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The Narrow Path 9/30

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September 30, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/30

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 30, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Asked Steve Greg in your life for our each week afternoon and were taking her calls as we usually do, and you can call if you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith. If you have a different view from the host on a talk about that would be glad to hear from you today. Right now our lives are full but if you call a little later in the program you very possibly find a line open just happens all the time. The number to call is 844-484-5737 844-484-5737 and last night I spoke in the Phoenix area diamond Arizona and therefore I want you to know if you live anywhere near Tucson that were not nor not on the radio in Tucson, but we have friends in Tucson and some people may be driving through Phoenix and listen to me on honor Phoenix patient may be on your way to Tucson tonight. I'm speaking into some and information about the location can be found at our website and that in the time it's a 6 o'clock meeting and so if you'd like to join us go to the narrow and find out everything you need to know. I guess I give the information right now it's at the first Baptist Church of Catalina which is out outside Tucson.

So the first Baptist Church of Catalina from 6 o'clock to 830.

I believe her to be having our question-and-answer time tonight, so that's what we'll be doing if you're interested, that's tonight in the Tucson area all right.

And right now to go to her phone since the lines are full and talk to Ivan from Rio Rancho, New Mexico Ivan, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Good good things for calling Michael pretty quickly. One you you think that you did been forgiven by Christ if he had repented and taking it on my second one. Do you think that the our biannual is painting. Okay. As for Judas, I have no doubt that if he had truly repented and come back to Christ that he would've been forgiven. I don't believe there's any sin that a person can commit which they cannot be forgiven for. If they truly repent now. Sometimes people presume on that in is a longer live my life of sin and in him very debauched and they harden their hearts so much.

Without realizing it, that they soon find that they couldn't care less about repenting and repenting isn't something that they will do or even can-do because of no interest to you, if you know the truth and you harden your heart against it by rejecting it.

Your heart by stages becomes less receptive and less responsive and less able to even feel conviction, and so repentance becomes essentially impossible at a certain point now. Had Judas reached that point probably because he'd seen so much of non-so much that when he turned against Christ. That was a very extremely deliberate, rebellious act and seems to be speaking extremely hard heart of the Bible actually says that Satan entered him which Ozzie had something to do with it too, but I believe that anyone who still has the capacity to repent can be forgiven if they will repent. But one should not presume that they will always have that ability because the heart is not a static thing, it's a dynamic thing, and as you condition your heart to yield to God you find yourself drawing near to God and becomes more habitual to yield to God. If you condition yourself to ignore what you know God wants you to do. You don't stay the same.

Your heart becomes harder becomes more callous and becomes too hard to callous it will be totally desensitized to be given over to reprobate mind as I believe Paul is talking about in Romans chapter 1. Now as far as our consciousness is that seems our spirit that's that's kind of impossible answer with certainty because there are several words that the Bible uses for the inner aspects of human nature. Sometimes the heart were just talking at the heart of course. Whatever the heart hard and were not talking about literal hardening of the arteries were talking about the metaphorical heart.

It's the. The inner part of the inner man.

The Bible should use the term the inner man. The hidden man of the heart uses the word heart uses the word soul is the word spirit use the word mind and some other words and and the question is are all these words referring to different phenomena. Different parts of this or are they all different ways of speaking of the one phenomenon that we have our outer as Paul refers to the outer man perishing, but the inner man being renewed day by day, did Paul believe there's three parts are two parts of human natures and outer man in an inner man, and therefore to or is the enemy undivided subdivided into heart, mind, soul, spirit, and if so, what are they now this is something that theologians discuss and do and disagree with each other on the reason that it's not settled is of the Bible doesn't really distinguish between the it's that much when she said you know you must love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind is the time of three different parts of the Thursday simply laying on synonyms for emphasis. I and I don't know there are people who believe that our consciousness is what is called the soul. The actually the emotions of the will and the intellect they would say that's the soul, and they would say that the spirit is something else other than the soul of something deeper something that certain of the image of God in us, and there are times when the spirit and the soul are spoken of separately but whether they are being distinguished between is another question. For example, it says in Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 that the word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, dividing to to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit in the joints of the narrow, and that's something to say and it divides or distinguishes between the soul and the spirit though if somebody didn't believe that the soldiers were different from each other. They could stay with us on the spirit is one thing, and the joints and the marrow is the other thing you got the inner man. Refer to the soul and spirit, and the outer manage the joints and marrow, so you still just have to parts of Paul does talk about God sanctified your whole spirit, soul and body where he mentions those three separately but some feel that he's not messily distinguishing to the spirit and soul is just again heaping on synonyms and sometimes the right is the Bible do that and that's what makes it ambiguous. My own thought and II don't I hold this very lightly because as I say the Scripture does not answer definitively to my mind my own thought is, there are three parts of us that the body of course is the outer man that the inner man would be comprised of the soul which I would consider to be probably the same in the Bible. The Bible calls the mind and the heart, but that there's also the spirit and the reason I would make a distinction between soul and spirit, though it's not of ironclad case.

When Paul talks about speaking in tongues.

He says when he speaks in tongues. His spirit praise, but his understanding is unfruitful. I don't know that that he by the understanding he seems referring to the mind. So he seems to refer to the spirit brain and the mind not which would make a distinction between them yet. This isn't much to go on, and therefore I never am dogmatic about the whole issue of whether man has two parts three parts for that matter.

Forgive different meaning to every word that he uses the way there might be six or seven parts, but it's entirely possible that all the references to the nonphysical nature man the mind, soul, the spirit, the heart all these terms are used might all just be referring to a Paul calls the inner man without differentiation but I lean toward the view that the Internet is divided into the spirit and soul. In that case, the understanding or the consciousness would be the soul. I would think. And that's your question is, is our understanding our souls that we are asking. Sometimes they would be yes probably but maybe not for me. There are there are others who feel differently about okay thank you okay I didn't get targeted rather thanks your call. The next colors Christian from King Valley knocking valleys at an Arizona Christian like talking, although that's an argument here that Christian okay I'm sorry that your I forgot you lived in King Valley that's in Oregon right near a flummoxed right yes okay good to hear from you again. Thank you. Great to hear from you and III have preordered your book on Amazon and I ended today it becomes available and I cannot wait to read it in inspiration.

Again, thank you so much for writing a book on the kingdom of God and I just I love your teaching.

Bless you for it and of I'm calling today to help you know, because I think I have a help for that for our brother John and I to turn from holistic sexual yes and is addicted to temptation their note there is a website called living out which is created by Christian in his exact same position who they are sent same-sex attracted Christian date they have they have overcome the challenges that he's facing right now and those temptations and make really devoted to Christ in me that but they have same-sex attraction may have to handle what that means. And there's a lot of great testimony on that website and a lot of great resources to help with the struggle there and I think it's the something that he might really get a lot of rain from now what was that website again called living out to dot living I've known of you know ministries that are begun and comprised of Christians with same-sex attraction who are learning to get victory over that some businesses that offer still around or not the there's probably quite a few but it's good to have a recommendation for Jan might be calling again today because I invited him to yesterday. Both of the last two days: the end of the show, so we haven't been able to talk much, but that's a good resource alleged to have it recommended you a great and I just want to let him know that I feel a lot like struggling with development. The little different for me but I still you know must be celibate and and and I understand how much that kind of how hard that can be, and I just want John to know that we are praying for him and work out. I really wish the best for you and I know that you can overcome it. Gondola Christian.

Thanks for that recommendation and that it got possible and I might just say this to you know as a single guy Christian mentioned he assist you practice celibacy has all single Christians do I want to say that you know I I was a single adult or Christian. For many years before I married my wife I was. I had 10 years of unmarried life and is had the same temptations from any other man has. You can avoid many of them fight and avoiding certain situations and places that everyone has. I think some kind of temptation in their sexual drive, but one carrier's gay or straight, the Christian standard is celibacy until you're married, of course, the gay person has a valid complaint and say well that's easy for you to say because even though your celibate you knew you could get married, you know you like women insert for you could have a wife and you could then you could not have to be celibate and and that's theoretically true, but in my last stint of 10 years of celibacy. I I actually wasn't sure never find another wife and I thought I was actually facing the possibility of never being able to be married and and there are many people who would love to be married, but they just never found a mate and never found somebody who works with them some in there's a sense in which anyone who cannot get married. Big even if it's just because I can't find a suitable partner is in the same position as is a person whose same-sex attraction makes it impossible for them to marry, and you know it's hard not, but I will say this letter, it's going 10 years. Celibate, even knowing that I could get married if you can over 10 years ago for 20 years or 30 years or whatever if you walk with the Lord walk in the spirit you can do these things, God will assist and having a ministry of of people who are facing the same struggle like that ministry to Chris and mentioned living tablet was felt that something that you can probably find some encouragement and if you're struggling with same-sex attraction and trying to live a holy life. I lets talk to John from Wyoming John, welcome to the neuropathic for going to your okay talk as long as you can because I can hear you very well. I haven't heard talk on. Let's can you imagine a situation where masturbation would not be simple like for a married couple in the military gets deployed, and are separated for a while. Would that be a simple situation in your estimation, that is a hard subject to answer for the simple reason that masturbation is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, despite the fact that the Bible lists a great number of sexual sins and enlist them many times in many passages is long list of sexual sins and either by neglect or are on purpose. Masturbation is not mentioned in them. Nonetheless, most Christians like myself do not feel very comfortable with the with recommending or approving of masturbation because of well usually there's mental things that go along with it, which can be Anno violating Jesus command about looking at a woman to lust after so forth. But obviously your target situation or persons married and I assume that there there there thinking about their spouse. And whereas it would not be wrong to actually have relations with their spouse. One could argue it's not can be much sin in imagining having relations with her spouse.

There are others who see masturbation is always wrong because they feel there's something very sacred about sex and day and they don't believe in using birth control they don't believe in that they think it's it's wrong simply to as they would say spill the seed as Onan did in the Bible which he was practicing a form of birth control. He wasn't masturbating, but but they would say you know God's displeasure with him which show that God doesn't want any of the human seed wasted or whatever but I think that's reading more into that passage than that passage is trying to say. I don't think that Onan hit. I think his sin was that he was refusing to raise up a child for his brother which was supposed to do under the Jewish not while there is no Jewish law at the time, but that's under the customs of the time and basically family ethics so he didn't love his brother is an issue I think here with him.

So it's there's really nothing in the Bible that answers your question directly, and I just have to tell people pray about it and and and ask God to convict you one where the other about it and follow your conscience and the matter I will say that I've never condemned anybody who you know would do the kind of thing you described.

When they think of their wife or whatever, simply because I can't think of any biblical principle that it would violate what I do think it's very important to cultivate self-control and spend it when husband-and-wife are separated and for periods of time.

It having self-control over your drives is a very important thing in the fruit of the spirit is self-control, but it may not be that God is offended by somebody you know, matching their wife in that situation I since the Bible is silent. I can only mumble and I can't really answer directly, and, of course, is not only can I not answer directly, but it's a subject of blood. People have strong feelings about one where the other. I've known pastors who told me that they thought that masturbation was just kind of in a release valve that God is has given us to for people who can't have regular relations with people because they're single whatever and it's no that's not nestling my position but I don't know that the raw edge, I'd honestly just don't know what the Bible say about so I would just recommend that you pray about it. Ask God to convict you about it and follow your conscience and you know if I think God will convict if somebody is doing something and they're asking him to do so to convict about that be my answer. I mean there Is also where either the husband or the wife simply for medical reasons or other invalids or they have injuries or whatever. They simply are not able to be available to each other and for sexual intimacy and I it's hard to know it's hard to say that God would be offended by you know finding that kind of an alternative. But I I can't answer for God directly on that one. And he hasn't spoken forms of directly in Scripture. So I would think you have to guide individuals. The fact that he hasn't spoken directly in Scriptures would make it legalistic because I don't like to add rules to Christians of the Bible doesn't lay out, make it legalistic to condemn somebody for, but nonetheless I've never felt for my life that it was something I wanted to excuse or have that I didn't want to maintain self-control over. I think self-control is very satisfying thing, but of course let God convict people as he wishes. Well, as far as the old man didn't all say no married in regard he did. He didn't even said that even said that when husband-and-wife private each other. Of that he said they should. They should only do it for short time and only you know for fasting and prayer, or something like that and any said that and and then come back together less Satan tempt you for your incontinence. Now, Paul's very realistic.

He knows that when husband-and-wife organ's arsenals, he knew because he was single single person has to go a long time without sexual release that that person is going to have strong temptation segments of the site. Satan tempted, but Paul also believed that you can resist temptation. So you know it's not like it's inevitable that we have to follow our drives. On the other hand, reignite the real question is house how sympathetic is God with us with the struggles that we may face mats. I can't answer for him on that point. I know that he budgeted it says in Psalm 103. He remembers our frame. He knows our frame, he remembers that we are dust settles from the saw me and God knows our weakness doesn't mean he approves of us doing everything that we in our weakness might fall to, but there certainly knows the struggle were having Jesus have the struggle to some archaeologists I have to again have to leave that between a person can't because I can't give a verse number about the yeah scenario or would left over the loss of a spouse a flood course I've lost.

I've lost a spouse before and nine in exactly how it is and I'll tell you what it was a lot easier for me to remain celibate as a virgin until I met my first wife. I was a virgin. Is not easy to remain celibate is a virgin then as a formerly married person because I was to get married or just having sexual experience opens the world to you that you didn't have you might've imagined, but you can have it when you're virgin and it's it can be a hard thing to put on your mind anyway I'm I'm very sympathetic and just again if God just as God because I don't unknot his spokesman for everything. If there's something Bible I can tell you where it is. But if it's not the Bible it's your years go to judges. I am elegant in terms of finding God's conviction in your life that thank you for your call – okay, let's talk to Maggie in Massachusetts 90 will Work on while I was some loud noises on your help my brother keep any inflection in my job in regard to better understand it guided that's a lucky guy and why did he have or allow other religions and cultures. They and what about those cultures like a Muslim never heard a G that I think I understand you know your life.

I got decorated and didn't want them to indicate nanny that prevented I think he instructed caulking spread the gospel to back letting you know that the only two that the way the light someone functioning by how he allow like that. Thank you Jesus not be detected on attachment thinking how well is why God allows her to be so many religions. God has allowed many things to exist that he doesn't approve.

Religions are created by man and and by men who were rejecting the truth of God.

Now, that's how religions are created. Some people are born into the religions and they don't know any better and how God's gonna help how handcarts can assess their level of innocence or guilt about their ignorance. But you know the all people knew the true God.

At one time and that was after the flood, Noah knew the true God and he and his sons. The only people who survived the flood, so the sun certainly God to because they had seen the miracle of the flood and their deliverance so everyone came from them and some were loaned nine people dropped the ball and pass along their understanding and knowledge of God's children and so whole groups of people apparently formed communities in various parts the world that didn't retain the knowledge of God, but because human beings are worshipers you know they had to make up religions are not okay but that's just the way it is coming.

People do it now in a sense religions that are not true, are evidence of people search for God. In many cases, and God knows who it is they're searching for and the question is how it's going to do with people that he knows are searching but they don't have access to and all I can say is God's going to deal with that fairly and nurse and sure trying to answer the question about people go to hell in reference to Jesus and others know nothing about. It says specifically in my mind are all going to do so people know about Jesus gave Isaac and Jacob got saved and people who turn to God, have faith in God seeking God and they don't otherwise know the gospel, God's going to deal with them differently than if it was somebody close to rejecting God no, I can't answer how he will do it in each case, but he'll do the right thing. In every case, and we can guarantee people that because God is always. I did take a break for 30 seconds.

I'll be right back for another half-hour as you know, the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to sound everything to do the right thing and share with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow path on this radio station. The narrow when they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teachings and archives of the radio shows you know listener supported Nero With Steve Greg share what you know and the narrow path Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour and if you'd like to call in. You can call in with questions you have about the Bible and the Christian faith or to a balance, and if you have a different viewpoint number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our next colors. John from Dallas and John is this the same John calling last couple days yet good, were you listening in the first half-hour when Christian talking about light or living out talking, letting out toward talking about me. My yeah well I'm sure a lot of people praying for you because you should struggle that you have actually said sure struggle, but I'm assuming it is something it may be that someone you know struggle but I think is and I'm trying to come out of it and I doubt it is not there still there. The rental with no how long are you are you following Christ. At this point I believe Benji alive, but actually had a demonic. I didn't start it differently and trying to learn more about the Bible and getting into it a little more strength to make sense of what I was dealing with 12, straightening when that's what it was and I do know you know like When people tell me you know it not have snap your fingers and it changes every day battle truth is the Christian life is that way for me because even those who are not LGBT people are are tempted to sin and lot of people have been abused long people have addictions and even people who seem to not have those kind of special struggles have struggles you don't know about because you become a follower of Christ requires that we deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Jesus that goes right against our human nature to do anything like that and so it's you know of anyone who is really struggling to try to follow Christ should not think that they are in this special category. You know it says in first Peter chapter 5 verse 89 it says B's's overview, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil like a roaring lion runs not seeking whom he may devour. It says resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are being experienced by your brothers throughout the world. In other words, we sometimes think were fighting a struggle that is worse or harder than everybody else house and we may have a very exceedingly difficult struggle, but peters is a real nice all the brethren all the Christian brethren are facing temptations, all of them are struggling with something even people of Reno. I never had any addictions. I never had a that but I have my own kinds of struggles I've had the family crises I've had lots of issues. Children who you know and give recently for times. This is almost an instant number of ways that your life can become difficult. But all of them are. I think opportunities for us to learn to trust God in hardship and dip and to be strengthened spiritually because were at war. That's like one of our struggle is we may not defeated entirely instantly but is long as you don't give up fighting against it. We do grow stronger if we give up what they yeah Christian imagination here okay what he was saying what he was saying is that he's got a lot of sympathy for you. He's a single man is not gay but he's he has to live celibate life to and he finds it very very difficult at times, as I think most single people do have the time for me to do, whether gay or straight. Remember that a person same sex attraction and has to remain sexually pure has exactly the same amount of struggle as a person whose is not gay and has remained sexually and is single. Some minutes it's simply a common struggle. Jesus was a single man. The apostle Paul was a single man godly men have had to somehow master that particular struggle whether their sexual attractions for same-sex opposite sex. It's pretty much the same struggle and I should say the same struggle with the same there's just as much requirement of dedication to resistance to temptation and so forth and I I know I know some gay Christians who have been celibate for a long time. Some of them actually have seemingly change their orientation have gotten married, have kids, and so forth. In their the gay community would tell you that that can't happen.

They say it's it's a false hope and that some in California.

I'm not in California so I can say this in California might become illegal.

Someday to tell people that there is such a thing as changing over. They don't mind.

By the way, if the schools help a confused straight child switch over to being a gay child, but they may think it's criminal to have a confused day child changeover to straight celibate. I don't make any promises that a gay Christian can changes orientation because I don't know that to be true. Some do.

I know that some do but some may never but that's not really the issue that you don't come to Christ in order that your orientation will be changed and you have no more struggles later you come to Christ to please him and live a life that pleases him is holy to him and you take interest and to consider whatever your struggles are and say okay I need to find ways to resist this and so Christian when he called insistent all he said was that he was. He had a lot of compassion for you and he understood house parties resettlement, but he said he had known of the website called living 27 now my wife is what you're saying versus living out the word of God but he did say that he said living I just just a moment ago.

During the break I looked up living and there is something there about the LGBT community. I couldn't tell that is Christian, so I mean I'm I don't. I haven't looked at it.

So all I can say is, he was saying that is a place where Christians who struggle same-sex attraction are trying to help each other but I again I'm not familiar that website and I also try to look up a living out the word of and nothing came up escapes it can't find it. So if you go to Matthew You'll find that there's while there's a lot of calls I've received over the years from people who about addiction and things like that and they you find an index of topical calls from the show in the past. If you look up abuse or addiction or cemeteries in gay lifestyle you probably find some previous calls but as I told you first recall. I think it would help a great deal for you to listen to my lectures on cultivating Christian character and a website so and that's because I can say a lot more there than I can hear on the on the on the radio show because I got my lines for I can't really dedicate a lot of time to one: what is a bunch of Bible verse in the wrong Bible verse and may actually picture of it and I had 21 and it was I chapter and it talking about my my lying lit and I am with six recently hold our verse five woe is me, and because I'm a man of unclean lips, and people hungry lips that Helen was using that thing that is lying will better liar I got when he saying that to you that your liar no I saying that he is a liar and lying lit and I like saying that you know numbing.

He apparently is a liar is telling you that himself when people tell you about that concept of the leave.

Yeah, I mean that verse is not about your friend. That verse is not Isaiah himself. It could apply to other people to but is not a generic statement about humanity.

It's a statement about Isaiah feeling this about himself when he was in the presence of God.

So I'm not really sure how that recording that verse in making a point was intended to impact you. But if he's line is Tony's line of them don't believe John, I really need six more calls and I'm so I appreciate your calling and and likes it there is that website. I don't know anything about it and I hope it's the kind of thing that would be helpful but I don't know my my or or the topical arrangement index of calls from this program can be found in Matthew so that some resources there. Hopefully can help you. Thank you.

Okay, John, God bless you, and that by the way many feel compassion for what you're going through and I'm sure many are praying for you. Talk to another Texas, Bob in Texas. Welcome to the narrow path calling to talk to you and thank you for taking my call and God bless your ministry. Thank you a quick two-part question for you to have oral sex with your spouse and also us into to have lust for your spouse and I'll take your answer on the radio okay okay thanks your call LOL 97, right let a similar type subject matter circus today. By the way my screen is frozen studio and I cannot hang there: so if the studio would disengage that call that would help. Well, again, the Bible doesn't talk about any specific form of sexual activity between a married couple and most most Christian counselors I've heard of would say there's really no restrictions about the and they're basing that on the fact that the Bible is the word of God doesn't say anything of forbidding it and that may be true.

However, I wouldn't say that it's not okay but I wonder about even married couples becoming overly sexually charged.

I think I think sexual behavior. The normal kind that God created the kind that can possibly create children so forth.

That obviously is a gift from God. It obviously is there to enhance life for a married couple, but I think when we begin to say yeah but that's not satisfying anymore.

That's getting boring you. Let's try something else.

I think that when you get on the slope toward other things are not saying that that the thing you mentioned is specifically sent but when you start moving away from the ordinary use of the of the organs God gave you, you begin to cultivate. I think a desire for novelty that can become unhealthy.

Now again I know that a lot of married couples probably practice that. And I don't say they're sending that I you know I don't only worry about legalistic rules about things. I also am interested in the trajectory of my spiritual life and what I may be doing something that is okay in terms of not morally forbidden, but it might be having an impact. Her heart might be a signpost along the trend in my thinking that if I continue very far down that road. Who knows what people people get so bored with ordinary intimacy that they get into bondage all kinds of weird kind of things I've known Christians who say they do. And I think, is that really kind of is that really pure I don't I don't know. It's the difficulty here is people were married, and therefore everything is okay well okay I been married were not told what is and is not okay in terms of sexual intimacy in the Bible, but we can use our spiritual sense and say if I'm getting place where I can't enjoy regular intimacy with my wife in the way God designed to be done in my not maybe becoming addicted to continuing novelty fell.

Of course I should go without saying that if the couple is allowing themselves that behavior. It should be something both of them agree with because sex is supposed be a manifestation of love and there are no cases where I think probably, especially men. I don't know when into sometimes I'm not.

I'm not of this number, but where they one party really wants to do things that are innovative in that area and the other is not comfortable with.

In that case I think should be avoided altogether.

That is, that particular behavior because a man should never, I think pressure is wife or woman pressure her husband to do anything intimately. That's that.

The other just doesn't feel good about a lot of times, especially man will tour de force his intentions on his left just because he feels like it can sometimes life of the law, but she doesn't like it wishes they were doing that so I think I think the main thing. A Christian should be concerned about is that we are not making sex. The focus of a relationship as the world teaches us to do.

The world tries to teach us that don't even even on dating and things like that. It's normal Success is not is not normal. It's become average habits, not normative behavior. God made people to have only one sex partner in a lifetime. Ideally, of course, when someone is widowed or something happens in an marriage is cut short and maybe another marriage. I mean sometimes the ideal is is not realized but I think the ideal for the human psyche and God's mind is that one partner for whole life coming in and and and wait until marriage once or married. I don't think suddenly all restraints are down moral imperatives here. I'm just talking about spiritual life your spiritual life with your husband or wife should not be focused on sex.

I understand her joints expert, but you know when it gets the point where ordinary intimacy is no longer enjoyable. Then I think a person is to check their spiritual state. Why isn't that enjoyable it should be, and many times the answer is that they need to learn to love their spouse. They lost love for the person in there and they've begun to use that aspect of the relationship just to satisfy themselves and not be concerned about their spouse. If you love somebody if you love your wife, your husband, then you use that time of intimacy to try to make their life blessed you try to please them. That's what love is.

But we have come to think of lust as love and that being so, you know the more you lust. The more you think you love the person that's just the opposite of the truth. I think that I think that people who are not becoming overly obsessed with sex can be satisfied with normal sexuality and I'm not saying that they immediately are sinning if they do something else but it is as I say, I stepped on a path where the heart doesn't stay the same. The heart, you get you get the law of diminishing returns in drugs and alcohol and lots of behaviors include sex, so I would say well if couples both want to do that.

I don't know of anything about it. For visit. I would say some who's really trying to keep their marriage wholly and and keep sex of the sex drive under control and it may would probably want to draw the line somewhere and I don't know if that's where they draw the line or not. I personally can't imagine why anyone who loves their spouse would not be satisfied in with ordinary intimacy, but if the spouse is somehow incapable of being satisfied with the government or something physical about them than other options.

No doubt would be a loving thing to consider your asked is it wrong to lust after your wife. Jesus said if a man looks at a woman to lust after her. He commits adultery as heart that's because he's looking woman that is in his life for us. It would be adultery if he if he would have sex with his wife. It's not adultery have sex with a woman whose not his wife that it would be so obviously he start looking at some who's not your wife and committing the act in your heart if it would not be adultery if it's your life and therefore it's not adultery to design your life.

The word lust.

By the way doesn't mean specifically sexual attraction, though it is speaking about that in that first word lust in the Greek is an ordinary word for desire. Jesus even use the very same Greek word in Luke when it came to the upper room with the disciples said with great desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. That's the same or desire as his translator. Whoever looks alone to lust after to desire.

Of course, a man desires a woman sexually, but but he's talking about a woman who is not yours a woman who belongs to someone else, it's coveting your neighbor's wife weathered strictly for sexual reasons or just because you think she'd be a wife that would make you happier man if you had her instead of your own to toot to desire another man's wife is to commit adultery in the heart. But if it's her own life, we will, you should desire. If you want to read early chapters of the Proverbs. Special chapter 5, Solomon strongly urges husbands to have passionate intimate relations and and desired their lives that way.

So that's what Jesus is saying that looking a woman to lust without talking about how you can desired your wife. I think it's wrong not to talk to David in Lake Oswego organ hi David, welcome to the narrow path that program and you very much. My question usually is is Kennedy Christian happy E settings can wear an addiction and expect to be saved after Well we all stumble in many ways a besetting sin is by nature. Something that we it defines our struggle if I have a problem with pride or filing for a problem with envy of five problem with luster with alcohol and… Say that's a bigger problem to me than other sins already someone else is other sin.

That's the biggest one that's a besetting sin, but once you know the other besetting sin like that what you've done is to find your struggle and this is what you're fighting against for the rest your life and that's okay because you can. If I get some your war. The war doesn't end until Jesus comes back or you die when you retire from it when you die, but life is a battlefield and therefore, let's just say you have a problem with just pick something out here alcohol well now you know what you got to fight against and a true Christian will fight against sin in his life that's with the spiritual war is is doing. You're fighting against the temptations of the enemy and and yes if your follower of Christ. You're fighting it, fighting the city life, but you're not succeeding completely. It's the struggle that shows whether you're a follower of Christ you know a Christian who gets drunk or non-Christian gets drunk differ from each other. In 1 Specific Way the Christian doesn't the Christian wants to stop the Christian wants to not get drunk with a Christian does get drunk they repent, because they know they did something they really don't want to do because doesn't please God. That's that's the difference.

So there are Christians who, when they die they have not defeated all the sin in their life in the sense that there do not living a sinless life, but Christians are still in the struggle sometimes people say and I don't know how I can be a Christian because I'm struggling with pornography well struggling with. It is a good thing. I mean obey reading it without struggling of falling into sin without finding it.

That's a bad thing if you're struggling a major respite/lust against the spirit and spirit against the flesh, and these two are contrary to another, but it does saying in Galatians 516 if you walk in the spirit you will not fulfill the lust so what we need to learn is walk in the spirit and when we do, we don't fall even to our besetting sins is just that nobody wants is for all the time. Only Jesus did that.

But we must do it. All that we can and develop up a pattern and have always wanted spirit will thank you very much all right, David, God bless you. Thanks for your call willing to mentor to John in Arizona. Do you want to minister to such a little. I give it a try deadline here will what you call. My problem is that I'm I'm a senior and I've been handling to help you become my home and been living in my car since January. About 18 minutes my health and yet is that done I can get my Christian friends to help me when I need their help and I am amenable to find.

I thought you'd be the best at it.

Find a Scripture you can pick them. They should probably only thing I could find what you give a Scripture so I can use that Scripture on them and convict them that they should help me. They seem to think it is up to them as time estimates on hold music just a minute here.

I think the problem that you're facing is that your demanding something of others who perhaps should be doing something the Bible does say that Christian should help the poor and should have compassion on the needy and should know Jesus have inasmuch as you did it to the least of these you do to me there's lots of scriptures about that they are not calling if they were calling me. I'd give him the Scriptures you're calling and what I would say to you is don't be looking at what other Christians are doing or failing to do, you will do well if you do it.

Jesus said to do and that is in Matthew 633 said seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things, meaning food, clothing, think will be added to course you might have to live in poverty. I got done that for decades I've lived in a car or a bus you know I've done those things but I never look to people or all of blames people didn't help me. I just realize I need to do the will of God in him to carry any always did and so that we were recommended look to your own heart and not to what others are doing wrong you listing the narrow path. Our website is the narrow I'm out of time. Thanks for joining us today publish

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