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The Narrow Path 9/21

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 21, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/21

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 21, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg in our lives for an hour each week. If we have a live program so you can participate in it in real time.

If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith about your Christian life in your protocol is one place you can call there's other places to but you can call here and you can also call if you have a different viewpoint from host and would like to discuss that the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and offers color to is John from Detroit, Michigan John, welcome to the neuropathic circling your data anonymously because I think my family and I wanted his church and sound doctrine looks good. Speaking and we found it, but we brush TI I just bored with everything else, like emotion, especially just slow emotional. You know like necklace mom type stuff but the most softest acoustic versions of every song and I'm trying to just be polite, tolerant, and enjoy it as best I can in and just try to focus on worship but I like months and months and it's just changing the well. I'm probably not going to talk about that because I don't determine what worship is not your church. But tell me again what kind of music is that they're doing like contemporary Christian worship will be the softest, most acoustic version prosecutes it soul droning on and we promise never have lively lively worship in the style doesn't really dictate the worship but not just to get over. Have you spoken to the pastor of the worship team or anyone like that and made this observation.

You have talked about it and I think it's just that's just the way things are going to be really strange because most churches that have opted for contemporary Christian music worship. The main complaint people have is really loud and really you know rock 'n' roll and hell. And yes, some people would like you to be less so usually musics is a churches and really slow or quiet music.

There probably doing hymns or something is unusual thing from just do the contemporary things very slow. I don't.

I can't really tell you what to say. I go to churches fairly often where I don't care for the worship music.

In fact, the last church I went to regularly. I didn't care for the worship music and with the regular Lambert for a few years so you know, I guess you just got a grin and bear, you got worship God and you know I would say if it's a real stumbling block to your worship. You might not be the only one. Although you might be might do this dissertation music differs from most of people there but now just a talking to the pastor about that and seeing if he has some reason for opting for that kind of worship that he might he might feel that it's more reverent course to do things slowly and quietly. I don't know that always is, but I'm sure a lot of about it in sermons and I think they're just Vicki talking about like relationship God tightly like to get the perspective well yeah I'm sorry I can't really a lot of people call have called over the years and about their complaints about the worship music of their churches, and so forth and I I sympathize because I have to say that I haven't been real. Please with the worship in most churches I've been in the last several years. I actually would enjoy churchy singing hymns. I actually think this hymns have a lot more life in them than a lot of the modern Christian songs, at least they have a lease more truth in themselves. And I think that they were because the hymns were written for people who weren't being paid to write worship songs and I think there's a big difference in the level of anointing to win. I think when worship music became an industry I'm not saying everybody in it is motivated by money but certainly there is money to be had and therefore there will be people who are coming into it, who are motivated by money.

Just as in any other industry and in a lot of a lot of worship songs I've heard from some of the modern writers I've had the impression that you know that I don't think they wrote this because of the because they were. I don't know had had this in their heart. I think they will think in a lot of cases, they just wanted to string some words together, even if they didn't mean very much and get another copyright so that surrounds royalties from the church of St. but I don't want to judge anybody. It's just you just can tell the quality difference between songs that are written by people who are real worshipers of God and those who are being paid right verse, worship music and that's one reason I liked him so much but I guess wanted my advice to give you is to arrive late arrive after seeing I mean honestly I done that myself and I you know you can you can worship God in Homer with a in your car and come on inside when they're done with the worst of the worship but I don't know without well I don't know if it is not, but I would just say that if I made the church. First of all, the church is not there to cater to consumers. For one thing, so if if they don't have your favorite style of music that's not necessary valid criticism but on the other hand, if what they are doing in terms of musical worship is not very worshipful or is not conducive to worship and that is the case in a churches in my opinion, then to once you've complained about it and they haven't changed. Then they can't complain. Are you showing up afterwards just come from a sermon and fellowship. I appreciate your all right, thanks for calling Vernon from Sacramento, California. Welcome to the neuropathic circling Inc. you select only call I was capable of counterfeiting. Agape love because I really like to have an outside perspective. It had a lot to do with that fundamental background to my question is seven years old and I went to the Salvation Army summer camp and I had already been going to their church which is just couple blocks away grew thinking about freeways and I accepted Jesus as my leaden failure and I learned in Sunday school together burn brightly in one set aside on the heart goes out and I didn't want the flame to go and I wanted to burn brightly with the true church that we were logged in real fire and I cannot let you to be taken out by Highway 53 Sacramento and what is your question, I talked to the Mormon witnesses and I am trying to find the true church, and I think now that my question to return to Babylon to live and night and sometimes I can do in our church and move them out left without going through turned back to contact America and trying to turn my back before he passed away babbling man and that kind of information that took over regularly. What is your question from a brother. My question is why would you exclude the 77. Then from Boone to Christians, do you have never excluded from the true Christians to Christians while you drop your tongue the whole denomination.

I don't think any denomination consistent doctrine right will doctrine is not good doctrine, many point some of the doctrines good but but they deftly have doctrine that isn't good.

I don't know anything about them that would make me think that they stand out above other denominations is the true church, but I would say in any denomination. There are true Christians and there are people who probably not true Christians because being a Christian is related to what group you join it's related to whether following Jesus Christ and I certainly known Seventh-day Adventists who appear to be following Jesus Christ, I give them no I am not critical of them. I don't agree with their doctrine, but that's not how you become a Christian by agreement doctrine you become a Christian by surrendering to Christ and living under his Lordship, but I've known some of the evidence, who is near as I can tell her following Jesus Christ are Christians. I've also encountered some and only in the last few years actually that didn't have the spirit of Christ at all. So that means that they're just about like any other denomination. In that respect with you go to a Presbyterian or Baptist or Methodist or Nazarene or Episcopal or Catholic or costal church, Calvary Chapel, you name it. Any church going to find some people who are following Jesus industry.

Some people who aren't so there's not a true church in the sense of some organization that's the true church, the true church is comprised of all the people around the world who are following Jesus. And there's some of them in every church, and there's a lot of people in many of the churches that personally do not follow Jesus.

They probably did know they're supposed to. They're following the doctrines of her group following Jesus is something entirely unfamiliar to them anyway yeah I know I wouldn't if you're asking me to recommend the Seventh-day Adventists I I don't because they placed too much weight in the teachings of one person which is what cults do or not saying their occult but cults do that cults the Jehovah's Witnesses follow Charleston's Russell. The Mormons followed Joseph Smith cults are usually started by somebody who is believed to be either a profit or at least somebody who sees things more clearly than anybody else does and people follow them as if that's true with them and there certainly are some feathers who look to LNG quite that way, and there I think some 70 of those who don't sell. It's it's a group that has all the possibilities of having a cult following but then so does any religious group, even if it's Orthodox Christianity, so I II think you're looking to something you looking for the true church in a denomination or in a movement but that's not refined you find it in Christ you follow Jesus, Holy Spirit places you in the body of Christ and then he will lead you to other people who are in the body of Christ, whether they're in an institutional church are not appreciate your call. Scott from Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the neuropathic circling.

Thank you talk about like the did that and be like renewed and that would be an inflow.

Jesus did an amendment that I had to be an infant praying to anybody else but God he made it possible for God personally. Yeah man, But prayed anybody out.

Our father well I think so. Ginsberg packing them on the radio okay well I think it's a very controversial thing, especially at the time that she passed. She passed a year earlier to be plenty controversy of intubated this year has been one of tremendous violence and division, and even before she passed the Democratic senators and and even candidates like Biden were saying you know if Trump wins, there's three more rights will be more suffers be less peace and so forth and others there try to extort the country into not voting for Trump because her saying if you do you have more of this kind of violence. You don't like, well, there's no guarantee of that. Unless they bring it on because certainly the people follow Trump so it's been very volatile and obviously Trump has to either wait or or now a point before the election of a new nominee to the bench and Congressman and Senate tested decide whether they're going to vote that person or not approve that person and I don't know how it's going to go at this point.

Sounds like Trump is planning to nominate and that the Senate some say will vote on it and if so, then we may get another justice on the Supreme Court before the election. Now it'll be hard to tell whatever violence opposition breaks out over that decision be hard to tell the difference between that and the violence was going to come around anyway because of Trump's reelection, but I guess we have to decide whether the president needs to cater to the volatile irrational crowds which is anybody who would say if I don't get my way on the right, irrational person. Obviously, because me.

One thing is very obvious.

Trump does have the constitutional right. That's is his job is present to nominate another person to the seat on the Supreme Court and Congress job to vote on whether to approve or not.

So for that to be done according to the Constitution is the very thing that some people are saying will bring about riots. Well, whoever bring about riots because the Constitution is followed is obviously trying to intimidate the government to not follow the Constitution and I don't think that will be like saying well were not going to do anything to displease the Chinese because we might offend the Chinese and they might might hate us and I do something to us when they might, but we can't let people who are hostile and who are irrational, decide whether we do the right thing or not. And I will say this without commending Trump too much I would say he is been the first person in my lifetime I don't.

Ronald Reagan might've been like him in this respect, who didn't seem to care whether people got upset with them and good for him. I don't do that on my radio show.

I don't care who gets upset with me. Why should a person get upset when you're doing the right thing or telling the truth.

If there's people resistant or even who threatened well that's just the way life is bad people is good people you be one of the good ones and I think that I don't know what's can happen but I am certain our profit and am also not a legal expert or or political expert, so my thoughts on it are probably the same thoughts you hear by a lot of pundits on television and radio which I mean there's only one way of looking at it really constitutionally Trump should, he is present still use it was like a for four whole years is elected by people who were particularly interested in the constituency of the Supreme Court. I mean lots of people didn't like Trump very much but they voted for because they knew he had released a list of the people he would appoint to the Supreme Court of had the chance. And so it was really the Supreme Court, probably more than most other things that got Trump elected.

Now he still elected, he still present and he's got a chance to do with Constitution allows a person to do so be. I think remiss for him to do nothing about it he be letting down his voters and he promised to get reelected, but that he be not doing the right thing. So that's what I think and as far as repeater Ginsberg's concern. She seemed like an exceptional woman, but I don't think she was close to God and course a lot of our politicians and judges are close to God, but we hope that they will follow the Constitution.

Whoever is appointed will follow Constitution more than some of the more radical leftist judges care to do right. Let's talk to John from San Diego John, welcome to the neuropathic circling. John 2020 and 21 London same clicking therefore to Philip, which was guilty and desired him to Jesus when he settled Wilde's concert for Garrison Greeks probably God fears or proselytes who had come to Jerusalem for the feast and they became aware of Jesus. They may be heard in preaching the temple or maybe heard rumors about his miracles or something and they they were not. They were from out of town, but they thought hey Robert, let's see if we get an audience with the sky and so they approach a couple of his disciples.

It's interesting that they approach Philip and Andrew because is the only disciples of Jesus that had Greek names all the other apostles had Jewish names but but these two had Greek names and these were Greeks who are looking out. So probably they thought they'd have more of our welcome if they approach these guys as Internet meteors between themselves and Christ.

Now we don't know if they ever got a private conversation with him were told that when Jesus was alerted to their interest. He began speaking to the crowd, which would include them so I don't know if he was directing his remarks largely to them or to the crowd of just ignoring the fact that they were there. We don't have any information about them getting a private conversation with them, but on the other hand, we don't read that they didn't, they might have. Off the record. Yeah, I don't really know that anything unusual is going on there that that is evident right in the text appreciate your call.

Andy from Buckeye welcome to that's Arizona.

Welcome to the neuropathic circling a week away from your big trip. Well I'm going to be with you in every week from tomorrow night right right were looking forward to that.

Hopefully anybody listening in Arizona would be able to join us. I know they could find on the website are you looking forward to getting a break in California I would love to get a permanent break in California tell the truth is not likely to happen in NS, the whole country falls apart, or the nation state falls off the San Andreas Fault into the ocean or something.

Then I get a break from it. I'm looking for to seeing you guys and other people across the without wonderful as well. I had a question about a handful of verses that I found some places in the Bible that warned not to take not to add to or take away from the word looking at Revelation 22 hard warning about adding to the word were taken away from it and some of those judgments that would come upon it course this was in reference to adding to this book of the book of this prophecy, and there I met a couple places in Deuteronomy chapter 4 in chapter 12 talking about adding to or taking away from commandments of the Lord in probably 30 prop. Proverbs 32, 36, 34, six, that it do not add to his words or he will reprove you or you will be proved a liar so you put a finer point on price maybe would you address what this may have meant to the original audience versus its implications today as well as any common misconceptions or applications about this issue and will listen well, I'm off the air looking for Senior to Eddie. Well, as you said, Moses was the first person to urge his hearers not to add or subtract anything from the words of the law. He said that Deuteronomy 42 and also again. Deuteronomy 1232 both places and not to add or subtract it from it and also as you said Revelation 2218 puts a curse on anyone who would add to the words of the book of Revelation itself, and Proverbs 6 a more generic now.

Don't add to his words to God's words, lest you be found a liar. I think what she's saying is that you don't want to add human opinions to the word of God on the level with the word of God. It doesn't mean you can't have an opinion about it. But you don't want to misrepresent your opinions as as what God has said if he hasn't, I think there's a very strict code there for the prophets who speak in Jeremiah, God speaks about the false prophets. He says they say. He says but I didn't get anything for me. I didn't send him you know there speaking from their own spirits from their own imaginations her own heart and and he he's angry at them for that because they're claiming to speak the words of God. But it's not the word of God that there speaking.

I think that this happens in churches a lot in the Christian individual student lot two, and that is that they read something in the Bible, which is the word of God and they extended out further further than what God did, I mean Eve did this herself. You know, because God said that Adam and Eve should not eat of the tree of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And when Eve was asked by the devil. Whether that was the ruler that she said were not allowed to eat it or to touch it while she was mistaken about that. They were not forbidden to touch it but ever since Eve people have been doing the same kind of thing with God's word. God says don't do a certain thing in the Pharisees. For example, taking the law built what they call a hedge around the law. That means that if the law said don't you just don't do boy like a baby goat in its mother's milk. They went so far as they were never any drink milk and eat meat together at the same time at all, that way will never get close to violation when the boxes you should not do any labor on the Sabbath day.

The rabbis had all kinds of opinions about what they could or could not do on the Sabbath day that would would cost of labor and lifetimes. It had to do with something as simple as wearing a wooden leg would be bearing the burden on the sensors they forbade that so they add to the word of God. Churches do that to we know that the Roman Catholic Church has added a lot of traditions that aren't in the Bible and they teach them as if they are they are they teaching as if they are the word of God. Protestant groups can do the same thing. The Bible says don't be drunk with wine, arson, Protestant groups say you should never drink wine that's far from what Bob said that they would say it's God's will we not drink wine because the boxes don't be drunk with something. This is adding to the word of God is putting a hedge around God. God does tell us what he wants us to do or not to do and sometimes people think they could be spiritual beyond what is written and and interpret God as requiring more than he said there adding to his words when they do that and that something probably part of which forbidden their listening to the narrow path to take a brief break and come back for another half hour.

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I'll be back in 30 seconds again to nearly path that leads to life to the narrow parent Steve Grant has nothing to David everything to give you the radio show is over. Go to the narrow patdown, you can learn and enjoy the three topical audio teachings blog articles teachings in archives and narrow path radiation. Thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path for Steve Grant when the narrow back to the narrow pass radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for another half hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith or maybe have a difference of opinion.

Also I bring that up for conversation. Our number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and I got a letter from Cody in Hawaii who happens to be a prisoner in Hawaii and he listens this all the time and he wrote this question. He says about Revelation 2 verses 20 through 23, he says does Christ kill Jezebel's children in the future time. Now what is referred to as these verses are read to you that Jesus is speaking to the church in Thyatira and he says they have some things good about them, but like most the churches they have some things that he doesn't like about them in verse 20 says nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and beguile my servants to commit sexual immorality and to eat things sacrificed to idols. I gave her time to repent of her sexually mature immorality, and she did not repent indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds.

And I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am he who searches the minds of the heart. So the question is. Cody asked does Christ kill Jezebel children in the future time. So I guess there's a lot of things probably could be misunderstood about this. First, all this is not talk about the real Jezebel who lived back in the time of Elijah. She was the queen of Israel married to King Ahab and that she persecuted Elijah and she was killed. Crucible issues pushed out of power by her own servants, and she splattered on the ground below the dog Seder.

That was the Jezebel in the Old Testament about 700 years before Christ, but Jesus refers to a woman in the church. If I tire that he calls Jezebel. Now I don't think he's talking. I don't think the woman's real name is taxable. I think he's given that symbolic made the book of revelations full of symbolism. For example, Jerusalem in Revelation 11. Eight is symbolically called Sodom and Egypt, and so you got symbolic names given to people and places in ancient Keio even mystery Babylon the symbolic it's not the real Babylon so this is not the real Jezebel that this is a woman whose character and influence is so similar to that of Jezebel in it in Jezebel is an immoral woman and she was an idolatrous woman and she enforced idolatry in the land of Israel in and persecuted the prophets like Elijah. While this woman was teaching the church to commit fornication, and to worship idols so obviously she is doing the same thing of the church that Jezebel did in his room so he symbolically calls her Jezebel.

We don't know her real name. Of course, but it's very unlikely that any parents would name their child. Jezebel at any time after the real Jezebel's career had ended because it was such a sickbed is like for someone named her kid Adolf Hitler or Judas Iscariot or something like that so this is not really a reference to Jezebel in my opinion, it's not a reference to the future. You asked if Jesus going to kill her children in the future. I believe that the church is that Jesus dictated these letters to were contemporary in John's own day. In fact, none of those churches are there anymore so obviously this Jezebel is there anymore in the church isn't there anymore, but these are letters that Jesus dictated to be sent to the seven churches that were in Asia minor, which is turkey today and and and this woman was in that church and was a problem in Jesus that he's good. Bring judgment on the church, at least those that portion its influence by her teaching on her to her children would not be a reference to little children because she is teaching fornication. He says when you throw her and her worshipers her followers into a sickbed that she's been luring them into a bed of immorality. He said rather to find themselves in a sickbed bed ridden for reasons different than what she's recommending, and a course children and she these are almost certainly not her reaction children, but because her sins are sexual in nature. Of those who are her offspring spiritually and like into her children anything and punish them to die. Now I we don't know the circumstances under which these people came to their end, we generally have the threat made, and of course he does call upon them to repent and for all we know they might half in which case, this judgment might not have occurred. We only have the threat we don't have any record of its fulfillment. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen most things in Revelation that were predicted did happen and we can verify a lot of those the ones we can verify it's not because they didn't happen because we just don't have the detailed information from secular history about what happened this woman, why would anyone have written of so anyway know this is not about a future judgment and it's not about the Jezebel in the Bible is this about another woman who is similar Jezebel and that she would come under judgment. So Cody, I hope that answers your question. I know you can't call because of your circumstances. All right, let's talk to Paul from Las Vegas Paul. Welcome to the neuropathic sculling. Talk with you. I have a question about when the Israelites wandered through the desert for 40 years.

I know that they started off Evan flocks and herds with them, but throughout the 40 years they continue to make the different types of offerings and that's my only question all listen on the radio okay call whether some question about their livestock. During the 40 years they wanted because they obviously had livestock as you say, when they left Egypt, and even later when they got tired of eating manna. They were complaining that they didn't have any meat and yet they did have livestock because God told Moses well tell them I give the meat tomorrow and I'll feed the dog will have more than enough. And Moses said what will we kill all the livestock to feed them so they cannot meet, so there was livestock that they could kill for me, but obviously they weren't doing it. They were eating manna and they were reluctant to kill livestock for meat.

It may be that the livestock were being kept for sacrifices because of course the law that they were under did require that the offer bulls and goats and lambs for sacrifices so they might've been just setting them aside for that, or they may not have just wanted to slaughter them all and eat them in one big meal because they had a long time to go and they probably wanted Keith around for breeding stock and so forth. They may have eaten some a little bit here and there. Course when they took when they had their sacrifices. They ate meat because the way that Leviticus dictates that when used at sacrifice an animal unless it's a whole burnt offering in certain parts of the meat are fed to the persons who are offering the sacrifice as well as part of it being burned so it was like you're being non-carnivorous all the time, but they must not of wanted to just slaughter all the animals to feed them all at one time they would have no breeding stock and they would also not have animals for sacrifice. Now there is a minor profit that raise the question whether they did offer sacrifices to him in the wilderness in a rhetorical question makes it sound like they didn't but it doesn't mean that they didn't offer any sacrifices. There may be some suggestion that the sectors they offered were not recognized as being to God by God because of their straying hearts from either offering sacrifices, but he didn't ring is missing from to him, sort of like first 2011 when Paul was criticizing the motives and the manner in which the.

The Corinthians were taking community so that when you do this. This is not the boards supper that you're taking here while that's they were calling it that poses no I don't. I don't see it is that it's not you you're not doing it right enough to call it the Lord's supper, and that might be how the prophet mentally said.

Did you offer sacrifices made the wilderness all those years he might not been denying that they offered sacrifice about saying those were really to me, not your heart, there's we don't have much information about that to tell you the truth, and wheat we can say they either did offer animal sacrifices in the wilderness those 40 years in the and their livestock was used for that, or they may have neglected it and one suggestion that they might've neglected. It is because we know they neglected to circumcise. That was a very major requirement upon them, and they had a whole generation born during that 40 years 100 wilderness, and when they got in the promised land. They all had to be circumcised because they hadn't been to been neglecting it for 40 or so. If there neglecting circumcision. They might have been neglecting sacrifices to but I'm we don't have specific information about that in my opinion some time that I can't do that we don't know more than we do on that question.

I talked to one from West Haven, Connecticut. One.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Hello how you doing fine thank Ellen for me to be in your registration, the following will be part okay you will you will all luck out like the law or some days okay so everything that Saturdays or Sundays because okay I understand the question because the law said that they should do no work on the seventh day which is Saturday and that they should have a holy convocation so that's that's was called the Sabbath day and Saturday is the Sabbath day and in the Bible. No other day of the week was ever called the Sabbath day.

Now in church history. There was I guess a Pope that declared it sent Sunday was the Sabbath day, but the pumps really don't have that authority to declare what what is the Sabbath or day is this the Bible in the old and the New Testament recognize Saturdays the seventh but you ask, are we supposed to worship on Saturday or Sunday. I think this was to worship all the time. I think the whole Christian life is a life of worship.

Paul said, whatever you do, what you eat or drink to all to the glory of God. We should pray without ceasing. Give thanks in everything. You know that this is worship is worship to God that were supposed to in all things be living our lives as a life of worship to him. Paul setting her Romans 12 one that we should present our bodies as a living sacrifice and sacrifice office actresses worship and so our bodies are offered to God in service to him so that this is daily. This is not Saturdays, not Sunday. This is everyday. Now if you're asking what day should we meet with other Christians to worship corporately what you can do that every day to the early Christians did it daily. Acts chapter 2. They met daily and went from house to house and in the temple and they were eight together and they fool prayed in the fellowship and they heard the apostles teaching so there really wasn't one day out of the week that was different than others. As near as we can tell in the early church except although were not told this is true, it is possible that the Jerusalem church did observe Sabbath not because they had to, but because that was their culture may also offer animal sacrifices, which they didn't have to also observe the valves they didn't have is when the early church was all Jewish.

Initially and until the temple was destroyed, the Jerusalem church at least still did a lot of the temple things and they certainly are almost certainly must've kept the Sabbath and they did. They did follow circumcision things like that.

So the Jewish church tended to follow the law and the temple ordinances which of course no one can do now because the temple doesn't exist anymore. The snow sacrifices are pretty starving regret.

So for almost 2000 years. Nobody has is worship that way. But in the first 40 years of the church.

The people who lived around the temple who were Jews had always kept those sermons and I think they tended to do so is NASA became Christians but the Gentiles didn't Paul went out to the Gentiles from Jackson. I'm assuming that you're like me, Gentile, and probably not Jewish and therefore we if we were living in Paul's day would not be observing the Sabbath because we wouldn't be under the law across the Jewish patient went under the water, but they like to live that way because it always lived under, but Gentiles did not.

Paul didn't mind if Jewish Christian circumcise their children. But he said you better not circumcise a Gentile Christian because that's that's bringing them into the law under the law impose way against face of the compromise of the gospel. He said those it would do that.

I wish they were castrated. He was some pretty harsh things on these people because they're trying to corrupt the gospel by bringing the Jewish wanted to and keeping the Sabbath as part of that law. God made the Sabbath command at same time he gave the other loss at Mount Sinai and it was never repeated in the New Testament so New Testament doesn't really call us to live under the law that was made at Sinai calls us to live under the Lordship of Christ and since Christ never told anyone to keep the Sabbath. We realize that that's part of the old covenant, and instead of keeping one day holy. We now are to keep every day holy. Every moment holy every aspect of our life. Every thought, word and deed is to be holy unto the Lord. And as far as meeting together with other Christians that the Bible and the New Testament doesn't recommend doing it on any particular day, but like you said they're interested daily and I think that we find to do that now to fit the time. Some of us don't. But you can read worship running in the week you want to. People don't worship God based on a place or a date Jesus and those who worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth. And there's really not any day of the week that that's that you're exempt from that.

That's essentially what all people are supposed to okay Patrick from Bellingham, Washington. Welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. You walk in my way and keep my command and you shall also judge my house should likewise have charge of my court and I will give you walk along the stand here and I'm wondering if you can explain that landmark okay this is a prophecy in chapter 3 of Zechariah that's made to Joshua the high priest. Once the temple was rebuilt.

They set up the sacrificial system. Again, this is long before Jesus came of course like 500 years before Jesus came and the man who was the high priest, and that temple was named Joshua and this is a prophecy addressed to him and it basically is telling him keep my weight so here's what God said to him, if you walk in my ways and if you keep my command. Then you shall also judge my house, which means rule the house and likewise have charge over my courts. I will give you places to walk among these who stand here these who stand here to be the priest and you have to realize that what he saying is the priests before the Babylonian exile had deviated from marketing God's ways. They had worshiped idols.

When Ezekiel saw visions of the priests actually worshiping the sun and worshiping carved animals engraved on the temple walls of the feminist horrible pagan idolatry had been had been brought about by the priests, and even later priests turned out to be pretty bad like Caiaphas and Annas.

The ones who condemned Jesus, there's some pretty bad priests in Jewish history, and so this priest is the first high priest after goddess restored the nation after the exile extent is warning you better walk in my ways.

If you do you have privileges you'll be will be able to rule this house for me but the implications if you don't it'll go badly for you just like it did for the priests before who had gone to Babylon captivity right appreciate your call on Martin from national city, California, by the way, we do have the some lines open right now which is not always the case you'd like to call the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and I we are going talk to Martin his national city, California.

Like I guess this is a time I should probably let people know we are going to be crossing much of the country speaking in various places. Starting next week.

Andy from Buckeye Arizona called and mentioned I'll be there. That's actually our first stop. Buckeye, Arizona speaking there next Tuesday night and then almost every night for the next month.

And somewhere else. There are some nights we were off and were traveling, but were moving from Southern California in on this itinerary when moving relocating, but were going as far east as Indianapolis area and then coming back and worship speaking. A lot of places on the way if you happen to live in any of those areas we have posted on the website where I'm to be speaking I'm speaking in not only Phoenix, also in Tucson and in the San Antonio Texas area remembering branch, Texas. Also in the Houston area couple nights in the Dallas area will be also in Arkansas and Missouri in this location in Illinois and a couple places in Indiana so those are places that are already listed, and if you're in any of those areas along that trajectory of our travel, then you may want to see for speaking in your area, go to the narrow and look under announcements in there you'll find the whole itinerary as it is developed thus far. There may be something added to it in the future. All right, Mark. Thanks for waiting. The Lord will W or LDS two times and you rooted found in 12 by Colby also made the world in Hebrews 1111 three.

We understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God and I had that conversation with the person you might be a life on other planets and I just looked at up from a previous caller asking you about that and wanted to talk about the word voltage basically saying that it's cute.

T perpetual I guess is the word. In other words world began that honest you're all garbled up now you're all garbled up I can't hear you saying thank you very much, but is there questioning your call I guess not. Well okay I don't know what he wanted to know about the world's doesn't mean there's life on other planets well and would necessarily mean I don't know that the world's would be a reference to the planets, even if it did me. We know there are other planets and so if if those of the other worlds is referring to. It still wouldn't tell us any more than we already know about life on those worlds. We know there are other planets. They knew that back in biblical times to and he may have been referring to worlds. In that sense, although the word world in the Bible often isn't referring to planetary phenomena worlds buddy talk about like the Greco-Roman world or the pagan world or frankly the Jewish world there's there's a lot of ways to speak with the world. We might talk about the Muslim world today were not speaking about planets. In that case were talking about societies or cultures and things like that. The word world is used a lot and a lot of different ways but in so I'm not really sure which way the writer of Hebrews means it says that God created the world's but we can go with you. Your suggestion that he might be referring planets because we know that the right of Hebrews knew about other planets. So we we know about a lot more than they knew about but that doesn't tell us anything about whether there inhabited wheat we do call Venus and Uranus and other planets recall the planets, but we don't have any suggestion and calling them that that they are necessarily inhabited worlds I spruce, I personally doubt that their knowledge of his inhabited worlds out in other galaxies.

I don't know the Bible doesn't care to tell us about that, since it doesn't relate to us very much.

Okay, let's talk to Mark from Vancouver BC mark welcome to the narrow path one because I been very surprised to hear you say that Essentially Judas click Christians are actually still continue to attend the temple and they did we know when Paul when Paul visited late in his life to Jerusalem.

James mentioned to him that there were four men in the church who had some valves they made the announcement vows and they needed to go to the temple to pay the fees related to them because of some sacrifice to be made at the closing of the valves, and so Paul agreed to go do that to go pay for them. But we just say that keeping the temple was a going to the temple as a normal thing for them.

But that doesn't tell us whether or not they thought it was necessary to do so.

It's sort of like I don't believe it's necessary to go to a church building on Sunday morning, but I might do it.

I mean there's fellowship there. You know there's there are people who might think it's that it's a better example. By doing so or whatever minted to avoid offending them. There might be any number of reasons to go to church on Sunday, even if it's not mandatory for us to attend church on Sunday mornings. Likewise, the Jewish believers who lived in Jerusalem lived in a society totally dominated by the temple. I'm in the temple is the center of the city in the center of their life and so, although I'm you know they recognize Jesus sacrifice is the final atoning sacrifice apparently didn't necessarily think that this method is impossible to do the rituals of the temple as well and it wouldn't be obvious that they have to give it up and I don't think they did have to give it up, but they did it have to. Once the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. they were almost out of time here and I need to see if I get one more call and maybe I do know Earl from Roseville California quickly.

Do you have something to ask you have a question not be adequate time for all okay so I can call you back tomorrow then okay sorry I some questions just require more time. How about John from Murrieta, California. John your long winter shortly guy got a short one. When I look at the new covenant in Jeremiah 30 wine at the end it says for I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more hundreds that didn't fit in with second Corinthians 5 where it says we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ will remit what he says. I remember their sins no more. It doesn't mean that he'll never notice anyone sentence ever again. It means that the sins that they are being punished for by the Babylonian exile will have been put behind it. He won't be remembering those hours not be dealing with them according to his member hugged in Psalm 103, it says that God has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities doesn't mean that he doesn't know that there doesn't remember that we did the morning I got just a figure of speech that will remember them no more think what he's really saying is I will remember them against not to remember them as something that needs to be resolved anymore still in the living said he's not saying that there won't be any sins ever committed. After that were and are signed by the time I got to get after 20 seconds so we can go longer that one ministering to the narrow path radio broadcasts were listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 website is the narrow and let's talk again tomorrow

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