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Can Revival Return to America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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June 30, 2022 5:30 am

Can Revival Return to America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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June 30, 2022 5:30 am

Pastor Stoney Benfield joins Chris Hughes to define “Revival”, talk about the spiritual culture in America and the need to have Revival in America today.


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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris Bello when he bent beer yesterday but talking about Gigi.

Walter made America foundation.

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I encourage you to visit him a M a we can learn about Mid-America Baptist theological some great Christian institution in Memphis Tennessee. They have a college Mid-America for undergrads undergraduate studies and if you're interested in, get a Masters degree or doctorate. Don't let the word seminary scare you is just a place where you get a masters or doctorate degree and it's a great opportunity for you. They got a new program out right now called apologetics. Apologetics is where you are what you believe and why you believe it and have the ability to defend your faith is something every Christian can have and you can take their classes online right here in the comfort of your own home or office. Learn more visit a well I don't know of probably two or three years ago I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors about the state convention about six years I finished somebody else.

I was unable to complete the adjournment and I came on and got us like you to have my own term of office, and usually people stay on the Board of Directors that long, but my work at the Baptist State convention of North Carolina. I had the privilege to meet on yesterday was pastor stony Benfield pastor stony is just a great man of God and what from a distant police that such a great impact on me because unlike y'all know that all the time I talk about pastors you don't take a stand on the word of God you don't believe in the Eritrean sufficiency of Scripture you don't believe in the importance of teaching their people to the vandalism or recent loss of Jesus Christ. Stony is not like that he takes install a strong stand on the word of God have been hoping to have them on the show for quite a while because even traveling across the country's leading revivals, which is something that we just don't have too much of these days I miss the days of old fashion revivals back in America, pastor, stony. You are the pastor Prospect Baptist Church which is in North Carolina. Thank you so much for being with us today on the Christian perspective. Curb and the pleasure to be with you Chris. I'm so excited to be able to share my story a little bearded been pastoring here at Prospect since 2005 crossing Baptist Church slave. There were 93 and served there for seven years and I've been here globally to your snail but you know Coming to Jesus Christ is really the message in the know Chris. I grew up in a Christian home and traditional Southern Baptist Church with the church Sunday morning, Sunday.Wednesday.but I tell people that the church got me before across the and I became a member of the church in this and that no one Sunday night, Chris. God just radically convicted may include the five spirits responded to him that not a definitive blessing of the receipt caused by faith, but only as a Savior but is the Lord of my life and everything is been different since that day I mean everything the Bible says that if any man be in Christ, he becomes a new creature with new creation the old passes away. Everything becomes new. Then God called me to the ministry in 1996. Jos did not actually been called 90's it never will forget Chris telling the Lord that Rocco surrendered to the call to ministry that morning.if you will be to be alone. The legal status quo, preacher, pastor, I really don't will do debacle have seen so many common standard for church and the master called ministry just never make an impact. I just believe in radical Christianity Lordship salvation.

Obligate your Savior different.

You're just as just a total different betook new lifestyle that we live on site for number one. Good day to be a Christian, but Christ lives in the Valley been healed and really the message Chris of revival is is the needed message of today, we drifted so: I know you probably have several questions I am in Aristotle believe the Bible is without error, and I believe it is literal this interpretation.

I believe the Bible is the standard model says it would do it. This does not do it. We don't discriminate because you said you believe in 1993 we don't already and that I was clear thousand equities and you know I went to a Christian school. All of my education years, from pre-k to 12th grade. You know, and nobody ever told me never shared with me that Christ would be my best friend and so what I got at Haskell man obviously a crazy world with alcoholic drugs and all that. All that the world does this you and were married in 1990 and began to have marriage trouble and not cope this publicly so I don't want to live on the radio show I watch my watchful of our driveway. One afternoon, so you know what out of my wife left recruiter, we were both you know we were non-Christians at that time she left and is just by the grace of God that that the church and talebearer began to reach out the most administered and we finally decided that we would go to church together separated and no we went to church and my walk was actually converted first and then I was converted later and I'm telling you God has put together a marriage that honors him and miss you and I will have six children and have one grandchild now and to overlay and so we are blessed by God admits will thank you for sharing that. The reason I ask is you know so few people come to the Lord as adults anymore and out and I just want our listeners understand. It is never too late. You are so blessed that you enter love doll doll and reached out to you and miss and I didn't give up on your thigh love for people to hear how different people come to Jesus because Jesus approaches all of us are in a different manner and sometimes IQ the situation where you have marriage problems, and in frozen and simple ways in your life that God can judge each of you that he will meet us where we are going to be open to hearing about his saving grace. The gospel is being preached today, this modern gospel approach to the gospel so deceptive its faults arming the repentance of the missing message and you believe all you won't able to do your will and to repair it and allow approximately a lot. I do believe you can be sure I agree with you hundred percent and so few pastors today.

Preachers talk about women and will and need for evidence and dispose of your listening like what in the world of this world and is will we come to know Jesus, we have to have a change in our lives is like God. I travel a lot alike. I know you the faster sodium. Sometimes I get lost I hate using those UBS are normally distributed among sometimes and sometimes I realize that up and going the wrong direction, not how we are she would mean a lot without Jesus mood going in the wrong direction when I realized the more the wrong direction. I have to do a U-turn and go the other way and posttest is we can't just pay Jesus forgive me of my sins and keep doing what fashion you said you were on drugs and doing other things in goblin will be okay with you so you know that Sunday night when you're that sermon okay. Will God please forgive me for the drugs he walked out the door and are possible pills. That's not what tenant did. Lieut. is being heartbroken over the seemingly vandalized Bible tells us that sin separated from God long wanted to back up the revivals of the Jew said something to blog about your pastor, you believe it leaves in the area of Jewish Scripture explained our lives are connected big issue. Your you. I recently visited Southern Baptist convention's annual meeting and that's a big issue within the convention when you stay in inerrancy. What do you mean pastor stony clotted few pastors today seem to hold to the analogy of the word of God, who is it important that we believe the Bible is an area insufficient groaning, absolutely arming the word of God is without error is infallible slowly inspired by God and he would like to question God, he is or what God expects of the Scriptures and the Psalm are just getting away from the literal interpretation of the Scriptures you know the buzzwords of our culture today use tolerance and relevance. You know a lot of guys are trying to build a corral.

This could allow doctors church of said for years you have a big problem church and Jesus said that he would build his church and he builds his church home. He is in error sufficient word and the Bible the word of God of the psalmist says it's a cappella lamp to my feet a lot demonic and electric about past folk you know the Bible that we have as Christians.

All the Scriptures in the spirit in each other's the church and and that's really enough, I'll take a strong stand on the word of God. I've had people tell me you submit your prospect of mortal might take you up. You just calm down a little bit and lighten up the message will be at a lot more people will come, come to this church will. Jesus said previous that the road to destruction. Sprawled in but that the road to eternal life is narrow and difficult and so I just believe that staying with the Scriptures interpreting it for what it says InContext grammatically historically, theologically, and then applying that believe Jesus said you shall know the truth. The truth will set you fully God is the word and the word is God is what Johnson Indiana.

I just I wish that will pastors understood that. I know you've moved your deformity Christian cultural you have a thickness less than 10% of passengers were cast in the evangelical pastors ever addressed issues in the cultures because they don't believe the earth serve Scripture in the middle, preached the whole word of God.

What is the spiritual culture in our country personifying today that that the spiritual culture and our country is really anti-God on our know that's hard to say you know everything. The culture is trying to do everything possible to secular culture everything possible to take God's word out of the culture so that every man can be right in his own hours and so were living and get a lot. I think we need to understand what dispensation were living in the great falling away dispensation. Some would call it the Laodicean church age where people are neither cold nor hot.

So love the culture now is really against God against morality to get a lot.

This is hard for me to say this but I'm just a truthful factual. This logically to the church. The church's responsibility is to preach the word in every community and city that the moral climate of that community stays godly and one of the reasons that reliable. In my opinion, the answer is because where the moral quantities and so our culture, community and the world's ungodliness and we feel these movements we seek all crime we see here we see all of these things and people, especially once the club will live really real them really the problem is this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about locking the fixed exigencies 10 feet of Bible come to life this December and chewing nationally for radio host and found citizens financial foundation to create a life changing for the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world for thousands of reasons, religious clutter Christianity's most tragic, the richest fight like a wailing lock down Chris through the winding alleyways to Nancy a hand to place that I think is very Jewish fortress, see firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel out of their citizens financial and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship is when hearing is in line enjoy history was made on today's date. One American minute with Bill Frederick. What was the first settlement in North America was a Jamestown or Plymouth.

Actually, it was Fort Caroline, near St. John's River in Florida was founded this day June 30 1564 by the French Protestants noticed Huguenots was the first attempt at religious toleration in America, a settler recorded. We sing a song of thanksgiving and to God, beseeching him to continue his accustomed goodness tortoise.

Unfortunately, the French colony was short-lived. The Spanish treasure ships past that route destroyed glittering hundreds of men and women in American minute with Bill Frederick for free transcript all American minute of 1888 USA will yesterday is my dear friend Bill Belcher, stony robot, something we don't have much in America need a very few passionately believe in the needing the urgency of having revival will talk about revival achievement before the break pastor stony you were talking about the spiritual culture of our country and how we really have an anti-God and believe you are right we have an anti-God culture in our country today.

Unfortunately, as America goes, the world goes so pastor I think is not just a matter of intercountry, but in our churches as well.

What do you think the spiritual culture is in churches in America today know that the church if you study church history, I'm doing a detailed study of a very viable to have been put to three months teaching my adults and vacation Bible school your prospect. We have vacation Bible school for everybody, children, students, and I have the adults. Not I'm teaching a live novel you really study church history. You can see how fall we drifted you know some people say drifted like a goddess will say cricket like Bob Amin years ago, the man of God preach against CNN and listen, will be against Paula, will be for something lump for righteousness from this, but in the study of of revival you come to understand that the culture in the church in those days it was one of prayer. It was one of holiness. It was one of a burden for the lost and the church culture today were in a culture now entertain, remind our folks not agree, police because you have to have a balance, but the church were not an entertainment Corp. Hollywood goes for saviors Chris were not a social, we are the church of the living God that's been mandated by God and his word to take the gospel to every person possible. Not personally don't believe the gospel world glacier. The skull be the largest harvest of souls in history according to the book of Revelation we are to take the gospel and preach the gospel to his media as possible. But the unfortunately crudeness the culture in the church is much like cultural I mean we bought not a legalist but leave the church today in methodology has adopted message of the world to attempt to do spiritual work. I don't know you were at the meeting last Sunday not shop a culture and MacArthur said it will, that the kingdom of the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world does not mix whatsoever has nothing in common and so we've we've we've we've got to get our churches back to the Bible back to exactly what the Scripture says that if you're really a Christian that you're a new creation in and I have an opinion that many people careers that are members of churches or boats like outlaws. When I first began mature going to go to church was also really immoral.

I will soon know, I joined the church I was baptized but have people really been regenerated. I'm talking about CRC salvation not as as a person giving their life to God. Aussie salvation is God giving you slothful coach know the words. When you repent and believe God gets out of heaven.

Major human body takes up residence in your spirit, and I think we have an on regenerated church membership today in America.

But people are deceived, they don't know it. And so the reason revival was so essential when there is a move. All we end of the spirit in revival people will come under conviction and they will realize that they are deceived and that they you know they have just been a good person.

They have to spend a good church member. But until God gone go something I don't see the culture in the church trying so what would greatly manager is your hope for us absolutely. There's hope you know in the book of acts, says Darren like his chapter 4 verse 19 verse 319 repent, therefore, that your sins may be blotted out, that you may receive times of refreshing after all my life that the term revival Sunnyvale not in the New Testament Sealtest but will you study that placed times of refreshing you'll find out it is to be revived, so I think that there is followed by Islam is Jesus Christ is alive and older swell nurse hoagies allow the nurses believers is a lot of inhibited bodily form, but the hope that we placed. We've got to get the point of desperation.

There is no hope.

Turkish this I mean we go through so much pointless religious activity week after week after week to see if you could probably take the spirit of God away from the church and nobody would know the skill and so we've gotta get the desperation we got we got a bring the prayer meeting back to the church. I was so not studying reliable mail and also convicted up. Listen to Leonard Ravenhill looking for 58 minute video, and shall distribute our church on Wednesday of the book he says and I agree with the book of Jeremiah says that people of God spoke has forsaken him to evil study of forsaken God, and they have dug their own systems that will not hold water. And Ravenhill says say I was living that the number one reason that we can't have revival is because of carelessness wonders the question how many churches do you know that has a weekly prayer meeting for God to move in about you know my strategic databank of even cancel it when you and I were growing up they had Wednesday night prayer meeting was to cancel his own Albemarle even having is not real.

A really a prayer meeting anymore. You dear. I am very few churches have tangible and you know how I've taken our church back to the old school curbing blockages, but maybe I could rephrase it better.

Decide about a bottle curbing as we study the book of acts they didn't know the prayer meeting they were accustomed verbally and so what we do on Wednesday night we come. He and I have I have a music person to do once all get up log, Ravenhill says you can have a prayer. Maybe you did have a carpeted and so I pray and ask the Lord what direction for that body as I sort folks from Scripture for about, low six or eight minutes and then we pray or whatever were playing for that.

My hand and so many people have come to be cementitious, refreshing again so we don't know how to pray because we don't broadly and so we got a learn together as the body of Christ to pray, study the book of Max man. They played about everything. When Peter and John were in jail.

The church was probably an and you know what we've gotten to such a performance based Christianity that we have forgotten that were nothing and that Jesus is everything in a lesson he said if you will abide in me. John 15 and my words will abide in you, you can ask what you will, I'll do it so I believe the prayer meeting has to be brought back to the church in your life. Many churches don't need at all. They had regular children or students own home alone.

Wednesday night we we bawled into the two that I call it alive that we can meet Leah's and have more know the church of the New Testament already this morning. They met daily at the tip and for times of prayer and but anyway I don't want preach a sermon this morning. I'm assured my burden. I believe that we do have hope the church has to get desperate. The church has to get merchant and that starts an individual and that prayers and keep us in the Bible tell us that prayer. Prayer is making is not an option for me, prayer and in a deal with my kids advantage them that you prayer is not like Roman you a vessel like to get a GED to do things for the know prayer is getting us ready for God to do things in and through us is not a big request, we just deliver them to give me know if you are not looking for the Iron Age people we don't need to have a command center prayer meeting where we others atomically for sickness and all that. All that but the major focus part of the major focus of prayer, Jesus says, was that was what was that the father's will in heaven get on Mars and so prayer really originates in Hansen and the burden comes to snobbish.

Can we cooperate softly with the spirit in the end we played that God's will in heaven will be all marvelous and so prayer is not to get my wheel done in heaven just to get God's will battle works closely talking faster. America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know if it's really important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. David Internation crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden much of America's big time fishing here up close and personal, and how to blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator of the chain about the creation of the mounting father principles. American joint. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement to build versus Tony revival believed in remodeling will talk about what revival me when I would get better so I used to love and look toward where at least two times a year are churches would have revival meeting week low revival meeting and for some reason that it disappeared in churches today. I don't see revival much anymore. What you think And what why don't we have revival revival meetings in American NL revival is not just about meetings.

I did want to touch on the meaty part. Did I miss that. What would he think that you think not think we were a different diagnostic again. This is the greatest that we've had in the church and you know revival is really not a meeting we do legally have revival, you know a lot of people a lot of pastor, still many will not have a Bible believing without. I'm just afraid my people will come will battle that I will be a huge huge alarm to us that the people of God for gone to a meeting but but you know revival is probably one of the most misunderstood terms that we have in Christianity.

Some folks see it as a meeting some folks see this people being saved, you know, people being saved as a result of revival you know the name Bertha Smith, one of my friends asked Bertha Smith years ago. This was before.

But, there is no per he asked her said the she asked him who do you think revival is full. It's a will is for those people that are members of my church that never come to Sedona though those people are lost.

He said well it's pork for those that common. You know they're not connected, serving in the local church you should know those people watched.

She sits on revival is for the best in the church is for that person's failure is involved because revival re-life Bible last revival is when is when God gives us the conscious awareness of what we have of who we have been crushed sermon to preach about reliable is when I become aware of Jesus Christ and I did not become alive to heal. Coming to Christ lives in me. The Bible says Christ in you the hope of glory.

Jesus said outcome that you can have a life and have it more abundantly. So I become. While become consciously aware of the Christ lives in me, I become alive to heal words become spiritually older he/she gets out of my spirit gets access to my soul.

Not on my wheel. My motion that only comes to prayer and broke his message to lender and humility so that I can get active with God and naturally in the believer becomes a lawyer and a lot to get active with God Chris.

That's when we come out of the church else on our jobs at the grocery store where ever we all Caribbean sales that where I fragranced of God in every place some more. The fragrance of the day if those are perishing with the bows are saved with the fragrance of life and that's when the moral climate in the community will change when God moves in power in the believer first in a local church word that those believers in that church become aware of what they have been crushed. They become alive of Christ living in them and they would get active with him for him to live out there was an see that's what's likely I will stall mainly Beasley and Rondon, my mentor, Dr. Lon Lynch faith is me responding and responding to what God is revealing that I can become active with God is so wherever I go from field with the spirit God is using that person living the life of Christ out of that person to influence people on the knitwear equipment revival is really a ripoff person when I get around somebody to start a Christian Bale to come under conviction just because of the fragrance about putting milk which is crushed when I get around people like you, Krista Christians are spirit bears witness with one another. That's a fragrant supply and that is encouraging its exhorting soak you know revival is just Jesus man issues Jesus and me Jesus for me and Jesus through the glory of God, write that down in me, through me when Massport is and me.

For me, in proving so your ears away on the fundamental Jesus living in me Jesus living for. Nowhere in the Bible is excitement for Jesus.

This is a list for you and then Jesus living for. And that's what revival years but it seems like that. We got it backwards. We will know we will live for him and then when we All live all we will him to intervene and do something for special Christianity at all. Though Jesus is Moloch. I mean, he is not made living for Hammett's hemolytic goal: be in toward me so that he can present himself to those that I come in contact. Remember were just a vessel within a year of the where the varieties of our so many Christians and so many pastors have it backwards because maturely unyielding. Jesus is doing it through us in indicator 1 ranking out there that we need to be doing it in him and that's not what you're saying, no, no, not at all unlikely Thursday and you know we use just the calls in America. We are programmed to perform coming from grade school to high school to college to seminary and I'm against education and ample education but were programmed, the better you do the more you recite will for God to live in. Somebody got big week, and that's where when you realize you're nothing and he's everything the calls Christianity totally opposes the world system maybe it's in contradiction to the waltzes where were some of our passions would like to start printing that related don't get articles about the what can a Bible believing Christian duty to bring about this change, the statement what can a Bible believing Christian duty to bring about change lobster number one. Make sure you're in a church that preaches and teaches the marriage of Scripture.

Don't be in a church just the calls your grandparents or parents or whoever you are burdensome under Beta NW. But don't don't be.

The church is called is close to your home get a church is closest to the Bible, one that believes employer.

The other place where the church preaches the Bible and I'm even Mobile little boy they are that bad. Despite the cost a lot. You tell me I think your preach exposition.

I think there's only one kind of preaching is taking a passage of the Bible in context grammatically, theologically, historically, what is what it means what it means what it says in preaching what the Bible say is not trying to get a subject and pricing all of the Bible product will preaching the passage and didn't give application that should be in a Bible believing church and listen. Be active in your church you think about it. They tell us that the average Christian Bale that is considered active attend church less than two times a month. When I did, I hope you're blessed two times a month so if that's the case, and I think that's probably high in DN you on top of that, how many people really spend time in the Bible on a daily basis.

Being intimate with God public or several things number one begin to but with God all personal have an open Bible and open heart every day. Do you remember the term Watcom but that seems like a foreign word in our culture to the church. I believe your quiet time with God is most important that you did have a quiet time with God and didn't be a part of the church that believes the Bible be listed as part of a church that has church Army we again I'm up, I'm a radical doctrine of some understood cut out of a difficult preach Sunday morning I preach Sunday night and we probably always been on. We've abandoned in this culture today.

The PM service in the name of family.

What better place cannot have my family all the Lord than a church investing in the spiritual today had the they had training meeting on Sunday getting getting an almost new churches have that anymore. Baumeister did not even meet on Sunday night. Like you say it on her family, and I wonder how many are even spend the I and you number reaping the results of the church not meeting together around the were coming.

Family is at an all-time low divorce rates high and I think it's two thirds of the children in America live in a home without a father you know anything and again I'll take it back to the church as the church does goes to culture and so we gotta have revival. We got a call people to repentance and know what I'm doing here in North Carolina is 80 church in North Carolina that would allow us to come just for one not inaudibly together about what God obligation to spark the flame and one not possible, we will go to any church in North Carolina free of charge, say open one my associates and we will bring music if we need to some people that's underwritten travel expenses. We do it on a Monday or Tuesday night we don't get involved.

We don't hinder the normal church schedule. If there is such a thing.

The but just go and just and just preach a revival message and how people can be involved in the conservative movement across our state and you can probably tell from talking to me. I believe her levels are only actually see the revival room and we got to the side and I pray we don't close were talking to Pastor Tony Benfield were talking about revival today is to have our name for socially give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design on social in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a seven.

I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the college of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating a relationship when hearing is joint. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation for performing crystalline bargaining journey having read much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how to blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father principles. American joint is talking about revival in America. Revival rule and he put it like before the commercial break this last segment will talk about revival facility is when God gives us a continuous awareness of who we have in Jesus Christ. At that point we would revival never Bible when Jesus did indeed use this for me.

Jesus is the limit. After stoning, how can we actually do this in our churches that you talk about the need for pastors preach the word of God to be expository preaching. I love how you push that because God is so important, so few passages like you what you talking about expository preaching is where they give the context in the application committee today.

Just pick a topic and go searching through the Bible five something they don't get the context of Scripture you like. You act like a lot of young people today and asked me questions about Scripture that they don't understand the context you just take a phrase out of context are you're not looking at God's word. Expository leaking come to what was really meant. When all is revealed the child to write the Bible so we need a preaching meeting with Charlie being is to say we needed to be in control of their time with Jesus to have a quiet time every day and what do you recommend somebody doesn't have that individual.he said that was probably the most important we can give our revival to have a quiet time with God. These negative places that we should start that I know and I will be carefully read a lot of people around a lot a great book about different things going on in the bottle. I think those are great supplementing the general one thing that breaks my heart is nasty people turning to the books more than turning to God's book, and I don't think that should be a substitute and only if you group me on that this quiet time you need to be in God's word is either things are just supplemental to that which is never in my opinion, substitute the time in God's word itself.

You think there's place we should start if you don't have a quiet time with you recommend we do what I think there are some men uphold our church and continue teacher church on yacht. I think they're all there is a place to start about your familiar with the one year Bible of the spin put on about use of one nearby, but usually use it for years and years and years and basically what it is. It's real. It's an Old Testament reading of Psalms and Proverbs and bandits of New Testament reading and is called when your Bible calls on the future if you read it every day that you can read about living here to help the global client is not to read the Bible you the goal of the client is to use to really have God speak to you week will we need to pray and get ourselves prepared for God to speak to us and then refuse word and let those and then meditate.

The Puritans had they really focused on meditation. I'm not sure we meditate about Rachel Joshua Sunday morning and about staying the course and the Lord said to Joshua, this book of the law shall not support from your bile open up wall the most escape. But you are to meditated day and not in other words, what you read in the morning if you do the morning. I think the best, is the morning so that you can meditate and is like a cow chewing the cud chew and swallow it bring about the Jewish while you will that he is, but that's what meditation is, but just have that on your mind all day long about word have pocketed my heart that I might not sin against you. So there's one your Bible, you can use. There's also a resource called the daily light is not any commentary. It's all Scripture put together in certain certain headings or whatever and it's dated one year Bible study. June 21 or whatever it is, and the daily lives daily chart so I just think the Scriptures I believe that the Bible is powerful, and sharper.

It's a lot of powerful and I believe that if we get in the habit of spending time with God in his word that Dan God gives us his desires and hues his plans for our personal lives and if you if you attend church, never spent time with God.

Know what you can worship me worship is the overflow of my relationship with God privately. I will try Craig's places the public overflow of my personal time with God privately and so will those two resources will work good resources or they just read the book about, I was in Iraq this morning reading, so do other several ways that you can do quiet time on site. Whatever fits a person's personality just knew it was great advice to review the Gullah listener taking notes, happening never Bible test facilities.

While he knows that we need to have a question which is one of God in which the content and application word of God. We need to have a quiet time really given God's word list of the we need to be part of a local church and not just show up once or twice a month would be involved in that church. We need to meditate on the word of God, not when that happened, God will give us his desires and his plans to pass the stone if that's how we can revival one of the results revival.

If we do the right question about something we do in your local knowledge question you.I got a bird for a Bible about four or five months ago and begin to study it looks to read the Bible, which Bible supply source like a burden for just our community so we gathered about 30 churches 30 pastors and where having a two week pit me to grab an old pro `lady and will bring in Ralph Sexton Junior from Asheville, North Carolina. They got to six 3000 people and the local American Legion here has a large piece of property, and they donated the property so we been organizing meeting with these 30 pastors and organizing this meeting. The one thing that we have done we we have weekly Saturday night prayer meeting at 630 at a different church of the week. Saturday night will in our 20th week were coming together will say folks will just your claim for revival you want the prerequisites of revival is that God say I think the time is right. I think the timing is perfect. Our country is going out the labels economically will multiply those politically and that produces a desperation on the prerequisites of revival from our study is that the concept to be really dark spiritual and on-site parking dark spiritual times within the people of God have to come together in desperation, employee and so I think we are in the midst of revival now and I'll talk to meeting the first two weeks in September we start Labor Day night. Monday night will do Monday through Friday of that first week in September will not make together Saturday and Sunday will come back the following Monday and make Monday through Friday if the Lord really lose will expand of the meeting, but these weekly prayer meetings were praying for. There's never been a revival without people getting play and you said what would be the result of what I believe the results are probably the results are reliable would be evangelism people will when Christ comes alive in somebody you don't have to prompt them to share the gospel. You don't have to tropical resort to serve the church.

You don't have to prompt him to come to church. I believe if we have a real heaven sent, Holy Ghost revival, you'll see evangelism across the community where it takes place. You'll see people born into the see the churches grow see the churches get very healthy. Listen, you may even see a denomination change.

So if we want to see change would not see changes by good intentions gone BCC change box playing in joining a group of believers that believe that God can do it. Chris I believe that God saying to go yesterday yesterday, today, for I believe what God do you do the revival of 1904 what God did in the revival of 1857 to 59. I believe God will do today if the believers will meet on God's terms.

Trusting God to do what he said a man asked her a lot of our listeners are in the state of North Carolina and you admitted you have these meetings starting in September. Can you tell them where you are and how can it is a way that is your website or email somebody your house and I find out how to go to these and how to be maybe specific prayers across the country. You people can't go to commute.

Frankly sure we have a website is called you Lori revival you Lori you can get on there and you can know if you link more info on my cell phone number would be all their people get that they can call me and I can give them the information it sub September 5 is Labor Day to start Labor Day night at the American Legion Post 76 in Albemarle, North Carolina. You can look that up. It's off Highway 52 is a physical location. You can email me my emails very simple stony STO and where were believing that God will send people within 100 hundred 50 violate use of this and anybody and everybody is welcome. Most bikers, three churches in the Stanley number County. The two counties of the pastors is involved in were send in letters and flyers with billboards up around the community and anybody can come and be involved in were believing God for blue but of your spirit and we would love for people, the 30 pastors that his church was to be about please contact me to a privately cell phone, Facebook, twitter, all that and that we we can know we can get you connected our next pastors meeting is July 28 so will get a lot of pure annex this thing but but again, that's my burden Chris is that we have revival in the start about one particular church about the kingdom of God in our communities, lodgings elicited, I would encourage you to be. We have a quiet time and we get going in and a few pluralistic gray Prof. Selena's leadership team pray that God will move in a mighty way, revival, summing up a meeting anywhere in the country you can all pray for this coming Monday were flying to come if I believe that God is going to use this as a support to ignite revival across America today and if you were listening earlier, you know that after she only said that he is willing to go absolutely free to any children North Carolina to do a one day revival at your church so you can reject again at stony that STO stony acrostic beggars Your static. Thank you for listening to God's call to bring Rabobank American. Thank you for joining us on the Christian perspective. God bless you, Chris. It was my privilege yesterday. Thank you for listening. Please get a copy of this is the day every day. The Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus. This is the This is the Truth Network

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