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The Narrow Path Sept/02

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 2, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path Sept/02

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 2, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week.

The afternoon taking your calls a few questions you'd like to ask on the air about the Bible or the Christian faith. Or if you'd like to bring up something up .4. Perhaps you disagree with the host would like to balance comet you may call me here during this hour the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737. I have an announcement about this Saturday into macula. If you live in Southern California may be interested in knowing about about once a month we hold a meeting on a Saturday night into macula and we we open to the public. We have a Q&A session and so this is what will be doing this Saturday night.

If you're interested in joining us this Saturday night into macula you go to our website. The narrow and look under announcements and you'll find the information about that meeting time and place and all of that. That's the narrow under announcements. However, to talk first of all to Jim from Spokane, Washington, Jim. Welcome to the narrow path expert calling. Might be a little awkward but limited to that which she brought me back right on the nature I'm not sure that we do have clear passages in the Bible of course evangelical Christianity has always taught that when Jesus died. It wasn't just a minute amount of dying, but that he bore the wrath of God for us now.

The Bible does talk about him bearing our sins in his body, which is not maybe exactly the same thing as saying bore the wrath of God but we do understand that that was the nature of a sacrifice in the Old Testament and Jesus was they'll put forward to Jesus. That animal took on the guilt of the of the center and you know, died in his place, but there's but again dying was the entirety of the wrath there is generally understood by Christians. The idea that when Jesus on the cross he because the symptoms the world were laid upon him that the intensity of the wrath was much greater than just that of a man dying. The fact that our sins were laid on him is certainly clear in the Bible it says in Isaiah 53 six all we like sheep have gone astray return everyone to his own way of the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all and so all our iniquities were laid upon him.

It says in first Peter chapter 2 verse 24 he says, who himself bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness. Of course, over in second Corinthians chapter 5 it says that he who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him all those places suggest that Jesus took our sin upon himself and the punishment for sin.

And I think maybe it's generally assumed that because the sin of the world is a great amount of sin that there was something especially intense about it affected Jesus sweat, as it were great drops of blood. When he was anticipating the cross and was under great stress has suggested to many, that he was not simply facing death of a crucified man. Not that that wouldn't be a terrifying thing in itself. Death crucifixion was the worst imaginable torturous way to die, but we do know that there were many other Jews. Many of the people who suffered crucifixion and we don't know that you know that any of them didn't take it in a more stoic manner than that is almost always assumed that when Jesus saw as the cup that he was going to take was not simply the sins but the wrath of God for the sins of the world and this idea of us. Like I said I don't know any clear versus that answer your question, but there is a theme in the Old Testament of this cup of wrath that is spoken of many times in the Old Testament of the symbolism of a wine cup where nation like Babylon or Edom or or another nation is says that their sins are filling up this cup and then when it's full. It's the cup of God's wrath is poured out upon the outset intersection that imagery in Revelation chapter I think is in Revelation chapter 14 if I recall, it says the cup of the wrath of the fury of God, which is poured into a wine cup of his indignation or something like that and it's poured out on those who worship the beast.

Now this is the cup of the wrath of God and wrath is certainly anger so you know there are themes which I I wouldn't be surprised if preachers have embellished them a little beyond what the Bible actually says, but which are sensible. I mean, they may not prove everything the preacher say about it, but they tend to weave together to give that general picture.

I think it might have the most witnessed and it seems like if it's not clear that you are suffering with an attorney work and why would possibly it was true that that could be said to have several eternity for their sins when it might win a chance to be close to death but you know I'm just kind of just what you are right about the punishment for sin everywhere in Scripture, said to be death and Jesus. It was his death his shedding his blood is said to the tone for so whatever other factors may been involved of the weight of guilt and wrath, and so forth that he suffered in that time.

Yeah those are not said to be the things about it that atoned for us, but rather death. He died in our place like an animal sacrifice to the Old Testament so when people say well you know someone isn't saved. Then there's this eternal burden of wrath of God upon them, which takes in all eternity. For to be expended upon them and it never finishes that is deftly saying things that go beyond anything the Scripture says, okay, thank you for your cargo brush Ron from West Hills, California hey Ron, good to hear from you get here and called for while. Okay Steve, I have a question about Romans and I'm looking at the section chapter 8 verses 31 through 3038 and 39 on-site that whole section which in all Bible translations is a section that we call God's everlasting love and all all the translations and commentary that I've seen so seem to indicate that this is shows how God would net will never stop loving us as we interpreted but when I look at this like a I see almost a break. And this is right when calling up maybe in how what's really happening here. So when we read verses 31 through 33. For in-store 3034. It talks about that. Who can be against this God is for us who can be against us.

And then it says something, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things.

I'm kind of going through the charge against God's elect God to justify so we see that your God is forth an expert who is he that condemns it is Christ who died in furthermore is further also risen and makes intercession for the right hand of God. You speak so in all of these we see that God is on our side. And Jesus is on our side and that's what I think he's establishing the earth but didn't I come to this next section, which caused me a little bit of problem because it it starts out by saying who shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus feet. I'm sorry on-site from the love of God, Christ, tribulation, or distress in the ninja, bunting, persecution, famine, meekness, peril toward 36 as it is written, for your sake we are killed all the day long we are counted as sheep to the slaughter. Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us and then omelettes get the last couple verses for right now I want to bring the men but when I look at this section I'm saying okay now we were talking about the love of Christ, and I look at the things that are are spoken of here Steve, how could the fact that were going to tribulation were going to distress or were in a concentration camp and were being were suffering, famine, nakedness, and what you're suggesting is Christ means our love for Christ.

Right yes because it seems that and then it's a ghost anniversary seven. We are more than conquerors now II know this sounds like well do we have a love. Well, we know that before we became Christians, we are probably got furious at best.

And then when we know, became united with him the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts five funeral to the holy spirit. So I'm looking here is saying can you know is it saying that we can't know we're going to go through these things because of our love for him and then I look back at Romans 817 and 18 verses were heirs joint heirs with Christ, and we will be glorified with him. If we also suffer with him and and so I'm I'm saying I don't see how God could love us simply because we're going to at the God's love could be lost in the things were going through some research on the question, write the things that Paul lists is things that will not separate from the love of Christ. What you're saying is, who would've thought that any of those things would prevent God from loving see if anything, he would piteous the more and you know if we go through tribulation for there's no fault in us, that would be that would cause him to love us lesson why would Paul argue that way but he may be arguing that our love for Christ is capable of surviving those things, our love for him. Nothing can separate us from this love we have for him even going through tribulation self-portraits were more than conquerors. II see your argument or bring in verse 3439 to a much higher realm because other than the things he described, he says, for I am persuaded that neither death life Angel principalities and powers things present or things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, she'll be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord's again the way everybody interpreted, including myself, like I will share it this way that God will never separate himself from us. Stop loving us in spite of what ever we is it out there.

I'm thinking that it's our love of God which is in Christ Jesus. If we are in Christ then then we will have a love of God that comes through him as he things.

Then again, following on the earlier verses would would perhaps be saying that instead of us trying to make a case for God continuing to love us it saying that we can go through these things because of the love of God that we have in Christ because we are in Christ and in that's my point.

I am asking about you makes a perfectly good sense, especially the first point you made certainly looks like you're correct about that.

So yeah I think that's a good good observation.

Okay, okay, run by now. Okay Victor from Denver Colorado is next Victor, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling the first question so suffering on the cross to that sort of like her, in a way out of time eating like a sin that I commit in a week. Did he feel that suffering even though it happened to your video. I mean, people often talk about how Jesus died for all sin, past, present and future, and I can agree with that statement.

If it means simply this, that the VM the death of Christ is adequate for our forgiveness of all the sentries create in the past or present or will commit in the future. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that the sins of commit in the future are things that have actually happened or or. I've already been forgiven for in my opinion.

I mean, some people say it that way, but the battle so it doesn't say that rather than saving up my future sins. You know, don't worry about those as those recovered.

I believe what it says is that the death of Christ as a sacrifice of the sins of the whole world, but be mine to the sins of the world were all a lot more in the past but when he did it, but a lot of are still the future and he did it, but though he died for the sins of the world that simply means he made a blanket God's given a blanket pardon, but people if they don't receive the partner. They don't believe in it or don't act on it will still live and die in the bondage they were in before so I don't I don't know about. I don't think Jesus was doing something outside the realm of time you mean he might've been, but the Bible doesn't tell us that it was the night I would have no way of knowing if it was, I understand it, simply to be that God knew that Jesus ago die from the foundational world is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and on the basis of that fact that there be a point in time when Jesus would do this, God forgave people like David in the Old Testament. Other centers in the Old Testament who repented based on what Christ was going to do not because Christ had done it in some timeless area, but because God was willing to forgive them, as it were, on our credit, knowing that Jesus was going to come and die, and likewise anointed the death of Jesus would be covering sins of many people who live later to but I do not. I don't and I don't see a need to to place it in some timeless realm necessary. We are told, it happened on a particular day in his resurrection another particular day, three days later and so forth but without ever told of these things happened in eternity. I think the one thing that would make people maybe support that idea would be the statement that Jesus is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world, when in fact he didn't get slain at the foundational world, but I think most non-Christians understand that to me that from the foundational world and in the mind of God. It was as good as done and he had already determined and promised him and could not fail to send Jesus to die for our sins and therefore was a done deal from the foundational world, though he hadn't really done it yet so I can apart from that, I don't know the know the answer Bible doesn't really address that question in terminology that would give you yes or no on the point you are asked as drastic experience, like the word if there were 20,900 number but 20,000 that were committed over the history of humanity versus a sewer you know that's what we were discussing with the previous caller today and I don't know that anything in the Bible would suggest that some people say that Jesus suffered infinitely because he had this infinite number of sins on and and maybe in his mind or his heart or his something gourmet dinner and increased amount of suffering that is far as his physical suffering of death, I don't know that there's anything more to it than that is in terms of his subjective experience of then if anyone else suffered death could be. We just don't have. We have preachers saying all kinds of things about this kind of stuff that doesn't have a specific biblical reference to support it. They may be right. I don't know if they're right or wrong. That and the reason I don't is because the Bible doesn't tell me whether the writer so to me it's not one of things I feel like I have to know. But you know I will say this, that if the wages of sin is death, then the wage of sin is death. Whether a person has send for 20 years before they die or send for 100 years before the die is a lot different amount of sin, but your death is the same experience and a sense of who dies dies because of the sin they committed in the purser send 100 years doesn't necessarily suffer worse death than the person himself who said for 20 so to suffer death for sin doesn't, in itself, connected to the number of sins. I think that Jesus theirs is a mystery what God did was Jesus God Jesus is in God's mind. A corporate humanity.

Jesus the head and we are the members of the body of him. He's one man, and when we are in him we share in his and his benefits, and status and so forth, and therefore by being in him we have experienced his death.

But I don't know if his death was subjectively different for him because there were a million people who are benefiting from it or that if it had been 100 million people. I don't. I honestly don't know this note. Again, these are questions that sometimes preachers make assertions about things for impact, but they just don't have the Bible on the side that they may not have the Bible against them. The Bible might not say one thing or another about, so preachers sometimes ad lib. a little bit more than they should probably maybe just a little work well maybe maybe not little worse for him on the cross, but I think it's I think it hurts anyone who loves you if you sin against them.

I mean if you have a wife or a parent who, every time you betray them enter them. They suffer for and that anytime we sent. I believe that it I think that Christ suffers in the sense that you know anyone who loves you who's betrayed by you feel hurt by that not hurt enough angry and judge you for but it's not to feel good. All right. Thank you. I don't think that's I don't think it's wrong to think you know why every time I send it hurts Christ. I think it does but it might or might I don't know if it has anything to do with how much he suffered on the cross, you know, but there still an ongoing relationship and so if I hurt my wife. It hurts her.

Even if it doesn't condemn me here or lead to a divorce or something like that. It's just it's just not what you want in a relationship.

All right, let's talk to Nathaniel in Everett, Washington then you look into the narrow path extra collect related to nation is having conversation with a coworker earlier today. I think that might be the category of infant in their faith by yet yeah just that we have a lot of conversation about this Christian related topics and one thing is to know how to respond as sufficient as they wanted to. But yeah, basically it knows my future, knows all things. If you think that God already knows where I'm going to end up with heaven or hell out of my accountable for like outlet regarding God knowing about you and that doesn't have any impact on your accountability unless he makes you do the things that will cause you to end up in those parts. If God knows that you can make the decisions in life that will lead you live forever with him.

On the one hand, or he knows that you make the decisions like that because you cannot live forever with him while.

Then he knows it but it's it's you that make the decisions. So for example I know there are people who have fallen away, who after become Christians. And you know and God knows if I'm going to follow where not, but I know I'm not. And so God knows or not to because I just that's a determination I have had it for 60 something years and in our justice. It's my choice. It's my choice to follow where not following and I and that's something I determined not to do. I think a lot of people think that if God knows I'm going following what's the point of trying to not follow from God only knows what it is you're actually going to do your actually doing it and if you do it and he knows you do it will then course, he knows it but he did make you do it if you if you choose not to follow Christ in my opinion I think I knew that you make that choice but to make it for you but C is not determined is not determined by him is determined by system by our actions, and if Scotsman has prior knowledge of what's going to happen that's only I think he only knows as well as a viewer or somebody you know who sees it knows it, but he's not the one making the choice, so if you don't choose to reject Christ. If you choose to follow him. Then God knows everything and that's your choice, not his.

Thank you alright I would say one more thing before you got Nathaniel you may be aware that there are Christians who believe that God doesn't know who's going to be saved is not. Are you aware that there's a there's a theological theological camp and a lot of my friends are in it called openness, theology, and they believe that God doesn't know who's going to be saved and who is now that's a very elaborate argument from Scripture that they use. I can't go into right now and I can't really going to reason so that I don't follow that argument, but it set it out there is there is a case for openness theology to I just don't think it's airtight. I believe I believe a more standard historical view of God's omniscience, but there are some people think because it is determined. God doesn't know.

But that's not the point to.

That's not really our concern what God knows or doesn't know about the end if if the choice I'm making today is going to be that which determines those six, God knows what I'm determining, then that's his business to know what I can only know by doing what I do this I need take a break, but I appreciate your call. We have calls waiting for the next half hour. We do have another half-hour. We take a break. At this point to let you know that the narrow path is listener supported and that we are actually some stations that I was looking at that. We may have to drop them at the end of December.

If if we don't get more support from the I'm just give you information. Maybe a postal station so people know who live in those areas if they want to know, but the narrow path pays for time on the radio and run a lot of stations and it's expensive so if you like help us down there. You can write to the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow and I'll be back in 30 seconds the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, the narrow path. Everything in today's media show is over and enjoyed my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog articles teachings and narrow path shares. We think you for supporting the listeners supported narrow path that Steve Greg remembered the narrow radio broadcast live for another half-hour if you want to call us with your questions about the Bible you can call this number 844-484-5737 and and if lines are not also you'll get in line will get to your call. Couple things to announce what is that this Saturday night we have a meeting in two macula California if you live in Southern California may be interested this Saturday night you go to our website. The narrow and look under announcements to get the details about that another thing that I don't ever announce that here is that in about a month a little less than a month from now I'm embarking on a road trip across the United States. Not all the way across regularly the East Coast this time but I'm I'm scheduled to speak, and quite a number of places between where I live in California and Indiana actually and so we got stops along the way and I guess the reason that you know is that will be posting on our website. Those places that I'll be speaking in October.

Various parts of the country and also to let you because it's early enough.

It may be that you would want to arrange meeting in your area and if we have three coming through your area. We might be able to set something up if you do want to try to do something like that. Feel free to email me about that possibility. We can let you know for you to be anywhere near your you can email me at go back to the phone lines now to talk to John from Gilbert, Arizona, and we are to be in Arizona among the places were going hi John, looking to the narrow path extra time taking my call and thank you for being so brave to be on the radio five days a week and fighting for God against the evil one. Well, I think you're very and I are you in the other. I'm not.

I'm not a Christian.

I'm not a Jew and an audio must only admire you for sticking up for God very good at reading the Bible. At one point my life in the whole world marveled after the beast on the what versus is anything that I had an idea on this and I thought well you know people turn on the TV anytime there on their cell phones and stuff and I have had this thing is that what you thought of the beast would be the Internet for profit Corporation, whether national or international, with the worship of Mammon which is related well and the antichrist to put down that would be the law because the one point the law would be you really don't have redemption or there is no forgiveness in the law, you know you you commit a crime. It kind of thing on your record forever.

Even if you even if you you do the time and the prisoner of jail and get you there is really no forgiveness.

You know, so I thought what you thought about that in the Internet because I think will know people always turn on the TV and show some of these people on TV and elected Irvin Baxter and people like that name shall be spiritually weird lepers with seven heads and think you know known and liked Helen he was late great planet Earth and that which I never would've. I'm in my 60s. I wish I never would alert read that book because know Jesus was coming back right away. He talked about a generation 40 years and generations see the return of the Messiah after it became a nation. 4287 year tribulation, so he'll be back in 1981, you better believe this is wrong and almost all of his interpretations.

I see him as and I didn't really under so you use the word dispensationalism and Calvinism and you don't count I don't know what they mean. I guess I don't wish to time looking like a look about myself but so what you think about the beat me in the Internet and I know people can get on the Internet to your axis. You know good things do that, but it seems to me the whole world basically walking around basically a portable computer and if they want their mind plugged into it incessantly to understand reality and they can even just stop and look at the world the way it is where you know God intended them to see without the this machine. You know, interpreting the world for them. You know I heard that suggestion before and and dozens of other suggestions. By the way, and I personally think that I think that I have a an idea of the beast and the false prophet that would be perhaps better supported from them. The book of Revelation itself than that particular option but but I think most people believe the beast refers to a future individual.

I don't necessarily believe, so I don't mess with so much. But the thing is that's arming the most I can do is to say it's you get a chance to put the idea out there.

I can't really go into complete critique without explain what I think about the book of Revelation, but but you didn't get that for free. You know my website evidence free and we have lectures to Revelation.

When I do talk about the beast and all that. I'm curious you a question that you you read Helen's e-book back in the 70s. I assume you will read it to. I read those two and and and zero-sum Christian TV, apparently. But why, why are you not a Christian, did you review formerly a Christian and you're not now is what they call a cradle Catholic and brought up in that one time when I was 16. We will go to the church and in the and my mom didn't have it ready to go in knowing my dad was going to look at the whatever and she said no you said I brought you up in that thing so you can make your own decision whether you believe in the Catholic Church are not.

I just don't believe in it, you know, if you want to go.

I'll take you down there but I gave you the chance to go through basically the with the company documents click tenants in communion and and so you just decided even believe it. Believe it meant that I got it when I was in college, got wrapped up with a bunch of people cocaptain Crusade for Christ, and that little booklet like a little thrown you in any didn't work out really really annoying. And now you know the older I get, I reading a little bit of stuff in a car like this one theologically called the Santana Dharma. The internal religion.

It basically ended with the mule. What do you think Jesus himself. What are your thoughts about who he is. Once you know that conundrum in my life. I just know you read some religions were the Jewish people don't believe it. They believe he was the son of a Roman soldier in a car lot and you read about the Muslims believe it. He was that he was the miracle worker, but he was substituted when he before he was put on the cross for the torture they believe those things.

But what does the evidence from history tell us about know what you been watching a show on TV about the Christian shows all the evidence on PBS. Basically, you know, and I and only have written down in the history of the Roman Emperor like planet younger and in Josephus and all the people you know.

I'm sure it happened you know something happened back then but I really don't know exactly what to believe because you have to move along to say that there's everyone in the world has an opinion about Jesus, but only one of the opinions could possibly be correct because he was only one historical character. He wasn't a whole bunch of different things. He was not an avatar. He was not the greatest prophets before Mohammed is not. He was knocked the son of a harlot, or the son of a Roman soldier so history doesn't suggest any of those things be true if the Talmud says he was the son of Mary and a Roman soldier but but the I guess I would just say there is historical data about Jesus and all agrees with what the Bible says actually in the Bible. The Gospels were written by people who knew him unlike any of the other sources.

Mohammed didn't know them and the Hindus didn't know that the people who wrote the Gospels did not met and have you recently read the Gospels through to see what you think about Jesus you know the Bible is pretty much all the Old Testament really liked it better than I try to read into the New Testament are really confusing and you know I tried is Gilbert near Phoenix yeah okay I'll be speaking in Phoenix and a meeting on the 29th of this month and and it'll be ill be list on the website and I'll be mentioning again between now and then but if you are able to come out to that meeting. I would love to meet you and maybe could talk more will all right. I have a lot of people waiting. I need to try to get the calls in but I love to have more conversations with your God bless you. Thank you John, thanks for your call.

All right, let's talk to Donnie from Detroit Donnie, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for coming to God that I will let you up. About a little two and he's putting those two words together to get understanding of the things that must be on this. Salvation is not saying that Jesus I listen to the last call and what I want to know one that now saying she had God the pre-easy to tell you what your question is specifically a lot of people waiting in the government that you have one that I about the principalities and and and salvation well salvation is the restoration of the center into a right relationship with with the creator again through Christ.

In other words, a sinner is a rebel and a deserter from the king.

God is made Jesus the King and anyone who is not serving Jesus is a rebel against the king and and you know that can't go for anybody when the king comes in judges everything so sinner smarts will want to get on good terms with the king but this requires coming back into a proper relationship and the only kind of proper relation between her's king and his subjects is for the subject to be totally loyal police submitted totally obedient to the king. Anything less than that is not a right relationship and there's a lot of Christians who actually do not even pretend to be in that kind of relation with Jesus. They say I'm safe because I relation with Jesus didn't seem to present Jesus as a king and you can't have a relationship with a king that means anything of value errors anything else in rebellion. Unless it's a relationship of obedience. So coming into obedience and a right relationship with Christ in God is what salvation is now the Prince house empowers.

I don't see them having having anything directly to do with that except for Prince house empowers our is a term that is used to different ways in the Scripture actually three different ways in Scripture and Titus chapter 3, Paul says that we should be subject to the principalities and powers. Titus chapter 3 verse one but bear the term Prince house empowers refers to the earthly rulers because that's what the term means.

However, the term is also used a spiritual sense of angels and demons and I'm not sure which Prince house measure thinking of. I don't think the Angels have an awful lot to do with our salvation or they may have more than I know the Bible does say about the Angels in Hebrews 114 that they are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to those are the heirs of salvation. I don't know exactly what they do before were saved, but tortoise but who knows maybe protect people who are on their way to Christ, and God knows they're on their way to Christ but you maybe think of the demons because in Ephesians 6. Probably the most often quoted verse about the Prince house powers. It starts with the spiritual wickedness in heavenly places in the Prince house empowers her time at demonic forces. I don't think the demons have anything to do salvation, except that they don't like it, and therefore they would oppose it. They would prevented if they can their deceptive and they resist people coming to the knowledge of the truth so if you're wondering whether salvation and processing powers have in common.

I don't know they have in common.

But I do know that the Prince house empowers the fallen ones apparently would resist people been said but if a person wants to follow Christ, and Christ will be able to give them the ability to break through.

Some people aren't that interested in being saved and therefore the Prince house empowers variables, probably to distract them sufficiently to keep them from being say, but that's because they didn't have the kind of determination that's required to come to Christ in the first place. Talk to you any from New Haven, Connecticut Eddie, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Thanks to my question is from Chronicles chapter 7 saying that my people called by my name will humble himself and pray and turn from their wicked ways that hold that that is still valid today correct that out of temporary promise of God.

Well when he says my people. He's a Christian friend to Israel because Judah was his people and places I will heal their land. Of course, that was a land of Israel. So it's not entirely clear that he intended this to be a promise to anybody other than Israel.

On the other hand, it does tell us a great deal about God's character and the conditions for favor with him that a people would six.

I think that even though it really is just a statement about Israel and in that sense it's not relevant anymore because Israel, the nation is no longer God's people because because Jesus has called all of the remnant of Israel to be his followers and they are now Christians, but doesn't reply to Christians well. The problem with this is that Christians don't have a land I Christians all over the world. Israel was had a land that was their own. Christians don't have a land that is their own and therefore to say I will heal their land. We have to extrapolate from that that maybe he means the land that we live in, even those not ours. It's belongs to a mixed multitude of believers and unbelievers and you maybe maybe he would apply to our land. In that sense but that's not a direct it's not a direct connection friend of mine said the reason for you right there my people. Now the Jewish people worked out showed people like remnant and he said look what it says there we turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves. It says he will hear from heaven you will at the end it says he will be our God and we will be his children.

So we said show me Jesus left them to get God's promise to me right there that he will be my God, I will be his child and he said you could cut that up anyway you do not get through that.

I would ask him in in the days of Elijah and Elisha, when Israel was worshiping bail. Let's just say with this promise apply to them.

Probably yes they would turn to God to repent regulates what would that have to say about the relation with Elijah and Elisha the followers of Elijah and Elisha because they were the spokesman for God. If they were if they were among those that were persecuting Elijah and Elisha will they can't be right with God and still be persecuted as prophets, much less that could be be right with God and be persecuting his Messiah, you know, at any given time. The Jews who turn to God must certainly turn to him on the conditions that his spokes persons as prophets, and so forth have required and if they reject the prophets, then they're not accepting God and Jesus said whoever rejects me rejects him that sent me out. So if they turn to God, but they don't turn to Christ will then they're not really turning to God because Christ was sent to them as the Messiah. He told them God wants you to listen to me.

In fact, Moses told them that in Mount in Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 15 through 18 God says to send another prophet like Moses, a says, and you shall listen to him and whoever doesn't listen him will be destroyed from among the people. God said so. So here's the prophet Jesus, the one like Moses that was sent, and whoever doesn't listen to him. Moses said will be cut off from the people so you know there's the Jews don't have any special no avenue to God that doesn't include the Messiah anymore than Gentiles to Messiah is the Savior of Jews and Gentiles, and yeah, if the Jews would turn to him and follow him follow Christ and love God and love, the love the Messiah that he sent. Then they would be certainly accepted as his sons and daughters. That's exactly what the Bible says Bob but as far as healing their land.

It's a little late for that, because the land is you know is no longer the habitation of God's people in the morning. But God's people are those who follow Christ and most of them don't live in a particular country. We live all of the world. Some live in Israel but some live in America.

Some live in Russia some in China summoned no Nigeria, and so forth and so you know God's people don't have a land anymore, they accept the heavenly city that Abraham looked for it says in Hebrews 11, so I think I think the Jewish guy you're talking to is thinking that he can go to God while neglecting the Messiah and I don't think that at any time in Israel's history people could turn to God and still be rejecting his prophets and Jesus is the prophet that Moses said should come and those who don't follow him will be destroyed from among the people sought. I think he's got a very false hope there. Appreciate your call. BJ from round rock, Texas. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for coming, yeah. Hi Steve, hi. Got a question about second Corinthians chapter 1 verse 19 I'm going to question one today now okay go ahead. Second Corinthians 119 Senate structure. I was looking in the ES VMA NET's and the more literal translation structured very strange it is. It is a very strange yeah yeah the God Jesus proclaimed by among you by all of us would not yet know him him.

It is always yes and I was like what it referred to refer to Jesus Christ, to the referred proclaimed among you. Other versions.

I read that Marcello literal which shape but in him was yes.

Another version would would would would take liberties insane at best it was yesterday.

Jesus has always been yes it says all the promises of God in him are yes and I think what I think the context is always same.

Paul is telling them that he had told them he will come and visit them pets at an earlier point and he failed to do so.

He failed to come. He was put off by certain unforeseeable crisis and now there are some people in the church current St. Paul's not reliable. He said he is going to come he didn't come in. So he saying you know therefore what I was planning this in verse 17 says did I do it lightly or the things that I planned. I plan according to the flesh with me. There should be a yes yes and no. No, now that's a very strange way of speaking, yes or no. That way, but what he sees.

He saying is it do I say yes I mean no as I was like I Sam to do something you think I didn't mean it. You think I really meant.

I'm not going to do it. That's what he saying he says no God in Jesus, everything is yes, that is everything God says he means that it's not a doesn't say yes and me know and then he says that all the promises of God in Christ are yes and so in a sense he saying yes means more or less confirmed. You know the things I said I are confirmed, and I don't mean know what I say them and God doesn't me know what when he says things either. His promises are confirmed as true by by Jesus, and I believe that's what Paul said, though I agree with you, the grammar is very strange that he would. All three of those verses actually a whole section of the yes and no. He's talking differently than most of us would better, but it's you can tell the context he saying he saying I'm not untrustworthy. Neither is God in Christ God has confirmed and proven his yeses are a real yeses nose yeah I got for me and you saying that the grammar is a little strange. I read some other commentaries and making the say that you soak better about not not not not being down exactly yeah yeah you know but still not normal yet still not normal about that your fine yeah I need to move along. Only a couple minutes left.

Let's talk to Deborah from Dallas, Texas Deborah, welcome to the neuropathic for calling and talking about all that became that. That's what they call the gaps.

They believe that God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1 1 billions of years ago and then there's this big gap in verses in verse two it says they say they sent says the earth became formless and void. Another word became is the word was it's the simple word for was in Hebrew and it's found about 4000 times in the Old Testament, and almost always means was but there are sometimes that has the sense of became and sold some people think that that Genesis 1 to is one of those very rare times when that Hebrew word means became. Usually means was the translator. Yeah the trust is no no I'm sorry I don't go with that. I know you I know you been watching his name.

His name escapes me but people asked me about him all the time know the Bible doesn't talk about these all these ages that's that's called the gap theory and some people do believe it but the Bible doesn't teach it. It would be wrong to say the Bible teaches it because of something they read into the Bible that most people wouldn't find I don't find it when I read it. Let's see here. I'm just about out of time here Cheryl from Phoenix to I don't suppose we could do you any good about a minutes time.

Hi 30 seconds and keep searching and it just keeps opening the Bible tells you and you will find only talent.

Don't give up just in time.

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