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Can Christians Honor God and Run for Public Office?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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May 5, 2022 5:00 am

Can Christians Honor God and Run for Public Office?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 5, 2022 5:00 am

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Political strategist, Aamon Ross, and Chris Hughes talk about the need for Christians to run for office and serve with a Biblical Worldview.

The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes
The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes

This is Han's trial from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network.

This is the Truth Network and get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris left abdicated results in a massive line that we talk about everyday on the show persecution of families or the attack on traditional family married attack on Christian businesses or religious freedoms and for those of you are just tired of talking about problems and want to learn more about being part of the solution. My guest today is stored in the organization that you're gonna want to know about so buckle up, get down, get ready take some notes. This will be a great great show application how you can engage the culture for Jesus welcome the Christian perspective, my names Chris used in I guess they have never met him but we are brothers already. I love what he's doing here in our lady does what we talk about every single day.

You yo-yo the Christian perspective or trying to encourage Christians to develop a biblical worldview to get educated on the issues of the day to know what they believe melodically what is the Bible. Psychosocial issues like homosexuality transgender rhythm traditional family married and so much more. Learn what we believe in the develop a biblical worldview and then take that biblical worldview. Specifically, not just in the world but you know what I encourage you every day to do take that specifically into the arena of public policy and politics and our guest is going to be right in that lane before we jump in and start talking to him I would think Mid-America Baptist theological seminary for being the home of Christian perspective studios in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee. If you're looking for college for your child or grandchild, or maybe you where you can go to school and not worry about being indoctrinated with transgender is a more critical race theory are all the crazy things going on college campuses today.

Check out all Mid-America. Maybe you'd like to further education with a Masters degree Mid-America Baptist theological seminary is one of the best seminaries in the country. They are biblically found. They talk about the sufficiency of Scripture, the guaranty of God's work is a place we get a strong theological biblical education and they teach biblical worldview each and every day and want you to take that into the culture. You can learn more about Mid-America Baptist theological seminary M a course we want to thank the main sponsor of the show they are citizens of America foundation citizens for America is committed to helping you get educated in the bell that biblical worldview that we talked about and engage in the arena of public policy and politics citizens for America's got there great annual event coming up to 2022 culture engagements on a national event. The only event of its kind, and the biggest of its kind in the country is good be in Memphis Tennessee on April 30 April 30 the culture engagements, you can learn more citizens for America and what a great speaker that day. Mark Meadows was on Christian former Congressman former Chief of Staff to Pres. from center addendum agenda met Marsha Blackburn, Todd stars as a syndicated radio host Rick green of the patriot Academy are so many great Christian and political speakers to be that day to encourage you to engage as a Christian in the arena of public policy and politics so tickets only start at $15 and includes what good for $15.

Without a great deal you get your all these other wonderful speakers go to citizens for America today to register for the 2022 culture engagements on well or somebody's engaging the culture every single day. His name is Ayman Roth and Amon you were doing what we are living to teach people in your you're telling people to get engage in politics and Christians are shot away from that so long drama show today.

Amon welcome the Christian perspective. Well, thank you. Chris confided to be dear loved the work that you're doing this showing the poop United for America, so powerful, and what we need more like more people like you out there preaching this message. The bank robbery or grow a brother were getting bigger and bigger. You were to talk about your ministry work and it really is ministry with what you're doing and talk about your podcast will you do that always liked it, and bite my guest account to share their life. So our audience can get to know you are on a personal level you aside from the work we do a politics does little bit about absolutely husband me the woman father of three incredible daughters. I grew up in Colorado then moved to Southern California to go to undergraduate school in and then left there moved to Oklahoma to go and get my Masters in business at Oral Roberts University at a great time there. Met my wife on a blind date and, as they say, the rest of his three and then we moved about two years ago to Northern California and and we can talk little bit more about the motivation behind the God, called about your two work on the campaign that you believe weekly new was probably going to be unsuccessful, but you know he would come a point in my direction so we did it. And so we been out in what many people call the People's Republic of California: the mission field brother could lead to a question about that. You said you have three daughters, all you girls got the 1413 and 10 will okay we need a special time of prayer for you all going to order a blissfully is the moment I've done I've ever had. I mean I've been blessed with 23 incredible girl then the other so talented and gifted. I love the Lord, you have been just bring light everywhere they go.

I gotta tell you that part of my day. I have a son and a daughter and being a parent is to me is just what a great gift from God.

I me I don't know anybody about being a parent is such a blessing, but you know when those boys start and if it hasn't started already with your oldest is starts to just be praying for your permit. When the boys come in and out when we need to praise or not California was a realistic, I'll be praying for you will will Amon tells Lucy what Oral Roberts were great school, how did you come to know the Lord, you know, I grew up in an incredible family.

Both my parents were first generation believers so they came out of home that you know there really there was no God in you know they really wanted to invest in out there about public educator and knew what public education had to offer. At the time and they invested nothing to do incredible Christian school life. Graduated high school from a Jesuit school which was an incredible experience as well and all boys just a high school and then you know when to secular university for undergrad end and looked and then went to an amazing young school Oral Roberts so people come after me. You know what sure you know what you theological background and I felt kind cross denominational you know what I like about being God show up in a lot of different places than I do not feel like somebody feel like they got a lock on all the right answers, you know were probably worshiping too small of the God yet but wanted what a change to go from a Jesuit school to Oral Roberts to me that with that was a big a big difference with but were all believers love the Lord, what a great opportunity and in a super story. Will Amon, you don't really know anything about me, but like you I have a heart Jesus in the heart politics. I just love in and it's almost for me at least, is like a drug out of like that this probably get us in trouble for saying that but there's just something about being involved in the political process that drives me up and elected public office times at work as a political consultant done a lot of things in the political arena for you. How and why in the world did you want to get involved in this crazy world of politics. You know my journey started about seven years ago I was in the business world for 20 years and on account mission business trip to China with a group of business leaders. Then we decided to take a day and go out and fight the info will walk along the Great Wall, walk by myself quietly praying Chris, I got I don't know how to explain this really, like when you read in the Bible about the thunder and lightning bolt moments when God speaks and you know he he he spoke community that Amon you think too small. You don't think generationally and and frankly Chris.

I was all scared that I don't know what I did know it just hit me.

I was instantly in tears this really overwhelmed with that and so I came back also and with good copy with one my best friend and assure the authorities than what you think of me. You know Kevin, I've been praying about it and for some reason I feel like God wants you would be to put our heads together and put godly leaders in positions of authority at the state and national level and he just stared the bed. Amon don't tell anybody this, but I think God called me to run for governor anything to be my campaign manager and I started laughing method, not the dumbest idea ever heard. I don't like politics. I don't care about politics.

I've never done anything but vote because mediator backboard a few months. I walked away from the business world, which is the outlook it was amazing. It was easy. It was incredibly profitable and that the step of faith into the space that I had no experience in you as you know… Albeit with the cauldron and you know we can talk more about that story.

But we do the 10 person primary in Oklahoma and Kevin had no political strength, but all you you built the dumb company of the fee you know that minutes of the top two in the primary, and that we want to run off one the general and now he is the governor of Oklahoma. What an amazing story, so neither one of you had any political background at all but just that I was going to do it and you want that's exactly right. You were just saying yes you know what what we Pokémon the column doing what I my my weapon is that I have the gift of being able to hire people much smarter than myself and so I started off you know do a nationwide interview. They interviewed over 150 consultant in every specialty of a campaign and difficulty of note. By the end of that process had 20 binders of information and hired Mike even felt wink when you take a step of faith into a space that you know nothing about.

You really have to be true to who you are and so I knew I could lead well and I knew how to set the vision and how to hold people accountable, and so I did. I found about people like good men that I did those three things with a tremendous tremendous tort folks were talking to Amon Ross in sharing his testimony of how God is blessing family policies. Very few people start off and come back because using the basic really like that. This show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about locking the fix step 15 testing feet of Bible come to life this December and chewing nationally for radio host and found as the citizens financial foundation staff to create life-changing it's one of the world's oldest and most fascinating travel during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of reasons. Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragically rectified like a wailing rock dome of the flock that Kristin is a whining alleyways of Nancy's own hands, a place that I savings bank gallery Jewish porches, feet first hand ready event that the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I do feel like new citizens financial and get ready for an unforgettable trip in memory last a lifetime time creating there is another line 39 year relationship, when hearing is in line enjoy history was made on one American minute with Bill May 5, 1988, Pres. Ronald Reagan signed an active Congress designating the first Thursday May as a national day of prayer.

This is always been part of American life indeed present. Washington declared a national day of prayer during his first year in office. Pres. Madison did during the war of 1812. Lincoln during the Civil War and Pres. Woodrow Wilson during World War I.

It was Pres. Harry S Truman though made an annual event saying in times of national crisis.

We are striving to strengthen the foundations of peace. We stand special need of divine support American friendship 1888 book about a Christian perspective. Mike yesterday Amon Lawson Amon as a company that God is using you didn't tell you about a few minutes kingdom politics you just hearing the story before the commercial break of how he and his best friend were to talk about what God wanted what day it is spreads that you might like a crazy world government want to be a campaign manager you that might not sound like that big a deal for those of you who are not involved in the political world, but that just doesn't really happen every day.

Usually people work for years to get known it in the political world and business world understates her communities were the running and when you're running for governor usually are all these big fancy campaign consultants who think they know everything that just shows what God can do when you get involved payment before the commercial break. You talk about how you interview just hundreds of people to put together your team the governor's race and how God gave you the ability to do that how you hire people better yourself and that's not what it is. Also this maybe sometime if you want to. That's what true mark of a great leader is so many people today are afraid to hire people surround themselves with people who were smarter and better things and they are so I want to commend you on having the courage to know you.

We don't know everything about every subject for those of you that want to be a leader out there aim as example is a great when you need to surround yourself with people that are smarter, stronger, better than you and they will make you better the process. Thank you for have the humility to do that well you know what I would find that if I'm the smartest person in the room. I start get nervous and showing me that I'm hanging out with the wrong people.

That's true. I have a friend Andy Andrews. He writes a lot of books on leadership and and and he talks a lot about how you you you need to really like the 10 people closest to you need to be in a richer, smarter, more successful in the people you surround yourself with the people that I become like so you ran this campaign for governor and you want if you work in his administration.

Blood SoundScan manager become cheaper sample. What did you do after that. After the campaign Kevin asked me to be the chief got a job there for Oklahoma which I was really excited about because that is right in my wheelhouse and you know I was praying about it and I just kind of felt the Lord with Sprint sabbatical to me and so I went back. Kevin.don't limit what we had we been from the long time because her dark basketball team together. You know what the cookout in about the cabinet that I did work 80 hours a week for the last few years and you know the only time I see my family that they come to a meet and greet either a fundraiser or my kids brought one of the doorknocking themes on the weekend and so I just felt like I needed to take a step back and he totally understood the note how much family means to me and I got the campaign we finished out the transition from one administration to his administration.

We put a thousand a plan and 100 a plan in place and then I took a sabbatical info. What I didn't feel during the campaign. Kevin I traveled all over Oklahoma and all the surrounding state meeting with group of people in the church pastors all over, all over that the seventh day reason and we realize how what how disengaged in uninvolved and frankly ignorant the body of Christ was when it came to the world politics without the trees of the people that are making the decisions that affect your everyday life with your kids learning in school what you pay in taxes. You know everything that happened to you.

The local politics touching every day and so during my time off. I took all of the doubt that I could learn during the campaign and I have the team of about 20 subject matter expert, and so they all provided content for this program as well and I wrote up the curriculum for what were about talk about the kingdom politics that this is just amazing so-so kingdom politics you let up so how did it start and tell us what kingdom politics right don't think Dave Ramsey politics okay so it's kind of funny, as we probably country and your speaking all of the placement you got ready people instantly get a good visual account of what we do and that we have an online video training program teaches people how to run for office also to people how to work on the campaign and so the whole goal. There is, we want all people in the church that one run for school board County Commissioner, a representative, maybe Congress you never know right you could be sitting every Sunday next and the next senator or governor and so we want those people we want to raise up the leaders of the church and teach them how to run for office, but then there's all the other people in your church right that want to help. They want to be part of the solution.

They're tired of just talking about the problem. Pulpit and so we want to teach them how to come alongside the people in that church that want to run for office and support them with their God-given gifts on their campaign and I know you seen this in churches. It just amazes me how when you tell somebody run for office, and in many cases, like you got the plague in the church. You know they they see politics is nasty and dirty and just a few weeks ago dear friend of mine, late in the me because what I'm doing right now like what you're doing and in that they just don't get it. This is not about politics. This is is your ministry says this is kingdom work we we want the right to share the gospel and it will take a stand to lose the right share the gospel in the United States of America and that's for what you're doing is so important when you mentioned you have online training and will dig deeper into that but is in person training to her you pretty much yeah focus on online training. What we do we have them go through the online training and then afterwards we do coaching for them and their team so that they can get their campaign forms on a trajectory to victory. Our mission acumen politics is to raise up 100,000 believers run for office in 10 years and we don't just leave them running for office. We need him winning okay and then bringing a biblical worldview to the office. You know, if you imagine something I don't want to admit that I think you nailed it right on the head when you talk about your friend to give you a hard time for what you're doing and here's the deal, everybody listening right now if you only take one thing away from one about the state and the power, the church in the body of Christ has created an environment where apathy is likely an engagement is 30 that again apathy is clean and engagement is dirty, but I think in you know Chris is unbelievable that I engage in leading and breaking up kingdom minded leaders that that's become a dirty thing right.

That's how parked on the ark. The church is abdicated its responsibility for the last 60 years the lead in the political space and what people like all of such a dark and yelled so pretty when you get what we haven't been involved your work worth all the light world one both to bring the life and thought were not engaging in the faith out there.

He liked her, though I love what you said and that's something I'm really passionate about is addressing the issue in you know I use the latest all of the pot and no week I speak all of the country work with a lot of amazing organization like family research Council is so fascinating because at the end of the day what we've learned is that a lot of the seminaries across the country are preparing for teaching the pastors how do talk about the stuff from the pulpit in a nonpartisan manner in our program is completely nonpartisan. We never talk about any political party. We don't even talk about conservative or liberal.

We do all we focus on the kingdom coming in the how to run for office.

Course you have a devotional at the beginning of each chapter based on somebody that was in the Bible and in politics and money give you couple examples so Daniel and Joseph are literally called governors right yeah Deborah was the judge. Moses led the Israelites out of slavery after 400 years may had no form of government, and he created a judicial system for them.

The Bible is filled with political activities by believers in both end with the end of the day. We live in a Republic and so the only people that God raises up are the people that say yes all do it. Lord, all take a step for step of faith the lead in the space. What I tell you what you got blood so you God let him get off my mind will not know is good. I want you reach this is what people need to hear the church as you said is abdicated their duty for more than 60 years that we we wonder why our for five euros of school being asked behind her parents back will are you a boy, are you really a girl or did God make a mistake and what you are yet we we wonder about why so much sexual promiscuity and and in child abuse and things going on in our country are run or were we want to watch one of 63 million babies been brutally murdered countries because as you said the church means like a vacuum.

We stepped back we got out of it completely insane. Just went right into that arena.

Now, were happy to try to play catch-up. It is not an easy job to do.

Unfortunately, too many Christians don't see this as a mission field in it is our responsibility to aim and you noticed you. God created us in his image and he gave man dominion over the earth for him to take care of the creation of God made and we step back and not done it.create a politics politics is not a dirty word you everything it affects everything that we do and an hourly white-collar politics amusing was been elected six times. It is public service, and independently. When people act like you got the play coming goodness. And you know the same in working with Gov. Kevin you know you sacrifice tremendously to serve others. I mean I'm not saying that to get sympathy for me. Your like you said 80 hours a week, probably you probably work more than 80 hours a week for most of those two years. It is hard work and spend your time and now people attack you and they attack your family.

It is a rough business is not easy to serve instead of Christians criticizing those of us are in this arena we need to step up and love our brothers and sisters in Christ you have the courage to take a stand now I'm freaking sorry about love everything you just said you know what you just reminded me of something and you know it because pastors in the body of Christ. Our perspective is so flawed, so Kevin right now is the governor book, but we Kevin and I are talking, you know, we don't look at him as the governor of Oklahoma. We look at them as the pastor of the church of 4 million people now he is taking krait in the agency had beating and cabinet meeting 40 never been welcomed before and so if we have the right perspective. Okay. And when looking at the world of politics as the next big mission field coming week. We get so excited that the missionaries to China or Africa right we need to start raising up kingdom minded leaders in our congregations across the country and bending them into the world politics men less like a commercial break here that he'll never sound lame and this is the stuff this is all about.

The back was a talk more about your ministries politics and how God is using you happy to learn what you are doing well be right back states.

America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is very busy and indicated radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris before meeting Dave Internation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden Washington DC and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage tore up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of the United States and about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing secure your spot to join is this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement will command the Christian perspective, this is Chris you like yesterday talking about politics lost just a regular guy like you and God placed him a unique opportunity to help the driver of Oklahoma get elected, and now he is the giver of Oklahoma and it is great to have godly men and women serve in public office, and we were talking about before the break.

A minute I'm a really good troll. Your mother and a day. They are still of you is not just Christians. It attack other Christians were in the political arena, but a lot of pastors to get it.

It's amazing to me. I can talk about abortion at OTHER stuff on Facebook or social media or twitter and pastoral never say a word, but but there I say anything about being involved in the political process and they go crazy. I had a guest on about a month ago Meridia show talk about mission in in a pastor in my area made comedy to know us all social media. Well I'm glad that Chris uses. Finally, talk about something other politics somewhat. You listen to the show is not about politics it's about evangelizing people for Jesus I'm coming I talk every day aim at about impact of the culture for Jesus and the there is no better way to impact the culture for Jesus then delete people to Jesus.

But if we don't gain back our political arena to lose the right to tell other people about Jesus. And I know you're in California and you know you met pastors as I have all across the country think Tobit shut down and threatened to go to jail and lose everything they had because they refused to shut the church and I continue to meet because they believe that God commanded him to do that and I'm sure you know about that. The mayor and used it a few years ago who she was a lesbian and she didn't like when creatures were preaching that homosexuality is a sin and she was demanding that they turn over their thermistor and this is just the beginning a minute. This is some foreign country.

This is happening here and we got to take a stand.

You're exactly right. You know we did.

But here's the deal you know for how much longer before the name of Jesus to be 8 feet or your church can't take all my donation you got closure door pastors need to wake up and I will think Tobit is been an incredible blessing. In this aspect because I have so many pastor that her eyes wide open right now you know I want to foster a quick story know please always do.

I was at a conference in Southern California and there were there were 700 pastors and a friend of mine. She's the California minority leader. She gets up there and they had asked her to speak for a few minutes to grab the microphone and you have to picture the place you 55 ball of dynamite though grab the microphone is on stage and she just them there quietly for about 10 seconds. Just looking at the audience and you can kind of felt a little a little uncomfortable that family could tear up and drop and you hold the mic up close to her mouth and she says stop calling the top emailing me get off your butt and come down to the state capital. You're the only group of people, but never come down here the abortion lobby come down here that atheists of American come down here.

You're the owner to list five or six other group that you're the only group that never come down here to pray without the build relationship with the you only freak out when you don't you start doing what the call from your people in the congregation. You guys haven't been at the table and now you're on the menu that the world that we created because we decided so actively disengaged in the politics great quote element.

What a tremendous story of NS. True, we don't get about your eye are used to lobby for organization.

But you never see Christians as state capitals or the national capital like we should.

I mean maybe on days like you like the March for life or something people might show up when you engage in ongoing arugula rabbit trail here with you aim and you know we need to know who are elected officials all. I wonder how many people as they shouted I have ever met a County Commissioner school board member it.

We all excited about a wonderful present matter run for governor.

You have a tremendous impact in your local elections. If you'll just engage in and you need to know pastors goodness pastors you know your elected officials are more importantly, did they know who you are, what kind of minister are you in the community. If you County commissioners and school board members don't know who you are. Pastor I hope I'm stepping on your toes. They need to know your you know what you're going and I'm sorry I'm know you're exactly right. You know I had a pastor you know I was speaking at a conference in North Carolina this weekend to a group of pastors and one of the pastors with talking about you know how the shifted how they're going to influence their city because you know I was praying about it in the Lord told me you think that the city would notice or care if you get that the peer churches disappear and look at how we have to carry love in these places I mean we work with candidate we have on the school board city Council state rep. We have six congressional candidates you know him. Atty. Gen. Kenneth work with. We got tons of different candidate.

But here's what we talk to them about.

You gotta make sure your heart is in the right position and you need to come from everything from a position of love" go to your school board meeting.

The company make these people okay or apply something love on him and tell him about how can we serve you.

Thank you for being willing to step up and lead the people that you may agree with and you may not agree with. But I tell you what you're out there to watch them on social media for your protestant or you show up at one of the meetings in your gel in the what I don't know how were going to bring the kingdom in that space.

We do not get we do not have any influence in the in this arena. If we don't come in and love and build relationship. I had a doorman Damon right or you need look here I have a pastor in Bend, Oregon, and they went that there was a note Bend Oregon with having a lot of little earthquake until the city brought together at the USGS. The geological society and a bunch of the sheriff department had a huge meeting and there in the median and then at the end that that are there any questions in this chapter raise the tenant that no how do you see the church helping you know. Should something like this happen in your how can we serve in the head of the of the bed bed irrelevant and disengaged. You decide those two words from the microphone and the pastor said he was so humiliated and the wife went home and prayed about it like you know what we need to repent for how we chosen to engage in the space so they did that and then they went back to the sheriff's office and let them know how can we serve you in public. Yeah, you did nothing to do but not really like with something you need. Pastor said the sheriff the well we got math through the sheriff and so ill. Whatever. And so they procure and they go back they raise the money. Show up really got math and all the thunderstruck like you got a kidney God actually did something and then now make the sheriff department goes to this church whenever they're struggling with something the community in order to hate you got help us help but listen to bring other leaders of faith together to bring kingdom minded solution if yo I have a friend in Destin, Florida never is a business guy never been in small business owner never been a politics ran for mayor Becton well ended up winning. It was popular. The heart rate, but just what you want after he won a strip club from the East Coast. The stranded in a strip club wanted to put one of the club conducted Florida while you didn't wanted you know the boat that all the pastor did wanted so you would be able at the end of the as a man of faith will be able to bring together all of the churches may put together a plan and they bought the building that the strip club is going to go into. I made directly is not great and then they turned the ability to give backpack the kids and to provide food to the underserved community. That's what can happen when when believers get involved. Pulpit is a tremendous testimony. Well, you know this is a problem around the country will relegate the listing outage occurred you not just pastors, Christians, you get all you can go to the Dollar Tree about 10 little note cards for a dollar and just write a note, their addresses, even if you have sent to the County office or on the County website usually instill a little note you can express your school board members let them know you're praying for a light like you I'm and I'm not down very often but when I am at home if I'm in town on the day that the County commissioners who were meet. I try to go you just may be purchased five or 10 minutes before you shake your hand, and I like a little note that I'm praying for an end here I've gotten. I go to lunch with some of them really close with the chairman of our County commission were Whitman and he's not a Republican but were friendly and yet we know reach understand we don't argue about stuff because as you said we can't wait until something happens. I have a oh, pastor, mentor minded says you have to build friendship bridge and you have to earn the right to share the gospel with people but because of these friendships are good times with some of these people need a prayer I don't know the sum of November. Darken the door of the church, but when they needed something they reach out asked me to pray for something, it opens the door for me to share the gospel year we spent it and I'm big and and formations occasional twist as you listen what I'm saying and and I spent much of my life working workers planted churches all over the world.

Not saying don't do it. A lot of churches only little token mission trip somewhere. I don't really do anything in their ignoring rural community. You need to be involved in your own community, to where you can make a huge impact in let these people love them up important commercial breaking. I was your idea for people who are maybe in your church. I would encourage you to have high Sunday, but you can call it whatever but how about once a year all the churches out there you guys invite all your elected officials and all your candidate to come to your church and and I'll let them come and then after church at like ice cream social work general the ground that appeared before their cake and ice cream or whatever and what that does is one many of them have never probably stepped foot that your work, you get a chance to preach a slow morning message.

Be intentional sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and what that does is it let your members meet them that let them meet your members. Guess what they'll come to think I get reelected. I like the commercial breaks focus only name teacher at an organization or individual apartment rental life can be difficult for the Energizer social media, graphics cards give us a call today at 704-984-2432 connect with the design on social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven. I believe the message of this financial problem.

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This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating their relationship to rain sharing is in line joint. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is very busy and indicated radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris before meeting Dave Internation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden Washington and rediscover much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of the United States and about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing secure your spot to join is like yesterday for a moment, what with them for the right my line of what I believe in payment losses here today talking about his ministry, kingdom and politics in Avon you have a theater website sure that you were talking about online classes a while ago I how do people sign up for these classes were they go to warm making good kingdom in IN in and you know we have the training program on their you can learn more about it and we are more than happy to help serve. We don't want to do this alone. That's why we created an environment where you know they have an online training. We have the group training the creative community and then we mentor you so that you don't feel like you're saying yes to something God calling you to and then you go on this journey alone so that your three-level system. What you just described a know you talk about your website that you have kind of a trademark approach to training people to people have to pay for.

This is a free service. I was a group plan where you can get 10 licenses for one price for an individual plan if you just want to do it for yourself and go through it you get the how to run for office or how to run a camping course you.

We also provide you with a short course of 35 minute call.

The art of the prohibited message that the plan and the whole point of that course is what if you're a believer going in the space. Just know that lots of people don't like you already okay and so we want to give them school to be able to defend against or get out of hard situations where people are trying to sabotage your campaign and then we also give you a digital starter kit with a bunch of templates. You know how to best practices for how to host a fundraiser work, how to schedule your day like 70 different document the market so that were giving you an entire package that you know you we really want to break down the four optical believers from running for office right fear of the unknown. If the fear of failure, the fear of success that we count peers number one and then the lack of training, the lack of mentorship and the lack of community weekly fall ball for the optical it was even mentioned earlier that I just want want to touch on the quicker you don't. People are like how Michael to go work in the space.

You know I don't agree with so-and-so, or how we can invite them to my church.

I agree more with this or that you think God doesn't know that it's okay for the annual who was a unit of the slave. He was hated he was hated because of you of how he felt his belief you think that Daniel agreed with everything that was going on in Babylon at the time, or agreement.

Everything was being said or done.

Absolutely not.

Guess what, you work with excellent and his enemies could find no fault in him and get what God raised him up to be the most powerful person in all of the world at that dog to do the same thing for the people that you are training right now.

So if they go morning to get these classes. Amon and Ella say they will. They decide they do want to run for office or want to dig deeper were more alert opportunities for someone like you were on your team to come along side them and offer more consulting help you connect them with people that do that yet we do both. So we have a team of about 20 matter expert for all believers. They've all been in the space for 15 to 30 years and we can we make sure that we can execute the people look, everyone knows that there's a lot of stuff that goes on the space rightly.

We know the stories about work, they raise the hundred million dollars that only the big million of it you know actually got spent and 30 million evaporated. I thought happenedand felt we try to work with people that we know our ethical. We know that there kingdom minded and we know that they're going to do the right thing for the tenants that we connect them with and so yeah we we help provide all of those resources something else that we do for those of you that when don't feel like you know you don't have that fear of a because once you when we connect you to a couple of other organization that we were not trying to re-create the wheel here.

There's already kingdom minded legislation be enacted will boarding city Council. They rub all the way to Congress and Gov., and these organizations will help provide you with what that looks like so you don't have to like accounting know where to start now. Your ministry really comes along side I had no idea that this organization existed till about 48 hours ago and this is so needed Amon for your helping people because so many not just Christians but others were typically the Christian world events. I want to run for office in like we talked about are so few crews within the realm of politics of the jurors that people don't know where to go or what to do right now is so many parents across the country looking at school board races and I don't assume you help with local races to that are wondering where to go. So you need to check this out. This is not some secular organization helping out. These are Christians in a ministry that really come alongside you to train you how to run for office and not leave you alone.

Once you get there till the website again. Please you know anyone, though it. You know the gift all you listeners we have something that we like to give them the can downloaded It is really in-depth look at all of the four optical to stop believers from running for office and what those solutions look like again that go.kingdom and Thank you so much. What a blessing you so you get rewarded for listing the Christian perspective today Amon I know you said you have training both for candidates and people that want to run campaigns do you have a program set up a site where you train somebody to be a campaign manager whatever different position, train a man, but they might not have a candidate yet you connect those two groups together as well.

You know that the really good question and we actually started getting that question, more more know there's a group in Virginia, and a group in California, but have asked that same question.

Just recently, and yes to what we try to do it off just because some of those erases you know it just depends on your geography right but we we do have access to thousands and thousands of rape of the crop the country that we can help trying connect you to just depending on what it is you really want to do. I will tell you it running for office working on campaign for people would've never done it.

It can be the most fun, most exciting of you care the most amazing testimonies from both campaign workers and people running for office on you know how much fun they have serving never really knew they were doing joy this much and it's so encouraging to me, even in North you think you your viewership, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, were helping work or help you in a number right there from school board all the way to Congress and just really need to see the work the got Dylan raising up his incredible leaders so the pastors listening the day and and and he's encouraged by what you say and agrees with the Holy Spirit convicts them. How can someone inspire the congregation to run for political office.

What advice would you give, you know so that I love you at the question. I was in a church just outside the bay area and sitting in the green room with the pastor and Ruth have a conversation is an amazing guy and you know I said let me ask it how come many people in your congregation have ever been interested in, or possibly called to run for office, let me count the blank look.

Any federal I've no idea what you what you think about that want to go out there on stage just ahead. You know from 10 years old until today. I many of you have ever had the nudging of the Holy Spirit, or just the interest or desire to run for office, whether it's from aboard the president like alright so we go… 30% of the people raised her hand. We do this, a lot of churches pastors are there blown away by the amount of people that you don't even have the interested here's the thing. If you're a pastor looking like you're called the steward the heart and mind your congregation and so you know whether it's writing them up in the business world organelle. The media world. Whatever it is you know you you can easily end in a nonpartisan manner. Read up leaders in your church run for office in I gotta tell you, it will interesting because I have a lot of factors that are a little leery at first but then you note. Once they do it in the kind of the oldest, groups doing it on their own small group or whatever, that they realized the kind of impact and influence that their church can make you outside the four walls of the building and you're exactly right.

They don't they think postop matter and there example after example, across the country, particularly in local elections where it's just there churches that have more members than people actually voted on election day. In that case I mention with the mayor in a and in Houston there are three churches in the Houston area have a larger membership. The people it turned out the vote and and that's how she got an office if Christians would, I think those sadistic I saw a while back about 40 million Christians that are eligible to vote, vote or not registered about pastors.

It is time to take a stand will run out candidate but is not illegal to have voter registration drives in your church is not illegal does not endanger your 501(c)(3) status to encourage people in your church to run for office and even have training for them to do so, and a minimum and I would be happy to connect with you and show you how he can help you more. Amon tell them again.

Could we run out of time, how to get your website and and how they can learn more.

Absolutely. And you can email us at that begin. The website is kingdom Thank you so much for being with us today. This is been great yet. Thank you for having me appreciate all the work that you're doing them and God bless you folks remember he gave us a special deal that go.kingdom and go.kingdom and, or check out Avon's website kingdom be praying for Amon Ross and his team is a raising up a generation of leaders to serve a public office. The biblical perspective Fortune here every day on your local radio station, where we are cross-country the same time he remembers he shows a podcast later today. Here Christian perspective more about impacting culture for Jesus. Visit citizens for America foundation, this is the Truth Network

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