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Can We Pray America Great Again?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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May 30, 2022 5:00 am

Can We Pray America Great Again?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 30, 2022 5:00 am

Author and speaker, Donica Hudson, calls America back to prayer.

Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul
Renewing Your Mind
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Renewing Your Mind
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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris, have you here today great wonderful get you love my gay prayer warrior. Doc, I want to thank our sponsors for America foundation for making the show possible.

If you want to learn how to engage the culture for Jesus to know about events going on around the country. If you will learn what the Bible issues like critical race theory generated on same-sex marriage and so many other things and following the Bible, we can help you understand what the Bible says so you can develop a biblical worldview. Worldview is really just the land for which we see the world as Christians. God wants us to see the world through the land of the Bible we went out to do that for America that citizens for America today and sign up will send you. We won't kill you with a lot of spam just said informational newsletters and email from time to time to let you know about events that are going on issues that are relevant to culture today so we can impact the culture for Jesus and of course I want to date Mid-America bed theological seminary. Being home to the Christian perspective studios talking to you right here from Memphis, Tennessee you're looking for college to attend.

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I guess today is really an expert on that on the crazy things that are going on our school systems in our colleges across the country.

But that won't happen because of Mid-America. You did a great secular education, but you also get a wonderful biblical worldview perspective check them out. Also, maybe you already have a college degree and you're one of the side note, how can I learn more about God's word increase my knowledge on the Bible.

While I encourage you to take a look at the Mid-America Baptist theological seminary name Marriott when the preacher hate to be a preacher because there is simply a Masters degree or doctorate degree and and you can do it from the comfort of your own all-male because well they debated what they already had a great all nonprogram, but you can do it from home online and still get that great quality education for MA that MA BTS.ED 511 writing for a while we been trying to get connected when my favorite speaker. She is all over the country. Goodness she's everywhere. What I love about my get them either. And there are many things to look at she's incredible woman of God. She's getting her husband have a wonderful church that they planted in the mountains of North Carolina. She got wonderful children. All of us need somebody in our lives. And if you don't have a prayer warrior your life. I encourage you to find one today.

We can't get along in his life without God we need a covering of prayer, and I know that when I have a problem I can call Donica Hutchinson should be on her need for me. This woman is a praying machine and so I'm just so glad to have rerun of a tale about a personal at all, ever tell you about that.

I podcast back and think we had a radio show, but I believe this is the first time could be wrong. We had on the radio show, but I'm just so glad to have one of my favorite people in the world. Donica had Donica thank you for being with us today. You're one of my favorite people in the world to do and I instead think of what you're doing to get. Not many people today are spreading the truth with a biblical worldview and we got the mainstream media that is absolutely painting and where anti-God, country and sleepiness right into a new world order and so refreshing to have people who are standing up her fate for our country. You are patriot and still believe that the Bible is the final authority in this land and grant I value friendship to bank that we live near each other, North Carolina, and you got it anytime you need anything you call me and I am on the need for you live near each other. Donica is always ugly sneaky others will speak at a place around the love you and your family so much. I love the stand that you're taking of those you have a copy.

You need to check out Donica is dark at the back of his rep said that right track. Donica DL and… Is really what you got another great book coming out soon, but she has a book called prey America great in every Christian should read that book and you really should learn it helps you learn more about our country and abetting our country through prayer. Donica has put together what led you to write prey America great. What would well I'll tell you by just a second. It was an incredible God encounter in your introduction on the radio show today. He talked about how we see the world today through the lens of the Bible which is we call a biblical worldview and I wanted to point out that our founding fathers had a biblical worldview, now critical theory and history revisionist are telling everyone in America and it replete on the mainstream media that we are not a Christian, country, that we did not have a biblical worldview that in my book under the economy. The current communist golden that on the neck economy in a factly on scalp and which was read before our government before our comment in 1963.

All current goals basically have been accomplished but just to nail it down.

One of these. Let me read you number 17 get control of the school.

Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda stop in the curriculum get control of teachers Association fit the party line intact. Another one that gets credit.

Our Constitution number 29 gets credit the American Constitution by calling it an adequate old-fashioned, out of step with modern need a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. Number 30 gets credit the American founding fathers then and selfish aristocrat who had no concern for the common man not point that out because these things will read in 1953. And yet we are watching them play out before today, though it would surprising looking back on this when the Lord gave me a God encounter basically and in that encounter. I was told to pray third heaven prayer and the problem with that Chris did not have a clue what third heaven prayer were you know it. The Scripture says that the glory of God can fill a matter in the Gloria King to search it out so I'm searching through the Scriptures to figure this thing out and and now understood that biblically there are three heavens, you know, the one that we are in right now the earth and everything that we can be. And then there's that that can happen that on been at the start which is where state had him thrown in the second heaven and then there's 1/3 heaven where God the father had established his throne above all principality and power and the ruler of heaven and earth and the universe and everything in all of mankind is where Jesus is where paradise is okay, pray third heaven prayer. I had to understand what you know how God frames the world and understand the Bible had understand our country and our Constitution and for the Lord just took me on the deep dive into okay I'm called the crazy thinking it was a pretty powerful encounter during that I would like the Chris Angel of the Lord came to me and I the word were spoken over his shoulder and they actually came into me that I would to pray and that I was to write book and at the time I was totally perplexed.

I woke up just mystified like what in the world. With that, but in retrospect God has has shown me why a constitutional prayer right now and that's what this book is about so important because right now we are so in danger of losing our country.

People don't realize that it note the mainstream media has toted thing and we are not really hearing the truth unless you turn into a radio show like yours or into a few people you have gotten around the web and being able to broadcast the truth of what's really going on and when what the Lord showed me that the civil covenant that our founding fathers made are stored in heaven just like Israel's covenant stored in heaven. And we, God, look at our country. When he looked at America he see that through the covenantal plummeted that he blessed with our founding fathers, and therefore he wants to uphold those to me that's what had defined up as a nation and they are biblical. I just wanted to point that out that we God called to something he is going to equip us to do it with whoever is listening on here God open thanks to you that he is calling you to do. He will equip you just continue to circuit out in his word and continue to pray it out and he will reveal what you're calling will be time to go down the river trail with you on what you will.

You mentioned covenant covenant with God. You tell our listeners Donica watercolor you will use within the church, with maybe some are looser. The jerk that might not know what what we mean when we say seven yeah, absolutely.

And that's a good point. Chapter 5 in my book all about covenant because I think that America has basically lost the understanding of covenant. We have a contract mentality and contracting of one or both of the parties that entered the contract like it, then the contract, notably but not that with covenant and not because the greater and higher power. The Lord himself blessed that the covenant that we believers are, and if the covenant of grace afforded by Jesus that shed blood. Nothing concealed that, no matter how bad we are reaching always come back to the cough and be forgiven the covenant. Hebrews gave an example and I go through that in chapter 5 of what was done to cut covenant and that is the term cut covenant because it's shortly speaking you know everything I did was done by covenant and he foreshadowed the covenant that were in the Old Testament is the old covenant New Testament is the new covenant, God framed the world with covenant.

He made a covenant with United data shot.

He said that we he points the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and not because they were the covenant, and in addition Abraham a comet covenant, the Mosaic covenant, the Lord wants us to understand it when he cut covenant with us by shedding his blood that nothing can break it and we therefore have the authority and the power to operate under the name of Jesus because he had sealed our spirit, for heaven that that is that attempt significant covenant is in this world today and most people just don't recognize it. Were talking to Dr. Hudgins. She is a great book out about called America great. This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer the Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about locking the footsteps of Jesus 10 feet of Siebel come to life this December actually nationally for radio host and found citizens for America foundation staff to create a life-changing ship. It's one of the world's oldest and most fascinating travel this during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of years. Jerusalem's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragically rigid site like the Wailing Wall don't deliver Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's own hand to place our Savior's birth. Gallery Jewish fortress in the final fee firsthand with you for the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens for America and get ready for an unforgettable trip memories that will last a lifetime relationship time creating a family. There is another line. I understand 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate like enjoy American withdrawal from southern women scattered spring flowers on the graves of both the northern and southern soldiers who died during the Civil War. This was the origin of Memorial day, which in 1868 was set on May 30 from the Spanish-American war. Two world wars one into Korea. This is the day for honoring all those who gave their lives to preserve America's freedom.

Beginning in 1921. Every president has placed a wreath of the tomb of the unknown soldier, which is inscribed with the phrase human rest and honor and glory and American soldiers only to American gift today.

The world Donica the country on so many issues are you if you want to have somebody come in and talk about what will the school system today and that's not really our topic that they were talking about her book great America great, she can.

She is one of the foremost experts in the country on clinical rental. Critical race theory is the really good deviant sexual education. The loaner school systems today for the commercial break. Donica was talking about God as covenant for us and I'm bad about going already thrilled covenant is just a minute more people to understand the importance as you mentioned right before the break.

God deals with us. Covenant so if you're listening enough for me with that term you you know in our society today we have contract but a contract can be broken covenant was meant to not be broken is a much stronger super strong contract on steroids. A promise on steroids if it meant, it cannot be broken, particularly in the Bible where the Bible talks about something called a blood covenant that we recently celebrated Easter Donica before asking why Jesus acted out across will write if you go back and look in the Bible because of the covenant God made a covenant with a man named Abraham.

Abraham was a man who is famous and three. The three major religions of the world is long in the Jewish religion and the Christian religion and God was close friends with Abraham and God made a covenant not just a contract with a covenant with Abraham that is Abraham and his people would follow follow God and honor him that God would give them the hope of eternal life in a promise great promise of eternal security. One day because we have in a world of sin.

One of the said God knew that we could keep that promise what they would do better that I Donica for a blood covenant in the days of Abraham are they would dig a ditch kill animals and blood would run into the ditch and the two men would hold hands and walk through that ditch of what and what I was saying is if you write covenant, you will pay the death penalty yourself for you and your family and if you read the stories in the Bible for those you listening yes God made Abraham fall asleep God symbolically walk through that. Why thing under the new and you can't keep his word. So when you sin. I will pay the price for you and that price you pay. Donica was Jesus dying on the Prius that and so that's why it's important for us as Christians to understand the blood covenant and your 401(k) and other blood covenant. Donica it is marriage God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman, and I'm not too graphic you nervous, but when a woman course for the first happened there will be a little bit of shedding of blood guiding thing between you between one man one woman to death to be with her husband that create a biblically a blood covenant in that union. Okay all this you will get back to talking about your book.

If you were talking about constitutional prayer in understanding the Constitution and in the history of our nation and why that is so important for us. You think that prayer is important bro still today all absolutely. The Lord showed me that because we understand and injure!

So good, so good about understanding covenant and I go into great detail about that to get the Scriptures in chapter 5 of my book.

The reason it is important that we understand that foundational he it because again we can understand that a blood covenant is not going to be if it's between two parties because the month during the month following the sacred of all contract that cannot be broken.

That blood covenant with someone you promise to get in your life. Your protection forever, till death do you part and so it's the same thing when our founding fathers wrote our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, all 50 state constitutions.

They all called upon God the father the creator to blast this covenant because they had biblical worldview and they understood that if we wanted to continue to exist as a country we needed to ask God's protection and blessing till death do us part and we that the enemy Satan who is using other global globalist actually countries that are operating to communist communism and Marxism are trying to pull us away from that understanding that's wanted to vital crypt so vital and yet the traditional prayer is important because the Lord showed me that the civil covenant that our founding fathers. The civil covenant that the Israelites made their all stored in cabinet and when God looks through in our country. He feedback and will we go and petition God to preserve that civil covenant it ushered in a force of covenant in history and by that I mean it ushers in the host of heaven and the angels of heaven, to preserve that covenant and said these prayers in my book or recombinant prayers. Another thing that does repatriate our heart and prayer warriors and as American because God recognizes the civil covenant of our country and we actually begin program through the fault separation of church and state, sacred cow that we can't even pray a lot of prayer warriors have a prayer blog about praying for our country because this lie defeated into what the separation of church and state is nowhere in our Constitution that was in a letter to the Danbury Baptists and the purpose of the enemy and selling that is to keep us from really taking our full authority because we have dual citizenship here on earth and in heaven. We have citizenship as American through our Constitution that are recognized in heaven and we have shipped in heaven because of the blood covenant, Jesus Christ. We get backgrounded in our heart we can pray with an authority and an understanding of covenant absolutely will preserve this nation. We need so much Donica you like you are. I'm so frustrated when they are Christians but don't want to pray for our elected officials are engaged in the process they don't understand our country really will founded by Christian leaders any quit listening to liberal media study the history of what happened at that time if you got a place like Baltimore, Philadelphia, York region, Washington DC. Many Christians were involved in the family this nation and they memorialized it there hundred Scriptures on on on buildings when they were building our nation and many of the great monuments and buildings that the city of Philadelphia, Boston, were dedicated to God as you said, constitutional prayer and people so will be our Constitution of the Bible, we better open your Bible and never the Constitution.

I know you know that's right. Every article in our Constitution came out of the Bible.

A race every horrible thing in our Constitution to God's word.

We were founded as a Christian nation.

It was Christians who came to the shores in hopes of religious freedom and we need to wake up as a church and take a stand on what God's word says today take a stand in nation. We need to pray with the constitutional prayer. Prayer warrior strengthen their prayer.

We have authority we are praying for God because I don't get a lot of people like Chris Whiting. Frankly… I know you I pray about everything religious or yacht, pray about everything that I do. I hope when I get angry at you when I don't write about something that's when I get in trouble and I don't think my thing is the auto think anything is too trivial to God. We should be in conversation with him all the time. There are some people in the ghetto. Not trying to rope you have any good but you know your people to pray with authority. You're one of those people. We all have that ability to realize the power of prayer in the connection that we have to God that we can all pray with great authority.

So Donica, how we do that how do we get authority in our prayer and reach the gates of heaven.

God's ears and to move in a mighty way.

That is an excellent question, and I just want to say that if you're listening here. First of all to have that authority. Know that God loves you. God knows the number of hairs on your head, and a lot of people can't get past the fact of understanding that they may have had a bad father on earth. And it's hard for them to understand the concept of a loving father.

We have a loving father who created that note, the number appears on her. Alton had given his authority back in his only begotten son to die in our place for our skin that we would have this authority and when you get that deep in your soul you're able to pray fearlessly is a Scripture want to bring it to your little story. First my husband and I picked together a multi-church team years ago.

About 15 years ago went to a foreign country and when we got there at the airport, I was greeted by someone on staff. I had never met that person. And he told me. I understand you have been special power and he said I need to get rid of fear when you pray for and I went to the missionary who attended if it was a dear friend of mine asked that you tell this person anything about me that no so I and in later on our team did go and pray for him and he got that frequent fear I learned that we become known in the realm because of our authority in prayer and what I want to ask everyone on the line today on the radio check did you know that Jesus attributed great faith to a Roman soldier because he understood authority yet we have all the faith building seminars.

We need authority building to Martin Luther 713 10 the Roman soldier said just say the word Jesus just say the word you did not serve it will be yield.

I know this because I am under authority.

Authors have authority of my soldiers so it works the same way with prayers and we understand that we have authority because of Jesus shed blood. We can't write with authority to command the angels of heaven, we don't have to beg me. Have you ever seen a general on earth bag when he commanded soldiers to go to war. Jesus said of the Roman soldier I have never seen such great faith in all of Israel. Jesus himself equates. Understanding authority with great faith.

I want to encourage everyone here. You have great faith.

The more you store the word of God in your heart and know what it is to play the word of God does not return to you boys.

It accomplishes what that word is perfect for the more you can take authority on the earth. And you know Chris you did a amazing culture stomach recently and one I don't know that as Christians we have a cultural commission that was given to us in Genesis you know we we not only have the great commission that we are to go into my hands on the think they shall recover to spread the gospel Out the men to get people say basically that we have a cultural commission in Genesis that we are cute take dominion and that means we are to subdue the earth. We are to take dominion and got it done really engaging in our culture often through the government we need to not shrink back from these commission that the mission that God had given at you that authority to bring heaven to earth and out of the third heaven prayer. A fine example of third Avenue prayer Jesus gave us that in the Lord's prayer. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And you know Chris. There was one time that I was at the pray in the chambers of our state without that you had covered congressional leaders and the Lord gave me a word to give them in her chambers and he said legislate on earth as it is in heaven now that sounds really but we start applying that issues like abortion and other things it can get real complicated because the enemy is no so good at taking part trees and twisting them. Well, what about the cases the rape and incest and all the things in the Lord just said legislate on earth as it is in heaven. That just brought peace. There was heat in the room as we prayed. After that very simple anyone. We listen anything you're called to do, do it on earth at the end in heaven.

Advised that both of you listen today are gifted Donica, she's all corporate America great becomes a book on Amazon will be right back.

United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible played in this.

You indicated radio host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris four amazing days in our nation with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden Washington and rediscover much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the centuries learn about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic wanted to acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles govern America secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forgive you for causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement will America's greatest warriors prayers travel speaks over the country.

Maybe some of you attended our cultural engagement Summit in Memphis back in April. She was one of our speakers. There Donica is just someone who is realize that we all can get into with God it is you're talking about. Today we talked about how we pray and should pray about everything, but I will be clear as you listening God.

Now some genie you know that you rub on a lamp and and ask him to do things you're not sending him to do errands for you know what prayer is all about prayer is getting us ready for God to do his will in our law. We need to be in prayer all the time is not something that we just think we should do with the command from God.

In fact, do you know if you're not praying you're sitting you let Chris know will be judged as well tell you what God said. The Bible says, quote, prayer, looseness is for real estate."

God forbid that I should send against the by failing to pray the Bible is the things we need to be in prayer all the time back up and keep you cultural stuff, you will talk about before the break. I will check it more clear a few minutes more. Can you talking about having authority, we pray you mentioned having authority, even over angels part of the problem we have in our society typically immature start that and having you visit other churches you see this you reported far short of the Junior I confounded very few preachers talk about demons and angels at all anymore right and and and Donica people leaving people listening don't believe there is a demonic war going on in this nation is your radicalism tell you there all you know maybe you need to pray to God could drive to see the horror of what's happening in our nation. Rockville, there is no more of evil in their demons all around it. If you want to come out with later.

I don't care. I know it's true. I've seen it you we been blessed because we are all covered. It is that we been blessed in our country.there's been at least a remnant of Georgia bric-a-brac, but I know you been other clusters to a lot of other tankers were that don't have the power for early church like we have of our nation.

Demonic activity is rampant in a lot of Third World countries" work them out before becoming a demonic activity in their countries, but these are your real and Engadget angels are real and one this past all that is and maybe wanted something a little bit. We need to understand that we need to be pray with. We need to be present for other writings and sisters under demonic attack comparable things are happening and I know you're almost out of beverage. I know you're not believe there's a demonic war going on right now for the takeover, which we are the largest cinder missionaries in the world today and it evil. I'm takeover the southern beverage convention in a critical race theory. All the other garbage could be taught in our seminaries that will change the way the Bible is viewed all over the world because we said penetrating not just Baptist others going to churches all over the world and I believe that the demonic war going on in the southernmost convention and in our country and in all of Congress. We need to be pray and we failed to pray aerobic is important to pray. I pray I will be radically or I pray that God buys the demons around your body while Irish and and Nancy Pelosi are pretty Donica did they get say can you imagine that Mike committees up Bradley Morgan. If Barack Obama got saved is if Hillary can you say Chris your judgment look as they do not live in the lucky guys going believe I can tell you that so I pray that you produce a radical transformation of our lives is imagine the impact they can have, but were not planning nation that these people get say three to focus on the talk a lot of spot on credit your spot on feeding think that we battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and spiritual fork at forces of wickedness in the heavenly and can we talk about having prayer answered how we think, it gets answered. I mean, you really don't I know it gets answered because our prayer marshal the forces of heaven. And when we're praying in accordance with God's perfect will, which is his word and also understanding that civil covenants that are stored in heaven. He also blessed that he will continue to perform them as long as we will pray and it's the same same concept as when a couple recombinant with their miracle about you know may have another ceremony. It is the exact same thing and you know that concept recombinant thing is in the Scriptures with Israel as well, and many times God took her back and not say America needs taken back America had marital problems and that part of my book is to believe that to repatriate art group given understanding bring people to Christ and operate through their fullness of authority. You know you mentioned. What can people do to build their authority. Criswell have a fabulous chip is one that is taken me a lifetime took to learn that I hope it will help others actually share this at the culture Summit that you planned recently though.

Prayer involves listening.

A lot of times we think it's just a big recitation of all of our want to give different types of prayer.

Prayer the prayer of faith, but prayer involves understanding you have a relationship and we are having a conversation which is prayer with God. It involves listening to their work. There have been times that I said okay God what you want me to do today. One of those times was when my kids were young they were in a car thief I had picked them up.

My two oldest one.

Davis was filed in Salem with like 3 1/2 and I picked them up for preschool in Charlotte and had to drop something off at a friend said, listen to the Holy Spirit and when it was time to leave her house court said turn left what way home was right. I know where I was going. It was pouring down rain so he had me drive to an elementary school in the Charlotte neighborhood pouring rain. My children fall asleep in the back of McCarthy and I listed you and thought Mike okay.

Just listen to the Holy Spirit. I have been a color line at an elementary school and I knew no one there and so I'm in the car line I start doubting God how many of you know that are listed in their time to listen to God. He thought, not God thought that I get now Carlock to uphold the car out of out of that car line in my mind he was wakes up in his car seat in the back any to me.

Mom get back in the car line your disobeying God I got back to sleep and stopped in the middle live with steering into the rearview mirror, like did that happen. I couldn't believe it… Line and I thought okay will you been very clear with this. So I get out there and all I need to do this is that an advocate, a pickup pulled into one of the faces and pray well I don't know as many of you on here on this radio show have had the spirit of intercession, yet you get me and I was starving. The kids slept through the whole thing. I pray for about 30 minutes sobbing and praying and warring in the spirit and then when the bird left it last and I said I don't know what I pray operate in the spirit but I know something was accomplished a couple of days later I'm in my office. One of the elders from my church call to Donica. He said I need you to play with my daughter. Well, guess where this daughter work, it's only a little yeah I knew immediately. I almost fell out of my chair. I knew immediately what was going to happen and that God had already prepared me for life that absolutely so he brought his adult daughter was on staff at this elementary school over to my office in Charlotte and I had another lady pastor's wife pray with me and we fell the most radical twin information in this amazing woman of God. She got that frequent, so would you say strongholds in demonic things are like people don't believe in them while I that is not what you said in this wonderful woman of God, free and that was about 15 years ago and she is still serving God and God has promoted her and promoted her and she is on fire for the Lord listening to God will absolutely build your authority, so here's the challenge I have for everyone listening by radio. Take some time. The Lord where he wants you to go what he wants you to do it right. You might say, okay Lord gym to work out. Let's work out our faith with our faith build our authority.

You might say, okay Lord the next two hours this afternoon after work with you and him to do what you tell me to do the walk to the park and I get somebody a you know a five dollar bill, or it could be delivered here and share the love of God would make us to go get the person you know I did this again and I asked the Lord back when I was single. Not that okay God I was driving home from church and I grew up in Wingate North Carolina thought started back in the Lord said turn here nighttime and unlimited chow number. My father was the attorney for Wingate.

I went up and so I knew everybody in the community and I didn't know this lady. She was sitting out at night times. She's on a chair in the middle of our yard and the Lord said stop administered to her what it's like that between nine and 10 o'clock so I got out there and let me tell you what would you obey the Lord. But showing and it I was able to pray with this woman to receive the Lord Jesus. She was out there and she had been lonely and had been heartbroken from traumatic things that happened in her white and got just what I like to be willing to me this is what truly living as missionaries in America as Christians can be ignored just going to the four walls of the church and worship me and were not the light of the four walls.

What good are we know we would keep us talking how we feel our culture, we still win people to Jesus finish the bottle said that if the love of God talk answer when we obtain the Lord.

We do this kind of beer to exercise the build our authority in our faith God has been to build and bolster our love for him and for mankind.

I just challenge you to take the time to do that. It'll build your faith like nothing else a man talking to Donica Hudson the day she has a great book out called Troy America grade I want to encourage you to check out a book you can get it on Amazon website family break named teacher of the organization or individual brands like the Energizer social scores give us a call today at 704-9842 connect with is a social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a set of financial problems. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online for on our Memphis campus.

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I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies in light joint United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible played in this. You indicated radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris four amazing days in our nation with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden Washington DC and rediscover much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it's evolved over the centuries learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles govern secure your spot to join this talk about me.

I access the power of God through prayer before the commercial break. Donica was talking about listening to God… Underwood I'm Holland on the show. I want to talk about the newest version of your book before we do that in just a second.

So people understand you may be looking at another Christian. Craig declares audio talk about God and not audibly speak to me about God. God communicates a different way and I look at all share with me but you sure that you could you give them stories about God told you to do so people like crazy when she talked about y'all telling you you'll do what delegates spent five or greater in prayer time includes what she said. Listening we need to shut up… Just be quiet during prayer time and allow God to speak another way. God does this by reading his work great.

God communicates with us. We need to read the Bible every day, but… How many times were God not tell me to go a different way that I find out it was a terrible read about it all like you were talk about God told you to drugs at school, but I know something that happened with me all block and I mean on a weekly basis. This is not sound like a simple thing that prayer is important. Sometimes I do.

So this is a way of your listing will how to go to the overwhelming burden that you do this with you without a good bit.

I need to work when I called Chuck somebody so so I get a bird that I need to be praying for Donica Reitman and I don't know what you want out of talk to Donica example… Out of talk to Donica in two or three with me. Literally I get those sometime this people I talked to in years and I yeah like you need to pray right now tell you that is God speaking to you need. That's right what you're doing right then and there unit for unit pricing and does God say person needs prayer covering male and you need it and you might you… Before you get on your knees but we probably you can pray for somebody wherever you're going. And no matter where you can be a business meeting, but God to pray for somebody Donica. I'm not the judgment here just about every thought about that. I usually reach out to send a text and say I Donica I just want you to know.

Praying for you right now or today you called me credit right when I needed somebody back in the you know people think they're the ones out front, they are there. Do it all, the media ministry that we need backing up to yell just about every time I've done that yet spoke those people use but I need a break every single time they said Moloch. Right now I need that God speaks and I'm sorry that time, but I wanted maybe you could judge for a minute about you different ways God can speak to us. We were so loud that I want to talk about the updated version of your absolutely well. Years ago I had a TV show from 2004 2009, and one of my favorite interviews with Dr. Henry black and he wrote the book.

Thank God. And I don't know about you, Chris. But that was one of the book that was required, to the missions team on the mission field. Everybody had to get through that book and Dr. Blackley talk about the way that we hear from God knows five weights are one the Bible to the church three circumstances for other people and five prayer so we start listening that required listening when we start listening to the Lord God will start to reveal himself and it will become second nature to just follow him me what is it mean to follow Jesus.

Well, that means that the Holy Spirit that were still with we came into the blood covenant with Christ Jesus really got how to delete it through those five laid Bible Church circumstances of the people in prayer and that has really been a fabulous way for me to break down and understand how we please make that when I get back the challenge to listen to God in prayer. He never got to tell you to do something that doesn't line up with the Bible and of many times he will speak three circumstances that were going through and get out of what led me to write this newest addition to my book dethroning the deep state prayer with when the great awakening ever take the great reset. Chris is just listening to God and the circumstances in our country. You talk about the diversion of your changing and in the newest version of the book and maybe Sherry could you have prayers prayers we can pray. Can you talk about that, absolutely, absolutely. Yet there are many prayers in my book that we can pray these prayers will be covenant and prayers, and there is it a recombinant thing with her with our Declaration of Independence with our Constitution with all the Mayflower compact all the work.

All documents are stored in heaven because they were civil covenant that our founding fathers made God blessed in so what happened script for me is as I continue to look at the circumstances that were in the nation like no longer a battle in America between Democrat and Republican.

It's not even a battle between Marxism, to select, it is a battle between the globalist and the national and by that I mean the globalist to her. Pushing for a new world order and that it been both Democrats and Republicans historically remember Bush Senior (for a new world order and now we.Biden you had come out recently and is advocating for a new world order as well, which means that we have a sitting president is sitting. I believe illegitimate president is pushing for new world order. He actually Biden actually said that he talked about the world economic forum, but he would like the opportunity to what he said right here it to build back better when constructing a new world order and he is advocating that America would be at the top of the New World order which is absolutely leader, but that means doing away with our Constitution doing away with with America as we know it. Having no borders and become in a globalization run back to the glove illegally. Now the number of select are China and Russia and was president he would think dinner at a nationalist president, Emily, but he's not a dictator but neither ever been one, but the cries he painted the nationalist because it's for the America first agenda.

It's important that we as Christians understand the circumstances were limited today because this is a spiritual battle to be a year researching this prayer provided a long introduction so we understand what were praying it didn't break the scriptural aspect into the prayer.

The reason this is a spiritual battle each year as a Christian you hear the term NWS New World order.

That should automatically trigger for you as a believer who understands the Bible one world government age for the life of the antichrist.

We all know that our old so making had done nothing but what to garner rulership of the world for himself the beginning the fall in Genesis is been the goal of our at the Terry to rule this world. We the body of Christ. You are in covenant three genes that shed blood are the only one locally. You have the authority to push back against the globalist agenda and say no and maintain and preserve our nation. America called on the global scene. The rest of the world goes with it. We will can you tell the real quickly the name your book and were like God.

The name of my book is pray America great.

Joining the prayer force of heaven. You can go on Amazon and a type that in there my name is Donica Diehl and ICA-HUD FLN. I can pray America grade by Donica Hudson and it should pop right up to him which we will absolutely have been an honor and a pleasure to be there with you and offer at the right of people who have been on phone with and on the radio show are empowered to play like never before because your prayers make a great book for people pray for God is the Christian perspective more about impacting the culture visit citizens for America foundation, this is the Truth Network

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