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34- Vision for the Modern Workplace

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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August 2, 2019 3:00 am

34- Vision for the Modern Workplace

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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August 2, 2019 3:00 am

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest Joe Leone about leadership and success in today's workplace.

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


As a keynote speaker, business consultant, and conversation starter, Joe Leone takes on the topic of leadership and success in today’s work environment from the seasoned perspective of someone who has overseen over $10 billion dollars in design and install and helped develop a world renown brand in hospitality and entertainment. You can read more about Joe by visiting his website at

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Brought to you by my MICU research life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and the two things today.

I am hosting the Caddo care. I called the care website is guided, they cannot come unwelcome for the care and duty under the Late edition will air on TV six and 10 131 Sundays at 5 PM on the podcast. I'm also joined by Dr. Boris hello how are you. We created this shell as a safe space to show that there is hope after going to difficulties.

Whether you're struggling are not matter what type I'm trying to use testimony to that effect and uniting professionals and speakers that can help a suggestion at the survivor. I hope to inspire others encourage transparency and find strength in mind that this December are not alone and that seal against insurmountable odds do exist today I want to talk about effective leadership in the workplace. Many of us can suffer by having additional stress on the city which is detrimental to her physical well-being when it comes to work and we can easily fall into depression when we can't seem to make it happen in the workplace and God for bid. As a result, we can end up jobless, even homeless. Our special guest is Joe Leon Joe Leon is a globally recognized leader that has effectively navigated and led to the ever-changing culture challenges of the modern workplace over the last 30 years. His life has spanned from the beginning beginning his entertaining career at 88 living out of his car's back seat to executive producer to oversee over $10 billion in design and install in the entertainment industry tell. Thank you so much for being with us very much. Good morning good morning report. My apology was removed.

We only go so good to be with you sometime in your your your story is amazing for me to have the opportunity to talk to the only bio that you decided to career and entertainment eight S. as a senior vice president position without some ups and downs. I'm sure along the way. Can you share some of them. For this morning but I will tell you that the elders created going through this and so overcome look at mine the gold your life like life you looking serious till we all write and tell him to come in front of our bigger small there from the book. There are large but not what you started a really good third grade.

My third grade teacher with my parents and your son have been here the way with my parents and the see an instrument trumpet, got me on the entertainment side and all mobile for the globulin being global want to be on stage love Revelation so the young child and being on stage and clapping. You certainly struck a cord with me in very early on everybody around me knew who I was and that's without entertainment, and it was twofold.

It was one because I love doing all that but also, second generation Italian for Phoenix Arizona 1967. One of the common things that we have trying to help people and then trying my leadership is learning, diversity of all of us have so much in common, and all so the ability to grow up in Phoenix went to gravitated to the Latin community Americans in Phoenix, mainly because Roman Catholics of the church were middle of those connections and soberly early on the diversity of that I was on my life.

Entertainment was also very naturally to do that because of all the industries extremely diverse in regards to the people and so the creativity and all but early on that passion of mine, but never stopped all of us. Once you find that passion and you get the confidence to go after the challenges that were then informed me to get there that just challenges so saying all my life to my first European tour when I was 14 years old boys choir and all the other stuff and saying and had a band and was enjoying that.

After I graduated high school and around 20 years old I went my bandmates and everything is looking a little fun with the band. We can sit in Phoenix and we could be discovered.

Or we can actually try and do this and most of my friends were all extremely talented were more for the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. As I moved to Southern California LA without knowing the full well entertainment business, and so the first few months I was by myself in my car and went shopping, bought a used acoustic guitar case for $10 back behind the Greek theater and walked up to the cage and said my name is Joe Lyons with the band and the guy looked on his list and said I'm sorry sir, I don't see on the list was to be on the list.

I'm dealing with a little bit more trouble in the long story short, and persistent gluttony in I did that through a lot of venues through LA within six months everybody just saw me around so of course I was supposed to be there and I lived through the rights of LA with my wife. I tell people is another life experience that help me a lot but it was not LA during the Northridge quake bounced on the road with entertainment for me to get all of my life and family living Las Vegas at that time I was around 92 I believe 93, give or take your prior and I said I'm moving to Las Vegas to help support your after that she said the Golden Nugget is hiring. You want to try get off the road and 1989/world for all the world hundred thousand Japanese 48 weeks, and in July 1994 mopping the stage in a 400 seat theater in downtown Las Vegas asking myself if I made the right career choice today and sale of every printer I've gone through to get where I am today you are living in the car on these things in life that messaging is saving grace to town to help us God's corners and darted down the grace of God and family that ultimately will be found a great mind live in California at some point, number, and what I've always wanted to be on my own very 50s.

My mother's friend asked her you know want to give her time to get old and I was Joe handling 50.

My mother told everybody to 50 since he was nine. Oh yes, you will be driving, but I did have family support by the grace of God and focus. I was able to get to the sounds story is an incredible story that circumstances defined by the fact that year, and I started out hard and you're practically homeless in this conversation with somebody and I tried to talk and everyone has to same opportunities God cases to think yes in different talents and somebody says will. Unless you are born in that circumstance is software for family or poor have the same opportunities as other people and I know what it's like to be poor even though my parents were both doctors and I know I can tell you that when I was poor and suffering.

I was happy to eat for me had and I still had my daughter, which is the last thing in the world and I was good enough for me to make and I I I became more than I ever I excelled with the help of God and it doesn't matter what circumstances your points. You have God in your life. Anything is possible. Great example of those great cars we all get opportunities and when I do speak a lot of time to level and/or from an inner-city one thing that I will, and we all need to understand always your point regards to where you may be born or your economic status.

The difference is the amount of opportunities and talk on the spiritual side or whatever, but just in general and so both of those about the position that have the ability to give people an opportunity should take advantage at all times because it is so so important to everybody, but even one point when talking to young people. The same thing is or something keeping you down.

Is there some body or whatever. Yes we all have that and some have more.

I'm the one who have more challenges. Unfortunately don't always have as many opportunities that's why it's important to be aware you have your eyes open you the word vision all the time so that you can recognize those opportunities may come to somebody in a better ZIP Code through their life by just chance have the opportunity to be more successful. Take advantage of things absolutely somebody that has the unfortunate and unfortunate work is born into a lower ZIP Code. Do they still get opportunities to get out of there absolutely are they as relevant as visual and in front of them and as many know, that's why it's important when I can sit there and have people recognize that and be aware of the opportunities to do that in one of the first ways to do that is any problem anything that's always in front of you.

First lead to opportunities. Let's see one to assist another one opens the way nice thing. I mean, if you really put your heart into it you really want something I think is possible and the opportunity I look for the opportunity if it wasn't there someone else if it wasn't this way I can find another way.

I have improvise it depends on your frame of mind, how badly you want to be what you want to be just feel defeated and just stay where you are.

Don't do anything that's pickpocket is also the old adage doing the same thing over and over again, so that's also the things we have control over other people that I'm not don't have enough money for the rent or food or build no fault of their own. They are trying are they are getting up every day and doing that, yes, of course, if you're doing all that, even if you're doing your best were trying to do your best in everything.

If you continue to do the same thing three months three weeks three years. Whatever it is you're going after your looking back the wall, asking why I changed.

There are probably some things that are out of your control that are preventing that. But I assure you, if you been doing the same thing for a year. Your part of the problem would have to either change the goal or change how you're doing it because the petition is finally trying to learn something repetition to change something I have not been my life experiencing network to office. Now it's finally trying to say is no point in continuing the same thing with awareness we can make conscious choices, letting our thoughts and patterns run the show's like to do the right thing or not it's the right person, place, like leaders can help us believe that we can be different. I think human interaction most important thing in life and survive on an island attaining hostname capital. This is the care today so this focusing on effective leadership and workplace. We are joined by Joe and you're listening to chair the capital. Now we continue with Amy, and shared with capital city joined by Joe Leone talking about effective workplace just discussing about how Joe came from starting. Basically nothing in meeting their economy in the world and Joe is a price for you. I have today listening sound see his name, letting your daughter sees an inspiring artist. She thinks she has a beautiful voice that has no screen just discovered her so wonderful, my father always so it would be a shame that you do not share it with the world can talk simply like a few big things I can't bow down like a few things setting out and it's just a lot of fun and very young. My mother gave me a plaque that said God gave us music so we could pray without words like that song they displayed days and weeks to get stories that sound okay so I had 100 days, but you know what stories we find that parties so you when people look at my choices. I told him that it is because the pendulum mood. What I'm trying to do what I want to get picked up, relax, and whether jazz or country or whatever, so no music is I physically feel if I've been away from you long for something on think something guitar that I'm not very good at what I have to do somehow get music into my life and I'm looking to live a 17-year-old daughter sees a dancer so I always get to sit there and watch her dance and listen to her so keep up with your dream only. If you don't do it professionally.

Always remember that is a gift and a blessing and share with the world still stands moms since I think there is a more loving way to motivate children.

But it's going to an absolute pleasure to meet you. You sell anything. I was something else that I was being patient for the modern workplace is the title of the keynote speech standpoint and I through again. Maybe if you're lucky enough to look back on your life and the challenges that you go through the lesson that you learn through and sold through that and I've been lucky. I've managed to hear large productions and construction, etc. through Gulf War 9/11 2008 recession, etc. in those experiences and I started to notice is certainly the last few years so that the feeling that most businesses other than the obvious one pharmaceutical technology in general really do not are not running on a clear vision first and fourth. They are, and then were going there booking and windshield basically just try not to hit anything fault which is the speed of data and information and what you have to deal with, but I just all the tools that one works for me and didn't I tell people all the time. Things that we put together provisions that I put really have wanted to get my career and to learn the lessons, but I came to the realization that we really are living in a wonderful, wonderful time to time in man's history that were aware of an excuse. Maybe madwoman's history. We haven't much information and Joe whether the men speaking about that is actually includes men and women right. I agree with you my world we live in is important. Also, understand that I could still be okay okay it's an so yes I mean. So when you're trying to see yes you are talking about the workplace and how we need to know where the patients to know where it's at as far as how it's functioning company and so I do believe in most cases a day and age people back to the same playbook and we are no wonder the same playbook playbook. I believe right now that is written will manage what it is that will go through today's day and age were trying to do it and also, although I do interviews like this and I keynote speakers.

It's important important from the more education and get up and talk to people who really truly believe that we keep going back to a playbook does not exist anymore. Most executives leadership in companies today have to manage most first workforce that any time in the business that I'm aware of and humankind in the past even diversified in any kind away you was still tribal, you still were surrounded by people that look like you thought like you and I cannot even get a course to get into the modern era when I was done, you know, for the wrong reasons, etc. purchase from human stamp point and in today's day and age most cases not the case. Even if you are surrounded by like-minded people with a light with a like-minded goal that you're going after that is still a group of people that have had a more different life experiences and to sit there and lead and manage that I think is extremely challenging and I am I have not found a lot of folks that are recognizing that that's what I mean by that is I do believe in the vision.

Part of it. We've got to see can we copy reactive to reactive and direct with him today and then erect out tomorrow with the next 10 minutes, and sometimes you have to, but in general the way the society we live in almost drives that because of the speed and sometimes we have to be the one to get to come back and take control go. I know you want that answer right now, I know that's Christ right now but you know what tomorrow morning.

It'll still be okay. Figured out processes and things like that to help put together like-minded different people can make you successful in today's day and age you need to put together the most diverse group of thinkers that you can and then the leader get them to agree on the goal how to get there and then make sure everybody understands their position within that goal amendment today.

They needed a leader in times past. Although you are there to lead and support. In most cases get out of the way and signed doing for you to be thinking. This means that is why say that you have a strong foundation kindness, your race is Catholic on the West Coast. These have to do with the way that you perform your duties today. Are you behavior absolutely, and I would say so. Foundation that I tell her but again the challenges that we reach it in anything that can help so second-generation Italian again when I talk in inner-city schools.

I don't know what it's like to walk around the country as a minority and walk into stores, whatever that you deal with, but I grew up with my grandparents and my great uncle telling me across and be involved in the yard not been able to get help because the Roman Catholic Italian immigrants that doesn't put me in a position to talk about some minority will be going through but on the flipside of minority things that I can have some empathy to understand what that means. Have a conversation so very early on I was know that was early on with my parents. Once we moved to Phoenix again. You can sit there and take a general culture of you know, might my culture and open again tribal very tribal hellions, but I figured today at 55 years old and I can tell you I have never ever heard either one of my parents ever used a derogatory term about anybody anybody my mother heard my cousins and I say drugs against us.

We call each other, walk, or something like that was coming out and the lesson was coming out as to why those words meant for somebody places. What else you know absolutely in the night and then going into entertainment.

Like I said, so I just didn't happen that moment that is beyond my parents actively put me in first groups and all that my entire life and I started getting world that we all know if that isn't common thinking work you get into situations where that isn't always the case with other people who want to seclude others because of who they are what they might've done or whatever it really stuck with me to be the difference and I tell people, one of the things that occur to me when I was younger and I tell this story just like you one thing on his part a nap until you give me leadership is about honesty.

Yes, I can be so you have your most honest people. Anybody could ever meet him because most people would never, never expose himself like that and I am so so hundred and impressed by your courage in doing maps people and I think it's important to sit there and do that but the entire process in like that my father again. He had some some challenges again. Again, think about growing up yet another child in glass ceilings yes but it's really I was like Again, not African-American but I'm talking about the environment that we my father through growth, Motorola and engineers in the 50s she would like time black and white shirt and black tie pocket protector will be the typical of you know what your old guy in the 1950s, and I remember one time he came back to Motorola semi conductor and laying off people with a constant cycle in the business most serious about how important I was in my life even though I shall insult and I went to my hard times like I was pain point in my life.

Now I have another choice God now what you are among incredibly diverse teams of musicians and how did your faith play a role able to still have guiding to folding one in regards to my faith and I tell everybody I am a man of faith. I'm a member question religion and I do that because it is a part of my faith, that we should always be working harder to understand what it is supposed to be doing so. But in that area when I was very young my I have somebody I still have them with linear scleroderma with long story short, both in something said to me when I lived 18. Go to doctors, Mayo Clinic, spinal tap, just like you my challenges and nothing is going to break some more about this because what you're saying is interesting to share my life every Friday at 2 PM on the podcast.

Love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Cabo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on for buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Cabo and the 218 80 like every and you can always call you 5-12350. If you like to speak to us big enough to hear from you and please do share your faith helped you at work are we, I joined jail tell we are talking about maintaining guiding your life no matter what the circumstances may be. I imagine it must be difficult to know today. I can understand we want to break growing up. I actually found through that unit is one of those places where I felt really the free is to have conversations thing that everybody agreed or that they were tough at times but was one of the few places where I found that the group of people always diversified. Whether that was faith, politics, whatever was growing up and become an entertainment artist across the board. So the article to draw you right you saying you play music. The artists I've always told people want to complain about lap and you know you and what entertainment does to our youth. I would remind everybody I got news for you. If you're complaining about entertainment.

All that is near society is not the driver of society, so, so through that when you see things. A lot of times, and behind the scenes entertainment you have the production people you have the producers you have the artists it's truly a successful creative endeavor is an environment that allows people first and foremost to be themselves and if you allow people to do that. Their talents, knowledge and blessing that they can bring to any project only sit there and intensify and make anything that you thought capable way more than you probably thought about maybe takes away the noise is great thing to lack my just helping me specially of how simple it seems this balance will be like we are not think it really goes back to honesty I think is a leader to be honest, no look every part of my teaching talk about today that I think even in environments where a pyramid system works well within a corporate environment pyramid have still been squished down compared to the past leadership got to stay much more connected and to the base of their organization on the quarterback or somebody, but the plant has a vision or something, but after that you have to then be honest with yourself to get there then honest with your people as to how you got there.

I got there.

Here's my idea here is what it is.

I'd like to do and then you have to work very very hard at putting the light team together to execute that as a leader and that is important to understand the people and what it is that you need, whatever that endeavor is what you put that team together. It is imperative that your office with them as to the role with in that and within that goal. And even more important to make sure it's clearly defined and communicated to them as part of who owns what and then I said earlier Amy I think is trying to do your best to get out of the way have I always done them successful. As I said absolutely not telling you had to go through things that I had to fight him extremely motivated and driven person but I do every day realized that how I is an individual can do better and whether that is a project where there is a show whether that is need for trying to solve a problem within the community. At the end of the day we all can do much much better if we do not have the ability to understand what you're doing is helping or hindering it and then as a leader most of the time. Want to put the team together and you have confidence in them away and be there to support them the tools they need to accomplish what it is you're expecting them to do, and the standard to keep the standard call friends since my operational side and one of things that I tried visions. Although everybody and you see here right. You know, we can talk. I love talking.

I like that's how you learn and how you can get the right views, but at the end of the day.

I don't accomplish something with all that talk or something in my DNA that really doesn't sit well so it is about you and when I try going to companies in our times that I talk about is John my story try to motivate people and make him understand that they can do it to what I also love to do it when I go in and we get into the nitty-gritty and I'm being brought in because there is a problem and is your goal that's needed and we sit down and we figure out how to get it accomplished a lot of people, even in my industry entertainment I love to sit there and say you may agree or disagree with something that they're trying to move forward and use the original libel platforms I want to use it so you don't have a platform you stated a microphone so she can use that to do good and move forward but if you have a platform platforming to accomplishing things you're getting things done really is trying to purpose and have so ideas are great but I'm one of those individuals that want to take that idea and you also see that practice makes perfect persistence pays off.

Once you start a project. You should continue to say make it count. You do it right the first time around.

You have to be. Just double the work camp because if you need to count.

You can be proud of yourself just being a robot doing what you're supposed to be doing. I don't talk a lot about looking in the mirror. I think every leader looks in the mirror every time either at the end of the day end of the project onto the next. What I do right.

What I do wrong and what can I do better statically system wonderful consent to cases on it's hard to deal with that when you do have to correct the Savior and you're working with so many diverse people working diverse people working in the scenes working on the same project. Heidi approached back to within visions when we talk about being involved in insight and that is knowing your people.

The pyramid gotten more small shower down to the base. You have got to find find your way. Find a way to continue to have contact with your people connection with your people understand what you're going through and understand all that you know them when they're with you, and in understanding how they think the problem with the world we live in today is when you have a group of people that received even enrollment respect each other and diverse with the political quickness and everything the world is sometimes difficult to talk about the things that we bring to an organization or team, whatever that we bring as an individual that all of a sudden by so-and-so at a certain strength somehow means so-and-so doesn't have it rather than looking at the negative sort. Understanding your people were coming from and all that you do that, I think that you better tool to then how to communicate to them. I tell people all the time that if you know your people a lot of instincts in regards to leadership is you bring all your team together and you want to sit there before we get started today.

Tell everybody what Amy did yesterday and go through the litany and you sit there and because you want to feel good about herself and what she did, but then again I'm on this is an example of the type of person that really is like oh sure yet is famous for everybody because you want to do that maybe the person that you need to bring into your office by yourself and go and say the same thing just Amy. That may be more important to Amy because of how her brain thinks how she comes to approach things versus somebody else that may just thrive and that basically really set me up in the group but I have to come from your people because again same scenario if I don't know that and I sit there and I think I am making Amy feel really really good today because I'm starting a meeting like this, I might've just started holding the worst way. She can be inside, she maybe now that flower may be coming in because in the way she thinks and how she sees herself she didn't want that recognition front of everybody inside close that flower now today because I didn't know that wasn't the way to sit there and really touched Amy so somebody comes out to touch myself because I was out there going great. What I want. This is not just about having an open dialogue by acknowledging the person getting them to believe in themselves actually pointing out accomplishments just the same way you would point out their shortcomings and getting to know them so that you can be so that you can be more sensitive towards how you handle situations, and adding building a good reporter with absolutely trying to tell people that my my my world there are two places in the world I go to Maui cabin up in the woods in Utah and I tell people that the plan Maui or soon as I get to my cabin. I can physically feel my mind and body go sound able just to let things go relaxed recharge what I tell people as we have to remember some others people cabin in Maui is a roller coaster. So think about that. If you're a leader and that's how you tell you how you know what and so so again did not move forward yeah team you're on a project you been doing it for a couple years earlier.

So you feel the tension you feel. I got we got to get out of this bright idea to the cabinet would do all of that third of your team want to and there would is a roller coaster, 1/3 of your team. You're not going to have any benefit to knowing your people to understand that.

So maybe how you get your team back together is 1/3 you're taking to the land and the other third are taken to the cabin and maybe the other third you taken to the beach for they love water and then you get back altogether and home. I got back on the same page again because they found a way to get on their own page again. Thanks. One piece of today's business leaders throwing the playbook book and grab the ball from the 70s look how I would find that Amy is are you the example in my talk of Sears and JCPenney.

Both of those companies if they would've had insight and understanding probably might not have ever occurred. Not saying competition, etc. some of my Bonneville to come in the marketplace and do better, but they had a lock on the marketplace. Marketing wise and ending in the retail that I think he wanted done better than Amazon because like my parents in her 80s and 70s were technology may be committing to them would be willing to figure out because they go online to order from Sears Roebuck catalog, but they didn't see those companies didn't again. Vision didn't see it and see the you know didn't see it coming and they got basically passed by. Tell people like you tell us exactly why we come to the end of another cell. It's the end of the where, so I think he semi-suspect everyone that's been listening and basing detail Leone for being on the sound of town very much.

Thank you Boris time and I hope we have an opportunity sometime to speak again. Time and discussion is something that we are put on this planet for always to continue the conversation's you also to your family someone means until Leone can be found, and to cast please tell me honey after speaking. This has been a chair steamy Caddo thinking often listening forget to take my website Amy says brought to you by my MIC research life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and

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