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THE EASY WAY OUT? Audio Ep 121

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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January 10, 2021 6:41 pm

THE EASY WAY OUT? Audio Ep 121

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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January 10, 2021 6:41 pm

The Easy Way Out, The Cure audio episode 121

Discussing choosing responsibility over simplicity and finding purpose in your everyday life with author Erik Twiggs, on the latest The Cure with Aimee Cabo. #GodisTheCure

Eric Twiggs is a speaker, executive coach, author and not a procrastinator. On this show will discuss several principles to help maximize time, minimize stress and break bad habits.

Aimee Cabo is the host of syndicated live radio show The Cure, a nurse, award winning author, a transformational speaker, and the president of IMIC Research Clinic Miami.

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Case for getting many ready to start the cure.

Ke$ha and I hope that you guys can join us because they should be a very helpful radio show. I really like it was recruitment for everyone.

I think we all suffer from procrastination really and have always been a big believer on making every moment count only off our victims to this and we can learn to overcome a is an expert and well we can meet her gaze, more purposeful and more meaningful and actually more fulfillment in the things that we do so and really looking forward to this vacation. In the meantime make very friendly partner in crime wants to say hi how are you good crime that is only good crime to show, describe the Sainsbury's I show to Robert frustrations about the filling will you think is the we do always hope for learning that's that's a good thing.

Otherwise it could be a waste of time and we don't want to waste time doing actually like to make 10 count. I know that I've seen other podcasts, and indigo come guys are getting ready to start on waiting on you guys join join as they did that thing so they can do that. I just smile and the Q you now and just hope that people tightening in we can try stop clocks. It's amazing you say things is to have millions because golden Saturday morning survey, and John is a sales and all will hold to the with Amy Koppel, life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Koppel to Capt. in welcome to take care of yourself. I'm your host in Cabo my amazing part for Islam. Amazing that I think you still think God's care is available live on your radio also like that are for any smart phone, and our website.

God is the cure because he is broadcasting live today from Miami to satellite available in 35 videos and more than 11 states and non-social media soon after the shell, any podcast player has a podcast show deals suffering the tenacity of the human spirit will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle the help of God that helps us enable that enables us to help each other.

We provide testimonials to let people know that were not alone in the testimony in the show started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial and comfort is needed. I do believe we all suffer or have suffered from something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other despite everything, God was my only care and I did try everything that other forms are healing a percentage as well to service everyone life can always be challenging. Now there's always someone who cares if anything had anyone at all.

At least God's.

The song we played earlier was afterglow by Ed Sharon well and this is what inspired me to write this might take from every day seems still amazing.

When God becomes our afterglow time can change in so many ways, full of meaning more than anyone can now it can be a challenge we face darkness here and there but once we come into his light were not faced by the things that seem unfair.

Our old ways that led us down tend to fade and melt away. It's a miracle experienced growing close to God and praying every day when Jesus taught us how to live. He showed his love and said us a giving us hope and joy that only he provides beyond anything this world can offer or guarantee time is precious in love is sacred. When we truly feel alive by discovering our true purpose is God's way of and policing in our drive is through Jesus that we try we will talk about how teaches responsibility over simplicity and we have a very special guest Eric twigs Eric twigs is a founding partner and Pres. of the what now movement's mission is to build high performing intrapreneurs authors and career professionals who are prepared for life's unexpected curveballs that we all have those he is author of the discipline of now. I love it live in the now 12 practical principles to overcome procrastination.

The only owner that one. Eric is also the host of the weekly inspirational podcast titled the 30 minute hour is a certified life and business coach Eric has conducted over 28,000 coaching set sessions helping executive leaders and entrepreneurs who have moved from feeling frustrated to finding fulfillment.

He has also led organizations of 500 or more people in corporate America share this message with corporations, associations and congregations across the country. Eric welcome to the care you are now life honored show while the other desires. It's our guests that make this show special, that's for sure. Simply Eric. Let's start with that now movement sounds. It's very interesting. What is that about 50 part I started toward beginning in 2020, before coming up to different walk of life. Eric stand up comedian. But I can't get into improv comedy store because of restriction. What now I own a restaurant and I can have people in the dining area. What now known, would be for most people when they think of what now moment is they will want to wait till things get back to normal laughing partner form, but what now movement where the focus is on and what can I do with the Facebook group got over 1500 people and growing every day. Reported old time. Help people and I get what you see. It is very important. Sometimes you just expect things to to turn around her to get better or for other people to make it better. And it's really about is taking action and making things happen, but is also an option to switch to that they procrastinate so we don't want to escape whether it's with food are or television shows or just avoiding the whole scenario and how we able to tell people what kind of ways were they able to pick could you give me some kind of examples. Now, you all are virtual names having to go to a comedy club out their own, creating the virtual platform for one thing, the ruling party to.

The 30 minute we do it in a building on the old Michael. Bill and we will go to building we get what we do. The building was no longer available.

We what we started broadcasting on base about the pandemic never revolve grew dramatically from it. Before we reject record session in the building that we went to broadcasting on Facebook live pool game changer, but I think of the classic example of ways that you can that's the great thing about Americans is that we can be very innovative.

I think that's how America grew so fast being such a young country and I think that's wonderful, but destination is not as I understand not just about waiting for things to happen but when you do has something to do. We need to do it last minute and others that saying why put up for tomorrow what you can do today and there's nothing for a reason. It doesn't lead to stress. Why should we tackle procrastination question because. It would you have public presentation you struck about the presentation and then you put it all because the line loop closer you will about the fact that your progress made become stressful unhealthy and the people need to go there procrastination is that procrastination of the following children. No liquid from procrastinate pipes presentation of the progress made to believe the Commandant's idea always is a good idea but minute duration). The fact that you did a great job as though I work better under threat or well I procrastination but it's been proven that you dork of the creative quality is work going much better if you start early. Let's talk to the student that wastes last minute to study for that task. Did they test better. Well will continue talking about this when we returned your physical wanted to 634 through one of those your story for the summation wanted to 634 through two show deals experience and experience people of I was forced I people to do this twice. My heart Amy, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth. I have big dreams.

If you wish to make a memory most of it had cooled upset by the jealousy to me that the medium term and assuming responsibility for everything holding the home is letting go stemming learning, welcome back. This is Amy and thanks for coming into the care that I'm covered forth. But anyway, remember to listen to the radio show live throw out the cure with Amy, or support customs look for the curio and pop gospel sound that displayed was monster Sean Mendez and Justin Bieber an amazing song. A lot of us can relate and this is my take it important to be humble and admit the times that you were wrong have a site full of compassion for its Jesus we belong failures have to happen when experiencing success. Otherwise, it wasn't worth it. And there's no merit.

Nonetheless, what's worth it won't come easy, it seems more than we can take that with God nothing is impossible. Turning tragedies into miracles simply for our sake.

There's no monster with God's children, no matter how big or small the sin. Forgiveness is our gift paid in full by Jesus so we can do the same and find the love within your becoming more more for the government that the Holy Spirit so what happened to Eric's legs out there of discipline of now that how to be more productive and feel more fulfilling, which is awesome to feel better about yourself really imprison your self-confidence. I like it. I really like the idea of love we could all learn and improve. Everyone did his improvement so that we are talking about leaving things for later and a lot of us decide because I don't know.

We just like the easy way out. I guess and so what were some simple steps. If he can help us out here you know to avoid putting things off for later. I mean, do we have to connect the consequences that come from that in order mean, if we've already developed that have a that we tend to put things off to last-minute.

I know some people like that where really need to be aware that what they read your awareness you look at the time that I'm procrastinating most common thing is it a thing of know what version I just don't like doing the task. Whenever I come across a pair that I don't like to do it all could be as simple as that. The solution in that scenario is can you combine that care that you do like like listening to music, walking, or what have you been with that is you will say to yourself I wish someone to be years ago.

Just because something has to be done.

It doesn't mean that you have to do it so that you don't like you delegated to someone you automate your ability gives them without you touching some people. They procrastinate because there afraid they're afraid there boring for something that's going to take them to the next level tried to start a business trying to write a book and the upgrade wouldn't be so the key in this case is that you have to really focus on the two and half, or do more more ultimately have a couple of examples of things that you could do to overcome that idea. You know, God said no fear and that I learned to overcome my procrastination because I think we all fall victim to it soon. One time in our life. I just do it. I don't think about it.

I don't think about what else I can do.

I don't think I will about what else needs to be done. I just do it like that. Nate Nike saying you don't just do it, but no commercials. No commercials like okay so anyhow you know is just you be surprised once you start doing it and then you get into that rhythm of doing what it is that you need to be doing and the more that you practice that another being responsible part super helpful. The more that you practice that the better you feel about yourself. They never felt good about being a responsible or not feeling like I've gotten enough done or gotten the things that I need to get done. Sometimes I feel like we can be the authors of our own misery or the cause of our own unfortunate circumstances and it's just really about making disconnections and realizing that we can really change a life for the better and set ourselves up for happiness really on a daily basis can avoid a lot of frustrations. Of course, is frustrations. We can't avoid those that we can let's do it for Eric. She knows about coaching through like spots for assistant coaches. You're right.

Well, and so what inspired you to write this type on discipline, discipline, disciple disciple is good to be in God's disciple, but you know, discipline, discipline. Now how is that different from other books on your topic of procrastination book. It is practical tools that you treated me with some of you out there is a lot of a 15 right always wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning yes Patrick email out 1/3 time. That fairly work for everybody.

One of the things that need about now that you'll find a practical tool, no matter where you fall, no matter what your personality type is your morning per good night now.

You will find different strategies to overcome well are you looking simple person everybody. It has been like fussing through some procrastination, so the time right is not abnormal. Think I wrote that it is all about discipline. Matter fact, one of the things I struggle with when it comes with the preparation of this idea of perfection is right and I'm a high performer for like being to be perfect, but what happens is you waiting for things to be perfect before you start and end here, but here's something I had to learn for myself is that can allow perfect to become the enemy of progress. Thank you. That is to say give it your best shot. Be diligent and be obedient and trust me, if he did the right thing and you're trying your best. God will provide perfect timing. He does mean it works. It really does get a try, you can't do it halfway or not. Trying out or try live a little but give it your best.

Make God proud. Make yourself proud. Make your family proud.

My non-is a blessing.

We will continue talking about this guy winning the good fight and we will look to hear from you. Call us with your personal progress in writing or how to find purpose in your life. Sure story with us. 1866 34 through 1866 34 through 620.

Welcome back. I remember where live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio at the care and I website God is the socials are available also as a video about ghost or the logbook for the cure was amicable, wearable costs are the sound that display device something just like this.

19 smokers and Coldplay and I can so I got singing it to us at least inspired the singer to sing it to us.

Here's my take. God doesn't need us to be perfect. He just wants to see us trying we will know right from wrong and just what to do when we stop falling for the line, we think it comes from us without knowing how easily we are fourth, but the enemy is real and the influence of this world is how were schooled. We are not superhuman with superhero gaps.

But God is all we need. And surely, everything to us. He is more than anything that can ever be explained in the center of our lives and are very place he made as perfect as can be. According to his well we were on his list so we can be I can learn to love so perfectly and peacefully accessed, God watches so tenderly, he wanted something just like this. I love willing to die for people he can mess until we are united.

She is still our greatest fan look at the effort and all he's done for us since he created us in life they can talking about finding purpose in your life. Pray every day. By the way, and also guys. My book is just about out lasting all updates its love is the answer. God is a care.

Best advice to all my friends growing up.

Okay, so Eric back to you. So Eric, any tips on management's L time right right time management is critical one to make appointment that you want talk with me what Eric I is something it really a priority. Find while my wife is the same thing like I does most of regular student health plus size house this dispensing called me and look at the Vietnam on you might not know what that means in English we didn't know that his kids growing up we learn to pay attention when we had that that means you get distracted and when you get distracted and you don't stay focused on what it is you're supposed to do.

Time flies. And then you wonder what timeline and then you look at yourself not having time to do the things you need to do. Please continue. I remember okay I'm going to look for employees this week.

I will hire employees as we run and do all that and before you know it was Friday at 5 o'clock I had done anything. Well, it's better to say I'm going to recruit on Tuesday at 2 o'clock make that appointment with yourself, you're much more likely to do it. The first keys make appointment with yourself. What better time management. The second thing is something I call we buy business-critical between the top five is a 3 x 5 card which I write you and every evening with my day is writing down five critical thing that I need to do the following. These five things are in alignment with ultimate goal 'to move before the light goes down the day before and then the following day. My priority is a for the day to be a success for me for the day to be aware I need to accomplish all five of my twigs and I'm telling you that has helped me to avoid procrastination on many days because of like what I write something down. I feel compelled to do if I could be engraved in my mind what I write it down, but I have to do it.

She things you can do to better manage her time and I guess you can also be a time schedule and give yourself a time limit like by this day. This time I need to have this done because what you say is very important you know you organize your thoughts by writing them down, but it's also good to to make.

Give yourself time limit. I learned that from a business coach also is if you tend to maybe if you don't have access to 3 x 5 cards or if you tend to misplace them and you can't find them or you forget to look at than most of us have a phone you can just write it on your notes and erase it day by day, but it helps you stay on track.

I think at that super helpful think you are so you know. Ephesians 210. In the Bible it says for we are God's masterpiece. He created us and you in Christ so we can do good things he planned for us long ago. So Eric, how do we know what is our purpose in life. That's a loaded question is important, clarity starting point that crap. Walking around not know that I would prefer that the first step. The first thing to do is to pray about it with what you would purpose with what was I put here to do any other thing is to pay attention to your gifting because a lot of times your gifting give you clues to what your purpose. What were the best thing that you do that you get fulfillment out of it effortless to the people on the outside of a look at what I don't understand how you do this so I may, for example, the struggle will be trying to figure purpose was always open for old when I was speaking to a group always would.

I remember even before I'll get paid.

I would think to myself all day everyday and the key here is the file that while the gifting always being that you have a passion for it. If you keep you safe. You stay on that road. You'll you'll find your purpose. So basically what you enjoy doing and cons.

You know, easier to use than others, something that could be a gift of yours. That's one way it identify and something that can make a difference for the better or make things better so that that's a good way for a gift is to watch a movie but now that purpose.

Usually a lot bigger than you yeah we impacted you talking about purpose you want to look at being in your life that you overcome. It could be tragedy could be something that was overcame because it's possible that you overcame it that you could help someone else. Excellent employee in the testament and so let's see we develop local how can we stay focused on that goal and not get easily distracted. The enemy wants to distract us from the things, especially those of you have important goals so you probably heard it.

We were here where it might make a New Year's resolution.

You probably heard that 92% of these New Year's resolutions fail within 90 days while that is that if you talk about, you make an annual goal it hard to stay focused for you because things come up with what I teach people is to focus on 12 week goal okay right. You basically get up so you think about what you want worldwide for the year and then they okay what do the next 12 weeks to make it happen every 12 weeks is like January all over the breakdown 12 week goal you're putting it on your daily twigs top five sheets I mentioned earlier. Now everything you're doing, you know, is working toward your goal, either as a focus that way is a so you realistic goals become more doable and little girls accumulate something ago. I love it think you we would love to hear from you guys tell us about your personal story of finding purpose in your life feeling finding fulfillment. He thinks thinks 34 299 hey Dan and thanks for tuning in. Remember, like every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio on the care and in social media is look for God is the care plug-in literature will be available support costs to search for the cure was amicable knowingly spoke with an iron of the holy was a search for God is the cure on any part question its French tennis my name on the French and Cuban Cuban-American, the sound that displayed of his time inspiring and not kind of difficult because it says so much. The sum is awesome that here I go anyway when we are happy we shine brighter than ever.

A diamond is what we can be like God, there isn't a storm we cannot weather.

Some of us can drown when trotting through a raging sea but we learn to float above when finding hope in God. We discover we are free for those who turn to God. Feel the energy right away and will then feel so alive, never to come back or go astray for Jesus is the way and God will see us through the night while he provides a path to paradise with great comfort, strength and site. We will succeed and feel complete. As we illuminate so bright when following Jesus faithfully and loving everyone to God's tonight and commit to what is right by seeking God within, so that teachers can satellite has been the best we learn to love the sinner, not the same. We are continuing our conversation and chasing responsibility for simplicity with our special guest Eric traits districts principles okay so yeah, he's fine.

He's a funny guy fell before we went to break. We were talking about, you know, short-term goals, which are more doable and accumulated a lead to bigger goals and is that what you meant by talented uncultivated project to expand think that when you've got short-term goal that you're achieving you start to build right and start to build where you start to build and then as you start to build to build momentum forward but I think it's critical to focus on the short-term development that happened I put someone in that the goals in January right to change the world. Remember, there was this person and April and I'm like what your goal is a failure rate here for Michael changing the world's so here goes is very easy to lose sight of what you're working toward our Lee masterpiece in the making of progress constantly learning, constantly growing and you know finding fulfillment really helping others is a lot more fulfilling when you don't make it about yourself actually a lot less trauma to sell it actually good practice now to always think of others.

This could go through all those words were similar but what were stuck in a job that we don't go like is not our purpose and how do we get out of the race. Okay I'm sitting.

Your job is a blessing okay and here's why. Because it it motivates you to look at other right God wants to motivate you to move to where you really what you pay and get back intense dislike that the fact that you're uncomfortable is going to motivate you to move forward and take the actions that you need to get to where you need to be called no man's land and land is when you're unhappy where you are but you're not unhappy enough to do something about this day in the wrong place. Your job after the question is if you're looking to what your job, you should be at the what now what now what next right now. What network can I take to move into a better situation, those of us that may be lacking motivation. How do we find inspiration and its importance to be about something that you are connected to your purpose. That in and of itself will inspire you to move forward all about getting clear about what your purpose is so important understand that just because you don't have it one bit early because you don't have 100% without pain that you have to stop moving. Time like for example… Right point where I knew that I wanted to be a speaker. I wanted to be professional, but it took me three years of doing anything. Finally, we believe that in due is join Toastmasters right to speak is join this organization right that when I got to thinking organization.

I met someone trained professional speaker. The trading met someone within the national Association and an changed everything for me to join the map and I met the real valuable connections alert them with information that really wanted talking to you, but they all had to say is that all figured out, and just focus on the gifting and what did I take a small through the next one.

So basically.

Ask God for guidance because it's been my experience that God fills in the rest you know, wherever you fall short. He picks up as long as you're helping yourself you know God does help those who put forth the effort and take the steps necessary to move forward right required for you to move when you have it all.

Everything I sure that you show that you have faith that there is someone else you may not know, or someone else who does about moving in that direction connected to that someone was cultivated, things need to not so sure.

Things need to look scary when you succeed in your successfully like that does help. God does listen to prayers while miracles do happen. Didn't seem possible and it became possible so you know it's just going with a you know and and believing that you have a loving father and he can be there for you and he wants to succeed. That's the truth we just have to believe in ourselves as well.

And if you're lacking belief in yourself, then you can believe in yourself to God converts to you if you're not good enough, then use your strength and because I was steel and that's good enough will finishing with a visual word love. Well we have only just about yeah you were just about done anything.

I had enough time for my guest right on into so much. Eric is been wonderful and you are a great speaker and find I am glad you finally went for it and I didn't procrastinate any longer that remember guys, he's the author of discipline of now, so that thank you so much Eric for being on the show with us already approved discipline of the board. Truly. Great, I always have fun with you guys. You guys are awesome. For more information on Eric traits it can be found on Eric and so let's finish the prayer.

Hopefully this time you have time to attach. We pray that you would remind us that we are all a part of building and expanding your kingdom. We ask that you give us a fresh vision for your purpose for life. We ask that you open our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds to unification so that we can live out our purpose remove anything from our lives that hinders us from discerning your vision. We pray that you would draw us closer to you as you bring us revelation to our purpose.

Please reveal to us what we need to do today to run not run wild, but rather be focused on your divine vision in Jesus name we pray. Amen. So, think HRIS producer today that hand, the truth protector for being with us making the show sound wonderful and making the sound music possible and thanks for the Christian car guy Robbie Gilmore for his continuing guidance and awesome shows that Christ is way too cool. I love inky to the Truth Network for having us in their network and all the other radio stations that carry our program including spirits.

It theories XM channel 131 family 10.

This is Amy, you have been listening to the care took over because the cure with them, the percussion mother are up to cure our website got in think it's our listeners for being with us and until next week. Be kind give it your best and stay safe in this endemic and crazy times. Remember this too shall pass. Especially now with the vaccine available until next Saturday.

Much love to do yourself and others in 19 your values by keeping your faith

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