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Do You have a Strong Prayer Life?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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July 11, 2022 5:30 am

Do You have a Strong Prayer Life?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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July 11, 2022 5:30 am

Dr. Gary Miller, author of “Talk Less, Pray More”, joins The Christian Perspective to talk about the importance of having a strong prayer life when developing a Biblical Worldview. Dr. Gary Miller gives us the purpose of prayer – to allow Jesus to bring an intervention that we need at the end of our rope as we let go and let Him make sense out of something that seems senseless.  


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This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist versus political and author is the founder and assuming the citizens of America foundation, Dr. Chris Christian worldview in modern culture. I am so excited about our guest today, Dr. Gary Miller's wife Dana got to know them a couple years ago about three years ago now and they have just been such a blessing to me and encouragement to me. The Miller's are from Texas and and Dr. Gary Miller was a former pastor and has a heart for pastors.

He works sometimes with an organization called the American renewal project, which is an organization formed by good friend David Lane and they travel around the country and encourage pastors to preach the whole word of God and to consider running for public office because it was better to get involved in their communities and somebody who really pastors of the step on some toes. You should be involved in your community already and pastors just make great candidates. But today I want to talk to Gary about prayer because our listeners as is your listing will show every day and you're trying to learn how to develop a biblical worldview. You can't develop a biblical worldview. If you don't know what the Bible says you can't be in tune with God. Unless you're praying and talking to him on a daily and in much more than just a daily continual basis. We need to be in communion with God and and I don't know anybody knows more about prayer than the Dr. Gary Miller, so I'm excited to have you with me today. Gary welcome to the Christian perspective.

It is such an honor.

I you I love you and you and your sweet wife Dana so much and I'm sure you probably share some testimonies as you Dana for those of you that don't know is a survivor of cancer, but these two people just have a heart for Jesus like unlike anybody that I really know but dear what I wanted to talk about is is every time I see you talk about talk. Let us pray more. What does that mean will back in March 2008 when data was diagnosed with Rick. We thought we knew something about prayer. I was pastoring close to 40 years at that point I can say is this really took us to our knees.

Sometimes that wasn't a good way. I collapsed when I heard the word cancer.

Dana took it on and so her great adventure and I wish I could say I responded the same way but took me a while to come to get with the program because Chris you cancer is just all the words all the protocols all the doctors office is the key moment all of that.

Not to mention the surgery. Every time we would talk about this. It seems like the bigger it would get. Finally one day we were back from another doctors appointment and I pulled the car off the side of the road that I'm already terrified enough to pray for you or me was kind of the birth of talk list, pray more, because what God you could talk across this today, but you just keep breathing new life into it and somewhere on that road back from Dallas to Runaway Bay, Texas. We just started a journey of trying to talk less and pray more cancer stuck around for a while, but it looked different when we put it in God's hands and that's what talk with pray MorningStar's Gary so many of our listeners and the people around the world are facing tragedies all the time, whether it's cancer you own country and around the world over the last couple years and, good, and sometimes people like you said you you did know what to say or what to do, just your heart breaks at that moment. How can we as Christians make prayer a personal passion in a priority in our lives will you know I think it begins by understanding that prayer is not about our eloquent it's about our dependence and so many times not particularly men will say to me I just don't know how to pray and I just try to correct that if you know how to breathe.

You know how to pray. This is a matter of just taking the understanding of the breath that you have in your love is the next 20 seconds is your walk with God just pour out your heart to him and let them know what's going on there and it's not like you're giving him information that he doesn't have, but what happens is whatever's on your heart that burden that hurt that fear. Whatever it is and you know it's been clear, it's just ramp it throughout our country and is just a matter of getting something out of your hands and putting it in God's answer, it just takes on a different perspective, but it's never about our eloquent it's all about our dependence and backward begins. I love what you said there is not about our eloquent it's about our independence, our dependence, I guess only if you met my son have 18-year-old son and Chris's been reading the Bible and he had that conversation with me that what you just said basically a couple weeks ago where he said that you some time to go to church or other places and people give these long flowing prayers, but there they seem to be doing it more for show and trying to be eloquent than communicating to God, and in prayers.

Really just a way for us to talk to God.

It took it and have to be formal. You don't have to go to seminary to pray is just talking to God like you're talking to your best friend do you do you know that on on exactly what it is you're my target group when we teach on prayer is I'm not trying to transform the next generation of seminary professors about how to parse the record on prayer.

I'm reaching out to the cowboy here in Texas and just not sure-tough times. Every day, and encouraging the that this is about having a conversation with God and one old boy in West Texas was preaching and I could tell you you preach. You know you can tell in somebody's not real happy picture so I think and and he came up to me after the service and is a long tall drink of water and I'm basically looking at his belt buckle and and he said exactly what he said but he said you know you been kicking me all morning and have been wanting come here to hurt you, I came here to help you, and here's what he said.

He said preacher. I have prayed over a cheeseburger more than I have prayed over my kids well and that could change at my house today and that's my mission on prayer.

If I can get across to God that Elise ever said a blessing over a cheeseburger.

He can talk to God on behalf of his wife and his kids, his country and in God can do great things with the simplest prayers, dear, you touched on something.

There is so important for us as man in his father's pray for our wives and to pray for our children and and we don't do it. A boy that really hit home to pray for over cheeseburger Maureen Prater.

We are kids we might be the most profound thing I've ever heard on prayer and am in and said in a simple way were we can understand me that there is a sermon that might just steal that.

But Gary, yes, that's the truth will men seem intimidated by prayer, much more the women I think and I don't really know why. And we don't always have partners that and and I think we should have partners. What is your PO that she we should men try to find some might is a prayer partner with the kind help hold us accountable or just just pray on our own what you think about that will you know it when I not an either or both and you know it's one of those things were on. I have to admit I enjoyed my time alone with God.

And yet it's that time with my wife that really bring three you to our marriage, and it's not a matter of you know me trying to change it.

It's me calling out where she can hear me calling out to God or her behalf, and in thanking God for her on her behalf and so I'm I'm real strong and wise praying to gather not called it TW oh together because department have a prayer partner before I get another man.

I really need to make sure I one with my wife and a lot less affairs in the low pray with their wives listed nothing will appear proof or divorce proof of marriage more than a husband and wife praying together will be real transparent with you here. I particularly early on when we were first married, proud of this cure is a lie with what you're saying.

Sometimes I would get really angry with Vicki met my wife Vicki and she'd say it was pray and Gary, I didn't want to pray. I want to be mad and I knew I would refuse yet.

I'm not proud of this. There were times where I would refuse to pray with her because I knew if I prayed I had to get right with God, and I would not be able to stay mad at her any longer and I wanted to be mad and I knew if I prayed that I wouldn't be able to stay that way.

What got you and are the only one. Something about me and that we just have to be in control and exercise are will I get the toughest thing about prayer for me it is the prayer of Jesus, not my will but I will be done. I think at the very heart of it that's what keeps men from playing, yielding your will to someone else's will will surly draws us closer to our lives in an old man.

I know I mean is the same, just for pastors but your your preacher to know when Vicki prays for me, particularly when before I'm about to go preach somewhere speaking somewhere. It really means a lot to me and it makes a difference when that other because were not really complete with Ellis were with our spouse and have her pray for me really makes a big difference for me and I'm sure it is when Dana prays for you to will eat you know when you I wouldn't put this on you but on I be surprised if it didn't happen. A lot of creatures certainly happens to me, I'll be convicted of something before I'm about to step up into the pulpit and preach and I'll have to find my wife either by phone, backpacks, or in the very room I'm in is not just been reminded of something I said, the way I said it. Are we okay because I need your forgiveness before I step up and that the pulpit I'm not a whole man until you and I want clients hard with our ego. There will come back here in the spot asking the so stick around and be right back with more this show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or is blocking the Bible come to life foundation to create the world from all over the world. Christianity is a whining alleyways.

The first hand ready to travel out of their foundation in creating and sharing an American. He intentionally fired into the air, but his political rival Aaron Burr took deadly aim and fatally shot him in a duel this day July 11, 1804 born in the West Indies. He fought in the revolution and served as a decant to general Washington. He helped write the Constitution and convince the states to ratify it by writing the Federalist papers.

His name was Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury, he wrote let an association be formed the Christian Constitutional Society it's object first the support of the Christian religion.

Second, the support of the United States. Transcript 1888 USA work Christian perspective, this is Chris use my special guest today is my dear friend Dr. Gary Miller who is an expert on prayer and like me, has a passion for every Christian to get involved in the public arena and take a biblical worldview everywhere we go before the commercial break. We were talking about prayer, which is the topic of our conversation today and we will talk about the importance of men praying, praying for their families at and really how to save marriages by praying with your wife because if you keep Jesus at the center of your marriage you not to have affairs are not to be getting divorced. If the two of you as husband or wife are in union with Jesus. But to put Gary on the spot here. I asked Gary to think about of the commercial break.

The most profound statement on prayer that is ever read the Bible so Gary I hope you had a chance to come up with one.

What does the Bible say about prayer was the most profound statement you've seen in the Bible talking about prayer. My dad that he would have been great prayer warrior and I'm leaving on somebody you trust him on prayer, and here's what he said to me, and I've since taken this to heart and it's these five simple words, Lord, teach us to pray in Luke 11 one and if you think of that terms of five fingers on your hand and you start out with your little finger. Lord, teach us to pray, and you put up that pray that will give you a perspective on how important prayer is in your life because you can't get a grip on anything without your prayer we get a grip on the weapons of warfare that God is given us for the spiritual warfare that were engaged in here on earth.

What I remember as elementary school kid growing up in Dallas Texas. The church you relocated and left the parsonage where it was. Which meant I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks elementary school was a fight every day. I mean, it was just me me out on the blacktop was the was the challenge I learned something early on, you never bring a slap fistfight and when you have your wrapped around your fingers.

You make this and so when we're fighting against an enemy and ancient wickedness.

Nothing but you will kill and destroy everything that we hold dear prayer gets a grip on the weapons of our warfare and it brings to the pipe and that's why think more teachers to pray may be the most prayer other per square that's a great way to think about prayer. A great visual way to see because you can win that fistfight.

Without that some wrapped around it and were not successful in anything in life unless we go to God first in prayer.

I was thinking as you were talking yes prayer is not just something that were told to do, but if you study the life of Jesus in the New Testament over and over and over again that he was God, but he set the example by going to his father and prayer over and over again throughout the New Testament, it is because it's important.

I think sometimes we want to pray just when we need something, I need a new good grade in college or on a test coming up or I got a job interview coming up for any money to pay the bills at the end of the month but prayer is not sending God to do errands for us. Prayer is intended to get us and repair us to be ready for what God is going to do in our lives, and it is such an important part of everything that we do, you will talk a while ago Gary about the story of when God really got your attention with prayer and how Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer and I don't want to leave that story. Can you tell us did did did she survive and and and out. What would happen through that process along. You can imagine.

It's not you know it's not an appendix operation and Dana is cancer free and out. Here he met with her oncologist again and remains cancer free in 2020. Were looking for again just a fresh walk with God in the new venture and but we we have so much to be grateful for your prayer.

What Are hearts and our minds focus on God come what may.

Dana sister had died of breast cancer so we knew how this could be a that was a terrifying thought and we tried to just use prayer as a way I call it to pre-prayer ourselves what might happen in the midst of all that God healed her and has given her fresh life and a new start were very grateful to answered prayer just simply can't be overrated and what a tremendous testimony on you and Dana travel all over the world sharing the testimony of what God is done in your lives, and how God is healed Dana and were just so thankful that God did choose to heal her of that cancer was we talk more about prayer is passage of Scripture that maybe summarizes the purpose of prayer in the Bible you not come to appreciate. Luke chapter 24 and I would say the gospel of Luke that one small gospel book is more about the prayer life of Jesus and all the other books combined so Luke had an interesting perspective on prayer. He somehow grasped that this was the key, and as he wrote these things about prayer particular, the prayer life of Jesus it off for me culminates in Luke chapter 24 and years ago I heard my father refer to this passage is the couple on the road to them.

I will have you know it's a couple and he said to just too many things about this that make me think it's not just to me and but it's a couple cute on that over the years and just about anybody about it, but I tend to look at this passage sure particularly Dana and I went through at the couple who has received the worst news that they could ever possibly receive an life for them is moving downhill figuratively and literally, and couple have seen the death and that the burial of Jesus and what I love about the Scripture says in Luke chapter 24 that they were walking, talking and discussing things that they had seen in course you know in Luke 24. That means I've seen all these things that happened to Jesus and Jesus himself approached. This is what prayer is all about prayer is God's idea is not a good idea if God and so any time that we have this part of priority pray. Jesus had showed up and simply interrupted our conversation interrupted us talking about the problem or crisis and encouraging us to talk to him about it now not well received by this couple the husband only a husband could be this obtuse, but are you the only one in Jerusalem that had not heard about these things, and Jesus says to him, instead of getting offended.

Jesus is what things now all the things that happened to him. Jesus is not looking for information from this couple he already knows exactly what has happened so for my money. The purpose of prayer is not about us giving Jesus information he doesn't have. It's about allowing Jesus to bring an intervention that we need and that's what the purpose of prayer is about. This is an about us giving him a list of things that he needs to be informed about this is about coming to the end of our rope and refusing to make more rope, and we simply let go and fall into his hand and let him make sense out of what seems senseless and that's exactly what happens in Luke chapter 24 and your prayers about taking you hold of the work of God.

He walked in through all of the Scriptures, and that means is Genesis all the way through Malachi. This was about Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans, all of the Scriptures were Old Testament Scriptures, where he revealed all of this was necessary and this is what I find intriguing because I got no friends of mine throughout Christianity that you seem to put more dependence on the New Testament in the Old Testament. Jesus is prettier than the Old Testament, and that you something that I fall back on all the time. I look at this. Luke chapter 24 passage well.

I have never looked at passes like that you said it was your father who said that it might be a couple was that your dad gave that he was a pastor to write you. Dad was a longtime pastor and prayer ministry and I have since discovered Donald Breitbart, a grand old man of the Presbyterian fundamentalist movement believe the same thing. I found a typo. Back in my 1947. He felt like this with us. This was a couple so this is something men of of some rundown and leaned upon over the years I never try to force that view on anybody but after what Dana and I went through it just seem to make sense to us that that's exactly what was going on here only a husband and wife would try to talk something to really dig into that bass is not just the Bible is you are is your talk about that but that that's to give me something really dig into my son and I have these theological conversations every night is usually him asking me deep questions so I want to talk to him about this tonight and I would encourage a listers yell is not like you said is not worth getting a fight about arguing about what is just to think about in a fun way to dig you guys were about to take another commercial break, but I want to give the rate restate two things that you said Gary one you said God rescued me. Prayer is not a good idea.

It's God's idea, so I say that again. Prayer is not a good idea is God's idea, and then I asked you to question the purpose of prayer and hopefully get this right. You said the prayer allows Jesus to bring an intervention that we needed the end of our rope so that we will let go and let him make sense out of something that seems senseless. Absolutely.

That is so powerful will focus if you're listening I'm talking to Dr. Gary Miller were talking today about prayer is prayer a good idea to use you just know is not a good idea is a great idea because it's God's idea and should we be praying as men and women of God, should we be praying for our family. Should we be praying for our country. Should we pray with our spouse. What a powerful message that Dr. Gary Miller is bringing a test today with a commercial break and come backwards on about how long you should pray and some other things that stick around with today February 15 in the year 1898, USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor Pres. William McKinley approved the joint resolution of Congress, which stated the abhorrent conditions which have existed for more than three years in the island of Cuba have been a disgrace to Christian civilization, culminating as they have in the destruction of United battleship with 266 of its officers and crew while on a friendly visit in the harbor of Havana, therefore result in Congress assembled people of the island are right, free transcripts, All-American 1888.

This show is brought to you by generous jobs. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or is not the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise, passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America in the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement that Chris use my guest today is Dr. Gary Miller and we are talking about prayer. Gary loves to say, talk less and pray more. He shared a wonderful testimony of how God really drew him closer to understanding the importance of prayer when his beautiful wife Dana was diagnosed with cancer and how during that terrible time of crisis instead of giving up are losing hope, they chose instead to turn it like even on the way home from the doctor's office.

I put over the side of the road and decided to turn to God for prayer, but through that crisis God is open up a great ministry for for Gary and Dana Miller to travel around the world and talk about the importance of prayer before we took the commercial prep break we were talking about the purpose of prayer and and God sees me and God revealed a store verse two Gary Luke 11 one were he found that that was probably the most profound verse in the Bible is he study prayer were the Luke 11 one says Lord, teach us to pray and then as I was I asking about the purpose of prayer. Gary said that only repeat these two things again because they were profound to me says prayer is not a good idea is God's idea, and the Gary when asked about the purpose of prayer said allows Jesus to bring an intervention that we needed the end of our rope to let go and let him make sense out of something that seems senseless and maybe some of you are at that point right now in your life or something's going on in your thing is just senseless and God, why would you let this happen was a terrible thing happening to me I would just encourage you instead of turning away from God. At that point.

That's the time to turn to God and focus on him and if we turn to him as Gary said he can make sense out of something that seems absolutely senseless to us. So Gary is what we've talked about the importance of men praying with friends in men's praying for the family. We talked about how men really really need to pray with their wives so more talk about prayer. How long should we pray, do we need to pray for hours every day are suddenly pop in and out of prayer with God conversations throughout the day, what you recommend we should do what comes to the length of prayer and how we should do it without God. Lastly Jesus was sleepy to stop what they do not watch with me one hour in the lot emphasis input on that. We need at least be able to plan our day will okay it's better than not playing at all and also incurred, pray without ceasing.

What what what does that mean and I have reached a point in my I guess my journey in prayer fall back on. Luke 22 verse 42 where here's the purpose of prayer and the end of prayer, not my will but yours be done that with Jesus pray I think you pray long enough to get to that point that if you're praying and you've not gotten to the point where you can say it's not my will but thy will be done. You need to play a little longer because that's how Jesus prayed and for you and for me to have a mentor in prayer. We can't have a better mentor than Jesus.

And this is the point here is not me getting God to do my will. Prayer is about me getting yielded and in line with his will, and the length of my prayer be 10 seconds but admits 10 hours and I still haven't reached the point where I'm not willing to yield to his will and I'm not praying long and that's the perspective outcome. This stage of my love it's all about. Put it this way is not mine and you brace children you know you got two kids and one toy you got a war going on and you will hear two little ones reaming at each other.

Mine mine mine. Many times that's what our burlap is like were like children struggling to get control of the total weight rather than letting go of it and letting God give us something better than we got our hands off. That's what prayer is about. We pray long enough to get not my will but thy will, I believe it's time to say amen. That's where prayer has changed your heart in the direction of your life. Gary, do you think there's a better time of day, so when I'm driving when I'm walking, praying and talk to Laura but we also need thinking intensified time to time we dedicate and are disciplined about praying. I know some people like to pray at night before they go to bed that's dangerous for me because I think I would do that now lay down and next thing I know the end of the sentence I wake up and is the next morning so the morning is probably the better time for me to have that quiet time and devotion. Should people have a quiet time.

What does that mean is her time a day you think are you recommend is better to do that and so much for me over the years. You know when it was a young dad and you know your you got better.

Up at the crack of dawn seems to interfere with everything you're trying to get with a quiet, things change for me over the years and your people the latitude of coming to the Lord when their hearts are prepared to hear from him this emphasis of Luke 11 one.

Lord, teach us to pray, the emphasis is far more teachers to pray, not how to pray it will wrap around the axle was shut up in the morning should operate in the afternoon I pray in the evening and course my answer is yes, you should expect prayer is our is our breath that we we are entering into inhaling and exhaling all day long, but for my money. Personally this is not something I tell everybody they should be in agreement with me about but I find at this stage in my life. It's 71 years a day when I start my prayer time in the morning at 4 o'clock. Nobody wants a piece of me. But Jesus, I don't have my phone ringing.

I'm not getting I'm not getting emails this this is that on interrupted time that I enjoy more than any other time of the day and that has been something that I look forward to.

I laughed when you said you fall asleep, praying Chris, I think that's a great idea.

What better way to calm your heart when the enemy is trying to keep you totally absorbed out something you start putting up in the Lord's hand in your fall asleep got a be a great rest when prayer has led you to really think and fall into the hands of God for the rest that you need to stop criticizing people to fall asleep with her primary value for that wealth used to tell my wife, you would have trouble sleeping alike.

Well, not because it's boring but if you want to fall asleep either get out your mouse probably getting out your bowel Ricoh. Satan is not worried about the feasibility real sleepy in a hurry because he doesn't speak of Satan. Gary, you know what again. A lot of preachers never preach on prayer or Satan or how to overcome evil. I don't want to talk about bad things are sin in many cases been deemed do you think that prayer affects the spiritual battles that were in his Satan afraid of prayer. Does it really matter again hours or can he care less if we pray will you matter to him. Believe it or not I got nowhere with when I read things on prayer are usually read men who lived 100 years ago or head. There they finished well is what I'm trying to say. And one of these guys is Samuel Chadwick.

He was Methodist preacher in England and he always asked to be assigned the toughest places and they would put him in these mill towns in England and job be like pastoring a Texas work okay on a minute just these guys were sinners and were proud of it and so he knew that if he was good to see lives changed. She was had developed a dependency upon God in prayer and he saw incredible things happen in England at the turn-of-the-century and he was referred to as the John Wesley of the early 20th century Chadwick who later became a professor mentor clinically really meant toward the focus of the Jesus revolution. He was an Englishman as well, but Samuel Chadwick put it this way. The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from crying.

He fears nothing from Carla study girlish work for prayerless religion laughs at our coil mocks that our wisdom but he trembles.

When we pray that you give me a perspective on prayer that I sometimes have forgotten that one of the reasons that Satan wants to keep us from it because it frightens him that were calling on somebody who can actually come in and do something about what's going on and he knows that he's not afraid of you and me is not afraid of what we can do, but he seen what Jesus can do and it strikes fear in his heart when we call out in the name of our champion and leaned into his strength and when we do that that strikes fear in the enemy camp and gives fresh courage to Samuel Chadwick figure that out 100 years ago.

That's powerful Gary I don't know if you read in the books by Frank Perretti and a lot of yes, a lot of his books are fake so it really opened my eyes up to the spiritual warfare that goes on in the world around us and in and right pretties books a lot you can win when Satan is attacking are the things are happening. The demons actually cower and enter terrified when the name of Jesus invoked and people go to prayer and as we get ready to take her next break I just want to challenge our listeners close if you want to have a Christian perspective, which is what we talk about every day on this radio program. You cannot have a Christian perspective.

If you're not spending time in prayer as a man or woman of God and calling on God to direct your paths to lead you to protect your children, your spouse and your family and friends and loved ones.

If you are not praying for our nation and it and if you're not asking God to protect you from the attacks of Satan.

And that's were to go after the commercial break weave Carrie Miller yesterday. Boy, this is been like going to church for me. I'm so fired up after talking to Gary are ready for our last talk about praying for a leader praying for our nation have a new stick around and be right back more in a world you points of voice, financial problems, only one voice the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think for me world online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes the possibility of one cancer can be pretty scary especially for approximately a million smokers in high risk. That's why say by the skin.once you know is a breakthrough logo CT scan that can detect lung cancer early, and it only takes 60 seconds to stop smoking.

Now start screaming for an easy quiz to see if you are eligible say by the scan done or could save your life force initiative in the America strong Christian heritage God in the Bible much of America and the men.

Kind of a public knowledge. The creator creates a Christian perspective. Chris used my guest today is Dr. Gary Miller and boy want to tell you what. If you have not been listening. You need to go back and listen to.

This is a podcast when it's reared on the Bobcat The Truth Podcast Network our guest today is Dr. Gary Miller is talking about the importance of prayer. The purpose of prayer. What the Bible has to say about prayer and in then this is just such a blessing to me. But now were going to look into our country. Now we have so much going on in our country and Gary and his wife Dana as I mentioned the beginning of the show are intimately involved with an organization called the American renewal project where they traveled all across the nation and encourage pastors to preach the entire word of God and encourage pastors and Christians to engage in the public arena engage in the area, public policy, which is what I challenge you to do every single day on this radio program and they encourage pastors to even run for office. Have you ever thought about that if you ever talked to your pastor about running for office he be great.

He's a good public speaker is known in his community. He should be up-to-date on the issues he's well educated, your pastor should think about and pray about running for public office and Gary is somebody who travels the country, encouraging pastors to do that.

But when it comes to prayer. Gary should we pray for our leaders and and how should we pray for them. Well, I think the court based upon what the word of God. First Timothy chapter 2 is something that leaned on quite a bit for this begins in verse one.

First of all, then I urge that entreaties and prayers and thanksgiving be made on behalf of all men, there's that word all working and all who are in authority means a high position so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity, and the reason we do this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth now hurt Scripture for years and here's what my confession is crate at those who are in authority, not pray for those in authority and I was really taken to school by this by the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina and I'm not sure if you were in the room that day when he referred to this passage of Scripture, and he said you know I don't hate anybody. I love people and there were 300 pastors in that room from 20 different denominations and he said, I pray every day that I might look out my window someday inhabit and see Joe Biden walking up the steps to my house so we might have sweet fellowship together well you could hear a pin drop in this place and I'm on the platform looking at the faces of men that were look on their face had to be the look on my face. What were and without missing a beat, he said, I pray every day for Chuck Schumer to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that we must spend eternity in heaven together and he started going down the line of people that he sprayed quartz and him. By the time he got that Nancy Pelosi we were having church because the conviction that came upon those people and all me as well is I pray that Nancy Pelosi but I'm not pray for Nancy Pelosi and that's a huge difference. And there's something about this passage of Scripture that brings us to the end of our sales and put these people in the hands of God for him to do something that only he can do and refused to do that is just makes no sense whatsoever because the promise is there. This is what God wants us to do and if you're looking for a life of tranquility and quietness in all godliness and dignity and were refusing to do and God said this is the way to get there when the world we think so come to the conclusion that this passage of Scripture may be the most important passage of Scripture when it comes to seeing Islam around in the lives of the people who are in positions of authority in our country. Now I've got to come to the cleat conclusion that praying for all those who are in authority.

Does it mean in a free society that has a constitution Republic were not obligated to keep them in authority, we can actually remove them, but hating them is not an option talking about the know in scurrilous language is not an option. Praying for them is the direction and correction.

I mean, we're going to have to play all the way God made the rules. Praying for all those in authority is where we begin to see a turnaround number one and Arnold are where he's getting to most spiritual likely need to be getting me not others. In praying for all those in authority is how we turn the country around one and so I believe that the direction here is spiritual, but it also has a political consequence to those who refused bring themselves under God's authority. He put them in that position of responsibility tells us that the issue is are they being responsive to his authority and are not we vote them out. Yeah it is so important as Christians. Gary, you're right. We need have been guilty of praying at them and not for them as well but we need to pray. I pray for the salvation of the president and many other leaders that you talked about me. Can you imagine Gary imagine a Barack Obama became a born-again follower of Jesus Christ was sold out for Jesus. How that would turn the world upside down or people almost worship the man but what if he got on fire for Jesus. What is Job 8 Biden you what what if Donald Trump got on fire for Jesus. We need to be praying for this people for their heart surmise to be saved in both parties and and yet something that really breaks my heart flutter. Christians Gary in this movement now let let's go Brandon movement across the country itself funny and cute but really when you think about a particular Christian them challenge you as Christians not to say that because you are speaking a curse over Joe Biden really when you do that it is a very vulgar, either using clean words to say something that really mean something very vulgar. How about if we spent the time thing, let's go Brandon to just drop to her knees and and pray for Joe Biden.

Every time that the outcomes are mine did his heart and soul. We change that he will not support the brutal murder of unborn babies anymore and that he won't support the critical race theory in the transgender movements across the country that he will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. You mentioned are Lieut. Gov. I live in North Carolina which Gary knows and he's done a lot of work in our state and and I tell you that he's talking about a great man of God Marquise Robinson is probably the strongest elected official. As far as what he says publicly for Jesus Christ of and and I've been in this business and you have two Gary for many many years and over decades I've been in the political arena and Anna and I been around plenty of Christian men and women who serve the public office who ran for public office but I have never seen anyone take his bowl to stand for Jesus and what the Bible says is I have an in Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson in North Carolina and so we are not only do we need to pray for people that that we don't support but people like like Lieut. Gov. Robinson and others who are Christians, that they will take a bold stand and say you I don't care if I get reelected I want to say what the work God's word says no matter who writes about article about mirror or whether or not I will lose a vote. It makes me think of another man, Mark Walker, who is a former Congressman in North Carolina.

He's is 1%. I think he may be switching races soon, but when he was in Congress, he tells a story of how he got invited to the White House Monday and God opened up the door with some question about the question was a Pres. Trump asked but it open the door for Mark to share a clear gospel presentation with the present United States. So yeah we need to be praying not only for the ones that we don't like but we need to pray for the ones we do like to there in the corridors of power around the world are meeting with world leadership Mike Pompeo another strong Christian right Secretary of State. Boy I love that man of God. I'd love to see Mike Pompeo be present United States. One day he has a heart for Jesus and he was meeting with world leaders yell all over the world and we need to be praying for them. You you and I may not ever have the opportunity to sit in the presence of a king or prime minister present the country with these guys are, and we need to pray that God will open the door for them to present a clear gospel presentation at that time and that they will take that opportunity and follow-up. When they do, will Gary E. How do you think you have a spiritual awakening and and if we are what role does prayer play. We've only got a couple minutes in bringing about a spiritual awakening in the United States today. I believe prayer group awakening in this way.

When we finally realize that not something we can make happen.

It's something that God brings to us and when we look at something that's impossible and we refuse to pray about it just because of her own fear and all microplate and we miss out on what I like to call the impossible and when we pray for spiritual awakening were taking our eyes off of the impossible and were inviting him to do the impossible.

And that's what I believe the role of prayer is spiritual awakening washer. Pray that we will have a spiritual awakening and asking to start with our listeners getting on her knees before God and understanding. If you have a biblical worldview. If you enter whatever it is, school work, the public arena from a Christian perspective. Not only do you need to be reading God's word every day, but you need to be an prayer you need understand that satanic and demonic warfare is real spiritual warfare is real and the only way to overcome this is by seeking Jesus Christ and getting our knees in prayer. Gary Miller, thank you so much for being on the Christian perspective today. I'm praying for you and Dana as you travel the world and teach people to talk less and pray more. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me today. This is a Christian perspective please write a like a podcast is the Truth Network

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