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The Narrow Path 9/1

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September 1, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/1

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 1, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path railroad cast, what industries Greg and were live for an hour each week.

The afternoon taking her calls to field questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith were always glad to take your calls and discuss those with you if you see things differently than the host anymore talk about that.

Feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5737 and this is not one of those days when I have to tell you what the lines are all full circle back later. The lines are not all full versus several lines open right now so if you want to call now to good time to get through that may not be the case. 15 minutes from the number to call is 844-484-5737 the first color today is Scott from Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona to be exact.

Hi Scott, welcome to the narrow gate.

I got to the bank your show at so read that in the morning on that lot of amendment rebroadcast the next day that airtime for the report that how early morning target like in the wee hours right leg now live in in the morning again. I don't know for paying for that or not because I don't keep trying that the people who handle the financial aspects of the ministry would know that so I can't tell you about. That's not something and things are fellowship with. I I really think the Catholic Church is, and I repeat that, like the leaders that I would say that you have to go to church.

I have a good amount on Monday or answering part of the body of Christ, which they Catholic Church okay well I don't agree that I don't think that they have any biblical authority to say that so I wouldn't worry about it. But as far as breaking fellowship.

I consider fellowship to be something that happens between people, between person and an institution now an institution might kick you out if they don't like you or you might find nothing about the institution to attract you to us. He might leave it but as far as fellowship in with people. The fellowship of the saints is a fellowship of those were disciples of Jesus. A person is a disciple of Jesus is somebody who is recognized Christ as the Lord of their life and acts like it. They believe that they should be obedient to him and follow him and and they of course believe that he is both Savior and Lord of their lives. Those things characterize disciples according to Scripture. Now you might find sums some disciples.

In some Catholic congregations, or in some Protestant congregations but you not to find any congregation of any kind, where everybody there is a disciple. In all likelihood at least be very rare to find a church… Very small and very committed where everybody is a disciple of Jesus.

You don't have to break fellowship with anyone unless they are claiming to be a disciple of Jesus and bringing scorn on the name of Christ by their unrepentant sin. Jesus said that if you your brother sins against you, you talked about it. If he doesn't repent then you take two or more if he doesn't hear them. Then you take it before the whole church, and if he doesn't listen. The church then you should not regard him as part of the church should be treated like a tax collector or or pagan Jesus and now that being so, I would disfellowshipped somebody if they claim to be Christian, but they were living in sin and did not repent when they were confronted about that would be that be the issue there as far as doctrinal differences like theological differences, while others there's dozens of theological differences.

Christians have which we pretty much have to tolerate MS want to start like an exclusive culture exclusive denomination or something like that. We have to live with the fact that not everyone is a Calvinist. If you are not ever determining if you are not able to give you dispensations if you are regarded recognize that Christians don't all see everything alike, and that being so that we have to recognize that the body of Christ, the family of God is diverse and God wants us all to love each other in practical ways and so forth. Now you don't have to go to church necessarily in institutional setting with people who you don't agree with. If you don't want to but if the if there are saints. There are disciples of Jesus. There and you're in fellowship with those disciples. I don't think there's any sin in going into a church that you don't agree with. I don't mean I hope not because I can go to any church that all the churches not to have something or another that I can't agree with. But that doesn't matter to me. The real issue is whether people are following Jesus. That's what makes a disciple and following Jesus means there's trying to live obediently to Christ.

Obviously, and if they sin and they are confronted Bill repent, or maybe the repent without being confronted, but somebody who sins and lives in sin and doesn't repent.

There not a follower of Christ. Obviously, having the very description of their life proves that on a follower of Christ and therefore go ahead day about how Jesus was upset with the coding all the people I met with believe it is the light and that's what I'm thinking of you apparently were all followers of Christ, late burning on you then you have to do that and you know that not if I'm going to the wrong thing. Yeah I okay thank you okay call all right. Let's talk next to it's going to be Linda in Cedar Ridge, California Linda, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling outside and have directly spared his Highland might get a little static landline it best I have okay on I Bible study. I would really like you could not maybe tell me background the lack like like for example the lack of his birth and death records and I both read maybe it could have been related well only some people say he was sent you some juice. I'm saying it's the same sham something to share yeah but I don't think he was sham if he was. It seems like the writer of Genesis 1: sham when it mentions and because it mentions him earlier, but on the other hand, milk has the is a name that means King of righteousness, and you know if sham had become a king and a righteous one, he might have had that title rather than as a name that's what much Jewish tradition suggests I don't I don't follow it because I think the writer of Hebrews is not there's there's only three times in the Bible are three passages that discuss milk as the original passages in chapter 14 of Genesis where Abraham met him after he had fought a war and wanted and he gave him 1/10 of the spoils and he received bread and wine refreshment from him and received a blessing from him and not much else is said about him were not told anything about who he is, except that he was the king of Salem and assailant could be another name for Jerusalem John Roos shalom shalom assailant means peace and so many people think that Salem is a reference to Jerusalem. If that is true, then it was the king of this city, Jerusalem, which was a pagan city.

By the way it was a city that was not yet conquered by David. David would Concord make a Jewish city. Until then, it was the Jebusite, Canaanite city and so would be strange for a pagan Canaanite city to have a godly king and priest, but some people think that so now in Psalm hundred and 10 verse four we have the second time DICK appears now you realize between the time the psalmist wrote in the time of Abraham, when he met Mel Keswick. There's a thousand years as a thousand years between Abraham and David and therefore you got a thousand years after Abram's meeting Mel Keswick and nobody of mentions milk is the key.

We know nothing more about until David comes along and says that the Messiah is a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. Now there's never been any reference in the Bible to any priesthood of the order of Melchizedek, and certainly not David's day because David lived at a time when the priesthood was of the order of Aaron and not know Keswick so that David mentioned. This is very peculiar, very mysterious why would the Messiah be a priest after the order know Keswick instead of after the Jewish order priest while no explanation is given then the next and last time we find anything about know Keswick is in Hebrews and Hebrews takes the few things that we get from Psalms and the few things we get from Genesis 14 and he unpacks them and he basically indicates Mel Keswick seems to have been a pre-incarnate appearance of Christ.

Are you aware that in the Old Testament there are times when God appeared in human form and and we call these Christophe, these are theophanies which means that an appearance of Christ are parents of God in this before Jesus was born on earth, but he doesn't have the right of Hebrews seems to believe know Keswick was Christ meeting with Abraham, and that wouldn't be too strange actually, because Jesus said to the Jews in John eight. Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and they said you're not yet 50 years old when did you ever see Abraham and you know what when Denny Jesus came along. 2000 years after Abraham well it may be that this was it. I thought that I could get out of all the three scriptures. The purpose type of Christ.

That is quite well.

This is a widely held view in among the commentators that know Keswick was a type of Christ. Now there's a difference. Type of Christ in a Christophe and because a type of Christ mean he's an ordinary man, no, no more abnormal than Abraham himself.

Abraham himself could be seen as a type in some stories of God and in his son Isaac is a type of Christ, and David is a type of Christ, but they were ordinary men to say some is a type of Christ means that there's something about their life that sets a pattern that would be repeated in Christ so insert like a preview of Christ in somebody who isn't him so if if know Keswick is a type of Christ that he isn't Christ see some other person and therefore most commentators seem to believe that know Keswick was the king of Jerusalem, and that again Jews tend to believe he was sham and that's that's possible sham probably would've still been living at this time and and he would be the oldest living man on earth and you the last survivor of the flood and so forth. So sham would be a very revered character. So if Mel Keswick is an ordinary man than to make him sham would be a sensible thing. The problem I have record well.

The problem I have with sene sham or any other man is at the right of Hebrews seems to indicate that he is Christ that is a Christophe me not just a type of Christ notice what the writer of Hebrews says in chapter 7 verse two, he says, Abraham gave 1/10 part of all first know Keswick is transitive king of righteousness and then also the king of Salem, meaning the king of peace. Assailant is a form of shalom's means peace and so writer of Hebrews is saying were not talking about a man who is the king of Jerusalem were talking a man who is the king of peace and is the king of righteousness and and to make these points about him is setting us up for something here. He says in verse three without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end-of-life, but made like the son of God remains a priest. Continuing on the son of God, Jesus, the incarnation of the second person of the Trinity as we normally say and so was he so was Mel Keswick.

He was like Jesus.

In that respect.

He was the word of God come down any human shape, but he he did so without coming through the family line even have parents and other commentators who think know Keswick was an ornament.

Just think that what he says he is without father was without mother, without beginning or end of days that it's simply saying he didn't have any genealogy recorded in. Of course he had parents but he any other beginning and end date but that's what they say. I don't agree with.

No, no, no, is not acceptable to fevers and so but here's the thing it says about Mel Keswick. In verse three. At the end of verse three he remains a priest continually that's in the present tense.

The writer of Hebrews is writing 2000 years after Keswick met Abraham and he says to his audience. 2000 years later that this man remains present tense remains a priest continually now. A little later on. It says in verse eight where he's making a contrast between the priests of the Jewish Aaronic order and Melchizedek.

It says here and he means in the Jewish order in the temple here mortal men received tithes, but there meaning in the story of Abraham and the Keswick he receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives now notice the contrast he sang the priests after the order of Aaron are mortal men who die not know Keswick though know Keswick was not a mortal man who dies in fact it is testified of him that he lives now, I'd like to know where it testified anywhere that he lifts it doesn't testify in Genesis 14 that he lives it doesn't testify. In Psalm 110 that he lives so where where is the right of Hebrews getting the idea that somebody testifies that know Keswick lives.

I believe he is made, the point already know Keswick is Jesus, and the test with Jesus lives. The fact that Jesus lives is proclaiming that know Keswick is still living because he is Mel Keswick. He was a Christophe that's what I believe now. Anything less than that. We got the right of Hebrews saying crazy things like contrasting a mortal man with other people who are conscious on the basis of them being mortal is as the priests of the of the temple there mortal men, but not this one. This man is testified of him that he lives continuously and therefore I take him to be a reference to Christ visiting Abraham before before the birth of Christ and and when he did he came without coming to the human family so you have father mother began days or whatever just appeared to me with Abraham. Alright I got to 35 years. Well I have of course lectures there lectures on my website through Genesis and through every book of the Bible and if you go to my lecture. If you go to Genesis 14. You have all this information presented. Alright, Celinda. Thanks for your call okay. Our next caller is leave from Ben Brock Benbrook Texas Lee welcome to the narrow path. Hey, where's Benbrook close to text Texas okay and caught actually about March or April came on to radio station.

I lit the people you are wrong you on say dinner and I work with people that the question of Muslim and eight the Christian. But there's a couple things I believe in the Holy Spirit to guide my lot married to my been married 20 years I'm apologetic that tried to pin the gospel but can do for my action. The lock to be witnessing things. I don't know the Bible that not distressed me.cannot claim chapter 1 verse one birthday and the second second one is the last verse in the lab.

The last of John where he told the 12 man so much that all of the of the world cannot contain so whenever I'm with my Nappanee question that I have to tell him I don't know that something God has not revealed okay so okay now what is your problem. Genesis 1 verse one and two well created, which I believe that everything was created with the it was actually created with and the end date. That wouldn't take him down there and it all went in a handbasket. Why, I'm not sure what you mean the and then you mean verse two begins with and then everything well in the beginning God created the heaven and the art right okay there was without Boyd and he covered over the so what happened between created and he was hovering over something that was not completely create what he created the heavens and the earth, but he hadn't created everything in the heavens and the earth heavens, the earth on the realm where the rest of the creation takes place present the earth legs the sea existed before the living creatures in the sea.

The dryland existed before their plants growing on the trailer before there was.

The world existed before their animals and man on it so we have him created the earth and the heavens and then the rest of the chapter he fills them up with the things he feels the heavens with the stars and with the sun and the moon, and he feels the earth and the sea, and all these other people are theoretically putting your head, I'm not really sure no Darwinism doesn't really connect with Genesis much. He is his theory would not probably recognize Genesis as having any value at all.

He Darwinism teaches that the earth is billions of years old and that it life began with a single celled creature and developed and all the living plants and animals we have today out, which I believe is not true, but I'm not sure you should just think you're suggesting there's a there's been a change between verse one and verse two that's what you're suggesting and I'm not seen a change. I just see him creating the heavens, the earth, and it tells us what condition they were in. They were in good it was dark because he had made the sun and stars.

The earth was void that is empty because he hadn't filled it yet.

And when water earth. God so theoretically, not that I believe the Bible but argument are there presentation of how they believe there presentation of time difference between what I believe 6000 year what they believe your your asking how the Bible would accommodate that time difference well know God that brings me to not I'm not cannot understand your question. There are two different views about the age of the earth, and there are Christians who hold both of them.

There are Christians who believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old and there are those who believe the earth is billions of years old and they each find their own way to accommodate those theories into Genesis so but but the euro when you're witnessing your friends and their asking questions.

What are they asking you because I'm I'm not getting a specific question for me about this. What is it they're asking you that you wanted to know what to say that the last verse of John.

When Melissa first because I think that's entirely different subject, so what are your friends asking you about Genesis that you're asking.

How do I say that door are well Genesis doesn't sailing run 6000 years. Specifically, the dinosaurs were created when the animals because they were animals. Now, how old are they will there's gonna be some dispute about that. Those who believe the earth is only about 6000 years old would believe they were created within that timeframe is those who believe the earth is billions of years old sometimes have argued that dinosaurs lived 70 million years ago and and died on the Cretaceous. But there's really no proof of that, especially in view of the fact that they have recently found dinosaur bones that have soft tissue inside the bones, which would not be the case if there tens of millions of years old.

They think they can't be that old house where I don't know but okay, here's the issue here is issue if your friends ask you how the earth is, or whatever. Just say the Bible doesn't tell us specifically how old the earth is many people use the genealogies in Genesis 2 trace back the earth to about 6000 years ago are other people who think that there's another way of looking at Genesis chapter 1. That doesn't necessarily connected to 6000 years ago. So that's not an issue. I mean, and why is that initiate what would what would it matter whether God made things 5 billion years doesn't matter what apologetic pain while we have a market he would now only man on the planet. He wasn't the only man on the planet. There were lots.

Where did they come from the Bible says the okay from Eve. Her name was called Eve because she's the mother of all living so so was his own brothers and sisters and perhaps nephews. By this time, genealogies the last one last word of John when he killed 12 man 12 scared me and ran away. He told the 12 scared man so much information that they changed the world. So when I tell people I don't know all the I have no idea what I believe planning okay II need to break in here because we have a break, not just say that when John said if everything Jesus said and did, was written the earth itself would not contain all the books he's using what we call a hyperbole is exaggerated, the earth would contain an saying that what Jesus said and did so many things that no one would attempt to record the and that he is not saying Jesus did many other things besides what I done, but the idea that the earth can contain… What we call a hyperbole. We use those things all the time you listen to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg were taking a break at this point we have another half-hour coming up. Our website is the narrow and I'll be back in 30 seconds. Please stay tuned. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life in today's media show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow we'll find time to blog article verse by verse teachings and shows learn and enjoy the thinking for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we got another half-hour ahead of us taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith. I would be glad to talk to about those things.

Our lives are full at the moment, but if you take this number down a call in a few minutes alone might will might well have opened up the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and for those of you in Southern California. Listener program. I just want to announce that this Saturday night we have our meeting into macula usually only happens once a month and it's a Q&A and if you'd like to join us. We'd love to see you there. Just go to our website.

The narrow and look under announcements look up this Saturday night, and you'll find the time and place and that all remains other means fetid vendors to show up and so would love to see you there.

If you're available nearby. All right.

We'll talk next to Deborah in Detroit, Michigan. Deborah, thanks for waiting.

Welcome hi hi how you I'm fine. Great meeting. Revelation 1. John said he would, in the spirit of the Lord's day, and I wondering if that Sunday are well cemetery and state Saturday because they think it's our Sabbath and the Sabbath is Saturday but he doesn't say was the Sabbath. He says the Lord's day and I don't know really what they had in mind except that in the very late part of the first century and the early second century the church fathers did begin to use the term the Lord's day to refer to Sunday because they met on Sundays and they referred to Sunday, as the Lord's day in the church fathers. The early church fathers, even the dedicated think uses that expression so which is right around the turn of the first century so John may have, you know, we don't know if the term was used for Sunday as early as John's time, but it might've been so many people think that the term the Lord's day is a reference to Sunday but of course Abba turns will always say it's a reference to the Sabbath because they like life. My day holy rabbit. I get confused about the New Testament. The New Testament doesn't place any obligation on Christians to keep the Sabbath the Sabbath is not a New Testament command. It's an Old Testament commitment and Sabbath the Sabbath this Saturday, to be sure, but New Testament makes it very clear that the old covenant is no longer binding upon those who are under the new covenant already, so it is that something well not crack well seven Dennis are often good people. In fact, a few years ago, having met many places over.

Maybe 40 years. My ministry, I would've said all of the seven Dennis people I've ever met were really nice people and probably good Christians since I started the radio show, especially since I debated the bachelor I've heard from a lot of Seventh-day Adventist who don't talk very good Christians and talk like very contentious angry, hateful kind of people that has not been my experience of seven Dennis most of my life but I guess I don't want to say something of us are good people and then have you run into one of these haters of which I've been surprised how many of them are and come after me, but I don't mind that they do because they didn't have anything to base their view on in Scripture. They follow a woman name Ellen G.

White and many of them think she was a prophetess, but she was not a prophetess. She was a good writer. She wrote some good things some of them very edifying, but she taught a lot of things are not biblical, including the necessity of observing the seventh day Sabbath live. In fact, they believe that if you are not observing the seventh day Sabbath. In the end, when the when the they believe that the United States is going to make a national law requiring people to worship on Sunday rather than Saturday. I know it sounds crazy, and it is they believe to be a national Sunday law that requires them to worship on Sunday and not on Saturday. They believe that at that time will be mandatory to worship on Saturday rather than Sunday because if you take if you worship on Sunday.

Then you will be taking the mark of the beast, and of course be lost.

So although today most of that as well. You should be keeping the Sabbath, but that doesn't mean you're going to hell if you don't, but frankly, they believe you will go to hell at whatever held it, leaving that you won't be saved if you don't worship on the Sabbath, at least after the national Sunday laws. I'm not sure why on and I am not sure why an act would be damnable after a government makes a particular law when the same act is not damnable before that laws made it so I guess it's the government not God who decides what laws will send you hell, because at this point cemetery is usually same if you keep the Sabbath your you're in the wrong but you can still be a Christian soldier. Haven't but they don't believe you go to heaven if you don't keep the Sabbath. After this law is made so God somehow. I guess just honors the state because when the state makes a law that changes the status of sin as far as they're concerned, but next to my mind as ridiculous as some of the things that they talk but anyway when I say they taught some ridiculous things. Many Christian groups are taught some ridiculous things that are still decent groups, but I wouldn't recommend the sum Dennis because of my recent expense with my I I think the thing a lot of them are very good people, but as far as their denomination goes, it's not everyone in it has a cultic like relation with some of them definitely do now when I say cultic I say cultic I don't mean there their teaching damnable heresies. What I mean is, if the group is cultic, it means they let somebody else interpret Scripture for them, and every seven Dennis in the world that I never talk to let's Ellen G.

White interpret Scripture for them because they'll tell me the Scripture says so-and-so, but of course it doesn't. Ellen G. White sent it does and so they go with her rather than study the Scriptures themselves, and I've never met. I hate to say this because I met some intelligent centeredness. I've never met one that knows even what exegesis of Scripture means or can do any of exegesis means studying the Scripture in context. Drawing from it. The message that the writer wanted to bring out that's how you understand the Bible responsibly.

I've never met a sum Dennis who will execute a passage because they can't hold views if they do, the Bible doesn't teach their views all right appreciate your call. Let's talk to Betty in Atlanta, Georgia Betty, welcome to the neuropathic for calling high thinking about Kathleen and piled in fact explain what had been allowed in your own eye, you know not to do something. Doing anything: change another country. I think the subject actually is change somewhat. There you know it's interesting that that chapter begins with the same judge, not the be not judged. And yeah, he'd indicate you have to judge if you know some of swine. If you're not cast your pearls before swine. How are you going to obey that unless you judge whether somebody qualifies or not is a swine. Obviously, when she said judge not that you not judge he's not making a general statement that we can't make any judgment in this case he does point we do have to make some judgments in effect later in the chapter he says you have to be beware of false prophets, you will know them by their fruit.

Well, obviously that is judging that's judging two so Jesus is telling us to make judgments. There's a certain kind of judgment we should make as you pointed out, if you got a login or I will be judging your brother about the spec in his ear hypocrite, but there are people whom you will have to judge to be unworthy of your continued attention in your outreach casting pearls before swine, probably refers to presenting Christ who is the pearl of great price to people who have Apsley no interest or capability of appreciating him. You know a pig doesn't know a Perl from a pebble human does a human knows that that pearls with a lot the pig know thing about the value of the pearl, he doesn't value it.

He doesn't know what it is and therefore don't waste it on him and same thing. The still give what is holy to God's nurse in the temple there was food that was holy.

It was only for the priest to eat and if you took that give the dogs. The dogs don't know the difference in some holy and unholy.

They just ravenously you give them so Jesus is saying there are people there are people who will not have any appreciation for the value of what you have to give them and out when you find that this is true of somebody stop stop try to give it to you with you witnessing to somebody and they just hate the gospel you are hearing about it. Don't waste it on and completed greatness and don't do anything with it. I don't want to move along. Thank you very very much okay Betty – thanks for your call okay Michael from Watsonville, California hi Michael look to the narrow path.

Today what you know he was a sleeping sleeping prophet. Yeah, he was a guy who had to. I guess visions or dreams in his sleep that people wrote down and felt they were prophetic. I don't I've never studied the man. I don't have any reason to believe that he was a real prophet I you know there are Christians who studied him and I've heard them suggested he didn't pull do you correct Christian teachings or whatever, to my mind. He's at his expense probably was cultic but I say that is one who don't. I don't have the details on what I don't know. I don't even know if he is a Christian after I don't know anything about him. I mean I've read things that years ago, but I don't keep them in my mind. Okay Michael, thanks for your call okay John from Westminster, Massachusetts.

Welcome to the narrow path on calling you can hear me all right yes it okay. I was looking for some advice from a light. She has a friend who absolutely love the Lord, but she lives with her unsaved boyfriend. They sleep in separate rooms and aggressively trying to get a bite like he's going to be and I think my wife to try to convince her to run because of temptations before, but she doesn't seem to understand and she might think it's okay to stay there, but she really does love the Lord so we are enacting what would you say well what why is she staying there while she thinks she and I think she left them and I think that she believed he meant her they they were part of the well.

They were engaged yet and they broke okay so doesn't look like there on the marriage track at the moment, so she can't decide whether he's the one for her. Whether Jesus is one for permits, which can ago because although there's no sin into people of opposite sex living under one roof and sleeping separately.

There's nothing specifically sinful about that were not just talking about people who are a couple of opposite sex living room for target formerly engaged couple who are still regarding themselves as boyfriend girlfriend living in the same house and even if they sleep in separate rooms for her. Her boyfriend's not a Christian. I don't know I just wouldn't I wouldn't trust the situation. Very few people would tell you the truth I don't know how good Christmas is you say she loves the Lord. A lot of people have a real emotional fondness for Jesus, but that doesn't mean they have a real moral strength in the face of temptation. I think she really should get out of there. For one thing it's a terrible testimony if people know she's a Christian know she's lived with him even if she says or we don't sleep together most vigorously sure sure sure you don't yeah I believe that you know most people just will not believe that and I don't blame them. I'm not sure I believe. But maybe they maybe they don't sleep together, but it's everyone will assume they are and and therefore it will mean that people see her as a Christian woman who cares more about a non-Christian boyfriend then cares about how Christ is made to look by her life, her testimony is so is going to be very much compromising situation now. If he's not a Christian. Then he certainly is not the one for her at this point she should move out if he becomes a Christian at sometime in the future, then they might get married and then she go back in. But short of that, she's just she's just playing with temptation and if not hers. In his maybe she's strong but I mean you can't expect a non-Christian amendment store and and maybe she she may not be as strong as she thinks for example, she's really strong. She probably walk away and get into another home and wait for him to come along to be someone qualified for her to marry.

I'm not really sure if this is just a financial situation she thinks is working out better for her.

What that mean there's there's not a verse in the Bible that says people cannot live under one roof.

If they're not married because sometimes multiple families living one roof and you know it's not it's not where you live. It's a matter the circumstances, you're living under and what that.what that looks like to others and what and working temptations.

At present I think she's very unwise to be there and I don't think she should make excuses for it.

I think she should save Jesus to be first my life then no man is going to be in my life in a serious capacity, who's not a follower of Jesus, and now if this man becomes a follower of Jesus.

Another story, but I think that she's she needs to remember Jesus talked about if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off from there is what he means is if you got something is very valued very precious to but it's it's it's not appropriate for Christian unity. To be rated and so I don't have any more to say about because it is not a specific Scripture says don't live in the same roof. There are scriptures that tell us to glorify God in all our behavior and when you're bringing reproach on Christ.

That's not glorify God. So I think she should about all right, thank you for calling publisher John Barbara from Roseville, Michigan. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling on Sunday and I noted frequently. People always and you questions about women in the ministry in England to that book and think common in time, like Paul, Corinthian college teaching these are not commandment God is a pastor's agents on how he wants his church to become trapped in the church with getting static like my churches. We have a church you know everything, and many times people teaching said the church at the commandment of God as opposed to the party that said I women do this and I will bid me and whatever he said he simply said that it and when he was teaching that the women should be silent at the lock which is not people when they go. He's keeping his infinite search. My church have been thinking the choirs to wear robes or not walk across the front of the pool. Whenever but a lot of times people take it as commandment from Pastor Newman about teaching that needs to be activated on high church should be to thinking. If you have a nonchurch church or as you know you look at your church and you come up with to have not been ripped and the commandment of God not the Scripture says that in a compact man or something. So this is not causing people confusingly try to go either commandment and the pastor's vision is often a pastor should have been the reason for their okay let me say something about that to the verses in first Corinthians that you're referring to our first 1434 through 36 correct. That's where Paul says you know that if they will learn that the master husbands at home and things like that. The next verse is verse 37 in verse 37 Paul says if anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual. Let him acknowledge that the things which I write to you are the commandments of the Lord will so I would be very I mean I could be. I could render myself unspiritual or disqualify myself from being a profitless post by saying his commandments is famous or not the commands. Lord, please send that we had no such no such custom yeah Chapter 11 head coverings were in had coverage and he says we don't have any such customs. Your writing is constant at that time the women were trying out ministry about 3000 years too early. Now we have the women's competence time women weren't even allowed to become something that great at that time on how to contact the church but not as a commandment not everything, but some of them spend time there constant thing I you you never heard me say that women have to be silent in church all the time if that's what you if you think I said that I the only thing I've said is that when it comes to being an elder, which is likely to pastor Paul said he doesn't he doesn't allow women in that role and said right and he said no.

Paul says something I like to suggest that I know more than he does not allow commandment from God. Man Damon pastor said the elder must be the husband of one wife and one who rules his house. Well, now, in Paul's view, which is Christ see says I speak a great mystery speak of Christ and the church.

That's an elder that's that's a pastor here. No housing. No, not in Paul's event that may be true in some churches today know the word for ship. The Greek word Bishop is Episcopal house which means overseer and Paul uses the word overseer Episcopal house interchangeably with the word press Boras which means elder and it's the elders and the and the overseers that are told to shepherd the flock or pastor the flock in the New Testament they didn't they didn't set the church is the way we do, but they that they only had elders is leadership. They didn't have an individual pastor, but the pastoral ministry was done by the elders and by the overseers and so Paul does get those qualifications for them.

Anyway, I got I don't want to argue with you because I got a feeling this is not just an academic point, I think I think you've got some investment in it and I and I don't mind discussing the Scriptures more detail, except that I'm a fear about five minutes and look and there are lectures at my website on the subject. You may be interested in going to the lecture series called some assembly required My website website is the narrow and there's this series a teacher called some assembly required. And there's there's a couple of lectures there called the roles of women in the church and I do deal with all these things, including the question of how much of a Paul said might've been custom and how much of it is based on eternal principle, I appreciate you. Appreciate your bringing it up for conversation sure got nice Barbara. I will talk again Mary from Massachusetts. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Michael Bible will and five to come to abolish the law right off that, but feel right fulfilling the law and the prophets fulfilling the old covenant the old covenant was never meant to be permanent. It anticipated a new covenant. It anticipated the Messiah. You see, there is no Messiah in the Old Testament and God promises to send the Messiah and the Masai would set things up the way they that God wants them to be permanently.

The old covenant law and prophets was a temporary system that would be that would pass away when the Masai would come and and fulfill it now. Fulfilling it would be like, like if there's a prophecy that says the Messiah will be born in a prophecy in Micah 5 to this is that when Jesus was born in Bethel and he fulfilled okay. In other words, he he is the thing that it was looking forward to it is the thing that he that he is the thing that was being predicted there. Now the law and the prophets both predicted the Messiah, the sacrifices and the feasts and things like that the holy days they were all types features of Christ sacrifice and Christ himself so they pointed forward to Christ.

Just like the prophecies did and so he came to fulfill the law and the prophets, that is to be the thing that they anticipate that was the fulfilling of them and so he said not one jot until heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or one tittle will pass from the Law until all has been fulfilled. So he says when all has been fulfilled that it will pass away, but not one bit of it will pass away until it's all been fulfilled and a lot of people get hung up on the statement till heaven and earth pass away, is not entirely clear what he meant by that, because that term is used figuratively in a number of places in the Bible, but he did say that not one bit of the law would pass until it all pastor so if we don't have sacrifices and more than that has passed and even a jogger to little has passed.

Jesus said that is all past, so we don't have any part of that we are under because Jesus fulfilled and when the law is fulfilled, it is no longer in force.

I need to go. I wish I didn't have to get off like that because this deserves more treatment than I'm off there in 15 seconds. Given listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. We are listener supported and you can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1730 to macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The

Let's talk again tomorrow

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