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Masculine Journey Boyhood After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 10, 2022 12:35 pm

Masculine Journey Boyhood After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 10, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the boyhood stage continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Old Yeller," and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Zero as you will finishing well we got obligors here long term here your money you chose starting enjoy sure most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth broadcast. This is the Truth Network barricade the heart and vascular journey. After our time to go deeper and be more transparent, topic covered this week, so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after hours start now welcome messenger and after hours and we are glad that you say we're talking about our next series of stages as you said, a great state stages, we can say that were authority were confidence stated you really want to name it. I know it's a stages of the masculine.

That's the next two pillars that were talking about. It's but we know it's it's that I guess it's different. This is a different kind of are independent and build the building out itself but stages build on one another like to explain and lash out right man's blaming construct well my dad construction. Your I think when we run into a pillar series. We think there is unknown number and it ends up being just a much bigger number. I think what's deafly different about this. It's fine if sick time buying six days and so can't be pillars working out five more heart so we are talking about the six stages of the masculine journey handing you tell us briefly good one that's about it. If if he doesn't give enough information. I don't glisten the hash out this quick because we got a lot to get through but you stages of masculine journey really liked stages of man's man's life and I never had really heard of broken down and so defined in distinct ways. And after I got done right model heart. I read way the wild harder or bothered by God is the other and it went through the stages. What helps you do is if you read while art know all that content and wounds and son should have been in warfare in all his things.

This gives you context where you can see that it isn't and how you're going to see those in the different stages of your life also give you some context of asking God to go back and help filling those areas that you missed you didn't do well. You didn't even understand that you needed them and you this year unfinished man. There that needs help from his father and who better conduit than the one I created you to walk you through this process and he'll either walk you through personally or or maybe you are getting other people That they help you get through it. I have some people in your life and in so as you go through it as you go through that bug very powerful book fathered by God.

If you get a old copy. It was a way the heart pretty much the same but it breaks down into the stages and then the questions are come behind that is, you learn what you're supposed to have gotten in each stage. How you might've been wounded in that stage and then your supposed guidance on the bank where did you get wounded, asking God, where did I get winded in this stage, and from that what agreements did I make right's that let you break the warfare lecture stepped into back into that that area in a wayward guy can work on your heart and what one sometimes we think of them is like a positive thing where arrow went and something bad happened to you. You got hurt in some way, but a lot of times it's just the absence of somebody walking you through those things. Maybe because you have an absent father needn't take you through the things needed to know to become a man, and I remember friend of ours from the show through the ministry Ron Mitchell talking about admin camp when he responded to the one talkative.

His dad was gone in a very orderly early age and not knowing how to tie a tie in not knowing how to ask a girl out on a date in those types of things and those were all wounding moments because he felt like he was just left alone and abandoned solid tick-tock this last week I sent it to some the guys in the group. I know that would look at tick-tock that there is a guy out there that is doing father, how do I it is what it's called on tick-tock, but it's a series of of things.

It teaches men how to do things like tie a tie as he grew up without a father and had figured out on his own and he's like I don't want anyone else to have to go through that.

So even in what could be like a frivolous kind of thing like tick-tock got to do some really good work in 1/3 guy that has a good heart that wants to try to help others and so as wheat we talk about this stage. Any when we left the radio show moving in after hours. You just played your clip from Braveheart, but we didn't get a chance for you to share how you are wounded in this boyhood stage and in how guards come after you. Okay, if I must. So my dad really did give me that this like William and in Braveheart. I feel like he really was. I was a beloved son youngest child at the time was in his youngest, but I really felt like he gave me a law he gave me a lot of the kid work in sports and stuff like that and probably spent more time with me on that. My brother got the job of working quite a bit but and there was times that he spoke hard in my life, like the first clip in the Braveheart seen this is like. I can remember a time when I wouldn't Abreu really wouldn't you have going in and spend time practicing for baseball I got was a picture and I didn't spend the time and when he took the time to only say that it helped out but he would give me a hard time. He would give me a hard time when, was acting cocky on the mountain. I heard it coming. I heard it on the way home because in and you know I didn't really have a whole lot to be talking about me. Remind me that the probably the worst thing.

Probably the one that came in affected me the most of my life was dad had a good heart and wanted to reach out. We had a heated been married before his previous wife, sons, horrible situation.

He'd been juvenile and all that that went got them out broadened our house and ended up exposing our family lockstep me to pornography.

For the first time and so that was trying to do the right thing and trying to even do the right thing for I think he felt like the whole family really thought he felt it would be good for my brother and sister who had actually lit with this brother but it really damage me. I mean that that was something a stain for that I dealt with. A big part of my life and so that's that taking of innocence that you mentioned them and I really struggled, but I was like being doing that yet. When you talk about taking the innocence of a much younger age than it should've been right so has God come after that. So while the it that could take years.

But really, really set set me free from less than an pornography in those things that you know just bound me up and you know those are the things that you didn't really know that God had that obviously all you did was run from the father. You can run to the fathers. We talked about before, so really just he's he's set me free.

I know how to put it at any any other way than that actually back to another thing you wanted things. Dad did when you're young.

He loved to take on adventures and one that was stolen from Uganda stepped in and I don't absolutely know that was a little bit older age but it was still mayor. Still, that we did a lot as a family were still together as a family and he may coming. I remember spending time the rivers camp and out of the rivers. You know that a lot of us that he was involved in my sports.

He was he was in the proper place of helping me mature as a young man was a perfect nobody is a brick mason. He worked hard. He had a lot of responsibilities and you have one shot. He had three the time been poorly brought this other son Landon. You know how to how you manage all that and give each one that's I don't know how I did it think Cindy Robby were up with your clip. Would you like to tell us a little bit about your clip or of some your story first, which would you prefer well the clips about old yeller and so I hope you've seen it but and I went to classic movie from the 1950s and early 60s, but Bill Murray liked it because he asked our family.

People cried for an old yeller died is one of old yeller pants. That's one of my own letter Andrea might remember my faithful story when my old dog is so yeah in a lot of different ways all yeller stakes to all those things but that's the setup for the movie and I really highly recommended as a movie of the masculine journey for a lot of reasons because you can kinda see what happens. As a dad leaves because that's the that's the set up is the father is going to he's gotta go on a cattle drive and is is to make some money for the family and he leaves the two boys, one that is in the cowboy Ranger phase actually little bit older and then the beloved son, which is played by Kevin Cochran and if you're a fan of all Disney movies you would know Kevin Cochran and actually Tommy Kirk are both in Pollyanna and they're both in Swiss family Robinson. In both cases they play very similar parts where you know Kevin, this young boy is the beloved son and quite honestly, what I thought of the beloved son lives thinking of a clip. I thought, man, this guy like Opie like you know this is the beloved son is just a way is but unfortunately when the guy when the when the father left on this. It reminded me all too much of my own childhood because my father was constantly he left every Friday.

I mean every Monday morning on a business trip and he did not come back and tell you know we didn't see him until Saturday sometime when he woke up and then he was an optically good mood gets it worked all week and what little bit I had a my dad was a little bit frightening at times. Also although I knew I was the beloved son but I didn't exactly always know what I was going get with my dad but I knew one thing I was going to get his. He wasn't around much, and when he would leave. He would do what the father did in this movie and out he takes a boy that really is too young for the response finances. You are the man of the house and this is your gear to be the man of the house will he he did that when I was six, seven, eight years old when clearly I was not the man of the house and it was pretty obvious to me that I did everywhere close to running thing, especially when I have two older sisters boss me around and it was really a very difficult thing that left me in a in a in a place of fear, like I do not know what to expect in life and it left me really afraid of a lot of things even walk into a grocery store and and and walking up to a clerk would terrify me because I didn't know what to expect from people and I made that agreement that you can't trust people because you don't know you know they seem very nice to you. What ever the next minute manner. They could be really hard and so it led to a lot of uncertainty a lot of fear as you listen to this clip. I love what the mom is here and she comes after both sons hard since by the father is is is left and you can hear that in all obviously wish I shouldn't say obviously what's happened is the Tommy Kirk.

The older boy was told that if he could she could grow corn you know that they have bread for the winter and then he would do man job that he would get a horse and so everything's been on this horse 12 old yeller. The dog comes in, causes a ruckus. The mule box tears up the corn you know and so now he's not. He's not. He hasn't got what it takes and it looks like he's a failure so he's obviously blaming the dog and he must kill the dog and about that time little boy comes and falls in love with the dog and there you have the same right now you can help it see how that mom goes after Travis's heart. At the same point given him a chance to to love on the beloved younger son who supposed to know that he's the favorite) right you're supposed to know that that your favorite when you're that age and there's no doubt that that we see her do that. But when she tells them out and get a deer in all that she saying I know what you got it taken what it takes Travis to make this happen. I know you can break them about. I she has confidence in him and imports that induced his heart, which does well for their so you know what I really look back on that wounding of the fear that I had in my life.

As a result of what happened to me in the capital in the in the boyhood stage and when I remember when I went to my first boot camp that you guys pointed out that Jesus needed this and like if Jesus needed to know.

He's the beloved son, how much more do we left worth the beloved son. He needed to know this so much that God broke protocol at his baptism right and said this is my beloved son, right, in whom I am well pleased and and when you guys said that I never forgotten what it did for my heart to say all 00 if Jesus needed to hear that you know how much more do I need to hear that. My, how much more do I need to see that and and I love the wounding part where it says in their that in order for the father's violent month. My father was violent physically very much it did happen, but not much. He was he was violent verbally at at and that led to some remarkable fear, however, just like when we did the this so funny to me that what I know about this. What we did the collage that you talked about when we did the son ship talk. I was supposed to go through how God put these different fathers in my life that really really helped me with a sickening sound bizarre Rama but is just a story, folks, okay. So when I was in my early 20s when I was really really struggling with his fear God sent me L Ron Hubbard. Okay, that's the founders of the Church of Scientology is so true. But in the church Scientology on the very first fundamental things you have to do.

It is a communications class and in that community vacation class you deal with fears, especially relational fears. Constantly they have something they would call bull baiting married people would actually try to get you to be intimidated on purpose and you had to walk through that in in it and it really it, God sent Ron Hubbard on there's no doubt my mind I would not be who I am today i.e. I would walk in the grocery store. My first marriage broke up because I wouldn't on the grocery store. Okay a man's true story that God sent that man with that information seek to get me to where I could even relate to people, God sent obviously Jesus to die for my unlawful lot of stuff to get me where I am today after that. But there's other fathers that come along the way and and and he's the one that God orchestrated that you have David you are actually up next with your clip you talk about your clip you want to talk about it.

So this is from Spider-Man to it's Spider-Man talking to his school friend. It's only a proven school. A.m. and basically they're going through. How their father wound has left them where they're at.

Dylan abandon and any ultimately is thereby shared tonight way when you collect your beta from your father and you God is like that that doing happening. So ultimately he'll turn it around sometimes and put the money in your life to help bother you through that in and bother you with them through that I'm solicitous clip and will come back talk about it in at the end of the clip. Third, skipping stones across the lake.

You hear the lake in the in the clip, but that's what they're doing anyway as I said, it is being and explain anything to me got dumped you ever figure out why your parents failed the briefcase. So I got briefcase for the job. Whatever you think about is that working on the wrist, buddy. So you know he talks about his father leaving him briefcase for jogging. Know that might be true and inspiring movie but we can all look back in our fathers left us with something. You know me personally, looking back at some of the wounds that have gotten throughout my life has really shown me going through this boyhood stage and more of the stages of the masculine journey because I'm new to that that part of it to see how that the enemy really takes isn't in twist, those in and really comes back up later in life.

I mean just for me. For instance, I can look just meet meet bothering my children through what they're going through right now I can see tendencies of the warning to lean towards how I was bothered and in ultimately you know praying about it and try to fight through.

It is a battle and a and battling the enemy to make sure I don't fall down the same path or my kids don't go down the same path that I went to likely having.

I had no my uncle was there for me in income a lot bother me through through a lot of things that my mind at will, and therefore you know I was number four or five kids is about that point in time.

You know my parents were there, but no, they were older, somewhere on Sam's age maybe but you know we were getting there. So, but it is just the enemy really takes takes any type of wood that you get to renew the stages is you're going through and twisted and turns it all the way up to direct your life and I think what I really liked about your clip as you get these people that are talking at a very deep level about woundedness and opening her up and ending vulnerable and that's the first part of moving towards healing is recognizing there is something there there something that needs to be dealt with it. Why is it that I always get angry. In these situations. Okay, that that that needs to be dealt with. Probably unless it's really just truly defending somebody type situation and so digging back in Harold going to go to you, it was just really like to add on this topic. I had a great and terrible boyhood. I was born in little small town in northwest Alabama and had the freedom to roam all over the hillside so that part of the boyhood was great. My father had a problem with alcohol and was gone. Was it a stay in is a territory at territory and my father was gone a lot work in construction of most often when he was around strong and so I have a lot of shame that I grew up with a lot of frustration that things that I wanted to do that. I didn't get to do so like I said I had a great and terrible child has God come after that for but teaching me that I don't want to be like that that I did not want my kids to ever be ashamed of me and what I did. Unfortunately, with my temper. So much for throwing.

I think they were but didn't realize that at the proper time, but the my bed eventually got over the problem and is later years. We did have good years going on but early on, no thank you in the list you talked about in the first shows is how what you're supposed to get knowing the Apple the father's year of the beloved son noticed you matter your heart matters. You have the opportunity for safe exploration to do things that you love to do and to find out you have power and strength in that's wounded with the sudden loss of innocence and IQ talked about Andy when you don't know you, the beloved son if that question is never answered.

As not horrible and maybe just not really there is you don't have that question answered.

And so that's a wound as well, passive checkout father just won't really engage in anything again.

It does mean that there mean or anything like that since not there when you need him to be there kind of thing absent father that can be inside the house, absent her outside the house, absent with all experience some of that here in the team different lines, violent father.

We talked about Rob Buchanan mentioned one that was inconsistent father Greg and I are going to get you to get Diane. That was the dad that I was provided years until I got a lot more healing breakers. I would let my emotions lead in analyzing, consistent, and that's a really wounding think is they don't know when they can trust like you are talking about her how to engage or can I engaged ready to just not engage. You don't know any of the insurgency to scan a inferior shy away now is a fair assessment.

I have this scary thing is I know I was exactly that way.

I'm I mean I know I came at it will allow an elective of known what I know you know now, 30 years ago but I didn't. But the cool thing is I can still come after their hearts and and and and and apologize for what you shenanigans provide for better works yeah it's never too late. It's never too late again to turn that around his eyes going through this checklist was really good for my heart going through the boyhood stage that you have been doing this for a while, often on haven't done in a long time.

Honestly so fellow challengers are going through the kind of look at this stage with fresh eyes and say okay and got what were the big wounds and he displayed them right out and talk to about them on the on the radio show that similar station in agreement I got from that was that. I'm tainted at never be a real man. He came after that night with a vengeance and and and really got me in such a great place in that area to where that is even bother me anymore to talk about my dad not being around not being a priority in my dad's life and I know that W talked about knowing that you are the apple of your dad's.

I I knew that I just went important to in a weird way he love me but I wasn't as important is the Cincinnati Reds game that was going on and that the horses and whatever's going on there and guts came after that to make sure that I know I'm a priority in his eyes and he goes on and on and and eyes open is able to find a new one a little bit you then you say no you always on your own and then I thought about all these guys in this room and realize that's been broken for such a long time and am so grateful for it, that are not on my own and on. I'd encourage you to go do this as well. Once a sheet reach out to us will get it to you that a masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp coming up November 17 through the 20th and then also the entrenchment September 30 and October 1. That is a free event.

It is not an overnight event. So you have to travel somewhere from their task and talking actually, this is the Truth Network

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