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Winning the Toxic War on Men

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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November 18, 2023 1:00 am

Winning the Toxic War on Men

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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November 18, 2023 1:00 am

GUEST: OWEN STRACHAN, author, The War On Men

Maybe you’ve seen the t-shirt that proclaims, “Smash the patriarchy.” Or you’ve heard the gender studies professor say, “Masculinity is toxic” or “the future is female.”

This is the spirit of our age, that manhood as prescribed and exemplified in Scripture is oppressive and the cause of conflict and injustice in the world. We have moved light years beyond portraying men as goofs and buffoons in television programs and commercials; men are now the enemy.

The prevalence of homes without fathers, men who live to consume and amuse rather than provide and protect, or males who look and act in feminine ways, all point to a subversion of God’s design for men. It’s not surprising that the clear Biblical prohibition against female pastors is a domino tottering across Evangelicalism.

Owen Strachan is our guest this weekend on The Christian Worldview Radio Program. Owen is provost and research professor of theology, Grace Bible Theological Seminary and the author of the excellent new book, The War on Men: Why Society Hates Them and Why We Need Them.

We will discuss how we go to the point of scorning Biblical masculinity, and fundamentally, what Biblical masculinity actually looks like.

This is a program for men and boys, of course. But it’s just as much a topic for women and mothers to understand, so they can discern the right men for marriage and raise their boys to be…Biblical men.


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