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The Narrow Path 9/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 23, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 23, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

And the thing being welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon taking your calls. If you have other questions you like to raise for conversation about the Bible and the Christian faith or the Christian life. Feel free to give me a call via. You can also call if you have a different viewpoint from the host like to talk about that the number I will give you.

I'll just target out of our lives are full. Take this number down.

If you call in a few minutes. You may find a light has opened the numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and our first color today is Tim from Turner Oregon Tim. Welcome to the neuropathic circling like yeah yeah questioning about older persons younger, I never really thought was that big of a deal but it's in the last six months I've been reading what older people say I don't know if You Know Who William Ln., Craig is sure is considered, you know, one of the great apologetics of our time. Yes, he believed Genesis is allegory and there's not a literal Adam and Eve's and so he says that Jesus got it wrong you know Jesus referred back concerning marriage that Adam and Eve and you referred back to Jonah and he also I think referred back to Noah and he says that you know you people back naptime had primitive knowledge. You know they felt that some rotated around the earth, and they just didn't know know what we know today knowing you for metabolic Jesus through whom everything was created and he said he'd rather save it. Jesus got it wrong them to deny his deity cannot, and then I've heard other older people say that know they believe in millions, billions of years and that well-equipped when when it says what will your question for me. What will be a question for me to what I I just want to know if I I've heard you talk about this unreadable. What is your were not what is your question can you get your question please. I four lines will what you you said that it not really that big a deal.

And my question is, it seems to me like if you're gonna reject your credit go with you to say Jesus got wrong then that's a big thing okay but let me ask you this.

Did William Ln., Craig really say Jesus got it wrong or did are you interpreting his statement that way because I mean he may have said, I don't think you would say that I would expect him to say I Jesus was accommodating. Perhaps the Jews idea that not that Jesus was mistaken necessarily, but that he might be accommodating the Jews. Think about it even though it was understood to be mythological, some I wouldn't agree with him. If he said that but I could see someone saying that because people do say that without saying that Jesus was himself wrong. Did You Hear William Ln., Craig say that Jesus was wrong Jesus that Jesus didn't. I didn't I didn't hear him say that I saw. I think I saw it in writing. Okay. And Jesus got it wrong. Is that what he said is that what you said about him know that's what he said okay, now that I disagree with him. I disagree with him on that now. I personally think that I personally I'm a young earth person myself and I believe in Adam and Eve flood and all the things we literal that doesn't mean that I don't recognize there to be allegories and you know parables and things like that in the Bible, which aren't necessarily to be taken literally as truth.

It's just that when I read Genesis chapters 1 through 11, just like the rest of the book.

It looks to me like it's reporting history not allegories or whatever. So I would disagree. I know I would disagree with him if he if he believe that Jesus got things wrong. I would even put I think disagree with him if he said that Jesus knew the truth and he was. Not deceiving anyone, but he was just accommodating their belief that to my mind would still be a little deceiving, so I could say this though, that there could still be in Adam and Eve and still be an old earth. I don't believe Neil is the ancient earth as some people do, but but even if there was an ancient earth, even if the room is 4.5 billion years old. Even if God had used billions of years and millions of years of evolution to create life as we know it. CS Lewis, for example, believe that all that but he believed that Adam and Eve were literal people or at least he believe that there was a at some point after the evolutionary development of humanoid types that God put his image into a certain specie or a couple and gave them souls led to human intellect and so forth.

Now I don't believe that. But I don't see that an awful lot depends on that.

If someone says there is no Adam or Eve. Then we got a different kind of a problem because the Bible does teach that Adam and Eve not only existed but had some impact on the rest of us because of their individual choices. And if that isn't true then much in the Bible seems to be mistaken, but I don't believe there's any reason to believe that that's not true. So so you're wondering how big a deal it is. If somebody's going to say that Jesus spoke either knowingly or accidentally falsely then of course it's a big thing because she said I am the truth and if we can't believe what he said to be the truth, then we can't course well is nothing, nothing special, just like another fallible teacher. I appreciate your call and talk to Terry from hurst Texas Terry, welcome to the neuropathic circling of, could you explain this year of Jubilee in the Old Testament what it's all about and is there any significance to the Christian today. Listen all right, all right, thanks for your call. Well there in the Jewish calendar. In Leviticus, God told him that every seventh year was to be a year of release or of Sabbath year where debts would have to be canceled and there be no work done in the fields about beef stone and harvested, so every one in seven years. There was a special sabbatical year. Now after seven sabbatical years to do the math you direct redness, etc. 49 years. There's no one's Sabbath year every seven and then there's seven Sabbath years make 49 years. So after the seventh one there be a year called the Jubilee that be the 50th year. So every 50 years. There was to be your Julie that was like a Sabbath year. Apparently all slaves would be released. All debts were to be canceled and in no work was to be done in terms of farming and so forth.

During that year.

Now what is it significance. It obviously has significance as as a re-leveling the economics of people who die deeply into debt, pressing a restart on their and likewise people would sold themselves the slavery or who otherwise had unhappily come to be slaves.

They were released and that would be that's a wonderful thing we don't know if the Israelites followed the Jubilee year.

We don't really have record of them doing it. They they neglected many of the laws that God gave them but and they shouldn't neglect them but whether they kept them or not the law was given and God gave it as a picture of something now.

Most Christian scholars believe that when Jesus spoke in the synagogue in Nazareth. In Luke chapter 4 that he was basically saying that he was coming to bring the true Jubilee because it says when he stood up on in the sat on the Sabbath and the Nazarene know what it was that was the Nazarene synagogue.

It says he was given a scroll that said it had Isaiah chapter 61 in it and it said the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor is good news to the poor. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives in the recovery of sight to the blind, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord on the Hebrew reads a little differently. Instead of saying the recovery of sight to the blind, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed, says the opening of prison to those who are bound so we have the declaration of emancipation as it were, of prisoners and slaves, and many people think that Isaiah when he wrote this in Isaiah 61 was speaking of that, as it is a true Jubilee year, not necessarily the ceremonial Jubilee of Leviticus, but the what it was pointing forward to. And Jesus therefore could be saying that what he has coming to do in canceling our our unfulfilled debt to God in releasing us from our slavery to our sense that this is the true Jubilee and I think that's probably a good interpretation of this is how most scholars taken.

I think therefore that Jesus is saying the true Jubilee pointed to the permanent release of captives and is not talk about on a social level but it is about spiritual captives, although of course social issues and relations between people are to be modified.

Also, as a result of Christ's company, but I think right now. He started at the releasing of the prisoners from Satan's prison house as it says in oh second Timothy 220 well the last couple versus second to protect the people being released from captivity of Satan. It also says in Hebrews 215 that people have been kept all their lives in bondage by Satan to fear through the fear of death.

So there's a spiritual bondage that people are released from. Through Christ, and I believe that the release of the captives on the 50th year the Jubilee year whether the Jews actually kept it or not, the command for was to reflect the this this very thing that Jesus came to accomplish.

And Jesus after he read it said the Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing, which means that he himself was declaring that liberty.

He himself was the one that it was about. So I think the Jubilee year has its fulfillment in Christ and in what we would just recognizes our salvation of our deliverance from the power of sin and from the bondage that we were in.

All right, let's talk to Mark from Mark Clifton Park, New York Mark, welcome to the neuropathic circling about why and we Jewish that known neither durably, but only those who are in Christ with people, and found that it shouldn't matter.

Should it only Creighton doing in right now that I think tonight okay well because the word Jew doesn't only refer to in adherent to the Jewish religion. It is also a racial term or a national term BC word Jew comes from the Old Testament were Judah and Judah was actually one of the 12 tribes of Israel. One of the sons of Jacob was Judah, and so when the nation divided into two in the days of new bone.

The southern kingdom was called Judah because it was dominated by the tribe of Judah. It wasn't only the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin made up the kingdom of Judah and Benjamin is very small tribe and hardly hardly provided a significant population there so they call that nation in the South, Judah.

Now the northern kingdom had 10 of the tribes and they can simply call that nation Israel, but because of the idolatry that was promoted by Jeroboam in Israel in the North the more devout members of the is Israelites. Many of them departed from the north and migrated down to the South became part of the nation of Judah, so the nation of Judah ended up having citizens and it who were from all the 12 tribes. Although the majority of the 10 northern tribes remained a separate nation. Now, when the northern kingdom was destroyed in 722 BC by the Assyrians.

Then there was no more than 12 tribes of Israel. There is only the southern kingdom of Judah, but it also had some representatives of the other tribes who had moved and become part of Judah as a nation. Prior to that.

So now we have not only the ethnic Jew from the tribe of Judah. We also have the national Jew because there were people from other tribes that were not Judah, who became part of the nation of Judah, so they had a national identity as Jew now and that meant that southern kingdom was taken into captivity in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar in 583 586 BC. The people of that kingdom because it was called Judah were simply call Jews now they weren't all from the tribe of Judah.

As I've said that most of them were but there were some significant minority that had come from other tribes as well, but they were all call Jews after the nation, Judah, which was the nation. The Babylonian current babblings conquered so ever since that time. Anyone of Israelite heritage is called a Jew now in biblical times. Of course there was a religion that God had given to their nation at Mount Sinai, but which most Israelites did not keep certainly the northern kingdom did not, and even the southern kingdom did all the time.

They often worshiped idols. First rule of the Jewish religion is you have no other gods before me make no idols so you can see that at times when both Israel and Judah. The two nations were worshiping idols that none of them were practicing a Jewish religion and therefore in calling them Jews that were talked about them ethnically or nationally.

And so the term has stuck. There are people in every part of the world who do not practice the Jewish religion but they have their ancestors go back to this the land of Judah, and therefore there called Jews so that's why they're called Jews.

Now of course a person can be called a Jew because of his religion. Even if he is not ethnically Jewish at all. One very famous case in my parents generation was Sammy Davis Junior and African-American entertainer who in ordinary Jewish girl he converted to Judaism and he became a Jew. Anyone can do it and we can become a Jew in terms of the religion. Of course not ever to become an ethnic Jew, so you've got two very different ways of using the term Jew one would be the ethnic Jew, whether they follow follow Jewish religion or their atheists are Buddhist or Christian or whatever in an ethnic Jew can become any religion.

On the other hand, there are there are ethnic or religious Jews that can come from any ethnicity because a Gentile can become a Jew by becoming a proselyte so this is why you have the term Jew being used in a way that confuses some of them are Jews and they would say ethnically and others would say there Jews because they've been converted to Judaism whether there have Jewish blood or not. All right, let's talk to John from Oregon city, Oregon John, welcome to the neuropathic circling.

Think yesterday from Texas mentioned my figure 721 through 23, number sure. I think it might've been a last call that a recall single anyway you your right it was earlier so you know the passage of the Bible that would people which people the people that thinking there serving God why think the passage itself identifies him. In verse 21 she said not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my father in heaven. So he's making a distinction between those who will those who will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

He says the ones who do the will of my father in heaven, they will so would make it very clear that those who do not are the ones who do not do the fill father is apparently only one indicator of who's who and it's whether or not they do the will of the father in verse 23 and then will I never knew you were there is new the Greek word is closest. Anyway, I tell me if you think this correlates I think this identified people is John 16 23 where it says they shall put you on the synagogue using the time, that whosoever kill if you do God's service and these things will they do unto you because they have not known the father morning that correlate well if those people ever do begin to call Jesus Lord and they don't cease to do the do evil, then they would be in that group.

I don't think that group is limited to the ones you mentioned there actually and that verse you used it doesn't mention God knowing or not knowing them but them not knowing God and my siblings. Same thing but may be, but it's not verbally the same, so I don't think it's necessarily intended as a verbal parallel, but I sure many people are killing Christians and thinking they're doing God a service and they deftly not doing the will of God so they would be among those that do not inherit the kingdom of heaven is to set the Greek word also in both did no skill with the G yet both passages, the same Greek word on this is actually I think several hundred passages that have that word, work right so I think it correlate find them interesting. These people who were doing the things killing excommunicating people taken on synagogues or on the community and sometimes even killing them. They're doing what I've called talk down leadership rather than bottom-up.

You should Gentile exercise with you. If they are in power and that's later behaving that is obviously a top top-down leadership situation and by the way, I don't believe that the church is supposed to function as a top-down leadership movement, but Christie cyst on synagogues of the church is on the Jews is not talking to Christians and Jesus did say the Christian should not have that top-down leadership style, although of course there are groups that do that still don't kill people remain killing people and is not the same thing as top-down leadership, though obviously sums can have the power to do that they will have to be in that kind of a kind of hierarchical structure appreciate your call. Okay Tonya from middle city, Washington. Welcome to the neuropathic circling you and I not practice in American churches. There are groups that were women wear head coverings for Mennonite women do an Amish woman doing and their others are certainly Roman Catholics.

I have generally had the women wear head coverings from the church. Southern and that's in America as well as anywhere else but there's a lot of churches in America where it is generally not practiced because it is not believed that first contains 11 is describing Western culture, but it but Greek culture, which I guess, Western culture, the border between East and West but yet you're in luck, because I've actually written a lengthy treatment on this subject, which is posted on our website. If you go to the narrow and click on the tab. This is topical articles don't mix up of the tablets is topical lectures but topical articles I wrote some articles on this passage some years ago is nothing post evidence free of course you it will cost you download them or read them, but there is one called, should women be veiled.

It's based upon first contains 11 and it's probably the most comprehensive treatment of that chapter you encounter.

I'm not saying you can't find one more competency but that's it's about a circumference of that. I can imagine it being so it does deal with this whole issue of the women's head coverings in that passage, I would say this, that passage is the only passage in the Bible that discusses it and it's interesting that if that was really something that God wanted all people to do. You'd find it you think taught by Jesus and by others I mean just not not just in one passage I won passages enough, but we have to ask ourselves if it stands out that God is making it sound in one passage like what you have on your header don't have any had to somehow spiritually significant that it raises questions about the rest of Scripture which says that, for example, God looks on the inward on the heart and made man looks on the outward appearance, I believe Paul is talking there about concerns about offending people in a culture where women are expected to work coverings on their heads, and I give my explanations why in my article selected the narrow and go to the tab that says topical articles and find the one is called the women's head coverings or should women be veiled and it's easy to find and that'll explain the passage very thoroughly much more than I can hear right now.

Appreciate your call would take a break. At this point were not done. There's another half-hour coming up, so don't leave by the narrow path is listener supported and we pay for the time on the radio from gifts that people send this unsolicited were not not even asking again but some want to obviously and when they do they need to send it to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or website.

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Thank you for sharing. Listener supported the narrow path. Greg narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday at the same time and if you can't usually listen to us on the radio because you live somewhere that you caught us on the relaxant today, but you live somewhere holy, don't broadcast. You can get our With free mobile app which is by the same name. The narrow you go to the app store you go to Google Google play.

Just search for the narrow see the app downloaded for free and you can listen this program live every day wherever you are in the world, or even in archives because there's archives going back many years, of the programs and there's also hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of lectures of Yours truly so it doesn't have everything there that we have on the web service got convert almost everything audio wise so that's the narrow path app and you go to the phones we do have one line open at the moment the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737. Our next call event is Dave Connor from Fallbrook, California hi Dave, good to hear from you.

Hello Dave are you there yeah I get feedback or symptom here near repeating again and had a question about the kingdom.

Again, I know you talk to me before I have to question what year the Lord's prayer, yet very yes contains lease so III called a while back that doubt the Lord's prayer, the one I have now is see myself repeat for fortunate fortunately it's not coming through on our end.

So go ahead and give you okay so I wondered why the teachers in Spokane. While this night, I've never heard anybody talk about the kingdom of God afterward about the Jesus Christmas will now have lost you there should okay you cut out for a while there, so I did miss part of you for Christmas and other things but not about the kingdom of God right right back out like his answer your question. Now I you said you wonder why Matthew okay yeah are you there I am here. Please continue okay. Matthew six that's the question right. Nobody calls out nobody calls and asked Matthew six yeah Kiki first met later on okay seeking first the kingdom of God.

Why Jesus paid that and not eat later to get a chance hoisted Kiki. First the kingdom.

Well, he said, because it's the highest priority. Seek first would mean it's the first priority for you to be seeking self. That's why he would say that we know why people don't talk about it more. I'm not sure I could say there's a lot of lot of neglect teaching the word of God. I know in in the body of Christ, so I can't really I don't know. I think the pastors preach what's maybe easier to preach. A lot of people have a hard time defining the kingdom of God. You may be aware, you may be aware, that I just finished a two-volume book on the kingdom of God altogether about 900 pages into volumes and their other pastors, or even something like quote that indicate that they hadn't preached on the kingdom of God because they didn't find it something they understood every one of the quotes.

My book is from CP to Ragnar who at a decade or so ago or two was very, very prominent in the church growth movement nation worldwide and this is a quote from him.

I have in my book.

He said I cannot help wondering out loud why have heard why I haven't heard more about the kingdom of God in the 30 years I've been a Christian. I certainly read about it enough in the Bible, but I honestly cannot remember any pastor whose ministry had been under actually preaching a sermon on the kingdom of God as I rummage through my own sermon barrel. I now realize that I myself have never preached a sermon on it. Where has the kingdom been and this is actually something I actually have a John MacArthur quote from his son. His book slave, which is essentially about the kingdom of God. Only in looking out from the other side from that of the subject being subject to the kingdom. But he says that he never heard sermons on it either and so these are current mainstream Christian leaders and they admit that the hearing about the kingdom of God is something that's never commonplace. And yet if you heard Jesus or the apostles you hear about nothing else because they talked about the kingdom, and all the sermons of Jesus parables were all about the kingdom and in his neck with his gospel is the gospel of the kingdom. So I have to say it is true many many listeners who could probably say the same thing you did. They have ever heard a preaching about the kingdom. Now I'm sure that many people have heard sermons about about the verse you talk about Matthew 633 registered seek first the kingdom of God's righteousness of these things be added to but I've her letter sermons preached from that verse, but the pastors who preach them have almost never expounded on what is meant by that registered seek first the kingdom of God will what is that and I think that many pastors have assumed or at least allowed their listeners to assume that the kingdom of God is maybe heaven and so that your priority is to sick to go to heaven.

While this is not with the kingdom of God is in the teaching of Jesus or the apostles.

In fact, I don't have no idea why the churches have allowed themselves to imagine that the kingdom of God refers to heaven does not botch you know, a lot of times you hear that verse preached. At least I have heard that verse preached, but I haven't really heard much discussion about what it is he's telling us to seek what is the kingdom of God.

That's why I wrote a couple books on their will be out the first one to be out next month and the other one I hope will be out about a month later. Anyway, like I can't really tell you why any given pastor hasn't present. I have a feeling most of them have never really thought through even understand what the kingdom of God really means all right. Let's talk to Harry from Claremont, California Harry, welcome to the neuropathic's are calling hello I am not certain that I'm say and I continued my question is a God, hear my prayer be when he answered my prayers. Well, I think your concern needs to be. Whether you're on good terms with God more than what you get answers to your prayers. I believe God will answer the prayers of his children. The question is are you one of his children.

You say you continue to send. I'm not sure what that looks like because everybody sends unfortunately we shouldn't, but everyone does. But the difference between a child of God and a child of the devil as the contrast is made in first John chapter 3 is by this we know the children of God and the children of the devil. This is some first John three's 10 in this the children of God are manifested in the children of the devil. Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother. And so a person is born of God loves his brethren, and does not practice sin but practices righteousness now to say don't practice something. It just means that that's not what you do now. I meet us if something falls down and skits skims the knee and I put a Band-Aid on it.

I'm not practicing medicine.

I'm not a medical practitioner on the person who's maybe doing something that is to be done that's in the medical realm, but I'm not a practicing physician.

Likewise, a Christian who is practicing righteousness may sometimes do something that's that's that's not that is not practicing sin if you commit a sin in your follower of Christ. You repent of it and you get right with God as quickly as you can because you want your heart clear and and just keep following Jesus. So the real issue is whether Christian or not is what you're following Jesus Jesus and my sheep know my voice and they follow me.

So for one of his sheep were following him and that's how we know for Christian now how do I know from following him well first of all, you're not falling him if you never really intended to.

It's a decision you have to make gift repent of having followed your own waste.

Yet the repent of having made yourself the ruler of your life and put Jesus in its proper place as the ruler that submits repentance.

And once you've done that then you intend to follow him and you will but you will sometimes lapse that is momentarily sometimes stumble because people do.

People are not perfect and therefore people stumble, but when you do stumble, it will not be something that you want to do or like to do or that you won't regret doing. If you want to follow Jesus. If your determination is to follow Jesus, then you'll be unhappy whenever you find out you have not. It's like if a vegan is determined not to eat any animal products. But then, maybe they are served something they don't realize has some kind of butter in it, or some like that may later find out the will be very sorry because they don't intend to eat animal products doesn't mean they never will eat it. In fact, they might even on purpose. At some point in a weak moment eat a piece of meat or cheese or something like that which is not really what they want to do and if they are true vegans will be sorry they did it. Now I'm not a vegan. I don't think I will need to be vacant, but the form what I'm saying is a vegan is somebody who is determined not to eat animal products. It doesn't mean they never will. Under temptation or accidentally, but it means that if they find out they have if they truly are, to be things they'll be sorry about that Bill does not want to that again.

The make efforts not to do that again.

And that's how Christians are about sin.

We've determined we want to follow Jesus. And that means were not consent but that doesn't mean that under weakness or deception that we won't ever stumble into sin but means that if we find out we did. We don't think that's okay because it's goes against our determination, but I have 35% about what believer in image is written from the from the grave so that you believe you believer somebody who believes that he did and who well you do you know it's not like 100% or smaller percent. You either believe that in that something you're convicted about that. Something that you persuaded of or else you're not persuaded of you don't believe it.

You might you might have a part of you that thinks it could be true but that's not believing it. You might be part of you wishes you could believe it. That's not believing believing. It is when you become persuaded that it is true and that is it's determining the way you live now I will say this. Anyone who is not persuaded that Jesus rose from the dead. Fortunately, there is a remedy for that you can study requested.

You can study the evidence for you even understand why modern rational, intelligent people sometimes do believe that it was because tremendous evidence for their sermons online okay will I sermons not usually read the usually listen to because it is very young. Well, I would suggest there's I don't know the names of all my lectures are hundreds of them, but there's some on now how do we know the Bible is true is a series there's a series called the authority of Scripture were going to evidences of things, including the resurrection of Jesus Scripture is called the authority of Scripture. If you the narrow and you go to the you go to the topical lectures and you choose the series called the authority of Scripture and listeners lectures. There's also a single lecture right deftly going to this and that, you'll find that at the same website but you would have to do is you go to the narrow then under the topical lectures you find the tenses individual lectures or topics go there and you'll find there's this lecture called why I am still a Christian. That's why I am still a Christian and you can also find that at my YouTube channel of YouTube channel.

Just look up Steve Greg or Bible gates is the YouTube channel and you'll find a video of me giving lectures on why am still a Christian I do I go into the resurrection of Jesus and the evidence quite a bit saying at this time. Believe that God will not hear my prayer and answer the prayer at this time rival Hill Hill answer prayers of repentance.

But I mean if you're making requests that God will intervene. To do this or whatever for you.

There's no promises of God that he'll do that for people who are not till I hear you, you and all that nature. David said if I regard sin in my heart.

The Lord will not hear me simply means he will not he will not answer me this weekend.

Hear me but everybody sins and everybody has to be heard by God in order to be saved. You have to cry out to God and confess your sin so how do I know that I say to it, and there's four main criteria and pass the test school to get into well you know it's all or nothing. That's all it is, anyone can do it, but they have to be all in.

That's things like marriage anyone to get married, but they have failed if not all Internet married so I mean it's like if you're applying for several jobs and they say well will hire you and we have these great benefits and so forth and you like the job that you can't work early.

Don't you moonlight and anywhere else you happy all all in with us to be loyal and that's what it is make becoming a follower of Christ means you reckon is he's the king and you either gonna be in rebellion against the king and still look for other things to make yourself happy alongside your awareness that you there's a king out there or you submit to the king and or e-reader rebel or us or submit it to the king. Once you know what you know there's a king. You either have to submit to them like is appropriate or you have to become a deserter and there's of course consequences that down the road but yeah I think that if you list my lectures why I'm still a Christian that that will cover a lot of this for you and I and certainly feel free to call back again after you've done so if you still have lingering questions or doubts I'd be glad to talk to you more about it. Okay Harry thank you for calling Kentucky. John from Indianapolis, Indiana. Welcome to the narrow path hi John hi good afternoon yesterday. Yeah.

Kudos actually kudos to that man for his honesty and I think the Lord working on his heart and you know it was. Not until I could get or receive the honesty in my heart that I had a breakthrough in my belief, you know, I had to get on first about where I was that you know and it's really important it was for me. I wanted to ask a question first. I have a comment, and then a question on Zachariah my comment is a line of strong line that I heard that asked the question, where is Krishna when you need him and Steve got stuck with me. You know, and where are all these little dogs when we need these little gods and the answer is in Elijah their sleeping there so that one stuck with me as one believe that with your you know where is Krishna when we need him there seems to be in my mind a lot of confusion on the names of God the place of David in history and how how the chosen people are confusing their Messiah with the real Messiah with Jesus, how it's being confused and twisted and I'm just talking here jump in here because you just raised three different subjects and you said you had a question about Zachariah. I'm not sure if structure going here today okay unfortunately I want for my notes and I can't find the right page. Anyway, I I'm seeing and reading it there.

There were many Jesus is many resurrections claimed both for Jesus came into the world knows that no okay is not true.

There is there is a what's called the Jesus myth theory, which is out there on the Internet and a lot of people have heard it and don't know any better than to believe it. The argument is that even before the story Jesus came along there were similar stories about deities from other religions like Horus and Osiris from Egypt or like Dionysus from I guess that probably being Greek, Greece or Bacchus and the Romans called and or thrust yeah Mithra and so forth and and they are a Christian to Christians in there in India. The suggestion is that all of these deities which are those religions are older than Christianity.

They all have a leader who was born of a virgin who had 12 disciples who walked on water, who turn water into wine, who was crucified and who rose again on the third day.

Now this is a claim is made for example by a silly movie called Zeitgeist online very popular movie but it makes all these claims for these deities and therefore the suggestion is therefore Jesus will these things be referred Jesus there not very original and it's just a myth. Just another myth like the myths about Mithra are Osiris or Horus or whoever. This is simply not true. All all one has to do is to figure out if this is true is go to any incident go to Encyclopaedia Britannica on any encyclopedia and look up Mithra or look up Krishna or look up Horus because these are of course dogs that were worshiped by other cultures and see if you find any of them because they encyclopedia detailed story about see if there's any member born of a virgin or non-any that had 12 apostles. None.

And it walked on water. Note any that were crucified. Not a single one of any that rose on the third day notice.

None of those in there either. I looked him up.

I actually have on YouTube a two-part series. I gave exposing the site type lies and I actually give the actual information about those religions, about those characters and show that the standard works in the original source on the things you indicate there's not any any clear resemblance to anything about Jesus at all. Now there's another thing about them to and that is for most these religions although they are older than Christianity. We don't have any records of them older than the Christian records and like Mithraism, it is sometimes argued that there's some things and Mithraism were kind of similar to what's in Christianity like to have a rich and it's kind of resembles.

Baptism does not really.

It's more like standing in a pit under a bowl while slaughtered drip of that's not very much like baptism, but try to find anything they can that they say maybe this is the source of the Christian teaching, but the fact is, these sources are later than Christianity. We don't know what Mithraism taught or did before the time of Christ, because the oldest sources we have it reflect the third or fourth century A.D., which means Christianity was pretty dominant in that part of the world before the sources came into being. There's more likely that they copied Christianity than the other way around. But the realtor absolutely perfectly interject you visit exactly what I read and I was confused about worded word of the day wonders all talk.

Paul talks about preaching a different Jesus and I've been confused about after such a long time.

What you said is exactly what I read, write another meeting to consider two. Another thing to consider about it is that all of these were myths that is all these other religions were myths, they don't claim to be historical. There's no date or place or anything like that nothing historical is assigned to them that they kind of are myths that occur allegedly in some timeless realm and they do not interact these none of these guys interact with any real historical characters kids mythology on the other hand, Jesus, he was set at a particular time and place and he interacted with known historical people were told it was in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar.

When he started the Pontius Pilate, you know, having crucified and his disciples had confrontations with Herod Agrippa. And so for this. There's all kinds of historical characters known from history that interact with Jesus. This is totally different than any of the mythological gods of never. There's never any claims that they they existed in any particular historical setting interactive through historical people at all. Everything about Jesus is different about that. In fact, the disciples who wrote his story had walked with him is nothing that any of the other gods can say so there's really no no resemblance whatsoever is just one of many many many ways in which unbelievers try to debunk Jesus but it's interesting and encouraging to me that if the best they can do to be good debunk Jesus is to make up stuff out of thin air, then they don't have a very good case to them and they must be awfully hard to debunk the Jesus story. If you have to make such goofy stuff up without the slightest historical evidence behind it.

But I would suggest you go to go online just do this look up the word Zeitgeist dispelled to see the IT GE IST it's in German means time ghost or spirit of the times Zeitgeist and put my name in there Steve Greg Greg has two Jesus in and there. If you do it on YouTube or just on Google probably will find my videos were I go point by point through that video and debunk everyone in the things I think that would help you out. I appreciate you, by the way John, I'm good being in Annapolis. I'm living in Annapolis speaking in a few weeks so if you are interested in joining us, you can go to our website. The narrow look under announcements and just see what I'm to be there before I forget the dates I'm there, but it's early next month to treat will be great. Yeah right. Tell your friends all call back about Zachariah will get my notes call back next Annapolis next year.

Call compass you all right, let's try again. The calling here. We've got Jane from Texas. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling high employee ARE the music started I wish we could've gotten to it earlier.

I didn't realize it is quite this great. I can't take a question. I'm sorry to say, I'd love to please call back earlier tomorrow and I will try to get to you.

I know you waited long. Okay, got Jane collection even listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday at the same time and that you can write to us. We are listener support. If you want to help support you can. If you don't want to that's okay, just go to our website. Everything is free to donate at all. If you want to donate, you can do it from the website which is the narrow or you can write to us. It is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. Thanks for joining us.

Let's talk again tomorrow

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