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The Narrow Path 9/28

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 28, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/28

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 28, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live or in our each week afternoon taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith you'd like to talk about. If you have anything you disagree with the host about me like talk about that.

Feel free to give me a call right now. You can't get through because the lines are full but I'll give you the number anyway because the lines will open up as the show progresses and if you call later on. You may catch one open number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737. I want to announce to our friends listening in Arizona, but tomorrow night and the next night. I'll be speaking in Arizona will be bar night in Buckeye, which of course is in the Phoenix area and then now Wednesday night. I'll be speaking in Tucson and gathers information about these gatherings at our website. The narrow at the narrow If you go to the announcements link you'll see all the announcements of my upcoming speaking across the country.

Actually there tomorrow to be in Phoenix the next Phoenix area. The next night will be in the Tucson area and then resolute for the weekend I'll be in Texas I'll be speaking in Spring Branch, which is in the San Antonio area roughly be speaking in Houston a couple times and in Dallas so several Texas venues. Also that's coming up with all within a week of now, approximately. So well the first ones tomorrow night. So if you're interested, it's Arduino. I know we have blisters and all those places and if you're interested in joining us, so we'd love to love to meet you. If I have not met you before, and love to see again if we before you can get that information at the website. The narrow and go to the link that says announcements and I'll see some of you tomorrow night. All right, let's talk right now to John from Winters California Winters California. I know where that is. Hi John, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling Steve how are you today good things question I I am not a King James only guide but I normally I read the new King James Dragon drawn recently to the King James and I I read something online and I just wanted to ask if you'd heard this was not a King James only person either, but he promoted the King James version and then he made a statement that in the King James the terms in the diner that I was referring to a single person in the ER use return is referring to several people. That's correct. That is correct okay great things the great things that James version is, it does distinguish between the singular and the plural you which times many times is very helpful course. Most languages do. At least most European languages on where they distinguish between you singular and you plural and there are some things like that modern English doesn't do that if I'm talking to you as an individual or you the whole audience out there.

I still say you, but in older English. The conventions are much more like other European languages were you to. You can tell by reading it whether it speaking to one person or to a group of people and that's that's helpful because sometimes we wonder, does this apply to me and the office of speaking to an individual. It might not if it's been great oral it may well so that's one of the things we've lost with the abandoning of the King James. I'm certainly not a King James advocate. I love the King James. I use the new King James more often now that the use of new King James most the time now. I also use other versions other new versions, but I don't think I like any of the newer versions better than I like the King James, the problem is that the King James does have a few things in it that were not in the older manuscripts and this is what this is why many people moved away from it, but you know if you if you acquaint yourself with those with with the things that are distinctive in the King James that aren't in the modern translations and realizes a textual question about some of those things then there is no danger in reading at night.

I love I love the old English-Agrippina yeah he is example of the scale use Luke 2231 and 32 where Jesus said to Simon that Satan had desired to have him to send you to sift you as an you plural yeah they are used for sifting the disciples as a grin disciples right ship a little bit light right when you says Satan is there to sift you as wheat. But I prayed for you that you that your face not fail. And when you what to say when you converted to encourage a brother or something like that. Now when he says Satan is designed to sift you you is plural.

There, whereas all the other you is singular, so Peter and Satan's desire to sift you the apostolic group and he he did sift out someone. Judas got sifted out of there is, but I prayed for you singular and when you you know, repent of your following way that singular. Then encourage your brother and so that's that's one passage where it's very helpful because a lot of people otherwise would wonder what it means to sentences.

Sift me or what's that mean but sifting the act to the chaff taken the chaff and then he mentioned Wendy when he says, but I prayed for you singular for Peter. Specifically, right right indicating maybe that Peter was a little weaker than the others may view our e-news new I don't know if he's any weaker but he was certainly more self-confident and unwarranted lease so that's animated as Jesus had already indicated that Peterson and I am so you know he had to pray for him that he not apostatized completely right so there's got so much. Johnny Richard from seal Beach, California. Welcome to the narrow path ask for calling friends and I try not to be contentious, but he is just absolutely be some kind of world I'll order all one world government takes over before Jesus comes in every time something happens on the news. He says seeing Nancy that and I just can't seem to find that anywhere in the Bible and I would like to know your opinion on this and I hope you can send us both straight listen to you on the radio. Thanks, Steve. Okay Richard, thanks for your call. First of all, I don't know that he's wrong that there will be a new world order could be there could even be a one world dictator means the things that dispensation was believer can happen in the tribulation politically, geopolitically, are entirely possible running certainly in the world could have a single ruler that will you know be a dictator over the whole world and that's exactly dispensation sling Christ is now.

I don't understand the passages about the Christ quite in the same manner as they do and I don't I don't believe that the Bible predicts a one world order, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

The Bible doesn't say there won't be one.

In other words, if this man a global geopolitical order that and and dictator on anti-Christian dictator who rules the whole thing that's possible running certainly many dictators have sought to establish that in the technology is there that could make it happen.

But the Bible doesn't really talk about that some people think it does in Revelation 13, but I don't think Revelation 13 is about a future new world order so my own visit Revelation because I don't have time to get into right now though my lectures are aligned about that. So I'm I would never argue against him that that might happen, but I would argue that the passages that he is thinking of that make him think it's predicted in the Bible are to my mind talking on something else and not about that. So I'm I agree with you, and I don't necessary disagree them. I probably disagree with him about his interpretation of certain passages that he's applying in that way, but I don't.

I've never been one to say that there won't be a new world order or there won't be a cashless society or the won't be a one world dictator. All of those things are things that there are people who try to make happen like I've never said there won't be 1/3 temple with lots of people want the third temple to be built.

I'm not to say it won't happen but I will say that none of those things as near as I can tell are predicted in Scripture. I know very well.

Of course, what scriptures are used, to support them in and I have come to understand those cultures through a different perspective. And so I don't see them as applicable, but but all those things could happen and I think all those things would be a bad thing. So I mean I'm not so far removed from these guys in terms of what could happen if it's only the I don't know that it will necessarily happen. I don't know that the third temple will ever be rebuilt.

Since the Bible doesn't actually predicted. I don't I don't know if there be a one world order or Jesus will come back before people do that or feel thwarted or if everyone world dictator so I'm I'm open-minded about that. I could happen or might not, but in my opinion, those are not specific things of the Bible actually predicts, but that wouldn't prevent them from initially happening. Okay, let's talk to Jane from Dallas, Texas Jane, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling hi employee increased amount of my line and mama bear question because I make sure the concrete in the not never have been the question in my family member peer pastors and stuff like that. You need to be a lot of a lot of your key and the Scriptures and I know the one in the fourth day. Talk about. We got create and where we are filthy rag and then I'm not sure if this is scriptural but what I've heard from other, or third child shall, and after kids always say we are all now that I'm just not understanding how I can make in creating. He created here. All I hear my client Charlie that one Scripture can't remember where it reminded clean that just pretty much ran hard. I will decay and alter Scripture. There were lots of people didn't have a choice.

You can't harden the hearts of Pharaoh and now, first of all I think every time the Bible gives a command. It strongly implies that we have a choice to obey or not. Especially if God gets angry at those who don't obey when we say that God hardened Pharaoh's heart that's true, and there are other people in the Bible is God hardened their hearts to we we never read that he harden the heart of someone who is all who is innocent. In other words, the hardening of the hearts that's one of the ways in which God judges people who are worthy of judgment. Pharaoh was a very wicked ruler and a tyrant murderer and and part of the way God judged it was to harden his heart so that he wouldn't relent until he got through 10 whole plagues to wipe them out in this country.

So I think there are times when God removes apparently free will from people's hearts, but it's not as if they were born that way without free will is God's only done that people who are already wicked and had made choices to be wicked in the could have done otherwise. I now as far as when we all deserve hell I think. I think we do, because we've all sinned not only against the known will of God from the Scripture because not every knows the Scripture. Therefore, they don't know all the things they're doing wrong but with all sitting a strong conscience to we all have done things that we knew we shouldn't of done. Our conscience told us that we did it anyway and therefore we've all done. We've all violated God and rebel with the ability to claim. When you know nice creatures are we be now, not now. What was I don't believe it's quite that way, the way I see it create while he created us question about that, but I it sounds like you're saying that God created us either predisposed to choose him or predispose not to so that we didn't really have.

I'm not now. I'm not really where where all he he never said I do believe what I do believe are all sinners and rebels against God, I will.

I don't think that this verse in Isaiah 64 six is used correctly by most preachers, it says, but we are all like an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags. Now, many preachers because of their desire to emphasize total depravity will so you see, even our most righteous things are filthy before God and unclean before God.

So so God even hates our righteous deeds. I mean I've heard people say that it insults God for us to try to do good deeds because they were not counting on his grace, and so forth. So they would say.

Therefore, even when you do good deeds and righteous things there really an act of rebellion against God. I don't understand it that way me there maybe some cases that God sees that way but I don't that's certainly not what Isaiah is Isaiah if this is one of those places where it's good to know who is talking to. He's talking to his own apostate nation and they were doing they were doing righteousnesses he's referring to the religious activities their sacrifices there fasts a young couple chapters or if you chapters or he rebukes about there fasts fasting which sound like a righteous thing to do, but their hearts are wrong, and likewise their sacrifices you know it says in Proverbs twice the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord's of a person has a wicked heart even when they're doing righteous or religious things. It revealed their wickedness of their heart cancels. That makes it an hypocritical thing which God hates. So what he says all of our righteousness is not Isaiah is not writing us a systematic theology on biblical anthropology about the human heart.

He's speaking prophetically to his own nation about their own apostasy send you guys everything you are doing that you think is righteous all your righteous deeds. Those are really there. Not righteous their file because your hearts are wrong with God.

Now he's not saying in this passage that the same exact thing would be true of every person, for example, if I if you are I love the Lord do a good deed. I don't think God's offended by that good deed. He wants us to do good deeds who are you know he's foreordained that we should walk in good deeds. The boxes in good works and that he's says in Titus that he redeemed us so you have a people who are zealous for good works, so certainly our good works are not like filthy rags. If we are not like filthy annual hey now, right around the word God got here little bit here and there when the controller people, and so truly believe that God is the thing directed to him. I can make it make where I can blast a Christian home and it's good it's good that you're mindful of that and thankful for that because many times people like myself I was raised in a Christian home and I've never done anything but follow the Lord of my life, but but it's easy for people like that to be very very cynical and to look down their nose at somebody who's a prostitute or a homosexual or or a drunkard in the gutter you know and I think deal Moody who the great preacher who was walking down the street with a Christian friend and the friend pointed out some derelict in the in the gutter. There was drunk and it was Moody, I believe, who said there but for the grace of God go on.

In other words, he said that's me if God give me the grace to be what I am instead I mean anything anything I have that isn't like that is God's grace because like I was capable of being there as I persist and he realized that you know I have received grace that that person has not received the NSI initially just referring to salvation. Grace just talking of benefits and life went down and witnessing to people sent Taylor on other people and one black chain done on an airline parent. Don't let him down here in the Lord with me and I think it's better to rely and doublethink happening there and they're not there not the people are not what you look like there are people there are people just like you described who are quite kind. Quite generous and quite meek and quite humble. All those things that God likes in a person that doesn't make them worthy of salvation because we really have to be perfectly righteous to be able to fellowship with God. I think that what you're saying. Well I think I think we have to have the righteousness of Christ. I think we need the righteousness of Christ which is imputed by faith. But that doesn't mean that God dislikes the good deeds are that he thinks that there are awful people because I think Aquarius.

Cornelius was not a believer in Christ and and Peter came to and as God instructed to and said you know he said as a Jew I would ordinarily not even come into your home as a Gentile. But God is shown me not to that he is not a respecter of persons and that in every nation. Those who do what pleases him are accepted by him now accepted by him doesn't assume either saved, but it certainly doesn't mean that there loathsome to him and that they are nothing else too good for.

I don't think that that's what he means. I think that God does recognize their people whose hearts are seeking him and that's why he wants us to reach them with the gospel because they can then know Jesus. Now if we don't get to them with the gospel.

That's another story. God God alone knows how he'll judge such cases and I'll leave it to him to know that but I think I think you're onto something.

Meanwhile, I believe we are all sinners and therefore all worthy of judgment from God. There are some Christians who almost revel in the doctrine that everyone, including the sweet little granny who's never heard person in your life. It just never heard the gospel and dies without Jesus of that person just nothing is more appropriate, but for her to be tormented forever and ever. I don't think God sees it that way. I just don't see that is what the Bible teaches. But the Bible does teach well sinners and does teach we all need Christ and we all need to be forgiven, but I guess the guess what I have trouble with is that a lot of these people who really want to lay heavy condemnation on everyone who's never even heard the gospel, some of whom have been like you say abused as children lived in poverty, you know, maybe there sold into sex slavery and they've never known anything else and they never heard the gospel. You know they say well if they never get the gospel never heard Jesus, then God wants to burn them forever and ever and ever and ever. So they get to live in hell in this life and the next life forever and ever.

Sure, I'm not really sure that the Bible says that God has that attitude toward people he he's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance East has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked should turn from your evil ways and live. God loves the world. That's why he sent his son and there's no one he doesn't love Solomon and this so the flavor of that kind of preaching does. I think it does misrepresent something in the nature of God and what he'll do with people who have heard the gospel or who have heard and have not understood it. He knows the heart, and there may be people who never hear of Christ, that God knows that if they heard of him and understood him. They would've loved him and so will leave that to God and God said that's really the judge of of such things is that I appreciate your call. Jane very much. Maybe we'll see you in Dallas okay let's see I'm getting another call right now, but with a break coming up and I don't want to interrupt the caller and hold them over for the break. So leave them on hold for the moment. Right now we do have a couple lines open if you'd like to call the numbers 844-484-5737 you are listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are a listener supported ministry, you will have no commercials in this hour because we have no will for so we don't sell anything and we don't let anyone else on here.

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Also, you can look at the announcements to see where I'm speaking and you can also donate from the I'll be back in 30 seconds. Don't go away with another negated nearly half that leads to life. Everything in today's media show is over and enjoyed my visit find free topical audio teaching blog article writers teachings and narrow path, we think you for supporting the narrow path that Steve Greg member the narrow radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour taking your calls.

If you have questions that you'd like to call in with about the Bible to discuss or you have a different view from the house was discussed that the number to call is 844-484-5737.

Most of our lives are full of chocolate, one line open. But if you call and get a busy signal. That means that linesman taken. It looks like it's raining. Perhaps now is not so it's that life still open. But if you get a busy signal. Just call back a few minutes later and often the line will be open not only because I will have talked to a caller. And they've moved on, but even people who are waiting on hold don't always stay because sometimes a long wait. Now the full number you want to have had if you call a few minutes to get on today is 844-484-5737 and I want to remind our Arizona listeners. I'll be speaking in the Phoenix area tomorrow night and in Tucson the following night. If you're interested in that. You're welcome to join us. You can go to the look under announcements and scrolling down to tomorrow night, state, and the next night and that you'll see where and when will look for to seeing I'll be in Texas by the end of the week and we all be speaking in the San Antonio area, as well as the Houston area and the Dallas area. All within the next several days. Okay, let's talk to Mark from Clifton Park, New York hi Mark, thanks away (maybe that established under Jewish tradition, usually touching something unclean. Make them claim that only God (and attach unclean and making a gnomic the leper no longer elaborate that establishes him as an aside, I cannot. Well, there are prophecies in the do miracles of healing and healing a leper is one kind of healing and healed. Of course, many other kinds of people to your right. Leprosy was generally regarded be incurable and only God could cure a leper and you also write that touching a leper would normally make somebody unclean in the Jewish law.

That is the Jewish law had restrictions against touching unclean things like lepers or women on there. Or a man who had had a wet dream the night before, or a person who is killed touching a body if you touch those kinds of things or unclean animal those things that make you unclean temporarily because the uncleanness of the object transferred to the person touched it. Now, Jesus touched a dead body, and he also touched a leper. He also touched a woman who had a issue of blood. All of those things under the Jewish law would make him unclean. However, the transference of the other direction. In this case, his cleanness, I went to them. His life went into the dead man into the woman with the issue of blood in the lepers and therefore what that does show is if somebody had eyes to see and ears to hear it was that Jesus was the one bringing in the new order the old order contact with these things would make a person whose clean make him unclean button in the new order. There is a new power. The power of the Holy Spirit is given to bring about reversal of of those situations, the curse all the things that the law cursed in a world were redeemed from the curse of the law and therefore I guess you could say that would prove he is the Messiah. I think there are things he did, that would be more more indisputably assigned of it because for example there was Naaman the Syrian who was a leper in the Old Testament and Elisha the prophet was instrumental in his healing supernaturally. Although Elisha didn't touching or even see him actually. Likewise, Miriam turned leper's Moses sister.

And Moses prayed for her and she was healed. Again, no one touched her either.

So Jesus actually touched the lepers and instead of himself becoming unclean. They became claim, so II think that that would be a signal that the new order has come and it's not going to be the old order anymore.

The work were uncleanness would infect you. I touch you know it's interesting when when God brought Israel into the promised land.

There were unclean cultures, there, and he made them drive them out because he is quite sure that contact with these cultures would make Israel unclean and he was right, they didn't drive them out, they did have contact with those cultures they did become unclean, but God never told the church in the New Testament to feel isolated, suffer drive out the unclean people but rather to go and make them clean. Go make disciples out of them so there's a new dynamic in the new covenant think it's the it's the spirit of Christ is the spirit of God.

It's the new New Testament dynamic that that actually when we have contact with the unclean. If were walking in the power of the spirit. It makes them clean and that that was first seen in Jesus and its were now his body so it's supposed to traverse. Also, as the Old Testament didn't have that kind of power and it sewed God had to just come tell the state way from dirty things that unclean things clean cultures because you can't handle it but expects us to be able handle it, and to transform them through the gospel right appreciate your call brother. Thank you for joining us I'm sorry. I guess when you're saying something Dennis from San Mateo. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling out of state and will talk about Bible thinking he he asked me about changing the Saturday Sunday to give a pretty good answer about Christ being our Sabbath, our rest is in him that the Sabbath in the Old Testament was appointed to Christ so forth any. I think he feels among the various going on there.

Maybe with the Roman for some time. Changing the date and ascending a website. This church is called the Church of God international in Tyler Texas a couple of biblical passages Julian Mark 728 and Luke 416 eight why is it still going and I can mark to 27 and 28 four okay well Mark two 2728 says he said to them, the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. Therefore the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath day Seventh-day Adventist and other savage Aryans sometimes try to take from this verse the meaning your friend is getting namely that Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

So what they're saying is Sabbath is not made just for Israel is made for all mankind.

But that's how Jesus is saying actually Sabbath was not made for all mankind because it did in Exodus 31 God told Israel that the Sabbath was going to be a special sign of the covenant between them and him.

So they're keeping the Sabbath was very unique is not for all men to do this for Israel to do and is so if there is no general command to keep the Sabbath what Jesus is saying is something entirely different and those who would take him to say that the Sabbath is all for all people are simply doing what many people doing that is ignoring the whole context of the passage in favor of a phrase that they think and work for their view of what Jesus is pointing out is that it's for human benefit that is Israel's benefit human beings that God made the Sabbath, but the Pharisees and the rabbis had so defined Sabbath obligation as to put people under bondage, the Sabbath, as if the Sabbath is more important than people like you you if you can't pull your lamb out of a ditch or you can't heat be healed on the Sabbath or something like that people criticizing Jesus for healing on the Sabbath.

If you can't do that then the Sabbath becomes a tyranny over people to to keep them from the benefit that they need and he says that's not what God had in mind. He didn't intend for men to be slaves of the Sabbath for the Sabbath be slaves of men, but he doesn't mean mankind in general is he's talking to Jewish people and are the only people were given the Sabbath commandment and it was a distinctive sign between them and him of their covenant. They had no no Gentiles have a covenant so he's not saying all mankind is supposed Sabbath if he was to be a very strange thing to interject at this particular point in the discussion because they are talking about whether it's real lawful for him to heal on the Sabbath are not and or I should send this case, whether the disciples can eat on the Sabbath by picking green rubbing their hands.

The next chapter they talk about it being wrong for him to heal and Sabbath notes people have needs and they were saying you can't meet any needs on the Sabbath, because that's break in the Sabbath. Let's make in the Sabbath you know and unhelpful tyranny. Anything know the Sabbath is not made to burden and to but to be a boon to men. It's the Sabbath was made for men, they were made for it so any talks on how David ate the shewbread, which was also a violation of the ceremonial law just like Sabbath breaking, would be of ceremonial law and he says David was blameless that some of the priests. He said when the work on the Sabbath don't know blames them for doing that. He said that in the parallel in Matthew chapter wherever it was, I know the passage 1212 but he is to he's argued some entirely different point. I mean if he's saying man assessment for all men to keep then it be as if it's as if he's argued against somebody who, saying the opposite as if the Pharisees were saying only Jews should keep the Sabbath and she said no is made for all men. They were insane, only Jews should give the South that was given in the discussion. You gotta recognize the flow of thought before you make sense of the passage especially ambiguous passage which can be more than one thing you gotta understand it in the way that fits the conversation he was not saying anything at all mankind will skip the Sabbath and then he said the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath and yellow. What is the context here in that the disciples were rubbing grain in their hands working and eating the green they were criticized for doing that on the seventh.

That's too much work for you to do on the Sabbath if it in Jesus defends them for doing it and he said the Lord. I'm the Lord of the Sabbath. The Son of Man is Lord and Sabbath. What he means by that is I'm the Lord on the Sabbath and every other day, and in one of the Gospels. I think it's Matthew's version. Chapter 12.

He says the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath day. He had soared even better. In other words, he is the Lord of every day. Even the Sabbath day and that means his disciples. The only thing they have to do don't have to look at the calendar to see what date is they just have to look to the Lord. See what you want me to do. He's the Lord on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday and Sunday's is Lord everyday and even the Sabbath day. So what he saying is the Sabbath doesn't dictate to us. The Lord dictates the Lord over the Sabbath. Does and so he saying if I don't mind them working the Sabbath, then they're doing okay because I'm there Lord, and the only after the Lord and so that's that's totally and totally introducing into the passage something Jesus and and those in the conversation with her morning interested in talking about.

At that point now you mention Luke chapter 4 verse 16 says so he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up, and as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read.

Okay, so they say it was his custom to going the Sabbath to synagogue of Sabbath and we read that in the book of acts of Paul. Also we go into the synagogue and Sabbath and preach now.

What did the Sabbath law command command going to the synagogue. No, the synagogues didn't even exist when the law was given or even an Old Testament history all those synagogues didn't exist, so there's no command to keep the Sabbath by going in the synagogue is there command going to synagogue and preach no but that's what Jesus and Paul did an earthly work keeping any Sabbath command by doing they're going to preach. That's what they do every day.

In fact they were doing to break the Sabbath in a sense, because they preach the other six days to the Sabbath command was do your work six days a week and don't do it on the seventh well, what was Jesus's work visa preach with Paul's work as a preacher today.

Did they preach six days a week. They did do they preach on the Sabbath.

Yet they didn't do anything different on the Sabbath than what they did the other 60 so they were not keeping the Sabbath is a special day. It was his custom to go into the synagogue on the Sabbath and preach it says okay let's not know something is keeping the Sabbath. The law of the Sabbath, you don't doing work that we don't know how much work she's doing the Sabbath we know healed any preach and that's his regular work you did all the other days to so is no evidence that Jesus keeping the Sabbath he went in the synagogue to preach well that's that's where you find Jews on the Sabbath day when it wasn't the Sabbath day went on the hillsides and on the street course and he preach wherever he found people, but on the Sabbath. The best place to find juices in the synagogue so customarily he went there and did so either they're just trying to read stuff into a passage that isn't there and they did all the time just the same path you rented these peoples using these passages all the time. They don't make the point you Jesus is mitigated by this something legalistic, legalistic interpretation. I know I know well that's got church that put out that literature. Whatever you're looking at their opulence and it sends administer this in their seventh day Baptist Sunday church of God. There's lots something keepers and that they always use the same verses. It I've never yet met a sanitarian who knows how to exegete any passage of Scripture which is a shame dear exegete main image look at it in context. Look at the words that are there. See how it fits in the context and understand what it means they've never done that. I don't know of any cemetery in his ever even knows the concept of exegesis, but that's the only way understand Scripture properly is if you can execute it properly because it means something. But the context of the language and things like that, or tell you what it means.

But let's people just find a versa has a phrase in it sounds like a single debate they could make it say what they wanted to save so they do but they missed the whole point of what Jesus actually said all right. I appreciate hello all right God bless you Dennis, good talking to. Okay, let's talk to Jason from Harris Berg Pennsylvania Jason welcome God incapable out what you say is incapable of doing that because the people to hell and their employment grabber and not report well because I believe I was reading Matt or Mark yesterday and talked about people being lake of fire is like a fire for sure, but this idea being tormented forever were you getting that blogging if you're in a lake of fire to be tormented forever. Well, maybe not necessarily there's other options really one of the other option while the other options are three there's three actually in all of these have been on the table since the beginning of the church in the early church. The church fathers had different views about hell. There were some who believe it's a place of eternal torment like you're talking about.

There were others like Irenaeus who believed that you you only suffer proportionate to what you deserve, which is what you're interested in justice and then they're annihilated, which is they don't suffer any further. They just cease to exist, so they don't they don't have any participation in heaven or or anything else after that. They just they pay their debt, as it were. And then they're gone and the third view was Clement of Alexandria and origin and some other church fathers like that held the view that hell was a place of of redemption were people would be brought to salvation we brought to repentance, so that they'd actually saved eventually. So there's different views about that and I would say that you're right, it does seem hard to make eternal torment.

A just punishment for any amount of sitting in a finite lifetime. There are some people who believe that that's what hell is. But it's not the only view is been around. I don't think it's the best one supported in Scripture you would you take.

Well, I'm not sure which, because of scriptures that are used on all sides and I don't really I don't really have to know which one but I did write a book on it called help three Christian views. If you're interested. I have lots there's lots scriptures in every case, probably almost an equal number of scriptures for each view, but obviously it's not how many scriptures it's how are they being interpreted and reinterpreted properly. And that's that's where that takes a little bit of expertise in, and not ever wants to put in the time to look into, but I will say this, I do think that the idea that hell is a place of eternal conscious torment has less scriptural support than the other views do some but I'm not. I'm not the one whose opinion matters, but the point is you are suggesting that God is unjust and I and the violation teaches the opposite.

The Bible teaches that he is the only person who's ever been just always just a never unjust. So, again, that might even be in itself an argument against eternal torment though there are there are many who believe that there is eternal, and that it is just because that the sins that we commit in this life are much greater magnitude than we ever imagined. This is not an argument I'm using but this article some people use. They say we we learn more about the magnitude of sin by the just punishment for God gives it then by how we feel about it. Most of us can justify our sins and those who do similar things that we do we we managed to rationalize a great deal, but some say well listen if God actually sees sin is so bad that he's going to torment people forever and ever, for it then it must be much worse than we imagine that would not be of necessarily a logically faulty argument. If the Bible teaches that that eternal torment is the correct view of help with that. Like you said, there's a lot of Scripture that would raise questions about that I can go to now, but if you're interested.

I'm not sure if you are, but if you're interested you can go to the narrow topical lectures and listen to my view my lectures on the three views of hell. I'm not sure how interesting are in the subject but it's it's there's free so okay thanks for your call.

Appreciate hearing from you. Okay let's talk to Steve from Lynnwood, Washington state, welcome to the neuropathic circling will yeah I think your height. See, although I don't live in Lone Star State anymore. My brother and two sisters do down there a week from tomorrow, October 6 time that eating chocolate by his right. It okay okay I believe it's at 7 o'clock my wife looking at right now is see here. Yeah well yeah 7 PM this is okay 11 Spring Branch I grew up in Spring Branch that in West Houston, Spring Branch and Antonio Harris one. There is one that's not far from San Antonio. I guess it's not real close to Sam and Turner's.

I think Sen. is closer to things about 1/2 hour from San Antonio but I've never never been either place i'm going by what i've been told maybe and maybe it's for the just touching base on jacobite question.

thanks your call and in the information about that under the tab that says announcements and tells all the time and place stuff I'm speaking okay let's see we got John from Dallas.

Speaking of Texas high welcome. Good.

My question about the way I love helping people. In my case, I will. My question would be what would you say to someone that is lived there all live trying to come out of the carrier and temptation still do addiction due to childhood trauma from a family member.

Yeah well I would say the same thing I'd say to anyone who's who's trapped in behavior that is sub Christian.

Whether it was you know, drunkenness, or, or fornication, you know heterosexual fornication.

Anything else. A lot of people find themselves overwhelmed by the power of sin and lot because of things that happen to them or things or maybe mistakes they made when a young which they wish they hadn't, but there's that's just a human state where were all sinners.

I think by nature and therefore we need the grace of God.

Now what is the grace of God. Well, a lot of people think the grace of ours just it. We get forgiven by grace and that is true. God does forgive us when we repent of our sins, but he also gives us grace to serve him acceptably with godly fear.

The Bible says that we can come boldly before the throne of grace to find mercy which we need because we sin, but also to find grace to help in time of need. God gives us enabling grace in the moments that were trusting him now. I don't know of anybody who can live a sinless life and I've never had never had a homosexual urge of my life, but I've had other sinful urges. I mean I'm a man, and I have you know heterosexual urges himself from human being and therefore I was single for met many of my adult years and I know I was not able to exercise those urges because as a Christian I don't believe in Middlesex so you know, I know how hard that can be, and I know a lot of Christians who struggle in those areas and as a Christian we need to ask ourselves we want to give God our whole life to want to glorify him in all ways and if so we need to be very involved in the warfare for our souls.

You know it says in first Peter abstain from fleshly lusts war against the soul. And we need to we need to be determined that we will fight against those lusts and that with theirs and they you need of a more complete answers in this and I'm running out of time, which is frustrating to me.

But God gives grace and I would suggest that maybe I would recommend that such a person might listen to some lectures at my website called cultivating Christian character because it's about learning to overcome sin and live a holy life with the resources that God is giving. I wish I could no longer run the cut off in 30 seconds I call back tomorrow to discuss it some more, but if you find my lecture series cultivating Christian character.

I think that might be of help. I hope it is. God bless you. Appreciate you listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are listener supported. You can write to us in the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website.

The narrow Let's talk again tomorrow

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