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September 13, 2020 7:08 am


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September 13, 2020 7:08 am


In these trying times many of us will experience PTSD. Aimee speaks with Dr Kazi Hassan on how to diagnose PTSD, available treatments and therapies on this episode of The Cure.

Kazi Hassan MD is the Medical Director of My Ketamine Road, providing alternative medical treatment for depression, PTSD and anxiety. Dr Hassan is also an Investigator at IMIC Research - , participating in studies for new medications.

Aimee Cabo is the host of syndicated live radio show The Cure, a nurse, award winning author, a speaker, and the president of IMIC Research Clinic Miami.
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Co-host Dr Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neurosciences Clinics in Miami,, helping patients with persistent depression through Transcranial Magnetic Depression, comprehensive diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

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This is not this time. The kind face to face. I was say things to Amy, one can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q well, my meeting partner I she was available live on your media also like to hear any smart phone, and our social media just recently discovered issue is also being viewed and listened all over the world.

We are broadcasting live from man to satellite available in 35 stations. 11 states and soon after the show on any podcast player as well as next Sunday 06 channel 131 the family talk to. They showed yes is suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit.

The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other.

We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone, as well as experts and inspirational speakers that can help show started with me having been a survivor of child abuse well into young adulthood. I do believe we suffer somehow that with the help of God. We can be a source of healing for each other. For me, God was the only care that other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life is challenging but there's always hope someone cares at least got us the song we played earlier with angels and demons by sinks at her not to say JX DN some of us struggle with angels and demons that make us feel trapped suddenly were not the same.

Just taking a trip, wherever it may lead us as were falling from Eden, there's nothing to gain the growth can be discouraging. So many things we can fall from and if we get desperate. We don't believe there's a problem instead believe we are broken, especially when others think we are following but just before it's too late. God steps in and we hear his calling. Today's guest is Dr. Kathy has who help us discuss all the aspects of PTSD, also known as posttraumatic stress disorder and alternative methods. Dr. Kathy SI is a medical director of my ketamine home helping many people to let that her life's despite the diagnosis of depression or PTSD. Dr. Kathy, welcome to the Kerry Darnall life. I my pleasure Dr. Kathy, can you tell us a little bit about PTSD. Sure, so be it a disorder that we categorize people who have dealt with dramatic experience or significant threat. They develop a couple of them dead. It really impact the quality of their life and I think oh you who dealt with the condition condition can relate to this. Those both of them can be flashback you can fill associated from your body. You can feel the stress of it. Your increased heart rate, and then what that does the cause you to avoid a lot of situation going a lot of the people or places that might trigger something like that and afterwards I you you will have your negative changes in your thoughts, you lose interest in the things that you love doing, you lose your sense of self-worth and the very debilitating condition.

So someone with PTSD can lead to depression, of which he can really debilitate their way of life. Making them angry aerial ball. Not wanting to do anything. And the worst part of all, it can lead to suicide. So PTSD can be a very serious thing. In fact, are you aware of the prevalence talk to Cassie in the US, yet I think the prevalent number around 7% every Sunday percent of people deal with PTSD. At one point in her life. I don't have 100 people.

I believe percent, 70% on so that not everyone that experiences a traumatic experience will get PTSD corrects.

Yeah, that's right, and that the really interesting point it out. Everyone has different resilient to trauma. Some of that genetic some of it could be the social support and the environment around you to help you deal from both types of event and you know there's there's a few unit risk factors for developing the 50 but it's true. Not everyone who deals with trauma develop the disorder and it is hard to know exactly who will and who will not sell if somebody develops PTSD.

I understand it can be situational. It can also be chronic, but once you have PTSD as a life sentence or said something that can resolve this idea. A lady would even the very capable. Fortunately, PTSD does not have to be a lifetime. There's so many different ways of healing from trauma and I'm unhappy have the opportunity today to be able to talk to you about a few ways that people can heal and it really is. You know it, but the disorder that you know it. It comes up in a way that we we think we feel physical manifestation and you have the ways in kind of improving both of them and even during PTSD it there's many many different ways to Address the problem. You have some some practitioners focus on dealing with the body you know breastwork movement, meditation is all kind of make us more aware of the physical patient that arrives in our body and you have bad that we one way the two talk to Gil yesterday. There's the medicine that have been helpful in and there's the therapy you not to be able to resolve the underlying trauma and really be able to get out to think through and to release the emotional energy and the start of any kids. Kids today experience PTSD experience it differently. Other symptoms different.

How can parents make nice. How can parents right now.

That's a great question. I I don't know if I have an answer for you. I I don't know how. For you know how to present differently in children compared to adults, but the interesting part of other I did a little reading on you know if the kids letting their bad after Dave learned not to let their bad amine Ivy if you see the valley or bad performance in school, but just any initial behaviors can be reason to look into it to see if the child is suffering from depression or PTSD that I'd like to talk about you know some people don't know that the difference between depressed depression and PTSD and it could be quite similar. It can mimic one each other because PTSD comes with depression and then there's depressions by itself and you know depression is something that's very difficult to swell. From what I understand, specially someone that has PTSD is that with PTSD you depressions are just a little bit more severe in my correct candy. PTSD had its own criteria for diagnosis I shared some some aspect with depression when we think of depression of corporate think of our depressed mood. You know, the emotions of feelings that having low self-worth. Other things that people feel it a lot a lot of pleasure. Well, that's what I want to talk about Syria tells you what PTSD is return show deals with suffering that's nasty for students. I was forced into my abortion. I people's choices. My heart break, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth I can't know something about my drainage frame from the module is not great okay I conversation with what you're doing fine.

I think the sky is welcome back to the chair is using in things pertaining.

Remember, you can listen to the radio show live draw up the cure.

Only those support costs were about the song they displayed the screen by 21 pilots.

The beautiful thing about experiencing getting back things in life is that one can relate to others, not everyone has the same experiences and we never know who's being cool really hurting and frustrated inside but see God as a good guide. It's okay to keep it together and play it cool.

You'll be surprised thank you. Feel it, even if it's just for that moment. It's a great tool we can default and develop it different state of mind. So I learned that staying close to God is the only piece will find below your brother should know or what you're taking like what are you all and with all this nice dancing in this case also okay talking to Dr. Hassan about PTSD three or Dr. Kathy is PTSD, situational or chronic. Want someone's develops. PTSD can resolve or is it something we just have to learn to live with. Having not having that your eye that that's a great question and you know what PTSD that are doubly situational when people have some kind of you know there's been some kind of environmental you that would normally be her know, or someone who would help you get the end of a neutral northbound or nuclear environment. It it is a trigger for someone with it be that kind of brings them back to the moment of the trauma and it just kind of emulate all of the physiology of stress and that that what what's going on with the people who body is adapted in that way, and both maladaptive unit is no reason for your body to have back in reaction to a normal thing so you know, kind of treating PTSD is the dissociating the trigger and you know the feeling that you have after though there's a lot of therapy design typically repeat yesterday, but if you can.

If you can kind of rewire your body to not react negatively to neutral situation that the picture what is the symptom criteria you need to me to be diagnosed with PTSD from what Boris tells me is that you can have PTSD not meet the criteria to be diagnosed. You can have well you know I will mention a couple of things that you think about when you think about it yesterday. One is the intrusive symptom so intrusive symptom can be flashback you go back to the moment that word trauma happened on Association where you you know you're you're in an environment that stressful and then you just like you like you're out of your body publicly you can feel like the other physical symptoms of stress, increased heart rate, sweating, lightheadedness,, and a lot of people have, you know, very good dream nightmare are very distressing and because of all this people learn to avoid situation that there is a lot of people they can be left outgoing, you know it is also characterized with negative changes in thought and your changing arousal.

People might have. It will be concentrating they might be startled easily become irritable or aggressive have trouble sleeping. There's a lot of things there and you know you get the bed diagnosis and obviously have premade by qualified medical professional. You know, there might be a lot of organic reason why people might have some of the symptom and about the constellation of symptoms and so is the specific trigger might give you a quote okay so you have to have the symptoms more than a month. Be persistent or at least a month and has to occur at least two times within a year reign times has to be to accident DSM yet. But yes them criteria like very you know about the DSM is it fair design to give psychiatrist a uniform language.

Talk about compilations of the safety and you get those very specific criteria from the DSM where it bent that it happened fit into to be called something you know if there is more about you know in a critical back of the could be a little bit more dynamic. You look at the entire clinical picture you like the entire person's use of the person a better look at what is the person going on just ruling that there is a study about the some brain biomarkers. The identify risk of severe PTSD so interesting, so much the study. I guess in the medicine is buzzing. Yeah, I can unite I think about is that really interesting about you because you get the wide range of symptom on this. Probably not one uniform like there's not one single pathway that is involved in the neurobiology of the condition, but one thing we definitely know about state of chronic stress and even the 50 is that chronic stress causes neural attributes that you that you know we can neural connections over time and one of the ways that we you know about the patterns that we'd be in the brain with chronic stress is we'd be decreased number and after game brain region then compared to healthy you healthy people. So what happening is that there is all ages. You know global phenomenon in the brain that the connection that you have from one region to another wave of the neurons talk with others.

Those connections weaken over time and there's some disorders in you know the primary neurotransmitter between neurons, which would make the dysfunction in the growth factors in the neurotransmitters and the physical connection in the brain that happened when chronic stress is just one inventing now is a very serious topic, especially with the crazy times that was going on these days because in doing some research myself. I realize that a person can develop PTSD and doesn't even have to experience a traumatic event can be a friend or something that a scene happened to someone now and it's it's it's something I can just happen to anyone. In fact, I feel like I'm getting PTSD from what I'm seeing on TV these days. Yeah, I have to experience it without a word that he was rubbing arousal do so for people of the closing nursing homes of nobody gets to see them much in the level of stress and anxiety going to sell only time of my talk about ways to help with treatment options.

There is available and how we can help one another can would love to hear from you my stress levels are not the only cause Seo records are not selling.

I wonder when this all disappears in the forget me will love her like a file who was a be more empty.

I wonder was all wrong thinking. This is what God led me or did I get involved with something that was to have your driving salon lozenges sit in my car yelling my inner critic talks on this opening. God help me to stop stressing the welcome back and remember will live every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio and on our aftercare and our website God's was also available as a video podcast just look for the cure with Amy, when Apple bought customers up song that just played with my stress my NF.

It comes a point in our life when you realize change for the better must happen in negative thinking must stop in any language developed. It's when we question our state of being.

We consider the state of our spirit.

Does our soul also need healing. Did we get too far and they yelling flounder or is it time that we fight even harder. God never gave up on us and he was always around it. When we hit rock bottom that needs strength and direction is found turning to God keeps us grounded and release any stress but he's constantly waiting for opportunities to bless all your boys again talk talking to… Yes on discussing PTSD which is best her mother's throat is out of world doesn't know Dr. Cassie, I wanted to discuss going to treatment options, but I wanted to discuss complex PTSD is a difference between P's DCM Army. Not only were no blackberries or that's telling you they just discovered this on five there's a more serious PTSD thought a little bit about that I've met.

I can I have it I will help you we have drydock from what I know about conflict.

We can elaborate on the new aggravation, but it it it be that comes up from the beer chronic you extremely threatening trauma unite can it can be, of any kind but it just by thinking and the severity of the gate further on that writing gets repeated to a longer period of time. Well complex PTSD. I think it still love to limit long-term trauma. It's on constant exposure to the trauma of her long-term and it just means that PTSD is chronic.

It's not something that is just gonna resolve such as situational depression and something that we learn to live with because God is get the new nonsense songs. Gotta learn to enjoy life. Okay, so to is there a difference between PTSD and depression. Major depression, major depression, yet not deftly very different that you not depression is just what were talking about earlier if that kind of the unit mostly characterized by the depressed mood a lot of pleasure and thing. The worthlessness yelled about suicide or death and there's a lot of physical manifestations of depression to people on your lose energy to have difficulty concentrating on and then they unit you can you either gain or lose weight and how you deal with your depression as the sun was coming. You can have all the symptoms.

It is deep. I think PTSD is mostly care like it's more characterized by you know hyper reaction and being tense and stuff like that depressed person has no energy doesn't is not enough you can get angry that they normally are. Don't have energy for yeah I'm here if you're asking me to highlight the different yet the question I think that they're pretty different with with PTSD, you're getting the intrusive that's not characteristic of depression entered them a flashback of the Association, the nightmares… Me. Let me just leave you waiting for, yeah, but not all interviews will be ability to sleep and avoiding nominal in depression.

There's not you know of five from being totally withdrawn and lack of motivation.

Talk to people. PTSD your writing. Having this very dramatic feeling, and you can feel it, both mental and physical you not been patient and all-encompassing stress response is not something you being depression and trigger doesn't even need to be a tanker can just yell you're a lot more you have been startle response. You're just how you know very very very small.

You and you can be very you know, irritable or angry very quickly and… Because your your your neurobiology adapted to be in the state maladaptive bonnet, but a good adaptation. What happened and so kind of using the bomb over time and rewiring the neuro- neural circuit is one way that you'll from the different yeah EN depression.

There are two very different things right like there's no confusion between the right when it comes to PTSD because you overreact suicidal ideation can be quite dangerous, because the it's impulsively date they tend to act on impulse and and and really don't think about things that's happened to know that person experience and not as good, so let's discuss some treatment options.

You know what you find to be effective when it comes to treating PTSD and complex PTSD. Yeah there's so many ways it really look at that the more traditional approaches been with more traditional athletic veteran and in therapy, and your role for both of those. Kind of been an evolving literature on PTSD looking in a framework of looking at it you know the mind and the body are not separate.

There and and anyone with you will know that you can you know if you're in an environment and you have a trigger, you feel it. Yeah, everyone you you get the you get the very visceral body respond to stress so you know, using the body as a way to heal is another very powerful way the kind of rewiring the brain and not react that way trigger, though some of those tools include food prep work. I you know, yoga, meditation can be helpful.

You know it might seem like not enough for some people, and it might not be enough for some people, but you know I don't want to just go to the way there is very things like MDR eye movement desensitization so you know it's very interesting how you know our minds are able to heal by using the body and engaging the body comes the pharmacology.

One area that I can highlight that we use in my clinic and it's been very effective and in that the role of psychedelic the mental health specials on my cell is still the case in resistant depression which comes with PTSD. Please continue yeah absolutely and psychedelic unique place in mental health. You boom of literature in the 1950 unfortunately that promising research got.. In the late 1970s he will do a lot of social and political reasons. Not much room that you know mushroom are vilified and impacted hallucinogen in magic quadrant.

A lot of people might be popular news media coming up about vilified and at major academic. It is been very well studied at John Hopkins and in people of you that effectively to deal with, you know, kind of like the accidental crisis of the end-of-life and probation. It really helped us get a new perspective on life. I know it is one you know LSD or at is that is another one you know ketamine is a nontraditional psychedelic, but a very public psychedelic. It is the only legal end and widely available psychedelic in the United States. That's what I want to discuss is coming up and heartbreak that only come back let's discuss treatment options for this rare medication resisting few mushrooms give us a call 1836 34 through 1866 the fourth of suffering. I was forced into my abortion.

I people's choices. My heart, every Saturday at one turn on the sign says hi Amy and hi again and thanks for teaming live every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio traffic here and on social media just got sick here later this role will be available as above customers had before, so please search for the cure and subscribe and also write us the throne of an amusing episode. A song that just played last. You can it be okay I Brian and Jen Johnson all about taking one step at a time and always moving forward. Knowing this too shall pass as per the promised and will never face anything you cannot handle with God by our side holding on his birthday as Thomas well I circumstances can change in a drop of my time as they have many times before, yet it turned out okay.

Sometimes it just opened another tour there's a light we can follow linemates to tartness a hope we can pull even for a better tomorrow we will be okay.

I know I can be hard to understand that if we all if only we allow him take us by the hand.

Even if we don't believe something's Connecticut where talking to Dr. Cassie #about PTSD and Redmond repeatedly. Dr. Cassie, at what point is ketamine the better option in the treatment options for PTSD because we don't have mushrooms and LSD and that's a great question.

It really just depends on your use of traditional medicine.

And, you know, kind of the more traditional route on what what about ketamine is its rapid acting effect.

It is true of the people, the response, but people get with depression. It can people feel the antidepressant effect within just a few hours and you know really it's really amazing how effective it has been for depression and some of the same mechanisms that kind of help battle depression are to be useful in treating trauma as well with PTSD.

One of the things that were talking about earlier is that chronic stress we do a breakdown of the and you start losing enough to overtime. It's just one of the things that we see in the brain and one of the things with ketamine. That it very directly work on the receptors and the growth factors that rebuild that and so in a very direct way ketamine restored healthy brain function and not just in the on the biochemical level but we'd be at, you know there's been animal studies that show that when you give ketamine to animals before some type of stress is actually a protective effect against drug about animals up to be more resilient and there's another thing that that's wonderful is that you know after the bell. Ketamine administration help with something called dear. Thinking you know you would we learn here. Right. It is been adaptive response we should fear certain thing like height dangerous situations and in line, but we can fear going outside and then in getting to the end of the car or going to the supermarket.

You know those are things we should not fear the ketamine you know administered it help the narrow path of the brain. The ability of the brain to adapt and so with you know with the medicine people are able to extinguish beers that are impairing their life and that one of the core concepts with PTSD that you know all that it all be interested thought that you know heighten irritability and anger, and your negative thought impeding your life. Though ketamine is a is a is a very direct treatment to help rewire the brain and the medicinal side you know that that will been on the biochemical, but beyond that ketamine unit in the context of psychedelic allows for people to have very dear to experiences you know what you think.

Maybe if it you can you can make a lot more meaning in others. There's a sense of connectedness with the universe than you know, with a higher power and that it can be a very dutiful experience it much, much shorter acting psychedelic and you know, in a medically supervised yes scenario we don't promote people using ketamine in their homes or whatever bodies is to be used only in medical say, under the supervision of yeah and it might be surprising for people to learn the unit is a legal medicine, people may look at it with other thing you people think of it as a horse tranquilizer or a club drug and and it's not that it not think it that ketamine is early 2000. There's been you know dozens of clinical trials, 4000+ patient across a variety of condition that it has been to the safety and effectiveness of youth and mental health. You know, we have the people to develop an oral program for people. A lot of people think you have to get IV ketamine is not true or ketamine is extremely effective yell it's available. People can do at home with the right education and the right support and and it proven to be a very powerful tool and mental health I can't test those because I mushrooms and I mean while I haven't felt now was mushrooms of government.

I know firsthand experience mushrooms EEO way for the company can be a very fun Trent.

Of course I was much younger I was younger all the trees became rainbows by email that she's having the colors they were on different kind of colors and it was fine houses get people that that I recommended that I do recommend ketamine because it is very easy-going saying I need just have to learn to let go and do as I close my eyes and took the medication takes the fact and you just going to a different round. When he realized that whatever was bothering him with the ever was upsetting you really think of a big deal to get the ATF would take a picture you feel more connected, you feel more yourself, get a great understanding that you cannot remember. Afterwards, how much fun I did come out being the best you been feeling like your blast, like that feeling. So after a while you want to transfer that after being exposed to my transfer. That's real life. Find ways of have similar feelings in real life, of course, real life is always better than an alternative universe I think is you hats to kickstart, especially when you know nothing but misery. There need to feel okay to feel good again really helps sales of firsthand experience of a ketamine used patient base.

You skip the okay so another thing that's very important out. I wanted to ask you Dr. Cassie. What's been your experience with spirituality help PTSD. Yeah, absolutely. And, and I'm so happy that you are very beautiful description of what possible with editing.

You people have a variety of experiences with ketamine and I would say that the people who tend to do the best. Other people Into that spiritual side of them. You know it connects you with your sense of purpose connected with it.

You know, universal love and you not just your humanity and… Anything in the bridge is taking tapping into those parts of your brain taking them with you outside of the. In developing more lasting and durable behaviors attitude and some people they come right out of the experience and they end radiate that and for some people, you know, making meaning from the ketamine experience is the greatly help with the addition of therapy. Therapy is that bridge to take the story. I think that your story you not using ketamine is a tool important by and to really know be able to rewrite and in a much more positive way. Last dimension, another thing that is a bunch of studies for PD is the right know that conflict exploring new medications so people differently can look into that.

Options like go to clinical and social because the enemy redefined the research center next to them that have a new medication that is so being curl tried for folks with his. And anyway, we have only a few minutes let's get off that we are down to the shop guys to stand and left to be here forever. Then I can thank you Dr. Cassie #for being in the care helping us show to our listeners that PTSD is manageable. More information on Dr. Cassie #can be found on my ketamine again thank you Dr. Hassan a pleasure. Thank you Amy, thank you for really good thank you.

So let's finish the prayer.

We like to prayer for restful sleep professionals. If it is because they find it hard to sleep right. His father we pray that you would grant this rest. We asked to ease anxiety due to PTSD and and are painful thoughts me a piece to send from on high and a lot less an opportunity for true restlessness.

Please be merciful and allowing the passing sleep we pray that he would bring us really, and encouragement about the future of our life. The Lord let your glory be known by granting your healing touch. Actually another prayer a prayer of courage by carriage return on we asked you these grand Conning, that are loving and raising my major and naming our one tennis, delivers just calling Jasper running one Amy, you happen to care

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