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The Narrow Path 9/7 (Best of The Narrow Path)

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 7, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/7 (Best of The Narrow Path)

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 7, 2020 8:00 am

Please enjoy The Best of The Narrow Path with Steve Gregg from The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Radio program hosted by Steve Gray is not of the studio today so calls from usual format we put together some of the best calls for past programs cover a variety of topics important that anyone in the Bible and Christianity in addition to the radio program has website W where you can find hundreds of resources will be downloaded for free and out.

Please enjoy this special collection calls to Steve Greg in the narrow path.

Our first target is Bruce from Beaverton, Oregon, Bruce. Welcome to the narrow path. Good to hear from you again.

You never questioned about Jacob and Utah what Jacob name changes to his role with the world. The angel and what does Israel mean I'm getting different stories of Israel apparently means a prince with God, I've heard different preachers give other meetings, but it seems like of the demeaning unit mainly from the lexicons is a a prince with God or one who rules with God. The pastor I was raised under actually said that it means governed by God are ruled by God which would be nice but it's not necessarily supported in the lexicon, so I think you get most authorities given the meaning of Israel as a prince with God. God so subservient or serving of God some sort right well I mean I see his mercies, all things are subservient to God, but I think that the word that is a prince, which suggests kind of the the other way that is ruling along with God. Okay, good, and nothing there about struggle or submitting I guess. Okay I got that Utah you if you go to the Hebrews, allowing the policy you get you get some Jacob's name in there somewhere. I think I've heard that there's something about how he saw is somewhat of a lost character telling chapter 12 Islam Hebrews. It does say that he was a sale of carnal man or something like that says that we should not be fornicators, or profane person who would profane the switches in the older versions that we should not be fornicators, or profane person like Esau, who for one bowl of pottage sold his birthright exercise so he was.

He was not a man who had interest in holy things, and therefore this the sacred birthright that came with being descent from Abraham was not an end to him and what you think of the reconciliation that Jacob changed to Israel and they they need to and I have I have no reason to doubt that a sincere if that's what you're under. I think I think the two brothers were in fact reconciled 20 years after the much it would appear to be so Jacob said he can follow Esau did not see her, but he we don't wreck we have a record of him doing so, he might have done so. Off the record and then about the next. We read of for Jacob after he said that his follow Esau to not see her next thing we read is near Shechem camped out his family so you know, so I don't know if he ever went to Mount Cyr if he just said, I'll meet you there and then just had hightailed it the other direction or if he actually go there Esau here that you cited for your petrol yes petrol is actually part of total characterized Jim and Carol, well, you know, insofar as we use the word Arab for you know I did a generic kind of Middle Eastern non-Jewish tribal people vent then yeah the Edomites would I guess in those days they would call them Arabs. I think in those days, you'd probably have to be from Arabia to be called America, but in modern usage, the word Arab is a much broader term that refers to a whole bunch of different races of non-Jewish people in the Middle East.

But yeah, I mean if if if there were Edomites today in the land of Edom with Dr. we call them Arabs try to track Edomites today today so they would not identify.

Thanks a lot. Okay Bruce thanks your call mightily.

The last known Edomite was Herod the great, and he died in the infancy of Jesus. It was after the Babylonian exile. When the Jews were taken in Babylon and for 586 BC.

Three years later the Edomites were also conquered by Babel to take away, but they never restored the Jews were restored back to Landon by Cyrus in 539 BC, but the Edomites never were. And so the remnants of the Edomites. The ones that survived just kinda moved down and lived in the southern part of of Judah and that they were because I do means and Herod the great was one of the last known I do means in history so they been gone for a couple thousand years.

Finally, that's what is being referred to in Malachi chapter 1 where God is saying to Israel.

I have loved you and they say well how he loved us. He said well were not Jacob and Esau brothers yet, but Esau I hated in and Jacob I loved what he is referring to is the fact that God had shown favoritism toward Jacob by restoring them from captivity, but he did not show a similar favoritism toward the Edomites so he says that he says East Jacob I loved Esau, hated, and I laid his mountains waste and RCC cells mountains to target the Edomites not not the man. This is not a statement about the men Jacob Lisa brought the nations of Jacob and Esau, Israel, and in respectively, but that's because Edom was not restored at the Babylonian exile and is or was appreciate your call. Let's talk to Evangelina, calling from Sacramento, California eventually to walk into the narrow path lexicon three right you can keep your dog in the world you are children. I do not regret homeschooling but I do think that I had had my wife at the time been more open to what we would do some things a little differently.

I have five children and four of them were homeschooled and never saw the inside of a classroom, I want to get back my youngest because their mother left them and me.

I had to finish raising them in my youngest actually got put into a Christian school for his last two years. Actually, for most of his high school years. So he's the only one of the four younger children that ever run into school. Equally homeschooled. All of what I have children to marriage is my first daughter was what Christian school and then when I start having these other children, but this other marriage. They were all homeschooled, but then their mother left them and so they they didn't do that that well after she left, I'm sorry to say but my older son did once say to me that he thought they would've spiritually benefited from being allowed to go to public school at some point he didn't say that he shouldn't of been homeschooled in the early days, he wasn't against it, but he said that by the time he was in high school, he felt like it might've been good for him to go to public high school so that he be exposed to worldly culture and so forth so that he actually he said he'd have something to resist, so that he might have more spiritual strength. Now it might sound like a strange suggestion, but I actually believe that I actually made that case with my wife at the time who is not open to it. She wanted to homeschooled them through college but I felt that all my children were strong Christians. By the time they reached high school age and they remain strong Christians in the early years of high school age to but they never really did face the world until they left the home really and that's not very ideal situation to me if I had to do over again if if I had a cooperative wife who wanted to do the same thing. I would still homeschooled the children up through junior high school, but of course that's when they reach the age that in traditional society there adults the Jews of correspondence for a young boy and concern of a grown man was 13. That's about the time traditionally, children have been considerably passing into adult life and I don't think you need to hover over them quite so much when they're young adults.

I think they do need to face the world think is good for them to do so.

While there still under your care while they're still in your home where you can actually have some degree of monitoring of their progress or regress them as they go to public school, but I would say this when your children are, so I assume you fairly strong. I wouldn't send a weak Christian child to the public high school but my children were actually seemingly strong Christians when they went to high school, but they didn't go to public high school.

They didn't.

They were homeschooled then and I think that would, I think when the young adults.

It's a good idea for them to actually get their feet wet in secular society.

But while still living at home, so that the parents can still monitor and have some input in the lives if they don't really have any immersion in secular society until they leave their parents home. Then of course the parents don't have any influence over that all and can't as easily counteract the influence of the world. I do think homeschooling the younger years is the best possible thing if if if parents are able to do it and I think more parents are able to do that them think they are. It's not rocket science. Actually, if you can read and write and balance your checkbook, you can teach elementary school kids virtually anything that the schools can teach them. And one thing you won't teach them if your Christians don't teach them that they are gender-neutral that they are born without gender, and that they can choose what gender to be and that marriage is anything that people want to be any two people who have sex get married male with male or female female or whatever. I mean, these are views where the schools are pretty much a compelling children to be subjected to the new secular mindset. Now, of course, if the children are strong Christians I was when I was in elementary school. I never I never want to Christian school or homeschooled and I I argued with my second grade teacher over biblical matter. II gave a talk against evolution in junior high school to my class.

I I did that kind of stuff. I was a pretty strong Christians throughout my childhood, but what I'm saying is that if your children are strong Christians they may survive elementary school as long as the school allows them to escape. We still have freedom of speech and freedom of thought, when I was a child in school now and more more the left are being totalitarian in their indoctrination and I will call me paranoid but I I would foresee a time when the schools do not give the parents the right to teach their children something so counterrevolutionary as that marriage is between a man and woman with a child is born with certain gender.

Those things are new revolutionary teachings in the schools today and at the moment.

Parents are tolerated in teaching their children the opposite. But unless the country turns around, which it doesn't target know what it will or not.

I do believe that eventually children will be taken out of the homes of parents who seem to be injuring them by teaching and old-fashioned values because her child abuse and this is happened in many countries you can't homeschool your kids in Germany, for example, there's lots of places in the modern world where you can't homeschool your children because they don't want you to pass along your old-fashioned values. There's a new world and the schools are there to indoctrinate the children it so I strongly advise homeschooling young children if you can, and I think most people could, we might have to live more modestly because of course Jeremy just live on one income family and will little girl she like the same-sex or she wanted. She wanted to be wanted to be the opposite sex hard kindergarten you going is no surprise there. That's I mean anyone who is awake sees that that's the trend and anyone who's very small children will want to do it they can to protect them from that kind of evil. Thank you. Thank you. Good talking to you today all right.

Our next caller is Catherine from Fort Worth, Texas Catherine, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Thank you for taking my call to Christian romance tonight recently published on enter an event and I wanted to be factual and bike ride without knowing all the catlike who is the Antichrist coming but that thinking is the rapture. Kelly had many well-meaning Christians to believe preach preacher admits red post-trip notes, rent. I chose the pretrip and can you reach River. I I rapture. Yes, I believe the rapture comes and on the last day. Jesus said he would raise his people up on the last day and so my question would be what are the ramifications because you know I believe on why you believe the other, like the others. We cannot be right now which everyone is right will find out eventually.

What are the ramifications of being wrong.

I mean, I didn't want to write a book and have it off like it helped that they say I believe clear thinking wrong I don't think I don't think being wrong about the timing of the rapture is going to be a dealbreaker for anyone with God unless it is and what by that. What I mean is, I've occasionally met people not very often, but they said well if there's not a preacher brush. I don't want to be a Christian and others there saying I don't want II won't be faithful to Christ.

If I have to go through the tribulation. Well what they're saying is they don't have a commitment to Christ not not the commitment that Christians have a Christian is committed to Christ. And Jesus said if you seek to save your life, you lose it you lose your life signify that's that's the only kind of commitment to Jesus recognizes from his people. So if there are people who would say things like that. Like there are so wedded to the pretrip rapture that if they that they would not and they even say they would not be a Christian if there is no future reference I don't meet people like that rough knife and a few I've also met a few Army are you sick calls from the fellows are here in Southern California who said that you know if if they brought the mark of the beast to his door, he take it because otherwise he would be able buyer selling. So how could he be expected not to take it because then he would be able buyer, so he wasn't really understanding what Christianity is.

Christianity is not saving your life. Christianity is obeying Christ.

Even if it cost you your life and so there are people whose attitudes toward suffering for Christ are not what they should be and for them it may make a difference if they expect to pretrip rapture and enter discipline appreciate that much.

All right, thank you for your call, should I talk to Tim from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

10. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

Thank you, thank you for taking my call. Sure, okay my question today is learning a lot about conversion and you went to a couple Bible school through the sinners prayer come coming to the conclusion that she not on the door of her heart so much as ruling. Truthfully, you know, far above and the high weekly authority, and not coming like a bigger lead encyclopedia Feldman or something and therefore need to be different.

The lead we had someone from the Toronto toward the monitored ministry called last Reformation so-called kickstart and start people in evangelism and there were getting people to do something like the four-part Peter package repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ toward God and then like 1/3 step and finally receiving the Holy Spirit, but it people kind of applying it.

Also like a formula and my understanding is, people should show some kind of fruit or find the working and there's interesting you know that communication also going on about Tucker, you write so you can know no Jewish or reading of Scripture almost rumbled topics well yeah, the words repenting and Belize and be baptized, and even receive Holy Spirit all have fallen on hard times in terms of, you know immediate clarity in their usage lots. People say they believe in Jesus, but they don't mean it the way the Bible uses the term. Some people might say they were repentant but they don't mean it the way the Bible sets mean truly, if a person repents and believes that they do become converted and that changes their whole life and change the whole direction of life change their whole patterns of life and that whole experience of life-affirming those are those of the things of the bonds that you have to do to be saved but for many people. They are simply words and not realities. Many people say they believe that was even true in biblical times. That's why James had right James chapter 2, so you yeah you say you believe, but let's see it from the way you live. Faith without works is dead. Even the devils believe, and tremble, but clearly there works don't show that their true believers that believing in Christ means you actually believe him when he says things like that. You have to forsake all and follow him. You believe the gospel. The gospel is that Jesus is the Lord, and if you believe that he is the Lord well then that's great shows in the way you act. Obviously, I believe that I have a Lord you will be able to tell it because I'll be obeying him instead of something else. If I don't believe I have a Lord you can tell because of the fear my own thing.

Solving believing in repenting, repenting, means turning around or changing your mind, and which results in you turning around in your life.

These are all if these are important words that are bandied about in religious circles without. I think too many people understanding what they really mean and so there's a large number religious folks in churches who would say I Philly I believe her guy repent driving been baptized but who really don't have a very clear idea of what that means and what their experiences, not with the Bible's describing. Certainly, if a person has been converted what will be clear is that they now live for Jesus Christ instead of for themselves that something that's what a Christian is a Christian follows Jesus. He is the Lord. They take up their cross. They deny themselves.

They follow him.

Jesus said if anyone will come after me, so do those things deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me and a lot of people call them subscriptions. I haven't done any of those things that not denied themselves. They have set a sinners prayer, hoping to affirm themselves and get themselves a good deal with God after death.

Instead of really denying themselves and taking up across you don't find very many people and in North America taking up across in any serious way that the Bible would suggest being willing to die when will you give up everything she said and I should forsake all that you have. You can't be my disciple. So this very serious ramifications of conversion in the Bible and an awful lot of people call themselves converted but they haven't had any of those experiences of surrender and true repentance and in hating sin and loving righteousness, and following Jesus. And if something isn't doing that then whatever it is they did their calling, their conversion isn't something that the Bible's describing as conversion because conversion changes you. That's why it's called converted convert needs to change all so that's not thinking, and with regard to the baptism. I mean, is that something you hold back on your people using baptism in evangelism. Well their first approach what John the Baptist said to the Pharisees that you bring forth fruits of repentance before him before he baptized him.

On the other, and he knew they are hypocrites and have reason to be suspicious of the commitment. It would appear that most people who came to be baptized by John were not people that he personally knew or that he held out and waited to see signs of repentance and how could even watch other lives all of Judea was coming out to be baptized would appear that he routinely baptize people simply on their request of it on good faith that they were repenting as they claim to be doing. But when the Pharisees came. He didn't trust her sincerity. He knew what kind of people they were so excited to see some evidence for all. Baptize people like you in the early church.

They baptized in the same day they were converted. At least they did in acts chapter 2 in chapter 8, and seemingly every every case when people were converted.

They baptize him right away.

On the other hand, they preached a gospel to them that would not generally be responded to favorably unless people were being converted because they they didn't preach get out of hell no gospel will never find any mention of hell or heaven in the preaching of the apostles in the book of acts they preached. The authority of Jesus Christ. The Lordship of Jesus Christ and the need for people to turning the followers of Christ.

That's what they were basically teaching and when people respond that message.

They took their word for today was sincere and they baptize them if there's any question that people aren't really sincere or don't know what they're doing.

I would hold off and not baptizing them until I believe that they really did, but I'd have coverage and have my doubts and I need take a break here. We have some of our stations leading our network now that we are going on for another half hour so states can you can hear the whole program on our website. The narrow you can also donate from there we are listener supported. We pay for the radio time you go to the narrow you can see how to donate or you can simply take the resources that are there. All of them for Please fix it for 30 seconds and will be right back. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to have nothing to sell you everything you today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the we'll find time to change blog article verse by verse teachings and the archives of learn and enjoy the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg will pass radio podcast is our second half hour program. Those of you stations that pick up the program at this point and don't carry the first half-hour.

I would just like you to know that the entire program which is in our everyday. This is the second half. If you can hear it from our website. The narrow everyday.

The program is streamed from the website she can hear life and also everyday. The program is archived at the website so you can hear it later if you can't listen live in these archives go back many years so you can listen to our programs going back a long time. If you visit the all right. Our next caller line is Mary from Sacramento, California Mary, welcome to the neuropathic calling, I'm fine, thanks you John MacArthur quite a lot from anxiety and I take medicine by Dr. I try to turn my anxieties into prayer with thanksgiving, Bible to do. Yes, talking so if you have anxiety you are sending because of my will. Do not be anxious. Do you agree with him. Well, you know, there's a number of things I don't agree with John MacArthur about I do probably agree with him on the issues of emotional and mental health more than on many other issues, but I wouldn't put it the way he's putting it. We are told to be anxious for nothing, were told to not fear are told to not be angry. And yet, what does that mean does that mean that the moment you feel the fear that your center the moment you feel angry or the moment you feel anxious that you're sending I don't think so. I think that when you feel anxious. You're being tempted to be anxious when you feel fear you're being tempted to be fearful when you feel angry, I think you been tempted to be angry. That is to say, these are states of mind and emotion that we are to reject, but which yelled the temptation to them is the emotion itself and by the way, a lot of those emotions are good emotions in some situations. Fear, for example, is a really great thing to feel if you're thinking about crossing the freeway on foot, you should really say that's pretty dangerous. It should make you very cautious. It might make you decide not to do it. You know, in other words, fear can keep you from doing stupid things because you're afraid of the consequences, then you should be.

Animals feel that fear to animals are fear, afraid of predators and selflessness. Medicine is not a sin to feel fear but what is a sin when it comes to fear.

It's a sin to allow your fear to dictate your choices and to and I would become a fearful person who's dominated by your fear so that you don't do what you should do because it's a scary thing to do.

You don't have courage to do what you should. The same thing, rubbing angry.

I believe that were supposed be angry about things. God is angry about things and I believe the godly people get angry affect when the spirit of God came on King Saul says he became angry because there was was a righteous indignation against something horrible is taken place that had to be redressed.

I think there's a godly anger, but you don't to be an angry person to person who's dominated by anger you.

Don't be a person who gets angry easily and and when it comes to anxiety. There are certain certain things that you should feel care about you should be anxious for the souls of people whose souls are in danger. For example, but that doesn't mean that you're an anxious person in the sense that you're always worried about stuff. It means that you feel anxiety you feel fear you feel and you feel these emotions because they come upon you and it times those are the very emotions that you should feel because they will motivate you to do something that needs to be done. Other times, they can become oppressive.

That is to say if you let these emotions dominate you instead of letting them motivate you to do is right, then they become oppressive and sinful. Now, if you feel anxiety.

You said you try to turn your anxieties in person that's doing the right thing that's in exactly the right thing.

If you're feeling anxious instead of saying sitting around worrying you turn that into an occasion to let your request be known to God. As Paul says be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. So instead of being anxious. You turn your anxiety over to God through prayer that repulses doing and you're doing the right thing that you still feel anxious at such times, possibly, but you can't be held responsible for a feeling you can only be held responsible for a choice. You don't have power over Felix your power of your choices. So if a feeling of anxiety comes upon you a feeling is not a sin but a choice to wallow in worry to not trust God to be fearful and crippled by fear paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Instead of turning it over to God and doing your duty as a Christian well of course those those responses would be bad but but when you do go to God with in prayer about it, then you're doing the very thing you're supposed to sell if MacArthur says it's sin to have anxiety. I don't know if he's thought that through his much as he should. It's true.

The Bible says don't be an anxious, but it also says, but in everything by prayer and supplication make your request under God. In other words, instead of letting anxiety dominate you and dictate your course let prayer and trust in God dictate your course lots of times people who are doing the will of God and trusting God feel a great deal of fear in it because it's a scary thing, but they do the right thing. Anyway, a soldier going into battle. If it's a hot battle may very well feel very much fear of the bullets flying around him, but if he gets out of fossil charges against the enemies overcoming that fear. He may feel it all the time but what you feel is not your responsibility.

What you do is responsible and I think you're doing the right thing. If you feel anxious while you're doing it that's not your fault. How can you be expected to change your emotions yes if somebody says that it's a sin for you to have certain emotions that I think that they are there, put a burden on you. That's not very realistic. Our next caller is Trenton from Boise, Idaho hi Trent and welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling it a little at Trinity and found you deleted it.

That taught that that argument that I've never been able to okay well the Trinity doctrine I I'm not here to defend necessarily the conventional or formulaic presentation of it that came out of the creeds, although I'm not. I'm also not just disagreeing with them. I'm just saying that there are man-made ways of explaining things that the Bible does not explain for us and the creeds have come up ways with describing the Trinity. For example, as three persons, one in substance and so forth.

This may be a good way to talk about it.

But the Bible doesn't use terminology like that. As you know, if it did, we wouldn't have people wondering if the Trinity taught the Bible. What we do know is that the Bible teaches very strongly that there is only one true God. It teaches that in both the Old Testament and in the New Testament is only one true God.

And yet it also teaches that God's word, which is obviously an aspect of him just like your words and your thoughts are part of you. God's word has in a sense an identity of its own.

It's part of him and yet it's it proceeds out from him, as it says in first John 11 in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God.

And this is God's communication. This is God's expression of himself and this is something that is of course part of his being.

But it's also the Bible treated as if the word of God has a life of its own, or of his own and so we read that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and and that's of course Jesus now that would suggest that God the father is Jesus called him and Jesus are in all the same God, but to different manifestations because Jesus talked to his father and himself as two witnesses. He said you know I bear witness of myself, but have a second witness. My father bears witness to me. So Jesus distinguished himself from his father.

We also identified himself as father says if if you see me of seen the father. He said I am in the father.

The father is in me, which is very confusing but nonetheless he clearly identified himself with the father but also distinguished himself, which would mean that Jesus and the father are in one respect identified and in another respect distinguished again. The Trinity would suggest the way they are identified as they are one in substance and they are to in person but whether substance and person are the best terms for that we don't know because the Bible doesn't use those terms. Then of course we got the Holy Spirit. God also has a spirit he is a spirit, but his Holy Spirit is given to us and was given to the prophets, and given course of manifesting Christ to in this spirit that was in Christ is now given to his people that this Holy Spirit is also called God and so we have a father who is called God a son who is called God, who is the word of God made flesh, and we have a spirit who is called God and these three are treated as if they're not in every respect the same. For example, Jesus said if I go away, I will ask the father and he will send you another Heraclitus, a comforter, the Holy Spirit said here's Jesus he's going to talk to the father and the fathers to send another not Jesus. But another comforter, the Holy Spirit, so he got distinction between the father and the son of the Holy Spirit, and yet all of them are called God and yet the Bible could not be more emphatic in its claims is only one God, now this sounds like a big mishmash of imperceptible bad mathematics or something like that of the how could God be three and one same time. Well it it is it be nonsensical if we were saying. He is three in one sense and and one in the same sense because he can't be three and one in the same sense, but he could be one in one sense, and three in a different sense. For example, my wife and I according to Scripture, are one flesh. So in one sense were one, but if you saw as you see there's two individuals are so in one sense, we are two people in another sense we are one. I don't know exactly how to explain that oneness because it's somewhat mystical but we read also the Jesus and the father are one.

That's not necessarily explain how that is so. But Jesus was distinguished for his father made a very clear distinction side income to glorify myself, I can glorify my father present me. I came down from my father, and so forth. So Jesus is and the father are in one sense, to and in a different since they are one just like my wife and I in one sense or two. In another sense were one and then of course Holy Spirit and that makes two and he's apparently 1/3. So I accept him simply because I can't think of any way not to accept it while accepting or reading the Bible actually says I accept that God is in one sense three and in another sense, one, and that's where that's the S essence of the idea Trinity. It was dated the one thing you know I would be easier to write one lane three individual members. I will Occam's razor simply says that the easiest or most obvious explanation is the most likely one to be true and I don't know that is more likely that my wife and I would be 1/biblically or or that Jesus and the father be one flesh planning both of them seem equally likely, since they both declared to be true and it's difficult difficult to know exactly and once in what sense they are true, but I I've never felt like I had to fully understand that I just consider that there are more things in heaven and earth than I dreamed of in our philosophy and so if if God has made himself known in his son then then we can know him through his son. That's what I that's what I would think, and so I'm a pretty simple man. I guess Occam's razor works really well for me because I'm a very simple man.

I like the simplest explanation and if the Bible says is only one God multiple times than other places identifies three different beings that are all said to be God, then the simplest excavation is in some sense God is one in another sense, he's three, it's all right. Thanks so much for your call collection all right.

Our next colors Arnold calling from Pittsburgh, California Arnold, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling the local you know of any day that you craved Monday night a day. The day that I read a book from Descartes that he has filed almost each file page in the mid-whatever you have anything like that or you have any I don't I don't have the systems like that, but I think they're both good suggestions. I've known people who have certain days the week that they pray for specific categories need simply because eventually if you're praying person and people giving you their requests.

You can have a huge huge catalog of people you're praying for and a lot of times you won't have time to give real attention to each of those requests every single day. Ideally of course be great if you could just get up couple hours earlier. Pray for everyone every day. But that's not something that everyone would find practical and I don't see anything seeming wrong with dividing dividing it up like that I put on hold because the noise of your car is. It is a little out of the background. There, but I'm you're still on the line here I you know I never have recommended methods of prayer and if somebody tells me that they pray a certain way and it's it's been a good way for them and I think about it and it sounds like it's not on biblical analog think that's a good thing.

They'll try that to the way the way I pray isn't really a method I guess. I guess it's a method it's very simple one, and that I I generally will take what we call the Lord's prayer our Jesus taught his disciples to pray and there's a certain number of short petitions there, but each petition in my opinion, introduces a whole category of things to pray about even even the statement you know your your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven would include all kinds of patients for the salvation of people that I'm praying for her for circumstances to change and in you know countries were Christians are persecuted or things like that mean all kinds of things of the work of missionaries. The, the area for revival in the church is me those kinds of things would all fall under that one category and then move on in all give assist our daily bread, and in other words, when I come to each petition. Then I pause to think about what in that category.

I want to specifically ask for and I spent as much time as I can or need to as long as things come to my mind.

I really think I should do something I don't do and that is what looks like DA Carson said he doesn't and you mentioned that he make a list of everything I should keep a complete prayer list of everything that people asked me to pray for and I have to admit I don't and it would be it would be. I think a wise thing to do. It's just I guess I'm not always someone I can write things down easily when people asked me pray for something in. I pray at the moment but I don't always remember pray much afterwards. I tried but everyone's prayer life is somewhat different and out, and each person finds a little different way that seems to know allow them to bring the petitions to God that they that they want to bring and I would say that any method of prayer that isn't specifically nonscriptural one in others that are forms of prayer that are cultic and Eastern things like that, which are not biblical prayer at all putting in any way that you would use to remember your prayer list, or to break up the pray list into certain days or whatever.

I would say if you get you praying, it's a good thing because I think the biggest problem with most Christians is the neglect of prayer altogether almost altogether. Lots of Christians probably don't remember to pray except when some crisis comes up or when they're bowing their heads to eat a meal or sometimes they have bedtime prayers are you times that they will say of a short prayer but a lot of Christians just don't pray as much as they actually feel they should and partly that student very busy life and I think if you got some kind a method some kind of a program that you have that basically disappoint you to pray regularly for the things that's people have asked you to pray for that you need to be pray for I say more power to I think it it's a good thing.

I will praying every day of the night that he had something that I can. I do have I do have a message called the improving our praying and I'm trying to remember if it's at my website or at another website there's there's more than one website has a lot of my lectures and my let my website doesn't have all of them.

Besides, besides my website which is the

As you probably know, there's another website which is called chaos. That's TH sé has a lot more hiding is a lot more my lectures that I have my website and and there's another website called digital ministries.US that's digital ministries .us and they got some of the lectures that I don't have it my website. I know that somewhere, and I don't visit my website at one of these others.

There is a lecture I gave called improving our praying and I think I think you'd find it. Digital ministries .us lease okay brother that's your call to talking to you all right. Our next caller is Sue from ever wash. I think maybe assume that I sent him out hung up on, is that correct to yeah I'm sorry.

Thanks for coming back. I think completing holy eat lately and wondering it's kind of like all mashed together. What does holy mean, can we be holy in my budget that we have to do to make yourself holy or is it the Holy Spirit that makes his holy skinny just kind of address holy in holiness. Yeah, I think I can holy. The word holy means set apart for God. You don't make yourself holy God makes you holy.

He sets you apart from self, but you also set yourself apart in agreement with what he is done. That is to say when you become a believer. God puts you in a different category from what you were before.

You are a believer you now belong to him. You're now like a priest has been set aside for one thing and one thing only. That's to please God. That's what holiness means is I've been set aside to please God help you see in the Old Testament all the priests were holy, but a lot of were scoundrels. You know a lot of the present fact Caiaphas was a scoundrel, but his appraisal holy priest. How could you holy priest and scoundrel because he was set apart for God. He just didn't live like it got that being a priest meant that God set that man apart to be holy to him. And that's what he was, but he didn't live like holiness is not the way you live. Holiness is the status that God gives the people that he is accepted for himself is okay now your mind. It's like the, the tabernacle was a holy building the spoons and the and the lamps in the snuffer is in the tabernacle they were holy things, but they didn't behave in a particular way they behave at all. Not even live things, but they were holy because they were set aside for one thing, for God, couldn't you couldn't take the spoons home for the tabernacle and use them to eat your cereal in the morning at home. There were spoons that could be used for that but not in the temple. The temple spoons were just for the worship of God so you can see holy just mean something's been set apart for God alone. Now when you're Christian you have been set apart for God alone. So you are holy now you're supposed to take stock of that fact and live according to that truth. So we are told, for example, in first Peter chapter 1 he says in verse 15, as he who is called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct yet because it because it is written, be holy, for I am holy.

So God calls us to be holy in our conduct which means that our conduct is being called upon to conform to the reality, the reality is on the same time hold the word same is a holy someone set set aside I'm unfortunate I don't always act like that but I should.

And I'm I'm exhorted and exhorted to in all my conduct behave myself as someone who does not belong to himself but who belongs to God and has been set aside for God if my life resembles in most respects, the lives of people who aren't Christians in my values and my pursuits in the way I spend most my time and my money and so forth. Then I'm not really being very different. I'm not really like I'm a different kind of a person set aside for God.

Of course many things that Christians do will be very much like what non-Christians do because it involves taking care of the family and earning a living and things like that but as far as values and priorities and choices and things like that.

That's gonna look very different for a person whose who recognizes I've been set up side, set apart for God. I'm not the same as others in the world and that's what being holy means. So God God calls you, holy. He designates you as set aside for him as soon as you become a follower of Christ, then it's my responsibly, day by day and all my choices on my values and all my enterprises to make sure that I'm doing what a person set aside for God ought to do as opposed to somebody who's not set aside for God, a person who's not set aside for God to do what they want, but who's the priest of the Old Testament. If you are a son of Aaron. You had to be a priest because the sun the family room set aside there were holy unto the Lord. But what if you wanted to not be a priest want to be a plumber or a carpenter or accountant or lawyer. Well, tough. You couldn't be because you were a priest you were set aside for one thing, non-Christians can be plumbers and can be a carpenters and can be all those things because were not set aside to a vocation that really involves us going to the tabernacle and offering animal sacrifice, like the priest had but we do offer spiritual sacrifices, including our whole bodies were to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. And Paul said that enrollments of course. 12. One. But in Romans 613 so that we are to present our members of our body as instruments of righteousness, not as instruments of iniquity. So this is what it means to offer ourselves to God that are our our choices, our bodies, everything our children, our resources are all yielded to God because we belong to God. We are not our own room and bought with a price or holy the Lord were temple like the temple is holy to the Lord. So holiness is to be reflected in our conduct, but it is not a definition of conduct. If the definition of a distinctive status that is given to those who are in Christ.

Okay, okay. Very helpful. A lot.

I think we yes thank you for calling you listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg as we were saying earlier we are listener supported the address to write to if you'd like to help us out is the narrow PO Box 1737 macula CA 92593. You can also donate from the website though.

Everything there is thanks for joining us for stalking tomorrow –

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