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The Narrow Path 9/16

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 16, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/16

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 16, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg were alive for an hour each weekday afternoon probably take some time to take your calls each afternoon and you can call in with your questions about the Bible or your points of disagreement with the host. If you wish at this number 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first color today is Abraham from Spokane, Washington. Welcome to the narrow path.

Abraham, thanks for calling the owners money. Thank you so much.

My question comes from the Leviticus chapter 23 inverse 24 and the book of Numbers chapter 29 and verse one and I would like to correlate that with the book of acts chapter 2 and verse one. My questions are as you know, the Old Testament references are to the holidays that commonly is known as the feast of trumpets and the people. It's called the Rosh Hashanah coming up this weekend.

I gave the blowing of the shofar with the trumpets and the book of acts reference. You also will know is referencing the day of Pentecost when the day of Pentecost. It says had fully come, then it describes the appearance of the Holy Spirit lighting on each of the individuals were assembled in the upper room there in Jerusalem. The question Jewishness popular to a mom mainly dispensational futurists to think that our love Jesus Christ when he makes his triumphant return to this world will do so in accordance with the Hebrew calendar and that and they variously choose out either feast of trumpets or the day of atonement or the feast of Tabernacles as the day that the Lord will return. No, we both know that in our Lord's earthly sojourn. No man knows the hour, the day he said of his coming out, even the Son of Man himself with the father only and in another place he said the Son of Man comes at a time when you think not.

My questions list since the Jewish system since the Jewish law had the ceremonial so the law has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

What reason does the church have two think that she will return at the feast of trumpets or the feast of the day of atonement on Yom Kippur work or on the feast of Tabernacles now well obviously this there were three major festivals each year. There is the Passover and Pentecost and then there was the Tabernacles and that piece of trumpets is in the latter group of five holy days in the fall and met most dispensationalism, maybe many others who are not dispensations. I don't know believe that those fall feasts, including the feast of trumpets and in Tabernacles are to be fulfilled at the second coming of Christ.

But I'm not sure why they would think so necessarily mean we have, of course, Jesus fulfilling Passover on the day of parent Passover when he died on the cross we have the Pentecost be fulfilled with the firstfruits of the church being brought in on the day of Pentecost, but when Jesus spoke about the destruction of Jerusalem in the 21st chapter of Luke around verse 20 and following answer ever. Verse 22, 23, he actually says these things are going to happen so that all things that are written may be fulfilled.

You start with the destruction of Jerusalem and that's going to happen to fulfill all things that are written one would suggest from that that the festivals don't look beyond that point that all things that were part of the law will be fulfilled by that time it would make sense to in a way because you got the Passover filled by Christ. You got the Pentecost fulfilled income to the spirit and then the trumpets in our shop. I believe Revelation is about the fall of Jerusalem also and you find there. The trumpets Judgments you know and the feast of trumpets could refer to those those trumpets to bring judgment upon Jerusalem, though I don't know I have to I'll just I should say ready thousand.

I don't know what to think about the full feast because it is possible that they do apply to the second coming of Christ. But it seems EA are equally possible, if not more so that he could refer to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. so I would say that in order to say that Jesus must come during the fall festivals is to make an assumption that is not absolutely ironclad if if those feasts do refer to the time the second coming than I would expect Jesus second coming to happen during those fees, just like the death of Jesus in the community spirit happened during the feasts that they were fulfilling so but this is a this is something that I've I'm not quite sure about. I mean I used to be used to be quite sure that those facing the fall were about the end of the world. The second coming of Christ before I realized how much the New Testament says about the fulfillment of all things taking place in A.D. 70, so I don't know which it is.

It's even occurred to me that the feast of Tabernacles. Although this is not necessary something I would be dogmatic out or even think think are necessary right about the feast of Tabernacles which is a full feast could represent a time when Jesus actually was born we don't know when Jesus was born, but he might've been born in September and he it says in John chapter 1 verse 14 that the word was made flesh, and Tabernacles with us in his tabernacle among us, just like God Tabernacles with Israel. The 40 years of their wandering in the wilderness in the in the tabernacle with his glory there. It's interesting because John says in first in John 114 the Word was made flesh, and Tabernacles with us and we beheld his glory, just like this Russ beheld the glory of the Shekinah glory of God over the tabernacle in the wilderness, so it's it has struck me as a possibility.

The feast of Tabernacles is not looking at the second coming of Christ.

But perhaps the birth of Christ, and he might've been born during that season.

We have no way of knowing thank you very much appreciate the answer all right appreciate your question, she okay Everett from San Pablo, California hi Everett good here all excuse me ever and I needed I need interactive your phone is like totally garbled and I was able to cover much of what you said can you get is slightly better location and better now that's better.

Right now it sounds like yes okay okay thanks yes go ahead and go slowly so what does it mean to be.

To see out of almost 6 and also the question number 23. Which of God is that many shallot soaking the language of God and son of man, but what that means within that context.

Yeah okay I can work on those just say let me just say that what it says God is not a man that she he should repent or sentiment that he should repent what what to bail. My think is saying there is that no matter how much money bail lack promises to bail him to curse Israel, which is what was happening there. De la Cruz trying to bribe or pay bail and to curse Israel no matter how much you bribe you can't change God's mind… He's not a man that he should repent means to change his mind. Remember that they had tried to change Bailey's mind and Pam was a man and they could change his mind.

They offered him a certain amount of money first.

He rejected it. They came back and offered more and he accepted it. So he's a man and you can manipulate men and change their mind, but God isn't like a man, you can't change his mind.

You can you can't bribe and offer more money given to changes position on so that's that's what it means is not a man that he should repent or change of mind in the context in the context of saying that even though a man like Baylon could be induced to change his mind by certain incentives. God cannot be induced to do so in a case like this, so I think that's all that I think it's all Baylon is saying there now it says it weird, dead to sin in Romans chapter 6 is in answering the question, what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound in his note he ate you. We have died to sin and he goes on to talk about baptism, how the don't you know when you were baptized you are buried, which is a way of saying you died, you wouldn't be buried if you hadn't died so you have by becoming a Christian you have entered a new life you been born again into a new life which is improvised by coming up out of the waters of baptism like coming up out of the grave or perhaps coming out of the womb, which is usually company with burst of water as well. But the point is that before you were born again are at the same time you're born again you ended your former life and that was a life under the power of sin, and so why would you continue in sin when you have by your very baptism advertised that you died to that old life of sin and that's why you are buried, you got you so very, because you're dead or you had died.

Now it's not talking about is not talking about a subjective interior insensitivity to sin. Some people understand it that way. I don't feel like I'm dead to sin, because you know I still feel very strongly temptations Jesus was certainly not a sinner but he felt temptations to his attentional force like we are temptations not the same thing as sin. Some people say well you know if you wave around, you know, a Playboy magazine in front of a corpse. He's knocking to be aroused because he's dead and that's how we should be.

We should be dead to sin that be more like dead to temptation. There is no reference about anyone being dead to temptation. Dead to sin means in Paul's analogy that sin was the master sin reigned. In fact if you look at just the just before that chapter 5 the very last verse of chapter 5, verse 21 he says, so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord facing a former Christian sin reigned, and now we've died to that series basically saying we were the captives of sin we were slaves of sin were not anymore. It doesn't onus anymore we have a new life in a new master were slaves regarding any goes on to talk about that in chapter in the same chapter of the second half where he says it.

Do you not know over 60s do not know that to whom you present yourself slaves to obey, you are that one slaves basis. I got to think that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart, that which is that form of doctrine which are delivered and having been set free from sin is in another metaphor dying been set free. You're not a slave anymore. You've escaped that bondage and that life is as you become slaves of righteousness. So becoming dead to sin. In this particular context means the life you had were you were a slave of sin is over. You died when Christ died. You are now in him and his death counts as your death. You now have a new life which is given to through rebirth and that you are no longer a slave of sin because that's not saying you don't sometimes feel like one is not saying that you don't have as much temptation as you used to saying that because you're not a slave of sin you're under no obligation to obey it. You actually have the option of living a holy life. In fact that's what you're required to division our slave of righteousness, a slave of God.

So you saying before your Christian serving sin was a natural and we can almost say an appropriate thing. It was your master, but now that you've given your life to Christ serving him is the appropriate thing and it's and you don't obey sin anymore.

It's not your master file.

Thank you. Have another issue. Good talking to you all right. Our next caller is going to be Patrick from Harper Woods, Michigan hi Patrick, welcome to the neuropathic for calling my questions about first 2011 2326 I'm fascinating trying understand the source of all knowledge.

So I received from the Lord that that which I also delivered to you." Jesus red letter to Pete, this is my body, and so forth couple of my new company before. So that was no use on the road to Damascus when he spent about three years or so, and the debtor any interacted with the apostle couple weeks with Peter and so forth.

I'm just so clear on the instructions from the Lord God like you to comment upon. Well, we do know that Paul had some conversations with Christ, that Christ had ascended to heaven, he appeared to Paul least three times and in and spoke with him, but we don't we don't even speak about this.

We do read in second Corinthians 12, the Paul once was caught up into the third heaven and heard things, but they were unlawful to repeat, so they probably are not. This him and he wouldn't need, he wouldn't need any direct communication from Jesus in that form in order to know this particular information loop. Note also inserted Matthew, Mark, and all the apostles, not because they were there in the upper room.

Jesus said these words so we do know that when Paul had become a believer and after escaped from Damascus when they're trying to kill and there he did go to Jerusalem. He spent two weeks there. According to Galatians chapter 1, I guess tells us he spent two weeks there he met with James and Peter and and he also visited Jerusalem on other occasions. For example, the Jerusalem Council and and and he no doubt visited with them there. I'm sure he pick their brains about things especially about the love feast that they had that the agape feast and the year of the remembrance of the Last Supper. I'm sure that he had plenty of opportunities and and no doubt plenty of motivation to find out exactly how that came down and what did Jesus say what you what are we supposed to remember about this is Jesus did say when you do this to remembrance of me.

So I you know I think it's very likely that Paul got the information from the other apostles whom he had more than more than one occasion to hang out with talk I mean I was hanging out with my B target Jesus so that I do. I want them to tell everything we can remember.

So Paul you know Paul was. Not one of the 12, but he was in communication with them and had every access to the information that they might want to share with them and certainly this would be one. It's interesting that in all Paul's letters, he very rarely quotes Jesus at all and he doesn't give very much detail about the life of Jesus and no doubt that's partly because he was not an eyewitness of those things, but he knew it. I mean his friend Luke, who wrote the gospel certainly do that stuff and he hung out with Paul in his later years incessantly so sure Paul had access to all that kind of information the goats.

Pretty unusual for him to quote Jesus is letters he does here.

He does elsewhere to infect even quotes Jesus on some things that are recorded in the Gospels.

When Paul in acts chapter 20 is talking to the elders of Ephesus, he says. Remember, Jesus told us it's more blessed to give than to receive.

While that's not recorded in the Gospels but Jesus did say it apparently and it was remembered by the apostles, even if they didn't write it down. Paul learned from them yet truly interested in Chapter 11 court were there all well you know what I every time I go to church and they take communion at licensing every time, but many many times and they they they quote or read this passage and they say with same kind of authority. Paul does not mean they raided and I got they were there. We don't have to been there to state something that Jesus said and stated with certainty and authority to his eyes. Information is available okay and I very much think a lot. I appreciate your call got this. Okay, let's see Eileen from Downey, California is next Eileen, welcome to the neuropathic for calling hi Steve, thanks for taking my call. I really appreciate your ministry a couple of questions that you have time that my first question is in John wine where it talked about in the beginning, the word in the and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

And I understand that talking about Jesus, but can you explain that warrant to why why they're describing Jesus as being the word well there's a couple of theories about that one of them is the theory that John was writing to the Greek audience, and in Greek philosophy. The logo switches the Greek word for the work. The word here logos the Greek philosophers believed that the ultimate reality was the logos they didn't have the concept that we have of God the father, or certainly didn't have a Trinity doctrine at all, but they believe there is a mind out there. The word logos means you know the reason in the mind and the logic behind everything. It also means expression of that reasoning.

The word actually does our word logic comes from local sexually and many of fields of study have the word logos in their name like a genealogy or anthropology, or any other or anything. That's all a G at the end has the word logos as its root so knowledge logic reasoning that is expressed is really what the logos meant and the Greeks had this idea of a a mind or consciousness or a rationality that's behind everything and they called it the logos. Now John is writing to his writing. In Ephesus almost certainly to a Gentile audience who were from the Greek philosophy and so some people think he's speaking of Jesus in terms that will appeal to the Greeks, who already had this idea of a logos out there that is the reasoning behind it all, and he said he will that that's actually that there really is such a logos is that there really is a mind like that out there and he became flesh and dwelt among us, and so some people think that that's what he's doing now.

Another very different idea is has nothing to do with Greek philosophy, but they're just pointing out that in the Hebrew Old Testament. The Jews knew that God created anything by speaking. He said, let there be light and there was light. Deselect dryland.

It appeared that the earth bring forth fruit bearing trees and it did whatever he spoke made it happen and it says in Psalm 33 six it says by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and the host of them by the breath of his mouth and so they all things were made by the word of the Lord. Now the Hebrew mine probably would've seen this immediately as a reference back to Genesis. Since he goes on and just in John chapter 1 he says all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made and so John is perhaps just connected with the Old Testament idea that God like like ourselves or he's not very much like ourselves, but in some ways is letters of we are complex beings that we have our thoughts we have our words we have are attitudes we have our opinions. We have our knowledge and our heads that we have our logos, as it were, God has a logos to and just like my thoughts are not something different than me. They are with me in the Army so logos of God is God and is and is with God and so that is a possible way of understanding what Jones tried to get one thing I will say John wasn't just a poor writer he wasn't mean John actually probably was a poor writer, but the book of John. He dictated to an amanuensis who actually wrote very good Greek. We know John wasn't a good writer to zero. The book of Revelation states, and terrible Greek is in very bad Greek. It's the most illiterate, Greek, and any surviving document from the ancient world revelations, but the same writer was the source of the gospel of John, but he dictated it and someone else wrote it better than he could write it but the point is he could communicate it and he would know as well as you and I know that when you say the word was with God and the Word was God.

It sounds like your making a nonsensical statement, but he would recognize that really made the statement anyway because the state was true in the sense that he understood to be true, and so they attempt understood for us to understand as he did is the challenge and there's an many scholars have worked on it. But as I say it.

If your question is why did he use the word word here. It may be because he's kind he's trying to reach out to Greeks, who already have this concept of a logos that's behind all things in the source of all things, or it may be that he served just reaching out to the. The well-known Jewish belief in Genesis that God created things by his word and that word is something God has used it to communicate for you.

Throughout history, it's he does, how he came to his own and his own did not receive it, and we think of that is been Jesus but actually it's all it's some verses later that he mentions the word became flesh and dwelt among us. It's before he became flesh that says the word came to his own people's came to the Jews and they didn't receive it.

That must be a reference the words coming through the law and the prophets, God's word to them and they didn't receive it. So finally, the word came in human form. So I think he may be giving a brief history of God's communication with man. First he communicates for man's even there, but the creation right commanding it to come into existence. Then he begins to try to communicate with people. He was in the world but the world did not know him and he came to his own and his own people didn't receive and that would be of course the history of the Old Testament how the Jews received revelation from God that no one else had the effect of, but they didn't appreciate it and didn't obey it, and so finally he takes on human form the word become flesh and dwelt among us, so those are my thoughts of what John may be doing their sounds like it okay will think it gives me a lot to think about.

You have time from one click mark I well I don't know to tell me the question on sci-fi time for okay well just basically wanting your opinion mean, but not at coronavirus got going on.

My question basically liking people in Australia are being arrested for Facebook posting and I'm just wondering curious what your opinion is given almost like it's a worldwide them, not at map yes it sounds as if it sounds like it's a conspiracy, there's a good chance your discerning is on target. Severe opinion on that. Thank you very much all right got mesh by the application. We have take a break. At this point but were coming back with 30 minutes more. After this brief break and were going to more because we have several calls waiting, we have some lines open as well.

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Back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg were alive for another half hour taking your calls. You got questions about the Bible of the Christian faith pilfered jointly here in calling on the number I gave you or you can call if you want to balance, because you don't agree with something the hostess welcome that. And you can call the same number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737.

I will make one announcement and that is that coming up at the end of this month. I'm going to be speaking in and through next month to be speaking in a variety of states around the United States and you may live in one of those places may be interested in those meetings. On the 29th of this month I'll be speaking in Phoenix the next day.

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You find that one other announcement I forgot to mention the first half. I wish I had made it but in a couple of hours about two and half hours from now at 5 o'clock Pacific time and you adjust for your own time zone there's going to be a live debate between myself and Chris date Chris dates a very good debater very good guy is a friend of mine, but this is been set up by Trinity theological seminary in Evansville, Indiana and work to be debating on the question of the whether Israel is, is the church in the New Testament. So the question is does in the New Testament context is Israel a church that's the debate question and I'll be taking the affirmative and Chris were taking the negative and so that's what you do and that's good being about two hours. About 2 1/2 hours from now and that's good to be at the Trinity theological seminary radio Trinity tree radio gets online, but if you go to our website, you should find information about how you could log on that if you want to hear it. It starts in our after this program and I said it's three and #2 and half hours. It's actually one and half hours. It know it it's it's a five. I keep up.

I've been thinking all week.

That is it for and I just found out today that is five so it's it's it's 5 o'clock you go to Facebook page 2 Steve Greg. The narrow path Facebook page and find out how to log onto that debate. If you're interested. All right that's going to be at 5 o'clock Pacific time and so be there or be square. I guess it's a little old to say that let's talk about Nick from Atlanta or at least talk to Nick from Atlanta hi Nick, welcome you have a question about the Bible have so many things in it says not right you know, like John will be 900 no way of swallowing people who did people come in a man. Well, Grant and his hair my real life, just one. There's 22 aspects of one is that there's such a thing as miracles but another is that things have been different in the past and they are now in some respects.

We know that because we can find fossils of creatures. For example, the don't live anymore, so we know that things that were true, thousands of years ago a long time ago might not be true. Now so we might not see Giants anymore in the Bible doesn't talk as if giants are always a writer talks about it says there were giants in the earth in those days so it obviously talk about something that's not necessarily a very common thing.

Throughout history, on the other hand what they called giants might not be what we would think of is giants having Goliath is said to have been almost 10 feet tall. There's very few people that size today, but there have been some few there been some people with granular irregular irregularities.

They got pretty tall account and there's also just people as people who are strangely tall and just just in their genetics. I guess I'm 6 foot four and I have a friend who towers over me. He's like at least a foot now people living to be 900 year same thing we don't have people living that long. Now, but there are theories about what might have contributed to that longevity and in ancient times, especially before the flood. We don't know if those theories are true, but that but we can say this. The Bible doesn't indicate that people in modern times live €900 to it's it's interesting if the Bible is trying to write fairytales and pretending that people naturally live about 900 years long will that be one thing, but it's interesting that before the flood, we find people living 900 years and after the flood immediately afterwards. The lifespan is cut in half and it trails down till we get to Abraham who is old and 100 years old.

He lives 375 which still ultimately live but after Noah's flood, the lifespan of the average person is gone way down and by the time of Solomon Psalm 90 I think it is her think somebody it says that the lifespan of man is is normally threescore years and 10, which is 70 years so the Bible rises yes it is, yes it is and you know you know we have people today who lived 310. Not very many, but we have some, and that would seem extremely long compared to you a few centuries ago, when the average person died at 45 I mean let's face it, we are accustomed to a certain set of circumstances, we can't assume that the circumstances are normal for us have always been normal so what I'm saying is, some of those things you mentioned may simply be the result of different conditions at different times. There's no reason to believe that they can't be true, and since were told they are by a reliable witness. I do believe they are true but whales swallowing people involving the amount people rising from the dead, things like that. You're right, donkeys talking those things that really happen unless there's a miracle. But the Bible teaches that there are miracles. Miracles are not what you see every day.

In fact, they didn't see them every day, even in biblical times, miracles were pretty rare in the Old Testament covers 4000 years of history is just like all the miracles will test at least almost all them probably 99% of them are clustered in a few short periods of time, like in the time of Moses and Joshua. That's the time of the Exodus.

There were some miracles, quite a few in the days of Elijah, well, you know recorded. No recorded history. Motion no ancient history has a lot of recorded things that were supernatural. Some of the maven is logical that some well and in the Bible records a lot of them. You mentioned some of them yourself. That's history and there's about okay well most cultures have in their histories.

Even Thucydides and Herodotus, who respected Greek historians who wrote 400 years BC they have things happen in them that we would. We could call the miracles and there are many things that happen very much out of the ordinary. But they're not all miracles are unlikely to claim everything that happens of the owners a miracle. But when a miracle happens it is out of the order that's answers your question or we don't see them very often they're not ordinary. Do not ordinary events. They are special events. I was just telling there are such things as myths, but when a historical document tells us that their true and the stories reliable, then I don't think is so taken with history and why not? If they were there be, for example, the resurrection of Christ. That's a miracle that was witnessed by over 500 people and four of them wrote you know histories about and that of course even secular historians who don't believe in the resurrection sometimes mention like like Josephus, he was not a Christian. He didn't believe in the resurrection. He mentions that and he lived at same time as the apostles that the resurrection of Jesus was so reported he didn't believe is true. But he wasn't around happen, but I mean week. What is reasonable to have for doubting a miracle we don't see that in our lives. Yeah, that's right. We only see natural things unless something supernatural is a said that's very extraordinary. So I mean I don't expect necessarily see miracle, even if the Bible is 100% true, but every miracle records that it doesn't tell me I'll be seeing miracles.

I was telling your mom to go but interrupted before I finish that there were three periods of time in the Old Testament over. 4000 years one generation saw a lot of miracles when God delivered Israel from out of Egypt. The generation that knew of Elijah and Elisha puff they saw a lot of miracles from them and then they will know it's in the history it's it's in the writings. The historical writings and then there is the miracles Jesus did in the apostles. So this three different times so by the way, there are lots of people who do report miracles today we live in a day when miracles are considered like like yourself. People like yourself just figured miracles don't happen, and therefore no respectable historians often don't want to say recent record reports of miracles because they don't believe them. They've Artie decided that such things don't happen that there's people, and in every country who report miracles and so we can say well the reports are all exaggerated, all lies. Or we could say maybe there are miracles happening around but we don't hear about them because the people who report things don't believe in recorded meal. Okay, okay, now there are there are all okay first of all, I don't know if you're listening very carefully.

I told you they don't happen very often, even in the Bible, and therefore there's no reason for me to expect them to happen very often. Now why should I expect to see one.

Most of the people who lived in biblical times never lived at a time when the miracles done and most never saw miracle because it's rare.

It's unusual there special occasions and so there's not any reason why I should particularly expect it. What I do know of modern cases of people who been healed supernaturally. I know people who've had demons cast out of them. Supernaturally I died. I read reports about these all the time. Sometimes during the news. Sometimes there just in books by a people's biographies who witness them. In our experience in see a person who's decided already. Like maybe yourself that miracles just not realistic at all happen. Well, then you're just as they will all those reports are just undocumented. No, not there document by the people you're reading. They're not document by everybody. But what, there's very few events in history that are recorded by everybody.

And I guess everybody knows about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the election of Pres. Trump and some things get a lot of coverage but of personal things in my life that I don't prayers that are answered, things like that they would get covered by anyone else. On the other person knows, but unless I tell someone in a person who doesn't believe the prayers to be answered is, believe me if I tell him anyway so this is the answer your question you you knocking to find people reporting miracles who don't believe in, but that doesn't mean that the people who do believe in him and who report them are less honest than the people who don't believe in them and refuse to report them as a matter fact people who believe in miracles tend to be fairly religious people and people who don't believe there's miracles often over secular people, which means religious people have a moral compass secular people might or might not. The point I'm making is there's nothing intrinsically more credible about the person who denies that miracles occur then the person believes they've seen a miracle or believes miracles occur simply a matter of worldview.

If you have a worldview that says miracles don't occur will then you have to recognize when even if one does CS Lewis is a Christian writer who made an interesting observation. He said he said I've only met one woman I've only met one person he said who said they had ever seen a ghost, and he says the interesting thing was this woman who said she seen a ghost, didn't believe in the immortality of the soul either before or after she saw that she didn't believe in ghosts before she sought, and after she sought. She didn't believe in them either and he says that only goes so one thing, seeing is not believing in what is what he saying is if you believe because your philosophy that you've adopted tells you. There are no supernatural things they need it even if you see one you not a believer, supernaturally make up some excuse you know there's a time. The Bible says in John chapter 12 when God spoke audibly from heaven and spoke to Jesus but the people around him heard and some of them said it thundered other said an angel has spoken to about Sears two different ways of looking. They all heard it, but some people want to give it a natural interpretation. Others gave it a supernatural interpretation now. The Bible tells us it was actually a supernatural event but even when people witness a supernatural event. They often will give it a natural explanation. So even if a miracle occurred before their eyes. They would recognize it because they've Artie decided that that's a category that doesn't exist so I mean that that explains I think for you white.

You don't hear more about miracles.

If you're in the circles where people actually are open to miracles. You're more likely to hear about some of the ones that have occurred when I know I know but that no one subject agrees me. You have provided to the willingly let me ask you this. Can you give me a shred of evidence that miracles don't occur, wait, wait, wait, supernatural. Here's the problem. We can't make miracles occur, it's in the nature of a miracle. It's not subject to the laws of nature. If I want to prove that water boils at 212°F at at the sea level and I can prove that I can prove to myself and if you doubt it. I can talk to you too.

You know why because there's natural laws and on tell you how the natural laws function a miracle by definition is when the natural laws are violated by a supernatural power now.

You can't make that happen because English your supernatural being, God could make it but I can't. If if God healed me of cystic fibrosis was two years old. I can't prove that to you. You know, and I can't make them do it again.

That's the point it took to prove it to someone else needs you got to on command. Do it again, but you can't do it again.

You don't do these things God does the six so I you know I think that you don't really understand the categories that you're dealing with, but you did. You have not give me any evidence that miracles do not occur.

You've only give me the evident. I know I know I don't have need of food to write. But let's let's flip the script because we both are making some assertions right. I'm asserting that ugly miracles occur. You're saying they don't occur. So I'm telling you I at least know of historical records of do you have anything even comparable to that to prove that they don't have may not be true.

Well, well, all historical references about everything are hearsay. The question is the credibility of the one speaking with let's get off that from a let's get to your side of story. What historical references you have for his for proving that miracles don't occur in record stuff save something none of it recorded. As I told you a lot of them have been recorded but seat. Let me put it merely wait wait wait wait.

Many, many modern miracles have been recorded okay you just when accepted, but let me let me ask. Well, I mean blue pastor blue Martin Germany in the late 1800s had a dramatic case of casting several demons out of a girl that became internationally well-known because it went over longer time and many people witness it over. Time and he also had healed many people by prayer now. People fall of Europe came to him he wasn't. He didn't present himself as a healer, he just a pastor of a small church in Germany.

People asked them to pray needed and they got healed now to have record of it. Yeah we do in his memoirs, but you'd say but that's just hearsay, true, but so what.

Almost all history is hearsay how many historians have written what they saw with their own eyes and nothing more.

But the point I'm making here is this you can either say everybody who's ever recorded seen a miracle is a liar which you don't know to be true, or you may say whether maybe people who do see miracles I haven't seen is that possible natural laws of gravity, I can't.

I can't. But Jesus did so. I mean, but there's a God see you don't believe in God, correct well then why would you not, why would you believe that miracles cannot happen if there's a God doing miracles okay today you get you get all over the place.

Let's try to have a sensible conversation. I said I don't think he has stopped miracles. There are miracles, but you don't you know I'm not trying to prove it to you. I'm trying to get you to examine the basis for your belief. You believe that miracles do not occur. Now you want to prove an absolute negative tell you something. For many centuries. Europeans believe that swans only were quite literally white swans because there weren't any in Europe that weren't after they discovered Australia. They found that there were black swans. Now frankly all the natural history and science books in England, said that swans are always white because no one had ever seen a black one. Then they went somewhere where people had seen black ones and they had to change it because they were they were making a universal negative on their own limited experience. Now you might say I've never seen a miracle.

My friends don't see miracles. Most people don't see miracles so there are none.

Wait a minute you're wrong about that. The Bible is a history book is full of his bad about you about new but listen, you're not thinking right you're talking about the Bible as if it's not a history book. How many history books have to record something before you can say maybe it happened about is not true. Well, that's the problem. I have studied it.

I have for 50 years that the religion wed that went through. Listen if you get a thousand kids in the class who haven't learned any mathematics and yes then the square root of nine. They don't know what the question means you're getting a thousand different answers that doesn't mean there's no right answer. There's a right answer and there's plenty of if there's such a thing as truth. Then there's a million falsehoods, anything is not the truth is something else. Now if there is a God and if he is a certain way and if he has manifested itself in a suit if you told us things.

And if that is true, then, is me a thousand different things that are untrue about God. Now, however, many religions, there are that's not the question. The question is do we have the truth about God and I say we do and I say that because Jesus is true.

Jesus is true and true what they think about it I study the religion I studied mine.

I started other religions.

They don't have any basis for like we do.

We have a historical basis, listen your ear really raising a lot of red herrings here. The don't really make your point.

You must be thinking that there's not a God who can interrupt the laws of nature and if you have that as your starting point then you won't believe in miracles, and I will be able to prove you're right or wrong because every work like a name you say. Well that you say that or that's the stems and religion not true that people download. I have doubted how would you you. How would you like to have a religion prove itself Christianity is the story about God coming to earth as a man dying and rising from the dead and ascending to heaven to rule over his kingdom. That's what Christianity is now that Jesus came to earth.

That's fairly well provable because even the secular historians all believe that that he did miracles.

Frankly, almost all secular historians now think they can always but now secular historians have looked at the record. Yes probably. He was probably a healer in a nest of believers.

God but but most the things of the Bible says about Jesus can be demonstrated in the same way other historical stories are the resurrection of Jesus is very well witnessed many people witnessed it so I could go in circles because the main anything I say you can just say will that you sent it in your right it is, it's just me saying it until you research yourself. If you research yourself, then you'll be the one thing I did research I don't think you have that's my position.

I got a lot of people waiting to talk to me, though I do appreciate your call and I would like talking to you again.

I don't want talk in circles. When I got some of people waiting.

Thank you for joining us tax attorneys all right. We got a lot of people waiting at only a few minutes left. Unfortunately, knocking to get to the mall, this is Jane from Anaheim, California Jane, welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Yes, go ahead, had Christian crimes every time I use the delete that Revelation with a crane to college or distraction and to can you elaborate on that wing did you change like change.

Gradually I wrote a 600 page book called Revelation for Christian views which you can get you anywhere that they sell book about what year what did I change my mind now. My mind underwent change on this matter for several years. I would say it was probably by the time I was convinced that Revelation was about seven it is probably about 1982. I'm thinking probably 8321 lap okay why is it important when you went you, Revelation 19, three every numerical avalanche. Yeah. You raise a lot of assignments that we can't really get a further because rather time.

I wish you a gun to your question more directly. Call me tomorrow we can talk and listen to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday at the same time you can call in every single day that were on for 23 years. We are listener supported. That's how we pay for the time on the radio. We don't have any advertisements to sell anything. We just got responses. We just to let you know we pay for the bills out of the donations. If you'd like to help us down there.

You can write to us at the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow by the way, this announcement there. The website about a debate I'm doing in one hour from now on line if you're interested, the narrow thanks for joining us

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