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12- Alternative Methods of Dealing with Trauma

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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February 4, 2019 6:25 am

12- Alternative Methods of Dealing with Trauma

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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February 4, 2019 6:25 am

In today's episode Aimee and co-host Dr. Nikolov talk with Catherine Carrigan, a medical intuitive healer about the alternative ways of dealing with trauma and how these are looked at with traditional medicine.


THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Catherine Carrigan medical intuitive healer, Amazon bestselling author and host of The Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio. You can read more about Catherine on her web site.


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A brought to you by volume only see research length can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and the Q and thanks for joining again here house about a 88 we have today. Dr. Boris McConnell and the very special guest at first, but those who are just listening to this radio show for the first time I want to let you know that this is a challenge that deals with trauma and anybody who's suffering basically from anything and ways that we can help another in ways that we can get better. Actually, I wanted to create a platform where survivors can learn from one another and have periodically professionals in the field, testimonials, inspirational speeches and uplifting songs.

I want you all to know that were all successful stories because all that's happened in the past. It's just that it's in the past being here now means that we have so many more chances to be right history and we can empower one another to let go. By providing conspiracies, transparency, reaching closer to the last phase of recovery which is acceptance and hopefully slowing down the vicious cycle. I believe that we can redefine our thoughts when we turn to prayer and seek God. Trust me everything will fall into place. Eventually, our eyes are opened, replacing negative coping skills with healthy ones. There is always a solution. If you believe because for me. Love was my answer to many of my problems. Ultimately, God was my only care I want you guys all to well come Catherine Carrie again.

She takes a holistic approach to promote healthy living and also helps with people who are suffering from depression to try to heal in a holistic approach.

How are you Catherine thank you for joining us here and for what I say. So my dear.

I honor you on your thank you so much and also we have Dr. Boris make the love does so ask you something I know that you are a an author of best-selling author and you've written many books and now the way that I know of you. Is there a podcast you have a podcast and could you explain to those that are listening what it is that you talk about what methods you have for healing because my belief is that no one solution that works for everyone.

We all have different ideas and we can help one another and I want to widen the opportunities.

The Lift. The Last Day RR I and I and the Medical Intuitive Healer, Which Basically That Is Natural Empower People to Get Better IN the Hope of the Natural Go for UK Health Ready to Go and I'm the Author of the Number One Bestseller and Know on a Personal Level.

I Will Be so in What You Are Talking about Your Well Though I Used in a Support Group When No I Know What You All Live Because I Been through It Myself, and I'm I the Way to Create Naturally What I Do Quite All over the World. I Talk to People by Phone Guys. People under Going on on All Five Level Equally Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally Talking about What Will Work to Get Better so You You're More like a Life Coach You You Help People with Their Emotions and How to Basically Because I Believe It's a Combination of Things Is Not Just One Thing That Works like You Mentioned Many Different Things That That Come Together for for so 520 20. The Natural Healing and a Trained Medical Intuitive. I Read People Use My Intuition. I Read Your Physical Body. Your Energy Body Emotional Body. The Body and the Filter Body We Actually Going on All and I Think Correctly about What Will Work Looking Better. I Do Healing Work with People All over the World to Clear the I Do Talk to You Because I Talk about What's Going on Really Going on on All the Level on but I Can't Help All the Time You Really Don't Know What's Going on with People. I Did This Morning with the Help Coach in London so I Better Wait a Little Bit-Who Help People Figure out Why They're Not Getting Better and I Wanted That Abuse Has a Very Profound Effect. People Didn't.

You Are.

2030 4050 Years Ago You Done the Work to Clear Out Of Your Whole Mind-Body. It Can Have Profound Effect on Your Health.

Even Today, so It's Very Important That You Not Only Get Out Of the Situation, but You Also Heal Yourself to Recover from. Yes I Know What That's like. I Went through Many Years That You Say Has Actually A Lot Of Difficult Challenges. I Would Say about the 25 Years and It Actually Took Me a Long Time and I Believe Actually That I Went to so Many Things Just so That More People Can Relate to Me and There Isn't Someone I Can Say Will She Can Go to This or She Doesn't Know about This Will, Maybe I Do. Maybe I Can Help You My Secret Was Because Trust Me. I Tried Everything from Medications to Therapy to Self-Medication and and a Fumble. I Fails. I Tried, I Always Prayed That It Wasn't until I Viewed It Got Close to God and I Took Him Seriously Where I Needed a Point to Pray Every Day and You Know What Happens When You Pray Every Day Some Things That Again so Eventually Yes Everything Changed for Me. My My Point of View.

I Started Appreciating Everything That I Normally Didn't Appreciate before I Noticed That I Had so Many Blessings and Now I Even Noticed Small Blessings, the Things You Say Oh I'm so Lucky What the Drug I Consider It a Blessing and I've Come to Realize That Now. I Miss Normal As Normal Can Be. According to Me and You Know What, I'm Okay with That.

I'm No Doubt That the Spiritual Body. I Really Want to Create for Yourself Closer to God like Me Talking about Mary Propelling Transformative in Your Living Crew in Your Own Life.

Anything Can Be Help.

You're an Amazing Person. I Will Honor Your Journey and the Message That You Share with Others without Anything's Possible Site That I Truly Believe You Know What Helped Me A Lot in Life It's Always Been a Positive Point of View. Always Thinking the Best of Things. I Always Need No Matter What It Was Going to Do, No Matter How Scary.

Life Went. No Matter How Scared I Became.

I Knew That Things Would Get Better. I Knew That God Was Always with Me and You That We Weren't Destined to Suffer. Believe Me, Even Though I Consider That I've Turned out Very Well and Re-Crystal Human. I Still Have Challenges. I'm Not Perfect. I Do Have Nightmares and I Wake up Feeling Bad and Soon Distracted, Soon after the Kids Wake up and They Think of Something Else or I Entertain Myself Listening to Music or Sometimes I Even Brainwash Myself to Know That I Learned That You Can Brainwash Yourself through Repetition You Repeat Things Enough Times and You Believe It. I Have When I Did Not Learn My Positive Coping Skills.

I Was Always Clean Myself down Very Hard on Myself Always Telling Myself Negative Things That Dumb I'm Not Getting Do This and That Just Work Further on My Low Self-Esteem and That Wasn't Helping Me.

You Know What Sentence Helps.

It's Hard to Do Alone.

It's Good to Know That There Is a God That Even Though You May Feel Alone There's a God That Loves You and Not Only That, but He Has Your Best Interests at Heart, and Not Only That He's Perfect and Not Only That He Saw Power from and Not Only That He's the Source of Your Happiness, Your Serenity Gives You Purpose, Because in the End, What Is It Closer to God and Eventually Join Them in Heaven, so That Incentive Because Would Someone Fight a War If It Wasn't That They Were Defending a Country or with Somebody Even Work a Job Really Hard to See What Getting Paid Incentive Helps It Helps to Know That There Is a God That There Is Many Different Things I Heard Yesterday Am on All That Exercise Is Important, but More Important Is What You Need. You Are What You Eat, so It's a Combination of Things about Living Life Right It's about Noticing Your Blessings about Being Grateful. It's about Letting Speedier Feel and Forgiving Yourself Listening to the Cure. This Is Amy Capital on 888, and That This Every Friday 2 to 250. This Is Eddie James Worship at the Scene Open to God to Shine.

All You Know You Got a Strong Also.

All in You Also. God Is All and You Also in You and You Is Situations, Violence, Addictions, Poverty and Even Sexual Abuse by Your Loved Ones. The Issue Is Not Stay There to Overcome All Obstacles Show That with the Love of God, Your Husband and Your Family. You Can Succeed.

Love Is the Answer. God Is the Key Word Reveals from a Very Sincere and Honest Position in Cabo's Life, a Warrior Who Didn't Give up and Achieve the Dream of Your Life. You Can Get to Know More about Her at Her Story on buying her book on Now we continue with daily gobble in the 218 80 cell today and joined by Dr. Catherine. Who is listed coats and I was talking about coaches and I was explaining that I did try anything.

Exercise therapy, medication, everything, and ultimately the one thing that actually for me was turning to God was turning to prayer because my behaviors changed I learned that I don't always have to be right. I don't have to. When every argument, and if something maybe angry. Maybe that's double I'm not letting when hate is my competitive spirit and I can't stop things from happening. Things will happen. You can make the best you can rationalize by thinking something positive.

If it's raining. Say your goodness is saying that you think oh well, at least the trees are getting the nourishment.

That's important think it's not to try for the past always don't think the worse in here you spent your time better thinking the best, even if you're wrong.

At the end of cake. You made a mistake. But if you think of the worst thing you spent your time worrying and spend your time miserable to think of the best in all of these things because actually when I see God. He provided the race and the idea of victim was no longer an appealing thought that DV of the cessation of business.

If either and becoming a beacon of light was the greater driving force.

I noticed that as much as I myself think that if God loves me I must be with you.

We are all created equal size.

Therefore, I turned that I should love myself and grow to love and others and eventually my reactions normalized when a true leader to the others that Boris had some questions for you. Catherine, how are you good good and you thank you for coming.

I look very familiar with the term medical intuitive healer, but it sounds great. We read a lot about about then appears that you are helping a lot of people and myself as a doctor sometimes feel the additional medicine is not really helping a lot.

So what is your you know my my father Dr. my brother. The doctor my uncle. My grandmother Dr. my great grandpa well I am going now greatly for a lot of people good about what you bought Bible multiple time I myself do all my work prayerfully.

I began my day every day with prayer and meditation and I'm when you look at the body and mind greatly all that they provide for hard-working training that they go through Dr. I way that I look at the body, which is a little different from traditional medical doctor I buy a body you know what that body which includes your stock with your breath in your body, which is the largest part of anyone your mom thought your belief and quietly their body at your soul and you are all having.

We are all purpose medical reading I'm reading all five level because research is always happening all five all the time on all five level will push it out really energy through the emotion through your mind.

That is very dangerous because yes, we treat the physical body and we think and expect the results and that's not always the case. All you that everything although I'm not writing but mostly Berkeley and when you work on all five level, then you are healing much much Dr. Ray.

I do all that was really going on with well this is really seems like a better approach to what was going to bring the more often you train for will full-time for 20 think here I'm very complaining I went to Brown University and Phi Beta Kappa and I spent the past 20 learning multiple realities and natural healing feature on the doctrine with a medical doctor and the practice wording cream under Dr. approach when you're working with people and you know the deal so that we have in the country is really broken yellow something happened to go to the doctor and you know they could tell your hard then looking at a whole point. No were realizing you know we need to do better.

We better our society makes a lot of sense. Sometimes I guess it is almost time. A lot of other factors come into my well what I now is exactly how do you be nice yourself to take for those who are depressed are suffering because I have to tell you, there are times where you just don't feel well. There's much you can do and for me I just accept it because I got to the point that it's not important anymore how I feel realize I don't have to feel okay all the time and it just it. It's not important. I tend to handle things better. The things that used to bother me don't bother me so much anymore. And it's because I've changed my behavior.

I learned that I am a great influence in my family if I am weak or if I'm scared or from sac it reflects my children and my husband so I tread lightly and try not to display any fear or weakness try to prioritize peace at home that they wanted snow. How do you get there how to energize your energy if you don't even willing to do these things. Okay, really great point that not going to take care of yourself if you think about you when you and your better mother, father and brother will occur by everything on every level in my book called now about how to rebuild your energy.

The most common complaints I hear my my new clients is actually exhausted but then you bring up another important point knowing .30 Dr. Dylan well there's 25 different ways people can be addicted to being in pain are called secondary games or pay off yourself and I actually willing to do whatever it takes to get better over secondary gain by remaining or overweight and you know Amy tells Bill so you know the strength and courage to overcome fun part of what we have to do is pick up our back you realize that you're an important person. Even if you don't know what yet no one anything that you can identify yourself, what challenges my faith in my life so far.

What have I am calm yourself down for your shortcomings really talk to people about your chronic illness, depression every morning and make everything you've overcome maybe are not there yet.

Maybe are not you know you have a number all the challenges yet, but you will find anything you stop smoking the college ready for child maybe your mother the way you want, whenever I start working with people I would start right and will wait yet what the hell do you work with me secondary game playoff on show but wondered if you're tired all the time. The number one yes you know okay I might try and maybe you can't believe all the stress in your life right now, but you can do it. I called 2% dilution okay make my life to maybe your way home. Maybe a friend or loved one to help you with childcare. You know maybe you can drink a little bit more more water or little bass just positive influences and not -108 and I think we feel important spiritual foundation is that you go to a church or a mock God one thing likely to be around other people doing positive things. Thinking positive thought. Well I think that you know that there is a higher power that there is a God in charge of taking care of you and you are every moment of every day you go to my I have an actual photograph, Angel people are like yeah yeah whatever it's like oh my God Angel. Believe me, if you're listening to the radio show you Angel your Angel do spiritual guide there with you 24 seven. Every moment of every day. They love you been with you your whole life. You can learn to talk. Angel work your Angel and you work with you when you learn to Angel shall never feel lonely break at there so many things that you have to tap into meeting. We don't use our entire brain. We only use a small percentage of our brain has to come a point in time where you just even though you don't feel like doing anything. Force yourself to do it because laying in bed and not doing anything and allowing things to get out of control is not going to make you feel better and the only person that can make you feel better as yourself. You have to do it for yourself. Nobody can make you happy in the engine and you can't depend on to make you happy. You have to find ways to make yourself happy. For example, if you have the stuff you cleaning you feel better. Like some candles, the smell good taste in music, talk to and encouraging from try to do positive things you can pull yourself out.

A lot of us a lot of us don't give ourselves the credit that we should those who are just tuning in, this is 888 and the days you're listening to the cure. I'm your host Amy capital we've opened up the lines. Our number is 305-541-2350 I can that 305-541-2350. I'm here with Catherine Carrigan with Dr. Boris, Nico love.

If you'd like to call share your story or ask any questions, please stay with us long way you know you will be a will you and you and you and you a and and and and you and you know and you bring many difficult situations, violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stated or what to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed. Love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position in Cabo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on buying her book on and continue with daily gobble in the 218 80 show you listening eight 888 and the bed. This is the cure on your host Amy capital and show that years, or anybody suffering and methods for healing for recovery and we welcome on people that share their stories or have different testimonials and I'm sure I know that I enjoyed that song that this and I have to tell you the most important thing I want everyone to now see that I went to be credible things a lot of things you wouldn't believe who I am today and if they continue the way that I am blessed today.

I mean my past nothing compared to how happy and blessed I am today and I have my sad moments.

I had my heart moments, challenging moments that they don't compare to the precious moments that I share with my family. Now we are joined by Catherine Carrigan and Dr. Boris. Nico love guys they so it's me. Okay, so tell me Catherine, what is VV this great to living in peace because a lot of guys are tortured by the way that we think if you think negative. If we had negative memories.

If I just I worry for others because I I see a stuffing and IPv6 stay in a seat and myself.

I know what it's like and for me it was God. He was and that I learned a lot of things. There is a psychologist that said, the way that you can feel better. Even people that were suicidal was to give yourself more responsibility and the more responsibility yourself and every time you accomplished the responsibility thing you would feel better about yourself because we are creatures that really want to have meaning, we want to have a purpose. We want to find meaning in life very important question. How can we, and I think that one of the most effective and profound way to fill yourself up to start with and I believe that the most important person to forgive is actually yourself now. I keep forgetting I thought. However, we should forgive people people really don't know how to do that forgive you let go of the judgment you let go of the bitterness you let go of the really know why things happen and we have to let go of that.

We know that God does know that when you know you're done with forget when you can think of the person or situation and I went to the store yesterday and no emotion.

So we go through the layers and layers of forgiveness. But again, I believe that the person you need to start living actually yourself. You may need to give yourself for putting yourself in a situation that caused you or your family harm and on you forget you forget playing it when you do what you now know that what happened was okay with my good your letting go and letting God and not feeling let go and let God. When you let go and allow God to heal you, then miracle happened to find start with you. I know your wonderful parable in the Bible about you know how many times should I put my neighbor in the land. It takes many let go let go of the judgment the bitterness and and it allows you to find that yourself.

I have to tell you though I know it's not easy because I felt like I was a horrible person even though I me otherwise was horrible person for the longest time it wasn't enough to do what was expected of me. My role as a mother, and my rules of life in my will is a friend was a sister that I wanted to do more and was a hard on myself and what I did was never good enough and it wasn't until I might book that I started to heal and said wait a second if I can do something selfless like this because trust me, I'm a very private person and the last thing in the world I wanted to do this for my life out there which I'm not very proud of so it was difficult but I knew that if I could be honest and make my life out there that I can empower others and encourage others to speak to talk about it to let go because when you can talk about it and you don't have a problem talking about it or writing it down in a way to fix your okay with it and it's you it's not that you don't realize the seriousness and from me forgetting what forgiving myself from not good enough for not being perfect and my mother was a narcissist, so I get that right felt like I had to be perfect, but for me that was the forgive.

I just realized that I had to forgive myself because God loves us and he forgives us and he forgives us many times as it takes and it's taught me to forgive others and not forget that there's a very interesting thing you said that you forgive yourself for paying yourself in uncomfortable situations have to tell you one thing that haunts me to this day was my forced abortion. I did not know that being with this maverick attorney for three years would end up in the pregnancy that would kick me out of the house and please my daughter and I on the streets and even though I tried everything I had no help. And yes we were going hungry fellow broke the camels back was when he showed me emotion that that many child people line he would remove her from me.

I was already had eight years of custody battles really bad ones, and I thought I lose both children if I use one because he's a maverick attorney and that the stage is the other one and still to this day I believe accident something better. I saw because now abortion is a big theme and I so want to be a priest talk about abortion and they were talking about winning or and he said it's not the mother's fault and they never heard anyone say that it's not the fault so you don't. Maybe it is, it wasn't our fault to put ourselves in a comfortable situation.

Maybe the predators take this out weakness and even insecurity could see that this is an opportunity opportunity PC and they take yes I would just say I think it's not the fault of the person renting through a difficult situation but they just filled out. The thing is that when a person is abused, they tend to feel very bad about themselves to serve anything and eight. Apart subconsciously they do go to bad places to hang around the wrong people and it's it's not. I don't know why that is, that it's almost as if the person hates themselves so much.

They just don't care anymore. Well you know what your about me killing your relationship with now we all have a relationship with ourselves, just like you have a relationship with your mother or father or brother about healthy relationship with ourselves or not you yourself always around, kind and compassionate and giving yourself, and forgive your day and forgive. You don't have to be perfect for God to love you that you have a healthy relationship with her yourself to live a life different relationship with ourselves.

One relationship with Courtney when you're back in reality you import me trouble with Courtney. Not sure that your relationship with yourself and you will re-creating situation where your impoverished things are always going along with a better way to shift it to be lacking another healthy relationship and the greater your bullying yourself. No beating up on yourself and many people have been MBA, why is and when you're not there isn't any longer to complete abuse themselves so you have to realize and recognize when you're using yourself yourself with drugs or alcohol problem working and again recognize that you are yourself and ask yourself how can I be more compassionate and more forgiving myself and other people go through being the interrogator. Later, when you yourself always probing looking for what's wrong why this problem already. I why are you still struggling. Why don't you have money right away.

I still copy you find yourself work in when you really want to know Hi Ned and compassionate with yourself and with those who suffer from PTSD. One of the issues a lot is anger and to forgive themselves for being angry because you feel like an older you start to hate yourself. I know that I have those times where I had to work on my anger and I hated my mother always cleaned and I did not want to scream. I did not want to be that person and I got to the point that two pair. I learned to control when I get angry I just call myself I just brainwash myself.

I tell myself I'm strong, I'm better than this is the devil he's not in the when I can do this.

This is nothing.

This is just manipulation. No problem, and I say that enough times. Trust me, I will eventually believe it but unfortunately guys we've reached another end of the show and thank you so much Catherine for joining us today, and boy sneaker love your sweetheart.

You are always here and thank you everyone for attending and listening to the chair on your hosting capital. This is 880 that this long and

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