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26- Changing The Negative Attitude to Positive

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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May 31, 2019 9:11 am

26- Changing The Negative Attitude to Positive

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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May 31, 2019 9:11 am

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest Christopher Felton about changing the negative attitude that might be holding you back.  

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Christopher Felton is the author of Re-Member  Yourself: A Healing Journey Through Your Innerverse. A former Maryland state trooper, Felton is a prolific public speaker who has taught about world religions. He also authored the books Cipher’s Den and The Fervent Exchange,  and his articles have appeared in Her Times magazine.

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I'm in Caddo. No matter what Chinese testimony to that effect inviting professionals that can help suggest we discussed possible topics and had incredible guests. Over the course of the last month we talked about abuse had overcoming prevention, posttraumatic stress disorder, including other mental health issues its symptoms. Available treatments and other forms of suffering at the survivor. I hope to inspire others and discourage transparency and find strength in knowing that those who suffer are not alone and those that heal against insurmountable odds. Do exist today. I'm joined by Dr. Boris McCullough hello how are you I was thinking about something the other day at documentarian leaving Neverland one of the guys documentarian Michael Jackson.

One of the guys in the end it left an impression on me what he said in the she said we are still just kids just we got older, just a little older and I thought about it I thought it was very honest. I can I can understand. I'm like a kid at times I get excited about little things but that's only one example thinking like a teenager where everything can be the end of the world lacking consideration towards consequences and having a distorted negative point of view, rage and patience and sometimes even rude what you would call symptoms of PTSD, depression, or simply regress. But those are considerably suffer for a long time are not the easiest people and it takes a super understanding and loving support system, patients at best, at least with me 25 years of suffering, 16 years trying to figure it out years finally learning just the other day I started reading a book about things that fought with the devil.

One St. Ascot why didn't you save me until the end and allowed so much suffering for so long. Within God then explained that's how masterpieces made something to the effect that great things take a long time and it is to that, had I not experienced all that I have in life and his life was Rosie with doctors for parents. I probably be a big brat and even for someone like me that there was supposed to be no hope, at least to the psychiatrist who first spoke to me when I was 15 years old feeling was still possible because there is always God discounts to show how anything is possible for God. Evidence that there's always hope. I started seeing things more clearly. I understood more my attitude improved in a positive way inmate actions turned wealthy that day. I connected with God through prayer, but there is someone who knows so much more about having a positive attitude in life and maybe can guide you. So it doesn't take you as long as long as me sick today will be talking about having a positive attitude or slight our special guest is Christopher Felton, Christopher Felton is the author of remember remember yourself a healing journey for you, your universe, this is a help self bulk and Journal" or social interaction have been strangled by the heaviness of their pain and their CSM has been immobilized by disappointment and frustration. He's also a former state trooper is a prolific public speaker who has taught about will delete and he's also the author of the book cipher.

Dan and the fervent exchange and his articles have appeared in the Times Magazine hi Christopher Christopher, I have to tell you again stress and worry and anger and depression, afflicting many millions in the world today. And Americans can relate, certainly relate because I heard a poll that we rank among the most negative people on earth. According to the Gallup poll so why is that and are one of these negative and wire you and are you one of these negative people. If so, how can you drill down to the bottom of your negativity find the reason behind it change your outlook and become a positive person sees the glass half full not half empty you have any suggestions really are very important. We are mellow, linear, we are human beings were talked for so many different emotions from psychological and cultural imperative you know that we are just bludgeoning the only things around us, the you all to give up on the right track.

You know, like for instance in society we been called the one-sided view of giving is better than receiving. But looking like the speed of our passion for helping others, but we overlook herself in the process, or will counsel all the time of the we want to become a need for so what happens is, there is an imbalance between what we do for others it will be due for so all without realizing that when we do for ourselves a better provision would be helpful for others. This scene when sometimes people want to do the kind things for you and you want the kind back and say oh no, no, it's okay then you know that the person needs to feel good about themselves that they've done something kind so you can definitely okay on that this person did this kind deed because it's not so much about me looking kind me looking good, but how I might meet that person feel better, and we don't know we were in the word culture to work through our crew fees are memory you know to be on this review were taught the need to be put forth the other person working a little harsh for all you hard. The most important thing to realize that regardless of what we think you person needs, regardless what the other person told our character who we are, should always come through.

So if we want to give you we feel of the positive person is under stress or the need we do something. According to our urge to do it.

You know, rather than letting another person so not to give of ourselves or our resources because oftentimes I recognize that when a person is saying no order trying to be polite or the rejecting what we have greatly appreciated at a later time. Since the so mean the same thing to be cheated on his basic guidelines.

I think that Jesus gave us and yes I see what you saying that once were able to change and to change ourselves and become a better person ourselves and were able to set a good example and help others, but unfortunately a lot of us fall into the trap of this mental that reaches steeping thing a negative way.

Not everybody finds comfort in prayer, like I date or takes as long as I did that. What suggestions do you have to prevent people from falling into mental home that way of thinking quickly, very, very got the book and program health clinics are starting to become part of the all might be pushing the reason why think of it spreading the way you is because the book facility.

You will process the book isn't telling you what to believe what to think what to do. I have it for medical good questions and when you answer those questions are exercises for those questions, but interest" about yourself and the latter part of the book there is a part of the journal and the reason why: the target journal because of the page with lines on which one remember yourself journal barrier for questions and when you answer them on a daily basis you will slowly start to see each day begins to improve risk to human soul upside and downside but it is amazing to see how people come to real realization they have suppressed or even repressed because they just have not any form of introspection book helps you to do that would be much easier to that's that's a lot of people in today's world.

I needed so many suffer and laboriously you can attest to how long it took for me to come around how many years the depression. I went to do and he takes a long time hope it's never too late to do the wrong thing I can think yes is the fate I guess I don't know Christopher was looking through your biographies very dressing so your sharpshooter. He's a friend, but the yet thinking about problems.

Sometimes it's so it's not easy and something interesting that the writing your website to is that sometimes you really don't know what is making us so will you go about actually finding.I mean like do you start speaking with friends about it all you go through certain exercises is because for a long time. I went through years not knowing I was feeling bad and I did not know why right about the book that not always so much of what makes us that much. What were not doing that bring joy not doing the bring joy. I have this battery of questions because you read of the book is the reason the book is unique because it is interactive facilities you but you have to write. You don't just read it and put it down.

You have answer the questions they give you things to introspect on think about exercises to complete a problem. A lot of people can't put it down because it's almost like they're getting reacquainted with an old friend themselves. You know him so you'll make you think you know what is what are my favorite be my favorite wants to say your website more time on Amazon and you can also go to remember and from there you can pull up. Remember yourself and your neighbor universal Amazon or Barnes & This is the chair listening to the host cell with focusing despite the second stances please call us to share your story you have any positive or negative, that we would love to hear from you number is 305-541-2350 again that 305-541-2350. We are joined by Christopher for Elton and you're listening to the care, love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position.

Amy Carbo's life warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on buying her book on If you suffer from persistent depression called neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new affected FDA approved treatments such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS. No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic, now 76, 600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005 and now we continue with Amy Carbo on 880 here is felt that having a positive spite year is always telling me Christopher Downey. I mean I have to tell you I mean what I had other things in life like I know that you could get really down because no problems were experienced in the past and how to cope with and I mean okay if you're a drug that it eventually becomes too much becomes too dangerous.

Find help if you're poor, it's possible to still be happy if you learn to appreciate the little things that you have two things may take care of your things that lie about life. What about if you how a positive, how to you not eventually deal with stress and depression, which is something that's very well documented.

In fact, if you guys up there. I have a theory interesting and very interesting testimonial I'd like to share a member turned preacher anything right now many Martin is a powerful gang man. This has been through a lot of experiences and decided to start bareknuckle fighting and professional mixed martial arts fighter, God made successful professional fighter money to help them when they start life when it was still in time. Sorry there's really does get your commercial dog food from about me, though I have to admit it was so intense And realize that God was protecting him all along. He saw his life flash before his eyes and he realized that it was Jesus who saved and cried out to God, he got baptized in the name of content the love of Jesus Christ started to live a life of love and attention now. Father praying like commits himself to share the love with others, especially those who experienced the wrath gang violence. Life is a powerful testament that God intends teams so Christopher I have to tell you that I tried everything their work for me. I went to self-medicating. I tried everything and unfortunately I can have your workbook helpful it was when I read the less loving others that I learned to love myself and it was when God proved how much to me because I swear I forgot about me or maybe I wasn't. What if God's help and 14 years custody battle. I asked the first year. Please take it away, but had forgotten about that then when God blessed me with the family that I have the children in my pants blessed me more than I can ever imagine. And I thought if God loves me unconditionally and he can love me this much and I can maybe love myself and love others so Christopher I wanted to ask you, in your book since now we have this tool think God what some of the things that you outline in your work, but that can change someone's outlook, negative viewpoint with the reader. Military and that you break them down to build a backup no silly break you down, but it does expose you so let me give you there are five main chapters the first chapter is called recognizing the multiple questions and exercises due to the crannies of the Lord answers and you about things that you really didn't know about yourself and sometimes find a way to find Amy there is pressure but there is in Japanese culture there is something called Roy is basically the art of mending cracks in bowl with gold and so when the ball breaks were so many of us would just throw the ball away what the Japanese do they take those those pieces of the bolt in the inlay cracks with gold and so what happens is not only doesn't make the ball more beautiful, but it makes more valuable than it was before it broke and so worked together bro's work with anything of value. You know why I consider my book the literary version of getting to know yourself, listen to yourself and it teaches you to take that information and love yourself. And once you've gotten to the point where your loving yourself now would put you in a position to manifest the things in your life that you never before thought you'd be able to mentor and even a journal in the last 33 fifth of the book that keeps you on track to make sure that you how to do that.

Nothing. That's why there's been an outcry in the prison sport because we have one prism in Maryland where they got money for this other thing about getting rid of the program. The prisoners actually got a petition together to make sure the program stay.

And it is making a huge difference. So now the prison is not punitive anymore.

It's actually rehabilitative and I am humbled to know that the book of acts just like that's great because we all have to go to something and it's possible we don't believe enough in ourselves that maybe we don't feel like we fit into society. Societal norms is the environment getting us doubt role at mean if it is getting script and in return we play the role.

What can we make scripts and discover own uniqueness in our own individuality. Which brings me to question questions.

Do you believe there's an overreliance on medications or dependency depending on others to influence us one time somebody told me don't tell the kid how to tell the kids you must be very proud of yourself teasing the person worth in themselves. I do believe I do believe that there is not not believe codependency but with that being said about me saying that there is no room for the need for this report. I think that there are so many people just don't know any better. They don't know. I goes to take the time to hear there are still some people that won't even do it. But with that being said, there are other tools to employ healthier and more effective. That would help them on the level of psychological malady that they have some great guests site you to be able to see such things here. This tool is used as a way to have self-reliance and a positive attitude and depression want to. Most people think now we continue with Bailey, 80 where Dr. Boris love our special guests Christopher Felton, Christopher wanted to ask you the question actually a question for you actually wanted to wondering no remote opinion, there is a lot of people with stress and depression in the US and I was wondering why is that a very stressful we did like over diagnosed I environment our way of thinking perception that it's not linear.

What I mean by that is usually a conglomeration of things when it comes to society and the pressures of society think that our values have been diverted towards one that is less internal and family oriented and community-oriented to one that is more material is the problem with that. We focus on that which is outside of ourselves to materialism, comparing ourselves to others what they have, who they are five people popular and famous is we use those goals or things to reach the problem with that is that we never have self always driving like the donkey that's fallen but never came into the portion of feeling like were not good enough without this Joneses that was exactly so that's why the book is so self centered, not self centered, because it is so important that we get back to the ER and we work from that cipher and expanded outward because an empty cupboard serves no one are covered must be stopped in order for us to be no greater blessing greater givers to others. The principal thing to come to us.

We must take care of ourselves. You must have a healthy sense of self we must start our own cupboards so that we can be greater father's process. Christopher usually testimonies on the cell and person. First of all, very well. Most people that are special speakers are basically testimonials they'd survive something in their life they can't do some hardship and stances which let them to pay it forward.

They wanted to give back to the community.

I wanted to know what encouraged you what you might experience that you write this book started out in the book you think that I have in bold. Most of our issues from our childhood and I'm not saying that I have about a bad childhood. But what I'm saying child people to understand just how much children see how much they perceive and even though what children see and perceive in here even though they cannot process about that moment for what it is. These memories remain with the children so that when they get older they become adults they think back to those memories and now we can process them there affected by them.

That's one thing.

Another thing is the state trooper arrived. Yeah, you know, one of my children that if there is no way for me not to live in Yellowstone. Most people agree, go live your responsibilities bigger things Yellowstone a level of security constantly thinking about because you know on so many occasions helping can go from 0 to 102nd.

You know those things that you look at people, but you can't necessarily tell what's going to happen you know him so hands about here is extremely important to me that people come to understand the importance of healthy self esteem. The importance of being confident importance of character and integrity. You know in and being respectful as well as respectable those basics to me of the basics of life is the basis of how we interact with each other you know in humanity and human beings. And so that's why the book focuses on so basically sums so much suffering and you just basically wanted to teach others the way you on my on going for me because of her life also constantly monitor so you know what to do, but I got to the point of bothering me way too much.

It's affecting the way my daily perspective of life and my family and my family came up with my own exercises over a period of time over a few years always notice the difference and saw how it was helping me. She said Chris you know you you can't keep yourself in the first thing I did when I heard the lock down so I didn't want to share about it wonderfully bold. You know I will be transparent only so I realize that you know what this helped me this much and I'm not sure whether I got to the point where I live, you belong to me anymore.

I cannot be a participant of humanity and a lover of people and keep this to myself. So I started organizing the probable came about is one of the things that happened to be making an important point is that human intent just any and really please see no later somebody that was so lob that will be there for you that will talk to you, or at least in the right lane just like it Christopher I think God is due, to help others to share your knowledge with others because not everybody can do it right past the faith one knows how to pray or feels like the campaign that an incorrect therapist where just the fact that they know that they can do this and you made available because medication only works 35% of the time.

The psychiatrist is only there for one One time a month of one time a week what happens with the rest of parties and content just existing.

Do we feel like we have their meeting different stories that matter, whether it's bettering ourselves by bettering others, helping others email every day that I wake up I think it's just one more day one more opportunity to do the best that I can do anything that I do to treat everyone as kind as I can take care of everything that I have included my little donkeys because they need doing everything felt opportunity to bring about a smile to do something kind and what did it for me know I could at least hear what did it for me feeling that I was a nice person because now my actions were cut now on things, doing drugs, I'm not running away from God. Feeling ashamed and welcoming into my life and I'm using my faith to help others and to share with others. That's what helped me and I was able to come through everything because I have to tell you where there's good people must exist as well and all of those negative thoughts that feeling of depression and anger, negative thoughts. I think, and because I know that God is all-powerful, have to do is pray and guess what, it works nonbelievers, even if it didn't work. Hey that's great. If the mind is so powerful that believing something works to make it happen why not write the way I see one part of the book, and one of the laws of the law of good and evil. So I think that when you check up around other people see another eye opener. I never knew that I had this type of power at my fingertips. Understand how to use what is intrinsically a part of me to help myself and others. When people who like a monster level level broken society. The norms of society, gives us the scripts used in your life you're going to be broken and difficult for you and that's all we tend to believe the following to this tomorrow and it's not cell is not so much that were broken were perfectly made perfect our bodies are made in the image of Christ. For God sake. So yes the devil for you because I love philosophy is to tell where one opposite in the right night and day. Yes yes that Christopher think you sound like it's been so wonderful talking to you again. If anybody wants to get this wonderful book that Christopher Haas remembering yourself you can better remember or enter guests got thank you figure this is the next year, I'm Amy, thank you so much for listening to Amy, was brought to you by IM IC research 786-310-7477 or Tune in every Friday at 2 PM with Amy, right here on 880

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