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Spiritual Eye Exam

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 23, 2022 12:30 pm

Spiritual Eye Exam

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 23, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss how they see themselves. How do you see yourself? The clips used are from "Identity Theft," a interview clip of Muhammad Ali, "Blue Bloods," and "Field Of Dreams." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man like doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of Brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey with very glad that you with this today and before I get into the show. I want to do shout out a thank you to our producer Keith. If you have a listen to the joyride. He does an amazing job with that. He actually makes it sound good. It's really a pretty cool thing that he does and so will your podcast location masculine journey and look specifically for the joyride. It's about usually like to three minutes. It's excellent every week and he does such an amazing job that they pretty soon it's just because the joyride in order to be done little 32nd bottoms of our show in the midst of it ;-) thank you for that today a Denny this is your topic right it is also good about it. Titled it spiritual eye exam and is just a matter of look at how you see yourself, you see yourself through your for lack of better term caramelize or spiritualize. Do you see yourself as something you've created with your wounds and eat all the poses and stuff we talked about or is it what God says about you. Okay, now you said carnal not carnival eyes as assaults occur not as a part of life like a little like a fun house mirror.

I deftly debated lady I get the idea about it until his death in the so my computer first night. That's what I did ask yeah okay so I jump in here it is now gasoline running okay, fair enough. Mike Lopez is from a movie called identity theft and you have Jason Bateman and a lady that's a start. I can't remember name and so the set up of this is Jason Bateman gets his identity stolen because his first name is Sandy, which could be either male or female. It's his identity stolen from a female in subtracting her down. These following her on the highway and she sees him in the mirror and she's a scam artist writes a con artist, so she waits until he gets close. She hits a break so he hits her and that she gets out.

She's going to try to take him to the cleaners and soreness, listen that and come back and talk about all the injury about that in the same year in a condo.

The middle of highway baby badger is now this is totally my call and you get your license on you when we swap information we get the insurance companies when it comes to know if it's okay with you. I'm okay with the a lot easier when Sandy Bigelow Patterson center rear name family name is back to the Mayflower is Jeremiah Bigelow have heard of him pretty :-( there sounds very big deal. Here's my life, my name Sandy socialist and that your personality when the world does that have to do with this topic. Right before I do.

That's missing Melissa McCarthy. I do look at my time look at it that yes was McCarthy and it what I liked about this clip when I thought about it, is you.

We have an enemy out there and we talk about that and he's really cunning right and he can come at us very aggressively, very, you know, interface, or you can also come out is very slyly you know are trying to win it just be better if we do this, you know, or will it just be better if you believed what you've always believed not really listen to what God is telling right and so there's times you get to say no. I gotcha right this is who I am.

This is God's told me I am, stand, and that I'm going to claim that I'm in the live through that and push the one is trying to steal identity away and so that for me that was equipped talk About the wound talks on my mission that behind the wounded historian is a reason enemies come in after that and that's what that made me think of the enemies come in after that for some reason or another, trying to learn the story behind the wounded, yet absolutely it helps you and Robby talked about the walkable thing where an enemy seizure glory rise up and he starts smacking it down and that it's also he knows where you're wounded, and he knows where to stab you in the back or how to try to coerce you that the step back into that place, it can feel so comfortable even though there's no life there in pig wall is in the pen even though it's in a bunch of mud right my knuckles down and I the whole thing.

But you know, for me it's you know it's I don't a while and that mud and I've been I've been in that mud way too long. I want to step out in and breathe the free air of freedom. Robby, you and I will talk about your clip sure how I came across the sensors, to stop me like whoa it's real heavy duty it's from Mohammed Ali explaining why he switched his name from caches Clay to Mohamed Ali and kinda sticks his finger in the churches I about not working on people's identity and some we can relate why you insist on being called Mohammed Ali no name given to me that my lead and teach at Hon. Elijah Mohammed. That's my original name was a black man named slave name on the loan was made, does it mean Mohammed means worthy of all phrases and Ali means most do you intend to fight on the yes sir I will call that name. I write autographs that name I want to be known all over the world is that event illegible) American Hospital know that it will challenge you and the history of sale is true religion and nationality names.

See, we don't have our names knows how proud you all proud of you names see Chinese have names like changeover Bucci and Mrs. Islamic teaches Russia said names like Lucy Khrushchev you have name cycle, Grady Kennedy and Africans had names like cutting lumber and bone doctrine and choose get names like Weinstein and gold burden and the Italians got names like Dundee and Avenue T.

We have names like great Clay and Hawkins and Smith Jones and Johnson will black slave name is Chris. I knew the truth is history. So Mohammed is a beautiful black name of my ancestral song I heard this I just walk out of the church and Christianity because they never told that really was poking me. I Mike, goodness, you know, we did a lot of work on that in boot camp and I know how many men insisted think about you know I just feel like I'm meant for more and I feel like there's more to life than what I'm I'm really becoming. And it's very much attached to our names and so one of the neat things it to me when the neatest things that happened to my identity was at boot camp, where I heard the name faithful and began to see what that meant, biblically, because when I first heard of this deferred the story. Many have that I can. I thought why you call me like a dog Manor is just not faithful like old yeller sent guys didn't have a lot of sex appeal to you Rob but I thought it it the more I walked into that identity and seen what faithful is what faithful does and it times when I'm perplexed on issues. It's really nice.

Nicer than the name like Mohammed Ali where the you know, he named himself based on what he wanted to hear but boy what he would've loved to hear what God had really had to say about them because you know God loves a minute and a phenomenal way and would that be cool to actually know what God calls you and he's dying to tell you that we are lit, dies a case, whether through literally thought was cool that that clip was a couple things not cool. It's sad, yet he had to leave the church because he wasn't getting his name. There I am in this. I agree.

Had he got his real name from God. There he probably would've never left the church in the second part was that's actually really good clip and that I finally listen to this is for you Robby. Thank you so on this topic of whatever it's called what is called spiritual eye exam spiritual eye exam right to be spiritual usually am for you and that's a good one.

I will except that when why is it that you think that people fall and fall into you know that the Col. side versus really follow what God says, I think it in my case I think is a lot of we judge by the circumstances that were surrounded by and in in so many cases in Scripture. People would you Gideon, for example, you know, God gives to him. He's had in a grade BN threshing wheat and God speaks to him is you mighty man of valor and he's like excuse me, so I'll send you out of there by myself, but under the circumstances he's viewing himself and evens is my families the least of all these and of the least of my family. I don't even know who you're talking to. I think the circumstances in which we find ourselves with it, but it doesn't dictate who we are because God always speaks to that that person that he created us to be so other than our circumstances, which is a great point. What other things and it's open everybody what other things cause us to try to want to live out of that name right versus the name that God has for surnames should listen to the question better because he gave me the bike.

One of the things that amazes me is how powerful names are that really is the case so much in our society here, but God has given me. Now five names since my first time appearing one and most of them are true or all time, but each one has specifically had a impact on what is going to that time. Right now I'm morning that I have to avoid Robby when he has a gun because he likes to shoot us but the that has dealt part he saw love morning. Not so much with this has been a period of mourning for me here lately God told me that that's what I wondered if you were talking about early in the a.m.'s morning living in morning so we do have a boot camp coming up.

I know you're surprised that we talk about it. Give every week that we have one coming up November the week before Thanksgiving. I think it's the 17th is when begins on that Thursday night at dinner runs through Sunday at about lunchtime. We love to have you there. I got a love to have either talk after I this is Sam unmasking her name here is my son Eli talk about ways he held his and and click done a masculine and find fax 550. We live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content. That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite programs plus some that are podcast on the rich content is rich in journeys. Moments journey detached a greater understanding of Christ sold by Lauren Daigle you say it is just all about the topic were talking about the unit.

She says you say I am strong when I'm feeling weak and was again in the circumstance of life and how you find yourself not really feeling very courageous, not refilled but but God is speaking to that which he knows is in love.

That's all that's a great song and you will actually use a lot of her songs right we can speak. But now you've used a lot of hurt.

I have learned there's also Francesco Bettis daily. We know that is but Lauren Daigle has some great stuff in that Danone identity is very powerful.

You know, a lot of times we listen to when we say you say an oral way is that's what the enemy says he says were weak. He says were in no crap whatever happened in the past, but God says eight where love good good clip. Talk to get in the after hours. Yeah, I mean that's what he says he does. Before we get to your clip you we were talking about what the circumstances and something Jim said it because of this, you slip and you know what others have called us our whole life. That's the other part of that you know where some of us were we had siblings or parents or coaches or whatever that's called in certain things in the enemy likes to use those labels to really write or a boss or some of those things in insides. It's usually so good at attacking identity in every single aspect is to tax it everywhere were trying to get out of that step into what we can see through God's eyes, because the topic of historic you forget that a spiritual eye exam spiritual eye.

We can be spiritually exam it will, it will. I think spiritual memory exam.

I started taking some whatever over-the-counter medication for good government herald a jelly heralds here and on until it is more astute than I am at this. Then he tells little bit about your clip clip is from the show bluebloods with Tom Selleck in the New York City cop show just fell in love with it for summer.

So it and this is likely from this season and the clip is an interchange between Jamie, the youngest son and grandpa who used to be his name is Henry. He used to be to complete the police commissioner and now Tom Selleck's son is in Jamie Diprima set up in the show. He's progressing toward taken over that position at some point and there's been a problem in Jamie's precinct. He's moved up to Sgt. and he comes to grandpa resident dad and just just a great interchange with my speaking into somebody's identity from the French. Everything good so this is not the classic Reagan for health's what's going on in my precinct. Turns out it was over their kids hockey team to draw a crowd was so the aggressors as Sgt. was 19 years and the job less close to retirement age you don't know what to report losses have to, but she's a single mom to take official action she could lose everything. Part of moving up the chain of command is making these kind of decisions that are never black and white for support of the loss. I just pick and choose when to follow.

Sometimes leadership means trusting your judgment about anything else. These are real people. The same thing is a reason you came to me to your father on you wanted my answer is your mind was made up before you walk through that door. Maybe Jamie great leaders don't lead according to words on page. Great leaders lead with their heart will really like it was they talked about yams. I love you and has nothing do over talk about the Psalms 19 not be confused with Robby's Psalms 119 is statues of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart and the commandments of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes and grandpa speaking to Jamie about being a great leader is speaking to who he is is an you not also often about the men in my life and even the women in my life was spoken to who I truly a.m. and not Yale and the I yam what I yam I yam what I am anti-potato but as so often you. I have blown it off in my life as that Daigle really know me if they really knew me, they would know never said about that. So that's what the clip was to me, this a great clip. It really was and I was thinking why am I struggling with the topic of spiritual eye exam you're experiencing now because every time I would think of it I would keep hearing how God sees me. That's I was struggling right and that's what we wanted to get two of them saying how God sees me is the primary thing in my mind, and not just making it up as the center got ask God why my struggling with the topic. I know what it is but I can't remember the wording is like this is what you are hearing is pretty cool also find live in that that would be even a cooler thing if I could live in it more consistently. Jim if something I probably set but I can't resist it. There was a pop that you really missed out on not having to go something like holding on to you. Yam your this point I'm checking out fairly saying it that way yeah I love yams to say they were yams in Baltimore. There was Jim single and if you could find a Barney Fife with yam thing you'd be to set yeah you guess we can mark the whole show.

Jim, let's go ahead and play your clip.

We've got a few more minutes here so we got about three and half minutes ago had the clip I got is from field of dreams and I saw the movie a long time ago. I really like to say that since the amounts are motivated, but this saying is one where the family can see the baseball players that have shown up on the field built in the middle of nowhere and the relatives, her mom, her brother and doctors another one today like those folks are not able to see this is the interaction between said sum game is not really more like a practice is only eight of them so they can play a real game. We didn't see what you think these baseball men right now really don't seem to try to make other people feel this is clip. This is reality in our lives saying it in a big way. We don't see what we don't want to see we do see what we expect to see an in the family that knows the players there have faith in this field are able to see you and knows that you believe this is all fantasy can't see what's there and we all have the ability to overlook things right in front of our face. That's why we really need a band of brothers or folks that we trust that can help us to see things in ourselves and in others that we are incapable of saying I'm looking for the signal that the one thing I realize eliciting the clip you have, what happens is right after this that the daughter starts choking on a hot dog and falls off of the bleachers in order for her to be saved. One of the players. Dr. Otto Graham asked to sacrifice the life that he loved to step into his calling and save the girl. You can't get you out of the field across the baseline right answer came about on the field and once the sacrifice was made is when the brother could see is accorded all these players come from you.

Knowing until we feel the sacrifice in our life that God made sometimes we don't have the eyes to see right you know it or were seeing what we think we should be saying versus what God's tone is to see the ears to hear, here's Aaron. I'm working on that. You also have was its allies right it's out, he says, look at all those are with us to correct right to spiritualize spiritual ears at Danny's and keep praying for me with this next week that go to masculine register the Capulet free to do that also. You can reach out to us by email if you have a topic you like us to cover you have a clip or a movie and say hey this is just the best movie ever is right along the lines what you guys talking about. We could use some new clips you know we use refreshment and sleep like for you to do that. You can reach us at this on Facebook is a social media please go do that, but more importantly, go pray to God to God. Is this the boot camp for me and listen to what he has to say and hopefully he'll say yes, and you'll say yes. See you there talking next. This is the Truth Network

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