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Unforgiveness After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 21, 2022 12:35 pm

Unforgiveness After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 21, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on Unforgiveness continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Picard," and "Unforgivable."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is on trial from the physician will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network and French and American in the heart.

Masculine journey after our time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic of this week's broadcast. So sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome to messenger the after hours in the beginning of a series of pillars. If you don't know what pillars are women and pillars and will have unity thing. It's been a while with the pillar holds up a building or something that holds up an idea right seat you get have more than one right and so were doing pillars.

Then really flow well off the lips, but it's the tools of the enemy that he uses the main tools that he gets a little box when he wants to call me at tools and what are you doing here hey you hospice know you that any say anything first first tool out of the toolboxes unforgiveness talk a little bit about how we have it unforgiveness to one another to ourselves to God and now it's multifaceted and anytime you hold something against somebody in and not let it go. You're actually acting more like Satan than you actually are that God gives God's very good.

It forgiving in and out running think you misinterpreted what I unite, we call you ramrod right and that's kind like a tool the same.

I'm trying to get the first clip of the after hours going puzzled about a been kicked to the after hours may not make it well you have too much room. This is a a sequel to the cliff I had last week is likely the front part of it and from the Star Trek series per card and is an interchange between Q who's a Godlike character in the show all way back through the next generation series and him and Picard have a series of events all through out and this is the culmination of it and Picard is going back in history any season things in his past about his boyhood and he was pushing him into forgiving himself, which is, as you already mentioned something very hard to do and so he's there interchange is about it. Forgiving yourself and and it it has to do with a card let his mom out of a room that his dad had locked her in to protect her and he didn't realize everything was going old and he blamed himself for years so we can play equipment talk about my old friend Efrain is going with an antenna skeleton key processing universe and is on the hot you are now unshackled from the past.

As I leave I leave you free. Why does all of this mass have something going to happen, which I will be required. Must it always have galactic import universal stakes. Celestia let people isn't One Life enough. You asked me why it matters.

It matters to me. You can't have favorite. You've always been one of mine to times a Mustang. I have one nice surprises: I it into that clip. The ASCII was a matter Denise is quite the opposite, and that what forgiveness feels like is is quite the opposite. There's nothing role and you know so often life. I walked in that unforgiveness of me. You know with with you the molestation stuff and loss of everything and taken old the ownership of that and you if I would've done something different.

My life would have been this way you having been deeply involved in a Christian walk. Early in my life and then get into alcohol and drugs and in carrying that burden that unforgiveness of you. You're a failure you make in those agreements that we talk about any of God come in after you. Not so much for universal impact, but because you need to be free and I need to know that he loves me because he loves me because he loves me and needed the freedom in that and and I think is a process you we talk about the, the onion effect so to speak a little off the layers of oh that's uncovered and that's uncovered, and God.

Just keep in pursuing who we truly are in his eyes and athletically admits about you because we all make a joke sometimes your God loves everybody but I was favorite today and you to believe that his is awesome. I think, and that is an incredible clip is really good. Save it for the after hours stated that after it is not as great clip of all those things he said I one thing that stuck out to me as I think we need to go to trademark the onion effect and I think that they could be wasn't enough with her to the butterfly fact, the whatever different effect thank you trademark that the onion effect in a masculine journey. Now Rodney you also have a clip and so were blessed within the after hours as well yeah I'm I'm with you Dan and I yeah I'm just saying our after hours listeners are very special in these deserve the best clip okay Sam. Trying to dig dig is way out of the picture does not make it and then it were not gonna forgive you and you suck my right hand to the Schengen is like now to talk about when when the topic came up.

It was truly unforgiveness. And I might okay are so many things out there and what were seeing in the clips. He resented Knight about forgiveness because almost every movie show then you talk about. It's about working towards forgiveness and just brought to my mind about how deeply we really need to be forgiven. We want to be forgiven, but then it so hard to forgive. In this movie. It's not pure flex but this is Netflix original movie the un-unforgivable and this is about a lady who spends 20 years in prison for shooting a policeman because they were coming to evict her from her home and she was trying to protect her younger sister and her sister grows up without her for this whole time and the adopting parents.

They don't even tell the younger sister about her older sister.

The two brothers of the policeman who was shot and killed.

They are basely unforgiving and they are going after her to hear that in the clip a little bit and the wife of the attorney who she goes back to her house and gets his attorney that happens we live in our house.

He forgives her but his wife is like no you just now, you're just a killer and just this there's this everybody in this movie just won't really let her go.

Several basely one character as a can work through this movie so near the trailer and in the attorney and his wife lived in the house that she let out every hour that the police officer and that's how he how she came back to get into their life as a release of the terms in the order to give me a speech I'm looking for my little sister extent don't drag me through three bus transfer sums now, not 20 years ago times with blanks and this is kind of, and she doesn't quit and none of us can quit and that's were that the biggest thing that I would take away from that clip is the fact that every single person in that clip is really really ugly, angry, and wrathful except for the one guy that has a little bit of heart for that is the lawyer and he's going to kinda take on a case. She them lies to him at first because she didn't want to expose who she really is and then they find out.

She explains the circumstances and he actually gives her and like I can see where your heart set now kind of thing in takes on her case to try to basely get her to where she can see her sister, but we can't give up on trying to on to trying forgives people.

It's so easy just to live and that hate and that vengeance and like you guys talked about in the first show where basically you know, if you don't if you don't live in that it's going to eat you up in each alive and we gotta be able to basely get past those things and get the point. We don't have to say I owe a great. I completely accept everything about you, but you do have to forgive David about see any thoughts, and talk to you yet. I nine I have thoughts, but any thoughts on the subject, but you know I'm still working on the forgiven parts and tell them but I clip yes you have and I do want to say is more than saying sorry Pfc. Cliff Iver submit agreement (yeah, okay, I think a lot of times you know we use the I'm sorry as basically I get out of jail free card say no. We made a mistake when there was with our wife or our kids made a mistake with us and I say, you know, I'm sorry and when I sit back and think about that. Do we really truly forgive when they do say with their sorry Yana Thompson when you my kids make mistakes which they do run up all the time and recently some more than others, but you know she says I'm sorry and I really truly forgive her. You know, looking back at it.

I don't think I did.

I think that a lot of times I would use that hold onto that and throw back at her and say what you did this even though he said you're sorry. I think the truly the true definition of forgiveness as the most part advice point is had supported height is we need to forgive others as well. Forgive ourselves you know, long before our story was ever written before we were ever even part of this world and we were just a creation God's eyes. He for gave us. So I mean I think at the end of the day.

Why can't Liza so hard for us to go to forgive each other point bless his heart.

This thinking more about this LEM therapy great for that, by the way.

If you clip that make it Rodney the eighth, the president of the club yeah have not making it as well he should be. He's not joking. No baby fish issue joking yes as I was thinking about this topic. Some more guards reminding me of been married twice a didn't indwell. Obviously, because that's because they ended landed right in with both of my ex-wives for different reasons. I had a lot of pent-up unforgiveness and anger and even guided boot camps would would work on it with me. Initially I wasn't really open to it. It was different times for each one of them was different times that when he really got my attention and got me to start working on it. It's not like I called him and said you need the eye. I forgive you. And that's probably not going to go elevated his colleges spout there.

I forgive you and what he had me do is he reminded me of the things that I did wrong and that relationship in and prompted me to call them in the several years apart. Obviously I called Evan just asked for their forgiveness and what ended up happening was they turn around and and said it would you forgive me and he and and we had dialogue and there was conversation and nothing working on any of us are best friends anymore, but were really really good place you know we have great relationships for what they are because it's built on a place of forgiveness and not of the place of anger or resentment are holding onto things in on it. I have hope that that's going to serve me well in a future relationship. Her current relationship, but rather that young men to do better at, you know, believing those things and testing those things and walking in and I would not be able to be to do that if I hadn't got Hadden take me through that and I think it would carry them with us as we talked about it. Harold that we take into other relationships and immediate future, and I think that that forgiveness is key for us to have the joy in the hope that we want to have in the future know that I mean, it's hard not to that. That's all that's all part of this whole restoration process and forgiveness is a big part of that in your gonna carry that along. If you don't deal with it.

Eventually and it doesn't mean that you're not potentially good anytime you expose your heart for love. For the next time down the road. Your your your opening yourself up for that, but how you handle it the next time. Have you learn from what you went through the previous time that just a story from my youth, I mean it is a key in and on and around the gospel, but didn't really have anything deep and teenage years looking for a job, got a job at McDonald's, I met this girl, Darren and first girl that gave me some attention and I just went gaga over and I thought we were a thing. We want the thing I found that out really quick and had never had really that rejection before and Iraqis talk about rejection from a former girlfriend with you know that was with his best friend very difficult as I can imagine that it was something similar to that and it was really hurtful. We had to work together.

There McDonald's and I remember at this the first time I had to put the shields up on my heart and we were working together and you know she's upfront serving the customers on back cooking. I should say shouldn't need something to whatever just looks straight through or just mean cold sent home. She went home crying a couple days just that mean you know you know and you know we we made up after that.

After that, his friends in Canada happened again. You know going on and on down the road.

We talked recently since I been separate. Just as Franzen and all that stuff is behind us and that she was going through a separation itself. We were able to talk to that so all that stuff was healed from the past but I'm just thinking back about how that was not good for my heart. I thought I was getting revenge by doing that and seeing on her face to nose almost like I was you know how you are whenever you feel like I've been hurt that person heart syndrome crime that was somewhat of a victory.

But then I first saw how hollow that was.

And it's just you really think about people and how they do it. She was just trying to figure out life that you that she was seen really do anything wrong. She was trying to figure out who she liked or whatever it things happen but we hold those things out. I think to when I got serious about God in my 20s I remember reading that passage from Matthew 18 and it's about the king that had a servant who owed him so much and the servant. Complainant said no no I don't pay this backing said okay I forgive you with the servant as soon as he gets forgiven. He goes out and guys in like $10. Me, for now, take you and bind you would hold you and put you in prison and you know the king found out he's like, no, no, no, that's not the way it works in the end, the torment for him was much greater because in that would have made a big impression. I begin to realize you not been forgiven so much. How can our old. Anything somebody does now.

It's not easy.

As you walk out life, but that's always been a foundational you know pillar in my mind about forgiveness and Cindy I need you concerning the largest back where you were earlier, Sam where you're going in the future. What we what do we learn from here forgiveness with Gartner heart you know it may not be perfect, but you can eat there like Danny was saying what was at the onions new United affecting the onion effect the others different layers to this forgiving to you, forgive him for a little bit of what they did and then you can. Maybe for a little bit morbid. I really just wholeheartedly forgiving and the freedom you get to walk forward within in future relationships like I was thinking just like for use, and was like oh my gosh I look at your relationship with your kids relationship with this group and other groups that you talk about another man that you know it wheat that will enter no interest. It's good to see that so clearly in other people's lives. I think is one of the things we need to really talk more about with each other is a this is what I see in you yeah you've talked about this and while since I've seen your part change in the unforgiven state is just a great place to go help other people out. Always look for another risk is one of the things it helps me get through things I struggle with like forgiving people is a fact I see what you guys have done you guys talk about your issues in AI forgiven and you guys a move dynamite while can I go do that with my situation going in the anything goes back to when things and Andy said in an order was said and in Andy's clip was when God was talking to Mac. He said you may have to forgive over and over and over again. A thousand times or whatever and in that's what it looks like, and sometimes it's it's chunks of forgiveness. The big forgiveness elephant forgiveness hell that I had a little divided into five subtypes that get to that often up so you know Randy said a couple things it in the provoking, the one that he said was you know you when you are holding that I'm forgiveness are more like Satan.

Obviously then your my God and it's fascinating to me that God puts in some families you know is not just spouses.

You know you got in-laws you got all sorts of interesting characters that are in this group of people that you and 707. That enough to just say I and and and you know the stuff builds and it builds and it builds in the eye and I can actually remember this Sunday is Tammy and I were going to church is again we have got to figure out a way to get the massive forgiveness download like we have so much that we need to forgive because it's getting piled on every single day and piled on and piled on and piled on and you know it it it takes a thought of what Jesus said to me you you eat, you know the Scripture, that, speaks to that. The only time that Jesus talks about grace our teachers about grace is. He says for you to love those that love you, what grace is that to you. So what he saying is to love the unlovable of those of the ones that are the 7077700 saying or maybe another 70 times, like how in the world. I mean, at some point in time. Is there a limit, apparently not and apparently right. I don't want to end up being there like like Satan in some way to keep download and you know like the forgiveness and it's fascinating.

It's fascinating to me that I'm in this family right which requires that here you are, and are you going to really live that because it's one thing Gina forgive that person that did something. You know whatever, but man I mean real life is a lot different if forgiving human living with them, you can forgiving them and not seeing them that you're feeling what yeah I cannot big story was the greatest lesson though forgiveness in God's forgiveness. Ira got was from my son. He was about seven years old. I guess being his mom had been married to Logan I would make you lunch every morning and ask you one more commitment make eulogies did note I did the mind yesterday or I had to for ministers of little about her business with that evening he comes in our room and I'm standing usually he's coming to see his mom and he's got his lunch box in his hand and he walked right around the shale and that little seven-year-old, 10 foot tall guy confessed to me that he lied to me and just confessed his sin right there just and laid it out and I'm stunned but but what God spoke to me was see how it's done because I had no choice but to just forgive him and let it go.

God says he'll throw it in the sea of forgetfulness, and remember it no more. And you know I remember that story because it made such an impact on me because he was a little child shall lead them. He was showing the example of how God works. Cindy not like your sandwiches. That was that it was they were freezer like well I mean I let out. Matthew has what I let me know that I would make it. As a thinking more about this. Sometimes that forgiveness is a conversation. But how do you Stephanie forgiveness wounds are semi that you can't be around is not safe for somebody that is in around anymore. You know, in the times that God's you called me through to forgive my dad for things and he's been gone since 1984 more. My sister, that it was not safe to talk my sister sheds mental illnesses and was not a safe person to have any type of conversation with that God still knows I shared before the year Laying her on my heart. He kept waking me up and pray for her.

Mike Allen pray for it.

I go back to bed. Did I do this without it. Finally after about Anna having nights he woke me up for Mike right now and I pray for and I really did pray for her in the release that I felt was this tremendous, and she's never going to knowingly spreading care. Was she not alive anymore so she doesn't care that she probably didn't even know. That's a whole thing is sometimes people don't know anything they do in your discipline yourself and on last point on the make on it was his.

Jesus tells us in the Lord.

If you have please forgive and write.

Forgive us as we forgive people trespass against, I'm really glad that Jesus doesn't hold us to that he forgives us totally. Even when we haven't given to private. He knows that what works works it under construction and we need to be able to continue walking him with that and help us to forgive it a masculine registered in boot camp November 17-21 talk with you next week.

Forgive somebody this is the Truth Network

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