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Meet 'The Minister of Love'- 75

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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February 15, 2020 1:00 pm

Meet 'The Minister of Love'- 75

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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February 15, 2020 1:00 pm

You're going to LOVE this show when guest Maria Romano aka 'The Minister of Love,' talks with Aimee about her company True Love Knots and their mission.

The Cure Radioâ„¢ live talk radio show and live-streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope  to anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic violence, abuse, trauma, mental health, or other challenges that affect your life. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope, and love, and so much more, all while you are healing your wounds and knowing that you are loved and not alone.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Maria Romano is the founder of True Love Knots, a program she created specifically to help those looking for love later in life. An ordained minister and highly sought after professional speaker, she has performed over 3000 marriages. More importantly she knows how difficult starting over can be from her deeply personal experience. After being married to the love of her life for 33 years, her husband passed away and she suddenly went from the perfect plus one to just one. Life changed forever for Maria and she was left to pick up the pieces of her life. You can read more about Maria by visiting her website.


We need a combo life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and the Q and welcome to take care radius. I'm in Houston, no IRA, my office, other half high, that's me in the whole summer, but the other half.

I let them know how awesome you are innocent yet all the first music I see is available live on your medium also on your daycare or on any smartphone actually in our website God is to

We are broadcasting today from Miami satellite and later it will be a podcast. This show deals with suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We do provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone, and they shall testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well and to give adult we also have experts in the field and inspirational speakers are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is vital and comfort is needed. I believe we all suffer have suffered from something will suffer from something we hope to be a source of healing to each other. My healing came from God, but other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life can be very challenging and always know there's always someone who cares and I hope everybody had a great special Valentine's Day and art. 20th year of marriage's height along you know the kids and all.

I don't expect much for Valentines. I don't expect maybe a card or something like that is Valentines he surprises me with the mariachi band singing Mexican outside my window yet at 10 o'clock at night you that's awesome that's better than a diamond. Well with the belt.

We then invited to the back porch, but the song that was played earlier was delayed, break your heart by Louis Thomason. We get to pick some songs and I this is my take.

It will be dark times and tough, especially when it comes to a broken heart. God said times will be trying to let it kill you, even if it hurts like hell, whatever it is that's tearing apart. God promised to be trials only once that we can overcome and healing does take time. I know like alone. At least I needed God because promised to be with us forever. And he also promises everything will pass. We are very excited today to have Maria Romano with us.

She is the minister of love, less thank you for being with us.

We thought she's a great guest today around on staying Maria Romano is the founder of true love, not a program.

She created specially to help those looking for love later in life and ordained minister and a professional speaker. She has performed over 3000 marriages. More importantly, she knows how difficult starting over can be from her very deeply personal experience after being married to the love of her life for 33 years.

Her husband passed away and she suddenly went from the perfect +1 to just one life changed forever from Maria and she was left to pick up the pieces of her life. She saw the world caters to the young, while the message of ageism cusses so many not to realize that their best days are ahead. She person life. She personally experienced the journey of being happily married to being widowed and suddenly single and its ups and downs.

She had to wrestle with the difficult decision to put herself out there again and quickly realize how dictating today has changed.

It was then she realized the importance of helping others going through similar experiences and choose love Knott's was born as a featured speaker, Maria shares her story to inspire those later in life to make the most of their wisdom and experience while looking for the right partner, Maria, thank you for being with us and welcome to the care radius and bar have everything amazing just everyday. I used to live in Virginia where it was very cold.

Where was very cold and they'll think you're so glad to be back in Miami when I heard your about the mariachi band brought back that one year of my husband over a barbershop quartet marinade amazing even one was my daughter's face and how she was reacting to slits and she thought it was for her. It was great is better than the mariachi band was awesome.

It really was. I don't know you remember well what a small world. Now we do. Anyway on your show and I was so impressed with your worry Amy and your perseverance that also equally with your husband who really need a really strong person alive sometime to hold us just like God. We need that physical yes yes because God can't be physically used for us right now island through its nice to have someone like you because the world needs love and you know really start so please tell us what you know and how you came to be a minister, what's your story happened was about 11 years ago I did a wedding ceremony here a lot about rental car company I went wedding woman that was performing the ceremony I can. And what I did what I started researching and I applied for my license as a minister in Lafayette but very regulated were known as the wedding capital the world they want to make sure that we have ministers that follow guideline then I do you mean by these regulations regulate the life you must be with some sort of a church or religious organization, and often they do a background check on you as well and make sure you don't you know that you're not in X and or that you don't know child support not know what they require and isolated myself with rose ministries and nondenominational ministry. And I applied and started watching various ministers like my own, because everybody has their own way of how they deliver their ceremonies and I probably take it from a different perspective because you know love is love and more. Yet we think of the commitment that you know, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health better work really does.

Today's world has changed. Sometimes we know when things get The relationships Amy the top don't don't always say they get, you know, they leave and going back to really the fundamental and the foundation of marriage. But I was really fortunate.

I pounded the pavement been doing this for about 10 years.

I probably perform close to 3000 weddings over the last year when you love me very happy great feeling. It's always happy even when I want to feel sorry for myself. I think of the person that I love and think of how I can make that person. How can I do something that's pleasing to God because of my love for God and so yeah love is what drives me. I don't know. It's always been and I love people, so it's in my nature. In fact, I think it's in most people's nature.

That's why worry about because they were made in the image of Christ. We are all capable some of this, some of I think a little lost along the way. I know what that's like you.

All my gosh, it must've not been easy for you after being there. Maybe for 33 years happily married to have lost lost her husband for him to have passed away.

I must been very difficult for you.

How were you able to overcome that and then talk to anybody in your life that you not know you have barred life with anybody that you can relate to that you like your rock yes it's always wrong. I maybe cowbell in this dictionary we will continue talking about love.

Please call us if you'd like to ask your advice about dating goal is 1866 34 through 1866 34 through will lift life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty, sexual abuse by your loved ones.

The issue is not spinning their book to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed. Love is the answer. God is the key word reveals baby cobbles life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her enter story on God is the key or buying her book on about questioning the reason you know you know and again and welcome to secure things for Janine guy and any capital today we have the minister within that each to continue believing in. Despite all things.

Remember that you can listen to the radio show life through your radio through the cure up under a week I will just look for the cure.

Were they become little show will be available support cost search for the cure" cost and please subscribe less. When do I join his brothers.

I can only imagine God saying that there is no question there's no need to question his love, loyalty, devotion and adoration he has for us.

He would the earth and who knows what else to see us happy. He sees no flaws and understands we are human, as long as our hearts are in the right place and we are always trying. And God is so polite he waits for us to invite him in our lives, not just in time and needs, but always he wants us. He wants to be all ours for us to really put our trust in him. How many times as everything turned out all right, yet we still worry or stress. How many different ways this yet to show up when needed to know that everything will always be okay. Maria, I did see your picture now on the computer. I thought you were in a command for the podcast, but I remember you, Maria, I see you by your remember Mark enamored your rock that you ask your rock.

Only you know God is perfectly what it is we need you feeling knows that I needed him and probably needed me, but that so-called I didn't even know you love, minister the you guys got them you read about my have been my rock that you have your life anybody really you hear me. You know your best friend and you call to watch your husband actually had a heart transfer 15 years prior to his death, though really on borrowed time.

I only say that and gave me on our relationship because you know you're on borrowed time when you are organ, especially heart.

You just never know and what I tell my client.

You know when they go out. They meet somebody or relationship you need. Make sure the treating special not putting it aside because you don't know when it's going to be time for God to call it. That's why you see, just appreciate everyone seeing everything that you think blessed with. If you have animals then then then be seek to them.

If you have a Holman and you have things that sign. Clean them until they sign. If you have children spend time with them. If you realize that the sky is beautiful outside and it's so nice when it rains so nice when it's sunny, breezy day a lot and enjoy it. If you enjoy people quiet and spend time with them. Yeah, this world can be so delicate. It's just I think we just have to make the best give it our best. After I have to wear here. He realized he went from being 11 and I went from being there that okay I'm still young enough in their people.

People that even they want to find love again people on the planet. And when somebody I can never find anybody so you programs going from just one to the perfect +1 you actually a program). I realize getting back into the dating world today when you dated right here dating after all these different platforms.craved like I would like to have people even just back into the dating world like having a pair you know you want to know each other. Now you get out the dating world right. You gotta learn how to have conversation with somebody and then holding someone's hand different things to them and I'm even thinking of it like oh my God, you know, you know like the body changes as well. But the mind I getting back in the dating world. I realize that there are many people like me don't know which way to turn my program I developed really starts with yourself like you thinking about who you are and then learning how to love who you are and really rock yourself because you need before you get out the dating world before you decide to go I say have you know, plastic surgery, from head to toe lose so much weight you work on the inner self be happy and love yourself like what you talk about well both of you with you shall mean I don't wear heels anymore or make up and loves me but I just a social hour. Listeners want to subscribe to this program you can use a special discount code love yourself. 20 right in the get 20% off right right what I put together what I call finding your true North, which is just like a little short gram of what I teach and basically have somebody looking to get back in the dating world the dating world for little while and I just don't have found anybody I talked about know what they want, what type of partner they'd like and then I review their profile if they have a profile online and maybe give them a couple of pips to you know which websites might work for them and then also helping them with them meet and greet questions and off the red flag because that's where the dating world is a little different today. You do have to watch out you never give anybody money and you know you want to make sure the person isn't in a relationship just looking to meet somebody and that happens.

Unfortunately as well that the matter of being aware of all that is picking up and cues on.

So real was just playing around exactly measures help and share with client. Don't just rely on the dating because that's great that another avenue getting out. You're involved like church groups. Different organization volunteer what is that different medium by right exactly there's always someone out there but you need to make yourself available on any capital in this six year like every day at 1 PM.

Please share with Amy, is also: if you'd like to ask a question about the experts of the dating muddier bolus 866-34-TRUTH new welcome to the care with Amy N. Flores listen to his life.

At 1 PM on you medium every Saturday. That's when Eastern or the website. Amy's will shows all available overflows of video poker drugs look for the cure with a recoverable that was hey soul sister by saying I love that song And I Love Happy Songs We That Soul Sister or Brother Person Feel You Have Known All Your Life. Someone Who Brightens up Your Day.

It's That Wonderful Blessing When We Get to Share Many Years. Those Who Love Unconditionally to This Contest with Talking to Maria Romano Love, Minister about Eating and Love and Later in Life Long Life to Live. Maria Cell about Eating Apps and I Know That It Cannot. It's Got Crazy and Eating Apps Have Their Own Little Reputation That Really God and I Know That When It Comes At Least What I've Been My Experience, People of Faith, the Distal Think It's a Good Idea to Be Going on Dating Apps and Don't Have Much Faith in Them Vice. Could You Give to Those People That There's Hope in Dating Apps When I Started Ministering and Performing Wedding 10 Years Ago and That Coupled at the Beginning, People Would Look down at the Table. Don't Tell Anybody What Used To Be the Bar Bar Dating Now.

Very Rarely Do You Hear Somebody Met at a Bar or Party on the Day You Go to the Bar Scene Say about Really Opened up Your World Today There Are Right Now Is Our Three Out Of Every Five People Will Meet on the Dating and Usually That Will Result in Marriage, about 2530.

There Are over 30 or 35 Million Users Dating at the Country Right Now and Climbing and Climbing about 28 Different Dating and You Have To Find the Dating App That Actually Really Works for You.

I Always Recommend Finding a Dating App That Ask A Lot Of Questions about You and about What You Want to Partner Because Then They Try to Match up with Somebody That Is Similar Have Similar Interests or Failure Faith Was Very Important to You and That's Something That You Know You'll Put down Your When You Answer Questions That Often When You Answer Questions about What You Looking for Intimate Certain Think That's Why I Always React Great but They Really Don't Take the Time to Ask the Questions That You Need and That's the Key Thing Is That the Dating App You They Filter out People so That At Least You Can Meet Somebody That More Or Less Going on the Same Path You Having to Ask All Those Uncomfortable Questions in a Bar and the Other Good Thing Is That You Don't Have To Drink. I Mean, Unnecessary Drinking When You're on the Computer and the Dating App You Save on Gas Wells. My Client and I Learned Somebody While You're Having That Glass of Wine Your Shopping. That Is the Right You Need When You Meet Body. But You're Right at a Bar More Than Likely You Don't Know the Person That a Relationship at a Bar As Well, and I'm Not Think That They Can't Be the Same Thing on More Than Likely Better on Dating App and You Show the Pictures. They Are People That Are Single Out Of Relationship, Widowhood or Divorce. Whatever the Situation, and You Could Probably Use Them Once Was a Dating March 2 That's Better That You Know More Towards What They're Looking for the Kind of Values That They're Looking for and People the Kind Experiences They Want to Have No I Don't Know Anything about It, Have Never Been on Dating App Just Wanted Time until My Friend Made the Rape and Murder Me at Whatever You Do Here. The Golf Stories That Hurt My Girlfriend Said to Me Well Maria If You Were Approached by Somebody That Was Looking for a Position You Know in Profession.

What Would You Tell Him to Do the Five Tell Them Put Their Resume Together and Put Their Resume out Online. It Would Dating As Well. People Shouldn't Be Afraid to Put Their Profile out Online and Pictures That Because It Is the Way the World One Avenue and That Was Important. You Just Don't Want to Wait to Just Meet Somebody Online.

You Want to Get Yourself out There As Well. You Have Said What Do You Mean, but You Yourself What the Really Big of My Actual Workshop Where People Come to Me. They Have Been Wearing Different after Many Years, but Apple I Was Wearing the Hat before My Husband Passed Away. I Was His Caregiver. I'm Also a Mom. I Was a Wife I Worked in the Rentacar Business and Now I Was at a Time in My Life Where I Don't Have To Wear anymore I Can Focus on Myself but I Have Client. Now Your Children Are Out Of the House, You're Not Taking You Don't Have That Significant Other in Your Life and You Might Be Even Transitioning from One Career and Doing Something That You Love the Nap Time That You Can Really Work on Who You Are and What You Want and What Type of Moral Values You Have. What Moral Values You Want to Partner and How You Are Emotionally Virtually, and There Are Steps That I Give You. I Talk a Little Bit about Getting Rid of Residual of Your past Relationship Because We Are All Products of What Happened to Us in the past. Love Yourself Part.

I Love That My Favorite and When You Get Rid of the past and Try Not to Repeat the Same Pattern of What You're Looking for. Then You Can Move Forward and Work on Yourself and Love Itself Take a Little Bit of Time with Busy Thinking about the Goal in This World We Might Think about It on Pictures Posted All over Him for Grandma's Fabulous Traverse Might As Well Look Beautiful on the inside You. You Want Someone to Love You for You When You Make up Right at the End of the Day Exactly and What I Do like Client on the Qualities That You Have Equality but I Also Focus on Your Ability to Make Maybe You Have Ability That People Just Love Coming over to You and Hearing What's Going on in Their Life, or You're Just a Good Know You Give Them Good Advice That We Work on Those Beautiful Inequalities That You Have and Really Work on Enhancing Them and Them and Yourself. You Know You Need to Love Yourself to. You Need to Remind Yourself and Not Just Rely on Other People Telling You Really Have To Work on That Set It Apart Yourself. Love Yourself and Rock Yourself. You Have Everything All in and the Best Example I Can Give You a Rocket Felt. If You've Seen the Movie. I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer and Amy Schumer. She Is Playing the Part of a Woman in Her Late 30s. She Is Overweight.

She Is Overlooked for Promotion and to Decide He's Going to Take a New Lease on Life. So She's Going to Go to the Gym. She Takes a Cycle Class by Kids or Head Injuries Wakes up in the Hospital. She Had a Concussion When She Wakes up When She Looked in the Mirror She Think She's a Model and What Happened Because Seeing Herself Differently Actually Presents Herself Differently All Her Whole Are Changes Our Whole Attitude and She Wanted Me to Meet the Love of Her Life She Get the Promotion She Won and She Never Want to Pound This House and a Better Sense of Feeling Great When You Really Learn to Yell Will Be Back on This Break Will We Continue Will Talk with Miriam Romano about Secret Accessible Dating a Little Later Nice to Hear from You.

If You Have Any Questions Please Call Us at 866 Truth. So Beautiful. Thanks for Being with Us and Amy L This Is like Every Saturday at 1 PM on Take Your Media Later.

The Show Will Be Available Support Cost Search for the Cure with Amy, Amy Spelled with a Lie and a Double E on Any Broadcast. That Was Beautiful by Mercy Me Okay I Believe God Does Play This Song for Us and He Must've Inspired This Words Because It's Exactly How He Sees and How He Wants Us to See Each Other.

We Are Treasured We Are Secret and We Are Free, but God Made Us for so Much More Than Anything Any Gutsy Center Heart and He Sees Beautiful We're Talking to Maria Romano about How to Deal with Challenges of Dating Later in Life, Maria.

The Last Thing That We Talked about Was Rock Yourself.

I Didn't Get That Answer. I Want to Get out One Really When You Step in Your Own Skin You Really Need to Love Yourself from Rick and That's Why Yourself the Love Yourself All Piped into Walking Yourself. Because When You Get out into the Dating World behind Kicked the Little Bit Because There Is a Little Bit of Negativity You're Going to Get Some Rejection out There and If You Were Going out Looking for a Position Right in Your Profession, Not Everybody, Are You the Same Thing Is Going to Occur As Well. When You Get into the Dating World to and It's Important That You're Able to Really Love Who You Are inside and out, but Not Acted Just like the Movie like I Was Sharing with You before about Amy Schumer When You Change Your Perspective and You Really Have A Lot Of Confidence in You Know Confidence Is Sexy and I'll Never Forget the Late Maia Angelos Said That Whenever You Walk into a Situation Where You Feel a Little Unsure Your Tribe with You What I Have Done Is I Tell Clients to Take Your Love Tribe with You When You're Walking into a Situation Where You Feel Unsure and the That Love Tribe of People Better Here. Or No Longer Here and Just Visualizing Them with You so You Might Have Somebody in Your Life That Could Have Been Apparent That with You Know Your Biggest Cheerleader. It Could've Been a Friend or Aunt or Uncle or They Can Still Be Alive and Just Visualized Them Walking in with You Having Your Policy with You All the Time so That When You Walk into a Situation You Are Confident You Are Confident That Create Just the Charisma about You Gonna Want to Know What You're Doing Going to Want to Know What You Are Drinking When You Shop and off That Message While That's a Great Message and It's You It's It's about How You Feel Because When It Comes to Dating. I'm Sure It's Can Be a Little Bit More Challenging When You Have To Start over and You Know A Lot Of the People in the in the Dating World Are Younger People Who Are Age Are Already Married. Yeah, I Think Part of the Is Just Loving Yourself Is Learning to Be Happy with Yourself and Accept Yourself Mean the Way That I'm Happy with Myself.

I Know What's Expected of Me and I Do with Expected Me, but I Want to Do More Than I Wanted to That Little Extra so Delete NACA If You Want to Find the Right Person. If You Want to Fight the Right Relationship Become That Person That You Want to Be with and Acted out.

I Mean Don't Cut Yourself Short.

I Don't Believe in 19 I'll Try to Never Tell Me I Can't Unless You've Tried I Couldn't Is a Little Better but You Know You Have To Get You All and If You Give It Your All You Do Get That from Someone Else. You Do Get in Return.

I Mean I Got That Treat Others the Way You Would like to Be Treated to a Very Wise Think Is Exactly What You Put out Is What You Can Receive. And If You're Going to Be an Awesome Person That Some Persons What You Going to Get Right Right Right on the Head Getting out There That Were a Little Older. So Yeah out Word We Don't Look the Same and but We Have A Lot to Offer Because of the Maturity Level That Were Added Certain Age. We Understand What Life Is about. We Know What It's like to Give-And-Take and We Know Who We Are and You Write When You Start Visualizing the Type of Person You Want and You Put Forth the Effort and Not What It Takes. When You Put Forward 100% When You Put Forth Hundred Percent Effort Thing You Do in Life. A Great Return Philosopher Danica Said Opportunity Meets Preparation and I Say Preparation Meets Opportunity. When You Mentally Prepare, and You Know You Will and You, Your Prayers Are Going to Be Answered and Was Searching Don't Know, Just Because You Are and You Think All the Good Ones Are Taken People Because You Signed Another Great Love of Your Life Again with Your Divorce after without a Will or Fluently. I Do Believe but Again the Mindset You Have To Have That Mindset, You Will See What Is Nothing Then Experience. I Don't Think I Would Be Where I Am Today. You Know Where I Am Spiritually Where I Am with Myself and in My Life.

I Don't Think I Would've Been There 10, 20 Years Ago, Maybe Even Five Years Ago.

Sometimes There's Just the Right Timing and There. There's Nothing like Experiencing Array. I Mean I Was a Single Mother for Eight Years before I Finally Decided I'm Willing to Marry You.

We Don't Know the Answer. We Don't Know God.

We Got A Lot Of the Reason for and Back to the Platform of Where We Need to Be Today Ago I Married a Couple on Valentine's Day.

I'll Never Forget That Day.

I Think This All the Time in My Mind. The Couple She Was a Cougar. She Was 92 Years Old. They Met a Living Will Know While I Love You. No No No No No No, Really Related to Love You and That with Wonderful You Know What the Most Amazing Love Is God's Love Because You Can Be That Person Has No Cheerleader Has No Zero. Is That Enough to Get out There and Look for One Is God Does Not Love Is Always There Is Not Love. And You Know Why She's Always It Never Gets and Even When You've Lost Love for Yourself. I Will Show You How to Get There Again Mean, I Know That I Know Someone Who Suffering. She Just Recently Got Divorced and I Know I Can Be of Very Difficult Time Know How I Took It on the Person I Loved. We Were Breaking up. Sometimes It Seems like the World Is Ending and She's Here Alone and Being Alone Is Very Skinny. I Know That When I Discovered That I Did Not Need Love from Someone Else or Anything like That. I Do Not Need to Prove Anything to Anybody. I Just Needed to Feel Loved by God, and I Would I Feel Loved by God by Doing Things That Are Pleasing and Centerpiece Make Things That Put Me at Peace with Myself so There Were Times in My Life Where I Feel My Family and Friends Were Going Home to Another and Your You Wake up in the Morning. A Nearby Coffee or Laying down at Night You Missed Somebody You Know Why You're Right and I Always Been a Believer in God. I My Face and I Were at Night. I Would Pray and I Knew That There Was a Journey Even Though You Feel Alone Then I Knew I Was Never A Lot Because God Was Always There to Love Me, and Even a Situation with Your Friend Going through Divorce It Time and You Have To Sometimes Go to the Low Point. But You Know What You Rock Bottom As a Platform to Grow and I Know It's Hard to Recognize That at the Time, but Every Time He Hit Rock Bottom in Always a Platform to Go Jump Yeah Definitely As High As You Can Clearly Done Guys. Well, I'm Sorry.

Just A Few Minutes Last Think You Maria for Being with, and You Know Everything You Discussed Has Been so Helpful. It's so Needed. For More Information on Maria Be Found in 2 Use This Code.

Love Your Self. 20 and You Get a 20% off of Youthful Program and We Are Always Grateful to Our Producer. Danny Is with Us Today Making That Show Some Beautiful and Robbie Who Makes It All Possible with This Constant Guidance. Let Us Pray This Season of Love Is upon Us. The Heart Reawakens from the Darkness of Winter. Our Bodies Are Getting Ready for Love IV Clean My Birthright and Take a Stand for Your Own Self-Worth and Any Ability to Love This Embrace of. We Have Had Trouble with Love in the past We Have Had We Had Been Disappointed. Our Hearts Had Been Hurt, but We Choose to Seal This Now We Choose Love and We Make in You Choice to Be Cleaned, the Innocence of the Heart and Reconnect to This Name, You Have Been Listening to Next Year. Please Check Our Both Cost the Cure with a Recoverable Power up the Cure Available on Apple and Android, or Our Website. God Is the Next Week, It's Brian Palmer, Life Coach to Alternate Listeners and until Next Week Might Slough

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