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The Narrow Path 9/3

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 3, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/3

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 3, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week. The afternoon we take your calls. If you are calling with questions about the Bible and the Christian faith will talk to you about those things. If you have a different viewpoint from the host. One of balance. Comment feel free will talk to you about that as well.

The number to call is 844-484-5737. Again, that's 844-484-5737 if you'd like to get through a couple of announcements. One is that this Saturday night we have our gathering into macula Q&A time. If you're interested in joining us for that.

It's where it always is. We only hold about once a month or or even less often than that. If you're interested, that's this Saturday night into macula go to our website. The narrow look at the tag that says announcements on it and scroll down to to the date of this Saturday and you'll find all the information you need to join us there. I also want to mention again that I will be making a road trip across the country, teaching in various places.

We have quite a few places lined up between here and Indiana between California and Indiana. Now were not really. We don't really have time on this trip to go further east than that. So I my apologies to listeners further east but if you'd like us to consider you in future ministry trip like this. Feel free to write to me, Steve, at the narrow to Satan you know next time you're coming up this far, we'd love to host a meeting or set up a meeting or something like that and will keep you on the list and will next time will contact you if you are I think we have most of our nights booked now on this trip it says it's a month-long trip, but we will be posting online various locations where this is going to be happening and to some watch our announcements will say more about these meetings as they get closer.

All right, I don't think after announce anything else at this point except that there has been, if you're wondering, there's been an interruption in the uploads to the for the podcasts.

This is a technical problem that the radio stations had and I hope hopefully to get fixed soon, but it's been several of the last broadcasts have not yet been uploaded for the podcasts so I apologize for that. There's nothing we can really do about that. I'm afraid I know a lot of people depend on the podcasts because they work during the day while programs on weldments I don't know what to say except were sorry. Hopefully this will be worked out soon. Our first color today is Sandy from San Jose, California Sandy, long time no hear how you doing good Steve, thanks so much for taking the call. I really appreciate it long time. One thing on your podcast is that I modify all your all your yesterday's broadcasters on spot a fire right now. Yeah it's them looking at right now I do know member support. Yeah there's not a place that seems to host it also would call one that's where they're pulling that information from so you may have your technical people look into that. I can got an email I got an email from somebody New Orleans who said their accustomed to listening on one and that hasn't been there the last few days so I didn't realize that because I don't I don't use those websites but anyway yeah it's good to know that maybe our I don't know. I do know how they're getting getting it.

They maybe may be drawn from the satellite live and then recording it themselves, as opposed to not it's not on iTunes.

That's where it's not shot glass was on the 27th so anyway FYI to you times you show it's 12 years I know that they looked up the last time the first time I gave you an offering and that was 12 years ago.

So anyway appreciate all your wisdom, which is what brings me here today so Romans 13 is you know submitting to government authorities and clearly that was written when we had the bad narrows then).

Paul was speaking yeah so so my question then it's too cold but the first one is in verse five it says.

Therefore, one must be in subjection to assume subjection to the rulers not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience and I can't ignore different directions so maybe specifically Steve it's about in California. You know, not allowing churches to open you got MacArthur and other churches certifying that and I'm trying to figure out number one what is the first main number two violating Scripture if they are in fact opening from your viewpoint, at least in my opinion, they're not why when Paul said okay. You must submit the subject that is to the authorities, not only because of wrath means not only because of the authority's wrath, he talks about how the authorities exercise wrath on evildoers right and so forth and so you want to obey the authorities that not only because they'll punish you if you don't, but also for conscience he means toward God because God wants you to honor the authority so it's not only for wrath, for conscience sake, he means not because only that you could go to jail or suffer consequences but also because it's the right thing to do, but what is the right thing to do well right thing to do is to submit to lawful authority. The authority that that God has ordained and Paul tells us. Paul tells us in that passage and in the verses before it that there is no authority except that which God has ordained as there is no authority but of God. So so the government doesn't have any authority except God is given, it and the question then is how much authority has God given its light.

I don't have any more authority than God gives me and therefore when my was raising my children.

God gave me authority of my children command to obey your parents, but he didn't give me authority of my neighbor's children and he didn't give me authority to do anything I want with my children. For example, to murder them to sell them into prostitution or or anything like that, you know there's there's limitations when God gives authority.

He delimits the authority and no one has any authority except that that which God is given.

So if God has delimited the authority has no more authority than what God is, place limits on noise on my mind is that I got darkness coming through so it's okay that mutiny. If you need to okay thanks so so the government has as much authority as God has given it. Remember Jesus said to Pilate, you would have no authority at all unless it was given to you from above and words just because the Roman escape Pilate authority is a governor. That doesn't mean that he had any authority beyond what God had given them. Only God's authority are given to him matters. Likewise, the leaders of our country don't have any authority beyond that which God is given them what what has God given Paul tells us God is the government are the servants of God who are ordained to punish evildoers and to an appraisal.

Those who do well and so forth.

And that is to use an execution of wrath on those who do evil. Now, going to church is not evil. Lots of things are not evil that the government would like to restrict. For example, it's not evil to go outside without a mask. It's not evil to. There's a lot of things that the government might tell you not to do but they're not evil or not evil things. Summary say well it's evil to go out if you can spread the disease. Well, that's a big if I smoke during flu season to be equally evil to go out but no one's ever commanded to be done.

It frankly if you drive a car, there's a good chance you might kill somebody or get killed Army not a good chance there is a chance, probably as good a chance is that you dive coated.

So in other words, going out without a mask is not obviously evil anymore than driving a car or going out during flu season, or are things like that. I mean lot many many children die of the flu every year but in California one child elementary school age has died of coated and that's in this whole year so you can tell that there's a lot of things more dangerous than covert and that the locking people down stricken their freedoms.

This is actually not even legal. Even if God was not in the picture even if God had not defined the limits of government officials.

The Constitution does. We still live in a country where the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any leader who goes against the Constitution is not only going against his oath because every leader swears to uphold the Constitution and is not only perjuring himself or herself, but there also making note rules that aren't legally binding because in our Constitution of the Constitution decides whether I can go to church or not, and it tells me I can now there may be times when I choose not to. If there was in fact the bubonic plague going through the country and and you having any contact with other people would be would be endangered in my might choose not to go to church but it's not the government's place to tell me whether to take that chance because if everyone knows there's disease out there. Then every adult that goes out is doing so on their own responsibility it again.

It's same with the flu. If the flu is going around. I know that some people get it and some will be very sick from it may be me included, and some people even die from okay but I still as adult and given the opportunity to go out and do my work and do other things to. There's nothing about the flu being out there that takes away my free write as a American citizen of movement and to work to make a living or to go to church and if there are people who are afraid of getting it. They can stay home so that if they go out there taking the chance to another's people can stay home as much as they want to then cover themselves as much limited they can isolate themselves much they want to, but an adult has the right to decide to take risks, and everyone who goes out knowing what the risks are is going out willing to take that risk and possibly to be. In fact, I'm willing to be effective, not afraid of coated so you know II think the government has simply scared people so much into submitting that people don't realize the government has no authority to make these kinds of rules now.

I've had people recommend correctly without all the government has the authority, now they don't have constitutional authority.

It's true that the you know the Constitution of California might allow Gavin nuisance to to make out some kind of a ruling that you know people have to stay in but that's against the United States Constitution. That's not something that he can do so.

I personally don't believe that my conscience requires me to stay in morning like that now is God there is a kind of God about meeting together. Do not forsake my family get yourself together and whether you meet in a home church as we do already meet in a big church like MacArthur's right that's still a human right and a command from God.

So this is really good. I just want to have a minor rebuttal or just maybe marked a minor question.

So obviously we have laws so one of laws is driving right you must maintain whatever 60 miles an hour in the government put that in to make sure that people don't speak and kill each other right and so would be hard for me to justify going 80. What if you will just for the fun of it and I did I get every thing your thing about COBIT so I get that. I guess that again. I know that a lot of issues and COBIT to let let's assume for the time being.

Now assume that there really is a pandemic. That's really real bubonic plague if you will, and the government says we want to help the people by saying stay inside so we don't overwhelm our beds coated may not be that it possibly isn't then there's the government had the authority to step in and say luck for the betterment of our society.

I need everybody to stay inside because the boot on the plate can kill a lot of people. So disc in your thoughts about Steve is that sort of a bottle or request. I still feel the same way you see so there was no rush on hospital beds. That was a big money so you can tell government line and on almost every subject related so-called crisis and and your life goes on, the vast majority people who ignore the directives are not getting sick, and the ones who do get to a house.

They are not dying, so is the government should just left alone but they had a political reason for doing it and that's with now as far as the bubonic plague if someone if let's say we have a real pandemic and let Satan go out in public. You have a 50% chance that you'll get infected or infected else when information is out there every adult that goes out is willing to take that chance.

In other words, I'm willing to take the chance it may be, or maybe I won't make that owner take a 50-50 chance they will just stand that's my option if I go outside I take a 50% chance risk of getting the disease may be dying. That's my choice to make.

That's not the government starts to make what things I do that seemed dangerous to me now isms is but you might affect others. No, I wanted like anybody else except others who are willing to take that chance to. And everyone everyone who's out is willing to take that chance and everyone who's American has a right constitutionally to be out if they were theirs.

It's not is not our nanny. We don't need and then you know I get it work on one appointment on the beginning of Romans were you saying that the God laws come first, right and told my kids if I tell you do something that goes against the law of God, please don't do it. I try to go throw rocks at the neighbor. What have you. I tell you with something to do within God's law, you must do it right and and what would you bifurcate that me where you say you know everything like family St. I get this. Is anybody else what's right and wrong because we have the Bible tells what is right and wrong, and the government is there to enforce what's right and to punish what's wrong that's what therefore God ordained them for you and got up as long as they're doing that they are in authority because they are doing what God authorize them to do but just again like that. If I have five kids and my kids are grown now, of course, not here, but when her little if I have five kids and I kill one of them while night that doesn't give the other for the right to totally disregard my 40 but you know if the one that's monstrously when it's been in danger of being killed if they flee, and they don't obey me. I think there within their rights because I'm I'm trying to act upon them in a way that I have no authority from God to act right and so we don't we don't just throw the government officials out because they do something that's unconstitutional. Although they should be prosecuted for it, or recalled or recalled and prosecuted.

But the point is we recognize there are legitimate authority while rejecting their their fake authority because we don't live in it. We don't live in a chair and we don't live in a authoritarian society and in the Constitution is still over still defines what governors and what Manderson and legislators to do so. So Nancy Pelosi was within her rights to go out and get her hair cut.

She's not she's not within her rights to tell other people that they can't because the government okay hey I got a great talk you.

Take care, stay healthy. Okay good to hear from you and Sandy all right okay will talk next to Donald in Detroit, Michigan.

Donna welcome to the narrow path with Barbara SII. I asked the question this and in the principality, which we have in our lie. We are our Prince now is or what is grace and mercy that's required is usually never be a Christian right. I'm trying to understand what you see the principalities how did you find them, are the key definition of how we do our weekly have okay when I got the word principality doesn't mean a principal in the Greek New Testament. The words that are translated principality's powers refer to government officials, whether it's document political officials or in some cases are not angelic or demonic powers, but it's not theirs that's a different word than principles. When you asked what was the relationship of salvation to principalities and powers. I wasn't sure why you're asking a question, but I realize now you don't know what principality means you you you mean what's the relation of Chris being saved two principles are principles, well, you know, our principles are our convictions in our convictions. Our faith me.

That's what faith is. Faith is your convictions and that's another word for your principles. It's not another word for principalities and powers, but it's nonetheless. If you're asking about principles, then yes, our salvation is based upon our principles which must be based upon the teaching of Christ, and I think that's what he was right. Right. I got okay. I'm not calling to disagree and you not calling to ask a question you're calling to preach, so I'm I appreciate now that you clarified what you called yesterday I was taking you at your word really shooting the meaning of the words okay to talk to Brian from Detroit Michigan also to enroll from Detroit hi Brian, wondering about about Proverbs and reading it and I've been wondering what your take on wisdom and how it refers to integral billing of her people lived like a little girl like the spirit, but I just always felt like with something attribute file can be a girl right. It's not a girl running tornado is not a girl or are near hurricane is not a girl or boy they give the names a ship is not a girl, they called ships her and so forth a nation is not a girl but motherland or is not a boy either to the Fatherland.

Yeah, we in the just the way the people speak when we personify something that isn't really a person that's that's called and anthropomorphizing. We something that's not an enterprise not a human in which talk about it in a personified way or personified like an anthropomorphic way.

We need to either do so either call it by feminine or masculine pronouns and in the case of wisdom.

Solomon chose to use feminine pronouns. I think the reason he did, and I will have to ask him when we see him if we do, but I believe the reason he is the feminine pronoun here is because in the early chapters of Proverbs, which is writing to his son. Apparently a young adult son he's warning him about the wrong kind of woman and the wrong kind of woman is personified as foolishness or foolishness is personified as a market woman foolish woman and so he's appealing to his son as a young man who might be, you know, looking for woman and basically saying the woman you want to avoid is foolishness in the woman you want to court is wisdom Chrissy speaking definitively, but he's he's he's writing poetry, so this is I think why he chose the feminine, rather than asking because his writing to his boy about the choice of principles of life either to live foolishly or wisely being like the choice of a woman are good or bad woman soaked in my opinion.

That is why he is the feminine pronouns are in and how would you like responded people who like oh no, I've heard with speak to me in my might have to ask what they mean by that. I hope we all have was I speak to us, it would seem to like they've heard like little girls speak to them like a little girls voice yeah well I have no idea what going on there. When people hear voices that usually if something wrong in her head. Unless there's some in there speaking to them. Wisdom is certainly not described as a little girl but is a beautiful woman and of the kind of woman that a person should want to pursue. Not a little girl perverted thing for him to pursue little girl so I think that these people simply don't reflect for much knowledge of the Bible I think you all right, thank you for your call Kevin. Unlocking California looking to the neuropathic for calling time to ask you a question regarding something related to Matthew chapter 7 verse two John 424 and Samuel 15 first Samuel 1523 and this is a question insubordination of King Jesus resulting in an unnecessary stricter judgment at the judgment seat of Christ and what I mean. If the work if I say that you have to worship on a certain day or if I say you have to only have one city, one church per city.

The ground locality. Another work. If I add something to how you're supposed to worship and say if you don't do it this way you're dividing the body of Christ will that result in a stricter judgment for me at the judgment seat of Christ, because I overruled Regina said to the Samaritan woman well versus you alluded to.

I got to the three that the first 27 Matthew seven to correctly what what judgment you judge will be judged, and with the same measure you use, it will be measured back to you and then the other night versus John 424 God is spirit, those who worship in must worship in spirit and truth. What was Samuel 1510. Are you okay ordination allocated to obey is better than sacrifice are submissive or should write right asking the Samaritan woman basically asking Jesus you know how should we worship what is the appropriate way to worship what she's asking the appropriate place to worship, place, and said my people have worshiped in this mountain on Garrison your people worship in Jerusalem, which is the correct place to worship any saying it's not a place at all you guys looking people who worship in spirit and truth, which can be done anywhere. It's not not geographically confined. Now your your question and I'm not sure how that question really was part of those verses. But I would say that sounds like you're saying if somebody makes rules about how you must worship that go beyond what Jesus made rules about how you then I would say they are in the wrong X legalism and you don't think you can follow rules that you don't impose on others I'm always going to go to church on Sunday that's fine you can make yourself. You just can't judge others so that would be receive stricter judgment.

James said that the teachers will receive stricter judgments of teacher doing so I would say yes they would receive stricter judgment for adding to not have a lot of time for this call that I appreciate you joining us to be back in about 45 seconds for another half-hour don't go away listening to the narrow path. Our website is the narrow and we are listener supported Bobby back in 30 seconds again to nearly the path that leads to life to the narrow parent Steve Greg has nothing to me today but everything to get the radio show is over. Go to the narrow patdown, confetti and enjoying the three topical audio teachings blog articles teachings and archives of the narrow path radiation. Thank you for supporting the listeners. The narrow path Steve Greg see when the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for another half hour taking your calls if you have questions about the Bible and the Christian faith are for a different view from the host want to discuss that on the air. Feel free to join us.

There are a few lines open right now the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and remember this weekend with a meeting into macula on Saturday if you're actually joining us. That's where worked macula Southern California. If you want to join us go to our website. The narrow look under announcements and see where and when and join us if you're so inclined, a nearby okay let's talk to Martin from national city, California Martin, welcome to the neuropathic type of personality in the light myself and the concerns about the overreach of the government into all running this pandemic computer like to talk your way. Like for example I wrote to the new church here in California white.

I'm not a city-owned parking lot so there was some litigation concerning that block them from going there by taking control of the parking lot. My point that one is when you know brother man would soothe the law to take away thy coat by cloak as well and is also referred to as a covering for you have no covering for your sin. If I did not come so it would be no further.

Don't hold.

If you stop I need to know what point you are making just now before you going to the second point was that point I need to know what point you are making, you said that Jesus is usually come give me a cloak. Also what what that would be to talk about that talk about big government man for the sake of government man. I will reach well I would say read that passage. Further, in first Peter chapter 2 since some yourself every authority of everyone is meant for the Lord's sake, whether to the king and supreme so is not local to the king is supreme, or to governors who are sent by him for the punishment of those who do evil and the praise of those who do good.

So it's is not local.

Peter simply saying the same thing. Paul said in Romans 13. In fact, I personally think that Peter was influenced by Roman 13 when he wrote that the point is that both Paul and Peter were talking like government officials, legitimate government officials all the way up to the king and all the way down to policeman, but but he's both places say that they are sent to punish evildoers and appraisers who do well so I guess if a person doesn't know whether to evil to go to church or not they need to spend more time meditating on Scripture because the Bible certainly does not indicate it's evil to the church. Okay guess what lesson I guess he hung up.

All right will talk next to Glenda from Junction city. Glenda welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. You hear me okay yes oh I'm doing this on my phone that your radio program on it. Okay well you need to have the radio turned way down so you won't be confused because your hearing the rain delay and I can barely hear you all okay on here.

I can hear you go ahead okay so the question that I have is I believe that the day before yesterday and I believe you were having a question or an explanation to a caller that about the Trinity. I think it really wasn't paying very close attention because it had deteriorated into. I have not let pain that you sent something toward and that really caught my attention. And if I've got this right now I want to write it down.

That seeing God as the fine seeing Jesus as the light and the Holy Spirit as a heat or power in the yeah but that right yes and that's not that's not something I came up with that's that's kind of a classic X explanation of the Trinity that the Eastern churches used in the past like that Eastern orthodoxy yeah yeah and not get. I don't know because I've been and always been floundering over this whole matter. You know who's on first kind of need it so clear for me and just you know it gets really resonated with me. I did think of it I think is a good illustration and clean yeah II believe that's a good illustration. I mean I don't I don't know. I don't know that's the most accurate illustration that could be made but people throughout my lifetime I've encountered from people in ways they've tried to illustrate the Trinity like it like an egg with the shell and the light in the yoke are like her like water that can be solid, liquid or gaseous or whatever night. I haven't really seen releasing those is the best natural instructions.

If, if, indeed, any natural illustration would be adequate. I don't know that there is one, but the sun at least, it sounds a little bit scriptural since the sun. I think in the sky is the source of life and light and so forth. And God made it. I believe perhaps to illustrate himself or Christ but himself would work well especially before the incarnation of Christ, because as you say Jesus is the light of the sun. We we see God. We see the sun because we see a slight we don't really see the son receives light and we think we think we see the son receives light coming from so seen Jesus is seeing God, but for just a but the Father is greater than I.

Would be equally true.

You know if he's like the light from the sun. Mother son is greater than just the light but you see the light of the sun and thereby you see the sun and as far as the spirit in the power of God like that the solar power. The heat and so forth from the sun that could be an illustration of the Holy Spirit to and yet the sun and its light and its heater all one there's not really any any distinguishing them and and yet the light and the heat emanate from the sun and historic Christianity has always said that the father is course garden and the sun and the spirit proceed from the fathers, the term they use, and Argonaut.

Also something that illustration is so helpful I think to some assigned you to follow and recorded accurately in my journal and I also want to take this opportunity to thank you much. I've learned a great deal from you and I'm sure I'll learn a great deal more time. Thank you so thanks Keith well, thank you for calling governorship and okay where talk next to Mark from Vancouver, BC hi Mark how you doing, Steve, we really need you to critique Jonathan causes recent book the Oracle and also the harbinger.

Have you had any inclination to do that. I read the harbinger. I have read the article. I don't read anymore of his books. His books, frankly, were impressive in a sense something he is a good writer. He's good at putting pieces together.

I just didn't see it as necessarily legitimate to use a verse in Isaiah. That's not about America and serve make about America. There were a lot of parallels he found, but I just that's not the way I use Scripture. So it's me, I don't. I didn't see it as a good book of biblical exegesis the original harbinger like the rehab I don't harbinger tonight because slightly. Harbinger one is just really nothing compared to the harbinger to in any any result on the really interesting points and the like. I obviously like I'm not just thinking as you are and and you complete dispensational but but but obviously aside from that I he does bring out some some good points points his first book to assist no way of knowing whether valid but would tell me what would there be in those books that would be helpful for me to know they were taking too long to get into a very quick question. What is your opinion.

Most of mainstream Christianity says that I trump government readily a Biden Harris government would be just the latest, compared to a £0.12 government that is quickly well I'm not really here to endorse candidates, but my impression is that Mr. Biden is not going to govern even if you selected. I believe he's incapacitated. I think he demonstrates that every time he's speech without a prompter so you know, I'd I'd I don't even if he's elected, in my opinion he's kinda placeholder for the Democratic Party to get in there and then Kemal Harris, I don't, Harris. I don't know if she's going to Gov. somebody more powerful in the background will govern. But if the Democrats get the presidency and the vice presidency. It would appear that the Democratic Party is far more radically left than they've ever been before, far more than say Obama was and Obama was the most leftist senator before his election as he is the only person who voted four times in the Senate to support partial-birth abortion.

For example, in Obama was very leftist as assessment center but believe it, Harris is further left than he is.

And of course she's I believe that Bernie's got a lot of influence on Joe right now to side. I just don't think that I don't think that Joe matters. I think that if people vote for Joe. I don't get Democratic leadership in the White House and that Democratic leadership will not be Joe Biden.

He's I think they're trying to prop him up until the election to make him seem like he is not suffering from dementia, but once he's elected, they'll have no interest in property about the probably want to retire him, so that, Harris could be present and they can just do what they want because they can easily make the case that Joe Biden's has dementia.

All right, all right, let's talk to Tim from New Haven, Connecticut Tim, welcome to the narrow path expert hi Steve, good question and I wanted – sort of like a new Christian and having a little bit of a problem with controlling my temper, my deregulation, vice.

Maybe I should hundred deal with. Well of course handling your temper is simply a function of the main thing the Christians have to do and that's love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you consider yourself, your neighbor as important as yourself and that of course your neighbor is as important as yourself.

So there's it's only delusional to imagine is not, therefore, to recognize that your neighbor is as important as you are in your your neighbors concerns and needs are as great as your concerns and needs. Then you'll realize that your neighbor is going to need to be forgiven just like you need to be forgiven right in your name when your neighbor does some things that irritate you. Well that's not really much different than you doing things that irritate other people and that when you do things, irritated people, you know that you'd like them to give you a pass or at least I get angry at you you like them to maybe address a call later or or overlook it or something and so you know when you love your neighbor as you love yourself then you realize it or not I I don't have any more reason to get mad at this person then people have to get mad at me sometime so and finally getting out of that person is the it's a funny thing about getting mad about people because it doesn't hurt them. It doesn't hurt you when you somebody you feel like you're punishing them by being angry, but they're not being clear they might not even know your grade if if they do, they may not even care that you but you admit it sours you makes you better and so you know this is something you remember that getting angry doesn't help anything. Now I when I say getting help. There are times when getting a rehab something.

There are times when, for example, you might hear of human trafficking going on in your state and and it get you angry enough to rise up and be activist to to do something to help law enforcement or do something to to stop it now you in the Bible there is righteous anger. Anger is a motivator but and if it motivates you to do the right thing because your angry evil and it moves you to act against evil.

Well then that's fine but usually our anger is not really against evil per se, it's against someone who made us upset. They cut us off in traffic that they didn't pay us on time when the oldest money they they didn't show up when they said that shopping you and convince yourself and others somebody has done something that has injured you or offended you. That's most anger at least people with anger problems.

Most people anger problems get angry about those kinds of things which are very selfish things and where is your righteous anger would be one where maybe no one is dying to you at all like when Jesus cleansed the temple drove out to my church, but they haven't anything to him.

He was upset because what they're doing to God's reputation and to the people who wanted to come and worship, so it was it was a righteous kind of an anchor that was not it's not self oriented at all.

Most people in an anger problem get angry because people do things that make them angry because it hurts them or interest them or offends them or inconveniences them, and that's where you need to remember that as a Christian. The first step of becoming Christians deny yourself after Jason comes after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. So if you deny yourself if you do that effectively you're not going to be so upset when people do wrong to you because you would do you acknowledge when you're Christian you acknowledge your center and if you're send you. You know that you don't deserve any special grace that God gives you special grace but he doesn't deserve it and if you don't deserve it, then how to be angry at someone else who doesn't extend it to it all mean we have done unjust things other people and we need to remember that you know the person does something unjust to us. He may be doing something against God, and he is but any many of doing something against you but you realize it. That doesn't make him worse than you because you might've done this many unjust things that are so maybe he's about like you or even he's alert you, you still don't get all punished for everything you do. So I think we need to get people to pass on the question of society, where you get angry and I used it in a positive way. Certainly considered sinful or might or might wrong with you get angry.

But if you're getting angry about something that's truly evil and I don't mean something that you count to be evil because it hurt you, I mean something that is in the abstract.

Truly an evil thing, evil thing going on crimes humanity that can stuff you know I need to be angry at that is to be like Jesus because Jesus was angry that stuff but once when people were crucifying Jesus.

He didn't get angry at him. He said father forgive them.

They don't know what they're doing. So here you know he can. He can blow his top.

When people are abusing other people or abusing the temple of his father, but when they're killing him and beating him like a lamb before cheers is done, so he opened not his mouth.

He didn't threaten he didn't get angry because he loved people and and the only person suffering at the time was him. See if your if you're a godly loving person then if you're the only one suffering. Then you can take that if it's other people suffering and not necessarily you, then your anger is more likely to be of a just sort now Paul says in Romans Ephesians chapter 4 be angry but do not sin.

And then he says do not let the sun go down on your wrath, which means don't stay angry. Don't don't don't stay real day and into the evening and all night. You need to. There's time to get angry about things, but not to send by now. How's that you get angry at what is evil and you let that anger motivates you to do something to right the wrong okay to do something to to alleviate evil rather than just doing if you still want it.

You're likely to give place of the devil pulse in actual year.

Okay, so I appreciate your your your input on certain good day and God bless you… You to. I'm sorry.

When you say God bless you hit the button.

I'm sorry missed what you say. I was so horrible to hang up on some I don't like my apologies Todd from Georgetown.

Welcome to the narrow path.

I guess California hello hi hi I just wanted to add a little bit to that one lady was so encouraged about what you talk about with the Trinity in light of the sun light and in the heat. I use that analogy many times with non-Trinitarian like Jehovah witnesses and Mormons and and I like to use that because one to get them off their narrative and right and because they deny the Trinity and the other is I like to leave them with the thought out everywhere you go for the rest your life.

The type and creation that God created of of his nature is right there every day, that every day so you get to be constantly reminded of this leave them with seven whether they read the Bible are not now the creation I see in so many ways. It speaks to people that I just don't think God does anything by accident.

Everything is for his glory and his and to express himself so that we might know him right so God exactly and in another. Another one is where you know I thought is is is hidden until it is expressed with the word.

And Jesus is called the word, and he came to show us the father and in the understanding is the Holy Spirit who gives us understanding the one who was given to us that we might understand God know God like that again. And in thought and word and understanding and I did see the Trinity and so many other places I've been studying creation myself. I involved in in wildlife research many years ago, but I just you know I got saved when I first went to Alaska in over 30 years ago it was so beautiful. I went from being an atheist and knowing there is a creator in three my lines are full, and I only have about Florence left so you not asking a question song and let you go appreciate your insights. Thank you for joining us. We got a lot of people waiting and we don't need to long long talks with no question attached. Okay, let's talk to Joyce from Corvallis, Oregon choice. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling me yes question writing lately been hearing a lot of factory prayer people are praying for our country airplane parts think that happening fell on. I really doubt that when I pray I will pray thinking and I feel that my dear Wellington name brought here. I will prayer will happen in a neat declaration. I had evil happening, inquiring how we declare and may declaration back here how he craned her little rat right around 31 where parking that you now dictate our Lord. You write back when you opinion on Wednesday I declared my opinion is that they are going beyond Scripture.

The Bible never tells us to declare such things, although in a sense the first petition of the Lord, for your kingdom come. Sounds more like a declaration them like a petition but as far as declaring that we cut off the pot evil powers in the heavenly is over Portland Oregon or whatever. I think people end up looking silly because there's no evidence the Bible that we that we are to do that. Luke 10 doesn't say nothing about that in Luke 10 Jesus said, I give you authority over serpents and scorpions over the power all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall in any way hurt you is not talking about declaring things is no reference no reference to declaring anything there so I just think I think some people have gotten it in their head that they are superpowerful in God and Christ and they like to act that way and I don't think there's any wrong and say got a future will you know and the violence in such and such a place. And recently that is part of your kingdom come in your will be done on earth as it is sometimes we don't know God's will on earth. And sometimes we declare things that aren't that we would've been better off asking rather than saying because a lot of times where I think people just let their own minds and their own. Sometimes even their egos a little bit. Perhaps take charge Travis from San Diego. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling me today. Okay guys go fast. A minute or so help right.

I don't think there is anyone among Christians who hates Democrats are hates is matter. I think that Christians disagree with the policies of the Democratic Party in many cases because there becoming more and more contrary to Christianity and Christians are for Christianity.

Generally speaking, therefore they would be against things that are against flashlight. That's why we speak against some of the Democratic things but that does me were Republic.

I'm not a Republican for, registered but I certainly am against the Democratic Party, but I don't hate them. I think I think they hate us.

Think the evidence is that way the people were burning buildings and killing people are not Republicans there followers of Bernie Sanders a lot of time.

Thanks for joining us. Our website is the Let's talk again tomorrow –

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