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The Narrow Path 9/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 14, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 14, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Thing welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon taking your calls, assuming you have questions about the Bible and who doesn't, or about the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint from the host and who doesn't. Feel free to give me a call. Be glad to talk to you about that. The number to call is 844-484-5737 is a lot of fours in there and couple dates. It's 844-484-5737 and really talk first of all today to Rich from Everett, Washington rich, welcome to the neuropathic for calling opening statement from you. I appreciate, and a question you know.

I read your book back to you a while back. Everything one about health reviews and is a great book. Thank you so much and just like all your books are more surprised at the depth of research in the footnotes there in those books and a lot of work. Very impressive. Thanks for doing all about.

It's my pleasure question always is reading through the Bible. I thought you might be able to turn the light on the perspective on this about those three views you want to read the book. It really impacted me in a way that it really open-minded to assumptions I have are not sure this is really changed my mind. You one hell, but it may become to realize that maybe these three different views aren't necessarily an issue of orthodoxy like a County. I thought maybe they were there really is strong points relevant to the question I had from an annihilation as you Matthew chapter 13, the parable of the tares explained versus 4142 Jesus as the Son of Man will send forth his angels, and neighbor gather they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, and will throw them into the furnace of fire in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth come from an annihilation of perspective, how can it be that in that place meeting.

I think the furnace of fire that there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth which is a kind of a conscious response to suffering and sadness. If those people are annihilated.

How can they respond well different annihilation. This would say different things. If they happen to be thoroughgoing credit risks by any chance they might even say that this is not even talking about the underworld or hell, they might think it's talking about the destruction of Jerusalem and what will happen to the enemies of Christ of the Jews who had rejected him and who were persecuting them and it may not even be referring to hell at all. I think it is referring to hell I'm I'm not thoroughgoing predators are not of full predators in the root now among annihilation as I know at least one, and there may be many who think that annihilation happens. I guess either at the point of death, or else at the time of the judgment when when someone is condemned or just annihilated. But many annihilation's believe, and if I were to take the view I would have to take this part.

I have take this view in light of passages like that which you gave that there will be punishment after death for the wicked, and it'll be, it won't be eternal, but it'll be proportionate and will be according to justice just like we don't give all criminals equal prison sentences because not all crimes are equal, so also, not all sinners have have rejected as much light as others have not. Not as not many have been coming up.

Not all have been totally evil and some who haven't known Christ to attempt to be good people and so there's a whole range of degrees of guilt that people will be found to be culpable of when they are judged and therefore one. One view I know this is the Seventh-day Adventist view is that they will be punished proportionately according to what they deserve. And then Dolby annihilated so annihilation doesn't have to speak immediate annihilation of the Jehovah's Witnesses are annihilation us, but they don't believe even in the resurrection of the wicked, they just leave when you die you don't exist anymore and that's annihilation. Of course they are mistaken. A lot of their theology.

Obviously, and I think some vendors are too but if I were an annihilation is specifically I would probably take the Seventh-day Adventist type type approach to which many people who are not Seventh-day Adventist. Also take and that is that the wicked would be punished as much as they deserve to be punished and then they'd be put out of their misery. Is it possible that you only look at this verse because it doesn't seem to really apply to me that it would apply to 70 A.D. because he thought about the world is the field the Angels coming. I agree. 28 as my main while the angel part can be figuratively, I suppose, something that at least predators could refer to it that way. But you're right when it says the field is the world doesn't look to me like it's talking about Jerusalem right side in the full predators I think are mistaken about that and it possible that the term in that place maybe doesn't reply apply to the furnace, but in that place me that category and alert standing in line for the furnace or in the place of the scoffer displacing the furnace but the place is the condition of the people in the relationship to God. Well, I know. I guess it could be that it doesn't seem like the most natural reading to me. I think this has anything furnace, I think the furnace sounds like it's the place that's talking okay great thank you very much appreciate all right. God bless you think you can call good targeted I David from Eugene, Oregon.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Thank you. I have a question coming out of the book of the first one is from Isaiah chapter 11 verse 11 in that day the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to reclaim the surviving remnant of his people from Syria and with some other places. Now we Nehemiah address reestablished Israel back in the temple with that first time that the Lord reached out his hand to bring back his surviving remnant not likely that is the second time that Isaiah is talking about God first time the first time is when he brought them out of Egypt and it actually mentions that in in verse 15, the verse before. Well, a little cedar a few verses down here in verse 15 says the Lord will utterly destroy the tongue of the sea of Egypt with his mighty wind, he will shake his fist over the river and strike it in these seven streams make men crossover dry shod and there will be a highway for the remnant of his people who are left from Syria as it was for Israel and the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt. So the first time was in the day that God brought Israel out of Egypt, and brought them into the promised land.

Moses. The second time will be when he brings him back from Apple which you think you should be in forward to Isaiah 14 to Nino didn't talk about in a simple teeth take them and bring them back to their own place on this.

Have place for 1948 Israel returning.

Well, I don't think it's likely I don't think it's likely, but I mean I believe that all of these prophecies about God bringing people back from captivity to to Israel. I think that all happened when Cyrus made the decree that allowed them to do it in a great number of them did so the main thing is that it describes these people who are being brought back as far as captives you know they will take them captive who Who whose captives. They were in rule over their precious says I mean a lot of these passages talk about Israel in captivity being brought to their land, while in Egypt they were in captivity in Babylon. They were captivity, but ever since 70 A.D. they haven't really been in captivity. It's true they're not in their land but they can go back if they want to remain so. I may even before the land was given to Israel and by the United Nations in 1948 Jews were going back there if they wished.

You know they didn't always want to. It was in no not really, is a comfortable environment for many of them who have been raised in Europe and so forth to, or America to go back and live in the desert but but many did. And there were lots of Jewish people living in there before 1948 and 1948 just simply made a state of them officially so I don't think that that I don't think the Jews today or at any time in the last several centuries could be said to be in captivity now that they've been persecuted. That's not the same thing and obviously Jews in Germany who were put into concentration camps and death camps and so forth. They were individually captives with the nation of Israel has not been in captivity have ever since the well probably we could say the days of Antiochus epiphanies and I'm sure they were captivity.

Then they were oppressed. I don't know their every captivity after the Babylonian exile okay thank you very much okay appreciate your call. Good targeted all right. Terry Cameron from Franklin, Tennessee is a nice color and we do have a couple of lines open. If you're interested the number to call is 844-484-5737 if you'd like to be in the program.

That's 844-484-5737 all right to talk to Cameron from Franklin to Kelly mine, as a human from the Holy Spirit, whether or not biblically, it is an angelic language or just the ability to speak in unknown human language when being high-volume about that now you are making commentary on why you believe what you believe about that subject.

Okay well I believe it may well be that tongues can be a language that's not known by any human society. If there are tongues of angels. I don't know of course in first 2013 one positive. I speak in the tongues of men or the tongues of angels and don't have lot of just making noise, but of course he's not necessarily insisting that there are tongues of angels and he could speak in them that it's kind of a hypothetical if I could do that, it still wouldn't make me a good person in the sight of God.

If I'm not loving person so when he mentions tongues of angels. In contrast, the tongues of men. Some people take him to be affirming that there are such a thing, and others would say it's only hypothetical.

One thing we can say it is hypothetical. Paul is making a statement, hypothetically, but the fact it is hypothetical doesn't mean that he would deny that there are tongues of angels.

Who knows, I don't know if there are not. We know that in chapter 14, Paul says that when a person speaks in tongues, the way he puts it here, is that he verse two of chapter 14 of prescriptive. He who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him.

However, in the spirit he speaks mysteries. I suppose since it says no one understands him is not speaking to men but to God. Any speaking mysteries in the spirit. This might play into the doctrine that there are tongues, that no man understands and therefore they could be. These heavenly languages.

Pentecostals like to talk about Paul never use the expression heavenly language again.

He does mention tongues of angels, which is not nestling something is affirming that that's what people are speaking. I personally would assume that when people are speaking in tongues more often than not, they're probably speaking to human language. So it's one that nobody present understands. Unless of course it's a sign to the unbelievers and sometimes it is. Paul says that in verse first 2014 22 E. is therefore tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe that the unbelievers, so on the day of Pentecost. For example, the people spoke in tongues and it was assigned to the to the unbelievers present because none of these people were speaking new these languages are understood them, but the listeners did so, they were supernaturally speaking the language that their listeners know but their listeners also knew that it was unlikely or impossible that these Galileans would know these languages so that was a sign because PSA was going on until Peter was able to preach to them like the signs of Jesus to got people interested in and that Jesus preached their interests as a rest so we know that sometimes at least if it maybe maybe all the time. I don't know, tongues are human languages, but they don't always do not always spoken in a situation where any humans present would know them and that's why Paul said there's a separate gift of interpretation.

Remember, if it's a sign for the unbeliever that's like to be happening in the church because the church is not a gathering of employers. The church is gathering of believers. It's the body of Christ. They didn't have large numbers of non-Christians in the church they didn't they didn't encourage in the biblical times because the church was not to be a gathering of unbelievers but of believers, but they did evangelism out where the unbelievers lived out in the world and where to find them and in that salt was that the speaking in tongues was not occurring at a church meeting on the day of Pentecost, but in a rather public place and it was assigned to the unbelievers that Paul describes in first 2014 people speaking in tongues and prophesying and excising other gifts in the church now.

He said this should be done for the edification of the church and that's different been assigned to the unbelievers a very different thing than to edify your brothers and sisters and he says that tongues is less to be desired in prophecy for this very reason that prophecy is edifying to the church tongues.

He said, is not edify the church, but only to oneself unless there's an interpretation repulses there is a gift of interpretation, as well as a gift of speaking in tongues is both supernatural gifts so we have to understand that if there's a gift of interpretation is needed that no one various likely to understand without the gift of interpretation or else they could naturally interpret. So I you know I I would say I don't have any real interest in knowing whether speaking in tongues ever includes a heavenly language or not.

The only thing the Bible tells us is that the language spoken is not known, either to the speaker or to the audience. It could be an earthly language from some tribal group somewhere that is not represented in the congregation know or might not be a mighty heavenly language. This is has always been a nonissue for me because I don't know why would matter. The only way it would matter is if somebody was saying, well, it's always in an earthly language. It's always used in order to communicate with people who know that language and of course one only heads has to read the little bit of information we have on the subject and first convince 14 to know that's not true repulses in the church.

Nobody understands what you sent in tongues and therefore you should pray that you could interpret it. He says in verse 13.

Now he's in for person speaks in tongues. He should pray that it can interpret which means obviously he does note it means himself. He needs to pray that God give them an interpretation because he doesn't know it. Naturally so, speaking in tongues is supernaturally speaking a language unknown to the speaker and if it's in the church. Generally speaking, be unknown to people present, but whether it's ever up heavenly language I don't know explanation about how praying and unknown earthly language. Additional well the idea of printing tongues apparently is that your praying beyond your beyond the limitations of your knowledge. If you're in a preternatural language here in order to formulate requests in your Jeff to know what it is you're asking for where Paul seems to indicate that the Holy Spirit can frame prayers according to the will of God that go beyond what you naturally know. Pray for and he can inspire you to pray those things through language that you don't know is if you don't know the language, then and in their justice language, praying through you. You don't know exactly what you're praying for, but that's okay because you're doing so about things that you wouldn't have known to pray about. So it goes beyond your understanding.

Positive I can pray in the spirit and I can pray in the understanding also. He said that of course also prescriptive 14 where we have really all the information about tongues in order to get about its usage probably isn't prescriptive. 14 is a few chapters else for that mention tongues as far as a teaching on the subject. We only get it in prescriptive 14 sets were you going to get all the information. Okay Cameron could talk to thank you for your call okay yeah Joe from Sacramento, California. Welcome to the narrow pastoral thanks for calling.

Good thanks so my question is who are hundred and 44,000.

That revelation stuck.

I'm really confused on. Well, how much do you know about the book of Revelation as a whole.

I read it, but I have I haven't really dug in. I would like okay so are you aware that there are different for different views of Revelation is very different from each other. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of different a lot of conflicting years. I just write like your opinion on who write work out the reason I asked those things is because the determination of who hundred 44,000 are is going to depend on what you think of the book and generally see my view is that my view is that revelation is talking about.

Mostly at the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

In the tribulation. The Jews went through in that time. 3 1/2 years in the Jewish war and the horrendous calamities in the siege of Jerusalem, which anyone who studies it knows it's it's it's hideously hellish that they went through and Jesus said that that would be something like no one had ever been through before after he said it would happen in his generation inserted Revelation talk about these things must shortly take place.

It says that many times in the book of Revelation. So you know he was predicting to his readers who were first century Christians in Turkey that these things happen. Before long, so I don't believe is target since it was 2000 years off because you'd be very likely to deceive your audience if you target something 2000 years and undertone of this very soon. It's about take place. It's at hand. You know if I told people that about the end of the world and I really meant was couple thousand years off.

I'd really be deceiving them I'd be lying to them and so I believe you tell the truth. I believe he was target things that were going to happen shortly and I believe the hundred 44,000 were the Jewish church that escaped from Jerusalem before the Romans besieged. We know this happened. There's a historical reference to this and Eusebius the church historian that before the war began, which is 3 1/2 years before Jerusalem fell the church in Jerusalem received prophecy award and Oracle given by somebody in the church telling them to flee from truth when they did, just like Jesus had told them when you see Jerusalem's rubber armies flee from Judea and they did and they went across the Jordan to place called Pella and there they were safe when Jerusalem fell in the horrible Holocaust occurred there, and I believe the hundred 44,000 from all the information were told about them would best be seen as representing that group. In the first century. Now, of course, most people seem to think that revelation is not the end of the world and then times. It never says that it is. It's interesting related.

They don't have any verse in Revelation, it says that in fact, like I said if you ask the book of Revelation itself when these things be fulfilled. John horses shortly do not take place. You and Solomon to suggest that it's 2000 years later and it's in our time, or time later that our time is to more or less go against what the Bible with the book of Revelation says about itself and it never says it's about the end times anywhere in it so that you that's what the end times makes it necessary to identify the hundred 44,000 with some group living in the end times and there are two views of this. Some believe that the hundred 44,000 Jews are actual Jewish people who find the Messiah during the tribulation and become what we call messianic Jews and that they will be persecuted by the Antichrist and and God will preserve them and so forth. That's one view another view is that although it is said there's 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.

Some people think this is all very symbolic and they just represent Christians in general that they were there the new Israel, the hundred 44,000 Jews are not literal tunes but spiritual dues member Paul said in Romans 228. He is not a Jew who is one outwardly, but he is a Jew who is one inwardly in her circumcised heart so Christian would be a Jew in that sense, but some people think that that's that's what Revelation is Tyrone calls him from the tribes of Israel. But see, while it is true that the Bible says that Christians are the true Israel. It never divides us into 12 tribes specifically and Revelation scissors 12,000 this tribe 12,000 electron so it makes me think they are really Jews and it also tells us in Revelation 14 that they follow the Lamb wherever he goes to the followers of Jesus of the creek Jews who follow Jesus also says Revelation 14 I think first four or five it says they are firstfruits under God firstfruits me there the beginning of the harvest, so that suggest there the first Christians not the last on the earth and God harvested them in at Pentecost and in the years following Pentecost.

The Jewish church. They were the firstfruits and James himself and James chapter 1, who was one of the first fruits there in Jerusalem. He writes to the church elevates the rest of the Jewish Christians of his time and he says that of his own will. God created us to be kind of firstfruits of his creatures. That's James 118, so he said to his Jewish readers who were Christians and he was a Jew and Christian. He said that he and his readers were firstfruits. That's the very term that is used Revelation speak of the hundred 44,000 and firstfruits, so the hundred 44,000 my opinion are the firstfruits of Revelation tells us they are Jews, as Revelation tells us in their Christians so that would be the Jews of the first century, who by the way, escaped when the horrible tribulation came upon Jerusalem. Debbie my tent now I have a book I wrote called Revelation 4 views were I going all the stuff in more detail in your walking to get that if you want further lectures on Revelation at her website.

The narrow verse by verse to Revelation. Need take a break.

At this point appreciate your call listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour coming up, so don't go away taking your calls.

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Any of those things. If you have a different viewpoint from the host want to talk about that. Feel free to call me the number is 844-484-5737 right now. Actually, most of our lines are open and that may not be true in about five minutes now so you might want to give me a call now if you hope to get on the number is 844-484-5737 and one announcement I would like to make and that is that at the end of this month and through next month through October. I'm going to be making an itinerary speaking across some of the southern states and then going far far north model not really different.

The northernmost point of the trip will be in Indiana but really teaching in Phoenix and Prescott number you'd be in some locations in Texas in in the San Antonio area in the Houston area in the Dallas area, so we have a lot of listeners in those areas.

If you're interested in those meetings most of the speak in Missouri Arkansas.

See Illinois and Indiana and I think that's it so if you're interested in those meetings. If you live in in those areas. You can go to our website. The narrow and look under announcements and some of these meetings we don't have the details and yet because were still waiting for details from our host but some of the meetings. The details are present online already. All right, so let's talk to Sven from Berkeley, California.

I spent looking to the narrow path. Thanks for calling him wondering about is in revelations about where it talks about that no man shall be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast and me and some of the pastors that I've been listening to her correlating that with the coronavirus vaccine that will be coming out soon. Wondering if you see any connection between those two letters that concluded well I I just consider that the inability to buy or sell if you don't have the mark of the beast. I think the mark of the beast to simply mean that you are in compliance with the world system and its rulers, and if you aren't in compliance.

There are times certainly throughout history and people not been able to buy or sell because rulers have officially persecuted believers and made it illegal to do business with them.

This can happen to Jews in Germany under the Nazis to know that a lot of the Germans would not shop in the Nazi shops and one cell to advocate an end that is the Jewish obscurity and one cell to because that was a form of persecution economic boycott has many many times in history been a form of persecution. That's how generally taken it. Now there may be something along those lines that will come up with the virus vaccine. I don't know.

On the one hand, a lot of people are thinking of a chip being inserted in you as being the mark of the beast. However, chip is in the markets and visible markers by nature.

Something visible that's the very nature of the mark, but having a chip put in. You would still be a very intrusive thing and not something I would not I would not voluntarily do if they would hold me down at stake in America doing about that but I would never voluntarily allow anyone to put some like that my body and not because I think it's a market-based, which is they got no business doing so I'm kind of a liberty loving, kind of a person and I don't like more government intrusion into my life that even if they offer more security about looking for secular got that in Jesus. I just want liberty, give me liberty, don't give me security so I don't want and I wouldn't take it voluntarily. But some people think that they would actually insert this chip through along with the vaccination in the same hypodermic needle.

I I know I'm not saying this is what is happening or not but I believe that Bill Gates who's got a lot to do with his hope program has suggested. Yeah. And so again I would resist that.

I wouldn't see it necessarily is the mark of the beast, but certainly if you don't take it they could become very angry and they could say okay will you not to be able to sell and buy things if you don't have a course that would mean at regular stores and things like that, you could still if you not living in the city. You can still barter goods with other people who are like yourself. So it's not as if you not as if you have no options certainly made life inconvenient. Now I don't think that's what revelations talk it up, but it's but like I said there been many times in history when Christians were persecuted by the powers that be.

Sometimes, by the popes who put out papal bulls for bidding. Anyone to do business to buy or sell with Christians and they would say Christians are to the Waldenses or some group that was know you protesting against Catholicism, but you know how sites are sublimated you. They may actually make it to illegal for people to do business with them that's happened in history and this would be maybe a more modernized form of the same thing so I don't think the mark of the beast is any one of these things. I think I think the whole tendency of satanically inspired governments to persecute Christians is what the mark of the beast is and I think that that in our time. It could take that form.

Who knows, you may not. All I can say is we can't stop it. I don't think Elise I don't know how to stop it would certainly vote against it. If I had a chance to vote against it.

Narco leader revolutionary against but if they can my door the needle or told me to show up someplace to to get a shot. It's not something I'm interested in. I would okay Sven thank you for your call all right and see Anthony from Danville Calvert three from California and a rawhide Anthony welcome, my question is about three chapters Daniel to Daniel and Revelation 13 talk about the toes into or Daniel seven and Revelation 13 that you take take it is all being fulfilled already and you take the vision that Revelation had to been written for the districts of Jerusalem right what what do these represent the blade. I can't find anything in history that would make sense to be in a yell in the intent bent to it that mixture of iron and clay. 78-year-old very strong. I'm curious what your position is all that yeah I don't think Daniel to or Daniel seven have anything to 70 A.D. and I don't really believe Revelation 13 does either.

I don't consider Revelation 13 to be about 70 A.D. if someone wants to hear my verse by verse lectures and Revelation will know that chapters 10 through 13 I see is a parenthesis in the past.

In the book, which is not not about 70 A.D., but I think the most rest book is but as far as Daniel is concerned, it's kinda self-explanatory. The both of these dream Nebuchadnezzar's dream in Daniel Street. Nebuchadnezzar's dream is in chapter 2 Danielson chapter 7 and they each have a dream that represents for empires that will succeed each other. Beginning in Daniel's time in the case of Nebuchadnezzar's dream there represented by different kinds of metals forming an image human image apparently in the head was gold the chassis over the belly with bronze legs were iron and the fever of iron and clay now. In that image in a dream, a stone, not of human origin struck the image in its feet caused it to collapse, and the stone grew into great mountain to fill the earth. Now that's Nebuchadnezzar's dream. Now the most Bible scholars have understood historically that the first kingdom, which is epidemic, head of gold is the Babylonian Empire. Daniel told Megan as you are and have gold is the king of Babylon, but he said another King and kingdom inferior to you will come up later and that was the media Persian Empire. The chest of silver, and then they would be conquered by 1/3 kingdom which was the Grecian Empire under the leadership of Alexander the great and then there's 1/4 beast on May 4 kingdom should be the legs of iron and going on down through the feet of iron and clay which would be the Roman Empire served at the Babylonian, the media Persian migration of the Roman Empire in Daniel 244, Daniel says in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed on that that's represented by the stone. The stone that strikes image in feet is the kingdom that God would establish the kingdom of God and he said this it happened in the days of these kings, the only kings that have been mentioned were these four kingdoms babbling, media, Persia, Greece and Rome.

This holes this whole series is a time frame and in that timeframe. Obviously before the fourth kingdom headaches had ceased to exist. God would set up a kingdom of his own and that strongly suggest is going to be in the Roman Empire because it was earlier than the Roman Empire, the inquiry mentioned here is the beast's beast comeuppance observed the metals in the image bring us all the way to the time when God establishes kingdom and course of Jesus began preaching his message was, the time is fulfilled in the kingdom of hand is kingdom of God is at hand. Later on he said the kingdom of God is in your midst later on.

Still, he said that if I'm casting out demons by Beelzebub in the kingdom.

I'm sorry. I'm just demons by the Spirit of God than the kingdom of God has overtaken you so he knows the kingdom of God had come and it was during the Roman Empire. Since precisely as Daniel predicted in the time of those kings now there is no mention in Daniel chapter 2 of 10 toes. It does mention toes just says that the the feet and the toes were made of iron and clay, but does mention how a toes.

There were I guess we can assume their 10 since the human image. Although some giants in difficult times at six toes on each foot, but that the number of the toes is not anything that an issue is made regarding told me toes. There are so the vision doesn't really assign any significance to the number of toes. It's just that during the time of the Roman Empire, the God of kingdom would set up the God of heaven reciprocated.

I'm saying get my merge would stop okay so try to talk try to talk too fast.

Okay chapter 7 then has the same four kingdoms there represented in a dream that Daniel had a lion, a bear of a leopard beast with 10 horns.

Now there the 10 horns are numbered for us was the toes on the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream were not numbered for us, but they are the same kingdoms, babbling, babbling, media, Persia, Greece and Rome.

And so the fourth beast is so like the legs of iron in the feet of iron inflates the Roman Empire and it we do read of the kingdom of God been established in that chapter. When you get to check verses 12 and 13 actually see the kingdom of God be establishment time, but the prophecy of chapter 7 focuses on another kingdom that rises up out of the fourth beast called the little horn and that must be something that arose out of the Roman Empire and most Christians throughout history, at least most non-Catholic Christians throughout history have thought that that little horn is the papacy. It rose up out of the Roman Empire at the fall of Rome and it did all the things that the little horn is said to do so with the reformers. For example, all believed the little horn was the papacy. The Roman patent pumps and so that would make sense and it certainly fits it doesn't do it, it happened long after 70 A.D. and if you're thinking that all these things have to happen in 70 A.D. and that doesn't work, but I don't see that everything you have to live by 70 certainly not the fall of Rome didn't happen in 70 A.D. and yet the fall of Rome as mentioned, Daniel seven when it talks of the fourth beast was killed and his body was given to the fire. Certainly, the burning of Rome and barbarians and then arises this little horn and it eventually comes to its and also but the kingdom of God is established during that time. During the same time that Daniel to say during the Roman Empire. So spiritually it it at that time but didn't get to Cleveland when he actually ruled you believe that the yet I'm spiritually eat. He conquered but likely is also referring to physically there will be no longer these nations on earth, and ruling it will be she will present the description in Daniel two is of the stone that grows into great mountain and it crushes the other nations in this and into dust at the same time and eventually it rains the whole world over that I think is what has been happening for the last 2000 years. It started out with like 12 guys, 13 guys and 2000 years ago now about 1/3 of the earth's population. Call themselves Christian so it certainly is been spreading the worldwide and it is at the expense of the pagan nations because every time Christ kingdom gets another member. It comes out of the devils kingdom.

The devil has been raining no were not running with him but he's writing he's writing the kingdom. The kingdom is not about us raining it's not him, raining we are reigned over by him were his subjects. We who follow Christ have been conquered by him and he is our king and our Lord that's that's the kingdom of God. Now the time will come at the end of the world. When Jesus comes back and we will reign with him.

That's our destiny yeah but that's not what's that that's not the beginning of the kingdom kingdom began when Jesus ascended and sat at the right hand of God and he's raining there now. Paul said he must reign their until he's put all his enemies under his feet.

Then Dan comes so spiritual conquered employee also enduring meaning of all raining rights as well. Couldn't get you extract both of those meetings from the why. I don't know that we have to look for two meetings when one works perfectly well meaning. We can only speculate that there's additional meanings that aren't in the text that we would like to see there but the truth is that the text makes perfectly good sense without adding that Jesus said that the kingdom had come when he was here and Paul after Jesus left Paul said that we are in the kingdom he said in the Colossians 113 that when we got saved that God translated us out of the power of darkness into the kingdom.

So we are in his kingdom.

He is on his throne. He is ruling and we could say he spiritually ruling but I and and he does will of my superheroes over me on the physical person. He's a physical person to his race raised physically from the dead. He's the king he's a physical king and I'm a physical subject of his and so all who serve him are his physical subjects and the sum total of those who serve him are his kingdom and he is currently right. That's true and that's because the kingdom grows to be great mountain it's I think is still growing but is given dominion and glory and 14 into him was given dominion and glory and kingdom all people, nations and languages should serve him right in right and Paul said that exact thing has happened. If you look at Philippians chapter 2, he says that therefore God has highly exalted him and given him a name above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in those in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every nation and every tongue should every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ can't talk too fast to them. I got my lines for and try to get all through this.

I was good talk.

I get tongue tied I did it anyway.

The very thing that says God would do is what Paul said God did, he exalted Christ and gave him glory in and said that all nations every, not every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that's that's exactly what it says in Daniel chapter 7.

Also about him. So yeah, I believe that the New Testament teaches that this is all fulfilled. Yeah, it's not finished is not finished because he's raining still on his reign is forever and whether there will come a time when he moves his reign from heaven to earth, but he he's already the king. He's already reign over those who are his people, so when humans are still raining here but smashed kingdom, there no longer raining which they are currently now I think I think they're being smashed as as we speak. And many of them have smashed many of them have disappeared. Most of them that have been around the past 2000 years have disappeared. We got some run now that the dispute to this is a process.

The kingdom grows like a little mustard seed into a great tree you know it it's like a little stone goes into great mountain. The process and it does currently birds been a tree will represent right in birds, not representing, except helpless creatures that nest in a tree when it talks upwards in a tree that's that's an image we have three times in the Old Testament and one time and that parable of Jesus. Matthew 13 I Daniel chapter 4 has birds nesting the tree which is Nebuchadnezzar. In chapter 4 in Ezekiel chapter 31 the Assyrians are a tree and had birds nesting in them, then it Ezekiel 17, the kingdom of God, of Christ is a tree with birds nesting and then Christ.

Of course, makes his own reference to know no negatives about birds being a tree that's where God made them to be. Now your thinking of birds in the parable of the solar and apparel shorebirds ate the seeds and it was bad and so reasonable that represents the devil who takes the word of God out of people's minds when they don't understand they don't bring fruit.

That's a very different thing to farmer birds are a menace to currently right well versed winters in the world. The bottom say the kingdom yeah because it the Wheatley Terrace parable says that the field it says is the world and the we are the children of the kingdom and the tears of the children of the wicked one. So in the field, which is the world there are Christians and non-Christians. That's what the parable say this I give you a lot of time and you can learn anything I think about the subjects simply by going to my and when you do that you will find that there are lectures through Daniel verse by verse.

There are lectures to revelation verse by verse and are also topical lectures on most of these things so there's about 1500. My lectures, I think online somewhere. Most of my website, so you feel free to go there and if you do you'll find more detailed treatment of these things that I can give you here just because I mean there's other people waiting we been talking quite a long time all right I appreciate your cover.

Okay I will talk next to Mark in Vancouver, BC Mark, welcome to the neuropathic circle that you know the truth and the supersession of truth go together perfectly and correctly. Also, most pre-millennial believers do not accept the truth of the supersession of the question is among post-millennial believers. I would think that most of those do except supersession of the duty not they do not allow light to be kind of for those who don't. Supersession is in Ms. it's the view that the new covenant community supersedes the old covenant community as God's people in the old covenant made a covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai and they were God's people until Christ made a new covenant in the upper with his believers and that new covenant community made up of the remnant of Israel than any Gentiles who joined the is the is the new community based on the new covenant, and that supersedes the old.

That's why we don't have to offer animal sacrifices are a key.

That harassment of the law. The lows from the old covenant.

So the new covenant community.

We have come to call the church but the old covenant commuters call the church in the Old Testament in the Septuagint, the ecstasy is the word that was used there for the gathering of Israel, but it's just that the New Testament committee sees itself as the true Israel and yes I think I think that post-millennial's would agree with that supersession is the idea and so so the omelette was but post-millennialist believers can become time were all Israel will be saved. And that's the same as with the dispensations believe post-millennial's have always believed that in the end times God will save the Jews and bring them to himself, legalism does Messerli believe that very quickly but my God, that's like taking the name of the Lord, a very natural, especially when you say well it depends how I mean it's it's it's more or less natural.

If you're accustomed to praying about everything I say oh my God or Lord I'm actually talking to God that I I don't say oh my God is exploitive. Some people do you know if it's an expletive, then I would suggest that it's you know you not really talking to God and all you just letting off steam and mentioning God. In doing so that's some people consider that's a form of irreverence to speak of God that way and yet, of course, if your person who's always talking to God all day long. It's more most likely that if you fail Lord or only God or something like that you're going to be probably crying out to God as is your habit is my habit so you know is is it to his cursing is it swearing to say oh my God well not necessarily, but it could be depends on what's in your heart and I have a feeling that most people say oh my God, are not praying, especially unbelievers and even some Christians, they just say carelessly, which is, I don't think we should think we should speak of God carelessly.

After all, were supposed pray every day, hallowed be your name, and I think it which means holy. May your name be held as holy. That means it's not an ordinary uses ordinary work so I'd be you II actually don't say oh my God and the son very clearly praying, but some people do and I would think that that that could be seen reasonably as an irreverence appreciate your call. Carolyn from Black diamond Washington. Welcome to the neuropathic circle hi okay or proper or a religion idol in your home. If you're not worshiping it. I'm referring to statues's high head in her house that I wouldn't have one but I mean you Buddha is not an image of Buddha does seem very much like an idle, however, booted never encourage people worship him. But that doesn't mean people don't remarry would never encourage people worship her, but some people seem to do that. I would say that having pictures or are statues of anything that's treated with some kind of divine reference would be idolatry. So I don't know it's in the heart or mind.

Some people just go to make a trip to Thailand in the neighboring backs and souvenirs and Buddha statue to them. It's only a souvenir of a trip, but I wouldn't want my house because it represents something. I don't believe I I'm sorry don't mean to catch up, but I'm out of, I'm getting cut off myself and 30 seconds. Thank you for your call listening to the narrow path radio broadcast money to Steve Greg we are listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or you go to our website. Although all the resources there are free but you can donate if you want to visit habits is donating the website is the narrow Check it out and start again tomorrow

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