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March 23, 2020 6:08 pm

Bob Ryan

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March 23, 2020 6:08 pm

On todays edition of The Drive with Josh Graham the guys go back in time for the Austin Rivers shot and The Patriots defeating the Panthers, Bob Ryan discusses the Tom Brady saga, and more. 


This is dry when Josh Graham is dry afternoon. This support is there is movement in the Carolina quarterback room, no cam Newton is still on the roster for now, but Houston roughnecks legend PJ Walker is now a panther and Kyle Allen is been reunited with Ron Rivera in DC be afraid. Carolina getting a fifth-round pick from Washington will get to those boots specifically in a few minutes, but all the moves.

Carolina is making a quarterback make sense to me.

I agree with all of them and it starts with Teddy Bridgewater. His contract is the best case scenario for the Panthers at this moment it is a perfect fit for a rebuilding team. When you stare at just some of the particulars of this deal.

It's a cheaper average salary than cam's contract looking at about $20 million a year.

Cam had the big contract signed about five years ago and he was at the big 22 five as his average salary this year.

The Day were to release them or is It would be 19 1/2 million of their release and they would be relieved of that. It's three years so not terribly long.

He has no guaranteed money on the third year the second year is partially guaranteed.

So Carolina if they wanted to could still move them without much dead Hit even next year so you're talking about a 27-year-old quarterback is relatively easy to flip and this team has some weapons on offense where you can learn. I think in a legitimate audition. What exactly you have here in town like he allows for Carolina to get answers on offense. So while I understand the criticism. Hey, having a quarterback who's that good might win too many games for you to be the number one number two or number three team picking in the draft next year and have a shot for Trevor Lawrence. I think in the NFL. This particular sport which is a lot different than the MBA and tanking model should be an taking strategy should adjust accordingly.

I think in the NFL. It's much more important to figure out if the 27-year-old first round quarterback you have can be your guide moving forward in the offense of coordinator that you hired is this wonder con from LSU if he's a legitimate guy that is a lot more important. Carolina picking in the top three men. You might disagree with that but look at some of the weapons.

Carolina has offensively Krista McCaffery first running back in NFL history to rush for a thousand yards and two to receive a thousand yard or if you is the third in NFL history.

First, since Marshall Faulk nearly 20 years ago and Roger Craig did it way back when, so the third ever do that you have that guy coming back is entering his prime Joe Brady. He's done wonders with wide receivers at New Orleans and New Orleans without Michael Thomas at LSU.

You see all these great receivers they had running around with the Tigers so I think it's can amplify the play of Samuel and DJ Moore. Some of the guys they signed a one-year contract like a Seth Roberts or Kirk Kirkwood is and that the guys name Kirkwood's the wide receivers that you and Seth Roberts brought in as well so they have weapons that Teddy Bridgewater 10 certainly have success with this because the offense is good to be the go to win games like motel bed things are on the defensive front who is the defensive lineman who sounds like a former president but the Panthers are to be lining up out there if it started the day you bring in Stefon Weatherly from Minnesota take a sure I know still around.

Chris Jones from Saulsberry was a brown last year he's gonna get some time on the defensive line, but there I'm looking at the Panthers depth chart right now. I looked at it earlier today and there is a player I've never heard of was on the Panthers practice what it sounds more like a former president, then he does a Panthers cubic Woodrow Hamilton Panthers defensive lineman Woodrow Hamilton. I don't know what Woodrow Hamilton is but it might be starting for the Panthers this year on the D line is there, but would you vote Woodrow damn right I do know that platform we get like there are a lot of interesting names here like this is something I don't know if I'm allowed to say on the radio. I'm actually scared if this is something that might get me in trouble for saying but Teddy Bridgewater is an interesting that I was talking to somebody but no idea anything about football and that they brought up the fact all cam Newton might be on the way out because of race, and I said no Teddy Teddy's black tutor like Teddy Bridgewater is black but that doesn't really sound like the name of a black quarterback right if you hear the law.


I don't think you think I think if they could about Woodrow Hamilton right why goes, but Teddy and that the is Woodrow Hamilton black is is also by my goodness over there. Do you want this. I would vote this this is not a political radio show, but Woodrow Hamilton and Teddy Bridgewater same take on the Whig party got Woodrow Hamilton Bridgewater black if you run for office is gotta be beautiful your smart man.affect Woodrow Hamilton goes by Woody.

Yes like his teammates are calling him Woodrow like take a short is done in a three-point stance and he's yelling over Woodrow like so we all Woodrow it's Ron I don't know why but I've been so interested. I'm sorry is Woodrow Hamilton, the second his dad is also Hamilton the second. I have Woodrow Hamilton on this radio show here. I want to know more bio on Woodrow Hamilton.

I want to know where he went to school I want to know how the hell he ended up right now number one of the papers depth chart as a defensive lineman and not president will let me tell you he played an old mass started 47 Gary area played in 47 games 25 start to finish with 83 tackles, three sacks OnePass defended pretty good for a nose tackle and as a senior. He started all 12 games had 29 tackles and a sack the hell is Woodrow Hamilton playing in the SEC and starting for the Ole Miss rebels and I don't know who this multiply.

He's from Raleigh so Mississippi okay. I was about to lose it irrespective I think Teddy can have some success in office. It just might not matter like you can learn what you need to know about Teddy Bridgewater given a chance to be the franchise quarterback Joe Brady. You can learn what you need to know okay is this guy legit at the NFL level, you still might only win three or four games because this defense has Woodrow Hamilton on the defensive line, and I don't think it gets a lot better when you start looking at the secondary and half of the linebacking core where you got Andre Smith slotted the play will Andre Smith next Jack Thompson Brian Burns what the best case for Teddy Bridgewater is this he's Kirk cousin that's the best case scenario if he's Kirk cousins puts up that type of productivity.

I think it's a good contract to have for three years. That's a guy you keep around.

I think quarterback to complain for a very long time is 27 not 37 you if he plays well this year and next. I could see him potentially being the franchise guy familiarity there with Joe Brady like he was a late first round pick early. Second, just like her cousins was similar build, you can win with this guy.

That's the best case scenario, worst-case Ryan Fitzpatrick also was similar build.

He's joining a tanking team. The Dolphins at the Panthers end up in the same exact spot as the Miami Dolphins were last year or Tuesday this year. I don't think it's a bad thing. The Dolphins, it was all about tanking for 20. This team is tanking. This is awful for the NFL.

This is valid Philadelphia 76ers like but then the team with its young players started having some success. Brian Flores is a first-year coach went into Foxboro beat Tom Brady in New England to close the regular season like you have optimism if you're a Miami Dolphins fan right now. You still have a shot at drafting to Atago below as the fifth that you can still do that because nobody saw this Jonesboro guy who was projected by Mel Kuyper to be 1/7 round pick coming, and now he could be the first overall pick to the Bengals so that could happen with the Panthers tanking for two or Tuesday tanking for Trevor, but you know he can sustain an injury. Who knows, there might be adjusted in fields like season that has him fly up the boards, the way cam Newton or Borough did there might be a guide comes out of nowhere Jamie Newman where is he on draft boards right now.

If these grade at Georgia with all the weapons that he has for way quarterback baby. He flies up to becoming a top 10 pick the good happens but I'm not to roll it out so I'm not a big fan of tanking. I don't know if it really works the same way it works in the MBA four NFL teams. It's all about figuring out if the quarterback you have in place can be a guide for the future. Teddy is only 27 is figuring out if Joe Brady at 30 years old can be an effective offense of coordinator so I like one office. They have parts where you can learn something this season. Even if you don't win games because you have Woodrow Hamilton playing on your defensive line. I've been watching highlight clips from when he was on the patriots.

They have a game show called talented patriots Woodrow Hamilton and they make him drink prune juice. He has to talk about the most embarrassing.

The happen with a crush and he ripped his pants and from his crush and now I'm watching him do the hokey pokey with the cowboy hat on and I feel like I've known this guy my whole life.

What number does he wear like I want basic information on Woodrow Hamilton – were being so mean to this guy and I don't intend to be rude but odds are if it's Woodrow Hamilton as your starting defensive lineman you're not in a good place especially when last year's team, which Gerald McCoy on it and some others couldn't stop the run either. What number is it you are 78 there is some raking ACC basketball news that were going to bring to you package together in two minutes, two minutes were to bring you some breaking ACC news to kick off or I guess. Tipoff are five things at five Bob Ryan is going to join us. The great Boston writer from ESPN that you know from around the horn and did from the sports reporters as well. You will join us at 530, then were going to do our sports hub Time Machine working to take you back to February 2004. If our sports radio show existed. How would it have sounded after the patriots beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII. How would that have sounded we will bring that to you at 515 so a lot of stuff that we're doing today, but I'm all about the moves that the Panthers have made it quarterback I really am culture is one of the buzzwords that Matt rule uses. It is coach speaking but I don't know if it's much coach speak.

If it's the driving force behind decisions that are made. First it was hiring coaches who understand the process. All the coaches except for Brady have ties to rule. Now it signing players with small degrees of separation from players or coaches Russell Okun traded for Trey Turner you have Okun is left tackle coming in. He worked under Pat Meyer who was the office of line coach with the Chargers.

Now is the outline coach with the Panthers Teddy Bridgewater work with Joe Brady so by cam, the former global teammate that he had John Miller was just brought into play offense of guard PJ Walker to hear Whitehead were signed today out of Temple. They were on the teams with Matt rule so all of those make sense it's going to result in some losing but that's not a Matt rule thing even though he was to intend his first year at Temple one and 11. His first year at Baylor, Bill Belichick was five and 11.

His first year in New England and he read five and 11, at Philadelphia, Pete Carroll, his first two years in Seattle. They were seven and nine is defense is bad to lose some gains as a result, but that's what happens when things are shifting, including locker room leadership. Four of the five captains from last year's team will be gone cam at some point, Greg Olson, Colin Jones looked equally already going take a short is the only returning captain Eric Reed was one of the leaders in that defensive room as well so it's gonna force guys like Teddy Bridgewater Krista McCaffrey Taylor Mouton Jack Thompson tray Boston to step into leadership roles. We do sit around all day and talk sports.

Yes we feel great about this is try Josh Brad working to enter this Time Machine in just a minute or two. Bob Ryan great writer ESPN to join us in 15 minutes, but Robert just brought up something that is happening in South Carolina, I feel it's important to bring to you in times where were all looking for credible information. Robert, where does this story come from and what exactly is the contents of it. This is from WB TV and South Carolina a lot of other news, but have publicize this but it is the one I pulled up the South Carolina governor McMaster orders groups of three or more people to be broken up as covered 19 cases near 300 state and as that happened the first words that Aaron exclaimed in our studio loudly were the worst state of the union worst state in the country, South Carolina. It's pretty bad is maybe in the worst five but it's not I can point the things in the state of South Carolina that are a lot better. I just get a start taking shots.

It states now, my apologies. If you're from there to get us already scared travel to be what God South Carolina Jimmy Charles didn't give me beach over anything that Mississippi or Arkansas is producing me that I would say that the river and there are other things in Mississippi like Delaware what's up. I guess he Delaware is a nice summer place to really spend time in Delaware. If I was blueblood and had money. I probably will the Lammers brutal. I would say it's like New Jersey, South Carolina, West Virginia.

Okay, I would agree that you want pretty South Carolina has beaches there start in Charleston West Virginia also has the wonderful whites of West Virginia rates. I love Columbia.

I think it's more the people there like all good farmers nearly like trying to the border which is all will know south of the border is great you shut your mouth home. I got you over that for you and Sarah need to go when y'all get married on your honeymoon y'all gonna get exact brand background on a Friday during the bye week decided to get married, just decided to get married during football season. That's an actual thing that happened early on in his first as Tar Heels Tar Heels.

Hecate told that story on the show a few months ago. I will how we got sidetracked in this way, let's get to the sports hub Time Machine working to be doing this this week working to try and figure out what our show might sound like if we were on.

In 1919, when Babe Ruth was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees are in the 60s were Wilt Chamberlain drops 100 points or the miracle on ice in 1980 today.

It is Super Bowl XXXVIII the Panthers losing to the New England Patriots. The year is 2004. Let's see what our radio show. What is sounded like if we were on the air that very next day as we enter the sport.

Sometimes you get here just what time what would it sound like if it dries with Josh Graham were here for some of the greatest moments in sports history. Today we find kick it old-school. Let's fire up the sports hub Time Machine will all I got this new CD earlier in the week. What is the song Robert came out the song, January 25. Although my head yeah by officer Mathis on you to be listening to the song decades on the executive. Let's get to last night's game Coughlin for the Panthers man John Casey.

I don't think he's ever going to live down that game where he kicks the ball out of bounds off the patriots they get it at the 40 and much like the patriots did a few years ago, two years ago Tom Brady, I forget his name in times like this is what his third year in the league he he he he drives doing one down the field and they they get in position for Adam Vinatieri to hit a field goal again so it's a tale of two kickers. John Casey kicks it out of bounds out of Vinatieri.

He lines it up and he hits it. I do know one thing for certain, Justin Timberlake's never going to get another halftime show.

He's delighted to halftime show. His career is over. Josh, you expose Janet Jackson. The biggest stage of them all.

How does he continue his entertainment career. He's going to have to get back with InSync. That's the only way this can happen or just jump feels like lately, and a river. JT I don't know if your solo career is going to blossom. It's good to go just about as well as Ashton Kutcher and butterfly effect is that I'm telling you that movie is all seen it yet all, sorry I mean it will break down the plot for you, but just Ashton Kutcher everything he does affects everything notes but last night she might trip you guys have this thing but I I'm so glad I invested in it. Two weeks ago I got this this TiVo which allows for me to stop and record things so I actually rewatch the halftime show.

Part of me thinks it might have been staged with JT and Janet Jackson like I been rewinding and fast for you have yeah I bet you I just try to figure out what exactly happened there slow motion hit right. It looks like it's attached by Velcro Aaron did you get a chance to watch his game last night. Now is actually a morning you know we community lost order to best hurt.

Oh TV yeah yeah would be checked out some sweet man why answers lose we lose ODB in the cows are going crazy mad cow disease.

The I don't know.

I don't know if we can dive I can deal with this stuff anymore you say their understanding, sorrow went to the movies last call Napoleon dynamite's pretty good, though it looks terrible intersection.

What what what what is the premise of this movie is just nerdy kid with a talent show him at his home boy what his name Pablo I think Pedro Pedro is someone supposed to get behind this nerdy dude and Pedro Tilly don't seem like it be a good fleet.

What the hell Salama doing in there. It is a slot ham mostly yeah see if you have connection to a phone like if I know you might have like one. If you are like a Nokia sidekick or something like that and want to just dial it up. We have capability we could take some phone calls at 33 677-1600 or if you're in your home 336-777-1600 the patriots and the Panthers last night. What's your reaction to it. Super Bowl XXXVIII because I have another feeling much like Justin Timberlake he's he's never going to do a halftime show. Again, this might be up for his career, Tom Brady. Good, but Peyton Manning like this guy. The defense is winning the Super Bowl's for him. Let's not forget it's all about Teddy Bruschi like brewskis.

The reason this is happening and he's getting older Mike Grable to once those guys are gone like when they lose Romeo Cornell if they lose him and Charlie Weis on offense like Tom Brady. He's just a product of the coaching doing was going to win another Super Bowl Tom Brady Skype he's out of the league in a few years like are you serious this quarterback who was splitting time with Drew Henson just a few years ago you want me to believe this guy is gonna win again like two super Bowls in three years that's great, but when another one lick went three out of four when 516.

Like Jordan, and maybe you could come to me and say you're one of the great quarterbacks, but two out of three.

I still don't bite.

You didn't make the playoffs last year. He's clearly which will call a system there it is, but also know Peyton Manning.

I don't want to see Delong home on another Bojangles commercial advert Bojangles know he doesn't deserve the Bojangles spot. Steve Smith deserves the Bojangles ball is in the end, some of those commercials. I don't know I don't watch the commercials, Josh. I'm just saying no more gentle so I got our radio show sound really good back then.

Some of the audio qualities yeah and it stands up that ushers yeah still a banker in 2020. That's wild man how's your a TiVo investment going business is open is what it is. I wish we had like a tease in their I don't know what I be talking about. After that we be looking at. I'm in a tell you why this Roy Williams guy might have a good team this next year. What is the primary reason Tom Brady is no longer a patriot I be doing a lot of reading on this application, and a great story yesterday for ESPN, the great Bob Ryan has a lot of perspective on all things Boston sports.

He's going to join to discuss. You will hear some great sports thought well here it is dry when Josh grayed out just coincidental Fox sports Hall triad now be enjoyed by one of our favorite Bob Ryan you know from ESPN and also somebody who has great perspective on all sports typically in the city of Boston. Tom Brady is no longer a patriot Seth Wickersham had the massive story that took a while to read yesterday very detailed as it always is with him. One of the best investigative writers that we have in sports currently and it seems like to me Bob that the same reason the patriots have been successful for decades plural under Bill Belichick is the same reason why Tom Brady is no longer a patriot. It is cutthroat evaluation all about value, with no place for feelings.

That's the way I read it, especially after I explored that story.

What do you believe the primary reason Brady is no longer in New England 10 years ago. A lot of us started observing that there was a clear MO Belichick practice of getting following the old branch Rickey famous Dr. Bob 40s and 50s was famous for saying the he treated players one year to see rather treat them one year too soon than one year to early dust we saw the exit of starting with lawyer Malloy Moore and others. And we wonder, will there be one exception. Will there ever be one exception to the rule that quarterback when the time comes, will he make an exception for Tom Brady and clear answer to that is that we now have that Internet is one of the aspects of the story. Another very important aspect of the story is that it is not often that quarterback in question was 45 years of age and an end and then makes himself quite viable and messes up succession plan that the ever scrupulous coach would have put in place so that by the time we got a lot below came along. Belichick now this is a theory that I subscribe to and in conjunction with many others that we have the replacement self. Tom, you know, you think about moving on no coach know I'm not going anywhere and in the. Therefore, they Belichick was for an Brady end and with the owner who always viewed him as a surrogate son of a uploaded Brady a Belichick 21 and therefore Brady met Belichick made a trade with the 49ers that he did not want to make a treaty made in haste something you would not ordinarily do eventually got him a good home and not some football site.

And in the home and in Belichick's mind and make this trade Josh on for $0.70 on the dollar. Maybe a whole lot less.

So that would be just that.

That's what I was saying at the time with what ballot would Brady is doing is messing up the whole Belichick plan by being so good at this point in time, but clearly Belichick was ready to move on. Then and now, one more thing is that when they renegotiated greatest contract. Last year he was looking for permanent know a more permanent status and was negotiated to where he could become a free agent at the end of this year which you wanted because he didn't feel comfortable. One other thing to: here is this two years ago. Great Belichick Brady was asked by Jim Gray and an interview about whether he felt sufficiently respected her appreciated. Which of the word, and in New England and he said I plead the fifth.

So what we have here folks is a divorce and there's 1/3 party involved who could mediated the way he would've loved to another courses. This is the owner so we have a divorce and Brady doesn't think anything is not seeking out championships and he clearly felt the New England was no longer the best place to get that goal accomplished.

Based on what he currently saw last year, which is a lack of weaponry. It's crazy to be you. I think we all would've said at the time Jimmy Rob Lowe was the quarterback still is the backup after last season, one that even ended with the Super Bowl win. I could see Bill Belichick saying yeah were going to have this guy be the quarterback moving forward.

And if it was that the case I think last year was evidence the San Francisco would've been the right decision. Belichick wanting to move off of Robin Koski a year before he retired. It proved to be if it would've happened the right decision so how extreme do you believe Bella checks cutthroat nature to be if Belichick said I would leave unless you let me follow my plan. I want garrotte below to be the quarterback. After the patriots scored 13 points and won a Super Bowl and set do you think that would've been possible if Jimmy G wasn't traded with this have happened sooner and I don't know… I'm not sure that that line, I would draw the back what you think. You think Jimmy Ruffalo would've gotten on the field sooner would now be the point where we say okay now here's the introduction to Jimmy Mayo. I know it. I think that Belichick now this is not a question, people asked about what it built Belichick think about declaration the plate with 45 what did he take that declaration when it was first uttered you know and and and and what what what was going to have to happen along the way to make Google my God people he means. I don't on the I'm not really a puppy not answering your question, I just know that Bill Belichick felt the grappler was the word the air that he was going to be successful in FL quarterback and and and and and he was forced to trade him so I know and and now they be scrambling another going to be scrambling with Brady not to say that I and Brady's mind.

I don't think he is contradicting what I'm about to say which is that if Belichick had gone to 2.Bob Kraft the money is money, but you want to see if the money is keeping score think it's not that he needs it. God knows he doesn't even make as much money as his wife so we know that keeping score thing that applies to like to be brought exactly no different than many others. The money is money is in his life is set for the rest of it, and in all the blue Brady's to come.

We know that weather was making 30 million a year at 22 worth 18 these already got enough money… But it's a respect thing. It's a keeping score thing. It built Belichick is going to Bob Kraft and set. I want him I want him next year. I want them. I want to want to pay them. You know, we really we take you no doubt that a week ago and the Boston Globe. End: who was our guy annotated the number of times over the course of the 20 years when contract circumstances arise when when it was time to do a new contract. How many times do you think Tom Brady took one for the team by taking less than market value in order to get them to be able to spread the money out little more time so many 10 and so finding, reached the point we like it or not hire anybody listening think it's a valid thing, or what you go out, Tom get off you know you still did well reached the point where he said Amy I want to get this time.

I want to eat past story of the 2009 or 2010 championship. He told him over like champagne to celebrate. He said I didn't and I didn't take a pay cut. Either you took it as a matter of private. They paid me what I was worth and I still found a way to win.

So yeah, I think it certainly plot that many end up not let you know yet so much involved.

You know okay button in the big picture what what what Is getting is another story. Yet we can do that another day. But the Brady thing where you we want to talk now about the departure so it it it comes down to have a plan you'd like to think so because it built Belichick and he ordinarily has a plan, but right now the plan appears to be charged and backed up by a Brian lawyer unless they go for quarterback in it with their two picks in the first round knew the end of it, or unless they make a deal trade up to get somebody is your plan. Belichick was prepared for Brady to leave. I don't think of any questions because he didn't writing to prevent and so that he's got some kind of plan. Good luck to them. You know we all say right now is Bill Belichick but is not valid is not infallible always been fallible, liquidy didn't address the Titan situation this year to any remote satisfaction. He didn't address the wide receiver six Richmond after that, except for Antonio Brown you how that worked out to print it with any satisfaction so that Emmanuel Sanders, who said he would help they could add a couple people helped but he didn't do it so is not infallible, but we like to think that some kind of plan in place for Brady Bob Ryan yes you and we had the money Jones last week we were talking about the most interesting possible circumstances for cam Newton to step into and we both arrived at New England. Not saying it's the most plausible. But if it were to happen, how exactly would that be received.

What would you imagine that look like I think it would be what will be up everybody.

I think it would be generally applauded because he such a talent and and put them in the hands of Josh McDaniel and Belichick and let's see what happens. I and if they want all I will personally pick him up at the airport but don't tell me don't tell me to guide you you know, but I sure got used to being used is about to be not used know what's the most productive things you've done in the last week. See you like got is not a set up has no idea what I'm about to say I want to make this clear.

The most productive thing I did. I just got through doing about 45 minutes to an hour ago I looked and I am part of a podcast shameless plug okay only utterly shameless plug but it is the answer to your question because I haven't done anything to save humanity.

I have a cure cancer.

I can't cure coronavirus III haven't no I haven't done anything to help the greater good of mankind, but we just created a podcast with my friend Jeff Goodman that we do basketball and we put together. He, not me. He put together by merely showing words to the protagonists from the most famous and greatest game in college ever played 104 Kentucky 103 and not March 28, 1992 and we put together a podcast.

He did and we just got through talking to Sean Woods and Bobby early.

I am telling you right now that every high school coach in America and every college coach in America should latch onto this podcast, not because of what anything I said listening to these two guys talk about that game their mutual respect for each other and are programmed and and and and their appreciation and love of the dynamics of basketball. I was like saying myself about my got my is really happening. Josh, I'm telling you were going to get this out to the world if you will basketball you will you and Jeff Goodman, Sean Woods, Bobby early, that sounds great.

Have you watched any of the old broadcast of them broadcast this weekend. I wonder if anything sticks out watching that game. They came as well watching.

I haven't been too much into watching all tonight on lump Mike night watching OJ in America yesterday and tonight because I missed it the first time around. I'm told it's the last thing ESPN's ever done when I find my friend Chad Finn of the Boston Globe. Not only is it the best thing you spent every dime. The best thing in the history of American television. It is easy to hide its high remarks at the meets. It but was cool this week and I saw videos of kids who were teenagers watching the shot that Lightner hit not knowing what was going to happen and see general amazement of when it actually went through. Is there anything watching that game, 25, 20, 28 years ago that sticks out to you the most is this is the most different to what were watching today, or I may not covered it, and I would dare to be there and I walked out and I handed a note in front of Caywood Ledford, the great legendary broadcaster of Kentucky spaces the greatest game ever? And and and it's what it it may very well be watching it the second time it would only reinforce despite the shot making the play. The Kentucky Park down 6755 or 10 minutes to go and get the defending champion in Kentucky's been spunky, but that the senior year for the unforgettable sin and all that and I'm not but they're not supposed to be quite on the same level as Duke in 1992 and from 6755 point Kentucky makes it a game and and then there's nothing but great play of the great play of the great play great shot making great great for everything. It's just that it's a tremendous case and that course to stop and famous blinker stop on Munich Timberlake, which had happened today. He's ejected. It was like a question is ejected. Maybe you know punishment gets a T between comp. I caught a hard step, but it was clear to the absolute best and disappointed that were not to have the unit submit the summer, but of course it couldn't happen this with everything that's happened with you guys.

My home away from home in North Carolina and in the area and and we were going to get a postponement until the fall, and that you were going to come but not in the usual time and obviously were subject to the vagaries of all this as well as everybody else, but I'm going really disappointed but but I know it's it's it's going to materialize so and it's always nice to be yard.

Be well, Bob chat sometimes it's good to hear your voice will talk thank you Bob Ryan yes and just one of the more delightful people. Your ever going to find Robert that man he cares more about sports than any person I know there any person I've ever met that guy you could just hear it in his voice. At the very end. There the way he's talking about these guys like Josh, that man just hung up on me in the middle of me saying goodbye. You said before we got started delightful as he was great knows I love I love the dollar does click yes it would be nice wanted OJ made in America tonight try to talk long after the date was like talking to Robert and I would hung up on lots OJ made in America to providing you with a kind of sports programming that makes some people. Most people just wait to you're on a drive with Josh.

Very cool hearing on the air. The old broadcast of these championship games in March madness Westwood one thing carrying in the place of the NCAA tournament games that would've been played in Greensboro and across the country this weekend. I've enjoyed that I enjoyed what CBS did carrying the 82 national title win with Michael Jordan 83 with NC State and Jim Valvano. They carried the Christian Lightner shot on Saturday yesterday they had the Villanova Chris Jenkins game-winning shot against North Carolina, Virginia, Texas Tech game from last year. All of this nostalgia gave me an idea what would our show have sounded like after some of the signature moments in this state sports history but also even nationally.

How would our show have sounded if it was on the air after some of these major events. You can tweet us of events that we should probably try to hit later on in the week I want to do this a couple times a show every single day and were going to start relatively recent to see how this goes. What would the drive with Josh Graham be like in 2012 after Austin Rivers hit the game-winning shot against North Carolina in the Smith Center we find out now as we enter the sports hub Time Machine when you get here. Just what I sound like if it dries with Josh Graham were here for some of the greatest moments in sports history. Today we find kick it old school. Let's fire up the sports hub Time Machine. We have to go back and say well what a game that was last.

I don't know how you could have a Carolina game in any crazier than that Austin Rivers hitting the three come back man. The only thing that could have made that crazier Aaron and Robert if I had to think about it would be if like a player banked it off the front of the iron had it bounce out beyond the three point line hit a shot in the second buzzer beater. The only thing I could see.

Being crazier than what we saw last night. Austin Rivers hitting the three tub feet.

The Tar Heels in Chapel Hill like I can't undertaking your phone calls at 336-777-1600 give me your thoughts.

Last night as number nine do beats number five North Carolina inside the Smith Center, Robert. I thought it was just crazy. I felt bad for Tyler Zeller but Doc Rivers celebrating maybe a player you'll get to have play for him. One day Rivers you might be a first-round draft pick.

This I was an awesome game.

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna be honest with Josh at and watch it over you doing beauty and the beast 3D came out and I was the big RED Josh.I think you're lying. I think I know what you are doing you were playing on your cell phone and you were definitely using that new Snapchat I think that's what you were doing you know what looked first of all want to say thank you for letting a high school senior producer sports. I don't know how I got this gig without going to school but honestly my mom took my phone away when she heard me staying up late and she saw that I donated to a Coney 2012. Now her credit card so I don't even have my phone is the world's most in later this year. They're saying but you know what I'm kind of just going with it. But in the world doesn't. And here's a little hint Facebook opens up publicly for stock trading. I'm telling you they're going to go to the moon. Aaron maybe Robert was the wrong person to ask last night's game pretty wild right had to guess how is because when watching the man watching you dance party meant that Dingle style is it out of my head. I slept that style is a massive hit songs of Baker. In fact, you could pull that out very quickly. Robert, I want to see Aaron pull off some of his Gangnam Style dance moves. Love probably cheer Tyler Zeller up just to offer him as he missed two of four free throws in the final two minutes he didn't really box out Ryan Kelly off his own miss which led to a jumper going through.

And of course he had the shot that he tapped in from Kelly beyond the three point line.

Aaron chose to be your best dance moves man versus games that is after today is going to be better than the song here. I can see us playing this song on the radio.

Years from now is all my God, the height of all music and all rights not know hearts with him a little room with 210 left to go. Last night it was 8272, North Carolina leading Duke and this is what happened. Tyler Thorton. He hit a three, right after Dick lighthouse said he couldn't hit a three. Then it was. I it was Miles Mick Mason Plumley getting a steel beyond the three point line that led to Seth Curry traveled that they didn't call then he hit a three all decided it 82 to 78 next possession. Zeller, one of two on the free-throw line leads to do getting an open jumper after Ryan Kelly. He got an offense of rebound, he makes you talking about an 8380 game and you have the Kelly three that stepped in by seller.

It's been a three but they gave him to Florida. If a player deflects it and it should be a three point shot. I thought that's a it was a missed call by the referees Zeller goes one or two of the line Rivers hits the shot from three point range. I think this is a Duke team that's going to go for like this team likely's going to play in Greensboro. It'll be I think they're looking at a number two seed right now they are number nine in the country. So when they're probably good to be right there on that to line there's no way this Duke team could lose to a 15 seed, especially if the games played in Greensboro so that's what I think's going to happen. Looking at Austin Rivers in this Duke team as they approach March madness, not Tim just got finished with his first season. I'll tell you why this is guy I can see being a future Hall of Famer leaving the Panthers to a Super Bowl in the next five seasons that's coming up on the drive.

Now it's back here stepping back and bringing it forward. All right were now back to the day and those are good times.

I think a radio show sounded very good backbend don't you little queasy that normal that both happen with time travel. You might want to step away from Robert a little bit like you guys following the 6 feet rule like Melissa phones not where was I'm not a doctor disapproved. Much like David Tapper. I'm not a doctor. I don't to cam Newton to Dr. so that's the sports on Time Machine. Interesting. Even back then. Robert and Aaron aren't paying attention to the college basketball games that we need to watch that we need to cover in order to do this sports talk radio show where it needs to be done all right on time Panthers announcer Jim is okay. He's going to join us to make sense of the Panthers quarterback dealings next. On the drive was never voted most likely to succeed.

Such a loser. But then again you drive with Josh what I enjoyed yesterday. In addition to watching know that old college basketball games that were broadcast on CBS, ESPN, they had a full 38 and a shortened version of it that include local play-by-play calls had the miked up on the sideline. It points at times I heard the voice of our next guest Jim's okay, who's been with the Panthers radio network. Since the very beginning kind enough to spend some time here where there is Carolina Panthers news today.

Jim what interests you the most about the Teddy Bridgewater signing before we get to Kyle Allen being traded in exchange for a fifth-round pick. He's reunited with Ron Rivera and Washington DC and also what that might mean for Will Greer. If we look at Bridgewater first. What most interested think you guys been around the lake for couple years former first round pick that pedigree come out of Louisville after two years got got injured I was too severe knee injury and I had to rebuild his career back up as a backup in New Orleans already played pretty well in the five start date gave the last year would result with the thumb injury so maybe I don't view him as just a backup quarterback is getting a chance to game endlessly expected to be a starter in the sling. I think we look at all the things the Panthers are doing many of the archives with upside price essentially per year with a camper one year, you get 20 million or 21 million a year compared to the 19 cam would've gotten this season want that whole thing comes through artwork & up next and then Bridgewater get a more accurate passer. Not as athletic obviously close that who is that many of the league are beside our Jackson was a different kind of quarterback, but Latinos going through real processes, the rebuilding and so I think with a three-year contract buys you a lot of time and doesn't force your hand to have to go find a quarterback right away you get one this year.

Or you could choose way to 27 years old and a three year contract.

As you outline considering his background with Joe Brady who has experience working with with that Saints offense and Bridgewater Laster.

We saw playing in five games is very effective didn't lose any of those games nine touchdowns to two pics. It seems like to me they're going to give him an opportunity to start and potentially be the franchise quarterback.

This is kind of like an audition for that's the way I see it. How do you agree to be the guy make it not a competition will tell of how Ellen open it up.

It was a competition with a when the current author anyway. But moving forward yet think you're right first crack at Natalie being a bridge quarterback would be in the quarterback could be here for the next couple years, leading this offense & that's great if that works out because this is a team that is got a lot of neither the players retire groups of players out there, some haven't panned out as they thought they were. So what the escape through free agency or release so they got plenty of other holes to fill vacant have their starting quarterback in place that would be ideal. On offense, are there enough pieces.

There for us to make a sound enough judgment on not just Teddy Bridgewater Joe Brady this year. Taking a look at what's in place. It looks like to me to be a decent line maybe got figure out what you have in the place of tray turnabout Russell Okun is a solid left tackle. You got Krista McCaffrey there for now. You cannot DJ Moore Curtis Samuel spread the ball out to you. Signs of wide receivers.

It seems like to me that this is going to be a good audition. A good opportunity because the coordinators there and there are weapon whether either you know you got many people view the premier running back in the league you got DJ Morrissey goes into his third year at the meal established himself as a number one receiver in the Segway plate. The second half of last year, Curtis Samuel of entry to see if they can consistently get you involved this year with this Joe Brady offense of the use of the offense line was not good but it Okun you got your time callable left tackle if you can give enough protection and get up going with the rest of the office of like collectively and you're onto something, at least gives you again a fair evaluation of enough weapons to be able to say can tell if Bridgewater to Geyer now. I'll figure all that out there site. While this is the Super Bowl team. But you can look at and this has a lot of young parts in all those skill position players that we name Bridgewater 27 is a good young core players… Not forget about the fact that Philip never signed a contract. 38 Tom Brady 43. You can play quarterback in this league for a very long time, especially with the rules how they protect guys nowadays were being joined by Jens Oakie of the Panthers radio networks of Kyle Allen is now a Redskin Will Greer still in place. PJ Walker. He was signed today from the Houston roughnecks is an XXL legend, much like Rod smart was when Panthers signed him nearly 20 years ago.

What do you expect the plan is for Will Greer as he gets set to compete with PJ Walker and I think hereto is very raw.

You really delayed putting on the field last year to file.

To start we saw was particularly very raw. Behind every polished offense of line that was all. At that point so that you will. He looked erratic so you need more time and that and we will see if he is even a number two quarterback in the jury got all that right clearly not starting quarterback, and now the question is can you be a number two in time say in a year or so. I think they feel like when you bring it PJ Walker of his familiarity with coach will trample the goat of the XXL for half you got that going for you and you obviously entitled old time with them, no compete for that second job right now and pick up a fifth-round pick for Kyle Allen who was again that this was to be the number two quarterback here polysilicon PJ Walker to get that same kind of caliber player and pick up a fifth-round pick up from Washington so I think you are not made by day 36437 roll the dice. With any luck guys are not doing things or a fifth-round pick, but for an undrafted guy to get something of value back is something for building team that they can strike something and find it clear there. So let's update the quarterback carousel the last weekend change Ryan Tannehill. He started things off re-signing with the Titans that was Marcus Mariana was in Tennessee as well. Signing with the Raiders alongside Derek Carr who's already there. You of course have Tom Brady deciding to leave New England to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC South use we've already seen Kyle Allen. He's acquired with the Redskins to join Duane Haskins and that quarterback room Brian Hoyer, the patriots ever seem to potentially be an option for camp.

He is going to be a patriot alongside what they already have their with Garrett Stidham, the former Auburn quarterback. The Jaguars traded away Nick full's to the Bears.

Who's there alongside Mitchell to Biscay. The Jaguar seen content on having Nick full's work sees me.

Gardner meant to be the guy down there and then the charter still sort of getting Tom Brady. They said that there to move forward Taira Taylor which tells everybody that they're going to draft quarterback with the number six pick for Carolina selects number seven is there a destination or two. At this point that you would like for Camden Hoyer came back out if I didn't have all the realistic box for a one year rental.

I thought maybe doing one is interested in bringing order back for 1/3 time I got a cut.

Let second quarterback there so nothing finalized. As far as rosters still change the game as Winston and Camden are still out there yeah not one to believe that Taira Taylor the guy for anybody forward. They got a draft quarterback you would they want.

You may be a one-year upgrade with the LA Chargers with cam Newton just do a great year there maybe view him as I would think it helped me with an upgrade over Taira Taylor Turk so it be interesting to see if that might be the spot there because the bears are off the table New England with three quarterbacks illustrated you with the Panthers thing with a spring in the foregoing move one out quickly kind of thing with cam Newton will see but I think Peter also wait for the Panthers release cam and then somebody bring a man at that point because at this point what are you going to get you an answer going up, release or trade him so that's essentially what he's going to go would probably get released until a better chance of this Panthers radio network. What stood out to you on the relaunch of Super Bowl XXXVIII yesterday I tweeted happy to join it at the very beginning to Our special and I said I'm going watch this coastal three 32/328 is our target for the positive was what rally with three fourth-quarter touchdown against the New England Patriots and take the lead. Tom Brady does with Tom Brady does write all the years he rallies and gets the get back on the board to get the tie made to go down feeling that last version to get in the field-goal range and when it there so that the overarching things Brady is amazing what you Panthers play as well they could fourth-quarter the second half try to get that win, but he stopped overcoming the question more often than not it's good to hear your voice. I hope you're well and I'm sure we'll be talking football again sometime soon.

Thanks a lot.

I just like it. That's Jens Oakie's on Twitter, you guessed it, Jim is okay

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