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36- Dealing with Difficult Children

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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August 24, 2019 3:00 am

36- Dealing with Difficult Children

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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August 24, 2019 3:00 am

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest Dr. Bob Rich talk about 'the difficult child' and how we can nurture them.

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Dr. Bob Rich is an expert at helping parents with difficult children, because he was the naughtiest kid in the world. He is also knowledgeable about relevant research, and has worked with many families. He has retired 5 times, from 5 different occupations. He is still an editor, a writer with 18 books, 5 of them award winners, and above all a Professional Grandfather. Everything he does, including his writing, and pro bono email help to hundreds of youngsters everywhere, is intended to work for a survivable future, and one worth surviving in.

His psychology website is with information and inspiration about every way people make themselves and each other miserable.

His blog, Bobbing Around focuses on creating a good future. The essential change is from a toxic global culture that encourages and rewards the worst in human nature, particularly greed, hate and aggression, to a global culture that encourages and rewards the best in human nature: cooperation, unconditional love, decency, compassion.

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Brought to you by volume only see research length can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual by your love ones welcome Amy Cobb and the Q through our apricot pic here.

Our website Amy I why I can't now edit off them and to the devil will do for the care or anti-TB under the care shall also hear on TV six 1010 131 Sundays at 5 PM and is a podcast we created this shell as a safe space and to show that there is hope after going to difficulties despite any suffering no matter what type I'm trying to is testimony to that effect and inviting professionals and speakers that can help with suggestions as a survivor.

I hope to inspire others encourage transparency and find strength in knowing that those who suffer are not alone and those that heal against insurmountable odds, do exist. I'm also joined by Dr. Boris, Niccol hello and today we will discuss this so-called difficult children are special guest is Dr. Bob Rich Dr. Bob Rich is an expert at helping parents with difficult children because he was the naughtiest kid in the whole world. Dr. Rich holds a PhD in psychology with a fellow. Other psychologists send their most difficult cases to Dr. Rich has written 18 books and helped numerous children and families. Dr. Rich continues to provide information and inspiration about every way people make themselves and each other miserable. Dr. Rich is aiming for essential for change from a toxic global culture that encourages and rewards the worst in human nature, particularly greed, hate and aggression to a global culture that encourages words that best in human nature. Cooperation. Unconditional love, decency and compassion. Dr. Rich says life is to short for the seriousness it deserves, and you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The robot can't imagine why people would want to catch flies. Dr. Bates laid his novel hit-and-run is about a 14-year-old boy who hates the road so much she kills six little kids and the crossing supervisor and an old lady leads him to decency and self-respect. Dr. Rich, thank you for being with us on the care. Thank you for the honor of having their hope provided help him learn to enjoy well for for this may not now. Dr. Rich is joining us from Australia and is he really is an honor to have you with us after Rich said you're an expert in helping parents with difficult children because you are the naughtiest kid in the world when it tells about that will promote herbivore motherhood. The word, and not work.

But my grandmother and her maiden was a great productive you want to.

I don't want any, unveiling, they were bigger than me elegantly for the sit in front of the blood. I nod the people. What a myth nevermind know if you have a lovely omelette. Dogs routed through your love how I hated no more good ones in front of Manfred's become colder weather in the non-prefers the words of the oh my little brother, you must save some note how about a lovely base of the chocolate cake. One day I will next from the heaven mother had been promoted to the get married again forced to move to a strange apartment with everything in the wrong places and all the room found in all the wrong smell and low old ladies to manipulate Elkins before him. I was then only because my mother wouldn't have gone without any major rules and not stupid. Mother refused to blackmail. When I tried to motivating crickets for clothing, grandmother, adjusted the logical Congress can have it when you live like not horrible. Ray will lift her foot in front of me for breakfast. Can you imagine you can see the photo declaration of possibilities for start of the guerrilla war everyday. Horrible things happen always so I could be bought blind you know the angelic look was my stock in trade's I will have the battle but he won the war started hungry and never the revolution in 1956.

So he organized in the shape of the work they do truck and apartment on the first truck I can talk away and kept the rest of the family behind. In this way prevented the murder, we both knew the father, was big enough other godmother him or his motherly socks pilot up in Australia where I will still do a good several Angel people at my school principal and the Scoutmaster and the mother of one of my friend like that so I will save by my stepfather innovation Australia paperwork criminals.

Criminals were sent out transported for the term of the natural law will follow transported full term of my natural left Australia. He seems really nice in your grandparents what he suppose were some reasons for disobedience, spoiled little brat will you be more specific obedience. In general, it happens a lot these days. If you noticed what always happened. Where the controlling I was guilty, guilty of doing too much for our children. I mean, I don't mind guilty constantly plug a lot for us to make ourselves feel better. I would like to make guilt and responsibility. Okay good motivator.

If you feel guilty about something that then you're determined to make changes because it feels awful, but whether you feel guilty or not doesn't change what happened in the fact the one shall determine make changes. You can throw away the guilt was counted.

Responsibility and there is no such thing as a mistake only learning experiences. If I do not know that what I did before. The mistake in one of become a better person I can be thankful for the and if called on them and wanted to make restitution, but that though. Anyway, it's not necessarily the parents will let my blog know that we don't calm with a book of instructions when it comes to our kids, and I have to admit I grew up in a very strict household. I think I did quite the opposite in my household very blessed that my kids are nice kids by I know that I can provide, for example, more structure and more discipline. I mean, not every kid talking to them explaining things to them works without attaching a consequence and could that be a reason for disobedience that maybe we don't follow through with a learning lesson.

For example, a way for the kid to learn the lesson. I really regret there look to grow the middle hope in everything that's in the Bible and the central front of one of them includes the Golden little too much with the politically if you actually punish children then the pool.if you allow children to do whatever they want. I guess both of the gold-medal. I live in what what you thing the other is no we don't live in your spare but it's okay to being perfect work. Research shows is that as long as you have the attitude to the kids very wide range of treatments like this is will will race on adults drug executed unconditional acceptance, love, but consequences. This idea from learning about the different kinds of moms and there was a small one mom in particular that large children she said I don't get anything to my children that even normal privileges unless they earn it on a daily basis. They have to earn other politically to state just get things they have to earn. So I thought that was there any idea and so I try it's it's worked well because they tend to do things better that way and no longer love yes yes you want the kid to feel proud of themselves. One of the worst thing you can do through the conditional love. I love you if you behave is terrible destructive.

Will you do whatever you do, I love you but I will not have it welcoming the Lord when you've just gone down you can come, and explain yourself and talk it over.

Don't you talk to me like that. I love you anyway. We don't have to say I love you anyway what you can say this with firmly but we love throughout the course that I hate you for claiming graininess when swearing at me like that. Get out of my house lateral. I understand that you ran great this is not the right time that you acknowledge your feelings because you care right. That's the idea. Not all of us have to test examples going up you live as you learn Boris had great parents what were your parents like Boris really nice. You know that the Boris, his parents never laid a hand on them. Never.

One of the kids ended up being a journalist together can end up being a doctor. I come from a family of nine or they were old school believed in corporate punishments eats up you know the Bible saying spare the rod spoil the tall tile date that literally. And I think I only speak to one sibling thinking Australia is okay to worship show logos is the living marks of a no, let's not worry about the country become RESEARCH right Cpl. probably want the same everywhere.

People were verbal abuse, physical abuse, they may control the behavior that they have an unfortunate consequences are definitely traumatizing logout. There are certain messages you send to a child one of them is on bigger than you and stronger than you, so I have a lot to hit you so cool all the child becomes the boy trying to look for an adult and he gets married and his wife and Orson (he is the both and from employee annoyed.

How can the kid understand that they've done something wrong if they feel like a victim because they didn't beat on that if you give them a consequence and you talk to them and you explain the consequences about them. I actually think about it directly relative to other liquid of physical punishment or harsh punishment is on helpless. I can do anything.

On move about what happens when she is 17 and goes up with a boyfriend. The on start pushing her to have faith and say no more powerful or that that in the group and from an office on drug around say no okay yes you're just tuning in.

This is focusing on so-called difficult children. We are joined by Dr. Bob Ridge has any capital listening to think here you will continue talking with him. Love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position.

Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Carbo and the 218 80 cell just tuning in Cabo and this is the cure. This is your first, we are joined by Dr. Bob Ridge were talking about children. Some kids come from good families can turn out to be quite the opposite, whereas the same time. Some kids can come from families Internet okay is not always apparent fault and it's not always the kids doing when it comes to more serious issues. Once I was given today's kids can turn into school shooters is there such a thing as a kid beyond reach Dr. Rich thing.

Our kids just plain unanswerable are some kids just playing a manageable well I have worked with family with a child didn't respond to anything anyone tried calling work in the eventual basilica is whether look away really distracted and there is a program which is called behavior management. Basically what you were talking about before. Very very strictly consequences and now this is all computerized. If you heard about think you by your own computer credits which you can use for things like without the removal and being allowed to engage in certain activities. What kind of slow, regular and consistent behavior management can be applied in the family doesn't have to be as is the rigid behavior management work with a child that has sociopathic tendencies or characteristics because from what where there is no cure or treatment for social tendencies will whether there is one thing that will work okay?

Leaving the child to make sure this is the theme of my book hit-and-run that you mentioned it took the perfect electrician is fictional but very real of the research. What counted if the child strongly identified with Evan admirable role model in April this year are close to the blog about bucket.

The Lebron James is my book quote bobbing around this man had a terrible childhood but now he is a started doing lots of money and he has established a school for this advantage.

And it leaving 240 get to the phone to a good life. Someone made good in his leaving other if you can pick your child model on someone admirable here on the news or in a movie, an older child you approve of picture. Perhaps water again at my blog moping around. If you go there. There is a storage and 1011 of the stories is on the coating arcades. My latest book out. His nonfiction is from depression to contentment. Cell therapy God and I wrote this story to be included in the public should wonder of the book to be small.

If, on the 50,000 word that I put it up on my blog. Anyway, that's actually a person I know. What about my age, but this this person so you fictionalize the thing is, a person with mellow female hero of my story female. The coating allocates how even the worst children can be led to a good life and so that they can run the yes I was let out yet so you're dealing with so many things in today's world from ADHD.

They really have ADHD are not something that usually has with the parents just misinformed kids are suffering from depression or anxiety or poles and what kind of advice can you give parents that are dealing with these kind of issues white and stepparents okay okay well it looks to one point ADHD okay for don't have ADHD. There certain way that the behavior but no habit can be changed. That has been in the park for a decade. An explosion in the number of cases of God moved ADHD.

This is because of change expectation is just lovely diagnosed electric qualified quad. The name of the and actually create all the poisons in our environment and all the thoughts and genetically modified food may well be causing damage that results in hyperactive behavior, but the changing expectations yet yet another side, fly expected to sit still and pay attention. There the human puppets of blood running around so they little and talking: I would agree with Boris. Maybe about 10% of his dog not related energy actually qualified one kids like to have you both to me have a little test if anybody can apply to little Johnny again with Daniel Italia, Barack will pretend you're a monkey you know. From actually I don't have a sense of humor: grumpy old if not for everybody love me like you just did and got ready anyway after the monk, it might be a world champion boxer little boys love it will not videotape when she's annoyed with you about not being able to start other than the most terrible because no dental forward motion with half a minute a kid who genuinely suffered from initiation will be like a lot of things like the fact that you won't be people all three have been better than in other affairs that medically pictures of your normal loving neighbor about often the first time a woman had no brothers will be promoting a male cousin and her other daughter first job with the previous children will grow. The boy much more active on the everything I do shop. Similarly, don't understand the psychology and how to manage it. More active than you won't first before whatever they do emergency love. Although some of the behaviors are not allowed more tolerance okay is actually really going doing society. I know I know for fact because we work with this. I know think it's difficult to depression. It is an issue because there's a lot of special culture. My recommendation for how to cope with the catered more active than you want share.

Given given plenty of opportunity for bigger collection in between for panic.

A very good feeling of everybody out there (available on November enroll your child in activities like emotional football dockable wrestling during athletic appreciate and reward their improvement in school even if they block the lots and in the far below what other kids can then modify gift of learned helplessness and in unit 200 so I think this is kidney medication. No other medications have terrible thought affected much better than the reverse. Nice. I have an association with the finer school you go to the education no roast on it was German philosopher and he developed a form of education which is very effective. Everything is project-based and and everything is created and they learn new things.' Anyway, this particular school naming of the class for normal kids with normal intelligence and a couple of years of school and have learned nothing while they get five-minute cool fun to look after the chickens looked the revocable cloud print fruit. What are some very therapeutic yet let and every activity is your sufficient mathematics, English and things like elementary font.

If there is geography but will go out and collect the eggs not do you know where the chickens originally come from Kathy Frazier, located in the this is what he originally came and they were all taken from Lynn and one about chicken and if they made available to produce actually change much okay so suddenly you get them interested in column, so this is the way to the interesting education. Typically, yes, I think it's very important to have them involved. At least that's that's more hyper to have and always involved in activities and get them entertained and also not just entertained but Seth can get their energy out and they can be tired afterwards not be disruptive, but they really want to go into that expression aspect of kids go through because I wonder if that plays a role in the violence of kids in the role of thinking that you wrote a book about and it's something that can be very serious because it's also the cost of suicide. So we come back like to talk about that.

That's okay for visiting again and this is the care you can listen every Friday at 2 PM on the radio any leader after podcast and now we continue with baby Kabul two 880 and thanks for joining the care capital live every Friday at 5 PM Eastern. If you're just tuning in my twin by Bob rates were talking about helping with difficult children. When you let me if you need the police is been needed. Things that I've done like that song that said, we are all in this together in this world and we are all sinners, all contacting Spike God always gives us an we have to accept that even though there is God -induced goodness is also evil.

There's also Pat but that doesn't mean that goodness does not exist mean forgiveness does not exist or acceptance test not accessed and that's where it comes to this novel that Dr. Beach Road hit-and-run was a 14-year-old who was a moved murder multiple murder turn into good person. You would think this is possible. We do have left him last thing you what he done, which he even he had a chance to reach please tell us the story come about all you want to talk about helping kids throughout the real luck well yes if you get deposed because I would assume this 14-year-old suffered from depression.

Unless I'm wrong. All located Laura, let's talk about the auditable come about when you're doing talk to you, cannot help by sharing the problem. Okay, what will Professional Edition.

If you are in a deep hole fully well that I can't believe that by jumping in with you cannot make the case why this so I can help you well. I have a victim of crime. Client referred to me with a blind old gentleman and a bunch of teenagers? And they also hurt his old saying I don't know. Five. Write to my campus empathy so I was outraged but I couldn't.

Helping I had to focus on his control over my emotions. There is a standard technique for doing dealing with that which is called displacement. I am my emotions something else.

So after my first session with me. I started what I thought would be a short story I invented a far worse criminal three major and I were going to give him just retribution. So I invented two people. The 14-year-old mass murderer in the morning of the witness, so I invented an 84-year-old letter to Sylvia was nearly killed herself and the book is actually Sylvia's Journal.

She wrote down everything that happened during her nine months of contact with the boy who was originally called talk were coldcocked by another push a truck stop all through pregnancy, so even his name was a form of abuse. 19.

Child. The trouble was that because Sylvia was exciting. I was just talking into the computer. What you told me everything was from her point of the she was not interested in punishment. The story became one of the power of compression, you know the love in the Bible oversaw the religious. Look at all the it is done quite differently from how I would write it myself.

For example, the books all right if if the character's where I just like you click on the page. Whatever work they say are a recall faithfully but clearly couldn't do that because in her youth, she was told obscenities should never be spoken or written to replace the now. If the folder thought.

But what could I do have to do as I'm told I can be rude to an old lady.

The story goes through many twists and surprise me if they were revealed to me and my family and emphatically beautiful in many reviews of the thing but I won't tell you what the leader needs to know.

I think it will just be the basically Sylvia combustion luck luck to the children thinking to weight is natural to her but united not only Christian. All the great religions have the same message was able to identify this 14-year-old with homicidal ideas.

Well what what will happen will be in coaching picture plus by Micah: in the very picture in the publishers that directed Dr. Martin will turn good. What's the secret boxers.

She was split brought it I was writing this I wasn't thinking of the phone to talk about this before. Whatever Mark they had a contact which at first. In the beginning of the books". But later on.

The reason for it is revealed in a long again. I want to Talking about That Not after This Terrible Event. And They Swear at Her and If It Recorded Buescher up but for Just Lying in Bed Looking at Him Projected on Her Own Home Rule and This Contact Continues. She Continues to Treat Him the Way She Treats Everybody Which Is the First like in Consideration. Maybe What Is This Based on a True Story Than the One Person This Link with More Love Than Anywhere Is a Six-year-old Little Brother Will Half-Brother Nobody Knew Who the Father of Father of an She Is a Labor Sheet Help Frame to Do Something for the Little Boy by Managing Not to Swear School Principal and Left Little Words That Start the Change and after A Few Contact They Talk the Change. She Is the First Person Ever Normal. Maybe People Were Afraid to Sense and That Was the Only Reason the Gym Normal Which Is Probably Why Right, Which Is Probably Right, Which Is My Way to Go to Depression and Things like That Because of Their Different in Any Way. Sometimes Kids Can Really Get on the Case and Tease Them, and There's There's Bullying in the Schools and Kids Are under A Lot Of Pressure and You Don't Know Which Kid Is Going to Lose It. For Example, the Candidate That the School Shooting the Kid in High School Were Afraid of Him. He Had Set Things in, and His Actions and He Was Very Much Alone or Do You Have Any Advice for Students or Parents. I Can Pick Things Quite Possibly the Parents Might Not Be Able to Because There Probably Is between the Parents of the Child. By Then It Probably Needs to Be in Our Father but Teachers, US Workers, and so on, like a Bucket Both Got Lebron James Is Leading Away. What I'm Saying. Dr. Rich Is If There Is a Child. How Can We Not Been Having the Train Die and Nothing Much like the Example That You Gave Us to Know If the Kid Is Autistic Able to Do the Fourth Command at the Table. I Would Be Pickup for Example, That There's A Lot Of Things I Keep inside See Something, Say Something and Some of These Bushings Could Have Been Prevented. People Had Said More, and so I'm Trying to Bring More Awareness to the Situation and I Know That You've Worked Very Difficult Children. Advice Can You Give Us to Be Looking out for and How Can We Looking We Did Help Quote If You Notice a Child like That If Giving the Child Respect Often.

If the Child Is Given Responsibility Putting Position of Qualified to Provide Leadership Look My My My Book from Depression to Contentment. I Actually Have a Chapter on What a Parent Can Do to Help a Child Who Throws Strong Depression or Anxiety Will Both Because They Often Go Together That the You Can Talk Him Out Of It Probably Pays the Inner Belief of Helplessness. The World Is a Terrible Place to Continue That Way Forever.

What's the Point of Doing Anyway Account Can't Get Better. What You Do What You Do Is You Need to Learn to Act in the Way You Would Want Your Child to Behave As an Adult Talk If You Want Your Child to Be Depressed Then When You're under Stress. If You Want Your Child to Be Strong Then When You Run the Pressure Even Though You May Feel the Effects. If You Were Strong and There Little Tool for This, Which Is Squad Fun Just so Supportive That Mom Is Putting an Lubricated Work or Not. Mom Said Darling Decided to Stop Being Such a Worry Wart, I'd like You to Help Me Tell You, You Click on 100 Specific Observable Detail Not When We Were about to Go around around the House Several Times Looking to See If There's Anything You Forgot. I Want to Stop. If You Notice Me Doing Something like Mom You Want Me to Tell You Not to Do This but to Take a Breath. That Will Genuinely Help You to Change the but Also the Modeling for Your Child and You Think of the Case. If I Remember Talk Calmly and Organize Minutes so You Have No Notice and Praise Me, Not That Out Of the Child Not an Smuggling to the Child How to Change Behavior in Both Mom and Daughter Will Come Out Of Vanguard Much Better Chance Because I Had a Lady Who Had a Very Responsible Job.

She Was an Emergency Ward Nurse and She Would Loan.

Came Home to Her Four-year-old Daughter Start Screaming at the Daughter Noted That the Phone regarding the Daughter Came to Me for Help Will Be Worked out What the Children Home Look Next Time I Come Home from Work and and Start Screaming at You, Darling Non-You're Not Doing This Anymore and If I Remember to Come Home, Then When Praise Me for It and They Agreed on That and Then Mom Said on My Body without the Lesser the Sacred Signal. Will Present You Can You Can Remind Me That I'm Going in the Old Way and and Throwing a Tantrum by Giving Me the Sacred Single Watch of the Sacred, Single, Very Little Four-year-old Girl Put Her Thumb on Her Nose and Wiggled Her Fingers Perfect.

Yeah Yeah Talking about Laughing My Daughter, 11-year-old She's Talking in Byzantine on Me, You Don't Go out the Treat When You Hunt the Tree to Learn to Be Nice Again. She Thinks It's Funny You Know the Power of Nature. She Goes Hugs the Tree and She Soul Behaved in Some Nice Letter That I Have Found to Anyway.

You Also Mentioned That Yes I Have a Friend Who Married an Older Man with Perky and Clear. She Thought That Her Struggles with Because of the Relationship, Then Her Friend Started Having Kids of Their Own and I Were Fighting the Planning Problem. It Was Just Parent-Child. My Son Came up with a Lady Who Had Their Little Girl for the Six-year-old Melissa Norton about the Four-year-old Gave in Touch, He Thought She Was Unable Spirit Wonderful Exercises Feeling Resentful Because a Better Step into Her Father's Life and She Slowing the Competition for Mom Club Talk What I Needed to Do What It Is.

The Full Group to Leave All This up until the Mother until Gradually over a Couple Years. The Child Accepted. While That Incredible Thing Is That We Can Be Afraid to the Artistic Sample That You Gave with the Mother and Daughter and It Always Is Someone That Can Be There for You. I Think God Puts People in in Our Way That Can Help Us Package for Us. Thinking That You Think It's A Lot Of Kids and A Lot Of Families. Thank You so My Stock to Rest for Your Participation. Please Come to the End of the Show and It Has Been a Blogger Think He Saw My GOING a Bit Longer to Get into Another Show That If You're Available. Talk about a Different Topic, Depression for the Terrible Problem You're Welcome Back Anytime. Thank You All for All the Listeners That They Think You and for Our Special Guest Dr. Bob Ray, Who Was Boris and Ray Wanda for More Information and Activities Can Be Found in and I Guess I'm You Are Stating Capital. This Is the Next Year. Thank You for Listening, Life Can Bring Many Difficult Situations Elastic Violence, Addictions, Poverty and Even Sexual Abuse by Your Local Issue Is Not Stay There, but to Overcome All Obstacles and Show That with the Love of God, Your Husband and Your Family. You Can Succeed. Love Is the Answer. God Is the Cure Reveals from a Very Sincere and Honest Position.

Amy Carbo's Life Warrior Who Didn't Give up and Achieve the Dream of Her Life. You Can Get to Know More about Her at Her Story on buying her book on If you suffer from persistent depression call neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new affected FDA approved treatments such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS. No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic call now 786-600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005, which you work with Amy Carbo was brought to you by IM IC research 786-310-7477 or Tune in every Friday at 2 PM for Amy, right here on 880

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