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MJ King

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 8, 2022 12:30 pm

MJ King

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 8, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week's show is part 5 of a series of shows, that go into detail on the 6 different stages a man is meant to go through, from the womb to the tomb. The stage discussed this week is the "King" stage. The clips are from "The Lion King," and "Braveheart." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is on child finishing well and finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money, your chosen truth cast starting and just enjoy sharing all thank you for listening and choosing podcast.

This is the Truth Network masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey.

Glad that you're with us this weekend in guys I don't know about you but we have seven people in this ruminants is like were empty as it feel that way a little bit.

It does, we normally have so many seats packed in a fight and it's hot, it's actually going a little roomy little roomie you know I died on sat next to Andy and it's really nice for you. Oh, okay. Anyway, yes or is my goal okay sorry metal technical thing there so will will will go from there. Anyway yeah normally we would have a lot more people here we get David that's out in the shame of it is David cut his own clip, this time for the first time ever, still not to make it present the president where David, sorry maybe next time we do this topic continues at clip Robby's out in gym is out and Wayne is out and then grant which grant is easy and on the air, but that we were were short shorts and people to help delete all doing well. Jim and non-Robby up fishing for steelhead so you know the type of fish.

If you don't know what it is you can look at Thatcher challenge of the week to look at steelhead fish or something. We also talked about before we get into the topic would be in the middle of the series unit say something or hurled, so don't worry about being short paper because we got some short people.

This right we do will yeah it's proportionally if Jim's gone and you're here. It is just the normally the balance out Jimmy and Soto note before we get into the topic of what we've been going through, which is a masculine journey is something that our show is based on this this topic over and talk a bit about the entrenchments over the guys were at the entrenchment this weekend been talking about it a lot promoting it. We had a good turnout and what were your thoughts on some the stuff in the entrenchments of your favorite memories is pretty good. It was neat to see a band of brothers that look like they probably had a foundation and let you know to interact with another group of me and an end to see you know babies growth is life therein was neat.

We had some good conversations and things I enjoyed even even enjoy the adventure you ordered upper hurricane or the thing so they'll sprinkle you will will talk more about that here in a second and he will buy you yeah same I think is being able to expose people to this message. While the heart and what it can do for a heart a man's heart and just position the MMA may do have the built-in band of brothers, and hopefully they can. They can grow with that just here seeing their interest. I think and see in the third. This is a common message within churches, I think so.

Just being able to understand what the masculine journey is about.

In some of the some of the topics we go through those good thinking running yeah I think them going from hey would you like to do something. Hey, what about you what about you now to get little more intentional and to see them like okay let's let's listen to what hell these guys had to say what they do in their lives they've got a band of brothers and just being able to Spank stepfather comfort zones a little bit and say okay will grant the leaders Mandan do something in our church and really not just bring the men together but then eventually the families of the whole church in Canada's male evolve around all that was was great to listen to them talk about what they want to go yeah it was. It was really good.

I was I was blown away just about you know how into the message you guys were people aren't that we never really tried to do and what we did and so the difference for you listening out there is a boot camp. We do it in a young Christian camp out at Carolina Bible camp. Great location, a very different type of atmospheric camp type atmosphere and then you go into in this case a church setting. No answer. When I met with the pastor, which I've known for years that is really important to us. We had areas outside the guys can go get quiet time and guide handle after that and into a hurricane coming right through there at that time and so you know we set up and everything is kind of pretty when we are setting up initially in the morning Friday morning and then it just kept getting darker and darker and then hurricane came in Friday night just by the time we were starting in nine and it lasted through most the night we had a very adventurous drive back to where we were staying in is all part of the stories will tell you for years to come. But it was it was great in and it really worked. It worked out well in that environment and so looking forward to doing more entrenchments coming up to get at least one more in the works right now that were not quite ready to announce that the coming out later this year that will announce it for sometime early next year and maybe a couple more and so this is like a boot camp. Light, so to speak and get some of the talks but not all of on it a kind of flavor for it but deathly always enough to get breakthrough out as many minutes came back and talk about what they got out of their cognitive science times and things of that nature talk with God and that was good hearing just I love the fact that we got to spend time together again. We got to go you like you said, we went north into Virginia than in Canada. Spent a couple nights up there is a band of brothers as a team so we can spend some time together and talk about God and other things and what was going on in our lives and fellowship, which is really good each other that part of it for down trees dailies over there for an adventure.

Tyler well yeah it was.

It was quite the drive back.

You know, we we left in and it was pretty relatively calm at the church we were going to head out. They were driving right back another occasion where we are staying and said not great planning and who we were kind in this 40 minute triangle. Everything was 40 minutes from each other from you know where a lot of us live to the to the place up there excluding you any and then 940 minutes back over and then 40 minutes home on Sunday so anyway back to the topic that we continue to go through the masculine journey were almost near the end we get this week and next week rights. If you recap a little bit of what we went through and then talk about tonight's topic at today's topic will so we started with the boyhood states zero 12 not to go into a real date in depth, but Apple and fathers, blood sent some of those things that you get at that stage not to go into the wind winning carpet cowboy Ranger to attend the mid-20s lessons you you learn at that time, adventure, nature, artwork, lawyer, 16 to 30 and beyond knows he is made as a warrior in God's image.

That's the man learns there are battles to be fought, that are bigger than him going into lever that was last week late teens. The rest of life discovered beauty discovers poetic is more than more true than analytical begins no goddess will ever be free get into today's Marie Just little bit more of those first two stages as he talked about in previous weeks is our vital things you get there. As you talk about with the boyhood stage the apple of my father's I do I really know that he delights in the right. It's not about performance of the doubt. Just me being me, and in that's okay you know and not not all of us got it. Not many of us didn't get it right and so that that next stage in that's vital to the rest of stages. The next age. He talked of cowboy Ranger is its do I have what it takes. Nancy answer you need to get there because you need both of those throughout the rest your life and without those those other stages has some hollow spots in you, you hit some things you just don't really know you have what it takes, or you don't know that your delighted in and in all these other things can come about and so as we talked about over all the other shows will talk about more tonight or today is that God comes back in and fathers. Esther, himself or other people in the stages to go back in and give us what we were. We administer and offered up again if anyone would like to email any of this that sister first name as well collectively but you have Rodney and masculine Andy Danny any of this.

We can get you this list seeking kind work on yourself if you'd like to bring him to boot camp, November 17-20.

So that's the plug in the let's see what the topic for today. This week's stages came 30 to 630s to 60s as a age range you noted some money and realize and probably should have. But this is the point of the masculine journey. It relies on learning from other stages can be trusted with power is important rules for his people and Emily say King to distant the let that out there. You know it we think of kings and rulers of nations or whatever kings or any place that you have a sphere of influence, and I can be in your home like to be in your ministry that could be in your job in an it all always gives a mean there's a there's a power that goes with that title, but really it's about the influence that you have other people of wonder your good thing or bad King depends on the type of way you influence others right yeah the intended by God. John writes in the whole point of her masculine journey is to become good kings right so we can love others well and so will you gain continual command so how it is lended so never given territory of his own territory that was given is violated territory given is too big is made a king to send this seems to be the extremes of all those different areas has a domineering mother or father or through betrayal. That's when through betrayal. Yeah, you know, go through those one by one. Again, the wounding yeah just say the first okay never given territory of his own yeah right so you just never had anywhere that you could call your Nana. I think enough either by God. John says he again given authority over the software easily so you can arrange it anyway they will II didn't get that I was born with severe yeah you know you have the rule over something right and so the it is what territory that was given is violated II don't know about you, but how many times did a father figure. Your father say hey let's work on this project and then all of a sudden they take it over. Yeah territory given is too big.

Given too much responsibility too soon. You know the that the can that man of the house and stuff is making too soon. As a domineering mother, father, that even gets back to the project or around and then betrayal. Yeah, and that you know you and in a lot of us of all that with all that that at some point some form of betrayal.

It will not get your clip daily in this first segment. I did my best to try to work at where we didn't get your cliff in the first segment we still have severe kingship.

I never gave him the territory to begin so you know where you were writing about mortuary. In the meantime, go to masculine to register for the up coming boot camp that's coming up November 17-20. Again, masculine will talk after the break for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other man had and then story know how I heard from God is one of those things masculine journey.OR what has been human to me that's a really testing to articulate it so deep inside me. It's ingrained in every part of understanding woundedness got really caught me in my first and also helping me step in the healing and restoration from the 90 and the players and this is exciting is frustrating, together with this we got masculine that was your bow and we know now why was your never seen a creature would just a little girl I lose all his toes a little bit about the bumper each other will you, keying in and that's all just you just can't wait to be keying in and if you know the story line keying and he goes through all kinds a woundings in all kinds of struggles just to get to ultimately taking his place is keying and you just gotta speak to volatile life that is you as far as kingdom goes over grown up to be full manhood or whatever and all the battles and struggles. Anita knockout identify with Simba here. No exactly as gross impaired.

Good thing it's really cool about this, that in order to get your clip next. You have a young boyhood kid.

That's not really been wounded yet and so he's got his life in front of a minister bump right and he is excited about the date he can be keying. He's got some stuff off. This is a boy any thinking of the boys mentality, but he's excited about being keying in and that doesn't end up being a story doesn't Danny some changes his uncle his evil local scar set them up for failure. Basically in his bag is killed in an accident and you he takes all that blame men and courses. Uncle Powell's at all helping with the shame in a case he didn't have enough and you he runs away in an ally, Stefan.

Ultimately he is. He comes back, but he still struggles with the fact that he's only in this this wound is not really his and a sage candidate. Life is right for Rafiki so and, mentors aim back into who he really is your garden finish that nothing clip for getting it at that. The clip is from the line keying and is on the first show the first segment, but you still make for sure first clip the and he's come back and nativism struggles, and I think he I think this is after he's confronted his uncle and almost lost his life again and so he's really fun for who you see goes to Rafiki who course of wisdom into them in a loving masculine journey way.

Cody gives them a hard time which is hilarious and but in the end he sees a vision of his father's, or even play the clip my father what action I know your father. I hate to tell you this guy a long time ago talking total weight is flexion.

See law so as is, how can I go back to that that cleavage is father still and remember who use and you want God to be doing in my life, especially to this this series we been doing is you pillow it.

Onion is as strict as we quote so much about the stuff that doesn't belong to me and to to say remember who you are an end to heritage of godly meaning godly women in my life and you fully family standpoint. From a bloodline and also from the spiritual mentors in he's put in my life and in two for you and and this is who you are, despite what the enemy has told you in the wounding and having to step into roles that you know you are a husband you are the man of the house you are those things that you need to step into and that's is what that spoke to be. That's what I think from this aspect of keying means is you know you not know rule a hard fist but you are the, the demand of the house or the keying of your influence. We were talking before the show. The enemy typically uses disqualification right heel uses disqualification to make you hard driven, or to shy away into the result may look different, but it's usually somewhere around disqualification and yes and that's a lot of what you tasted times.

Yes, you know, because I what I came up to the point where I felt like God was leading me and being ordained and the first thing he was thrown over the where you been divorced and I actually had a denomination that that wouldn't touch me because of that, but once again the sages have stepped in and and needed things have progressed in God told me pretty plainly.

One day, you have me decide what you can and can't do and always forget that will you know got I got this I got that in reiterate I told you I would pick what you can and cannot do, thinking anyone to bring that up is it if the point of our journey is to become king enemies going through everything he can to disqualify us to take us out to make us believe we can't be an effective king right week.

We can probably be a bad King but not being an effective good King and Soren talk a bit more about that is gone and you want to go to your clip.

We've got time to get it in the segment that this is an example of someone trying to influence a good King. So it's right from Braveheart surprise prize that were this were progressing in William Wallace's life and and this is after the battle of Sterling Lake one the unbelievable battle and the nobles make him a night and then after that the nobles seem to fight they can get their claims together to agree on it are competing there trying to get the scraps from leachate long shanks's table in there, fighting back, and he's a step sanity, call set out in the sky looking as your focus is on the right things are not on the people and the people that you are leading and then Robert the Bruce approaches and said look you know you don't understand. He's like, no, I do understand and then he speaks and the Robert Bruce's life and encourages him to take the right action become king and click my nightly son William Wallace God God you just need to come. We've beaten English dock because you will stand together. I will invade English a little ground is impossible is possible so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from long shanks table that you've missed your God-given right to something better is a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exist to provide those people with freedom and I go to make sure that the habit she said these men advance castles as much to risk common on the pleadings on the battlefield deceivers class from top to bottom this country no sense of self. Nobles share lesions with England clients you make enemies sign. The only question of how not counted. I want what you want likely needs nobles now tell me what is happening. Title gives you claim to the throne of our country. Men don't follow titles they follow college now people know you little in common. They respect you and if you lead to freedom. So would I you know really when you get kingship would delineate the good King from a bad King of who they doing it for themselves or the people and that's what he was trying to call out and then this whole thing about you get out you get this title.

This noble and not to get mixed up in that there is the table of the nobles have so much to lose, but we must keep the focus on we all have something to lose here what makes them better testing to getting into the part where he talks about they follow people followed courage not titles in a king will lead when it's difficult to take courage to do that needs that's what he is trying to inspire and speak into.

It's almost like he is almost performing stage to stage is just trying to speak into his life and say look you. You have something that you carry that you can leave these people.

If you will just do it exactly when I look at this topic as you talk about there and brought up in this clip and it was in what we intro good King makes life better for the people that there are over right right so it's a really look like at a work situation or at home. You know what should that look like in and that's a question of if your cancer you need to ask yourself is, how is it for the people that's under my care and I am I all about what's better for me or is it what's better for them and so will talk about examples that when we go into the after hours.

But before you go there. Any thoughts on on that you know I good King that you've been under and around Harold to me. I think the important thing is to be a king. In fact, later throughout front calling for not pushing that's what makes different splinter good King bad King to me.

Thank you, Harold wouldn't talk a lot more about that in the after hours.

Please going down those that listen to it or stream it however you want to do it at any of the podcast locations to talk more deeply into the talk about our own stories. In the meantime got a masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp that's coming up November 17 through the 20th. It's going to be a great weekend on the Carolina Bible camp in beautiful Knoxville, North Carolina. Go sign up will see you there and will talk to you next week. This is Truth Network

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