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Layers After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 26, 2022 12:35 pm

Layers After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 26, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on layers continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "LOTR: The Two Towers," and "It's Complicated."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


This is on trial from the physician will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network and a heart masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this week, so sit back and masculine journey after hours start welcome masculine journey after hours emergency. I did have you with us and in the gym.

How many more ease Justin numbers not not not the EV DVD, but how many more eased. We haven't been him. Six. For those of you sign up and join us. So you need to sign up and join us is not that either that matter. It's lesson that about five it's five for us at six. I should check your math in my mind my my thinking yeah so Rodney is getting tells what the show is about. We have been talking about layer and layers of wound in later healing and we started out with the clip from Shrek where he talks about overs like onions and in the show, Rabin had layers of wounding my black and it is anything but anyway that's war talk about layers of wounding and layers of healing everything everywhere and I had layers just keep talking and getting settled layers but did have a story to my I do at the moment. I will guard it may be your only opportunity is the will of the boot camp. Sometimes you choose a talk I guess you want to do it.

Sometimes it chooses you and I think mine chose me to stop as opposer and what is been interesting is God's began to peel away the layers of my independence and I didn't realize what was going on to last week and I've had this psoriasis and you guys know the struggle ahead with it when medications and stuff like that in my fingers just they literally come apart from time to do anything and frustrating for a guy who works with his hands.

Why don't now move the mouse but you take this to Eddie's where steel toed boots of my default and so the what I realize was my fear is that I'm not no bill to take care of myself or take care my wife take care my family and I begin to struggle with dad and all that that comes with that, wounding, and God begin to peel the layers off and he's going don't you realize. I think your you and so we are. I am excited in an somewhat fearful of his boot camp because there's been something in my spirit since we started talking about his boot camp that something big is coming was the beginning of wisdom, fear the Lord. Amen to the death been kind of my story is and you have talk with my wife about it she so I will take care of you and which is also to have a good wife will proverb says he finds a wife finds a good thing to me a couple chances but not a good thing. Anyway, seated picker was off looking in all the wrong places right and he took his hand off the mic so he lost his the clip began living it okay if my microphone. We have three microphones for six people, so it could be seven. One of them are not allowing to have some at my account was right next time that he, anyway, I love more. The ratings and that we needed old folks. I was robbing this weekend. I'm trying to add some class to that pixie has a this is one of great ones. This is during a time when Pip and Meriwether have headed off on their own adventure and they were wandering through the woods and got that my aunts literally and taken for the battle was cited in the white and the most of the rest of the troop. Emily and that elf guy. I like the door I forgot his yes literalist linguist.

I didn't know from one healthcare was legal when I was but anyway okay.

It was Emily's adore and Aragorn were going to the woods looking for their buddies and are terrified because they recognize that the white wizard is in their path and you'll hear a quick battle when they lose to the white wizard made all tried and these are great fighters so they know they're in trouble and you may play it.

So one day as far and sent back to my trust and dentist that I come back and get off the gray was the leader of their group along. He a court they would've expected.

He was dead because he fell into a bottomless pit. Basically, with a ball rod which is evil being from the pit. I guess I'd say the pit of hell.

From here you give for this check with but I wanted to call God because he got censored I didn't get smacked down with with Gandalf. He did a transformation he had a layer added to and he became the good white wizard after disarming failed terribly at that that was a layer that was added to a that brought him to the point where he was able to help the team get to the next step and to accomplish the mission. So it was a wonderful reuniting of the group, but it was one that started fearful. We missed the battle but it was awfully short where they actually were trying to fight against the white wizard. They feared and then found the white wizard is wonderful and that's one of the things that happens when God removes layers for us. We can turn from being evil to being good and a heartbeat for some of us it takes a lot longer can be a layer that's quickly removed your many layers over time, and then we go back to that thing you don't know which they are.

He's going to rent is going after them only if anyone's been listening to the show no everlasting year. My life is been topsy-turvy and gone through the thoughts of suicide equipment, job loss, in my mind at that time everything right but I didn't understand what I was gaining the Lord took me through a time of testing is a true testing and showing me where my face really was showing me that that you matter where we are with our relationship. We we believe only level we don't fully believe, where would we really believe will be if we truly believe every word in that and in that's written in Scripture right but during that time she was stripping things from me and he was adding other things to me you stripping this this understanding.

Now that it I have more faith in my job and money in the things around me. The people around me that I had in him.

Is he truly a loving father, is he really going to take care of me because I'm I can remember sitting on top of the mountain with the pistol among many thinking he's never going to come through better. They're better off without him and I look back at that now on and I see how he came through the very last minute right in my mind the very last minute for him. It was right on time. It wasn't even it it was abundantly above and beyond anything I thought and there was another testing right before he gave me that right. He gave me another job that was it was job was horrible, but I'm heat he was testing the heart to see if I can be content if I could just trust him minute and I did in that moment whenever I finally lay everything down so okay what if this is where you want me to mentor these young men do all the South do whatever you me to do here immediately.

He blessed us abundantly beyond even in this and even in the losing of the home. It really wasn't a losing because after I met the family that was buying the home came up from Florida with the same understanding that God was directing and now being able look at that and see that we were preparing a place for them to come to, not to mention now I have a different perspective right because I know that he gives us the layers that we need for the journey know each one of us that everyone of us are is on a different journey, so be very careful how you judge others, journey to gives you exactly what you need for the next leg or forelegs to come so pay attention to those things as little things. Whatever it is, is trying to do with you in the moment. It has its purpose as his reason.

It had the hardest time with the Scripture. This is rejoicing in in your trials and tribulations right but it says very clearly that it brings about these things. It brings about patient's endurance, faith, hope he's he wants to do a great work lives but were comfortable right we get comfortable and then before we begin so far and we don't want to go any further content here. I'm happy with my onion right where it is this just the right size drydock. I don't need any more taken and you know it it it is. It's a hard thing to make you crack when thank you Jim on the go back to something the other. This shows called the masculine journey right now and it it comes from stuff that Eldridge talks about events were recanted, latched on to some the concept that in the masculine journey. You know, you literally have layers added onto your whole life. You start out in boyhood right and then is Eldridge right in his back against the Arrange like gals €Ranger yes I prefer that cowboy. Some would prefer what I gather McCallie Ranger stage then you go into the warrior and father of her right hand that is can overlap and they can overvalue king bed even when your king, you still have to know that you're the loved boy of the father right still is the king you have to have a heart for being the Ranger cowboy is all women will tell you men are just big boys yet which we are we are. I still laugh at the savings left out I was 10 or 11 and I tried not to rob a bank system lets you in any that continues into these layers are billeted in Morgan Snyder growth about becoming a king in the whole concept as God is preparing us for in these next steps in. So it and along with the steps hopefully were continuing to grow in intimacy with him in the position of senior pastor is a kingship and I was asked if I wanted it and my reaction was laughing. No in the sage stage and while I have my small kingdom with my wife and there is other things that are part of that having the major kingdom that we seek to hire middle age is no longer appealing to the city.

They said senior pastor because you ate that pastor passing your cash I have to pay that's not true because Jim you know you would be a senior pastor because of who you are and and everything you bring to the table and it is not where God's placement with that. I prefer the one-on-one stuff you most of our senior this and I'd I really pray for Harold to have long life and I do not want to take his position and he did this with you and dad. Yes. So I was kinda meditating on it. This this week and amend Ephesians Ephesians 422 came up to me to put on to put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is I'm sorry To put on your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt or deceitful desires really come up. Take it off your old self, and that's those layers that that's what I think were talking about here and then it got me thinking what's the reverse of that so I got to thinking about layers you know layers I never heard as a kid. It was just a big coat on that side became more popular to write you a bit know most effective way to keep yourself warm as layers when it's cold, surgical world out there, but I just got to thinking about it if I was to put on Christ like. It also tells us in the epistle epistles. I don't remember which one bit unite I put on a T-shirt that says my father loves me and he created the universe and then I put on up pullover that says you know my name is Andy a.k.a. strength of God and put on us hoodie that says I'm a warrior in my father's army you know that overcoat that says I thought through all this through, obviously, but the overcoat and says you have what it takes. I went after a guy at the restaurant tonight because he had love out loud shirt but you know the whole thing about it is, is that the layers that we've put on now. We went back through and you could even go into those you can say in the identity like it when you get your new name. You get multiple do and there's layers to do that. So the cool thing is that God has a way of backing out all those layers and then adding to all these good things in layers and in that as you were saying is one thing that I support what you are saying you and I said we do have different layers God's given us in the new name. When I got at five and you guys make fun of all makes me feel special.

Only only waxing that Givens give us Givens would be much use. I think you're alive evidence that I think a heard of the show is another.

So I politely have you monkeying around waxing given that so we keep talking and we can play Rodney slip what you guys play Rodney Flynn RK (while I get my clip played 101 votes against it, but none of them have microphones, it is still a lot of time in the show so that is a say in same as microphones surprising to shut down but he spoke before I did. Yeah, he's quick thanks Jim well begged for friend Holly have to say is it's complicated.

So that's what I've where my brain when I started thinking about this concept of layers and what we do in coming up with that kind of hate layers right about everything is words like lances, complicated. Sounds like there's a movie called that is in their summit looked it up and I was like oh that's what movie that is and then start waltzing with the trailers like it, I mean it just portray a lot of different layers of relationships and things like that that end up happening our lives so what's happening in this movie is the older couple they get divorced because the husband has an affair of the younger woman. Typical kind of story we see Latin movies and in reality so he goes as affair. He's really realizing that hey he made a big mistake.

He's now attracted back to his wife is why is his ex-wife and his ex-wife is Ashley finding another man about the same time and she's ending up having a relationship with two different people and the kids are finding out during this time, it is just a very complicated layers of people discovering what's really going on throughout the entire movie hair short. Longer I like to I want to see marriage and marries her. You are so lucky I marriage is not turning out as I hope you got me booked the fertility center. Every other day you think you think in the future you might want to his life you doing here never really known Diane as a test to nowhere. If you think this is very franchise life that I'm having with old Marriott thought it was three years can make this letter complicated is complicated thing a running yeah will and I think about our stories and what you guys have brought to the table. Over the years and I just see how complicated others lives are like wow I'm not the only one is a complicated life. I'm not going one that has things coming at them out of left field and I'm not the only one that's as this specific issue not doing one that has those issues. I is one of those things were. You kinda nice when you're like can say hey you know what Ashley don't have on those issues I miss in that layer. Nothing. I don't want to, like her wings at right now is like I've had enough ears peeled back. Lately is like I'm just kinda happy where I'm at so it's one of those things were layers just continually jump at us and you don't know when the next was going to peel back or added on as Jim was saying earlier.

It's it's something that you think you have to Canon start to move into your life website okay whatever God has for me.

I'm going to find and join them and find some peace and it and I know that he's in it that there is it's there for a reason. It's not just by chance I could suddenly people say I was just by chance. I just so happen know nothing happens by chance it's it's already going to happen. It's Artie there. God knows what it is he's in control and you just so much happier joyful and content. When you lot and delete the doing things we we make it be so complicated that it doesn't have to be.

That's been the layering for me in learning is to get that contentment of bombs, let God do his thing. It's not just let go, but it's like I want to move forward with what I think he's told me to go doing it.

AP puts up a wall alternative go a different direction.

Go some of some of the place inside okay@how to do that one of the ways which you brought to my Rodney was orally he calls us out of the shadows is getting us out of our terminal uniqueness unit. Nobody knows the trouble of seeing and to realize hey the other men struggle with this other men have gone through this and that we like to think that our troubles are all alone in. That's the laws of the enemy that have been layered on for years. You get most men, you know that has struggle with pornography.

The enemy comes out and says you know you're the only one struggles with this. You can't let anyone know he tries push you down in shame, but any there is its statistic you're telling me the other day about sure that yeah so there was asked at kind of like in photograph. That said, there was several categories.

Phone cell phone Internet and it was how long it don't mention the site because I don't want to promote this right. Okay, it's a good point. It how many how long it took to get 50 million users for those particular technologies or whatever. And there was a porn site. All these other ones. It was like you know years. I can't remember all the stuff but it was years to where there was 50 million users of of a telephone cell phone the various things and it was a lot of some of them got it down the like, you know, three years three years for 50 million users on Facebook or some like that.

It was 19 days for that 50 million users for this one port porn is just amazing right but yet the enemy tells men you're the only one in struggles right. It does make it okay because thereby all struggles but what you can say is okay this is a bigger problem than just me and God needs to come after that. Intermediate unit is also men that have gotten past that right is want people to have victory over you now and then there's no reason to live in the shame because I can get victory over if I walk with Jesus through and you called terminal uniqueness, but one of the wonderful paradoxes of God as everybody is unique.

Everybody is someone that relates to God in a unique way, but we do have many things in common. When something is not uncommon.

God loves to put people together both friends and husband and wife that are very different because if you can learn to work with the differences.

I will use the big word but you get how do I get, but you can have the one plus one equals three. If you are covering each other's weaknesses.

I know that word and strengthening to what it is basically tenant ironic.

I can remember.

It's really good thing.

He said these layers occur in thinking and that his friend that had for 40 years now. And because we talk about the radio show. Topics come up and we sure stuff about our life and our aim layers are added to the death of our friendship and let them encourage you to do this week is asked to help you see the layers that he's been trying to strip back from you layers.

He's been trying to add onto the layers of names and layers of appraisal the layers of love right in helping to help you to have the eyes to see that masculine to register for the upcoming boutique we'd love to see their times are in short, please register today to talk to you next week when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then my prayer time. I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have said I have his story know how I hurt us communicate with us yesterday.

Masculine this is the Truth Network

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