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2- Treating Depression

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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December 22, 2018 9:00 am

2- Treating Depression

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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December 22, 2018 9:00 am

In this episode Aimee and guest Dr.  Evelyn Lopez-Brignoni MD. dig deep into breaking down depression, PTSD and other ailments.  These debilitating mental health challenges are very common to anyone who has experienced trauma. They talk about the variety of options to treat these ailments and what the process for healing can be. Aimee peals away the layers of  abuse and the conflicts is causes within her own mind.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Dr. Evelyn Lopez-Brignoni, MD is a Doctor located in Coral Gables, FL. She has 36 years of experience including Psychiatry. Dr. Lopez-Brignoni is affiliated with Columbia Deering Hospital and Doral Palms Hospital. You can read more about Dr. Brigoni at


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Q what eight 8 AM the bed.

We are live every Friday at 2 PM.

Make sure that you speak to later on in the show. One will be opening up a line for taking collars and I'm excited today about our topic though because we have a very special guest joining us today. Dr. Lopez, Benoni Dr. Elizabeth Benoni, thank you for joining us today. Amy hi again great to have you with us today. Some of the topics we have to cover doing today show include common consequences of trauma PTSD stages of suffering and possible therapies to treat this conditions.

Dr. Lopez, Benoni. I shared a little with our listeners about your specialties in your practice. I would love to take a moment for you to share a bit more about yourself and what you decided to take the path that you've taken to help others with these type of disorders when American medical record to pray and not be more the other great works. Rather than the critics of hardware for how to put it well. I took consequences of pharmacology back then I didn't have it for trip to could do that and over the years that follow normal development to bring an the consequences of the benefit completed without a grade that don't mind though the mind is very important. But what is the mind works feels that there is a green and stepped into the necklace and I'm interested in mind brain connection I want to talk about some of the consequences of trauma.

Some of the remedies that we can do to help those that have suffered trauma and you know some of the medications that are available or different therapies that are available 12 Modicon causes national physiological and legal change and agree to what happens is our normal connections that would work in a certain way aren't available to that person because. I should get a change in the way the great work.

Back in the day we get to the results of physiological you know there's actually some physical changes that may happen. I'm aware that there's cognitive bases such as nightmares and flashbacks and wing's mood swings and there's always a it would be a little bit further than just the symptoms.

Okay so I went today to what really happened in the bit between S record that people are experiencing a temporary thing.

Sometimes they can be an actual physical tape in the in the actual brain itself, which they could harder subtract your people to feel at the company simply by using some baby some adjustments in their lifestyle is a dimple. We live in. There is a serious trauma and were talking about emotional Charlie not heckuva like a natural getting paid on the head kind if they were talking about something like experiencing warfare or her sexual assault or it's a major Connecticut women a little like a hurricane to subject those to genetically change the way the brain, the shape of the great follicular husband to participate to be affected. People who experience have a big and acutely I should simply sit belatedly in the acute reaction is frequently were going on adrenaline so you feel something in the beginning, sometimes six, and will cut them down and we just going going going but after that was awful.

Well, he certainly nightmares we reexperience the traumatic different examples of the most primitive parts of the brain is the olfactory bulb said he can smell something in Arabic is to write back to where this happened to remind us of a certain gene in time, exactly, exactly. So very different as the contributors and we have a term that we simply do solicitors flashbacks offense because of you literally reexperience the trauma and you can literally feel like you're right there again this long for those just tuning in this is that year and I'm your host Amy, joined by my special guest today, Dr. Evelyn Lopez, Benoni, board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist with a practice in Coral Gables want to. God is the key word reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her understory on buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Carbo and the 218 80. I welcome yourself for this hearing on the house have a very special guest.that is Benoni she's a board that had to salve adolescent psychiatrist with a practice in Coral Gables and she's also off psychopharmacology with over 40 years of experience. So before we took a break we had learned more about the syllabus. Benoni and some of the consequences and some of the physiology behind what is the source we develop from traumas whether it be PTSD or depression or bipolar I mean I just I just consider myself extremely elite last and I thank God every day for my blessings because I am a person that has gone to through trauma, we were talking about condition, borderline personality people who have suffered childhood sexual trauma experiencing, you know, multiple personalities conditions. Can you tell us a little bit about this deserted their kind as coping coping skills that people developed to deal with, and said go awry as a what happens is people are headed for the going through the trauma, but then they detest himself pathologically and so the picture is this different parts of them handle different situations and I one claim to the people didn't quite understand is that if a person is given parts of the NASA described full personalities to the different emotional states that happen in very rare cases. Most the time it's not that severe as self personality per think that people will develop different personas quote different emotions. For example, there is a part of them that is rake. Controlling and is able to manage everything that was personality as an elementary emotional visibility state in childhood so it is helpful emotional states. However, something that could be imprinted related travel to be so severe that literally taken can do EEGs or they will be different for different person so you can very little rain, gentle because you to have borderline personality or is that something that is in your genetic something that you're more born with a lot of conditions take and so have an element of inherited traits. So this degree of genetic but then their own circumstantial issues, environmental issues, so that you say you are born with a tendency to have an allergic reaction.

You're allergic to camel that you live your entire life in Anchorage, Alaska and never here, you never know you allergic to camel train. So if you are fortunate you lived in Riyadh you might have a lot of issues like to see these II guess a person has a predisposition and all you need really is a trigger and we don't really know what we have a predisposition to make it acute reaction okay but which is usually involved more for chronic or severe say all or is there is something happens and how you react immediately after you have up to about a year and then you you know hopefully of go back to being who you were before you have posttraumatic stress. You have asked for changes in your brain and you may have other issues in the longer term, and the more all-encompassing from PKC, you can have issues like disturbed sleep you can have issues with relating to others.

It is very common for people who have PTSD abuse substances as a way of numbing. Emotions there is elements of like a 54 flashbacks three important and previous media consummate costs dramatic stress reactions vary according to the age of the person. Also, it is very different in children. It is an adult and adolescent system or in between is less severe in children than it is in adults, at least I'm hoping to recover better similarly salient, yes, the drainage you have the greatest skill developing somebody's politically is the trauma they could always develop a person.

The multiple personality kind of thing which is very rare but it does happen and it doesn't happen again. Adult filling that collaborative could determine a good child only from Townsend, you would get the ultimate personalities. I think I get. Yes, I know that you can you know there's been a lot of consequences to trauma and you know as far as the sentence of our concerns. I know that you can be irritable all the time and just you know the MVA routable over time was numbing my reacting to net not really enjoying things not being able to be happy. They say that is very common and I've seen also on TV from the all the kids that have suffered enough on the Catholic church and everything that was really difficult to see and to know that that has been going on and actually that people knew about it and that the other day we went to of purchased training for our daughters Catholic school, and we saw the video where there was some victims that where speaking that had been sexually abused and one of the things that stayed in my mind that left an impression was that one of the boys had said. Every day is difficult for me and that's one of things that I try to, you know, bring up in this show. When I tried, you know, make it the main theme is that it's important than that for those that just haven't suffered trauma. Great reason to always be kind because you don't know what somebody's going there to so people would put on yes sometimes it takes a professional to realize that there is more to the person ordered more going on than what you see on the surface right. I know that you know that name psychological things that I suffered as a child was a lot of guilt and shame it's very difficult for anybody to talk about.

I guess if you get into a trauma such as a car accident. It would be easier to talk about but generally I don't know if if if veterans like to talk about their experiences by talking from first-hand experience. I was a very private person. It's difficult to talk about you know, childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse and rapes and things like that so you know, one of the things that I had to learn was that it was no reason to feel guilt and shame because this is the thing that important part that people don't think about. I understand that now, but what people don't think about what I didn't see them purchased training is that they say that victims don't talk because they are afraid they won't be believed but there is also another reason why victims don't talk there's a sense of loyalty if the perpetrator is a parent you don't think about what's happened to you just don't want to hurt your parents. You don't want to tear the family apart.

You don't want to bring the one you know it, then you have a sense of loyalty or you cannot have like like a Stockholm syndrome or you fall in love with the person that's abusing you because he happens to be nice to you the usually nice grooming you you know you did. You wonder whether you really great. They were you feeling appropriate because after this, and I see yes of course I think that was more morphine to me then whether ID believes are not in fact I didn't want to be believed, because I don't want to get my parents in trouble and that's why I had recanted, which is very common among victims of sexual abuse, especially when there's a family member involved in anything that is mainly because of the sense of loyalty when filling of experience, together they go talk about it later. Variety of interest.

Well, that's why I wrote my book because I thought if I could be's extremely honest in a book that may be others that have suffered due to traumas or know of somebody that suffered through traumas would be interested in meeting then I can empower them to let them know it's okay to talk about this. It's okay to just let go.

The truth will set you free, and it is very therapeutic because I mean I don't even know what kind of treatments there is for PTSD or what can be done because I don't think it's something that just comes and goes, I think that something that stays with you forever.

The answer is complicated so people have different from people that become alive. Some people compliment allies and so on.

Everybody has their own way of coping that classroom control and and all the law you hope that they have positive coping mechanisms because most trauma victims are most people that have suffered from abuse they tend to self sabotage and they tend to adopt mall adopted coping mechanisms and usually turn to drugs to numb their feelings and the have a hard time with interpersonal relationships because they just feel miserable all the time but one of the things that I've always learned that has gotten me to do is my faith in God and that always kept a positive attitude. I see the glass half full. I've never seen a half-empty and hope was a very important thing I never lost sight of hope.

I knew that as long as I had God in my life even though I had lost my entire family had nothing last forever, and eventually I had the hope that things will get better, died. You know, there is hope. And so even if we are living with the condition is PTSD or whatever medical condition we can be dealing with, you know, just know that it's a blessing.

Just the fact that we are allies and you know it's another day and we just take one day at a time and is look at the bright side of everything. I promise you there's a bright site had three thing even bad things end up being a blessing in disguise. So Dr. Lopez burned if anybody's tuning in with us just now.

I just wanted to let let you know that I am talking about trauma and consequences of trauma I been here talking with Dr. Lopez. Benoni is a certified child psychologist and adult psychiatrist, as well as a gifted cycle pharmacologist. They Dr. I wanted to get more and see what kind of treatments are available for PTSD or to someone, also develop bipolar. Is this something that you know that can happen and what can a team and is available but over the order and personalities more in that field to brainstorm and treat different. Trauma and bipolar disorders wrongly dreamily thoroughly genetic with depression is a combination of headaches and environment.

Bipolar disorder is a genetic it's always just didn't see the difference between bipolar and depression or depression from PTSD and depression from bipolar depression is a condition that has environment of major depressive disorder is technical comfort, depression, clinical depression related to conflict disorder is combination of environmental factors is a clear care for my family what it takes with the depressed but not depression per se okay and that whereas it bipolar disorder is a reaction of the hypersensitive pre-literally every depression and major depressive disorders, different than the depression of somebody who has bipolar disorder. This symptoms the same samples depression's.

Overlap not not entirely tailored both you have trouble with energy Creek mood, but with the bipolar depression symptoms are more severe the depression you mean resemblance them just with regular major depressive disorder, would you have a depressive disorder that related to trauma it tomorrow, although I would like you to visit disorder is never a bipolar type disorder but the greatest because you you know you have a trauma doesn't mean you might not have kinetics because it can be situational depression and that something that will eventually go away. But when were talking about PTSD, the depression, that's derived from the air or by being bipolar and having a severe depression episodes from that both of them require medicine and maybe some therapy what what we do what he what would you say Dr. me thinking about bipolar depression is to brainstorm cyclical, and he often has the element of having.

The feeling better than normal and things like that from a different major depressive disorder including so that made be related to trauma. It doesn't tend to be cyclical.

They definitely do the environmental factors involved and what treatments are available for those disparate prayer bipolar disorder in the public depressed. You need to use treatments that have to do with food stabilization of the brain for major depressive disorder for posttraumatic stress quality for overages manipulating brain chemical primarily talking about those that have Jewish serotonin with Google GABA and so on disability. We did it to work on the most different.

I see okay we will be opening up the management for somebody who has bipolar disorder. The trick is to teach them how to control their triggers and how to identify and avoid triggers: six's law. I would guess know was behavioral therapy help with either one of them. Therapy is primarily important for you question for posttraumatic stress with bipolar depression was a trinket. Mostly biochemical facilities need to do with that is I learned how to contribute to control it is duly aware of it so we can adjust the medication Mozilla thinking that I diabetes is a chronic condition.

You know certain things they make your blood sugar go U given in section is just your insulin said earlier that I use multiple personalities. It is possible if there's childhood sexual abuse by one of them. One of the most common conditions that you get home from our grandma can be next to the actual abuse of it could be killed.

All very simple yes or you know a very violent God.

Very violent dog spray but but when it comes to us from I think I don't know. I don't know what you think that PTSD, depression and bipolar are the most common things is that what you see, mostly from trauma and your practice.

Acute trauma and chronic or longer cleaning close chrome showed me sometime after that is occurred and is an acute stress reaction from a trauma right or somebody that's bipolar and that will be totally different and the people that I've spoken to, usually are suffering from either bipolar or PTSD or you know something like that. I feel yes and I let you guys know our call number is 305-541-2350.

You can listen to the cure. Every Friday at 2 PM on eight 888, and that this is not global my speaking to you go out and yes I think I have Dr. Lopez down the line.

Do I have a Dr. Lopez, Benoni okay yes you can speak to either of us if you have any questions or would I give up on bisexual 100 and I will be Dr. Benoit 20 area with boosters on the review of the program before I feel like I will coming up on the go bargain your blogging about the new truck.

My question is there.

I couple from depression outside the mother told me that I was like Paula, but I was not a big oath to be like all of that group on, but I am the bipolar I was shown is the combined to give the public about the band, the bipolar, the hog and you change the diagnosed well with the present diagnoses you with their professional yes I do also. Just of all the bells on the summit.

The militancy with the bond together maybe for whatever reason my work goes on my multiroom bipolar medication pulled out of Mumbai goodbye. I get my call to guide before you go outside the but that happened once in a while like everybody else I might leave you. I am not bipolar, and helps to load the bipolar cycle because of the told me well somewhat what you do about it.

Okay, so I can simply say you understand what people think of bipolar keeping of the bipolar movies okay and if you practice the kind of bipolar that is called bipolar two good people don't do the crazy stuff that people are manic to, but rather they had.

The particular better than them.

Or maybe they think a little less diverse, more productive, but they don't do crazy things and then they get depressed afterwards and he prohibit legible or depression is more severe than your garden-variety depression and contented people experiences panic and anxiety and stuff like that may be actually part of the bipolar episode that they're not aware of. So I you know I don't know I have not examined you. I can tell you what's wrong but I can say that sometimes doctors are not the best in communicating something we don't know how to explain to people the difference is one form of bipolar and another is a difference between one type of depression and another, and I connected before the different feed acute stress reaction and posttraumatic stress disorder are very different and yet you know that the patient's personal victim. The Bethel somebody would bipolar disorder.

Not only that easy. Because we do have some kind of the men built on the glacier rippled.

Everybody walks so will happen if you look at the motives you would be under three that your that's how I find out the charge on the red that I was bipolar on what greeted me really bad.

But what could he mean the couple's momentum as you do showing development Street yeah you but when you look like Paula. So how can I get a life that I want you. You have a diagnosed what is your office. You know I don't want to bipolar disorder might get but if I will try but I'm not. I get before my mother died of goals I want to get the boy to be a little while to get over it OJ's day I got untidy about to get back home by goodbye. I get the safe use of this time of the year. My mother lives on the federal video I get the little bit below melancholic but doesn't want to know. While it's while Dr. is is bipolar and diagnosis that is is obtained after snowing the person for a while. Or is it something that could be acutely diagnosed.

You can pick up somebody Playboy so for example the patient brought in, but it would bipolar patients are brought in by their families because there manic. Data CP to keeping everybody up with innovative software of dealing with patients.

Bipolar comes in the usually depressed because you did is a feeling really good coming to see Dr. Bell melt into because you have get public about your value.

Your heart is beating fathers like you talk to me so that's what you will, the militancy level devoted to building that you will because I am an adult bionic little official about something so I know I can. I would bill because I thought it was tough and I would like you know it was called upon to go back so that even call me what you know what it's all me. I have to my promo pullout still with you. Make those whenever you will recall that might make him the mental health issues you health talk to you because they prepay shown Billy Bob with her job because you are bipolar rippled. Everybody gets integration on the Dewberry methodology You will see White they were. It's really awful that you make it a bit to get you all the told I'm not talking about Dr. more often throughout.they believed you there. Like mother like you are at war. I love planning on leaving I got your like I will have this one.

Do you because the charge that they will get this one might be slightly newer that people disappear bipolar I buy a bunch of I don't get many areas of our stigmatization and mental health.

This anyway because I think it with a knife to talk to him but what I think all you spooks I diagnosed or whatever it is I don't want in the thing in my bungalow. I'm in the phone book now is something I mean the doctors you don't mind we can given the number of them stay on the line and and it'll transfer it'll transfer okay but I can get it right now number is 305-670-1411 is best to get elected.

305-670-1411 Lopez Lopez Benoni Evelyn Lopez, Benoni Wanda voice you look at it in my area where cables drop right on my radio prescriber thank you very much well don't feel alone.

If anything, feel any better I think I was bipolar either all but I don't want I don't only know what you're doing. So I just want to go to the right dog will find all the knowledge in all I would definitely yes I would definitely get a second opinion. Yes, thank you very much.

You will again think you guys every so much for tuning in and thank you Dr. Lopez Benoni for being with us today is a wonderful that you said that all your wonderful knowledge about what possible symptoms that people will be suffering from trauma. What kind of conditions they may develop and you know the stages that they go through the physiology energy behind it and the source that causes AIDS and you know it's a very devastating thing. When somebody goes through a trauma. So my main objective is to try to help others and give them a sense of hope. Let them know that there is remedies that there is support systems that there is a God that loves them that there is medicine that we can take some time to talk about various stages of suffering.

I know this is such a difficult topic and so I just want to tell you thank you so much so that's basically what we've been talking about how people can suffer from trauma that there is various stages of us of grief of suffering that one should be aware of and there is situational depression. It does happen. You don't necessarily have to have PTSD will be bipolar.

There is such a thing as going through a trauma and coming out with nothing at all. It doesn't have to be something that's left behind or something that you developed or something.

That's figure you may not have a predisposition that the stages of grief start with denial and isolation, then the second stage should be anger, then the third stage should be bargaining in the four states of depression and again. The fifth stage would be acceptance something too difficult for us to accept, to know that it happened, what something to believe that we don't want to know about but we want to believe because the truth is too ugly to believe too hard to believe it's too hard to read. It's too hard to listen to people have to understand that somebody has been abused they have to treated as any other entity that something that somebody has gone through, but are they break an arm or did you know any other kind of injury that they've been through and just you know I'm trying to educate as many people as I can so that people can be understanding for those who need a caring and understanding year but some of the symptoms. Also, that you may develop if you do go through a trauma and you do go to the stages. Anger actually is one of the stages that a limit finish with the stages hadn't finished that anger is a second stage in anger is when you displease anger, let's say somebody had attacked you or somebody was mean to you. Then all of a sudden you're gonna take it out on the safest person on the nicest person on the person that will love you unconditionally and the easiest person that really you should be angry at is the person who did the wrong to you the person who hurt you, and it takes a while for you to realize and accept what has happened at least for me what it took was writing it down in the book. I actually owned what happened. I realized it was something serious, I realized it was something that had gone through, I was no longer ignoring it like a shameful secret and having bad behaviors like being angry at the wrong people and I was happy with who I was and who I had become until I learned to deal with my trauma appropriately and their positive coping mechanisms.

The fourth stage of grief is depression. You can go through depression for a very long time where you're laying in bed and you don't want to do anything. You have no interest in any activities you don't want to even be a way you don't care if anybody behind you anything you don't care to see anyone or to talk to anyone you don't care to eat. Sometimes all you eat too much to try to feel better year devastated with nightmares. You can even get physical pain and then the states, the last stage of acceptance. Which is what I believe is where I am. I've accepted what's happened to me.

I understand that something that's wrong I don't hate my parents. I don't hate the people that raised me. I forget them.

I understand them if they do such a thing. There must be something wrong with them and I am no one to judge. I leave that up to God.

My duty is to forgive and to let go and by doing that as and to accept those happened to me and I'm able to help others. Hence, here I am with my radio show that and also it's hard to believe that it is almost that time again to close another show they thank you. We had so much information to cover.

We are sorry if he did make it through all your questions or if you are unable to take your call that we did had have long call.

That was nice.

And make sure to stay tuned every Friday at 2 PM and will keep you know sending you questions watching the website, which by the way, if you go to the website and also listen to the show.

If you're not in Miami because they hear.

This is a local show. This has been the cure.

I'm your host Amy Cabo you have been listening to us on eight A.D.A.M. that this remember, you can download the app by going to and you can hear the show live and you can join us next Friday at 2 PM.

Thanks for listening

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