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Spiritual Ear Exam

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 30, 2022 12:30 pm

Spiritual Ear Exam

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 30, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The topic this week is about hearing. Who do you listen to? Are you listening to God? How can you tell if what you're hearing is from God? The clips used are from "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Noble," and "Venom." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man in praise of life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request a band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine, very glad that you with us this weekend. All I can say is is I hear you I hear you. We hear you got here. They were talking about hearing today.

If you haven't got for my little bit) Doug my hearing that thing.

I think ironic is this came out of last week's show Rodney. You remember the details you because you like the scribe of the group you remember everything and keep it locked in the vault. So tell us the details out is not actually the opposite of what I had exactly that it was spiritual I exam that Sam had a little trouble remembering which got us to spiritual hearing exam. Yes yeah yeah and I just change it to your exam as it was I that it is easier yeah I did listen now. Last week I was struggling because I kept trying to say. The topic of spiritual eye exam and I Hearing in my head how God sees us. And so I was struggling to get that out and eventually I came to work through that that I had to keep asking Danny what the topic was and he thought I wasn't listening to.

So Danny, if you're really like heartbroken.

That's why not here tonight. We'd love to talk to you call and maybe we'll come see her something now. Yeah, right. You make a right that he had a a another conflict that he had so anyway have a guest on the on the show tonight, right we should do and hopefully Bob and MSX nine Bob consignments the right right yeah so I last spring on last year I went up to Ohio to a group that does big capes as well and Bob was there at the advancement camp that we that I attended and we can stay connected after that Bob connected with the hotel I teaming as well as lovely guys did as well and have been Bob be the adventurous sort that he has decided to come to our boot camp and I think he really enjoyed it. We enjoyed having them in the welcome to the show. Bob and I really appreciate that on yet. We have our own boot camp. I would start out the central Ohio boot camp we accept them camp going up for those who are called maybe have their own adventure, to Ohio, if you're around it wanted you you a basic at United 12 and then advanced September 8-11 and I believe you guys are coming up to adventure that you involved in that one central Ohio boot are coming out depends on how well you doing should always of the world.

Yeah, thanks for joining us. We we are talking about this spiritual hearing and hearing that was bad, hearing, or error. Your exam, and so I sent a group to some thoughts we've offered some thoughts this week, but really it's gonna this shows going to be kind of a smorgasbord I can say that word Robby is anywhere that I can nice buffet buffet thinking of on this topic scrumptious. Yes, although Zajac things like his voice. Are you listening to how do you know that you're listening to God's voice not the voice of others or the enemy.

What keeps you from listening to other people and could be pride that gets in the way that you're trying to answer the question before you reply to them before they get out with what they're saying Brian Ciardi thinking of your reply to what they're talking about or you know what keeps us from understanding each other. Why is it in marriages or relationships sometimes communication so difficult is because we have an enemy that's in the midst of it right will talk more about that and some other things and in the first clip that were to go to this from Jim's favorite TV show of all time. Everybody loves Raymond and so he's action at a big fan sets.

I love the pic topic are clips from that show within this one. Deborah makes Raymond go to an active listening class right he doesn't really want to go and this is happened before we get to the clip and he goes into it when he comes home easement across the street.

It is his mom and dads experimenting with it to see how it works. He comes home and Deborah is having a fight with Allie, their daughter and so he enters in and see how I does on listening, the daughter and then this listening. In general, and then we'll talk about "the beginning when we go back to the beginning. Marie you set I should make fun of Jim. That's what was because because he used to be your total IC you think that mommy getting paid too much attention to Michael and Jeff right and you're upset because we gave them your old giraffe that she work plan, but that doesn't matter though, because we gave it to Michael without asking right well mommy daddy made a mistake and everybody makes mistakes right mommy it's broken honey is pretty amazing. Carol will obviously meet the natural way because I mastered it never happened again. Bob was really thinking. I clip the disc and instruct you not particularly to give you heads up there Bob, earlier but you just room people in one spot together. Is that what we get to Bob's. I didn't forget about you is lovely. In September Bob, it's all fair will go back to guys I know that those that are married or have been married in the room kind realize what was going on with Ray. There you know what what what was really happening with that was using good listening skills. I don't think he was listening like he was little telling to Deborah yeah yeah yeah I did pretty well. His daughter, but then from there it didn't go very well. He was in a hole and didn't get rid of the shovel.

Now it kept digging to get big and little bit more and more genuine, and I looked at my watch and this is my 48 2/3 anniversary today had the only one really listening was her yeah and why either her little girl did he want active listening her less what happened a lot earlier because she only got to say yes to what he was already decided she was thinking. You step in the right and that's part of what I don't like this show. It's just so unrealistic is never the right I find him up noxious but in this essay will warm to that sum because it reminds me of Sam that I take that as a compliment ran for several heads yeah I agree appreciate that the you know that when you lick when you listen to that you listen to Ray is trying to do something, but for the wrong reasons right. He's trying to listen is he wants to get a leg up on Deborah Harry wants to get in and better with his daughter. Everything is no doubt that he loves his daughter. He wasn't really listening to your point Jim.

He wasn't really listening to anybody was just trying to get his agenda kind of across the line I have ever gotten my point because I had to be silly, but my wife and I probably listen to each other less now than we ever have. Because we assume that we know what the other one thinking and say it's funny how often will have a discussion I told you that you hadn't. I did and will not be enough for my oh yeah I remember that now, but it gets harder with age, doesn't it over there earlier thought on what makes it even worse is when you got a computer nerd with 44 years experience in a second grade schoolteacher guess is that we think and talk yeah like I could see that he could see that we don't really have time for another clip so we go and talk a bit more about the topic so guys as you think about this.

Listening and hearing God's voice and know Wayne when we get your clip you talk more about that but how do you go about trying to listen for the right reasons right.

We we can talk about all day long listening for the wrong reasons, listening so I can respond. That's the wrong reason, right but we wanted listening to understand. Isn't that really the goal. He asked the goal, but I minutes hard for me to get there.

I spent my whole life trying to prove I was right about every argument I read. I like that.

That's the whole goal have an argument as to when, what else there today. I mean uncompetitive a competitive sport since I complained again the Michael play to win this game. They were okay we get this fight. Now you know why one over on the smash it back on ALS, how I play the game. So for me I have to get to a point where it's like where's their hard at trying to understand them and really come out it and so I got say there is no chance of that happening.

It's it's better work to do but it is a lot more rewarding. Being on the side of something where it's like better for someone else and just room right yeah most time. People just want to be listened to. It's amazing isn't it. Yeah, that is not yeah it's not about the nails to support the clip and it is sounds really hard and then it's a great way to go when I'm doing training with some of the younger builders you one of the things that I may try focus on assaying you don't have the authority to respond to somebody like a client unless you can articulate what they're there saying that you can understand where they're coming from.

You don't have the right to respond yet and see you got to keep working on that.

Make sure you understand and once they know you understand and you can respond to the position where they're able to hear you now because they know that you understand where they're coming in so listening is an active thing we need to do a masculine to register for the camp November 17-21. We can before Thanksgiving. Love to see you there and register now. One of my favorite things about boot camp. Well, the favorite thing about every time I go is God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect really knew what I needed. I knew what I will masculine for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time. I'm getting a download from God, where my life is how I have.

I have his story is just a masculine so maybe that was your brother about yeah there I got it by default but that's where we went multiple bumps submitted right, Jim. It is, and I was doing other things today. That's right but anyway I was at his Gulag. We couldn't. I couldn't think of anything I thought was a good song know that you are that you are the man. So you say what you mean. I may not get is trying to get from the lyrics weddings really talk about God.

There enter something some things and indicated some things just listen to a man that has wisdom or whatever, but that's were talking about is listen what that there is a lot of wisdom out there. Listen to what the man said you thanks for the lightning right there is listen to what the song said appreciate the bump probably died for your clip okay right. I did actually, since it was spiritual. Your exam or spiritual hearing exam. I think to hear with your spirit is different than hearing with your ears and you know this is one of the neat things that we get to do is is hear God's voice and all sorts of different ways and so there's a movie coming out actually May 8 look spectacular. It's called noble and has to do with ladies last name was Noble who saved thousands of Vietnamese children are deeply millions as a result of her heroic actions, but in our younger life.

She was seriously wounded by the Catholic Church in semi-different ways and you get a picture that in the second as she was losing her mother to tuberculosis and she was in the church praying for her mother diligently, which will hear that prayer and because I think she's Scottish here through your accent which actually says I want to be Doris Day. I want to travel to America that's that's what she's saying and it's her mother. This dying of tuberculosis and you can hear how the preacher excuse me, the priest response to her shame to go on home now acts as may be church that is way that's nonsense, you're expected that clip just kinda hit me right in the heart as I heard that priest tell that young girl said she'd heard from God, that's enough nonsense and its it speaks directly against in my opinion the childlike spirit which it's it's only the childlike spirit that's even going to have ears to hear spiritually. So the word as you might guess, and he prefer here is his Shema. That's what I say. This small like they want to hear from God to me that's the whole, the whole thing right and and there's a story told. I love the story about this the boy was on the beach and there was a great big huge naval ship headed towards this island and it was like an aircraft carrier, giant thing and he was standing on the beach just waving like he was waving for this aircraft carrier to come over and course this man comes up and says son aircraft carriers and coming up here because I said oh yeah he's come right over there is simply no wire, you waive any said because the captain is going to come out of wife and insist now that that aircraft carriers and criminal here to wave at you any said oh you is my dad. Well, that's the boy you know that that there incompletely is the point is that it is our childlike spirit believes that dad wants to talk to us in and to me it's critical.

And the worst thing you can tell somebody is enough of this nonsense because there is actually everything else is nonsense.

This is the only thing that makes it effects you know clearly and and and so you know it I'd love love love people that there's nothing that turns my heart more on fire than to hear somebody boot camp say they heard their meaning or they heard God say he wanted to go in this direction with the lifework or they heard that that he wanted to work on them with on this struggle or wherever it is if if they had that that stuffed salmon.

You know this, that changes their life, not just through boot camp.

You know, but as it is.

They grow in that relationship with God, and they begin to enter into that place of of conversational intimacy with God is life-changing. Absolutely Bob you probably seen that. I would imagine through your boot camps as well, or are being up at ours how God moves through men able to be on the leadership team back all and it was neat to guide.

Now I come back with that that look in her eye balder. I finally hit me and I go mad to look at that the satisfaction when they heard God speak to them when they were not expecting it. Maybe I can meet you anywhere.

If he can meet you in Ohio right as a group in Indiana. So saying that is is your next here, you know, we just have corn yet are called speed bumps so plainly in the microphone in front of you and go ahead and not talk about your good set it up yet. Scott actually following along with Robby and his topic there is clip is from the movie venom venom in any minimization alien sludge needs a symbiotic host Kelly was about.

Yes, I would like a licorice. I think yeah but which evidently that they've had a life together and you any just walk around with his voice and his eldest son last time he worked for his victims or know their God. Any clues of outstanding bodies lost forever completely educated just decided I don't think we might get caught kill the chickens you want anything about you like to special you may be special to some right before you can like chickens. I had dreams I had a fiancÚ and I had a really successful TV shop. But what I rebuild my life and now this new life.

You know about being a hero. For me, man, this is about leaving peace between us to talk about yet so rightly we hear voices and are not always arbitrator thoughts. Jesus told us to take your thoughts captive. This is, things of been talking about for a while now is the reality of a lot of what we do in discipling others and getting them to understand that yes you do here you can hear God's voice, but there are other voices to write you happy and you know it's not your voice or having no, it's not always are the enemies and ultimately it's it's diving into the inlet childlike heart that we can hear the voice of God we have these conversations these arguments with ourselves a lot of time to write.

I can't believe I did that in your immediate you moron is one things with him on the boot camps is that in third person. You never talk yourself in the third person on the way, you can hear that voice and then distinguish that it's not yours. Yeah I just love the reality that that we can we can hear the voice of God and in the change that makes when you do that active listening you Bill Dale's praying to God and had something happen that I never had happened before the law was praying it was like this needle sticking me in the back of the throat.

All of a sudden, I could not praying I heard father distinctly say stop right.

What I didn't know was there was 1/3 man there that was praying with us you in the spirit and he said that during that time whenever offspring of this man. He was praying for the man as well is is is I started to get the scratch my throat, he realized something was going on and he started praying for me and father told me to stop praying with him get done what he was doing. I didn't know he was doing this I didn't know why until after we have these conversations but it but in the active listening. I could've kept trying to pray and I would've kept struggling with trying to bring it it it makes a huge difference in the way we walk if we believe that we can hear his voice right then shows on hearing God's voice, but as we close out this particular show. How do you know you're listening to the right voice as part of the questionnaire and see through a couple things out there throwing out that it's it's going to be convicting but not condemning right if you hearing attacks on you.

That's not from God typically defeat you for being confronted with truth in a loving way that could be the father speaking to you right in its enemy doesn't really act like that. One of the keys for me at your bottom is this I heard exactly the same thing from God that was a little more after that I will cite many said stop praying now and I was under attack by a spirit of confusion because I was praying against that and that he will but when he says something, it's out of it is not you know it's not you, and then you can test whether it's the enemy because the enemy always be light and that there are times when I actually know it might be God might be me. It's usually easy. This is excellent fire and Bob, you give it keeps coming up when your next well I will talk to you next week probably stay on for after hours. This is the Truth Network

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