quiet about this, but we don't take a stand. We are going to lose the right to preach the word of God and we can't pick and choose, we can't only talk about certain things there are in God's word. God's word is either all true or none of it is true as so we have got to his Christians wake up doesn't mean that were being combative with people and culture doesn't mean that we don't shovel over Jesus, we do show the love of Jesus and is not about one particular political party or the other.

It's about defending the right to preach the whole word of God and we are very close to losing that privilege of that opportunity right now culture today. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing and why you and Scott are doing the things that you're doing or have to take another commercial break here Schreyer but when we get back.

I want talk more about that or what's happening the culture and and and what specifically will talk about the issues that are important to you of the things that you're going to be working with this new branch of engagement with your company culture and company so folks were listening listening to Christian perspective. Will Chris use our guest today is sharia culture of culture and company. If you want a company that can give you some great advice on how to engage in web design. If you're a writer.

They have a publishing wing published many right back with more today, February 15, 1898, USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor Pres. William McKinley approved the joint resolution of Congress, which stated the abhorrent conditions which have existed for more than three years in the island have been a disgrace to Christian civilization, culminating as they have in the destruction of United battleship with 266 of its officers and crew while on a friendly visit in the harbor of Havana, therefore result in Congress assembled people of the island of our right. Transcript: remember that one was this show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you out conservative is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise, passion and prayer of the conservative that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement perspective, this is Chris you fascinating yesterday. Yes disarray of culture sharia old coping with her husband Scott culture and they do a lot of great work if you're looking for a website for your business or some project that you have Schreyer at her team do a great job of design the date they matter fact they design the website for our organization citizens for America foundation, and you know while back we talked about the beginning of the year a great new Bible reading program. I think it's called. It is finished challenge that Dr. Mikey newborn developed and and sharia culture design his website. They do a lot of wonderful working there. Also, book publishers and do so much more.

Like many of you they were concerned about what was going on, the culture, and even though it wasn't really part of what the company was doing. They decided that they needed to open a new arm of the company to address the issues and in the public arena. The Reno public policy in our country today and I'm so proud of them for having a new advocacy arm of culture and company and I just thought that it would be important to have Schreyer on the show today to talk about what she and her team are doing to impact the culture for Jesus Christ to maybe show you some of you that are business owners what you can do to get involved in the public arena as well.

So Schreyer welcome back.

The show you so we were talking little bit about issues that were involved in and and how the break I was gotta get off on a tirade sort preach a little bit. Sorry about that, about how pastors need to not just pastors but all Christians need to engage in the public arena is you were talking earlier about the abortion issue and and how people want to shy from that shy away from that, because they say that it's it's a political issue no is not a political issue. Sharia and I know you know this is a sin issue and God addresses issues of sin in his word and there's only one way for us to have forgiveness of sins, and that's through Jesus Christ and then so is important that we address all these issues in our culture today, and particularly for pastors and Christian mentors to understand what the Bible says all these different issues so we can engage with those around us at work or school work for me.

We may be start talking about some of these issues so can you tell us a little bit about what issues and causes that your company is gonna be working with culture and company in the coming months. Yet lately, I wholeheartedly agree with you on that thing to political issues at hundred percent correct and I wrote an article not that long ago titled politics that dirty work for Christian because I really love the fault that he would like to convince an entire country or world of Christian politics is something happy for you and you should not be involved in an email. Basically your clear, especially at holidays at Thanksgiving and Christmas and family yeah I can get the Christians to shut up in the only silence being presented is the sinful side and no one hears what God's word has to say about it and we started was her preacher to give. We have failed as a Christian society to take a stand on God's word. All these issues and and again folks. You don't have to do it a mean or hateful manner. You can do it in a very nice way, but you need to be firm and stand on the truth of the word of God of sorcerer ago percent correct and yet the definition of the work really governing our country and we are left that we have a government system that includes that we are not only allowed required with our duty as American take ownership and to be involved in health governing we need to be involved. We cannot cannot yet several issues that really are important to culture and company advocacy and I would say like the top three are religious liberty. Thank you in life and theological education, religious liberty and as you know, just very pressing need for Christians to be engaging in both at home and abroad and there liberty.

Everywhere you look, and one of the things that really impact to the founding of our nation. One of the leading reasons why even had America to begin with, and we are very much for people living free and not included the freedom of religion. Not only did our founding fathers think that that I have studied quite a lot about Anabaptists in Europe because they would not like a church were tortured and killed as martyrs specifically studied on the women and portion and a baptism in the main thing that because of their practical importance as far as cooking and cleaning and he came to their house. They could handle the domestic chores, cooking and cleaning for their family and had a later date, they would need to be burned at the stake because they would not at this like what the state church wanted special that you know work into your death that history altering the different countries in different ways different time. It really fuels for a desire to take meerkat in the play and we are playing.

It is a safe haven account and worship God as you believe is the right way to do and so God has given me the choice of the garden you and I today we have a choice whether we went to the bank while they can't submit to Christ or we can choose which song which converts all the hard way. Hard you that it's up to that and it does remind me also description day every body will serve someone or something and we all must choose the Lord my family that we are for everyone.

Having choose holding one hand and any other hand saying loudly from the mountaintop because he is the only way that we any kind of happiness or, at the father in eternity. That is, with so we can in one hand value. The availability people to choose the other hand safely. Jesus Christ and can be done at the same time not mutually yeah and religious liberty is so important and something that I know you sure passion with me for people to understand the importance of the founders of our nation.

How many of them were Christians. The Constitution was really based on the Bible. Every article of the Constitution can find correlations to in the Bible so is important for us to understand the history of our nation and why religious liberty is so important.

Schreyer our organization. The citizens of America foundation is going to have a torta to Washington DC if some of our listeners are interested you can visit citizens for America the third week of June and again third week of September were to be taking a group of people to see if you like to go with this and learn about the true Christian heritage of our nation. Our nation was based on biblical principles asunder is important understand that and it's also is Israel saying it understand religious liberty and why religious liberty is so important. Our nation try another issue. I know that is is a true passion for you and your company and your husband is is abortion the sanctity of human life and in just a few months ago there was an important decision. Her before the United States Supreme Court that hopefully by this summer will have a ruling that I hope and pray will lead to an overturn of the Roe V Wade decision.

Why is abortion such an important issue for Christians understand today no-brainer to me. It's just the right thing to do. Part of what we have built altering each reflect 20 and 48 which talk about anything quite anything good or excellent thing where after the things that we want promote the good or truly promoting the ability for everyone have a chance to let me qualify good. There is really nothing I can think of more pressing in and protecting the human entity of human life. Everybody get a chance take their first breath. It is unbelievable that anyone any human would advocate for abortion and my long Christian when we were growing up, my time growing up in upstate New York in a really great time there in Lake Placid and I can recall vividly in the basement of our very small church and stuck to a wall.

There was a bumper sticker I can remember it yesterday and it said hypocritical support abortion when you've already been born with this part. I was 13. I read that and it just really bad native of me and obviously never forgotten it and so true and in addition to looking study history look at the Jewish Holocaust growing up to school. I would think to myself gets to that point where the people saying no no no where where where they been on our wants and you know 1973 really weighed more than 2 million babies have been killed and abortion in America that the sprinkler that is 10 times the number at that you killed in the Holocaust so now those questions and that in school of Europe and West also how do we get this point. Where are the mobs saying no human being put on our watch simply really Harling and that compelled me and propelled me to be involved. I can't stand by and do nothing.

I just I feel like it is a duty for Christians to stand up for other human being to get a chance take their first press washroom will have a couple minutes before we have to take an x-ray, but what are some of the ways that Christians can get involved and help defend the sanctity of human life. Absolutely. Well the ball we certainly need to be praying we know the Bible tells us that our strongest weapon is prayer.

And so we need to be on her knees praying daily and we need to pray for legislation that would protect life and I'm 20 abolition of abortion. I went on 100% and also for measures along the way on that goal that reduced in every way possible so I cannot get the phone for an approach that we need to be praying for legislation that brings an end to abortion we needed praying for the current court case at being decided. Right now, and that where like you said, waiting for an opinion on we needed. Praying for a good year for me, organization or individual in the world you points of voice condition after a financial problem. Only one voice the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you out the possibility of lung cancer can be scary especially for approximately a million smokers in high risk. That's why say by the skin.once you know is a breakthrough logo CT scan can detect lung cancer and only takes 60 seconds to stop smoking.

Now start screaming for an easy quiz to see if you're eligible, say by the skin.or could save your life. Association for submission.

America has a strong Christian heritage don't know really important role God in the Bible and founder of America foundation, Dr. Chris will embark on a journey much of America's government and the men kind of Republic knowledge, the creator truth about the creation of the mounting government. America join close welcome back to the Christian perspective with Chris use our guest today is Teresa Coulter. She is the owner of culture and company a great company that works in the journalism field social media field. There, publishers, and they have recently opened a new arm to address issues in the public arena one is free to come on here today to challenge us as cruises. No matter what we do or what business we are in we can develop a biblical worldview and take that biblical worldview into whatever we do in everyday life because a worldview is basically the lens through which we see the world and us Christians really the lens through which we should see everything through God's holy Word, the Bible and I'm just proud sure it skews me to write him her company for taking a stand on God's work leading up to the last commercial break. We were talking about some issues that are important to our company and in the reasons why they got involved in the public arena and one of those issues was religious liberty, and we were just talking about abortion and I wanted to touch back on abortion a little bit. Troy admits other been nearly 63 million babies murdered through abortion since 1973 of the decision Roe V Wade, which by the way, we just recently celebrated the anniversary of that back in January and sure it was sharing that with us ways that Christians can get involved in in the issue of the sanctity of human life in Israel.

One thing I think we need to do is we need to become educated on the issue of abortion of what God's word says about.

I want to go to college campuses or speak places around the country have a lot of young people in particular who don't see the fetus is a living human being and you will for me is a male your little one here what I have to say about it. And part of the reason that a lot of Christian young people today don't know what God's word says because most pastors don't ever talk about the issue.

George Barna, who I know you're familiar with Barney's Christian pollster says less than 10% of people who claim to be evangelical Christian pastors ever address issues like abortion, social rail, what would you say to a young woman who says that is just a blob of flasher, a bunch of cells thrown together is that thing in a woman's body really a baby and is really a human life, and if not, at what point does it become a human life and a great guy.

Great non-Greek gone we are now in 22 we have amazing shows that that true life of the unborn child undeniable.

In 1520 years ago. It was a much more plausible argument where pro-choice, pro-abortion side say it's just a blob of flesh.

You now have photographs and video and amazing science that shows Manichaean unborn child showed them breathing in and practicing reading amniotic fluid shows how young the heart can start beating concrete being and you can talk about their brain waves and how they feel pain and how they are sucking sound. I mean all of those things the court that this is a life and it's a precious life and if a human being. If we you and unborn child as a human when a woman is murdered in Canada. The double homicide in a call to say that I wanted to kill that child and not that it's a logical argument would like to do to make encouraging things to me if you see me on the street videos where you meet people in their views on abortion but then there's John a young animation of what actually happened in abortion and asked him again like are you really encouraging me to watch people's minds on the truth is a lot of people are just regurgitating talking points. The paper on a person in college classroom occurred on twitter. And I don't really know that when a person no what really happened to Beatty when they get torn.

That's what does not seem to my woman's body and that they have to have all their body parts recounted after divorce, and make sure everything is accounted for. They go well you really think needs and we can use science and show people that this is so wrong making their mind one person by one person effort pay your money in your mind is Teresa. I think one of the greatest tools to change minds is a sonogram and since pregnancy centers have started having you as Christians began to donate some these Christian pregnancy centers. One young women going to get counseling and what they really try to do is let the young lady see a sonogram of that child, and when they see the baby moving inside their body is made a huge difference in many, many women have decided not to have an abortion after they saw that it really is a baby. It looks like a baby. It moves all that I can't remember her last name Abby somebody Kimberly Johnson immediately up the OC was with Planned Parenthood have very high up award winner with your organization, but she had never been involved in an abortion if somebody called in sick or something, probably butchering stripper story but anyway she had to going to participate in an abortion. And when she went in and saw this situation that you just described were and I'm not try to be graphic with our listeners, but you need to know where is basically like a vacuum cleaner suctioning arms and legs and limbs off of a living baby and it is fighting to get away from that suction cup and fighting to defend its life, and when she saw that it radically transformed her life and now she's one of the most outspoken people defending the sanctity of human life in the country today and she was one of the biggest proponents of abortion before she have experienced that anyone can change their mind and trying to talk to people in here the money that is so true, and I want to ask our listeners to just be praying. As I mentioned earlier, the Supreme Court heard a decision.

I believe it was in December November early December where the state of Arkansas had passed a law basically saying that I think was at around 12 weeks greatly from Ron Schreyer that there will be no more abortions after that point because it was a living creature.

Lisa Ling, a living baby assurance a creatures living baby.

At that point, and someone took it to court.

It worked as well. The way up to the United States Supreme Court and this is the first time really since 1973 that a case of that magnitude is even made its way to the Supreme Court or were they agreed to hear it, and thankfully because of the work that Pres. Trump did, whether you like him or not. He did appoint conservative hopefully Christian justices to the Supreme Court, and so is can be interesting to see how these folks rule in this case, but this is the best case that we've had as a pro-life movement and very very long time and so we need to be praying that God will move the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts and minds of those justices as they decide how they're gonna rule, probably by June we should have an answer on that will will will have a few minutes left out. I wanted to cover you to mention three things at your company is working on it in the public arena.

Religious liberty abortion the third I found very interesting and one that many people wouldn't think of. And that's theological education. How does this fit in the culture companies advocacy back to promoting things that are right and prayed for. Literally nothing at God here in his way and how he has worked in history and how he desires practicing all that is certainly good and worthwhile. Not only do we need pastors you have spent time studying like that they can leave their churches well honestly theological education for every believer. Everyone, as you may know that, 15 years studying in seminary and far more than anything he cannot with a PhD at anyway we been deeply intertwined with life some time now and I really believe that every Christian should desire and pursue as much as possible ending knowledge and wrath of Scripture and truly, your faith as well. By setting this to do the job of the church in matters of doctrine and theology that in and as efficiently as possible. Like, rather than every church develop their own curricula and their training program that impacted conference and have come together and pool our resources, but that you can focus on the task rather than trying to have every pastor eating every course in every church, which I think it's pretty efficient model and we can debate all day long with gutter biblical efficient that that seminary simply discipleship ministry of the church so world of I think largely under educated Christian people who sometimes very down the are not reading the Bible even not understanding it. Hardly at all. Catastrophe and tragedy. We kind of turnaround and we all be endeavoring to learn possible so that night and again largely got his area of expertise much more than mine that we have been honored to play a role in promoting the place down theological education in the state and abroad, including in countries where Christians are persecuted and where the gospel is welcome that we really look forward to using coloring and company advocacy to continue helping in the effort. More and more is critically important for how to fill the place down, but found worldview and have been placed on churches, but I think we found pastors education. We will have about a minute left, so this is a short answer to the board and his people that are looking at seminaries. Many seminaries today are not preaching and teaching the word of God. How can people discern where to go to seminary.

I think you can find my counselors. I would personally recommend Mid-America and we are planting our life and now in their very strong a hold tightly authority of Scripture.

I would personally be thrilled to talk anybody who might be interested in that school and before we let you go. How can people partner with culture company.

How do they find you online to learn more about the services that you provide the quickest way culture for simple DLL ER everything housed under that umbrella all the different arms of our companies are advocacy part there as well. We would just be thrilled to partner with people not to help figure out what their skills are and how they can fit into the effort in their own area. We love to partner financially. We love to partner in prayer like that avenue than what you can say hey I can't tell you that right now but I want to play a part in what can I do to get involved in whatever way were thrilled to partner with people ball down the field folks check out the website, such as you're listening to Truth Network and

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