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4-Finding some Answers about Depression

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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December 22, 2018 11:00 am

4-Finding some Answers about Depression

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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December 22, 2018 11:00 am

In this episode Aimee shares information about depression and the affect it can have on the individual and families. She shares her story of physical and emotional abuse and how she battled depression for years. These days life has a different focus and purpose. She has seen the result of never giving up, always seeking answers and finding her higher purpose.  

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee hopes that anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind, or walked a moment in similar shoes, will find inspiration in these pages, and hope that love and truth will ultimately prevail. Please subscribe and share this podcast.

Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


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A brought to you by volume only see research length can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and to know and I'm joined by Micah Gilbert hi Jamie great to be here sharing with you.

I know you have a powerful message to share today to know what is what you going to share with our audience this afternoon on the cure well on the topic hold very dear near to my heart. Our topic is one that affects millions of a 30% of the population as a matter fact today will be talking about the passion and something about the passion that not only affects the person struggling with it, but it can have tremendous impact on their loved ones, friends and coworkers and I speak from experience that they suffered for many years with this disorder and get worried. We did speak about it in our last week, so we did speak about depression and were fortunate to have Dr. Boris Nicole over the administrative neurosciences clinical research Center in Miami and we didn't.

We discussed the impact this disorder as well as possible treatment options. You're right.

Maybe we did begin the discussion about depression last week show where we were fortunate to have our special guest Dr. Boris Michelob on this rate of all neuroscience medical clinic in Miami. We discussed being but of this disorder as well as a possible treatment option Yaz and Gelbart if he if he can wreak havoc on your mind, your body or spirit. It can negatively affect the way that you feel it can affect the way that you think and even how you act, it can cause you to feel sad to lose interest in things that you once loved to do.

It can affect your appetite.

Your sleep can take away your energy, making it difficult some days even get out of bed. He can have difficulty thinking and sometimes he can be overwhelmed, feel overwhelmed the complete feelings of worthlessness and even guilt. It can be a quite debilitating condition and he can't even believe it or not, depending on this, the phase or stage in your life that you're in or what you're going through. You could even give you physical elements, stomach pains, headaches.

Do you have any idea about depression but you know that it affected your body in so many different ways always that while I think those people don't think how debilitating it can be economically say that I have experienced a lot of the symptoms and more in different stages of my life as I've been struggling with depression for about 30 years, which is one of the primary reasons why I chose to write my book to cause awareness to let people know that you know people could go through many different things in life and unfortunately bad things do happen in life and one of the things that could be a consequence of going through challenges in life is that you have depression for you can have depression from from many different elements and I wanted to share my story with people and let them know that they're not alone. Amy I know you have overcome so many obstacles in your life would you sure one of your stories of your testimony of what you are breaking your book share. The way I have always dealt with depression throughout my life. Basically when I was a child. I think God really does protect the young ones because I never knew they abuse that was happening to me was wrong. I was pretty much abused sexually by my stepfather from 7 to 15 years old physically abuse by my mother and these are over almost every day occurrences as well as emotional abuse and I always I also went they when they took us away from my parents. Then there became that big case. The big profile case called the case from hell that lasted for about five years.

Then I you know I got lost in the system. Somehow I just went to, you know, a couple hospitalizations I went through foster homes. I had you know I felt that had a very low self-esteem.

I didn't think much of very good of myself. I I pretty much blamed myself for everything. It was and what had been done wrong to me, but how I had wronged my parents breaking up the family and things like that but it wasn't really dealing with.

You know my demons at the time and I would deal with my depression's by having you know on healthy coping mechanisms like self-medication, turning to any drug that could possibly get me out of my mind so that I may not be feeling the bad feeling that feeling or how uncomfortable and feeling and but the one thing that has always been constant in me is having God in my life and having my face and somehow, no matter what I've been through through all the things that I've been through the foster homes. The raves the custody battles the time that my daughter almost got killed gone through all these instances, but it's never been something that I haven't been able to handle. It's never been too much because of always had God with me and they came to the realization that God really does not give us anything that we cannot handle that. He's always with us, and for some reason he gave me the grace of strength into continuing to move forward and to fight no matter what, to see the goodness in things not to give up hope to just look at the bright side of things instead of the dark side of things live in the sunshine side sunshiny side of the day, not the gloomy side, you know, find the best in people not focus on their shortcomings or what they may not be perfect then because nobody's perfect. Only God is and were all human were talking with any garbled is the cure. Her show. If you want more information about her life.

Her book love is the answer got a secure Maxis got right there you can find out more about her life, her testimony on the way you can you know her book either own lying on Amazon or maybe a book some books here in Coral Gables or just find the information right there on her website got with daily trouble in the 218 80 abuse moves. The answer got a secure reveals from a very sincere and honest position.

Amy cobbles life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her and her story on buying her book on and now we continue with daily trouble in the 218 80 abuse. Welcome back to the cell and here, and I'm hosting a cabinet with my cohost for the day.

Elder, thank you. Amy is a pleasure to be here with you. I know you very important issues was gossiping about depression. I does a great opportunity and always Friday afternoon is past 2 o'clock. I know our listeners are right there listening to your show because they know you have a lot to say no to them. It's wonderful.

I love the opportunity of being there for others, as I believe that is very very important purpose in life that were there for one another, and that's one of the reasons why being that I'm a private person.

I actually wrote the story of my life.

The more love is the answer.

God is secure which is my book, but also let me also to believe that I can somehow reach others and let others know they're not alone and there is no hope in everything in life that God is always there for you and he loves us and if we pray and believe we keep the faith. There's nothing that we cannot handle, and everything that we can pass that will always past, but today were talking about the illness that affects millions of people across the United States, even 30% of Americans globally are impacted by depression and we will be opening up the lines so we can take questions and give you the opportunity to share your personal stories. If you'd like articling number is 305-541-2350 305-541-2350. Don't forget you can listen to the cure. Every Friday at 2 PM on a database but right now if you want to share with Amy you can call 305-541-2350 again 305-541-2350 Dr. Hertz Sherwood heard your testimony shirt may be a special event or any depression issue that you have been facing in your life and she's here to help you debate. As a result of her shoulder cure she's here to help you.

305-541-2350 305-541-2350 yes before the break we were talking about depression and how can that adversely affects you mentally and physically. I also shared a little bit about my story and how I I were to overcome depression myself. I hate to say I hate to say I'm so grateful for such a supportive husband for a loving God that has truly and unconditionally love me three years of struggles they have really always been there for me. I've been very very blessed to have such a loving family and to have seen God's love being proved to me in many different ways by the love that I have received by others. Amy I know that a solid support system is incredibly important.

How does that work, see working your life well go there for a long time when I was 15 years old and I was separated and I lost everything that I knew that was possible in my life the people who are supposed to protect me, who were supposed to love me, the family, the only family and I knew and I found myself alone in the world going from one psychiatric hospital to another, which they didn't last long, but then there was the foster homes until I was able to run away and end up with somebody who would end up beating the NIB in the domestic relationship domestic violence relationship and you know I was very alone. I had left the domestic violence relationship. When I was 18 and I had my daughter and I was very alone and I think that one of the most difficult things I've ever had to struggle with is having lost everything. Everything you've ever known, and everything you ever love and then be always threatened of losing the only thing that you have laughed and my daughter had become my world. It was my reason for living. It was my reason for continuing the fight.

It was my reason for doing everything right. It was my reason for showing a good example. It was my reason for trying to put forth a better road so that she can succeed so she could have a better life than me sowing the mixer bowl struggles your daughter became like the recent behold somehow so that you could, you know struggle, but you could fight and you could go ahead and live because you knew that she was so important to you that you don't didn't want to stay there on even though depression could knock at the door you were ready to go ahead and fight the good bottle faith and trust God and do what you had to do because you knew you had to fight for somebody you have to provide with a 4.somebody writes what that's what help me with a lot of depression, is the unconditional that mothers have for their children is that they put their child's first no matter what. Of course when I was in the domestic violence relationship.

I had such a low self-esteem, and I felt like such a bad person. I felt the beatings I received. I disturbed and it did. I didn't see it as a big deal until I realized that it could, I could visit pregnancy because of it. As I did to the pregnancy before that and my motherly instinct took over and you go through all these things in life and you completely alone by I ended up as a single mother on my own fighting custody battles having no family whatsoever and who's the only person that I had in my life besides the friends that God was nice enough to place in my way. There were great emotional support system that really who was there to take care of me. Who is there to be there supportive for me and all I really had was God in the Virgin Mary. I told them they were my parents and I would have to go to them for advice. I asked that the Holy Spirit give me wisdom address and prayer care I receive strength because as I prayed I felt closer to God and I had the strength to even you know tell myself know when it came to self-medicating or bad behaviors, and they do the right thing and live a life that would make me part of myself and part of the person that I am now, you mentioned something very important. First, you measure your daughter somewhere you know all doing what you have to do to go ahead in life but you may show also prayer how prayer helps you along the way.

You know to go ahead and do not give up and do what you have to do, but knowing God. There was a higher you know power helping you in the midst of those situations on the higher power was God. You know on the Holy Spirit and you were able to go ahead. There was a strengthening EULA will calm you know from God Almighty helping you to go ahead like you know it really doesn't matter how bad you feel are how gloomy you're feeling.

It really doesn't matter. And if you feel like a terrible person or you're a bad person if you're persistent and you continue praying every single day. Eventually God has to listen to his neck and ignore somebody who relentlessly praise Ray. At least I would hope not but that's what I believe.

Yes, I believe that eventually if you continue praying every day regardless of how negative you might look at things that eventually you will start to feel better. Eventually, your behaviors will be better. Eventually you will feel so bad about yourself. Eventually you will learn to love yourself again.

So God somehow how to forgive you know you get out of the drawing son and you will go ahead and do not, you don't think there was just at the end of the world but you know a reason to go on and do what you had to do so. Prayer was also important because you knew that in prayer you would find a solution right what was happening on this how you have come this far.

Now I do have become an advisor because you are going through everything in life and what you have gone through is you know what has brought you today on the strength you have today is because you went through all these things and thus how you can help people's I believe that because prayer brought me closer to God has given me some tools to go by like I understand that transparency know that the truth that set you free. And not only was I able to change my behaviors because they felt closer to God by praying by it also gave me the idea what I was paying one of my rose rosary videos on Facebook that he it gave me the idea to write the book, and that's when I realize you know I need to share my story I tell you that nobody none of my friends knew what I had been only my husband so it yeah I I needed to have God in my life and I was the source of my strength definitely were listening to the cure with Amy travel right now you just Jim Daly you want to know more about her life, her testimony you can axis God is the Besser website you can find information you need about her, you can find also the book just written the book's name. God is the answer. All love and loving answer. God is the cure. You can find all that the Simon Hebert you can you know axis and see the information because you might. You don't need to read this book if you're going through a box of 20 soon a dramatic event in your life. If you're fighting with depression. You think it's time to do something I tell you it's time to look for the help of God on Amy through her book can help you a lot because you went through everything on now is a time for her to share with you that story. That story of victory and success that story of hope that they help you. You know go you know I'm do what you have to do in order to be free.

You know you can go through anything in life go through a lot of bad circumstances and have depression, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to send to God nothing else can help you. There is no miracle, Medicare patient no miracle cure. No Middleton miracle therapy, not ketamine infusions, not TMS, not all the medications that they've tried in the past or that they're going to try in the future. The only thing that could actually be be save you and be there for you. That's why I titled my book God is the cure is God and for me.

Love is the answer because that was the answer for who I am today. The people that I love and the people that have left me have shaped me and so I am today Amy last year had a cardiac arrest, I passed out and I ended up you know a lot of the following be doctor told me you your resurrected, you know, I was happy because I was alive, but after that a dramatic event and I started to feel panic at times on depression, on so many things that affected me. I remember at the beginning.

I started taking medication. You know like a very strong treatment for the first few months, but you know what I started taking medication.

I started to feel even worse on the was a peer of what I so much depression in my life that I have to turn to God is a God helmet because never taken medication before I'm going to school such about situations. What can I do to you know to get rid of this and I go ahead in life. I have to think got because you after around seven months a months I started to get real goals medication. I started to trust God is a God, please help me because I got even worse know the work night I went to the emergence room two times during that period because when I took the medication I felt worse so I think got because you know through his love.

I found the cure because you know why I stopped taking the medication. It was hard but then I trusted him and little by little, little by little I realize that idea may be made the medication anymore on the emotional but it was a turbulent prayer at turbo. A depression after a cardiac arrest, so I know there might be people outside their love going through situations like that. I'm to have Newell suffer depression and they don't know He secured yes because I struggled and struggled with depression for so much. I felt like a guinea pig for medications.

I had be. I had grown resistant to medications and that they might have patches that tried every medication there was under the sun, even the very strong medication lithium was crazy when I took it. That was a most terrible medication. I felt like a take that didn't last very long. That it just felt like you get a little discouraged, like maybe there is no hope.

You know your medication might not be enough that ketamine infusions there only so often that might not be enough TMS may not be enough. But you know what is enough. God is always enough. He's always there for you and he out and he does, he does provide where one door closes another one opens. And for those who are just sitting in. I just want to let you know that this is the cure. I'm your host, any capital with cohost Gilbert today were talking about the illness that affects millions of people called depression, and now we continue with Amy Garbo in the 218 80. I welcome back. So those are existing in this chair and I'm your host Amy Calvo was present today. Gilbert hi Amy how are you are you a good time to show you always on time on your show.

I know I love the music you bring like to say I make the best of everything. It doesn't matter what situation the man always find a way to have fun, that's great. So today we're talking about an illness that affects millions of people. 30% of Americans, as well as their family and friends and our lines are open to get people the opportunity to ask questions or share their personal story you can call it that. This number 305-541-2350. Again, that's 305541 25th 2350 before the break. We talked about depression.

What depression really is and how the diversity affects you mentally and physically. It was surprising to me maybe to see how depression can take a toll on our minds and our bodies yesterday to be alert.

I also shared a bit about my story and I how I have a work to overcome depression myself.

I mean your story is truly inspirational.

Don't forget your phone lines are now open for callers.

The number is 305-541-2350 305-541-2350 rear with Amy Koppel on the cures we are seeing some calls, however I would like to take time to answer some of the questions we've gotten from social media Gilbert I have a questionnaire area from Richmond asked how can you tell when your assignment you sexually depression versus when you are just said all this is a very good question at losing a loved one or getting fired from a job or going through divorce in the difficult situations can lead a person to feel sad.

This is called situational situational depression. You can feel lonely and scared.

And these are normal feelings that happen. What while this situation is taking place now when you feel very tired her side or your appetite has changed in your sleep pattern has changed and you lose interest in things that used to love or your relationships are failing because you're angry all the time. Are your upside and SS happen now for a prolonged period of time. Take two or three weeks get bad enough to where you don't even want to get out of bed so definitely they you can tell the difference between a situational depression and a depression that a person cannot take care of themselves. That's not going to resolve themselves and the person should try and get professional help.

Now we have another question you're from social media. This one is rented from Kentucky run, this is Amy your story, story, inspirational appreciate your willingness to assure your story so that you can help others.

My question is how impacting how is old my quislings how impacting positively or negatively cost being euro has your family been well believe it or not I come from a family of nine children and both my parents are doctors, so we did grow up being educated. It many things and one of the things you have to understand that my mother wasn't always an abusive mother. I remember when I was very young.

My mother used to sing to us and she had a very beautiful voice and I remember that bad, but she would also take us to church and she would talk to us about God and she would talk to us and Christmastime the importance of what were celebrating.

She would also read from the Bible. In fact, she would tell us that God would tell her things in the Bible and that she discovered things, which is another thing that I go more into detail in my book by that's one thing that I do have to thank my mother for you know she introduced me to God in a journal I'm deceiving you. Yes and I learned and I learned to turn 10. In fact, and I was seven years old before I remember anything bad ever happening. I remember having a dream that there was this very monstrance monstrous bull coming at me with large horns and fumes coming out of its nostrils and it was very scary looking, and I was in an empty large field and had nowhere to hide number to go except for a small little fried Joe wooden doghouse behind me.

I knew that if I took cover in this fragile wooden doghouse. I knew that it would be shattered into pieces so I remember my mother telling me that if I had faith and I pray God will save me God will be there for me. So with the Bilotta faith as scary and vivid as I dream was I got on my knees and started praying inside God, please help me and as the bull approached me the bull laid down and went to sleep and from the heavens above came Jesus with his hand stretched out open his palms facing me, and he was dressed in a white robe.

He kind of loved beautiful like the Jesus with that we see in paintings beautiful like that. And as he was going down from the heavens. There was an army of angels singing the most beautiful him or or chorus some heavenly sound, something in my something like that and when Jesus's feet touched the ground a bunch of little kids showed up around me and they all went to him and hugged him and all the kids are happy and laughing and I said Jesus had about me and he said come to me.

My child and I dream was very significant for me because it was almost as if God was warning me you there is going to be trouble in your life and you will go through a lot from now on. Know that you can always come to me and I will always rescue you. That's what Jesus said in the world you will have afflictions, but sheer fear because I have overcome the world know another your sharing your dream on everything that you saw him coming down and all almost look like open arms like say I'm here for you. That is exactly you know the message about dream somehow you would face struggles you fake many things in life, but trust me because I would be better for you right very important thing that you mentioned Gilbert trust. You have to learn to trust God. Sometimes you want things to turn out a certain way and this Internet that way and were tempted to lose faith because it didn't. We believe all God didn't answer our prayer know God is doing something even better, something that should be done. I believe everything that happens is what's meant to be happen know is it according to God's will. Although we have to learn to trust this will trust what is going to happen.

Just take the ride.

They wait, watch and see what happens because all we can do is do our part will were capable to make this world a better place and leave what's beyond her control to God about the will of God's will, and also view submarine so there are things that happen in your life are you respected, but they're going to happen somehow.

But there's a reason for that and there's a purpose for that. When we understand that there is that crosses behind that specifically been on. We know that God is with those along the way we can have the faith of the trust, knowing that in the mix about difficulty poison. This would thus not only he knows about the particular situation you're going through.

He knew about it and he knows the outcome. So when he knows everything.

You have to trust him because he knows all you know that he's gonna take you to the right place on his got to get to the right destination but when will you know it.

When will you know that he's going to take you to the right place at the right destination paths when you've done all the right things and you've done all the right behaviors. You don't let the anger of depression bring you down with the negative feelings of depression bring you down. You ignore them you think of something positive. If you did lose your temper it's okay your human learn to forgive yourself. Don't hate yourself for it. Try to constantly be the better the better person today than you were just yesterday when you're doing the right thing and you're walking the right path and your taking the narrow road, and maybe are doing it the hard way that you're doing it the right way, you know that God's going to be right there with you on. You know sometimes is difficult because there is a constant struggle in our minds right and sometimes you have heard people saying that our minds. Sometimes these are our worst enemy because you know if you could thoughts could come into our mind trying to get you out of the way. You have to work hard on know that you have to make all these thoughts. You know, make them obey the will of God somehow on the struggle is right there yeah if you find yourself stuck what you just can't find a way to think positive and can't find a way to forgive yourself because she's just your stock and hating yourself then at least give yourself the break of knowing that God is with you and pray a little bit know that God will be there for you and just know that it will pass. There's even if you're feeling awful and you're thinking you know all this sounds great is easily said than done, know that it will pass. Were talking to Amy troubled insecurities and her show if you want to know more information about her life, her testimony or the book love is the answer got a secure, you can access the right there you can read about her life and her testimony. You can even get the book and you know from there you can you also find information to get the book on Amazon or Orton book some books here in Coral Gables. This is a time where you can you know is a celebration of neuroleptics coming on is a great gift for somebody was going through a difficult time. Remember that the book was a great message light love is the answer got a secure can change the life of somebody was going through a difficult situation. I like the same way you know that Amy went to all these dramatic events knowledge he has understood the body.

You know, sharing her testimony, she will be able to help others so you can ask, is there get her book on Amazon and you can share with somebody you can do you know this book as a gift. You don't have the special occasion, or for holidays and I know the book is gonna be very helpful for her for many people.

Thank you Gilbert. Love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Carbo in the 218 80 so here you have Carbo, joined by my special skill very and we were talking about the pricing different things that you can do to help yourself and how depression is to give you a description of what the patient is lying. I even shared some things about my story and my personal experiences. I also wanted to introduce to you some of the risk factor.

Risk factors that are you know that are that depression triggers as well.

You know, these could be there's different risk factors like genetics, this could be you can have a history of depression in your family. And it's passed down all you need is a fetus position and something may happen in your life something bad or something tragic and then all of a sudden you start going to depression.

You know, situation, depression such as that that there are laws or conflicts. He could also get the passion from abuse sort of physical abuse or sexual abuse or emotional abuse can bring it on as well as well as life events, even good things like I'm graduating that were moving on things like that can get you depressed, you know, because people sometimes have a hard time dealing with change and it's a could be an adjustment.

For people it you know things such as that any job loss of employment, marriage, divorce, retirements are having a baby. All those things can also contribute to depression and you know the things that you would have to deal with that also pierces depression that come along with having depression. You can have sleep problems he can have chronic pain. For example, the kind of depression that I went through before I wrote my book and took God seriously and started praying every day like I did today was I had a lot of anger and a lot of negative behaviors. I turned to the wrong things I did the wrong things and I wasn't proud of myself. The depression that I had after I turned and to God and prayed every day and will my book is just symptoms that I never felt before. Because all of a sudden I started to deal with my problem and my problems.

Actually, that I had kept hidden for a long long time. Just because I was too busy dealing with life otherwise like I got stomach pains sweetie strong stomach pains in the morning and you know these things so you can get chronic pain from depression. Another thing that you can get his anxiety and believe it or not, you can get HD has HD as the as well.

There is many medications available for depression and you do have to talk to your doctor to see what the best medication that you contain this.

Try to stay away from substance abuse because people who are depressed often feel that the answer is in the temporary fix that they look for of being numb or being happy that it's all false. And it's only temporary. So try to stay away from substance abuse because that only adds to depression and it's not his problem. Look for support systems. Believe it or not, there is people in our life that care, God will place people in our lives even a friend that you me or he will find a way that help you throughout your depression and like I said, there is no one thing that can help you completely that you can learn to manage a battery, you have no control over the results of the things that you've been through you and what you have to deal with that. You do have control of how you can react to it. Things are only as difficult as you believe they may be, and you can really overcome anything as long as you believe in God and you believe that he loves you. You can put your mind to anything and if you wouldn't even believe the things that I have achieved in life. I wouldn't even believe it. I didn't think it was possible, so there is a God and he truly does love us and depression is just one of those things that try to get in the way that life is a learning lesson and depression is just something that makes us just a bit stronger and more understanding and more compassionate. All topics discussed on the cure are for informational purposes only and in no way is intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking and secure because of something you have heard during this broadcast in case of emergency called 911 immediately, you know. Also, depression occurs more often in women than men.

Did you know that he'll very light the way that the person manifests are often be seen differently, cementing women because men experience depression more like a tiredness or inevitability in anger where you know and more reckless behaviors like drugs and alcohol and they have a tendency to avoid treatment where women on the other hand, they realize that they have a depression and manifest into feelings of sadness, worthlessness and guilt and they may feel like there a lesser person and they might put themselves in situations that are dangerous.

I had one of the reviews from my boat.

They had reviewed my book and that this person I was reviewing and he said it's a little frustrating how the author put herself in situations that were dangerous that you know these things were able to happen inion and I bet they are the video also said that I wouldn't know what it's like to go through what she went through. I'm sure that is also manifested in a lot of feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, and that's where you can make the bad decisions. No one is very important because when you feel down to Philly Prince knew how one-sided is difficult for you to to leave you know a healthy life. Benefits not only you but also the people around you. Your in your workplace or your home, you're more likely to affect others people's life. That's why we have to fight and undo what we have to do in order to get rid of on site noise very important to be healthy. I say use your resources wisely. You know a little bad.

I grab my little puppy and a sapling with I got my little dog or a big make it. Never I call my kids over and I play with them something right do something with them using resources wisely. You know that does put a lot of nice good wonderful blessings and highlight in our life and because of that, you know, we are able to get by. That's how God helps those in his little ways and whether you realize it or not we are all very blessed in many ways were very happy to share with Amy, on the cure is virtual abuse is 252 in the afternoon is a Friday afternoon. I know many people are on the way home I believe they are ready done for the week but right here you can listen to the cure. Every Friday at 2 o'clock and share your story with Amy sharing her story with you. She knows of her storytelling part of your life but you also wants to hear from you just want to hear about you, what you have gone through what you're going through because what you're breathing in her book insert auto's testimony she want to share with you as you are so sure I'm a wonderful and powerful bodies to help you and you don't go ahead in life.

Thank you Gilbert. I know that if we do if we do believe in transparency and we do believe that you have set us free and we can be there for one another and will realize that were not alone. This is the cure with Amy Koppel on love is the answer got a secure see you next Friday to work with Amy Koppel was brought to you by IM Lacey research 786-310-7477 or Tune in every Friday at 2 PM for Q1 with Amy Koppel right here on 880

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