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Suicide and the Pandemic- 90

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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May 30, 2020 1:00 pm

Suicide and the Pandemic- 90

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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May 30, 2020 1:00 pm

Too many people feel depressed and alone during the pandemic, some of whom are abusing substances or killing themselves. The mental health challenges from these times have only begun to surface discussed guest of the show, Richard Hoffman.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


Richard is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a member of The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), and a Board Certified Christian Counselor. He is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), an Approved Clinical Supervisor through the Center for Credentialing & Education, as well as a trained mediator. For over 14 years, Dr. Hoffman has lectured in the field of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Duquesne University, and the Community College of Westmoreland County. He also has been certified as an expert evaluator in the Family Court Systems in Pennsylvania where he has provided expert testimony and consultation. You can read more about Richard by visiting his website.


No no no no fine. But if the world was ending, right, I love you I got why I write right send right away with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and Q and L my partner hi everybody. I hope they're all safe and make I hope and pray that your spirits are high. Now it's difficult. I will see you through this. I shares available light on your radio so I think your smart phone and a website podcasting today life in Miami. The satellite available in more than 11 states, among others. Soon after any podcast player media radiation. They said yes it suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and we do provide testimonials to let people know that and the testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well. We also have experts in several field and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that awareness is crucial. Education is necessary and comfort. I do believe are all suffering and we hope to be a source of healing for each other thinking from God. That's my care forms as well is to service everyone in life could be challenging course just know there's always someone who cares. Therefore, there's always hope this only displayed earlier was if the role dissenting HAP stocks Angela Michaels doesn't mean that the world is wanting to play the song for a while okay and show until now. Well, sometimes it feels like that all the sending and for me I can be a few times often had one of those episodes this morning guys on human we are faced with challenges never encountered before. Americans citizens accustomed to unlimited freedom, suddenly having it taken away living in fear and driven to desperation has only lead to chaos and uncertainty. While many of us are holding on to hope a lot of us feel there's nothing left to lose. As a result that has occurred many senseless stats that could have been avoided. Their fears are not irrelevant. The sky was falling and the tension rises God gently asks if the role dissenting, right when all hope is gone with you love me for the hell of a really one which he tight even if he went down forever. There shouldn't be a reason we should have to seek. This is somewhat of a part of last week's cell will become more and more and with a repeat gas. Dr. Richard Hoffman Dr. Hoffman is such a wonderful guest we just had to happen here again. There's so much to address.

When I was never enough.

Dr. Hoffman is the founder and clinical director of Christian counseling associate DTA is a leading faith-based mental health organization providing Christian counseling with over 50 locations and a staff of over 80 counselors in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia with his 20 years experience Dr. Hoffman provide speaking engagements.

He has held various academic positions and has been a guest lecturer, lecturer is both nationally and internationally. Dr. Hoffman, thank you for being on this forever. Dr. Hoffman, we are living in uncertain times, and then make which besides this disease affects, with a big toll on her mental health, seductive Hoffman.

We discussed last week devastating effects of the coven 19 pandemic on her mental health. There's so much more than to the physical effects the so-called healthy people not having covert suffer a lot also.

All these additional baths.

People exposed to the covert debts. The people from fear or desperation or depression or helplessness or loss of hope. The effects of the shutdown, isolation and riots everywhere lawlessness. What are your thoughts Dr. multiple works. You mentioned on Route riding the parable you so one thing the husband you're unprepared for all arrival rotavirus.

Going to be a way of mental health issues. People are going to experience prolonged stress will also want to come so usually you will you will experience during the crisis, but what really happened upon people experience mental health crisis after little once we were things are open back up again.

The world are returned from level more block number you feel a lot of mental health. A lot of the Russian possibility to increase the experts. My concern is people acting in desperate ways because they have nothing else to lose. So why even comply and realize we created this ourselves. These riots are throwing firecrackers into the crowd SUV ran over several people security guards and police officers killed by no fault of their own explosives thrown at the police people suicide in themselves. Medical personnel can't handle seeing so much death and dying people are dying because they're not getting treatments that cite lifesaving treatments not deemed essential. The loss of hope naming so many jobs. What is the common denominator. What is missing here because there was a time like the question and there was a time that I asked someone that knew more than me for sure. I said if God didn't give us anything we cannot handle why people commit suicide. Why so many senseless stats you want answer that I can tell you my answer after you get a second opinion about you overwhelmed you really were there about quarter you want to reach out to community good run. Certainly help you.that is out of reach of you know, there's a national call 1800-2738 251-800-2738 2555 prevention. There is nothing else so people will be there. Truly the first one that resonates with what I'm just reach out don't go as low that mission.

Where were not how God not one real difficult part of the walk let Millie about following the rules following the God on ourselves and also the importance of human contact I just super helpful. Some people don't pick up the phone to depressed to help themselves.

For me it was prayer praying for others that the parent would help me pray for others. But we continued talking with Dr. we would love to hear from you.

34. Life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty, sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed. Love is the answer.

God is the key word reveals baby combos life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on God is the key or buying her book on so so I said so you know you well know, welcome back to the care and thanks for tuning in. Remember you can listen to your show life through our up the cure with Amy, or later as a podcast. Amy gobbling up a question, please subscribe and like it. The song that just played with city of Angels I 24 KI had been there unknowingly. I sold my soul to the devil pickpocket.

You never know it's happening. He's very clever. I didn't want to go to hell that only the good die young, but important is what will be remembered me once I'm gone.

I thought it was fun, but it only brought misery to myself and others. So now I'm done one data time, even as frustrating as it may be God's will get us to this talking to Dr. Hoffman discussing how to deal with the effects of Dr. Hoffman was hurting me all the senseless stats steps that can be prevented. Obviously, those that have died from probate you know there's not much we can do until we find a cure that had by all these tests whether they be from fear or desperation on employment, loss of income, you know where is all this coming from and I mean Boris we've read such sad stories. There is so is all the reports I was reading report from the Library of medicine so-called 2019 suicides in 2000. There's cases. For example, a person was depressed, have anxiety over corporate and was alone. Her fierce was just an illusion. There was no one to counsel is over.

So she took her life.

See how important this is just hostile help reach out don't go to the call over the phone. There is so other cases, like us to quarantine the suspicion of being infected with the coronavirus and they jumped on the third floor of the hospital while please don't get scared fear of isolation is also very real to depression because human contact is yet another late euro. Mother newborn they need human contact. That's just science mean that in due time. The thing is I even heard of a man who killed himself and his family because he was afraid that he was going to That when I that feature.

Why, if God doesn't give us anything that we cannot handle.

Why is it that there's senseless stats they know they can be really really depressed.

You don't even want to help yourself you think you deserve. You will not go to the phone. You will not help yourself think that I will pray not everybody will pray for those who don't buy the phone. Anyhow, I know what this is like I I've been there. I I just don't know how to help myself and I've had those moments where I felt so test.

I just wanted life to land. With this feature, Tony said they didn't have God.

If you have God you will not suicide you will not be afraid.

You will not get the press story and I gave my life to God. I have not been depressed and off all medications and learn to deal with life and healthy away while miracle so you know it's it's possible and so but what I wanted to ask you Dr. we've lost God in schools.

They wanted to take God from locked out of money if you talk about God, they think you're being hypocritical or you're a fanatic people our faith even mentioning and it has become not such a popular thing so could this be part of what's leading to so many senseless stats will you want prayer will God's true mercy, and so we will will you you was in this place will the resource in a place where we feel backed into a corner. We read Matthew chapter 4 verses one through 11.20 place.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness 40 days, 4900 help you so you is written, man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word you had him stand on the highest point of the company you are the son of God, throw yourself down.

For it is written earning you they will lift up lift you up so you will not strike your it is also written. Do not put the Lord your God." Come to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. All this I will give you bow down and worship the way from where it is written worshiping the Lord your God. Serve them on the double left Angels came as part of the Bible. Many of us know how I would first word hard wheat we had a call coming in to stop right there is a beautiful way of explaining how the devil content test temptation, helping the advocate here.

What if somebody says that's great but I was Jesus. I'm not about me. What can I do to fight the temptation to stay strong when everything looks off. We have Kelly on the phone from you getting your life will we definitely gonna going to that after this short break. Thank you Kelly. We really appreciated will be right back here to hear from you.

Thanks again for TID's welcome back sitting in my life every Saturday at 1 PM we have an app called the chair for any smart phone and a also goes live forever social media that we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and after the show goes is a video podcast or other podcast just look for the cure with Amy.

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If you don't do please subscribe to because you never missed a lecture which you might like this song that displayed less surrender, I surrender. Here's my life.

I no longer win this time we volunteer site we had for those things we don't understand, but those of us hurting but those of us most in need. For those of the steps. Those of us with no one to turn to for those of us who have lost faith and for those of us struggling with depression you want to back the world needs you. What's happening to our America.

Please bless us. We need to make the where are you at whenever you already ready also want to remind you about the compass restarted all the cells come from listener suggestions already suggestion so let us know suggestion what you think we can play on the show through our contact us page of God is the Any foreplay you will receive a $25 gift certificate. We will continue talking to Dr. Richard Hoffman discussing how to deal with increased mental health issues during this pandemic. Dr. Hoffman will go back to my what about me question like that one that let's get to Kelly's question that's really important stuff. So we have Kelly yes okay what would you like to repeat it. Kelly is an adolescent stage from 12 to 18 where kids are spent evenings spontaneously jumping out off three-story buildings and committing suicide, and will with quality of also can make behavior very and so with Kelly. I can only imagine the parents will feel parents of three grown children, myself, remember one where certain knowing the risk factors are the important because you might not find things might happen quickly, so adolescents are very social and might not even be something happening in your home, your so you want to look for a history of bundled your child struggle emotionally abuse problems are they so maybe sleeping semi was leaking onto a loss of appetite may they look less last time. I know I been impulsive and unpredictable to you.

There's other things like experience something really pop and build were run will definitely you want to watch out for their suicide and their social context, or with their peers.

You know, that is, you know all along you want to have emotionally people are socially connected so I hear my daughter she's gets all upset about her friends, her friends are talking about suicide.

They talk about it as if it's nothing. It's just a choice in life and didn't realize there's no taking it back to be afraid to kill myself deliver so many things going on social groups really guard why you know the biblical goal. You know it's true you know you was perfect is perfect but one you was with Jesus on nose. Our struggle gives us a way out so you got way out of the first you understand the understand that there's going to be struggles in life. All the people into the way from slavery but also away from the Nile away from a place of no comfort, no you have to have that kind of understand. He also understood you knew the truth better than the so he quoted Scripture back to the double one when so we can arm ourselves with Scripture understand what you're saying Dr. Hoffman sorry Jane, you just need you just answer my question for what about me that you can't say that God made himself human to do it so that we can relate to him with you. Not one of the woman to give women important you know it's not just a man's having is also something wonderful I give you and just one day a little boy shows up at the at the church and that's Jesus chose not to do it that way. He chose to be born.

He chose to be human and maybe even a finance guy for me in his image able to even think I can know what he knows. If you invite him to work through us wait for her were not so you God's word.

We have an understanding of how what you doing everything right.

There is going to be struggle will be overwhelming. The third thing that I would look showing off God is with after that patient Mr. and again I would reinforce that her parents Karen children his risk so very that have you watching over them and I know how impossible below of the church around adults we know that our connection to the church or body of believers people that we know we need to be connected so that critical conflict in our lives and ministered angels pain Jesus is very difficult to use new father was with them, sometimes in our imperfection are no people can be angels God because God works to people that some teenagers and not very spiritually inclined to have an idea you can you know when all this is over happening youth group are more likely to listen to peers people their age.

Keep the lines of communication open, if possible. If they're willing to talk to you and like you said Dr. we made a very good point. Look for the signs and try to get them helpless as possible with the situation with isolation. It's very bottoming with old these conditions, the more isolated you are, the worse outcomes can be well your organization. We work spread throughout our service area. We know that people are the right solution you feel we should plan to have connection to the church connection for professional person, and be really watchful over what is the lockdown as was about stress may only be notice.

Months later, yeah, some things we get so busy we don't realize kids need attention and knowledge to we would like to hear from you. Personal stories high again and things between you and where live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern radio. I think you are such a media is the forgotten secure later. The show will be available as a podcast. I keep on repeating hoping that you are subscribed to the podcast to look for the cure. They may gobble subscribed like it and also you never miss another episode that way They Just Played Last DOS Tell Don I Diane and I Live CA Even If We Have To Make It up Guys Fall in Love with Yourself Fall in Love with Others Fall in Love with God. With God We Will Never Be a Long, He Will Hold Us When Things Go Wrong, Even If It Seems That the Hardships Are Never Ending. He Was Always Right Here with Us Working This Telethon and He Will Be the Only One Left When All Hope Is Gone Well with You Explaining the Soul like to Make You Look at the Different Experience. I Love It. This Is like so Anyway I Want to Remind Everybody about the Contest We Started.

Please Give Us Suggestions for a Song That We Can Play on the Show through Our Contact Us Page of God Is the and If We Play with. You Will Receive a $25 Gift Certificate. We Continued Talking to Dr. Hoffman Who Is Helping Us Get to the Effects of Isolation and the Effects of Fear. Dr. Hoffman, You Said Something Very Interesting. Anything That's Where A Lot Of Us Fall off the Wagon Is That Choose to Do the Right Thing.

We Sacrifice We Pray so Much Faith Slowly and Alive and We Believe That These Things Are Happening yet When Our Prayers Are Not Answered Pickpockets a Clever Moment of Stillness and Peace They Can Get Used To It in Office Anything Good Because God Is Blessing Me Because in Doing the Right Thing and You Understand Why Things Go so Wrong When It's Important to Praying Believe, Even If You Can't Find It for Yourself or Others for the Sake of Others. But If You Have To Had Been Approached by Atheists in Our Approach Know You've Been There Revitalizing Review, I Got a Fighter to so and the Way That I See Okay I Wasn't Daniel Times When the Bible When God Was Jesus Was Walking around and All That. Okay It Escape You Know Anything for Certain It's Supposed to Be That Way. But When I Got to Go through All the Struggles in Life. All These Problems and If I Get Disappointed in God Because My Answer Wasn't My Prayer Was Answered Immediately or It Wasn't the Right Prayer. If I Get Frustrated like I Know Idea Pretty Bratty Child Because You Gotta Take the Good with the Bad and You Know You Said Something Very Good Because I Think If You Go through All These Things and Bad Things Will Happen and That Will Happen, and Evil Will Happen and Something Will Happen. You Really Want to Go without God Promised SEP There for Us and Help Us to See You Make Good Cannot Help You Handily.

I Choose to. So They What Do You Do You Think People Don't Have That out. I Mean, My Heart Goes for out for the Atheists. I'm Not Angry at Them for Not Believing I Feel Sorry for Them. Help Model of Mental Health. Right Now We Don't Really Know How Much Reaction Depression Be Made in This Model Have Somewhere between 8800 and Thousand Will Give Themselves over Suicide Extremes Reaction Long-Term Long-Term. This Will Continue for Years, Probably like a Model Short-Term Topic That Your Pocket so Very Well What I Want Our Audience to Realize How Much of a Resource Church. How Much of the Resource Family Is Right Now. People You Know Teaching the Word of God Having You Where and Togetherness That Kind of Community People on the outside Version Is Not a Believer. All Organizations like Ours, Christian, Your and Reach out Don't Go out. This Alone Because You One Thing That We Need to Understand, and I Think We Understand Now All like to Throw Things out You Are Just Too Big and the Design of How We Got to That Is Together so You Know You and Your You Are Alone Know You're in a Dangerous Spot, Even Though You Know You're Young and Strong. Hey, I Got All the Time. I Mean, I've Been Doing Some Good for so Long. It's Been a Long Time since I Felt like My Will to Sending Me This Morning Reminded Me of How Human I Am Also Reminds Me That There's Others Going to Human Good Recording Everything That We See Jesus Go through Line That God Has Often Placed in the Wilderness Play Could Be Painful. So the Church Definitely Secular Culture. We Feel That Bad That Were Going through Struggle Uses These Verses Is the Reality at Some Point All Going to Face Overwhelming Thing I Know That's Not Possible That God Will Be with Us. Just Things like Parrots for the Next Day so Jesus Goes in This Ministry Goes through the Desert on before People of Israel Can Make a Wonder and the Kind of Life You Been Trained Back to Listen to the Voice of God Will Get through to You. So I Agree Wayne Pull Away from the Thoughts and Feelings Do Not Entertain Thoughts That Are Painful or Hurtful This Morning Email I Learned He Was a Second Cannot Be about Me Have To Separate Myself. Okay I Feel like Crying Because I'm Too Upset. Okay I Don't Need to Pray.

I Need to Pray for Others. I Need to Pray for America. I Need to Pay for My Family for the People of My Work for the Conversion of Sinners in My Peers. I Needed so When You Take It off You and You Think of Others Because Even Though the Stuff That the First Resume, but the Second Rosary Praying for Others Actually Helped Me Anything to Focus on You and You Can Become Very Emotionally Charged and Sentence. It's Better Just Don't Entertain Those Thoughts Her Only Hurting Yourself.

Please like You to Place Works A Lot about the Work in America Right Now We Don't Get That Way We Don't Know about Bring Together A Lot Of Trouble and God You Will and Will Struggle Together. Everybody Says That so Let's Go Get It Done Anyway. We Are Very Close Again of the Short, I Want to Say One More Time.

There's Always Help for If You Think about Suicide: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline One 800-2738 Two 55 along.

Thank You Dr. Hoffman Rate in the Show.

Dr. Hoffman, the Clinical Director of Christian Camping Associate.

You Can Visit the Website Speak to Any of the prayer God's grace and forgiveness strength and healing. We pray for our community, our church and our families because we know all these people who are hurting, hopeless, alone and desperate. We pray for those who are considering suicide as a way to ease their pain because they feel they don't have any other option. Help them to know your pressing and left help them learn the abounding love willingness to listen increase THAT resting that this case are ready to be shared so that he or she will not be asked to get the I love not just by you but I happy when empower him/her to open to that knob to seek the person who will listen to be assured of their purpose and their place in your world. Here and in your in the same way like it, pray for this beautiful safety left one family member get encourage grace, mercy and humbleness to ask, are you okay. Have you thought about killing yourself chitin and thank you to Jasper for being with us today in making the show sense okay with 96 takes like I understand you always say thank you so I can play yourselves got it taxed, and thanks to Christian got I think you just by Robbie fire love hacky awesome lots of information checking out the Christian car guy has a book us to visit Amy You have been listening to the care. Please check our book us again because I'm obsessed with both cousins are cured, Amy, and then subscribe like it if you like. Also, you can visit our website got his thank you Charlie for being with us today or next week. Don't get past we have problems and Saturday much pain I

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